Kubanische Betrug Frau Carmen de Luz

Kubanische Betrug Frau Carmen de Luz
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FOR KIMMIE, MY SLUT part 1 It was another hot day in our California beach town situated just south of Carmel. My home was not far from the beach but although I lived here for the last 23 years, it was hardly the home it used to be.

My wife of 20 years had left me for the comfort of a 19 year old college student with a lot of money. Or should I say that the young man's parents had a lot of money. Somehow I could not believe what a 38 year old would have in common with a 19 year old football player. However maybe that was the point. That left me here in this house with my daughter Sam and my Son Jonathan.

Sam was an extremely free spirit and had just turned 19. She would be going to UCLA this fall and I am very happy that she will be commuting. It is nice to her a girls voice in the house and smell the perfume she wears.

With both her mother and I over 6 foot tall, Sam was just 6 foot in heels.


Jon on the other hand was way over 6 foot tall and he was not yet 17 years old. Both have athletic builds, Jon works out at the gym after high school and Sam is an aerobics nut.

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My wife Ginger presents in the house is missed more for her cooking and house cleaning then any romance that may have still been left. I hate to cook. Jon cooks for himself while I'm not sure what Sam eats or where she gets her food.

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We do "take out" a lot and many a day I have picked the cleanest shirt from the laundry to wear to work. It is a beach town, the kids are usually near the beach at all times. "Hey". Jon called as we passed in the hall. "I don't suppose that we have anything in the house for dinner tonight, do we?

" "I really don't know, but doubt it ". I said reaching in my pocket for money. ". Would you like a few Pizza's from Vinnie's Italian? ". Sam piped up "hold the meat, Please". What else would you put on a pizza beside meat? Anyway, pizza arrived in short order and we sat at the kitchen table discussing who was going to clean the bathrooms this week. "You know, we have large enough house and the guest room is never used.

Why don't we get a maid?" "Can't cost as much as all this takeout food and we would be able to have more free family time together" I said. Jon was the first one to say, "She has to be a great cook and not bad to look at either".

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Sam said immediately, "Jon, you are a pig". Sam continued "the idea in itself is good because once I get to school and have to study all night, house work is going to fall behind". So there you have it, the beginning of the idea that would prove to be our salvation or the worst thing that could ever happen to a family.

I was reading the newspaper that night looking for a live in maid.


As a week passed and it was getting to be obvious the pool of qualified maids was shallow indeed. I was at the gym when I spotted a girl posting a note on the bulletin board saying "wanted light house work".

She was really built and nice to look at. Maybe an Asian descent, but tall, over 5 foot 8. Dark features and straight black hair. She smiled at me and I was sure that this would be a good choice. As I said a few words to her, it was for certain she was well educated, and she has south California accent.

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Her name was Kim and she was Vietnam/French heritage. Perfect. Now I must talk her into being our maid, something tells me that I would have to pay her a lot of money. My shorts started to move in the front and I completely understand what is happening. I do not date since my wife left, but do manage to take care of my needs in the shower. Kim would be in my mind the next time I showered. Kim saw what was happening and she tried to ignore my cock pushing against the shorts.

I did catch her breathing harder as we stood there making small talk. The bottom line was that she would try the maid job for 2 weeks but she would not live in our home. Kim would not move out from her own apartment until she sure she likes our family and she "fits".

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That was fine and I understood completely. She would start the next Monday at 8AM. Kim arrived on time and I greeted her at the front door. I was excited, It was great thinking that we would have clean laundry for a change. Kim was dressed extremely casual more like she was going to spend a day at the pool. Her breasts 34DD were held firm by a sports bra and her shorts were just that …SHORT.

Her legs were long and just muscular enough to let you know she works out. Again that problem with my shorts getting tighter took us both off guard. It was like she was looking for a reaction from me. I showed her where everything was located in the cabinets and then decided that I would go out for a lunch with a friend. Going upstairs to get changed, my daughter's bedroom door was opened on a crack and I could hear soft cries coming from the bed room. Peering inside, but still not seen in the shadows, my daughter lie on her back, completely naked, with both legs at either side of her bed posts.

She had a big black dildo in her little pussy that she was driving that substitute cock at a steady pace. I never really considered my daughter as a sexual objectshe was my daughter. I was, of course, aware of her great body and the sexy way she carried herself. She was so like her Mother in every way.

Carefully, I sneaked into her walk in closet next to her bed. I stood there frozen and the sense of time seem to leave me. I was fixated on what was happening in the bedroom. That beautiful girl on the bed trying every way to get herself to orgasm.

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She now flipped over onto her stomach the dildo visible now still in her pussy showing between her ass cheeks. She was rubbing and pushing her breasts along the bed spread making her breasts bright red. Her breathing became more labored, her beautiful breasts heaved and fell in a rhythm matched by the speed that she was pounding that dildo into her little pussy. Interesting I noted that the pussy itself was an "innie" most of the inner and outer lips were inside her little pussy. What showed outside was the size of a little clam.

From the size of the rubber cockshe had to have done this before. No one could put that size rubber cock in a virgin's pussy. I was completely turned on by what I saw. Also noting that my right hand had dropped to my cock and I had a great hard on. I saw on her left breast something was covering her nipple. The "cup "was humming and was attached to a battery box.

I later found out that it was a nipple vibrator; stuck to either nipple it sent a vibration into the sensitive nipple that was a sexual turn on. With a swift motion she removed the nipple cup and pressed the rubber cup into the top of her pussy slit on her clit. She was quite the sight, dildo stuck at least 10 inches up her pussy, the sucking cup pressed up into her clit. Her upper body still rubbing and rotating her tits into the bedspread. Her breathing became more labored, her beautiful breasts heaved and fell in a rhythm as she was pounding that dildo into her little pussy.

From the size of the rubber cock driving her, she had to have done this before. No one could put that size rubber cock in a virgin's pussy. Her breasts were up turning 36 DD, nipples that were actually protruding points from her breasts and they looked red and puffy.

I was close to cumming without even knowing it. My cock filled with my cum juice and shot out of the tip with quite the force. The arc of cum actually fell on my daughters bed only inches from her left breast.


Just then she flipped over on the bed and my cum disappeared on her chest and left breast. She actually still was grinding her 36 DD into the bed spread. The addition of my cum on her breast and nipple without her knowing was extremely turning me on and almost made me faint as my hard on grew back to full staff.

I stepped back and could now hear the tiny screams of my daughter deep in her throat as she started to cum herself. She slammed her ass down on the bed as she came forcing the black dildo farther up her little pussy.

She knew just what to do to make the experience rewarding as if she had done this a lot on other mornings. Still weak from what I just experienced I quickly stepped into the upstairs bath and shut the door. My cock had left tracks all over the carpet as my cum still continued to squirt out of my deflated cock.

As I stepped into the shower I had to get my mind off of Sam. My daily doses of Cialis did wonders for my sex life. Even jerking off to a full hard cock was an extreme hard on was great.

Having a girl in bed and pounding her with my hard on al night was a benefit And then there was Kim, I wondered if she would like our home enough to live here with us. The extra female scenery was welcomed by both myself and Jon.

As I soaped up, I could see dark shadows on the other side of the shower glass. It could have been either Kim or Sam getting some towels. None the less, I was sporting an growing hard on again. The size of my penis was not as large as it was, but then I had just had the cum of my life a few minutes ago. I was hoping that the shadows were Kim and she was getting a good look at my cock. After a few long strokes and my minds vision of fucking the hell out of Kim with her ass high in the air, a small release came.

The cum hit the glass shower door and streaked down the glass. At the same time my mind was exploding, a little laugh came from right outside of my shower door.

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Was Kim was watching every stroke? I decided to leave the cum streaks on the glass as they were. Almost marking territory. I got out and dressed casually for drinks and exited the back door without seeing anyone. I felt totally relieved but a little guilty that my daughter had provided me with my best orgasm ever.

If I had only knew that this was the tip of the iceberg of what was to happen in this house in days to come. end part 1