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Tantra massage engen
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It was one year ago from this very day when I graduated from college. Now I held the fate of hopeful high school graduates in my hands. My first year consisted of teaching two courses: a sophomore American History course, which I taught for two periods, and an American Government course, which I taught for four periods.


On all accounts, the Government course was more pressing because it was a junior and senior course required for graduation.

Several students tend to fail their junior year and are under the gun to pass it their senior year. I had a couple of students who were in this spot and needed a solid grade on this final exam.

It was the last senior exam day and the last period of the day. School would be out for summer in a little over an hour and a half. Having no exam to give this period, I decided to finish grading the exams. After I finished grading, I entered the numbers into the gradebook. Kyle, one of the seniors in question, earned a 'C', barely squeezing by with a final grade of a D.


Katie, the other senior, was not so fortunate. She needed a C+ to bring her grade up to passing. Having earned only a C- she was going to have to return to school next year and repeat the course. It's a shame because I do like Katie. She's always been nice, but she's very inattentive, which led to some bad test scores, and she does not complete homework.

I heard a knock at my door and I walked over to answer it. It was Katie. She did not have an exam this period and she dropped by to check on her grade. I sat her down to give her the bad news.

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"Katie, I'm sorry. You came up a little short on the exam. We're going to have to meet with your guidance counselor to schedule you for a Government class next school year." She sat quietly, somewhere between sadness and frustration.

She started to plead, "Are you sure, Mr. Tasker? I mean, couldn't you give me a few questions here and there just to help me pass" "I'm sorry", I replied. "If it were two or three questions that you were short, I'd give them to you, but in this case I'd have to give you somewhere around 10 questions on the exam to get your C+. That's way too many for me to be comfortable doing." She didn't say anything else. She stood up and walked toward the door. "I'm sorry, Katie", I restated.

Instead of walking out, she simply closed the door to my room and walked back over to my desk and sat back down. I figured this was the point she would turn the waterworks on and try to guilt me into passing her, but her demeanor wasn't sad or desperate at all. Oddly enough, it was confident, even bordering on cocky. "I think we could make an arrangement, Mr. Tasker", she said. I shook my head, "No Katie. I'm not accepting any late work and there is no extra credit available.

Sorry." She smiled. "I wasn't talking about anything like that. I had something else in mind." From the flirtatious smile on her face and the naughty-sounding tone of her voice, I knew what she meant.

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A thousand different thoughts ran through my head in a matter of seconds. I always thought Katie was a very cute girl. She had a great body, framed even better today with a lower cut pink shirt on, revealing just enough cleavage to make you imagine the rest of what lied under it.

A rather hot first week of June brought out shorts that, when she was seated, ran up to her nicely tanned upper thighs. I tried to eliminate those thoughts.

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She wouldn't turn 18 for another couple of weeks. This is only my first year on the job.

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I'm 24 years old. I don't want to completely ruin my career, not to mention go to prison for a few years and live with the moniker of a registered sex offender. But damn, I've been so busy after graduating and getting set up with this job, I realized I haven't been laid in over a year.

I snapped back again and told myself it wasn't worth it. God knows I could go out tonight to a bar and pick up somebody pretty easily.

Not to sound too arrogant, but I am good-looking enough. My body has been kept up because of the sports I played in college. It wouldn't be a problem finding any attractive female to fill my needs.

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I took my stand. "Katie, I hope you're not suggesting what I think you are. It would be completely inappropriate, not to mention illegal." She wouldn't back down, "I wouldn't tell anyone. I wouldn't do it to brag to my friends. I'd do it just to graduate… and because I think you're a hot guy too." "What?" I asked, rather enjoying the stroking of my ego. "Yeah, my girls and I talk about you at lunch. I even told them that I think about you when I… you know…" she hesitated then finished, "…play with myself." My brain was screaming 'no' but my slowly hardening cock was pleading 'yes'.

She must have seen the conflict in my eyes because she started moving her hand across her chest, down her tight stomach, and began rubbing it over her shorts. The bulge in my pants had to be obvious by now. Thank God the door was locked or I'd have some real explaining to do if someone were to walk in. "I'm sorry, Katie.

You're very attractive, but I just can't. It's over." I put my hands on the arms of my chair in order to stand. But I never made it up. With a somewhat crazed look in her eye she stated, "It's not over until I say so." She reached over and grabbed my rock-hard dick through my pants and started rubbing it. I was completely frozen. That one last beacon of ethics in my head was at the mercy of this seventeen year-old girl's hand. I didn't show any signs of completely giving in to her until she started to give off a quiet little moan.

At that point I knew I had no resistance left to offer. I didn't have to say a word. I simply looked down at her and made eye contact. She could tell that I was hers. She undid my pants and pulled them to the floor. Wasting no time, she pulled my boxers down as well, revealing my hard, 9 inch cock. She began to jack me off with her right hand while reaching inside of her shorts to finger her pussy with her left.

I undid my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. I pulled my shirt open and revealed my toned, smooth chest and abs, which she leaned in and began to lick. I reached over her head to the bottom of her tight, pink shirt and raised it back over her pretty blonde head. She pulled back just enough so I could completely remove the shirt. I reached my hands down her back and undid her skimpy, white bra. She backed up on her knees and let her bra hit the floor, revealing her perfect, brown-nippled, tanned tits.

I always thought Katie had a great body, but I was wrong. She had a perfect body. She even had a slight muscle-toned stomach.

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She looked up at me with her brown, doe-like eyes and smiled. She then scooted forward on her knees and grabbed my throbbing dick. With a firm grip, she pulled it slightly towards her face, parted her pink, full lips, and took the head of my rod into her hot, moist mouth. I could feel her tongue tickle the bottom of the head while her right hand worked the bottom of the shaft.

She slowly bobbed up and down, taking a little more of my prick deeper in to her mouth. Her left hand again made its way into her shorts, rubbing her pussy as she sucked.

I noticed that when she got about halfway down my shaft, she pulled back a little. She looked up and I could tell she was unsure if she could handle the rest. I imagined she had given a few blowjobs, but not to a dick this size.

I gave her a reassuring smile, and she got back to work. I put my hand on the back of her head to help her. Again bobbing up and down, she made it halfway, paused and then slowly attempted to take the rest of my cock into her mouth and down her beautiful throat.

I pushed down slightly on her head until she finally made all the way to the bottom of my shaft. She pulled it out quickly to catch her breath, saliva dripping down her chin onto my dick and balls.

She looked up at me and smiled, looking somewhat proud that she was able to do it. I smiled back, and then I pulled her up off the floor and onto my lap. I took her teenage breasts into my hands, massaging and sucking them, as she grinded onto my dick through her shorts. Her hands gripped the back of my head in ecstasy. I haven't heard a seventeen year-old girl moan like this since I was in high school. I almost forgot how sexy the sound was.

I picked her up off of my lap and stood myself up. My desk was cluttered, so I took my arm and swept everything onto the carpeted floor.

I grabbed her by the back of the neck, pulled her close, and kissed her, our tongues massaging each other's. I took my hands, grabbed her underneath her tight ass cheeks, and lifted her onto my desk, still kissing her passionately. I held her back in my left hand and gently let her down until she laid her back on the desk.

Her flip-flops fell off her feet and to the floor. I began kissing her neck and slowly worked down her tits, then stomach. I brought my hands down and grabbed her shorts and pulled them down past her ankles and let them hit the floor.

I went again towards her stomach to kiss it while I removed her thong in the same fashion. Her magnificent pussy was completely shaved and had almost looked like it had never been entered. For a second I was worried how I was going to fit this pulsating cock into this innocent-looking, tight pussy.

I crouched down, put my arms around her legs and up to her chest to massage her tits, and then put my face just in front of her slit.

I stuck out my tongue and began gently rubbing her clit. It didn't take long for her to resume moaning. Thank God for these virtually sound-proof rooms. Her hands rubbed the back of my head as my tongue continued to pleasure her clit.

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As each second passed she moaned harder and harder. My dick couldn't have been any harder. It was begging for this pussy. I stood up and moved my dick ever closer towards her dripping pussy.

She continued to lie on the desk, knees bent towards the ceiling with her feet flat on the end of the desk. Her eyes were closed, waiting in anticipation for the pleasure of her life. I put my arms across her legs and put my hands on the outside of her thighs. I inserted the head of my cock, knowing that I would need to be delicate.

She was no virgin, but I'd figured that she hadn't been fucked more than once or twice. I went deeper until about half of my rock-hard dick had entered into her.

I stopped and looked at her, waiting for some sort of sign to enter further. She still had her eyes closed, but she knew what I was asking. I got affirmation when she squeezed my hands tight and held her breath. Ever so slowly, I pushed my cock in until it had completely disappeared inside of her. She arched her back and let out a moan that was somewhat painful and somewhat euphoric.

I started to move, in and out very slowly. After a dozen or so thrusts, I had loosened her to the point where I knew she could be comfortable. I began to thrust harder and harder, faster and faster. The look of bliss on her face was orgasmic.

I pulled out, picked her up off of the desk, turned her around, and gently bent her over the desk. My hands spread out her ass cheeks and my pulsing cock made its way back into her moist cunt.

The harder and faster that I pushed my dick deep inside of her, the more I squeezed her magnificent ass. To my delight, she was loving every second of it.

She pushed herself upward until her back met my chest and my lips met her neck. My hands rubbed her tits almost violently as she turned her head around. I bent my head around until I could reach her lips with mine. We virtually sucked each other's faces off in passion. She pushed us both back away from the desk, pulled herself away from my dick, and turned around to face me.

She pushed me down into my chair and she stood over my still-hungry cock. She bent her knees until her dripping pussy had engulfed my entire dick. She was now in control, and I knew that she liked it this way. Her hands pressed down on my shoulders as she moved up and down rhythmically, the sound of our flesh pounding against each other. Her tits bounced in cadence just in front of my face. She started to grip and moan harder than ever and I knew she was close to cumming.

I could tell that I was close to blowing my load too. With sweat dripping off her body onto mine, her eyes rolling back in her head, and her lungs taking in a large gasp of air, she reached what I suspected to be her first orgasm.(Let's face it, high school boys could never finish the job.) She continued to grind and ride out her climax on my hard rod and then, like it was instinct, jumped off of my dick and onto her knees to begin sucking it.

I knew it was just a matter of seconds. "I'm gonna cum, baby", I warned her. She removed her mouth from my cock and jacked it off with her right hand while keeping her mouth just inched away and wide open.


I felt my toes curl and my back arch as my load bulleted out of my cockhead. I watched with gratification as much of the hot cum went into her pleasure-giving mouth, while the rest of it slid down her chin and onto her amazing teenage rack.

Three smaller loads followed in the same pattern as she squeezed every last drop out with her hand. I sat back with my eyes closed, taking it all in. No regrets. I finally looked down to see this seventeen year-old goddess smiling, having swallowed my load, she licked the remainder from her chin, then wiped the load that dripped on her tits with her hand and put it in her mouth to swallow. This was the most amazing girl I had ever been with… and she wasn't even eighteen.

The bell to end the school day and start the summer for the senior class was minutes away. We quickly rounded up our clothes and got dressed. I gathered the materials I swept onto the floor and put them back on my desk. I sat back down in my chair, still in a daze.

As she put on her last flip-flop and headed to the door, she turned to me and smiled. "My graduation party is on June 9th at my parent's house. Are you coming by, Mr. Tasker?" I smiled back, "I'll be there, Katie."