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Canudinho fodendo hard a novinha
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Homecoming By Samantha G. At different times in our hurried lives, certain events will happen and shape who we are, as well as what we do. These events help to prepare us for the road ahead, and hopefully a more defined goal. These events can also cut us free from ancient ghosts that haunt us. Ah, the roaring nineties. George Bush was president, and preparing for war.

Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Gas was one dollar and sixteen cents a gallon. And Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation," was headed to all kinds of Grammy's, although I personally thought Alannah Myles song, "Black Velvet," should have received more awards. Kevin Costner made me proud to be half Indian when "Dances with wolves," hit the silver screens nation-wide. Dear God, I wanted to be Mary McDonald in that movie.

I should have been," Stands with a fist!" I had a nicer butt and longer, blacker hair, so why not me? Maybe I was too much Indian. But, I also had my Mom's beautiful Asian looks too.

No good, I could never have passed for the part in that movie. I was a totally wrong race. So I went about the task of packing my car for the trip home, but Costner's ass was now on my mind. Now there's a nice butt. That scene where John Dunbar is naked, with his back to the camera when he discovers, the warrior "Two Bears" is nearby. All Kevin had on were his cavalry boots, and nothing else. I held my breath waiting for him to turn towards the cameras in that part of the movie. I wanted to see it.

Turn around John Dunbar, turn around, please? Nope, not a chance, Sammie. And the tease scene before this one, what a let down. No! Don't dive into that pond! Shit, now it's going to shrink from the cold water.

Nice going Costner, you big tease. And that last shot of his nearly perfect ass cheeks as he dove deep in the pond. Ah, nice butt, thank you. Us women get cheated at the movies every time.

I stopped stuffing my car, and started to relive "The Great Penis Debate." "You know, the men have it made!" I yelled as I began a debate about fairness in cinema. I remember arguing with a guy in one of my arts classes about it.

"Shit, nine times out of ten, in almost every 'R' rated movie that I can remember, the guys always got to see a pretty woman's ass, and tits, and even some pussy! And what did the women get to visually feast on? Nothing. Zip, zero, nadda!" I remember looking my opponent in this debate, Right Square in the eye. "I, as a woman, do want to see a nice big penis on that screen." I proudly declared. Now I put my finger in his stunned face.

The females in attendance sat up, some with their mouths hanging open and others had eyes wide with suspense. "Yeah, that's right buddy." I exclaimed as I put my hands on my hips. "I'd like to see all the men in the theatre squirm in their seats, for a change, as they sit next to their dates when the naked actor turns to the camera, and a ten inch dick swings into view." I sat back down in my chair, victorious again!

The girls in the class quickly stood and applauded. My opponents face couldn't get any more flushed or sweaty. Thank God I had an instructor that allowed such verbiage. I owe it all to you, Professor Barnes. I better concentrate on driving. I was leaving the UCLA campus for the summer. All year long, my life was contained inside a big box. To the north was Sunset Blvd, and to the south was LeConte. If I went west I hit Gayley Avenue and now that I was headed east, Hilgard would be my target, and then the interstate.

I had worked my tail off for another semester, and loaded up on classes, some were really difficult but I kept a 3.75 GPA. Not bad considering I also ran track, and played on the women's Lacrosse team. My social life was virtually nonexistent, so I was more than ready to let my hair down and bark at the moon.

The sun was shining high and bright in the early afternoon sky, as I traveled out of L.A. I also had trouble looking out my rear-view mirror since I had my car stuffed full with remnants from the long school year. I had books and boxes jammed full of now useless items. And of course, dirty laundry. Who the Hell wants to do the wash after that last class?

It certainly wasn't me. The clothes wouldn't get any dirtier by just by lying there on my way home to Phoenix. I now had two whole weeks of nothing to do, before another summer working at Hooters, which I was looking forward to. Last summer I averaged two hundred a night in tips, plus rubbed elbows with some of my heroes from the Suns basketball team. My music and Kevin Costner's ass would keep me occupied from L.A. to San Diego. Then it was a quick fill up, followed by a late supper at Jack in the Box, and then I was off to points east and my summer vacation.

I let my beautiful 67 Mustang breathe the cool fast air down the interstate. I just love to glance down at a speedometer that reads at 130mph. The only human voice the desert heard that night was mine, singing praises to Kevin's sweet lovely cheeks, and my own independence.

I reveled in freedom on the road. I was flying through the desert night. Just me, the car, and a thousand million stars swaying in the black velvet sky. If it weren't for some loose gravel near the side of the highway, I would have never woken up.

Jesus! The sound of gravel hitting the bottom of the car woke me up, and I jerked the car back onto the highway. How did that happen? I only closed my eyes to rest them for a second.

I didn't realize just how tired I was, and would battle fatigue now. I still had a long way to go.

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So, I tried different tapes in the stereo, and singing along with them, as it worked well for a little while, then I would think about the people behind the songs of my life, and start daydreaming again. I really missed my Jason. He was the only man I ever had sex with. I gave all of my life and love to him, but it wasn't enough. I was having such a hard time accepting being alone.

Sammie, you tried, and it didn't work out. I got reassurance from my exhausted conscience. Well, we really did try to stay together in a long distance love affair, with me going to school at UCLA, and he had to stay behind to keep the shop open. It was his living, and his business was booming. He even started to build racing motors, so he was set for life. I held his hand for two long years. I gave him confidence and belief that he could do anything he set his mind to. So it was written in stone, when he suggested, we should date other people, too.

I cried for weeks after he broke up with me. I turned down hundreds of guys. I was faithful. Why can't I be free of his memory? I really hope you're happy dear Jason. After we broke up, it took all of six months for me to get a Dear Jane letter, and from my best friend at home. Tammy always wrote to me at school, at least once a week, and called every weekend to say hi, or fill me in on the gossip around town.

I don't want to think about that day, anymore. Tammy and I were inseparable. We could never hurt one another, ever. Lookout everybody, here comes Sam, and Tam! We were legends in high school. In our senior year on the night before our big homecoming game, we broke into the school maintenance garage and barrowed the yard marker machine.

I had an inspiration for a new team logo. And with the help of a full moon, we added our touch of school spirit to the gridiron field. The grounds crew tried to remove our artwork before the game, but it was of little use. The heavy morning dew, followed by the heat of the sun, baked the wet white powder into each blade of grass. Between the forty-yard lines we illustrated the side view of a large, erect penis and a scrotum hanging from it, with the infamous slogan 'BLOW ME' underneath it.

That was not only a thing of beauty, but also brilliance, as anyone who laid eyes on the new school logo, would automatically think the boys were behind it. Afterall, who ever heard of chicks getting a blowjob? We even had enough white powder left over in the bucket of the machine to give the happy penis, three squirts flying out of the tip.

A true work of art. It was the most talked about, and most photographed homecoming game in the history of the valley. Sam and Tam had left their mark in Arizona folklore. The Chandler " Cock and Balls" won the game, 34-10.

When we were twenty point underdogs. My buddy Tammy, how I have missed you. Why didn't Tammy call me? Instead I got that fucking letter last year. I knew it wasn't just to say hello Sammie, as it was full of folded pages. The day I read that letter was the second most terrible day in my life.

"Hi Sammie, I have bad news." Tammy's writing was jagged and hurried. "Jason got married yesterday in Vegas." Her opening line in that letter said it all. Wow! I knew he was dating this girl from Phoenix after we called it quits, but it all made no sense to me. Why so fast, Jason? I never did read the rest of the letter. Why did I tear it up? Maybe there was other news, maybe good news that Jason wanted me to call him. What if we wanted to get back together?

God, how I hated last year. Oh well, there's no sense on dwelling about the past, besides I cried enough over loosing him. The night my dog was hit on the interstate back home was far worse than this one. My thoughts became a slow motion movie of the dear things I've lost in my first twenty years of life. My heart remained chained and tortured to the first love I ever had.

There's no way, I'm going to make it to Chandler tonight, no way. I had to pull over and get some rest. I saw some faint lights up ahead over the next long hill. My luck, it was a 24-hour gas station. I pulled up to the pumps and got out and stretched. 12:15, not all that late. I have to call Tammy, and see if I can crash there tonight. I gassed up and went inside to the back of the quick-mart to use the pay phone.

The late night manager's eyes lit up when I walked in. Poor guy, his excitement for the night probably consisted of a jackrabbit or two scampering down the driveway. "Hey Tammy, guess who?" there was silence on the other end of the phone.

"Sammie!?" a surprised voice yelled back. My ear was ringing. But I had a huge smile now. The cashier even heard Tammy, and shook his head laughing.

"Sammie, where are you, are you done with school, are you still in L.A.?" Wow, she was really excited, and I was just plain exhausted. "Yep, I'm coming home." "Tam? Can I crash at your place?" I could hear some kind of a party going on in the background. "Of course Sammie, where are you now?" I could tell Tammy and her husband were having a party; of course it was Friday night.

The Lavato's always partied on Friday nights. 'I'm about forty minutes away. If it's not too much trouble Tam, I can't wait to see you." "We'll keep the light on for you! I can't wait to see you too, Love you!" and she hung up.

I got a big cup of coffee and paid for the gas. Heading back into the night, I began to feel her voice in my ear, so quiet and so very seductive, just the way she was the night we sat at midfield, on the night before the homecoming game. "Nice job Tam." I raised my can of Bud to solute my fellow artist. We now sat in success of our mission's completeness. The desert full moon was now at the halfway point in it's journey to end another orbit.

We sat and drank up most of the twelve-pack my boyfriend, bought for us. "That's what's great about having a boyfriend like Jason." I told my drunk partner at midfield." Hell, we're only seventeen, and he's twenty-three. He can buy us beer anytime!" We couldn't help but admire our creativity on this football field. "Awesome idea Sammie." Tammy tapped my can of beer in congratulations and took a big gulp. I had to stare at her, admiring how the light of the moon made her hair look as though it had a golden glow to it.

The grass at this time of the night was heavy with cold wet dew, and a little uncomfortable to be sitting on. Our butts were cold and wet, but we were drunk, so who the hell cares uh? It was spooky to be here all alone at this field, as the only company we had were a few crickets chirping and an occasional nighthawks cry for companionship.

Out of nowhere, she leaned over against me and kissed my cheek. I turned to kiss her cheek but she hadn't moved her head back and our lips met. "I've been waiting for this," Her voice was muffled as she opened her mouth against mine.

Her hand dropped the can of beer it was holding and she held my mouth tighter against hers. I wasn't shocked but only overwhelmed by the unexpected excitement, as my tongue entered her warm inviting lips. Her tiny squeals of delight gave me nothing but incentive to indulge of her pleasures.

I placed my beverage on the ground and cupped her large breast, how good it felt to hold her. Her breasts were much larger than my own. They felt so sexually charged, and so firm and heavy. I had to go under her sweatshirt, and feel this naked wonder. Our hot tongues wrestled in a sensual competition, how small, soft and warm she was compared to Jason's. "Oh, Tam-" I moaned as I felt her hand was in my crotch grasping and searching.

My pussy begging to be naked for more. I released her firm round breast and quickly unsnapped my jeans and lay back on the cold wet grass as she knelt above me licking my bare tummy.

Her soft hands began to slide my jeans down, as the cool damp air invaded my hot moist underwear. Her knees were right next to my shoulders, as I ran my hand between her perfect thighs, hypnotized by the moon's spotlight on her beautiful curves. I needed to pull her jeans off. The heat from her groin was incredible. "Yes Tammy," I whispered, as I didn't want to think about it, I just wanted her to do it. I held her long blond hair in my hands trying to get her to move lower and faster.

I wanted her lovely tongue in me. I reached for her beautiful round ass, wishing it wasn't in those jeans. I needed to feel her warmth and her wetness. I wanted to taste her. She quickly pulled my soaked panties to my shaking knees. Her warm breath on my soaking tight pussy was a comfort in the coolness of the evening.

I spread my silky thighs making room for her mouth to get closer.


Tammy's tongue began to slowly circle up and down my hungry drooling lips. I never experienced such warmth and closeness with anyone before, as I did on this night. We had an unspoken bond that would never be destroyed, or altered. It would always be there for us, whenever we needed it. "OH, Shit!! Someone's coming!" there was a far away voice getting closer.

I quickly sat up and with Tammy's head still deep in my lap, as her mouth kept kissing and lightly sucking my eager young vagina. My jeans were around my knees in a bundle. Her hot pointy tongue darted at my clit.

"Oh, sweet Jesus," I loudly whispered. Her tongue, and her hot breathing had me in such a state of confusion and desire. She must go on! Wait, no, someone is coming, through the darkness. "Oh, oh, Tammy?" I hinted at trouble. She knew I wasn't kidding. Someone was getting closer to us. She sat up fully composed, as I struggled to pull my jeans and drenched panties back up and snap them closed. I sat up right next to her, and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

It was wet from me; I could taste my pussy on her cheek. I quickly tried to caress it off. She just sat there, snuggling against me smiling away, and giggling so very proud of us. "We're dead, Tam." My voice carried a tone of certain disaster.

I knew we didn't have any chance to make an escape from our impending doom. We were way too inebriated to sprint away in the darkness. Our demise got closer. I could barely make out a face in the dark moonlight.

"It's my Georgie!" Tammy sprang to her feet, and made a drunken twenty-yard dash to his open arms. What a huge relief it was to see and hear George. I love you Tam. We still have unfinished business, Don't we? My car cruised around Phoenix and headed towards Tempe where Tammy and George lived. She married him right out of high school. I knew they were made for each other, ever since our freshman year at Chandler High.

George played baseball and football on the varsity team right out of his freshman year. He never wanted to go on to college, even though he had full ride scholarships waiting for him. He got on the ground floor of a big new construction company, and in one year he became a site foreman. He reminded me of a big cuddly teddy bear.

He was also an all-state offensive guard, who played in the infamous 'Cock and Balls' game. Fire up Cock and Balls! Our student's section cheered and chanted all game long. Chandler High's poor faculty didn't even bother to investigate this atrocious vandalism.

They just wanted the class of eighty-eight out of their hallowed halls as soon as possible. It was absolutely hilarious to watch how the visiting players regarded our new logo. Tammy's George wouldn't go near any of the outline, and actually stepped over it if he could.

He wanted it to last the entire game. "We had the big dick on our side today." George said to a local sportswriter after the game.

And of course that part of the interview never saw print. Georgie also knew who the artists were and he told the rest of the guys about it before the game started. So the mood was set at the beginning of the game, during the coin toss at midfield. Instead of shaking hands and wishing the other team a good game, our guys just said, "Blow me." Which gave us an "Unsportsman-like conduct" penalty before the game even started.

It was a day and night of magic for us. The big victory was followed by a parade through town and a big bonfire outside the football field when the sun went down and darkness filled our sweet desert sky. George took to the stand in front of our roaring fire. Raising the megaphone, he proudly addressed the huge crowd of zealous fans.

"They were intimidated right from the start." George would boast. "I told them they couldn't beat our meat." He also became a legend at the celebration bonfire that night. My car made a final turn towards their home in the newest subdivision near Glendale. "Sammie! Sammie!" Tammy was running at my car as I pulled into the crowded and short driveway.

I barely had time to step out of the car and I got mugged with hugs and kisses all over my tired face. "I missed you so much Tam." I gave her a real tight hug.

It felt so good to just hold her in my arms. I knew why George was so happy. I looked up from Tammy's shoulder and saw him standing in the glow of the porch light. His face beamed with love and pride, for all he had.

He slowly walked towards us. He raised his fist high in the air. "Cock and Balls, Sammie! Cock and Balls rule!" The three of us stood in the driveway, sharing a big hug of, "I really missed you." Then a few people came out of the house to see what was going on. I didn't recognize anyone. "Come on Sammie, You gotta'meet these people." George led me to the steps of the house. Tammy still had her arm around me; afraid I would leave her side and go somewhere else.

I held on to her too. Their party guests came to greet me with hands extended. "Sam, this lovely redheaded goddess is Ilene." George looked at her as I grasped her hand to say hi. She was a lovely woman at that. Very pretty face and huge blue eyes, and short-feathered hair. Her small full lips parted in a nice smile. She blushed at George's implied 'goddess' title.

"Hi Ilene, it's nice to meet you." Her hands were soft and warm with just a hint of lotion on them. Very nice fragrance. She looked to be around thirty years old. "And this old goat is Ilene's husband, Carl." George began to chuckle as a man wearing a broad smile stepped forward to welcome me.

Carl was a little heavy as his small potbelly stuck out, very happy with Ilene's good cooking.

He was definitely the oldest in the driveway. I guessed he was around forty. Then the third member of the party was reluctantly hiding in the back of our small group. But his head was far above everyone's. "Get out here, Tony!" A tall dark haired man in his late twenties stepped forward. I instantly had a vision of Costner's ass again.

"Sammie, this is Tony, who works construction with me at Sky Harbor." I reached out to shake Tony's hand. The resemblance to Kevin Costner was uncanny. Only Tony had longer, darker hair. And he was taller than Kevin too. "The pictures Tammy's been showing me," He kissed my hand! "Don't do you any justice, Sammie." I didn't see any wedding ring either.

Tony kept holding my hand as he helped me up the stairs and into the house. I turned to Tony. "You know, you look a lot like Kevin Costner." I was most likely really tired, but I wanted to see Tony's butt just then. "Gees George, she's really easy on the eyes." Carl gave George a jab with his elbow. That move was quickly dealt with Ilene's instant slap on the back of Carl's balding head.

"Ouch! Hun. I was only kidding." Carl began to laugh as Ilene pushed him in the house. Carl and Ilene were George and Tammy's neighbors from across the street, and a lot of fun just to be around. Every Friday night, they would jump in their car, and drive across the street to park in George's driveway for the party.

Then you add Tony's truck, and George's big hauler, and Tammy's car, left me no choice but to park on the grass next to the driveway.

George and Tammy's home was part of a new subdivision just outside of Glendale. As soon as you walk in, you feel the word 'home.' Their spacious dining room has a huge round oak dining table set in front of a large trophy case that was full of George and Tammy's life together. The centerpiece in their display case is the football from our homecoming game, which was signed by everyone that made the victory possible. Directly behind the pigskin is a large photo of George and Tammy kissing on the fifty-yard line at the very end of the big game.

"Get in there and grab a seat." George ordered, as he began herding us into the large but cozy living room. I sat in the middle cushion of their large leather couch, with Tammy sitting next to me on my right.

Carl grabbed one of the recliners and kicked back, staring at me. Tammy quickly snuggled in closer to me. "Sammie, you remind me of someone," Carl said as he lifted his can of Bud, and scratched his brow, looking for an answer.

Ilene quickly sat on her husband's lap, which surprised him. Carl never did finish that thought. George came in with a can of beer in one hand and shoved Tony at the empty seat next to me on the couch. "Hi!" Tony landed giving me a quick 'Guess who?' look and laughed. George stood and surveyed the new seating arrangements. "There, now that everybody has a seat, let's talk." And he sat in his recliner and kicked back. "So, how's the sophomore year at UCLA going, Sam?" I could feel Tony's gaze on me.

"George!" Yelled a stern Tammy." You didn't get Sammie a drink!" She let go of my hand and got up heading for the nearby kitchen and the fridge. George had a look of an impending lecture on hospitality was headed his way, "Oh Crap, I'm sorry Sammie." He said and rolled his eyes painfully around. I sighed with contentment, and watched her. She was so pretty. Tammy was still a petite, sexy blond dynamo. I actually stood a little taller than she did, but she had a body that wouldn't quit.

Her long blond hair ended in the middle of her perfect hourglass figure. She had real bedroom eyes, the kind that were naturally sexy, and a perfect shade of light green.

I watched how her skintight jeans held her butt so snug as she walked. Each step a crease would appear at the bottom of her sweet little cheeks, and dance with seduction. She could even make me horny just by looking at her. She was, Perfection. "You want a beer, or a cooler?" She turned and caught me staring at her butt.

Startled, I glanced up into those dreamy green eyes, just a little embarrassed as She smiled so softly. "It's nice to have you back." Her small glossy lips gave me a loving smile.

"Wine cooler, Hun." I made my request, and my lovely bartender was opening the fridge. "School is school, George." I was answering his question, but looking at Tony. I didn't feel awkward sitting so close to him either. With the vacant space that Tammy left, I actually felt comfortable.

Tony sat back with an arm behind me resting on the back of the couch, asking my body if this claiming of territory was ok. I sat back and crossed my legs. I knew Tony's arm and hand could feel my hair. Yes, you can have some of this territory, but I want my share too. I turned and looked at Tony again. "You're a snowbird uh?" I raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, I'm from Michigan." He admitted with a quick smile and took a small gulp of his can of beer. "What gave me away?" His challenge came out.

"Well, Tony, should I start with your University of Michigan sweatshirt?" I smiled matter of factly."Or, do you want something deeper, almost mystical?" I was tired but, feeling spunky now.

"Careful Tony," Tammy came back with my wine cooler and sat next to me, giving me a slight shove to get me closer to my interrogated victim. "Sammie carries the spirit of a great warrior, and she can spot a lie ten miles away." She said looking at Tony.

I quickly shot to my feet, and raised my empty fist high above my head. "I am, Stands with a Fist!" I actually felt proud." But I'm also compassionate and not just a warrior, as I will demand that you show me your butt before I inflict any judgment on you." Everyone laughed at my statement. I glanced at Tony again.

This time I caught him looking at my ass. He liked what he saw, and I was slightly aroused at that. "That was a great story." Carl got in on the topic." But the movie was three hours long." I sat back down and leaned against Tammy.

I gave her a cute mischievous smile and a quick nod. "Doesn't Kevin Costner have a great butt?" I asked and gave her a wink. Now Ilene put her two cents in. "I'd like to grab those cheeks and give them a good jiggle!" Ilene exclaimed as she shook her hands in little circles. We all howled and laughed. The women had taken over the room. And as the early morning was making its presence known, we continued our round table discussions.

I was on my third wine cooler, and now leaning into Tony's side, as I felt a connection to this man.

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I was now somewhat of an outsider here, as most of my time was spent in California at school. And Tony was from Michigan, here to work on the winter construction.

I knew he'd be going back home soon, to work on construction in his home state. We were just two people visiting Arizona for a while.

My exhaustion slowly overtook me. I closed my eyes to rest them. I could hear the conversations slowly fading. I felt an arm holding my shoulder, it seemed to say,' Welcome home Sammie.' I eventually drifted off to sleep. The hours quietly passing by.


"Am I holding a man's crotch?" I began to slowly wake up. " Yes, I do have my hand nestled in a crotch." And my head was in his lap too. I was curled up into a tight ball, lying on the couch. I opened one eye to assess the situation.

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The clock on the kitchen wall read nine, and the suns rays were already in the middle of the kitchens tile flooring. So, it's in the morning. I heard someone snoring. My eye glanced at the empty recliners; I'm alone in here with my hand on someone's balls. Oh Dear God, I've got Tony's balls. It's a good thing he's sleeping too. I must have had my arm under my head while I was sleeping and innocently moved it.

Nope, wrong arm, as the accused arm was locked in-between my thighs. Oh Jesus. I was drooling to make matters worse. I could feel the cool dampness in his jeans just under my cheek. I must have drooled all night. That should impress Tony.

'Hey Tony? You might want to wrap your bed pillows in plastic, I got a problem when I sleep, and oh yeah, you might want to put a tarp on the mattress too; my pussy flows like a river during hot sex. And one more thing Honey, I squirt when I cum.

I'm just a circus of sexual liquids!' I heard someone coming down the bedrooms hallway, coughing and then a loud fart followed by a chuckle. Boy, this place is just loaded with class. George stumbles into the kitchen and peeks into my situation.

I'm holding Tony's groin like a jockstrap, as I have one eye open and my face is lying in a big puddle of drool in this poor guys lap. All the while, Tony's snoring and smiling away. George chuckles and turns to the refrigerator. "Oh my, my, my." He quietly whispers as he shakes his head in amusement. Then he pours himself a big glass of orange juice and heads back to their bedroom, chuckling all the way. I hear Tony start to stir; he raises his hips to get more comfortable.

My hand is still placed against his crotch, but it feels numb. My arm must be asleep, so I squeeze my fingers together forgetting that I was holding this man's balls in his damp jeans. That's a major oops! Now I felt his soft penis throb and his hand move to my butt. It was on my hip, but my accidental grope of his business made him moan and respond, by placing his hand on my ass.

His warm hand gives my right cheek a light grab. This is escalating, oh shit. I could just imagine Tammy walking in. "Honey! Come in here!! Look! Tony's railing Sammie. Isn't that nice? Look how she's drooling and squirting all over our nice new leather couch too!!" That was enough.

I quickly sat up and took my offending hand away, looking at Tony's face. His eyes flashed wide open, as he turned his head to see me. I smiled innocently, with wet cheek and all. "I'm sorry-" He wouldn't let me finish. "I was just as tired." He didn't acknowledge that his jeans were soaked, or that I had saliva all over my face. Thank you Tony. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and ran into the bathroom. I needed to regroup and make myself a little more presentable for breakfast.

Besides, I wanted to get to know more about this snowbird from Michigan. I looked into the bathroom mirror and began to laugh out loud. You don't even know his last name, but you know he has a nice pair of balls.

Tammy came into the bathroom, looked at me through the large mirror behind the sink and burst out laughing. She walked up beside me and draped an arm over my shoulder. Her head was down as she shook it from side to side. "You know Sammie," She looked up, her green eyes had me in awe." You should at least date a few times, before molesting a guy as he sleeps." I was in tears with laughter. "He's really a nice guy," Tammy went on," And he's single, and fair game as I see it." She told me the whole story of George seeing him standing outside a crowded labor hall near Central Avenue in downtown Phoenix, on a cold rainy Monday morning last December.

So George pulled over and waved for him to get in the truck. He said he just got in from Michigan and was looking for construction work. "My George hired him on the spot. As George put it, those guys from the Midwest are great workers. So he stayed with us until he could afford his own place, and the rest is history. And Sammie," Now she grinned." Tony didn't know it, but I peaked in on him when he was asleep one time. And don't tell George about this, ok?

Well, Tony sleeps in the buff, and one night last January I came home really late from work, and everyone was asleep. So I go to check on Tony, and he's lying on his back spread eagle with the covers slightly off of him, and I saw his, well, you know, he's very well endowed, dear." Tammy rolled her beautiful eyes.

I was getting horny as I had visions of Tammy's beautiful body getting reamed by Tony's large penis. I had to change the subject. "He's been here how long?" I asked her playfully. I had to know when he was going back. But I was afraid to really know. "Tony's weighing his options," Tammy explained," His old company back in Lansing called last week. They have a job starting in ten days, if he wants it." "You mean he might stay here?" I was getting a little hopeful.

Tammy grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the bathroom and down the hallway to an empty bedroom. "You're sleeping here for the summer." Her eyes said I better agree. "Besides dear, you're closer to the everything here anyway. And who wants their kids back home from college? And we have all kinds of spare furnishings for your room." She had a good point. I gave her a hug, as George stepped out of their bedroom just down the hall.

"So, are you?" He stood there in his bathrobe with his hands on his hips waiting for a reply. "Have you been eavesdropping Lavato?" Tammy gave him the look, with her hands on her hips now. Whenever she was mad with George, she used his last name.

"Well, you know," George had his hands folded so innocently in his lap and kicked at the floor with his slipper." We'd really like it, if you could stay with us, you know, here." "You know, you're my friend too!" George was almost pouting.

I ran to him, giving him a big hug and kissed him on the cheek. "Nothing would make me happier, you big lug." "Good, time for breakfast." And George led us into the kitchen. I went straight into the living room to see if Tony was hungry. He was gone? "Where's Tony?" I came back into the kitchen disappointed. George looked out the kitchen window. "Well, his truck is gone." Tammy spotted a note sticking to the inside of the front door.

She grabbed it. "Well, he said he's got to take a shower and he'll call us back this afternoon." That's all it said? I asked Tammy if I could see the note a minute. "Nope." And her and George played "keep away from Sammie" with the note. I tried in vane to get my hands on it. It was no use. I gave up and sat on the couch, with a real sad look on my face.

"Here you big baby." Tammy stuck the note to my nose. I grabbed it before she could get it back. The note was addressed to George. "Hey Big Guy, I had a great time and thanks for the beer. I'll give you a call this afternoon, ok? Is Sammie really single? Thanks again, Tony." I chuckled and looked at Tammy.

"If he wants to see me again after that outstanding first impression. Look you guys, I passed out on him. Drooled in his lap, and held his balls all night long. And I probably farted real loud too!" I was near tears with laughter.

"What's there not to like about that?" George smiled." Sounds like my kind of woman!" He grabbed Tammy and gave her a big kiss. We had George's killer pancakes with gallons of syrup and lots of orange juice, for our brunch. Tammy helped me unpack the mustang, and do a couple loads of laundry mixed in with theirs. George was off running errands around town.

I finally called my parents in the afternoon. My Dad answered the phone. "Oh Hi Sammie! How's the car?" No change there. "It's fine Dad." We talked a long time about how school was and how I've been. And yes Dad, I coming home tomorrow for lunch.

Then my Mom, who was usually quiet, talked my ear off about how empty the house was without me. She was almost crying.

"I'll be home tomorrow Mom, we'll catch up, ok?" She said how much they both loved me and hung up. I slowly hung up the phone, and began staring out at nothing, when Jason crept back into my thoughts. I had to chase him away, get rid of him. "I love Kevin Costner's Ass!" I shouted and raised my fist high into the air. "Yeah, yeah, we know!" Tammy yelled back from the laundry room.

I walked down the hallway to the laundry room with a notion of lecturing her about fairness in cinema, but when I saw her, another thing began to stir.

Tammy was still in her tiny sexy, see-through camisole. Only now she didn't have the security of the bulky bathrobe to conceal her treasures.

Her back was facing me at the doorway, as she was bent over arranging dirty clothes in the washing machine. Her perfect butt cheeks peeked out from the bottom of her matching shear black panties. She sensed I was in the doorway and quickly turned around. "You have me at a disadvantage." She quietly whispered.

Her round firm breasts were clearly visible under her top.

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Her long blond hair seemed to frame their beauty and part just enough to expose her large firm nipples. I felt frozen to the floor, unable to move or speak. She slowly stepped closer to my doorway. "You see something you like, don't you?" Those seductive green eyes began to work their magic, as she softly caressed my mind into a state of growing desire, for her perfectly wicked body.

"We have some unfinished business, don't we?" She stopped directly in front of me and took my hand, slowly sliding it under the waistband of her panties. I looked down and turning my hand over, began to feel how warm her body was, as my fingers hungered for her moist warm pussy. I felt an incredible heat rush through my body. She has such power over me. "See, see what you do to me?" Tammy lightly gasped at my ear, as my slender fingers found her soaked hot lips.

Her legs began to tremble as she leaned into me, her mouth leaving a trail of warm moisture as she searched for my hot mouth, needing to be kissed. My moist lips responded to her challenge by lightly pursing the tip of her nose as she slowly backed up, pulling at my jeans to open them and explore my form.

A blaze of want and desire began to swell deep within me. I kissed her long and soft, exchanging our gasps of needed desire. "I have you, Mrs. Lavato," I moaned as I stared into her eyes. I pulled my soaked fingers from her moisture livened pussy and put them to her open mouth to taste, as my free hand became obsessed with her perfectly large round breasts, my fingers testing their fullness, slowly holding then squeezing them.

She quickly broke from our interlude and stepped back against the washing machine and pulled her top off, her breasts jiggled and teased me. Her excitement became short and impatient as she bent and yanked my jeans down to my knees. Her head was at my warm and yearning mound, as I stepped out of my falling pants, leaving my hunger exposed to her hot breath, her mouth and tongue began exploring my thighs. Little moans of pleasure and disappointment escaped her bountiful chest as I helped her stand and hop up onto the washing machine, sitting and spreading her beautiful legs slightly as I pulled her see-through panties down and off, dropping them to the carpet.

I quickly discarded my own panties and sweatshirt, freeing my naked body. I slowly stepped in between her spreading knees as she sat on the lid of the white washing machine, which was nearing the end of its fill cycle. She lay back across the cover of the machine, and braced her shoulders against the control panel keeping her head up and watching with her mouth open and panting as I held her behind those lovely knees. I spread them further apart and lowered my head to the very inside of her velvety thighs.

I could taste the heat of her alluring scent. I slowly forced her knees to her breasts and started to lap her entire exposed pussy with all of my hot wet tongue. "Oh Sa-" She cried as the machines agitator kicked in shaking both of us. Her swollen full breasts began to sway and jiggle.

She tilted her lovely head back and closed her eyes. Her beautiful body began to tremble lightly. There was a pool of juice beginning to gather at he entrance to her pouting pussy lips, so I licked it like a snake tasting the air, getting it with the tip of my tongue and drew in some droplets of sweet nectar to savor.

Her body was becoming impatient and yearning to come. She began to twist and pinch her own nipples; her chest heaving with full breathes and gasps of wanting more. My tongue circling her small clit, teasing and flicking it into a small frenzy, as her beautiful buttocks squeezed together and her tormented scorching pussy desperately humped at my mouth. "Oh Jesus, OH Samm-" Her voice was shrill and on the edge.

I plunged my tongue as deeply into her tight pussy as I could, and slowly tasted the closeness that clung to me. Her hand quickly grabbed a handful of my long black hair as she started to ride her orgasm, with the vibration of the washing machine adding to her pleasure.

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I slowly withdrew my tongue, replacing it with two of my long slender fingers and slowly pushed in, while massaging her clit with the underside softness of my wickedly lustful tongue. "OH,OH,oh no,ohSammie-" She squealed and thrashed on the lid of the machine. Tammy was in the throws of a violent orgasm, as I began to thrust my fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. My free hand traveled to her breasts and firmly grabbed at their fullness. She quickly braced her hands to the sides of the washing machine, thrusting her pussy at my face, screaming loud and long.

I added a third finger to her stretching hot pussy and thrust harder and faster. Her body was going out of control, racked by huge spasms. She lifted her head and looked shocked by what I was doing to her. I sent the tip of my snaky torturing tongue from her warm swollen pussy lips to the heart of her sensitive fleshy button.

"OHMYGOD!" Shot from her lungs as her lovely green eyes fluttered and slowly rolled back in their sockets. Her wringing wet pussy released a gush of sensuous juice that my quick hot tongue began to bathe in. My hand slowed its thrusting and reveled in its mission. The washing machine stopped its cycle and began draining its own fluids. Tammy reached and pulled me to her, hugging and kissing me. The tremors riding through that beautiful body were still very strong.

I slowly began to suckle her breasts, and sighed her lovely name over and over. George came home from his errands, while I was washing my car near the side of the house. Tammy was close by tending to one of her flowerbeds. "Look at what I found for Sammie!" George was headed my way, and he had someone draped over his broad shoulder. Both guys were laughing. "Is that Kevin Costner, George?" I played along." That's a nice butt there, you have over your shoulder." George put Tony down.

Tammy came running over to see what the commotion was all about. "Hi Hun! I got all the stuff we need for our barbeque tonight!" George now ran through his long list of things to pick up." I got some real nice steaks, and potatoes, and some nice wine, and some fresh broccoli," but he continued as Tammy shook her head in agreement. "And I found this guy here, for Sammie!" George smiled at Tony." He was just walking up and down the aisles at the Safeway store, so I grabbed him." Tammy looked at Tony.

"What do you mean? Grabbed him?" Tony broke into the conversation." He kidnapped me." Tammy turned around shaking her head and went back to her flowerbeds. "Thanks George. I'm glad he was free." I gave him a big smile. I knew why George was doing this. I heard Tammy let out a small sigh with her back to us.

I swore she said, "It's about time, Sammie." Tony looked absolutely delicious as we sat around the patio watching George in total control of the grill. We had steaks sizzling away, as smoke polluted the neighborhood.

George also had fresh asparagus wrapped in tin foil, with potatoes baking on the grill. "Can I get you another wine cooler?" Tony stood up to take orders. Tammy saw me lean back in my chair to check out his butt again. My eyebrows flashed up and down. I licked my lips and smiled. My eyes were glued to his behind. "OH, Yes!" I loudly whispered." This is nice, real nice!" Tony quickly looked down at me. I didn't care; I just stared at his butt, to see what his reaction was. "So, is it better than Costner's?" Tony had me roaring in laughter.

The ice was fully broken, and I made my desire known. And Tony had silently declared I could easily have him. We snuggled as we ate the fantastic feast George expertly prepared for all of us. I could turn to Tony and put my hand on his leg, and feel so comfortable about it.

He kissed me a few times on the cheek as we all enjoyed supper on the patio. It was getting dark outside, as we had all stuffed ourselves, barely able to move in our chairs. "Honey?" Tammy stood up and ordered George." Help me with the dishes, please." She turned to me and softly smiled, as her beautiful green eyes told me to be happy. They left us outside on the patio alone and holding hands. George put some music on that carried softly into the warm night air.

"Tony, do y-" I never had a chance to finish that sentence. He held my face and slowly moved in to really kiss me. My heart was racing, and my legs were shaking. I felt his moist soft lips sliding across mine. His hand would lightly touch the side of my face, as I squeezed his hand in a much-needed thank you. My body became flushed with heat, as I felt like I was experiencing my very first kiss, all over again. I returned his kiss with hunger and passion.

My tongue darted into his open warm mouth, ah there you are, his tongue was mine, and all mine. I coaxed it into my mouth so I could suck it. He gasped with approval, and slid his hand down my neck to my breast. He knew my nipples were rock hard. I broke our kiss when I heard the patio door open. "Ah, Sammie?

Tammy smiled at us with the same mischievous grin she had on homecoming night." Me and George are going to the movies, care to join?" and she was shaking her head," Don't you dare!" Thanks Tam, but we'll just stay here." My voice was shaking.

"Ok, we'll be back in a couple of hours," and they quickly left. "Wow! That was fast!" Tony said. I stood on my weak legs and took his hand, not saying a word; I led him inside the house and to my bedroom, closing the door behind me. We stood face to face at the foot of my bed. The only light in my room came from the far away empty patio.

Tony reached for my tee-shirt bottom and slowly drew it over my head and let it quietly drop to the floor, as my long black hair slowly cascaded over my seductively small naked breasts. My breath was in whispers as I unbuttoned his white cotton shirt and slowly pulled it down from his arms. That also fell silently to the floor.

I touched his firm chest, tweaking his small nipples and slowly let my hands feel his taunt stomach. My eyes were one with his. I slowly unsnapped his jeans and pulled down the zipper. My eyes now began to roll just a little. I could feel and hear his heart beat. My hands grasped the hips of his jeans and I slowly pulled them down.

My face could feel the heat from his groin as I bent down with his falling jeans. My nose tasting his raw masculinity, as my mouth grazed his hanging penis. It took my breath away. He was large. I slowly stood, fearing my legs would buckle at any moment. My loins were dripping. More than a droplet now gathered at the entrance to my feverishly tight pussy. Tony's rapid breathing was the only sound I heard. He stepped out of his pants leaving them with the other garments that lay on the floor.

He stepped closer to me.

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My body was trembling as he felt for my own snaps and released my confinement, and slowly pulled my jeans down to join his. I stepped out of them, naked and burning with hot desire. He held my shoulders and slowly pulled me to him.

I felt the length of his warm phallus lying just under my navel. I could feel hot blood pulsing through it. I pressed against him, my breasts heaving with my silent wishes of what the night may bring me. My hands and fingers hunted for relief. I grasped his hips, and then his warm firm buttocks. His warm strong hands gently held my face, as his hungry lips passed the tip of my nose, exhaling short hot spurts when his touch slowly moved to my neck only to go lower.

My own fingers were shaking, trembling afraid of discovery. His curious fingers held the tips of my warm breasts, kneading my nipples so divinely, as he followed the contours of my body to my waist. He laid me on the bed, following the dance of his loving lips on my neck.

I slowly spread my legs giving him a place to lie. My arms were around his neck and back pulling as he slowly fell into me. My legs slowly closed around his waist, not to let him go. A sudden gasping squeal of delight escaped from my mouth as his waking penis beckoned against me. I looked at his figure and smiled as I saw a small sparkle of light in the edge of his eye. I brought the silhouette of his face closer, as my mouth opened for his tongue.

The heat from it washing across my lips, as his long arms slowly raised his body off of mine, making room for my searching hand as it moves down between our bodies, snaking between our hips to our heated sex.

I can feel just how ready I am, as drop after drop escapes from the folds of my pussy, and slowly trickles down the curve of my ass. "Ohh, Tony," Announces that I have found his formidable lust. Throbbing and growing firm, as my fingers lightly touch and slowly explore its heavy form and length. He raises his hips to make more room for this encounter. My fingertips hold him and together we tease my drenched hot opening, as my readiness becomes loudly apparent. Each guided movement of his hard cock up and down my sopping pussy lips drowns out our panting desires.

"There, Oh My_" I have put him into my entrance. My fingers barely touching around his firm smooth thickness. I hold my breath, anxiously waiting for my new life to begin, an empty book waiting to be written.

My yearlong chastity was more than apparent, as he slowly pushes his hips forward. A sudden jolt of pain erupts. "Oh Tony, Oh,oh,oh,Oh my-" My back arches high off the soft mattress, as his bulky manhood slowly goes in, forcefully making room in my slippery heat. I can feel every inch he is giving me.

My hands grip his arms tightly, as this sensation of fullness begins to overwhelm me. "Oh,no my God-" My eyes are wide with excitement. My mouth hangs open with new amazement and hunger, as his demanding penis continues to slowly open the depths of my womanhood.

My burning pussy tingles with desire and an excitement I've never felt before. He stops to savor the heat and grip of my seductive vagina. His arms are shaking with need and raw sexual lust. I can feel his large organ throb and pulse.

His breathing is full of excitement. I want him deeper, as I lock my ankles behind his thighs and pull at him, slowly pumping my hips to get more of his wide penis. He looks down at me, as he slowly withdraws some of its length, then a quick wicked thrust sends his thickness to the bottom of my searing wet pussy.

"OHMYGOD, ohmygod, OH Tony-" My head flails from side to side. His hips become a blur, as he pumps my painfully stuffed pussy with a series of full strokes, giving me the complete size of his large flesh. So fast and full, I can't breath, and only sharp gasps are heard as I let go of his arms and grope for the sheets to hold on to. Flashes and fireworks are going off in my brain. I can hear his large penis working and thrusting in my hot wetness.

Oh God, such big full strokes! He won't give me a chance; he wants me to cum right away! My ass is drenched from the river of delight he's pumping out of me. Yes! This is what I want! Give it to me Tony, Fuck me! Fuck me! He relentlessly pounds his manhood into me.

Hammering my clit over and over with each long thrust, as he quickly stretches my vagina deeper and wider. My groin is a dam of lust, and his cock has released a flood. Oh God, what he's doing to me. I love it! Please don't stop, please don't stop. Small yelps of sweet pain tell him I'm close. He slams his cock in to the hilt, as he begins to kiss my open screaming mouth, muffling my hot torrent of orgasm. I'm at deliriums doorstep, only aware of the bath my agonizing pussy if giving his wonderful penis.

Tony quickly pulls his full penis out of me, making a loud sucking sound and rolls me over onto my knees. I struggle to regain any composure, only to raise my sopping gaping pussy with my knees slightly spread. I quickly grabbed my pillow to bury my face in. I know what's coming.

I can feel him behind me as his long full cock swings, bumping between my thighs. He places the fat head to my hot gaping pussy again, and lunges in to the hilt. "Oh Jesus, Oh my-" My squeals go unnoticed, as he grips my waist and begins to pump me into oblivion. His thrusts are large and savage. My head is banging against the headboard, as he lifts my hips to meet every inch of his manhood. My body is shaking violently with wickedly fun pleasure; my mind is in a dense fog of coming, again and again as his plunging penis sends me on a journey of unbridled bliss.

What an incredible lover, what an incredible lover, you are Tony. My mind is swimming in a pool of lust, and of coming. His magnificent cock still pounding deep into me. Every nerve ending in my overwhelmed pussy was begging for rest. I'm exactly where I want to be. I can feel sweat dripping from my forehead as I gripped the pillow my face is buried in. I'm breathing harshly and moaning on every stroke.

His pumping goes on and on, I'm lost in lust and want. He suddenly pulls his hard penis out of me, and lies down beside me on his back. "Get on." He whispers, but I don't have the strength.

My body is trembling and exhausted, as he pulls me onto him and I spread my dripping wet thighs to straddle him. Our bodies are slick with sweat. My head is resting on his shoulder as he feeds the head of his cock back into me. A long low groan flows from my lungs as he pushes it deep.

It feels even bigger now. My eyes are rolling back as he helps me to sit up on his hips. His large manhood plunges so deep it feels like he's in my throat. His hands are at my breasts, lightly pinching and pulling my sensitive nipples. I'm having a series of small orgasms as my sore vagina grips and begins to massage his size. I slowly rock back and forth on him feeling it swelling and throbbing deep inside me. I desperately tried to pump up and down on his hard penis, as the sweat now rains down my breasts.

He finally arches his firm hips and pulls my body down on his large spewing penis. My jaw drops open and no sound comes out of me, as I feel violent spasms quake throughout my body, followed by cries of orgasms, going on and on. I could barely feel him spilling into my pussy with his sultry copious seed.

I collapsed onto his chest, crying and whimpering in total delight, as he filled me with hot sweet satisfaction. We stayed in this position as we cuddled and kissed each other's passions, and softly fell asleep together. I never rolled off of him, and drifted off to a wonderful slumber with his penis still in me.

I never heard my bedroom door open as Tammy checked on me. I knew she was happy to see me begin my new life at last. The ponderous chains that held my heart in that cold dark dungeon of the past were now broken forever. I never felt so free in my life.