Fat barbara gets cream on her titties

Fat barbara gets cream on her titties
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Finally Michelle graduated from Massage School and now all she needed was to gather some clients. She had scheduled a massage for a gentleman and was excited to have the opportunity to perform her very first massage after learning everything that she did in school.

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Before going to perform her massage, Michelle met up with her friends and to calm her nerves had smoked up and was really relaxed before leaving. Not only very relaxed, but she was also very horny. She waited a little while before heading to the massage, however, it didn't help much.

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On the way to her massage, she could feel her panties becoming wet and all she wanted to do was feel a nice hard dick slide in between her pussy lips. As she was driving towards the clients house, she felt herself become more aroused and couldn't wait for this massage to be over. Arriving to the house and gathering her things, Michelle took a deep breath and walked in.

After setting the massage table up and having the gentleman undress and get underneath the sheet, she walked in and she could just feel her panties become a little wetter. Michelle uncovers his back and puts some oil in her hand and warms it. As she places her hands onto his skin, she feels the heat rise through her fingers. She slowly massages the oil into his skin, with each passing movement, she feels her head lighten and the adrenaline rushing through her veins. She notices that his arm is dangling over the edge of the table and she slides her body closer to his hand.

She feels the slightest touch against her shaven legs and she wants to feel more. She bends slightly over his body and starts to massage his lower back, wrapping around his hips and towards his pelvis. As she moves her fingers towards his pelvis, she feels the tips of his fingers glide up and down her inner legs and thighs.

He slowly slides his fingers up to her ass and she can feel the heat rising in between her legs.

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Michelle's pussy becomes wet with passion and she can taste the sweetness of a dick. As she continues to move her hand to his pelvis, he turns onto his back. She grabs a hold of his penis and starts to massage it, feeling it become hard in her hand, the adrenaline now rushes through her body. She feels his hand move up her ass and to the top of her panties. He tugs on them just enough to move them down her ass and passed her knees, she removing them all the way.

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She feels his fingers slowly inserting and exiting her wet, clean shaven pussy. She starts to moan and tightens her hand around his penis. As she moves her hands up and down, she bends her body over his and slowly guides his hard penis into her mouth.

He feels the wetness and the twirling of her tongue around his hard, thick dick. Michelle then feels his fingers move around to her ass and slowly moves them in and out of her ass. As she feels his fingers slide through the tightness of her ass, she engulfs his hard penis into her mouth.

She then swallows him as he enters his fingers fully into his ass. He watches as her head slowly moves up and down over his penis. The adrenaline that is rushing through her body is so unbearable that she looses herself to another type of force. Michelle finally removes her head from him and looks at him. All he hears is, "Get on the floor!" Not wanting her to change her mind, he does just that, but says, "Have to be quiet, my wife is downstairs." Michelle looks at him and nods.

As Michelle removes her shirt as well as her bra, she slides her body of his. His notices the perfectly round breasts moving towards his face. As he reaches up to grab them, she slowly slides her wet pussy over his hard penis. He circles her round nipples with his tongue.


Michelle is now floating on cloud nine as she slowly slides her hips over his body. Her wet pussy slides down on top of his penis, she takes a breath and pushes her body down on his.


As she does, his penis is engulfed by her wet pussy. Michelle slowly moves her hips back and forth against his body. She rides him so hard that she can feel the blood pumping between their bodies.

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She moves her body faster against his and engulfs his penis even more into her. She moans louder and he looks at her, she quiets herself as she pushes her pelvis into his. After it was all said and done, he asked, "What came over her?" She looked at him and stated that she had toked up before coming.

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He replied with keep that up and put me done for a standing appointment. The next week, Michelle went prepared and was ready for an intense hour. Arriving at his home, she saw his wife on the couch watching a movie.

Michelle walked passed said hello and went upstairs to set up her table. He quickly undressed before Michelle could finish setting up her table. He quickly turned her around and guided her to the couch.


He slid down her body to her waist and slid his hands up her legs to her waist. As he hiked her skirt up to expose her pussy, he could smell the sweetness of her pussy.