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Echte japanische Newsreader
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This story begins when I was 13. I came home from school did my homework, helped my mother clean the house as normal, and then went outside to play some basketball with my friend Dusty.

After returning home I took a shower, ate dinner, and went to bed. The day had started and I thought was going to end as normal.

Some time around 1:30 in the morning I was a waken to movement of my blanket and sheet being lifted up and cool air running over my entire body then a small warm body cuddle up next to me, I then realized that I'm not dreaming that it's only my little 7 year old sister Amber; jumping into the bed with me because she has had a nightmare.

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Something that in those days happened at lease once a week. Telling her every things o.k I quickly feel back to sleep, 30 minutes later I am awaken again this time Amber is elbowing the shit out of me telling my that I was poking her first. I then felt that I had a hard on, I quickly pushed Amber away telling her to sleep on the other damn side. After laying still in the quietness of the room for a moment, she asked me while feeling around the bed in between us "where is it"?

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Where is what I asked the stupid thing you was poking me with, half asleep and remembering the dream I was waken from I said "it's my thing dumb ass". Amber then asked me "what was it" over and over again, after a few moments of this I told her my dick.'' Your what, whats that?" I then got on my elbow and told her girls have a pussy where they pee from and boys have dicks.

Then without warning I felt her hand touch the front of my underwear right on the tip of my dick; causing it to jump and become even harder. (I had made myself cum a few times before but my dick had never been this hard) She giggled a little saying yours its on the outside and it moves, the whole time her small hand is running up and down the length of my dick to just above my ball sac.

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She then sets up in bed, pulls the covers down and asked me to "please show her it please" I didn't know what to do. After a moment she just reaches over to me and puts her hand on my stomach and felt her way down until she found my underwear; she pulled the waistband out and grabbed the head of my cock and again it jumped. She laughed again, and asked "what else does it do"?

I quickly jumped out of bed pulled up the corner of the mattress and pulled out the porn video that my older cousin John left with me the summer before. I turned on the t.v. set and put the tape into the v.c.r. Within two minutes of watching the tape Amber puts her hand back on my dick asking in the way that only a little sister can "can we do that?'' Well first you have to be naked, and before I could say another word she was standing up on the bed with her nightgown on the floor and her panties around her ankles, she then laid back on the bed and threw her panties onto the floor.

Quickly I pulled my underwear off; turning toward my sister I told her to put her hand on my dick and move it up and down. She started jerking on my dick and I spread her legs with my right arm, then put my elbow down pulling her leg back and quickly put my tongue to work licking the best I could her tiny slit.

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Within minutes her tiny body began to shake. Amber quickly pushed my head out from between her legs "stop it, that felt weird" she said. ''Yeah but you liked it right?'' I asked. Her reply "yes". And with that I got up to turn off the t.v., when I heard Amber asking me to, "wait what is that lady doing?" Turning back to the t.v set I saw that "she" was giving the guy a blow job.


"Well she is sucking on his dick." Her reply, why? Because it feels good and she is trying to make the guy cum. "Whats that mean?" "Its the white stuff that comes out of a guys dick, it goes into a girl to make a baby," I said. Can I see she asked, I moved out from between her view of the t.v. so she could see. After a moment the man on the tape exploded all over the woman's face.


Amber quickly said for me to do it to. With no thought to it returned to the bed and placed the head of my dick at her lips. Lick a pro she quickly engulfed my dick with a warmth I'd never felt before. Placing my hand on the back of her head as I had seen on the prono, I began to push my cock further into her mouth.

Amber sucked and sucked, her spit began to run down from the corner of her sweet little lips, she stopped to wipe at the spit. I quickly grabbed her hand; pushed my cock back into her mouth and began to fuck her mouth and told her not to worry about the spit.

After a few more minutes of this great feeling of having my sister sucking my dick and spit covering her small bare nipples, I began to feel something familiar. I placed my hand back on her head and began to forcefully shove ever inch of my cock into her mouth and down her throat, she began to gag, I quickly told her to hold on that I was about to cum in her mouth. Within seconds I threw my head back my cock forward held onto a fist full of my sister's hair and came into her mouth with an explosion of pleasure, and of course she gagged and choked on the mouthful of cum.

I pulled out and told her she could swallow it if she wanted and before I could say other word she said "I already did, is that bad?" All I could say was "fuck no." Amber got up, put her panties and nightgown back on, jumped back into my bed pushed her little ass cheeks into my still hard dick and said good night. After a few moments I asked if she was o.k and if she liked it. Yeap, was all I got. Next time we can try to put my dick in your pussy.

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She turned toward me and asked "you promise? Sure I said. With that we drifted off to sleep. It was several days later before Amber and I had a chance to be along. Mom left for a night out with a few friends and I was in charge of the house. Within ten minutes of moms leaving my sister came into the living room with nothing on and the porno tape I had hidden under my bed. She stated very bluntly can we watch this movie and try some more sex stuff, and without a second thought I was up putting the tape into the V.C.R and taking off my cloths.

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As soon as I sat down on the couch next to Amber she leaned her head over and placed my soft dick into her little warm mouth and again I felt that feeling of pure bliss and sexually heaven was at foot. In seconds it seemed I was fully hard and Amber was trying harder and harder with every stroke of my dick that passed her lips to put it deeper into her throattought following the lead of the woman on the video.

She began to choke and sat up saying she was sorry she couldn't do it, I told her it's fine it would be years before she would be able to deep throat. With my dick hard as steel and covered in spit now, I told Amber to lay back on the couch, I put my legs on either side of her in a 69 position and without a word she started stroking my cock and licking the head as I began to open her small pussy lips and licking her tiny silt, just as I had seen done on tape before. It was one of the best feelings ever and I thought couldn't get any better; when I heard Amber ask "can we do that too"?

Looking up I saw on the T.V that the man had the woman legs spread eagle and was slamming his dick into her pussy hard enough to crack a spine. I got off the top of Amber and sat down beside her while she sat up and again she asked can we.

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I had to explain that she wasn't ready and that it would hurt a little because if I put my dick in her it would something inside of her and she would bleed a little bit, looking at the T.V sad and confused I asked her what was wrong. "That lady looks like it is fun and she's not hurting." I told her that it was only on the fristefirst time and she has already done it before. Quickly without a thinking Amber lay back opened her little legs and ok I'm ready, not really expecting this I was stunned for a moment before she ask if I didn't want to do it with her or if she had made me mad, no no I said.

I got on my knees between her legs and placed my rock hard dick slowly onto her small pussy and began to move it up and down to get it wet. I stop and asked are you sure, and with only a nod and a big smile on her face, I began to slowly push my cock into her pussy.

"Oh shit" I said "What is it?" Amber asked. "This is the best fucking feeling I've ever felt," she smile and turned her head to watch the T.V. After I got about a inch and a half of dick into her I felt a wall and know what was next, ready I asked here it comes and with that I push harder and felt my dick slip deeply into her small pussy, that was the greatest feeling ever, so hot and tight that I almost started to come but quickly stopped and waited for the felling to past.

I looked down and saw the pure look of pleasure on Amber's face and asked if she was ok or if I was hurting her, "just a little, but if fells really good. Your thing is almost to big I don't think it will fit all the way in." she said.

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With that I began to laugh and told that I already had as much as I could fit in her. She sat up onto her elbows looked down between her legs and smiled saying that's cool do it come on do that to me. Looking up at the T.V and back down at the small tight pussy before me I spread her legs wide and began to pump my dick into that tiny fuck hole of my sister with slow and long strokes, after about two minutes I again felt myself about to cum, but this time I pressed her legs down further pulled my knees backbach a little and began fuck my sister with ever bit of energy I had within minutes I slammed ever inch of my dick as deep as it would go down into her now dripping little pussy and exploded a load of cum into her harder than I had everver cum before.

I pull my dick out and went to the bathroom, I returned to the living room with a wet rag and wipe Amber's little cunt from top to bottom. When I was done she got up without a word and went up stairs, I began to wipe up the little spot of blood and cum on the leather couch that had leaked from Amber's pussy. I got dressed and was headed to the bathroom when she the door opened and Amber smiled and said how much fun it was and that she hurt a little in her pussy.

"You promise it will go away?" I told her yes. We went to the kitchen to get something to eat and drink the whole time all I could think of was that at the end of the porno tape where a few scenes of woman taking a dick in their ass and how long would it take my sister to try this. Next Amber's learning more sex To ass or not to ass?