Peeling my big cock foreskin

Peeling my big cock foreskin
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Turns out it's good to be part of the high school play production. All of the cast and crew are good friends. I am on crew myself and every play, a single cast party occurs and craziness ensues. I am a senior in high school, 17.

It was a good turnout tonight. we didnt fuck up in the play that much. but everyone couldnt wait until the party. One of the stars of the show was Shauna. I had my eye on her the whole time. She had the cutest damn face id ever seen and some huge tits for a sophomore. And hell, she didnt mind flaunting them, but nobody complained.

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It was late. about 2ish maybe and i think everyone started to get tired, but we dont go to sleep. A few people started dropping out of the festivities but we kept on playing games and talking. Someone suggested spin the bottle but we all agreed that was way too juvenile. One of the guys muttered "How about a fuckfest?" and everyone laughed.

I thought to myself it wasnt such a bad idea but I laughed along with everyone. It took a while but we started up a nice game of Truth or Dare. Alot of people knew where this was going and dropped out of the game and got to bed. It ended up with just being 6 of us.

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Me, Kevin (some guy on the cast), Alex (also some other guy on the cast), Shauna and her 2 friends: Ashley and Dani. It started off pretty innocent."Truth" Kevin replied to Ashley.

"Do you think i'm cute?". and this type of crap. I'd say it took about 15 minutes to get to the good stuff. Most of the non-truth or darer's were asleep by now and we took our game to anther room. We had barely even sat down and Shauna asked me "Truth or Dare?" I choked up a little and coolly whispered "Truth". She smirked and obviously already knew what she was going to ask.

"Do you wanna fuck me?". My eyes widened and i was quiet for at leat 10 seconds.


I looked around the table, drooped my head and said ".Yes." She sat back down and a few other people took turns but I wasnt paying attention i was so embarrased. The whole time I noticed Shauna glancing over at me once in a while, biting her lower lip.

I realized it was my turn and i think everyone knew i was going to ask Shauna.


I said it anyway. "Truth or Dare, Shauna.".

She giggled and jumped as I watched her enormous tits bounce. "Dare me" she said with a smile. I drew back but then realized the possibilities. "Show us your boobs." I said. She didn't skip a breath and she took off her shirt and threw it on the floor. She sat back down and i gazed at them uncontrollably. It got around the table to her and again she picked me. "D-dare." I said still staring. She quickly said innocently, "It's only fair you take off your pants. and undershorts." I think she looked up at me but i was still locked on her tits.

I was pretty sure i heard that right and quickly whipped off my belt and pushed down my jeans. Everyone gasped as my erection was trying to bust out of my boxers. I blushed and then pushed those down. My cock popped up and was ironically pointing right at Shauna.

I sat back down and continued to fixate my eyes right on Shauna. This time she was looking back the whole time.

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I looked right at her face and she licked her lips. I quivered and then realized it was my turn. Without even asking anyone truth or dare, Shauna blurted out "Dare." I sat there for a moment and then she got up from her chair.

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She walked over to me and took my hand. I looked up at her and the only thing i noticed was her cute smile. She pulled me up and led me to a small closet. We walked in, closed the doors and turned on the light.

Immediately we got right to it. I carressed her tits as she softly stroked my cock.

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I swiftly threw off my shirt as she got down on her knees. She looked up at me and i whispered, "" and then she expertly took my 7 1/2 inch shaft into her throat. ".Godddddddd" I finished my sentence and put my hands on the back of her head. With each bob of her head she moaned a little bit and that only got me harder. I watched her intently as her cute little face tended to my shaft and her grand breasts were bouncing against my thighs.

Her mouth felt so warm and damp along the sides of my cock. I ran my hand through her hair and exhaled warmly. She kept pumping her head harder and faster and i heard the smack of her face colliding with my pelvis.

She was a real pro at this i could tell!

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"MMmmmmm mmmm Ahhh I'm gonna. I'm gonna." She got the picture and pumped her head one last time and i shot a load of cum deep into her. I continued to spray more and she swallowed it all.

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I was astonished. She took it out of her mouth and licked up some dribble. She cleaned herself a little and put her clothes on and walked out of the closet as i stood there, like a statue.

I watched as she started walking over to the table and then she looked back at me, still standing there with my ever-limping cock.


She smiled and helped me with my clothes and took my hand. She giggled and said. "Well c'mon, we gotta finish the game!" To be continued.