Blonde gal Molly Bennett gets drilled

Blonde gal Molly Bennett gets drilled
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The little Catholic schoolgirl wasnt so innocent after all. Mitchel was a football player for his school. he was in middle school so it was pretty rare to see sombody with as mutch talent as him. Standing at about 5'3 i wasnt the tallest guys around but pretty tall for 8th grade.

Not to mention that god belssed me with a 7 inch cock at only 14. of course he never really compared it so he just thought he was just average.

During the summer i met a girl named Jennifer by some freinds.

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Jenn stood at about 4'11 and used to be a cheerleader making her body very slim. She had the ass of a goddes and it looked so tight you could bust a nut. Her tits were perfect also. Being about a high B-cup or low C her breast were perfect for her body. personally her best feture would be hr lips. just the type you would fantisise about and she looked so inocent. She was known to be straight edge and wouldnt do anything with anybody.

She attended a catholic school for girls untill her parents ran into some money trouble and sent her to public school. as luck would have it she moved in next door to me witch means we became close freinds.

well now to the action. Well school was a couple of weeks away and football already started for the ones who needed to get used to running in 90 degree heat. (being in florida it was just normal temp in fall) so trying to be the best of the best he was going.

after about the first week everybody decided to stop fucking around so it was going well. Conditioning was simple.

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just running and a few 2-hand touth games because of the fact we wernt allowed our pads untill the saturday befor school. Just after practice mitchel was walking home a little dazed and smelled like a dead ox. he just lived a few blocks away from where practice was so he was in luck. bored out of my mind i decided to call up a few freinds and jenn. jenns parents trust me (living in the getto i look like the teenage jesus.

ironicly my hair is just as long.) so she was in. unfortunatly nobody else was able to go. i took a shower and put on some jeans and a AE T-shirt. walking over to jenns house i noticed she was already walking out the door to met me. "damn you look over dressed." she said sarcasticly. at my casual attire.

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"i could allways come back in a tuxido." "i dont think thats nesisary." she said with a giggle."so what you wanna do?" "hell if i know. i just wanna get out of the house." " well from what i hear the funnest things happen when two kids are alone in a house." she said in a sexy tone. she was allways a tease and really came away from that strict lifestyle witch suited me because she would wear tiny miniskirts that barely covered her ass. luckely she was wearing a hot pink miniskirt and a green tank top.

witch easily showed she wasnt wearing a bra. "well maybey we can do some of that later. but for now how about a movie?" i said walking to one of my dads cars. we were close freinds with a cop so i knew what roads to take to avoid the feds so my dad lets me drive it. "Sounds great! any movie in mind?" "how about room 1408?" i said with a smile knowing she has been wanting to see the movie. "i said movie not hotel room but if you want to take me there i wouldnt mind." "damn whats gotten into you today?

but hell im not complaining." "i dont know but lets see where it goes." she said with a sly sexy voice. we went to the movie and payed some guy to get the tickets for us being the fact it wa rated R.

during the movie she got scared and grabbed my arm. i put it around her and really didnt think mutch about it untill i started to get a hard-on from the contact. eventually the movie ended and we walked out. me struggling trying to hide my 7 inch freind.

i opened her door and walked to my door. she for some reason took her time and got in after i was. with hormones racing i couldnt resist looking up her skirt when she climbed in. even more to my suprise she WASNT wearing any panties.i was shocked.

the little catholic girl who everybody trusted was wearing a mini skirt and no panties. i quickly looked at her face and she was smiling.'did she notice i was looking?' i thought during the drive i kept steeling glances at the edge of her skirt to see if i could catch anything. to my suprise halve way home see said "well from the way you keep looking you saw something you liked." with that calm and sexy voice. ." well.

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uhh" i said as my once subsided cock started growing again straining against my jeans begging to be let out. "well seeing on how hard you are ide say you loved the site." she said running her hand on my leg over my now rock hard dick.

making me moan to the contact. the farthest thing ive gone with a girl is a small make-out session so this was a new feeling. she slowly slid her hand down my pants and strocked my coack and balls." my god mitchel! you keep all this to yourself?!?" "all for you babe" i said pulling in my drive way.

my parents were out on their anniversery my brother was on a road trip and my sister was in military school.

so i had the house to myself for the next 2 days. we quickly got inside and i pushed her against the door and we began kissing passionetly. our tounges danced as my hand slowly cupped her left breast and she let out a low moan. her nipples were like pencil erasers as i tenderly pinched them. we stopped the kissing as i lifter her shirt over her head so her breast were in veiw.

i took off mine quickly and resumed our passionet kiss. i grabbed her ass and squeesed it gently. it was firm and just a perfect handfull.

she let out another moan and wispered in my ear, "i was starting to think we wernt going to do this." "well if this is wat you wanted i guess you should love this." with that i quickly took my hand and moved it to her pussy and gently rubbed up and down the slit.

"oh fuck! oh yeah. please stick it in me." i was amased she must have never done anything like this with a guy. for god sakes she was begging me to finger fuck her in my living room!

whats next!


so i gladly slid my finger inside of her tight wet pussy. it felt like she just had a small orgasm from just that. i thrusted my finger in and out slowly and quickly got into a rythm. she started pushing her pussy into my hand making me go deeper eatch time. i stuck my middle finger in now her almost dripping wet pussy. she was going nuts! "oh fuck yeah. oh god yes right there YES!!!" she moaned.

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i decided it was time to start having some real fun so i pulled out my fingers and pulled her skirt down. i kissed the hollow of herneck and slowly made my way down to right above her pussy. i finally got a clear veiw of it and it was amazing. compleatly shaven all but a small landing strip of brown hair above her lips. i desided i was going to tease her a bit so i kissed all around her pussy just avoiding the lips. her clit appered inflamed red and raw. i kissed right under it on her lips and jenn shook with pleasure.

"oh god! please mitchel suck my pussy. please." she moaned in the intense pleasure. i gladly obliged and used to fingers to open up her poutly pussy lips and ran my tounge up and down her slip lapping up all her juices being shure to avoid her clit.

"oh yeah. right there." she moaned while squeesing her tit with one hand and using the other holding my head in place as if i was going to try and run.

i returned my two fingers inside of her and she screamed with pleasure.

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"oh.oh.ohh." she moaned with eatch trust. i felt her pussy get wetter and tighten i knew she was about to cum. i quickly put my mouth on her clit and sucked nibbled and held on for dear life. quickly she exploded in an orgasm. "Oh!!!! Oh Fuck!!!" my face now drenched in her juices.

(new discovery she was a squirter.) "my god mitchel that was amazing! ive never cum befor. but now im going to give you somthing amzing!" she said as she pushed me to the coutch.


i fell on my back and she undid my jeans to pull my pants and boxers in one swift movement. causing my 7 inch dick to spring free to be seen for the first time. "wow i didnt relize it was this big when i was grabing it in the car." she started jercking my cock. for some strang reason it felt a hundred times better than when i do it. jenn then opened her mouth and took almost halve of it in. about 4 inches of meat were in and she gaged a little befor pulling it out.

"sorry ive never sucked one as big as this." "oh you suck cock? your a bad little girl arnt you?" i said as she sucked on the head of my dick swirling her toung around and licking the underside. "god yes i am. i need someone to punish me. im a bad little girl who need a big cock like this in her pussy to put me back in place." she said crawling up my body. "well lets see what i can do." i said as i reatched down for my wallet and pullet out a condom.

then she said the madgic words. "im on the pill baby. just got on this morning. all for you" and yet again we met in a passionet kiss 'she planed this' i thought. "go slow this will be my first time." she said breaking the kiss with a slighly worried look. "oh ill go easy but after the pain is gone your my bitch." i whispered in a slightly aggressive voice.

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"oh fuck yeah im your little slut." she said raising up to pisition my dick right under her dripping waiting pussy. she slowly went down. the warmth and tightness was almost too mutch and i had to hold back to keep from shooting off then and there. the head of my dick was now in and she paused for a bit. about 20 seconds later she went down further and i felt the wall. she lifted herself up a little and crashed down breaking the wall and bringing my entire dick into her.

she colapsed onto my chest and i held her there. it seemed t be about 2 minutes befor she started gently rocking her hips. she got back up and started going up and down. i lay back and enjoyed the feeling then i decided it was time to put this slut in place. i quickly picked her up snd slamed her onto the coutch and began pumping into her hard and deep. i was going as quick as i could into her tightness untill i noticed she had a few tears running down her cheek. i died a little inside watching te girl of my dreams cry because of me.

i started going slow until she started pushing back into me trying to get me to go faster. "what happened im your little slut. fuck my pussy hard and put me in place!" she said with a huge smile and through her teeth. "my god you just dont get enough. you little cock whore! you like my dick in your pussy dont you?

say it bitch admit you like my dick!" i honestly dont know what came over me but we both loved it. "oh god yes i love you big dick inside my tight little pussy. im a little whore who cant get enough! Oh Yes fuck me! pull my fucking hair! treat me like a slut!" i was at a lost for words so i just did what she asked. i pounded her tight pussy as hard and a fast as i could.

i started pulling her hair hard she she began to cum again. "Oh. Fuck. YES. im cumming!!!" i kept pumping if anything harder and faster than befor right through her orgasm. she had about three more untill i started to get that feeling in my balls.

"Oh fuck. I'm ganna Cum!" i moaned. "oh come on mitchel cum in my pussy finish me off! i need it!" she moaned as she came. (fith time by my count) i started to cum long and hard spurts into her pussy eatch more feeling better than the last. i must have cum for a good 45 seconds.

"oh you like that dont you bitch. you like me to cum inside your pussy? you whore you little slut, admit it!"i said with aggresiveness. "oh god yes im your little slut with cum in her pussy. i love your big dick inside my tight little pussy. you defenitly put me back in my place master." 'did she just call me master?' i thought 'wow i got the hottest chick in school with my dick in her little cum filled ussy. and its my cum!

this is defenitly the best day of my life!' and just like that we both drift to sleep. naked as the day we were born after the hardest fuck of the year. my dick flacid in her cum filled pussy with the same thought in both our minds, we are doing this again in the morning.

well first of a hopefull serise. im already wrighting a second and more coming their way if i get good reveiws.