Teen stepsisters compete with each other on everything

Teen stepsisters compete with each other on everything
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Waiting in your hotel room. Dressed in your sexy little black nighty, you lay on the bed waiting per instructions for me.

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Blindfold on and ready for our encounter to begin. The time is dragging as you wait and the clock on the wall clicks off the seconds and now minutes until my arrival. Your mind drifts to the conversations and events leading to this and you start entering your space. As you cross that plain of desire and imagination, I come in and hook you to the bed with my leather restraints And lay over top of you so you cant move but also you feel my rock hard cock pressing through my pants.

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I lean in to smell the desire and lust radiating off your body Close in to your ear i whisper "Your not going anywhere dear" I grab the front of your dress with both hands and tear it from your body Revealing my conquest of soft skin and beads of sweat over your thighs and breasts I kiss the sweat from your neck to in between your lovely breasts Taking time to play with your perfect nipples I stop kissing your body to strap your legs down spread apart and to whisper " is this what you want" So there my pretty lady is Tied and exposed for me I move down to drink from you.

And feel you shutter under my work. I drink from you with fury because we have both been waiting far to long for this. You moan "I'm not supposed to feel like this" to that i reply " These are the times for not supposed to, to become more and harder" In my effort to devour your wet and ready lips you are lost in the pleasures.

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Forgetting the surroundings you do not hear the door open up I stop and you hear the heavy foot steps of another enter into the room. As you feel the pressure of a hand on your pussy I say to the unknown in the room, "she is ready" And with the fingers slowly inserting themselves into you a familiar voice to you says "Yes she is, thank you for preparing her for me" He is now rapidly fucking you with his hand now while i go back to kissing my way to the nap of your exposed neck.

The sight of your wetness is to much though and i position myself as to not hinder his action and lean in to lap at your flower some more. He is now getting impatient that he is not in you so we stop.

We are both on our knees at your pussy He is rubbing himself through his pants at the sight of you spread and exposed. We remove our shirts and now he unzips himself Revealing he is freeballing I decide to end your suffering, I grab him through the hole in his fly and with a few encouraging pumps I guild him to your now swollen opening. He opens you up with that hot cock with ease thanks to my saliva and his handy work.

He immediately begins slamming into your heap of a body like a well oiled industrial fuckgod. Not to be left out, I position myself near your head and remove all my cloths You can feel me close from my body heat and you can smell my cum dripping. The sweet salty aroma of hot cock makes you cry out in between thrusts, " please fuck my mouth!" I unhook one of your arms so you can grasp my swollen cock and feed it in between your waiting lips.

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I warn you to get it extra wet, and in the back of your mind you wonder what more could there be. Your mystery man's pace is getting harder and deeper watching you suck off a stranger.

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As you work my balls in between your fingers and pump my shaft with your hand. You are a sex starved minx. I untie you in a hurry because I don't want him cumming before the grand finale. I turn you oven and allow you to raise yourself on all fours. Mystery man watches from the bed as you start fucking me with your mouth again.

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Its to much for him and he takes his place behind you and begins dining on your lovely rear end. Feeling his mouth on you and the wetness building again you suck me as if we are the only humans on earth.

His mouth has you possessed for cock. And I give you one final warning to get me as wet as posable. He now stops his oral assault on you, Spitting on his hand and then stroking himself you feel the unmistakable hot pressure of his throbbing head entering your pretty little ass. You take me all the way into your mouth as you concentrate on taking all of him.

Its almost to much for me between the visual of you getting entered by such a specimen and the sensation of hitting the back of your throat.

I pull away and watch the precum drip from your lips to my swollen head. He wraps his arms around you and pulls you up to him while still inside. He kisses your neck and and eventually your mouth, Hard and passionately as he always does. Still pumping your ass he begins lowering you back down to the bed, Instead of being greeted by the mattress you are shocked to find he had lowered you down right on top of me. I tell you to put your hands behind your back and then kiss you just as passionately as him/ if not harder.

You feel him grab the leather restraints and tighten them behind you with just enough room so he can grab in between them. I grab on to your hips as i position your now ozzing pussy on top of my well worked well lubed shaft. As you slide down my cock you are lost in the fact that you are filled in both holes by these men and there is nothing stopping them. Mystery man and I are now working in tandem to bring you to the boiling point.

Every time he pulls out of your ass i slam home in your pussy. You have never felt to full in your life, Or so alive.

Ever nerve in your body is firing, And as you reach you first climax you tighten up. Your ass holds him hostage from the spasms and it is too much for him, He unloads a furry of his seed into you.


He slowly withdraws as i continue. Grabbing your hips tighter as I fuck you to your second explosion. His cum dripping from your flower and now onto my cock. Lubing up my member. I am now grabbing and squeezing your torso.

Still helpless in my hands I flip you onto your back. He holds your legs as wide apart as you can take. Making you tight around me again.

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I fuck you into the sheets like this as you are still crying for more. My strokes become long and deliberate. Hitting your g spot with every down stroke. He grabs my shaft while im still in you and jerks my dick while I am fucking you. Every so often his knuckle hits your clit like lighting you can hardly take this and scream " Oh fuck .I'm so wet".

The added stimulation is too much for you and I and we explode at the same time. You collapse into the sheets as he gets dressed.

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I untie you from the restraints and you ask me something. After I dont answer you lift the blind fold from your eyes. I AM NOT THERE!


As you wonder about your erotic dream you just had, the door opens. I enter the room, I come in and hook you to the bed with my leather restraints, And lay over top of you so you cant move but also you feel my rock hard cock pressing through my pants.