Krissy lynn anal punish that bitch

Krissy lynn anal punish that bitch
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This is going to be the second last chapter of Slave of a Sith. I have many ideas for new stories and am excited to get back to work. All stories must come to an end and this is the end, I hope you all enjoy. It had been a long time since my master had requested my assistance on a mission or even needed me, I was starting to feel like I didn't even exist to her anymore.

She rarely even called me to her chambers for her personal use. It left an angry feeling deep down that I was no longer any use to her. All the anger I had built up was taken out on Barris almost daily and sometimes twice a day.

She practically had an addiction to being used as a worthless bitch.


One time I had even been so angry that I brought her to the animal pen with the same animals that had used me back when I was being taught. I had told her we were just going out for a walk. It was not unusual for me to take her along for a walk as I often enjoy walking around the large campus when I need to blow some steam. Although as we took a different route than usual I could see Barris starting to become more anxious.

As we approached the animal pens building I asked her "Do you know what makes me happy when I'm angry Slave?" "Yes you either like to go on long walks, or see me be punished mistress" She replied.

By that time she knew something was going to happen that she wasn't and was going to like. "When I first became a Slave to my master one of the first things she did to me was let the hounds have their way with me.

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It was possibly one of the most degrading things that she ever did to me and really made me feel like a bitch. Now you are going to experience it too" I explained I had brought along a pair of handcuffs that I always used on her.

I could remotely make them tighter around her wrists when she was doing something that I did not like. Within five minutes I had placed the handcuffs on her, placed a gag ball into her mouth and released six of the hounds out into the fenced yard.

She was waiting right in the middle of the grass yard on her hands and knees waiting. From where I was standing I could see tears of fright running down her face. Three of the dogs had started to slowly approach her curiously and cautiously, I could see their long members hanging down their legs and even started to get wet thinking about the time when they used me.

Once the dogs noticed what was waiting in the middle of the field for them they quickly became excited and approached at a fast pace practically drooling for a bitch to fuck. As the first three reached her they began sniffing and licking her like coloured skin. One of them had managed to find her 34C sized breasts and licking it causing her to let out a cry of pleasure. One of them had found her round ass and was sniffing it smelling her aroma, and the third one had gone to work cleaning her face with his tongue.

The other three hounds had spread themselves across the yard and were just waiting for their turn. Barris was now loudly moaning as the first dog found her wet pussy and starting sniffing and licking it, while the first dog had somehow managed to remove her ball gag.

The handcuffs were still on her holding her arms behind her back. Watching the hounds sexual approaches to Barris had left a wet spot in my panties, I could feel my juices running down my leg and down to the ground.


It didn't take long for my hand to find my slit and start rubbing, letting a small moan fall out of my mouth as i felt my warm hands enter me. By now it look like the first dog was about ready to mount Barris. It slowly backed up and then jumped up on her, putting his paws on her shoulders causing her to scream in shock.

The dog started humping wildly trying to find the entrance. It took him about 5 seconds before his 10 inch member found her pussy and started fucking her.

Barris was in complete ecstasy as the dog madly fucked her shoving his dick in and out of her at a very rapid speed. She had taken the other dogs longer dick and put it in her mouth, moving her head back and forth over the cock as she was fucked.

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It didn't take long for the first dog to finish inside of her and remove himself*. I now had two fingers moving at a steadily pace inside of me. Every few minutes I would take the fingers out of my pussy just to taste my juices and then quickly get back to work. As the first dog finished inside of Barris releasing multiple streams of cum inside of her and on her ass, I was just approaching my first orgasim.

Unexpectedly the dog Barris had been sucking off blew his load all over her face, covering her face with warm sticky cum, She tried to catch as much as she could in her mouth but some fell onto her perky tits and some landed on her nose. It went on like this for a while a dog using her and then finishing in/on her, then the next dog would come.

The whole time I sat there watching her and fingering my pussy somewhat wishing I was in her position, while at the same time happy I was the one in charge for once. After all the dogs had used her more than once, she lay on all fours still with her arm locked behind her back. She was covered in cum, it was dripping off her face, off her ass, and out of her pussy.

I walked up to her and released the handcuffs. Causing a long sigh of relief to escape from her mouth. At this time I was completely in the nude and so was she. I instructed her to come lay on top of me. Our pussy's touching I ran my hands over her ass finding her cum-filled hole and bringing her for a deep kiss. My tongue exploring her mouth and tasting the leftovers of the dogs cum. I could feel the warm cum from her pusst dripping onto mine.

I pulled her ass closer to mine pressing our pussy's together. I waited a while before directing her down towards my slit. She began to lightly poke my hole with her tongue, slowly licking it and tasting my juices. I pressed her head down a little harder to my cunt and she picked up her pace. At this point her tongue was deep into my pussy. "Yes… Keep going just like that" I instructed as I approached my third orgasim of the session.

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With that little encouragement she increased her effort and quickly pushed me over the edge, causing my juices to flow onto her waiting mouth.

"One more thing before you go" I told her as I got on my hands and knees and pushed my ass out presenting it to her. "Lick it." "Please mistress, don't make me lick it. smells" she pleaded. "Does it look like I care?" I abruptly replied, still in the same position. She slowly moved her head towards my back door.

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I could feel her breathing on my ass causing shivers to run down my spine. The second I felt her tongue touch my asshole was heaven. It felt so nice. I pushed my ass towards her enticing her to lick more. "Mmm" I moaned.

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"Keep going." And she did. She started to drive her tongue in and out of my rosebud, turning me on more and more. I was about to finish when my collar suddenly buzzed me.

Alerting me that my master needed me. "That will be all barris, your services are not required anymore today." I told her as i stood up and dressed myself. "Do not shower or put clothes back on for the rest of the day, and if the dogs come back let them use you for as long as they want." I said as I walked away. I found my master waiting for me in her quarters. She was staring out the window observing our courtyard.

I walked and sat down on my legs waiting for her to notice me. "Ahh. Hello slave it has been a while. I have a new mission for you but before I would like you to undress" She turned around as she said this.

I quickly striped down taking off my clothing and then my bra and panties. Master took a good look at me and spotted the remaining cum around my pussy. "Looks like someone's been having some fun" She said as she reached down and scooped up a few drops of cum with her fingers. She proceeded to take the fingers and shove them up into my pussy.

"Ughhhh" I moaned as her stone cold fingers thrashed in and out of my swollen cunt. She continues to finger fuck me wildly and angrily.

I stood there like a good slave and let her abuse me, trying not to make a lot of noise so she would not get mad. After using my fuck hole for what seemed like forever she removed her drenched fingers and pointed at the ground. Instructing me get on my hands and knees. As I got down in the position she unclipped my saber from my belt and unclipped one of her own. My ass was up in the air awaiting her attention.

She lightly prodded my pussy with the tip of my saber. She waited a few seconds before pushing in further inside of me. I could feel the cold metal against the walls of my pussy, the feeling made me shiver.

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She began moving the shaft of the thick saber in and out of me at a slow speed. "Yessss" I moaned as I felt the saber hit my g-spot "Shut the fuck up" Master said. I listened. At this point she had picked up her speed and was fucking me relatively quickly in my pussy.

She then handed me her saber and told me to "Suck on it" I complied with her request. Getting it all wet for what I knew was next. I sucked and even tried deep throating it to the point where drool was running down my mouth and tits, and tears were streaming down my eyes.

It was at that point that she decided it was ready for my asshole.


With the first saber still stuck in my cunt she took her saber and began massaging it around my tight rosebud. With no warning whatsoever she drove the saber deep into my ass while twisting it at the same time. "FUUUCCKK" I screamed.

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Which just angered master more causing her to begin using the saber at the same time. By now I had lost count of how many times I had climaxed, it was a lot. I could feel the sabers reaching the back of my rectum and pussy, hammering in and out of me.

Soon after she told me "You takeover" I reached back and grabbed the sabers which were still in my holes, and began moving them in and out of my slutty used holes. During this time master had maneuvered herself in front of me and she was spreading her legs.

"Open wide" She told me. I had no idea what was going to happen, until a golden shower of piss started flowing out of my masters vagina onto my face and into my mouth.

I tried to catch every last bit of it but there was so much. She finished and my mouth was full of her piss. "Swallow" She commanded, I gulped down everything that was in my mouth, all of it.

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I did not mind the taste, but I would grow to like it. To be continued&hellip. * These are not typical dogs, they are dogs from another planet.

For the sake of the story they do not get knotted inside of pussy's.