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Babe stella keeps riding this big cock
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the "Harry Potter" characters. These stories are strictly for 'entertainment' purposes. Don't sue me, I have no money. NOTE: So I rewrote this story trying to find some of my mistakes. I am looking for beta readers. If anyone is interested, please let me know. WARNING: These stories are just fantasies but we'll be dealing with mind-control, non-consent, public sex, and whatever else I want to right.


Heed any warnings I put up. I'll try to make each story in the series a stand-alone so if you don't like something happening in it, you can just go to the next story. I will be altering facts to suit my purposes. This is Hermione's 7th year. Book 7 hasn't happened. So they're all at the school. McGonagall is headmistress, Snape teaches DADA and was never seen killing Dumbledore, etc. Hermione is 17 years old in this and she'll always be with older men, Lucius, teachers, etc.

If that's not what you're looking for, this isn't the story for you. Body Modification: Big Breasts Monster : Plant *** Lucius Malfoy smirked as he watched Madam Rosmerta's head bob up and down on his cock.

She'd been resistant at first but with a little coaxing from the Himeros Orchid, she'd become quite a willing little fuck toy.

While she was older than he was aiming for, she'd been an excellent test subject to insure the orchid did everything it had promised. Watching Rosmerta's blonde curls bounce as she sucked his dick, he had no doubt it had. Banned in most 'civilized' countries, the Himeros Orchid was a very special breed. It would lay dormant until a good rain shower or watering. Once awakened, its pollen was a powerful aphrodisiac.

While its victim was distracted by maddening lust, the orchid's smooth roots would capture them. Then, it was too late and the side effects Lucius bent down and squeezed one of Rosmerta's new F-sized breasts were quite pleasing and delightfully permanent.

Soon Hermione Granger should be watering her new little gift. The thought of what was about to happen to the little mudblood made him groan. Hermione was the brains of Potter's little gang. Put her out of commission and the Wizarding World would fall to the Dark Lord. He just had to show the mudblood exactly where she belonged. On her back while he and the other Death Eaters pounded into her tight, young pussy.

Groaning at the thought, he cam in Rosmerta's hungry mouth. *** Hermione gave Errol, the Weasley family's ancient owl, some water as he wheezed on the window seal of her Head Girl room. Making sure he was okay, she sent him off to the Hogwarts Owlery to recover and picked up the tall, rectangular box he'd delivered.

More treats from Mrs.

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Weasley? Unwrapping the brown paper parcel, she reached inside, pulling out a beautiful orchid. She wasn't exactly a flower expert so she couldn't say what kind it was, but it was lovely. White petals speckled with pink, going into a darker pink center and 'lips.' It wasn't in a pot like most plants but rather a tall, cylindrical vase with its ashy green roots curled up all around it, the thicker ones growing up and over the pot.

"So pretty," she whispered, wondering why the Weasleys would send her such a gift. Sweets she was used to, but an orchid? Looking inside the box once more, she found a letter. To her surprise it was Mr Weasley not Mrs. Weasley who'd sent the gift. Dear Hermione, This is a little something from Molly and I to congratulate you on being named Head Girl. We couldn't have been prouder if it had been Ron. This is a rare orchid that we stumbled upon in Diagon Alley.

Has some sort of Greek name. Can't quite remember. The florist said to be sure to water it right away when it arrives if the roots are looking too light. Fill the vase up half way and let it sit for half an hour.

All the best and looking forward to seeing you soon. Author Weasley "How nice," Hermione mused, looking at the orchid once more. "Rare, huh? They shouldn't have spent so much." Looking around her quiet room, she smiled. It was so bazaar having a room all to herself at Hogwarts. There were definite perks to being Head Girl. Her own bedroom and private bath for starters. Picking up the surprisingly light pot, Hermione carried it into the bathroom to give the flower a drink.

Filling the vase up just as instructed, she sat it down in front of the mirror feeling giddy. No one had given her flowers before and this one was just so lovely. Deciding to break in her new bathtub while the plant had a drink, she filled the tub with warm water before shedding her school uniform and sliding in. The hot water felt good after the long train ride from London.

"My last year," she mused, swirling her hands through the bubbles. She was excited but also a little saddened by the thought.

Resting her head on the back of the claw foot tub, she closed her eyes just enjoying the water and the strawberry-scented bubble bath. She could have laid there for hours and might have if not for a strange tickling sensation at her feet. Twitching her foot, she tried to knock it away but a moment later it was there again. Opening her eyes, she gasped in horror as she saw a giant orchid blossom hovering above her. Her gaze darted toward the vase, only to find that the lovely flower had shot up at least ten feet from it, its vines slithering toward her.

The orchid blossom seemed to shake its head, sprinkling pink pollen over her face and breasts. Her blood ran hot. Her nipples hardened to sensitive nubs and her pussy tingled. What was wrong with her? Feeling something slide up her legs and over her thighs, she looked down. Large, thick green roots speckled with white had snaked their way into her bath and were working their way up her legs and toward her aching pussy.

Part of her longed for them to touch her, to spread herself so that they could relieve this ache building inside her. But that was wrong! Slamming her knees closed to stop their progress, she opened her mouth to scream. It came out as a moan. Looking down in disbelief, she saw two smaller orchid blossom latched onto her breasts, sucking at her nipples. Sweet Merlin, it felt good. "No," she moaned. She knew it was wrong. She shouldn't be taking pleasure from this but the sensation of two 'mouths' sucking and biting her breasts was so delicious.

In her haze, she thought she actually saw her boobs looked bigger. It was almost as though with every sucking motion, the flower was causing them to grow larger and larger until they were the size of melons. The roots at her legs wrenched her thighs apart. "Don't." The protest was weaker now. She gripped the side of the tub to keep herself from messaging her own clit.

Her body craved an orgasm but her mind knew she shouldn't. The plant, however, had no such misgivings as one of the roots flicked across her clit. Hermione groaned in pleasure, her hips bucking. She'd never been touched like this before. Sure, she'd fooled around with Viktor but they'd never gone this far.

The root was miraculous as it fingered her. Another small blossom inched its way over the lip of the tub.

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Hermione vaguely noticed how much it looked like a strange mouth and cunt combo. It slid up her legs and Hermione opened her knees wider in anticipation. It didn't matter if it was wrong. It felt so good. The blossom latched onto her clit, lapping at it, sending waves of pleasuring through her like an attack. "Yes." The word ripped through her throat of its own accord as a large, thick root worked its way into her dripping cunt. Water sloshed on the floor as the plant fucked her.

The twin blossoms at her boobs, biting and sucking her nipples as roots squeezed her massive tits.

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The plant fucked her hard, lifting her out of the tub to gain better access. She saw herself in the mirror, fucked by this demonic plant. She should be disgusted, but she wanted more. Vaguely she was aware of smaller roots playing with her ass, circling her hole, messaging it, pressing into it. "No," she moaned again, shaking her head.

Even as she protested, knew it was wrong, it felt good. She realized she liked it taking her despite her protest. Wanted it to. The plant shifted and a new, larger stem formed from inside the giant stem of the large orchid blossom.

This one was thicker and tripped something that reminded her of nectar. She wanted it and yet, at the same time, she had this feeling that once it was inside her, she was done for.

The blossoms sucking on her breasts applied pressure, as though biting, driving her mad. Suddenly she felt the new, large root at her wet pussy. It had to be at least as big and thick as a well hung human dick. Maybe even a centaur. The blossom at her clit began to vibrate harder and harder.


The blossoms at her breasts sucked harder, her breasts growing into full, perky double-d's. She cried in protest as the root inside her cunt slide out. She'd been so close to coming. The new, large root positioned itself at her pussy entrant. She didn't care though. "I want to cum," she whispered. The giant root shoved inside her, stretching her to her max. Whatever was in the nectar was more potent than even the pollen. It hadn't hurt. Just made her crave more.

"Fuck me!" Hermione shouted, bucking her hips against the root as it pounded into her. "Fuck me!" She never said such words in her life. They made her feel dirty and horny.

Before she could repeat them again, another rood shoved itself into her mouth, the sweet, slightly honey like taste of nectar filling her mouth as another root shoved into her ass. The plant pounded into her, showing her no mercy. She sucked on the dick-like root in her mouth greedily, wanting more nectar, more pleasure. Her body seized as she cam.

Her cunt squeezed around the giant root fucking her, making her cum over and over again in waves. Soon she felt the roots in her cunt and ass pulsing as they came, spurting nectar inside her.

The root in her mouth followed suit and as the sweet liquid coursed down her throat. Opening her eyes, Hermione took a minute for it all to come back to her. Shooting up in the water, she looked around and found the Orchid sitting next to the sink where she'd left it. Normal size, completely unmoving.

"A dream?" she wondered. How dangerous to fall asleep in the bath. Smacking her lips, she could swear she felt the lingering taste of honey. "It was so real." Then she saw them.

Reaching up she grabbed her breasts, her nipples instantly hardening at her touch and her pussy began wet.

They were so sensitive and so HUGE. Climbing out of the bath, she rushed to the mirror and looked at herself. Where her modest B-cup breasts had been now sat large, luscious boobs that seemed to defy gravity with their perkiness. They had to be at least Double-D's but stood proudly to show they did not need a bra. That wasn't the only thing that had changed. Her frizzy hair had become sleeker, her lips fuller, her complexion flawless. Her hips seemed to have a seductive curve now.

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"What's happened to me?" she asked, leaning over the sink to get a better look at herself. She felt a mouth on her breasts and looked down to see one of the orchid blossomed sucking it lovingly before she moved away. "You were a horny little slut, me thinks." Hermione jumped, whirling around to see Peeves the Paltriest floating behind her, his dick in his hands as he stroked it.

"Watched it all, I did.


Horny Hermione. Horny Hermione. Big Boobs. Needs a Big Dick." Hermione turned away, covering her breasts. Why did the sight of his cock make her wet? "Go away." "Horny Hermione needs a big dick." He cackled, pushing her forward and shoving his hard cock inside her wet pussy. She moaned as the ancient paltriest fucked her. Her large breasts bounced in the reservoir of the sink. Looking up, she watched in the mirror as he cackled and humped away like a dog that found his bitch.

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It wasn't long before she felt Peeves cum, his dick shooting who knew what inside her. "Peeves will be watching you, Horny Hermione," he cackled as he slowly faded away. "Peeves will be back to fuck you, too. Maybe here. Maybe somewhere else. Peeves can be invisible but not Horny Hermione." Shivering at the threat though she wasn't sure if it was out of excitement or fear Hermione quickly cleaned up, her mind racing.

"Mr. Weasley couldn't have sent this orchid to me on purpose… right? Not knowing what it does, surely." Not kind Mr. Weasley. "I need to get to Professor Sprout." If anyone could identify what kind of plant this was and how to reverse its effects, it was the Herbology Teacher.

Looking back at her new body in the mirror, she sighed in dismay. "I just hope I have clothes that will fit…"