Fat Couple Having Cowgirl And Doggystyle Sex

Fat Couple Having Cowgirl And Doggystyle Sex
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Once upon a time there was a boy named Alex, he is 15, 150 pounds, and 6'1'.

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his penis is 7 1/2 long and 1 1/2 thick. But Sadly he is still a virgin. Why or How he si still a Virgin is because he is Bi. But he has always had one friend but his side through thick and thin, his best friend Ashley who is also a Virgin even though she is one of the Hottest girls in there entire school.

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She is Also Bi. The other reason they are both Virgins is because they belive in reserving Sex for marriage. But that all changes in this story.

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********************************************************************************************* Even though they choose to veer from sex they have allowed Masturbation as a very key outlet in there relationship. oneday when ashley is on her way over to Alexs house she calls and tells him that she is on his way over, and that she has brought the usual stuff, that stuff being a Double-ended Dildo and a vibrator.

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When ashley gets to his house she walks straight through the front door pulling off her clothing as she goes by the time she gets to Alexs rom she is wearing nothing but a black thong and carrying the sack full of toys.

When she walks through the door alex is sitting at his computer wacthing a gay porn he bought online.


Alex says hi and gets up to kiss here and says I have a surprise for you as he lays her on the bed kissing her chest as he goes he spends a minute sucking and biting on her beautiful nipples and begins his way to her awaiting Cunt.

As he goes Ashley is saying Alex I thought we were saving this for marriage, I'm sorry Ashley but i just can't wait for it any longer i need to taste your pussy on my mouth I want to make you Cumm like never before. As he said this he was removing her thong adn lightly kissing her recently Shaved pussy, Oh GOD Alex that feels so good, while Ashley is enjoying Alex eating her out he reaches up and plays with boobs, which were a very good firm 34cc.

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AShley then begans to wither and Arch her back as she reaches the greatst orgasm she has ever felt, Ohh Alex, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck your tounge feel so good Alex. Im cumming, suck my cum up baby suck it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. nowcome here kiss me, let me tatse my own sweet juices, oh I taste so good Ashley moaned out wile they were embraced.

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Now Alex it is your turn to feel joy, as she is saying this she reaches down and starts to play with his penis occasionly Kissing the head. now let me taste you, she then starts sucking alex down holy crap Ashley, FUCK that feels so good, while she is sucking him off she reaches down and picks up her vibratort turns it on and shoves it up Alexs Ass his reaction is intense, oh fuck ashley shove it in harder, suck me harder ashley oh that feels so good, Ashley i'm cumming, alex then pulls out his cock and lets it spray his hot cumm all over her face Ohhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ashley that felt so good. Alex then bends over and licks the Cum off here face and embraces here in a long kiss.


Sadly Alex heres a door open Downstairs and realizes his parents are her and tells Ashley to quickly get dressed they put there clothes Ashley stashes the didlos under Alexs bed and heads down the stairs to leave. On the way down AShley tells Alex about her Cousin who his coming down for the weekend his name is John, and he is also Bisexual.

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Well then I will meet you and John this weekend at your house for the party. Ok Alex by then love you AlexLove you to Ashley. To Be Continued