Beautiful ladyboy cums while getting banged

Beautiful ladyboy cums while getting banged
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My wife and I had been happily married for several years, and our sex life seemed to be getting quite dull. She just wasn't into it. We tried role playing, bored games, toys etc.but nothing seemed to be working. Life went on. I continued going to work full time, and she continued being a 'house mom' to our three young children. I decided to surprise her one day, and leave work before the kids got home.

I parked in the driveway, and quietly made my entrance into the house. I hurried upstairs, hoping to 'sweep her off her feet. It turns out someone got there way before me. I stood there frozen for minute with my mouth wide open in shock.

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There were four black men paying very close attention to my wife. She squeezed two of their (rather large) cocks into her hungry mouth.One of them gently thrust his cock deep into her pussy, making her moan for more.

The other guy standing behind her gently pushed his finger deep into her asshole. The strange thing was, I wasn't even upset, and I think I was gettting turned on. I had no idea my wife was such a slut.

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She was so into it. She took one of the cocks out, and choked hard on one, while cupping the balls. "suck my you dirty bitch!" he yelled at her.She sucked him even harder, and pulled the other cock back and forth. The one who was fucking her pussy pulled her hair really hard while he went deep into her pussy. I stood there in the hallway amazed but how hot this was. My cock was so hard, I opened my pants and played with. "Time to switch" she said, as she pulled the nearly 10'' member out of her mouth.

A stream of saliva went down her breast, and It looked like there was pre-cum on her face. One guy lay on his back, and she immediatly began sucking him. She also managed to suck the two cocks that waited for her hungry mouth, and had no objection the 4th one which had been plowing her beautiful round ass.

I wanted to join so badly, but it was so hot seeing my wife being a slut for black cock. She was doing such a good job sucking those cocks. Her head bobbed up and down on the cock in the middle, and she used her hands and a lot of saliva to make the two other guys really happy. I could see the sweat glistening of the guy who was fucking her in the ass.

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She was also sweating, and her face was bright red. She switched positions, and rode the cock that was on the bed. Wow she knew how to ride. She placed her palms on his chest, and slid her pussy up and down over his cock.


I could see a stream of warm cum dripping down her legs. I began to beat my cock harder, and could feel pre-cum with all the excitement. She wasn't able to fit the entire cock in her pussy right away, but she rode him for a few minutes, and she seemed to be getting used to it. She was also distracted by focusing on the other three cocks that were begging for her warm mouth.She spat all over the three cocks, and pulled them really fast back and forth.


Except the one that was in her mouth. Once in awhile she would 'drop' it out of her mouth, and moan really loud. The guy didnt let her keep it out long 'keep it in your mouth, you slut'!

he said. Than he would make her gag hard on it. One of the guys went behing her. He spat on his hand, and rubbed his cock so it would be lubed for her. He placed it slow into her ass, while the other guy was underneath her.

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"OH FUCK!" she screamed, as she felt two huge black cocks deep inside her. She seemed like she was in pain, but after awhile she turned her head back and yelled, "FUCK ME HARDER!!" The other two guys kept 'mouth fucking' her.

They would take turns making her gag on their cocks. They would pull her head really closeand make her take as much of their cocks as possible.

finally, one of them said, "IM CUMMING"! and boy did he cum!.He came all over her hair, face, and her sexy round breast. He kissed her and said, "i'll see you soon".

She smiled back and him, and licked the last bit of cum of his huge cock. As he began to get dressed the other came all over her mouth, and demanded she swallow every last drop of cum.


She readily agreed, and her mouth was foaming full of two black mens cum.""Its my turn to cum!" she yelled at the two guys that were fucking her. They fucked her harder, and harder until she screamed with pleasure."I'm cumming!" She shook all over full of pleasure.A huge amount of cum dripped out of her already sopping wet pussy on to their cocks, and all over the bed. Before she rest up, the two guys made her sit up on the bed and lean her head back, so they could cum as well.

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They jerked off their massive cocks over her mouth, and both came around the same time.They shot load after load into her eager mouth."swallow all of it!" She did.

She swallowed every last drop.

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"oh was last thing" one of them said, as he bent her over on the bed backwards. He slapped her ass hard, and whispered in her ear 'you've been a naughty girl' I quickly hid in another room, not wanting anyone to see me, as she reminded them I was going to be home soon. As soon as they left she noticed that my car was in the driveway.She sat down on the bed, and began sobbing.I came into the room and sat next to her."did you."yes, I saw everything" I quickly answered."are you mad?" ."no, as long as there is something left for me.she smiled as I fingered her pussy which was still dripping wet.

It was the best fucking we've ever had.