Sexy blond twink Carl Alexander cock wanking for own facial

Sexy blond twink Carl Alexander cock wanking for own facial
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In 1977 Dot and Ted returned to the California High Desert in for for his final stateside assigment and retirement from the Air Force. They re-united with Frank and his new wife Maxine. Maxine was a happy-go-lucky-type that loved to laugh. A true party girl, she enjoyed good times and as it turned out was cut from the same mold as Dot.

They became fast friends immediately and sooner or later she would share that lovely cunt with Ted. Dot always shared new pussy with him when the time was right.

She was attractive and slim, long legged, and about the same height as Dot. She had a tiny waist and a marvelous ass that inspired a constant hard-on in Ted when they were together dining and dancing or camping with her and Frank.

She was in the process of divorcing her first husband, Fred. He was also in the Air Force and currently assigned nearby in the San Bernardino area. Maxine was soon to deliver divorce papers to him and had asked Dot to go with her for moral support. The soon to be divorced couple were still friendly and Maxine would occasionally sneak down to San Bernardino for a good fuck till she met Frank.

She worked as a hairdresser in a local shop and was well liked by her clients and invited Dot to come by the shop for a last appointment introductory session. It turned out to be quite a session. Dot arrived at the shop just before closing time. Except for a couple of stragglers, most of the customers had left. Maxine offered Dot a glass of wine while she waited. They all engaged in pleasant conversation till the last employee and customer left.

Maxine locked up and drew the shades. "Dot, take off that pretty blouse while I wash your hair." Maxine turned to the cabinet to fetch a clean towel.

When she turned back to the wash basin, Dot was sitting on the stool bare breasted. "I don't like to wear a bra," Dot said to a mildly astonished Maxine.

"Or panties," she added. "Oh! That's okay, she replied. Maxine was immediately turned on. Dot's breasts were smallish but beautifully formed. Maxine stepped up to Dot and nervously draped the towel around her shoulders. She swivelled the salon chair around and tilted it so Dot could lean back and rest her neck on the wash basin.

Dot's breasts were thrust forward and Maxine could not help staring at them. "Do you think my boobies are too small, Max?" "Oh, no. No they're beautiful, Dot," Maxine said as she reached back over Dot to adjust the water temperature. By necessity, Maxine leaned over and close to Dot as she lathered and massaged her hair.

Dot brought a hand up to rest on Maxine's hip. Maxine lovingly rinsed Dot's hair and then slowly dried and massaged it dry. They talked about their marriages. When Maxine finished the blow dry, her upper lip was glistening and a drop of sweat trickled down between her breasts. "Do you mind if I take my smock off before I begin your hairdo?" She handed Dot another glass of wine. "Please, do, " Dot smiled and replied, "It's very muggy in here." Maxine unbuttoned the front of her smock and it dropped to the floor.

She wore very brief panties and bra. Then the conversation finally turned to Frank's ex-wife. Dot knew that Maxine was anxious to talk about the subject. "What did Frank tell you, Max?" "He pretty much told me everything about their marriage. I've seen her around, but I've never talked to her." "Did he tell you everything?" Dot asked.

"Did he tell you we knew her too?" Maxine nodded, smiling knowingly. "What do you think about that, Max?" Dot took Maxine's hand and placed it on her bare breast. "I g-get horny every t-time I think about it, Dot." Maxine leaned down to kiss Dot full on the mouth. "I want to d-do it with you t-too," she said breathlessly.

Dot asked her, "Have you ever made it with another woman?" "Dot, honey, you and I are just alike, she giggled.

I have a need for pussy once in a while and Frank knows it. The first time was overseas with Fred when I got involved with a neighbor lady. Our husbands were away a lot on temporary duty. She let me know that they were swingers and that she liked pussy too.

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She kept talking about it every time the guys were gone. She got me so horny taling about it I finally let her eat me and I was ready to return the favor. I love cock, but I've got to have pussy once in a while too.

We didn't consider it cheating since they knew about it and we'd perform for them when they came home and partied. There's a lot of swinging in the military as you probably know. I haven't been with another woman since I met Frank and I can t tell you how much I love married pussy." "You re my kind of woman, Maxie," Dot laughed.

"I like that big dick of his too." Dot told her. "His ex-wife couldn't handle it. I mean, she could handle it she just couldn't get it all in her." "You did, didn't you babe?" Maxine quipped.

"You must know I fucked him if she told you everything. He is big. I enjoyed it, and if you don't mind me telling you, it's nice getting a beauty like that occasionally. Ted has a nice fat eight inches, but Frank is one of the rare ten inchers I've known. I hope you're going to share him with me like Phyllis did." "Oh yeah, I can't wait for us to get together.

My soon-to-be ex-husband has a nice big one too. I want you to meet him when we visit him." Then, "Was Phyllis good too?" Standing behind the chair and leaning over Dot, Maxine fondled her breasts then her hands moved down to stroke Dot's flat belly then down her inner thighs, thumbs moving softly over her Dot's labia.

Dot arched her back to allow Maxine access to her pussy. Maxine came around the chair and knelt between my wife's knees.

One hand reaching for her own wet cunt the other massaged Dot's bare pussy lips. Dot felt the warm wetness of Maxine's tongue and a finger exploring her aching cunt. "I have t-to tell you, Max, she is a hot little b-bitch." Dot continued the conversation as Maxine lapped at her pussy. "I c-couldn't g-get enough of her little c-cunt.oh, that's g-good Max, a-and the first thing I did when we got back to the states was to call her.

We've been together with Ted a couple of times.

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Oh! Oh! Maxie, that's so good! The little redhead likes to ride my face and she learned to love pussy too. We could never sixty-nine properly, though. She's so short that when we try it she can barely lick my belly button when I have my mouth on her clit." Maxine stopped and looked up. "Oh, god, you're making me so horny Dot! I know we could sixty-nine!" With that said, she pulled Dot's skirt off.

She momentarily looked at the naturally bald, blond pussy, then moaned as she buried her tongue in it again. She furiously frigged her own clit. "I'm gonna cum, Max. I'm cummming! Uh-uh-uh, aaaaaaah! Oh, Maxie, you do that so good! Let me do you now." After Maxine gave Dot a fantastic orgasm then they switched places.

Maxine quickly sat in the salon chair. Dot bent down and placed her hands under each of Maxine's knees and lifted them so they draped over the arm rests. "Ooooooh, Dot!


Honey!" She watched as Dot placed a folded towel on the footrest and knelt between her legs. Maxine reached out to hold Dot's head and gently guided it to her pussy. Dot opened her mouth and covered Maxine's mons. "Oh! Oh! Dot! That's feels so good! It's been so long since I've had such loving attention." Maxine's hand tugged at the back of Dot's head. Dot reached under them to fondle the woman's breasts. With her other hand she used her fingers to titalate Maxine's labia first then inserting them into her gaping wet hold.

"Oooh, baby. Finger me! Do me, please, do me!" Maxine didn't take long to reach her orgasm with Dot's tongue and fingers working her pulsating cunt. "Aaaaaaah, fuck!

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Dot.I'm cummmmming, Dot!" After that first cum session they were into each other's pussies as often as possible. On the night they planned for the four of us to get together the evening started out with great anticipation.

Dot and Maxine were beside themselves. They could not contain themselves and snuk into a stall in the lady's room to finger each other. They came back to the table and teasingly made us sniff their fingers. Frank and I enjoyed it immensely and waited patiently. Dot wasted no time letting Frank know she was going to fuck him tonight. She teased him brazenly, reaching into his pants to fondle his cock under the table.

She teased Maxine too by telling her what she was doing. Maxine also had a handfull of Ted's hard-on. Finally, they headed back to their place drunk as usual and the girls went straight to the bedroom. The men were not far behind. They walked in and saw Dot and Maxine on the bed, arms wrapped tightly around each other and their legs entwined, still fully dressed.

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Their dresses rode up around their hips. They could see Maxine's underwear beneath her pantyhose and Dot's pussy through hers. Frank and Ted quickly undressed and climbed on the bed with them. The women broke their clinch and turned to them.

At first Frank fucked Maxine and Ted fucked Dot side by side as Maxine and Dot kissed and groped each other's breasts. Dot turned on her left side and reached between Frank and Maxine to grasp Frank's cock as it slid effortlessly into Maxine's cunt. Ted maneuvered his cock into Dot spoon fashion as she played with them. She toyed with Maxine's clit.

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"Oh fuck! Oh fuck, Dot! This is what I want! Frank, baby! Honey, d-do you want to f-fuck Dot again?" On outstretched arms, Frank lifted himself over his wife so Dot could grasp his cock, and as he pulled back slapped his belly.

"Come and get it, baby. It's been a long time." Dot wanted to get in there with them so Ted backed off momentarily. He watched the hot threesome. She knelt next to Maxine and inserted herself between them and took hold of the man's cock. It went to her mouth almost immediately. Sucking and stroking it lovingly. "Dot, honey! Come here!" Maxine pulled Dot to her. Dot moved closer, swung one leg over Maxine s shoulders and placed her pussy directly over her face.

Frank's cock came out of Dot s mouth and into Maxine's cunt. Ted entered Dot from behind again except this time her ass was directly over Maxine's head. Ted fucked Dot on his knees with his ball sack swinging wildly over Maxine's face. He could feel her mouth at Dot's clit. Maxine pulled his cock from Dot's pussy and sucked it into her mouth emulating Dot. That was the first time she sucked Ted's cock and he wanted more. At that point Dot scrambled out and joined up with Frank and wrapped her legs aroung his waist.

Ted heard her moan when his cock slid into her. He knew she was thoroughly enjoying his cock again. "Oh, Frank, b-baby! It's just as g-good as I remember! Give it to me!" Frank grunted as he penetrated Dot with that magnificent cock of his. It was blood red, thick as his wrist and dripping with her juices. "How's my ex? I hear you looked her up." "Yeah we d-did! You know how m-much I love her, Frank. Oh! Don't stop fucking, honey!" She continued to tell Frank all about our sex with his ex-wife.

"I needed pussy, Frank. She's the only woman i knew when we got back. She's single again and she was hot for a threesome with us. She's still good." Ted's face was buried in Maxine's pussy and she eagerly sucked his cock.

"Let's go fuck on the couch. I can't concentrate with all this talk about Phyllis." Ted and Maxine went into the living room where they continued sucking and fucking.

It got hot and heavy when she got up and leaned forward on the couch, legs spread wide and looked back at him. "Put it in my ass, baby! In my ass!" She said it had been a long time since she had been butt-fucked cause Frank was too large to take in the ass. She had a tremendous orgasm that way. When they went back into the bedroom Frank was on his back and Dot was down over his knees with a mouthful of cock.

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They got together fairly often for a few years after and agreed they could be friends and fuck buddies as long as they were all aware of what was going on between. Sometimes they fucked together, sometimes, separately. Ted would occasionally visit Maxine at home for a leisurely afternoon fuck, sometimes a threesome. Dot sometimes disappeared with Frank. Dot also brought Phyllis back into the picture. She talked Maxine and the little redhead into a little girl-girl fun and the three of them promptyly got drunk one hot summer afternoon.

Dot told them about the daisy-chain with Goody and Angie Lee. So they tried it too.

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When it came time, Maxine wanted Dot to go with her to San Bernardino. Maxine was delivering divorce papers to her first husband Fred. Fred and Maxine were on friendly terms and still fucking occasionally, she said she wanted to have Dot along to keep her out of trouble, but more likely, she wanted to watch Dot get it on with her soon to be ex-husband.

Maxine had told Dot about Fred and their sex life.


In particular about his generous cock. Maxine liked big ones. Fred was expecting Maxine with the papers and had no objections about giving her a California no-fault divorce. He knew he was going to miss Maxine's beautiful ass and was planning to fuck her one last time that hot afternoon in his cool, comfortable bachelor quarters. Fred was one of those guys most men envy. Tall, dark, handsome, big dick, and in uniform.

He had no trouble attracting women. Although Maxine had learned to live with Fred s frequent absences, she also learned that she needed a steady supply of sex. She found sexual outlets with other like minded lonely military wives.

He and Maxine had pretty much gone their separate ways when he was stationed in Southern California. She moved out of government family quarters and moved in with Frank. Fred was dissappointed that Maxine was accompanied by her best friend Dot.but not for long. Warm summers in San Bernardino require light clothing and frequent refreshments. A few drinks later all three were comfortable on the living room furniture settled in for the afternoon to have a few cool drinks and reminisce about the failed marriage.

All the time Fred inched closer to Maxine on the couch, hugging and fondling her like old times which is exactly why Maxine wanted Dot there and that Fred would not pass up a golden opportunity like Dot. These girls were cut from the same mold. Dot was feeling too good from the drinks to do anything but enjoy the developing situation.

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Maxine kept looking at Dot to see her reaction. Dot, smilled at them with her drink to her lips and rubbing her thighs together. How far Fred would go? Maxine was a pushover. It felt too good to have his hands squeezing her breasts and running his hand up her leg to her crotch, squeezing her thighs. She remembered that wonderful salami he had fucked her with many times before.

He finally got around to kissing Maxine full on the mouth and she was eager to give him her sweet tongue and pull him closer.

Fred wasn't too sure where this was going to go with Dot there, but he was enjoying his soon-to-be ex-wife and this gorgeous blond sitting across from them eyeing the rise in his slacks.

Fred and Maxine, being military swingers during their marriage and had enjoyed threesomes like this before. Dot smiled at Fred and all but encouraged him to have his way with Maxine by pulling her dress between her legs to rub her pussy. He continued. Maxine spread her legs to allow Fred's fingers into her wet pussy. Both girls were wearing light summer dresses with no stockings.

Maxine was on her back on the couch her dress half-way up thighs and he lay half-over her, his free hand in her panties. Dot was pretty loose after the drinks and was now giving serious consideration to her swollen clit.

It required attention soon. Dot was really horny watching them. It was at that moment that Dot decided the was going to have an orgasm before she and Maxine went home that afternoon. Maxine fondled Frank's cock through his slacks and there was definitely pre-cum seepng through the crotch of his slacks.

Maxine looked over at Dot and saw her slip her hand under her dress. Maxine knew what her friend's hand was doing. Maxine had been there, done that. Fuck it, thought Maxine, I gotta have his cock, and the thought of Dot watching them made her swoon with lust. Max wanted to fuck so bad, she was breathing fast and hotly through her open mouth. At this point Maxine jumped up and Fred thought the fun was over.

Maxine unhooked his belt buckle, pullled his zipper down and reached inside for his monster. Dot's eyes opened wide when she saw cock in her friend's hands. Maxine had both hands around it, her mouth wide open, rapidly engulfing the helmet head with a twisting, sucking motion. Fred looked at Dot and could see her naked cunt past her fingers, one hand and rubbing her nether lips, the other pinching her clit.

She was looking directly into Fred's eyes as if to say, I want some of that too! Maxine, on the edge of the couch, had a mouthful of cock. His slacks were now on the floor. Maxine's legs were splayed apart and Dot could see her pussy where he had pulled her wet panties aside and had two fingers in her. beside herself with desire. Then, without removing her mouth from his now juicy cock, she turned her head to look at Dot.

Dot's hand fluttered over her clit. When their eyes met, Dot could tell what her girlfriend wanted. Dot took her hands out of her pussy, dropped to the floor on her knees next to Maxine and buried her face in her friends juicy pussy and clasping her friend's buttock with both hands.

Catching an occasional glimpse of Fred s large prick between her friend's bright red pussy lips emboldened Dot. "Dot, honey. I need to fuck him now. Let me fuck him, but you lick me too, okay?" With that she turned her back to Fred and lifting one leg she lowered herself on Fred's glistening cock. Dot moved in closer so she could help maneuver it into her friend. Dot held it and admired its girth.

Once in her hands and close to her face there was no way she was not going to suck it first. Maxine rubbed her pussy and looked down at Dot, "Isn't it a great cock, babe? Put it in me when whenever you're ready," she said giggling. Maxine had a stiff dick in her cunt from underneath and Dot's mouth covered her clit. Dot encircled Fred's member with her fingers just in front of Maxine's cunt lips and stroked it while sucking then slipping a finger into Maxine's pussy next to where Fred's cock.

Dot kept Maxine whimpering and groaning when she returned Frank's cock to her pussy and returned to suck her clit.


When Dot began to massage Maxine's breasts, Maxi had her first orgasm. He removed his engorged penis from his wife's cunt, stood up giving Dot an opportunity to fully appreciate his tool while Maxine's orgasm subsided.

Maxine, reclined on the couch rubbing herself, watched as Dot took him in her mouth. His intention was to fuck Maxine one more time but this was much more than he expected and Dot was fixing to suck his load out if he didn't hold back. But once Dot gets a dick in her mouth, there ain't no holding back! He looked over at Maxine who had a Mona Lisa smile on her face and was slowing building another orgasm with her fingers.

Fred was beyond the point of no return and let the load intended for Maxine's pussy shoot into Dot's mouth. He twitched and jerked but could not pull his prick from her mouth! Dot sucked the last drop from Fred. She looked up at him, mouth still full of cum and turned to Maxine who welcomed her with open arms and mouth to receive a taste of cum second-hand. Dot climbed on top of Maxi and scissored her friends legs with her own and proceeded to fuck Maxine who still had her panty crotch pulled aside.

Fred meantime, stroked his penis and rejuvenating his hardon watching these two gorgeous babes trying to meld two pussies into one. He had not the blond yet and Dot looked like she was really in need of a good cum. Dot pulled her knees up and straddled Maxi then leaned down, their tongues together still savoring Fred's spunk. This was his cue to move up behind Dot. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down between her wet labia and Dot caught her breath feeling its girth then anxiously waiting for him to push it in.and he did.

She arched her back and pushed back to receive that wonderful piece of meat. He began to slowly fucked Dot. Long strokes. Dot squeezed her pussy around his hard penis. He was beginning to like his wife's friend and if he wasn't careful he was going to unload again and deprive Maxine once again. Maxine, knowing what was about to take place unlatched her mouth from Dot and reversed positions under her friend.

Maxi now had her head between her friend's knees and could see Fred's penis plowing in and out between Dot's cunt lips. She could see her extended labia around Fred's enormous cock. Maxi didn't know where to put her mouth first, but she lifted her head slightly and sucked clit, licked dick, and then realized that Dot was now sucking on her clit again. On one of his backward moves Maxine grabbed his cock and stuffed it in her mouth. After a couple of minutes she reinserted it into her friend's pussy.

"Fred honey! Fuck her!" She encouraged him, alternately sucking his cock and her friend's clit until Dot had a throbbing, screaming, orgasm. Just as Dot was cumming, he pulled out and came in Maxine's mouth, who orgasmed a second time in Dot's mouth. Maxine still was not satisfied but new he was going to need a few minutes for recuperation.

It didn't take long to get him hard again. Two beautiful women sucked his fuck stick rejuvinated him so Maxine could ride him to orgasm. On the hour drive back up the Cajon Pass Maxine was still diddling her pussy while Dot drove.

She had one hand in her pussy and kept trying to finger her friend behind the driver's seat. Maxine stretched out on the front seat with her head in Dot's lap and licked at Dot's clit.a bit difficult while driving, but Dot put the car in cruise control and lifted her right leg over Maxine as she lay facing her friends crotch.

There was a couple of more orgasms on the way home. Ted was home when the girls got there. It was still a warm desert evening and he was greeted with a very pleasant aroma of sex and perfume. He figured they had spent the afternoon doing their thing and hoped were still horny.

He enjoyed the pawing Maxine was giving him and had an instant hardon when she asked if she could "spend the night with you two?" He looked at Dot, she looked at him and the three headed for the bedroom where they related everything about the afternoon with Fred.

He was not a match for either Frank or Fred size-wise. However he did have one advantage. He butt-fucked them both that night.