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Huge Tits BBW Black Ebony Porn Video
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Chapter 8 Jennifer yearned to eat out Tracy's spunk-flooded cunt, and Tracy knew it. The raven-haired girl lay back, her legs spread open invitingly. Jennifer finished sucking the succulent cream from the Great Dane's tasty prick, then pulled her mouth off him and turned to Tracy.

The two naughty and adventurous teenagers exchanged a meaningful glance, both more than ready for the next exotic experience they would share on this eventful day. Jennifer placed her hands on Tracy's knees and, for a moment, simply gazed hungrily between the spread thighs, licking her lips in eager expectation.

She had never sucked a cunt before, but she hadn't the faintest doubt that she was going to really love giving head to naughty, nubile Tracy. Tracy's crotch was like a dark, hairy tray on which had been served up some delectable coral-pink shellfish.

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Her open pussy was all drenched with doggy spunk and cream, a tantalizing sauce poured over the soft pink meat. Her clit stood out, begging to be sucked. "Eat me out, Jenny!" Tracy moaned, giving her ass and hips an upward tilt. Jennifer leaned closer, her cheek brushing against the inside of Tracy's sleek thigh.

She inhaled the fragrance of Tracy's soaking cunt, that delicious perfume spiced by the gamey aroma of doggy jism. She approached the feast like a gourmet, ravenous for the main course, yet lingering over the hors-d'oeuvres. Turning her head, she licked at the slick, damp flesh of Tracy's inner thighs, gathering up the slime that had trickled down those shapely columns. Tracy's clit shot out like a bullet, as if it were trying to fly right into Jennifer's lips. Spunk pumped from Tracy's pussy and poured down her groin.

Jennifer dipped in lower. With delicate, dainty tongue strokes, she lapped up the overflow from Tracy's pussy and from out of the tight crack of her upthrust ass. She moved higher, craning her neck, tonguing up some foam from the tangled jungle of Tracy's black cunt-bush.

Tracy stared down past the slopes of her tits, enchanted by the sight. Jennifer's pink lapper was running through Tracy's dark pubic curls.

Sliding down again, Jennifer licked up the creases where Tracy's thighs joined her pelvis, lapping near Tracy's cunt-slot, but not yet making contact. "Don't fucking tease me!" Tracy wailed, jerking her cunt up frantically. Jennifer smiled slightly, gratified by her friend's enthusiasm.

She cupped her open hands under the firm cheeks of Tracy's valentine-shaped ass, lifting the girl's groin up as if it were a goblet that she was about to quaff to the sweet dregs. She rubbed the tip of her nose against Tracy's tingling clit. Tracy whimpered and shuddered, her own sexy mouth working as if she, too, were about to suck a cunt.

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Jennifer ran her tongue up the unfolded flap of Tracy's cunt-lips on one side, then the other. She purred, finding pussy as scrumptious as she had supposed it would be. She licked lightly at Tracy's clit, then pushed her lapper up into the dark girl's fuck-hole, stabbing in and out. "Ummmm," Jennifer sighed, as cunt-juice and doggy jism wetted her tongue. Flattening her nimble tongue, Jennifer began to slurp all the way up Tracy's drenched crotch. She started in the crack of her ass and slid on up through her gaping pussy and on across her tingling clit.

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She began lapping faster, slapping her tongue in like a doggy. Her tongue was splashing as it whipped into Tracy's overflowing pussy.


Jennifer had been using only her tongue to begin with. Now she opened her lips wide and clamped them over Tracy's smoldering cunt-gash. She began to suck. Cunt-goo gushed into her mouth, driving her crazy, while Tracy was jerking and writhing in ecstasy as she ground her cunt around in her blonde girlfriend's eager face. Jennifer's lips were plastered to Tracy's fuck-slot like a rubber plunger to a clogged drain.

She suckled on the hairy rim and her tongue flashed in and out of Tracy's pussy, plunging as deep as it would go up into those soft, wet inner folds. Her golden-blonde head bobbed about under the raven triangle of Tracy's cunt-mound.

"Ummmm -- ummmm -- ummmm!" Jennifer whimpered, adoring Tracy's soaking succulence. "I'm gonna cum!" Tracy wailed. "Ooooh, cream me, Tracy!

Cream my tongue!" Jennifer gasped, thrilled to the very core by knowing that her mouth had brought her friend to the crest. Cum spilled out into Jennifer's mouth. She sucked and swallowed, wallowing around in Tracy's groin. "Cum, cum, cum!" Jennifer gurgled, loving it, never wanting it to stop -- and Tracy came and came and came, her cunt-juices pouring out in a deluge, filling Jennifer's maw and warming her belly as she gulped the sweet nectar down greedily and suckled for more and more.

Tracy sighed and sank back.

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Jennifer, insatiable, kept right on sucking and tongue-fucking, rubbing her face around in the girl's creamy crotch, coating her countenance with cunt-cum from chin to brow in her enthusiasm. "Cream again!

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Oh, shit! I love it!" Jennifer moaned. "Cum for me again, Tracy!" Tracy whimpered, wanting to melt in Jennifer's sexy mouth again but hungry, too, herself, eager for the other half of their mutual oral embrace.

"Turn around, Jenny," she ordered. "Let me suck you, too. Let's suck each other off together!" Jennifer moaned. Without removing her mouth from Tracy's pussy, she began to rotate, on her knees, slowly swinging her ass and hips around. She threw one knee across, straddling Tracy's eager, upturned face.

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Her blonde-maned pussy hovered only inches above the dark-haired girl's mouth and Tracy gasped, starting to lick even before they were linked. Jennifer slowly lowered her pussy onto Tracy's face. Tracy arched her slender neck, pushing up to meet that descending delicacy. She grasped Jennifer by the ass-cheeks and drew her down and began to suck voraciously.

The teenagers began to sixty-nine with joy.


Jennifer's trim little ass jerked as she squatted on Tracy's head and her own head was groveling around in Tracy's steaming pussy as she sucked. Jennifer didn't know which end of this coupling she loved the most, sucking or being sucked, pussy and mouth equally aroused. She gulped a creamy mouthful out of Tracy's pussy, spooning the delicious juice out with her tongue and, at the other end, her cunt spilled a similar load of frothy juicy out into Tracy's gasping maw.

Her tongue slurped and her cunt squished, her tongue tingled and her clit sparked. Jennifer began to soar toward the heights, trembling and shuddering. "Cream with me, Tracy!" she wailed, her words muffled on Tracy's pussy. "Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna cum again!" Tracy cried, her words bubbling from the chasm in which her sweet lips were sucking so hungrily.

Jennifer's ass jerked down; Tracy's ass heaved up; they seemed to be glued together, bonded mouths to cunts. Jennifer swallowed a mouthful of Tracy's spunk and, an instant later, her cunt spilled out a great steaming flood into Tracy's gasping maw, so that it seemed as if they were drinking the same sweet nectar -- that the juice she was drinking was rushing right through Jennifer's nubile body and pouring back out from her pussy. The girls writhed together in rapture as they rose to the simultaneous crest, clung there, then slowly ebbed.

Cunts drained, they still continued to suck each other, working off the last lovely spasms and milking out every last delicious drop from their cunts.

Then, finished creaming, they kissed each other affectionately on the cunt, both panting and gasping in the lovely aftermath of such a thrilling mutual climax.

After a while, they moved apart and turned into each other's arms, embracing and kissing each other on their slimy lips, sharing the residue of their lust back and forth between mouths and tongues. "I love cunt-lapping," Jennifer sighed. "Ummm -- let's do it lots," Tracy agreed. "Let's eat each other out every day, Jennifer." It was a wonderful prospect, and both naughty teenagers were looking forward to a long and lasting relationship, giving and getting head with equal gusto.

But neither girl was a lesbian, of course. They both adored cocks -- cocks of any species -- far too much to limit their pleasure to the delights of pussy, and now, at the same time, they realized that sucking cunt had made them horny for prick again.

Fortunately, the spectacle of their sixty-nine session had had a profound effect on the Great Dane .