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Fucking my creamy asshole with a suction dildo
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Eight: Labyrinth of Love Chapter Four: Taming the Rakshasa By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Thrak The Free City of Hargone I clenched my fist as I marched across the deck of the Golden Hunger. The pirate crew scurried around us, preparing the ship to cast off from the river docks of Hargone.

We would put out into the Elba River and sail north through the river's mouth and into the Nimborgoth. A northeast course would takes us to the island of Yalut and the city of Grahata. There, in the city's labyrinth, we would slay Gewin's son—the Minotaur. An immortal demigod, birthed from the union of the God of War and the Goddess of Thieves, had never been slain though many tried.

A violent monster, a warrior constantly seeking the next bloody battle. His ugly visage and prowess so horrified his mother, the Goddess Cernere, she had him imprisoned in the labyrinth millennia ago. It was built by the founder of Grahata—Grahat, a genius inventor who constructed the labyrinth on behalf of Cernere. He was credited with many other discovers, particularly in the field of nautical engineering.

He discovered a new style of sails for ships, allowing them to quarter the wind, along with the wheel and the keel. Other discovers were credited to him. He was also a philosopher, one who believed in the freedom of the market. His treaties on the Selfishness of Commerce was a fascinating read. But the Minotaur wasn't my main concern at this moment. Or even the group of six knights and six priestesses of Slata who had just tried to capture us—and who had soundly defeated us.

No my anger and concern was directed at the sultry, dominating, and dangerous captain of the Golden Hunger—Thyrna. She lounged against the door that led to the cabins, her eyes heated.

She had rich-brown skin and wavy-black hair framing her hungry face. She possessed a feline grace to her tall, curvy body, her tight leather pants hugging her hips and thighs, a ruffled blouse showing off her cleavage.

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She licked her lips, eyeing me, aching to dominate me. She wanted me to be one of her boytoys, like the brawny men of her crew.

She wanted me to submit to her lusts. I was Thrak of the Red Eye Orcs. Once, I had been chief of the Tribe.

I submitted to no one. And she knew it. But she always tried. Faoril fell in at my side as we swept past the wounded Chaun cradled on his wife's lap. The slim avian had her hand pressed over his bloody leg wound. Sophia hurried over to heal him. Xandra had broken first, fleeing with Chaun when the knights had cut down her husband.

I didn't blame her. The knights defeated us. I glanced at Faoril. Her face pale, her dark hair clinging to her flushed face. Carrying us all with conjured winds from the battle across half the city had tired her. She had pushed herself to save us. "I can handle the Captain, Faoril. Get some rest." "Of course you can." An evil smiled twisted her lips. "I just want to watch." Thyrna opened the door, walking into the short hallway beneath the stern deck, two doors on the right and two on the left led to smaller cabins.

The door at the end of the hallway led to hers. She stepped through it, waiting for us by her bed. We followed.

She had a whole wall devoted to her collection of whips, paddles, flails, crops, switches, and riding crops. She enjoyed punishing her crew.

"Things did not go well for you in the desert," purred Thyrna. "Not well at all." I grunted, folding my arms. "I was promised more treasure," she continued. "From the Mirage Garden." Faoril stiffened, groaned. We had to flee the knights in haste. It wasn't her fault she left our saddlebags behind on the camels. All we had were the clothes we wore, our weapons, and whatever personal items held in pockets or pouches.

Nothing more. All the treasure we had looted was left behind. The knights would claim it or it would be looted by the citizens of Hargone. "And?" I asked. The pirate arched her eyebrows. "And we agreed I needed more treasure to keep ferrying you and your companions around the Nimborgoth." She licked her lips. "Now there are other ways I can make my—" My hand shot out, seized her by the throat, and choked off her words.

I pressed back as she changed, a tiger's orange fur sprouting across her face, a snarling muzzle. The black stripes made her fierce, dangerous. As I slammed her back onto the bed, her claws appeared, raking at my arm, leaving bloody scratches behind.

The pain burned hot. My cock stirred. "That's not why you are ferrying us around," I growled, staring into her slitted, feline eyes. I relaxed my hand enough to let her speak. "Then why am I?" she purred, thick, pink tongue licking her chops. Only a rakshasa's head transformed when she assumed her real form. The rest of her was still a beautiful, curvy woman, leather pants creaking as she shuddered.

"Because you are my little pussycat," I growled. Beside me, Faoril let a moan of desire. "You are my tame rakshasa. But you keep thinking you are in charge.

That you get to make demands of me.

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I. Own. You." Her body shuddered again. "Do you?" "Yes." My free hand unbelted my kilt. It fell off my large, swarthy body. My cock thrust hard before me. The battle with the knights had been exhilarating. They had almost killed me so many times. They were formidable. The pair I fought were better than me thanks to the magic enhancing their skill.

"You are mine. It's why you defy me. You want me to prove over and over that I. Am. Stronger. Than. You." She purred louder, her throat vibrating beneath my grip, her fur so soft against my palm. "So strong." "And that's why you are going to ferry us, pussycat," I growled.

"Because I tell you to. You will be a good pussycat and obey." Her eyes were locked on my cock. She shuddered again. "What have you done to me, Thrak?" "Shown you what you've been searching for. It's why you've dominated all your crew.

Why you whipped those strong men." I leaned over her. "Because you were hoping there would be one like me. One strong. One powerful.

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One who would make you purr." I stroked my free hand across her fur, scratching between her triangular ears. They twitched. "And now you've found it. And you will be a good pussycat, or I won't give you what you want." "What's that?" "To take command of you.

To force you to my will." I leaned over, my fingers scratching harder between her ears, her purrs growing louder. "You've angered me. It's time for your punishment." "Yes," she yowled.

"Punish me." Her eyes flicked to the wall and all her whips and flails. And I laughed. "That's not punishment. That's satisfaction. No, you have to lick my lover's cunt." She hissed. "I know. You hate women. Rakshasa do not like females." I grinned. "That's what makes it punishment. Make my Faoril cum, call her your mistress, and then I might fuck your hot cunt." "If I please you?" she yowled, her whiskers twisting.

"If you please my lover." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xandra "Please, please, you have to heal him, Sophia," I gasped as Thrak and Faoril walked by, heading to the cabin. Minx moaned nearby, begging Xera to fuck her cunt. But I had eyes only for the acolyte. My hands pressed over Chaun's wound, his blood so warm. He shook, whimpering as he lay his head on my lap. He was cut so deep.

The knight had badly cut his leg. I ignored the burning welt on my hand. My earth totem was destroyed. It had burst into flames as the faith magic warding the knights had harmed the elementals I summoned. I had pushed them too hard as I tried to keep the knights from cutting us down with their swords. I was useless in the battle.

Sophia stalked up, her white robes swirling about her. The hood was down, exposing her light-brown hair. Her green eyes burned, her body stiff, her fists clenched as she fell to her knees beside Chaun. "Please, heal him," I begged. "Please." "You ran," Sophia hissed, her hand shoving into her pouch. I heard the clink of glass and stone as she fished around in there for a healing potion. "There was nothing I could do," I said, tears burning my eyes. "My elementals couldn't harm the knights.

Chaun was dying. He needed help. They would have killed us." "You ran while Angela was in trouble." She pulled out the healing potion. "Why we all were in trouble. Angela could have died. We were counting on you. You're supposed to be one of us. Helping us, not running away." I flinched beneath her words.

I opened my mouth, about to speak, but she cut me off. "I don't want to hear your cowardly excuses. We are a team. We were all trying to stop them, to work together, but you were the only one of us who ran." Tears fell down my cheeks. "But.but. They were.

Had swords. Kill us." My words came out broken between sobs. I did run. I was supposed to fight with everyone else. I didn't have to flee. I could have just carried us away from the knights and brought Chaun to Sophia. I could have tried to find new ways to help. "I.was so scared. I couldn't." Sophia jammed the potion into Chaun's mouth, letting the creamy elixir pour down his throat as she glared at me. "We were all scared.

You think my heart didn't stop when Kevin put his sword to Angela's throat. But you didn't see me running away like a frightened mouse. You didn't see me abandon my friends. The friends who came to rescue you in the Mirage Gardens. "And you ran away!" I cowered before her words. Why was I such a coward? Why couldn't I be brave like Sophia?

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Or Minx or Xera? No one else ran. Not even Chaun. He charged his camel. He saved my life and almost died himself. They all were risking their lives, trying to protect us all.

"I. I'm sorry," I sobbed. "Sorry," sneered Sophia. "What will happen next time? How can we count on you at all? Will you get Angela killed the next time you run away?" The fierce expression on her youthful face transformed her into something menacing. Her hand clenched, like she wanted to hold a dagger. As Angela barked something, her voice angry, I bolted to my feet, fleeing Sophia's gaze.

I was a coward. A terrible person. A cheating wife. I betrayed my companions who had risked the Mirage Gardens to free Sophia and me. My feet slapped on the deck. I wish I could become a bird, to fly away. They would all be better without me.

Chaun deserved a wife that wasn't a whore, Angela deserved a companion who was brave and skilled. But I couldn't fly. I was a failure as an avian as well, cursed with an adolescent's name because I couldn't transform into a bird and fly. I darted down into the hold. I belonged in the dark. Tears fell down my face as I stumbled into the bowels of the ship, racing away from the light, pressing past the cargo, weaving through them.

Down here was where something as ugly as I was belonged. "What do we have here?" a deep, rumbling voice asked as I flung myself against the front of the ship.

The bow. Here the keel of the ship rose towards the bow sprint, the starboard and port hulls narrowing together. I turned, leaning my back against the hull and stared at a Halanian pirate, a colorful sash about his waist holding up his pants. "The sweet songbird," another voice said. A red-skinned pirate appeared, the hue of his flesh marking him as a human from Thlin. "What made you so sad?" I shook my head, wiping at my eyes.

The Thlinian was as muscular as the Halanian. They both had broad shoulders and thick in the chest. They were almost as big as Thrak. Not as tall, but as close as a human could get to the orc. Flashes of fucking Thrak, calming him out of his rage, cheating on my marriage vows as the orc fucked his huge cock in and out of me warmed my mind. A shudder ran through my filthy body, ending at my hardening nipples. A wet heat surged between my thighs.

"You shouldn't cry, sweet songbird," the Halanian said, moving closer, his lit by a small lantern he hung from a hook in a ceiling beam. "You should only make those happy moans." "So happy," the Thlinian grinned. "Abdwal, I think I know what will cheer up a songbird." "What?" I asked, wiping at my cheeks again. My heart raced. I shouldn't be alone with these men. They had a gleam in their eye. Hungry, predatory. They glanced at my body, my skirt clinging to my hips, the sleeveless shirt pressed tight to my breasts, my nipples forming a pair of dimples.

"Why, Castor, I think I know exactly what she needs," Abdwal said, his ebony hand pulling on the knot tying his sash. "That's why you came down here, right, little songbird? Into the dark hold? Away from prying eyes?" A shiver raced through me. I wanted to be faithful to my vows to Luben, to Chaun, but.I was a coward. I was filth. I was a terrible avian and.and.the way they looked at me, the way they made me tremble and sparked heat between my thighs, caused me to ache more.

They.desired me. They didn't know I was terrible. A failure. A filthy cheater. They just saw something beautiful. Something desirable. Something that made them ache, too. Stop. I couldn't do this. Not again. My hands reached out, rubbing the bulge tenting the Halanian's pants.

His cock felt large, thick. The kind of cock that would fill me up, make me gasp and moan, drive all these terrible thoughts from my mind. "That's it, little songbird," Castor said, his reddish hand seizing my sky-blue hair, pulling my head down roughly.

He shoved his pants down, his cock popping out, not as big as the Halanians. Slim and long. A cock to suck on. My stomach twisted as I opened my mouth. I couldn't stop myself. I was so weak. So cowardly. So worthless. I couldn't even tell when an efreet only pretended to be my husband. I knew Chaun so little, I let another man fuck me thinking it was him. I engulfed his cock and sucked. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun "Sophia," Angela snarled as the healing potion went to work through my wounded body.

"What did you just say to her?" My head lolled, watching my crying wife flee down into the ship's hold. The milk swelled through me. The heat radiated through my body, driving back the chill settling into my fingers. The pain in my leg relaxed away. I groaned, my thoughts climbing out the sluggish daze, rising back to full alacrity as the potion healed me. "My Queen?" Sophia said, standing up, turning.

"I was just telling—" Angela slapped Sophia hard, the crack echoing. Her head snapped, and she stumbled. Angela, blood still staining her thigh from her own healed wounds, advanced on Sophia.

The knight's red hair bristled with her anger. "My Queen?" Sophia asked, tears in her green eyes as she pressed a hand to crimsoned cheek. "What did you say to her?" Angela demanded. I grit my teeth. Flashes of Sophia's words shot through my mind as my thoughts grew clear.

My heart clenched. My wife fled them, hurt by Sophia's words. I remembered Xandra's air elemental picking the pair of us up. She chose to save us and flee then let us get cut down by the knights.

I understood exactly why she did it. She hit her breaking point. It was her first real fight. She had been there for the imps, but she had been protected, in the center of the party, shielded from any of the real danger. Not today. She had faced two knights immune to her abilities, about to kill her. Me. How could Sophia blame her? I glared at the acolyte, gripping my leg.

I felt my wound knit together. My poor Xandra was in the hold, crying more. She suffered so much from the Mirage Garden. Violating her marriage vows when Riad fucked her, even though she didn't know it was the efreet and thought it was me, sent her reeling. Avians were monogamous. They did not cheat on their spouses. It went against their instincts. She felt guilty just being with a woman or Xera, and that was only after I convinced her it wasn't really cheating because they weren't men. Now she was lost.

It was partly my fault. I had pushed her to this, wanting her to open up her sexuality and take pleasure where she could so I could selfishly take my pleasure when I wanted. So I could seduce women, especially married women. I was a changeling.

It was my nature to seduce. And by doing so, I hurt her so deeply. Worse, when I saw her with Thrak, watching her writhe beneath him, it made me feel sick and horny at the same time.

She enjoyed it. She loved it. She gasped and moaned so loudly. I realized I didn't want her to be with other men. I wanted her all to myself. I may be the only changeling in the history of my species that ever found a woman who loved one of us.

I had thought Princess Adelaide had loved me. I thought I had loved her. But.then I would have seen the man she loved in her thoughts. Like I did with Xandra. She loved me and I hurt her. "Why did you say those things to her?" Angela demanded of Sophia as I forced myself to stand.

I had to find Xandra, comfort her. She had to understand that what she did wasn't wrong. I stumbled past Angela and Sophia, heading into the hold. With every step, my leg grew stronger as I healed. Every step, I moved with more and more confidence. I limped down into the hold. By the time I reached the stairs, I could almost walk normally. I moved faster, pushing past the boxes. "That's it, little songbird," a deep, male voice groaned.

"That's what you need to feel better. Gods, Abdwal, the mouth on her." My stomach clenched. Songbird? Was the pirate talking about Xandra. Was she.pleasuring him? Sweat broke out across my forehead as I strained to listen, my heart screaming in my chest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knave Angela Sophia's head snapped back as I slapped her. She reeled, clutching a hand to her cheek, staring at me in shock.

Anger surged through me. I couldn't believe Sophia would drive Xandra away in tears. What was wrong with her? "My Queen?" Tears stained her green eyes "What did you say to her?" I snarled. Sophia squirmed, hurt in her eyes. I took a step closer to her, my body trembling. Nothing had gone right today. Kevin's appearance to arrest me for the crimes we committed in Raratha, to tell me, as I feared, that my name was attainted.

I was no longer a Knight Deute. And that he wanted to save me. He.loved me. I could see it in his eyes. I must have loved him, too. And yet I had given up all memories of him to the Lesbius Oracle. It left me reeling. Lost. We had lost our fight today. Our first real defeat. Even in Raratha, we had escaped with the piece of the High King's sword.

Our plan that evening had fallen apart, but we succeed at a high cost. But not today. "Why did you say those things to her?" I repeated, staring into her eyes.

We did not need division right now. We had to find a way to overcome Kevin, the other knights, and the magic of their priestesses. "She ran," Sophia said. "I was just—" "Berating her? Belittling her? Making her feel even worse than she already does for retreating." "Running," Sophia repeated, her eyes hardening.

"Running while you were in danger. While we all were in danger." "Like you ran when the panthopus attacked us? When you left me behind to face the monster?" Sophia's cheeks crimsoned.

"I.I.came back." "And maybe she would have. She was trying to save Chaun. The man she loves. What would you do to protect me?" "Anything," Sophia admitted, staring down.

"But. We can't have her breaking." "We all broke. We all ran." I cupped her cheek. "But no one else screamed at Xandra for doing what the rest of us did. For being afraid. For trying to save the person she loves. The rest of us didn't make her run off crying." "I." Sophia swallowed. "I'm sorry, my Queen. I was just." She looked up at me, tears falling down her face.

"I was afraid." "That I would die." Sophia trembled, swallowing. "I.I. You love him." I blinked. "What?" "You love Kevin.

Chaun knows it. He sees him in your thoughts with his changeling powers. You might have forgotten Kevin, but.but what happens if you.you.?" I stared at the tears running down her cheeks, my eyes widening.

"You're afraid that I won't love you any more if I remember him?" She nodded her head, her shoulders shaking, tears falling faster. "Y-you only l-loved me a-after.

After y-you forgot about him. Y-you were s-struggling with your feelings on t-the trip. And.and." "And he's back, trying to protect me while doing his duty," I sighed. I put my arms around her. "I can't remember him, Sophia." I pulled her tight. "And.yes, I must have loved him. But I also must have been so angry with him that I didn't hesitate to give him up. How solid of a relationship is that?" Sophia looked up at me, her eyes magnified by her tears. They were so green with flecks of light-brown staining them.

"Really? Y-you don't think you would go back to him." I shook my head. "I love you, Sophia. I think I was already falling in love with you before I gave up my memories.

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I was just.hurting. Confused by Kevin. Then, when I forgot him, maybe there was nothing left to stop me from realizing how wonderful you are. How sweet you are." I rubbed my nose against hers. "How cute you are, my naughty, little concubine." She sniffed and trembled.

"I'm sorry. I.I was just.I shouldn't have said that to Xandra." "She's the one you have to apologize to," I told her. "Not me. But. I think someone was very mean. Very bad. And you know what happens to bad girls." Her eyes widened. "They get punished?" "Strip naked and bend over the railing," I said, my voice strong, commanding. Queenly. "Yes, my Queen." Even with her cheeks covered in tears, her eyes puffy, the smile made her radiant, beautiful.

I didn't lie to her. I loved her. Kevin would never change that even if I were to regain my memories of him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warlock Faoril A hot shudder ran through me as Thyrna purred, "Yes, I'll please her. For you, Thrak." My pussy clenched. My hands flew to the ties of my red robe. Unbelted, I shrugged it off.

After the disaster of the battle and the exertion of using so much magic to fly us away—a difficult spell to do with just myself, let alone carrying the party and Thrak's bulk—I needed something.relaxing.

My robes slipped off to the floor exposing my naked body. Thyrna ripped open her blouse as Thrak released her throat. The rakshasa's large, brown breasts bounced, smooth and human, her nipples hard, the right pierced by a golden ring that.

Negated magic.

How did it do that? Thrak leaned to me and whispered, "I would love to fuck your asshole while she licks you." I grinned, shuddering. He dominated the rakshasa pirate, but he loved me. He didn't give me orders. We were partners. We shared things. I shivered and nodded my head, my asshole clenching. I loved his cock in any of my holes. "That would be wonderful," I purred, drawing moisture out of the air with the last bit of magical reserves lurking in my belly.

I burned most of the cum away flying us here. As I crawled on my hands and knees on the bed, I shuddered, lubing my own asshole for his cock, working the moisture into my bowels. I shivered, wiggling my hips. "I'm waiting, pussycat. Come lick my cream all up." Her ears twitched then laid back, angry and yet she obeyed me. Thrak had tamed her. She wiggled out of her leather pants before crawling towards me. I lowered my head, peering down my breasts and belly.

I watched her tits dangle and sway beneath her body, nipple ring flashing, as she advanced. I gasped as her whispers brushed my thighs followed by her soft fur. And then she licked. My eyes widened. I let out a groan as her rough tongue slid through my folds, caressing my juicy snatch. I trembled, my fingers clenching on her soft sheets as her tongue rasped and nuzzled and pleasured me, driving me wild.

I groaned, my eyes rolling back in my head as her thick, rough tongue licked again. It was so different than a human's. Her tiger-like muzzle nuzzled into my pussy, her tongue licking deeper and deeper.

"Oh, yes, pussycat, devour all of my cream," I moaned, my clit throbbing beneath her tongue. "Oh, you are making me feel so good." "Make her explode, pussycat," Thrak growled. I heard a loud crack, the smack of palm on ass. Thyrna yowled into my cunt, licking faster.

"Ooh, that's wonderful. Oh, Thrak, you have such a wonderful pussycat." "We'll see," Thrak said. "She has to prove it." Thyrna purred louder, her whiskers ticking my thighs as her tongue probed into my cunt. The rough surface swirling through the depths of my pussy made me shiver, my walls clenching down on her.

I groaned as Thrak moved behind me, kneeling over her head, his cock prodding between the cheeks of my asshole. "Yes, yes, fuck me with that wonderful cock, Thrak," I moaned. "Ream my asshole. I want to feel you fuck me while your sweet pussycat laps up all my cream." Thrak's cock rammed into my asshole.

His thick, wonderful shaft pushed through my tight sphincter and spread my bowels apart. My eyes shot wide open as the bone ring rubbed through my bowels, caressing my flesh, making me tremble, driving me wild. Hot friction washed to my pussy, merging with the rough delight of Thyrna's tongue.

I groaned, grinding back into the rakshasa's muzzle as Thrak's cock drew back so slowly, teasing me, letting me enjoy its girth. And then he slammed in. "Gods, yes," I moaned "Pater's cock, fuck me, Thrak." "Yes, yes, fuck your lover," purred Thyrna as she lapped.

"Let's make her cum, Thrak." "Such a good pussycat," I moaned, my bowels clenching on his dick. "Yes," snarled Thrak, his voice thick with passion. His strong hands gripped my hips and his balls smacked into my taint. Pleasure rippled through my mind.

This was so amazing. I had one of the most dangerous spawn of Las nuzzling at my cunt. Rakshasas were cruel, sadistic, and dominant.

They ruled wherever they could, often worshiped as gods in the jungles of 'Uth. And they hated other women. They despised them, loving men. An all female race, they even their own kind. Only in the Queendom of Naith did rakshasa rule others. And then, it was cutthroat, the families vying for control of the throne. Even sisters, aunts, and daughters plotted and schemed to kill their blood to gain the throne and become Queen of Naith.

And Thrak tamed her. He had her licking at my pussy, loving my cunt with her sweet tongue. She could rip me apart. With her nipple ring, I had no way to protect myself. But she was leashed, collared. That made this so hot. "Yes, yes, yes, pussycat, devour my cunt. Oh, you're tongue is wonderful. So good on my clit.

Yes, yes. I'm going to cum on your mouth. Gods, yes." "Cum," grunted Thrak, slamming his cock harder and faster, the friction burning through my body. I trembled, my breasts swinging beneath me as I undulated my hips. I matched his thrusts while pressing my hot cunt into Thyrna's lapping tongue. The pleasure rippled through me. It made me gasp and moan. It had me ripping and clawing at the sheets as the rapture swelled in the core of my body.

Growing, surging, enlarging. I came closer and closer to my orgasm. I clenched my asshole down on Thrak's cock as her tongue swiped up and down my pussy. Every lick made me shudder. Every thrust of his cock made me groan. "Pater's huge cock!" My orgasm exploded through me. My pussy spasmed. My ass writhed. Juices gushed out of my cunt, fresh cream for the pussycat to devour. I stared at her down my body, the crown of my head resting on the bed.

Juices clung to her whiskers and adorned her orange fur and black stripes. She purred louder, drinking my cream, wanting to please her owner. Thrak. My wonderful barbarian. My asshole spasmed about his dick. His cock thrust harder, the friction keeping alive the pleasure. Wave after wave of delight shot through me. I groaned, shuddering, my bowels clenching on his dick, milking him.

"Cum in me, Thrak," I hissed. "Flood my asshole." "Yes, yes, yes," moaned Thyrna. "Cum in her. Please her." She licked again, flicking her tongue from my clit up through my pussy lips.

I shuddered, a hard spasm wracking my body. My breasts shook, my pink nipples waving. They needed piercings. I had to get them. For Thrak. "Gewin's mighty cock," he growled and buried his cock into my depths. I shuddered as blast after blast of his jizz erupting into my depths. Hot, thick cum flooding through me.

It was amazing. So hot. So wonderful. He slammed his cock into me, his hands squeezing me hard. I shuddered, a final wave of heat rushing through me. I milked his cock with my bowels, savoring him shoved so deep into me. I felt so close to him and our pussycat. And then he ripped his cock out of me. Thyrna licked up through my pussy. My eyes widened as her whiskers and fur tickled the soft skin of my butt-cheeks as her tongue licked up to my asshole, gathering Thrak's jizz as it leaked out.

"Oh, yes, you naughty pussycat," I moaned. "Clean out all of Thrak's cream from my ass." "That's a good pussycat," Thrak said, speaking like an owner to his pet.

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Thyrna shivered. I lifted my head, throwing a look over my shoulder, and smiled as Thrak petted her between her triangular ears. They twitched and wiggled as her tongue licked over and over through my butt-crack, cleaning up all the cum. "I think we should keep her, Thrak," I purred. "Our pet. Our naughty, little pussycat." "I think so," Thrak said, scratching at her. Thyrna purred loud, happily, her naked ask shaking.

If she had a tail, I imagined it would be swishing back and forth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia I bent over the railing, my small breasts dangling over the side. I watched the city of Hargone slide by as we neared the Nimborgoth. The river mouth grew wider and wider, the city falling away. I wiggled my hip, so aware of all the pirates watching me with their brutish, male eyes.

It was part of my punishment. My cheeks burned. A trickle of juices ran down my thighs. Armor clinked behind me. Angela approached. My Queen loved me. I was such a cunt to Xandra. I fled, too, at my first real taste of fear. And so did Chaun in the mines. And now we both fought, we both had learned to master our fears. And so would Xandra. Crack! "My Queen!" I gasped, shocked by the sudden, stinging impact of her hand on my ass.

The heat of her spanking burned through me as I quivered on the railing. "You were a bad girl," she hissed. "Weren't you?" "So bad," I moaned.

Crack! I winced. She was spanking me hard and— Crack! "My Queen!" I yelped. Crack! Crack! Crack! Her hand fell fast, hard. I hardly got used to the first stinging slap when the next fell and the next. She worked around my butt-cheeks, warming them, leaving them burning as I squirmed. My pussy clenched as the agony shot through me. I yelped and squirmed and let out cries of pain as she disciplined me hard. Crack! Crack! Crack! Her hand moved lower, smacking right where the swell of my ass met my thighs.

I groaned. It hurt more there. But it was such a wonderful pain, reminding me that Angela loved me. That she discipline me because she cared. I was her concubine. Her servant. Her slave. What I did reflected on her. My Queen. Crack! Crack! Crack! Fresh tears fell as the pain burned through me. My heart raced. The pain triggered rushes of shuddering heat through me.

It transformed in my body, exciting me, becoming something at once both agonizing and intoxicating. "I was so bad," I howled. "Keep spanking me!" "You were," she snarled. "You made Xandra cry!" Crack!

Crack! Crack! "I did," I moaned through my tears, my ass a mass of fire. I had to be bruised. I would feel this discipline for a week or longer.

"Keep spanking me. Punish me, my Queen." Crack! Crack! Crack! Her hand moved to my upper thighs. The spankings really stung there. My hips rocked. My pussy clenched. Despite the pain, more and more juices trickled down my thighs. I groaned, the world spinning around me as my head dangled over the railing. The salty breeze flowed over me. I felt like I was flying, soaring over the dark-blue Nimborgoth. Her hand moved up my thighs, cracking, spanking, disciplining me.

Flames burned. My pussy smoldered. She moved up to my inner thighs, landing spankings right below my pussy on my sensitive flesh and— Smack! The wet spanking echoed as her hand landed right on my dripping cunt. Pain exploded in my pussy. My head snapped up, hair flying. I gasped, the pain burning through me. I moaned and gripped the railing as she smacked her hand over and over on my pussy. My poor clit throbbed with abused rapture. "My Queen," I moaned.

"I.I." "Let it out," she moaned, cracking her hand down on my pussy again. "Explode, you bad girl." Smack! I came. Rapture exploded out of my cunt. It shot through my body. The ecstasy slammed into my mind, and I was flying. I soared on bliss. The world spun as I was lost to the pleasure and the pain.

They were one, mixing, merging, shifting back and forth, inundating my mind as it bore me aloft over seas of endless passion.

I moaned and gasped and drank in the bliss as her hand smacked over and over on my pussy. I loved it. I never wanted to stop soaring on the rapture generated by my Queen. I screamed out my bliss, not caring that all the brutish pirates watched and. And. And. I was in my Queen's arms, cradled to her breastplate, trembling on her lap as she rocked me, soothed me, stroked my hair. "That's it," she whispered. "You're coming back to me." "I flew," I smiled, feeling so tired. "I bet you did." She kissed my brow.

Then my nose. And then my lips. And that was wonderful. My entire body trembled. My ass burned as it pressed on her bare upper thigh. I squirmed, savoring the heat as I kissed her. Our tongues danced. I drank in the feel of her as I drifted. Then she broke the kiss. Her head leaned back, her blue eyes distant. "We'll find a way to defeat them," I told her. "All of us will. Together." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun My stomach twisting, hoping that I didn't hear what I thought I had.

My wife couldn't be fooling around with a pirate in the hold. Ahead, a lantern's light danced, swinging as the ship rocked in the current of the Elba River. Shadows moved. A man's profile, his hands holding what looked like a head at crotch level. It was a woman sucking his dick. A sick chill radiated from my stomach. Xandra? My dick hardened. "That's it, songbird," the male grunted.

"Just keep sucking." Was my wife.blowing one of the pirates? Had she fled down here and. So fast? "Oh, the songbird's got a hot cunt," a second voice said as I moved slowly forward, sweat breaking across my brow as I heard a muffled, melodious moan. Xandra's moan. How could she run off crying and within minutes let two pirates fuck her? I caught a glimpse of the reddish, brawny torso of Castor, the Thlinian pirate. His hands gripped sky-blue hair.


I could see Xandra's face as she stood bent over, her lips wrapped about the pirate's thick cock. I moved closer, more and more of her body coming into sight. Her skirt was lifted over her pale ass. Ebony fingers pumped in and out of her cunt as Abdwal fingered my wife. Xandra let out another moan, her hips shaking. "Songbird wants my big dick in her," groaned Abdwal, pulling out his fingers. He licked my wife's juices. His fingers glistened. She was so wet.

For them. My dick swelled in my hose. Swallowing, I moved my hand down, rubbing at my crotch. Why was this so.hot?

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Why did it make me feel so ashamed for watching? Jealousy and lust and pain spiked through me. How could she turn to two of the pirates for satisfaction? Unless. She had stared at the pirates on our voyage to Hargone.

I had whispered in her ear, trying to arouse her interest in them. And now she was indulging. It was all my fault that she was cheating on me. Cuckolding me. I pulled out my cock as Abdwal pulled out his, thick and ebony. Xandra moaned about Castor's cock as Abdwal thrust his dick into her depths. I could hear the wet sound of his cock sliding into my wife's pussy. She moaned, her hips moving, sucking hard, savoring her first threesome with two men.

Abdwal's thrust slid her mouth further down Castor's dick. I stroked my shaft. Pleasure raced down my shaft and crashed into the twisting shame in my guts.

They mixed which only fanned my ardor I stroked faster, watching my wife impaled between their two cocks, her small body swaying back and forth as the huge pirates rammed their dicks into her mouth and cunt. "What a tight cunt, songbird," grunted Abdwal. "Mmm, yes. Sing about Castor's cock. Let the ship know how much you love our dicks." "Oh, yes," Castor grunted, his back arching as he gripped the sides of Xandra's face, fucking his cock down her throat.

She took his cock, moaning, shuddering. Even muffled by his shaft, her passionate cries sang with the beauty of her voice. Her hands gripped his hips, clutching him, fingers digging into his flesh as she savored being fucked by the two men. The thwack of balls smacking her chin and clit echoed through the hold. Flesh slapped flesh. My hand pumped faster, adding my own rhythmic beat to the fucking. I leaned forward, clutching a crate with my left hand as the pleasure rippled through me.

She was so beautiful. So whorish. She writhed between them. Her frail body trembled as they used her. She took their hard cocks. Her eyes squeezed shut as she sang louder and louder, her passion swelling within her.

"Damn, that's tight cunt," groaned Abdwal. "She's cumming on my dick. Yes, the songbird loves my big, Halanian cock. Gods, what a wonderful massage. She wants my cum." "Flood her," groaned Castor. "Vedr's queef, she is moaning so loud about my dick." "Singing my cock's praise," grunted Abdwal, and then he thrust into my wife, his heavy balls smacking against her flesh. His back arched. The pirate grunted like a beast as he flooded Xandra's married snatch with his seed. My wife's cunt.

I groaned, my three balls tightening. My hand stroked faster and faster. The tip of my cock ached as the Halanian thrust a final time into her. And then he ripped out his dick. I caught a glimpse of my wife's cunt, shaved and dripping with her juices. Cum leaked out her, white and thick.

Another man's seed. The Halanian smacked her ass before leaning against a crate. "Songbird has a mighty fun pussy," he laughed. Castor grinned then ripped her mouth off his cock. He spun her around, pressing her against a crate. She bent over it, hugging it, saliva staining her chin, her face flushed, her eyes glazed with lust. Castor slammed into her sloppy depths.

"Yes," she sang, pleasure crashing over her face. "Yes, yes, fuck my dirty cunt." "Dirty?" I groaned, stroking my dick faster. There was pleasure twisting her face and something else.

Self-loathing. She wasn't fucking these men out of a whorish desire, but to punish herself. To wallow in her own depression. She arched her back as Castor fucked her, gasping out her moans, spilling out dirty, filthy words. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck my dirty, married cunt.

Violate me. Cum in me. Yes, yes, give it to me. Fuck me. Use me! Oh, Luben's sacred oath, yes!" She sang out as she came again. I couldn't stop stroking my cock as I watched her cum. Her sapphire eyes danced around the hold as she shuddered, bucking back into Castor's strokes And then her eyes saw me. She stiffened, gasped, trembling as we stared at each other in the dark hold.

"Damn, her cunt got tight," groaned Castor. "No," Xandra gasped. "Slutty wife's cunt," grunted Castor as his face contorted in orgasmic lust, dumping his cum into her cunt, another man's seed flooding into my wife. I shuddered, my dick erupting. The pleasure rushed through me. Xandra covered her face as I stroked my dick, squeezing out every drop of cum as Castor's muscular body writhed. He grunted out his rapture, savoring my wife's cunt.

And then he finished. "Damn, songbird," he groaned. "Any time you need cheering up, you know the cure." He smacked her ass and pulled out.

The two pirates, laughing, grabbed the lantern. I ducked to the side, letting them past as Xandra's cries echoed in the hold. My heart beat. I pulled up my torn hose, stiff with my blood, and waited for the pirates to head above deck, ignoring their crude comments. Then I stepped out. "Xandra," I said softly. "No, don't look at me," she wailed, ducking behind a crate.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xandra I collapsed. Chaun had watched me be filthy again, jerking his cock. Just like he wanted me to be. A filthy, cheating wife. I wanted to make him happy, but it made me feel so terrible all at the same time. Seeing him shocked me out of my lusts and reminded me I was breaking my vows to the God of Love. How Luben must despise me. I curled up around myself, burying my face into my skirt as the two men's cum leaked out of my dirty pussy.

And then Chaun was there, kneeling, his arm around me. I shivered as his touch was so gentle. His face, so dark it made the Halanian only seem like a very-dark brown, didn't twist with disgust. His silvery hair almost glowed in the dim light of the hold. "I'm sorry," I sobbed, trying to pull away. "I.I.I keep cheating on you and.and." "Shhh," he cooed, stroking my hair. "I'm the one who's sorry." "For what?" I croaked.


"I'm the poorest excuse for a wife. The one who.who." "You were tricked by Riad," he whispered. "You thought it was me." He pulled me onto his lap.

How could he stand to touch me after watching those two pirates use me like a whore? A prostitute? I wasn't a pure avian wife. "I wasn't.tricked with Thrak." I shuddered.

"I wanted him. I lusted for him." "That's why I'm sorry," he said, stroking my tears away with his gentle thumbs. "I wanted you to sleep with Thrak. With other men." "And I did it," I wailed. "I let those pirates fuck me, and I loved it, Chaun. I came. I enjoyed it." "Of course you did." He kissed my forehead. Why was he so tender? "Your body reacted to their touch.

You were meant to enjoy sex. We all are. But you feel bad because I made you violate your marriage vows." "No you didn't," I objected. "I did. I whispered in your ear. I was guiding you to sleep with Thrak, with other men, because I wanted you to see that your vow was meaningless.

That having sex was no different than a hug. It was no different than holding hands. That it was just an act. Nothing special." I stared at him. "Y-you thought it was meaningless?" He gave me a sad nod. "I wanted you to open up and enjoy others so I could sleep around. So I could seduce other women. Married women." "Chaun," I gasped. "So I pointed out Thrak. I opened your eyes to him. I whispered in your ear, planting the idea, inspiring you to imagine what it would be like with him.

I made you desire him, desire others even when I know you were resisting. And that was wrong of me. I see it now. Your vow to be pure, to never take another man, is something sacred to you.

Something important. "And when you thought you violated that vow because Riad tricked you, it made you feel worthless." I nodded my head. "And when you felt worthless, you tried to do things to make you feel better. So you took the chance with Thrak.

After all, you had already violated your marriage vows once. Why not again? With the very male I had pushed you towards. "Only it made you feel even worse." I nodded my head again. "And then you had Sophia yell at you over something stupid." "Stupid?" I croaked. "I ran away." "You were tested and broke.

Anyone would have." "No one else ran." Chaun laughed. "I did. Before we met. In the dwarven mines. I ran in panic when we were attack by a wraith. I didn't even last as long as you did. I just bolted like a coward. Fear ruled me. I didn't know how to face it, how to stand with my friends.

"You already know that better than I had." "But—" Chaun put his finger over my lip. "We were losing. The others retreated, too. We all had to run. You were just the first to see it." He smiled. "Maybe next time, tell everyone else what you're doing. Work with them. You'll see. It gets easier." "Maybe," I muttered, then shivered. "But." "But you keep cheating on me. You broke your vow again in the hold. With both of them." He sighed. "And how did it make you feel?" "When they were in me, fucking me." A shuddering sob croaked from my throat.

"I.I." "Loved it. You enjoyed it. But then you felt bad when you saw me. I reminded you that you were breaking your vows." "And it made me feel worse.

I am worthless. I am a terrible wife." "No." Chaun's voice was firm. "I am a terrible husband. I never should have encouraged you to want other men. I should have just been happy with you the way you are." "But you're a changeling." I said. I leaned my head against him. "You need to seduce other women." "Just like you need to be faithful." He laughed. "The irony of the two of us being in love." I smiled despite the pain.

He loved me. "I don't know what to do. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted those men. I wanted to fuck them." Saying it made my stomach twist. "There's a simple solution to that," Chaun said. "What?" An angry surge shot through me. "That I should just fuck them and—" "No." His voice was calm, pitched just right to draw me short. "Just point them out to me, and I'll become them.

I can be any man you desire. You can indulge and never violate your vow to Luben. You can fuck all the men you want and be faithful to me." I shivered against him.

"You wouldn't mind?" He laughed. "I'm a changeling. I would love to do that for you." I smiled. It was nice to smile. Tears still trickled down my cheeks. I couldn't believe this man. That he could still love something worthless like me. Maybe.I wasn't worthless? "And what about you? I can't become other women." I looked up at him, biting my lip. "I'll be fine." I shook my head. "No. No, I can't do that to you." I tightened my arms around him. "It's.it's not cheating.with women.

And.you're a changeling, not an avian. You didn't swear any oaths. So." "So you want to have threesomes with me and other women?" Chaun smiled, "I can enjoy any other woman I want so long as I share?" "I'm happy with just you, but you'll be happy with me plus more," I said. "We both have our nature." "Monogamous polygamy," he said, an amused smile on his lips. "It's better than hurting you. I can't bear to see you in pain.

It sickened me seeing other men with you. I thought it was jealousy. But.

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It's not. It's knowing how miserable it made you to go against your nature that made me feel sick." "Thank you," I whispered. "I love you, Chaun." And then he kissed me, soft, gentle. It made me tremble. It made me feel loved.

His heart shone through me, a sun rising over darkened shores. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak Faoril's head lay on my chest, her naked body pressed against me. Thyrna's tongue lapped at my cock, cleaning Faoril's ass from my dick.


Her tongue was rough, her whiskers tickling me as she purred, cleaning me. "Thyrna," Faoril said. "Why does your nipple ring grant you immunity to magic?" The pirate captain's muzzle lifted, her feline eyes focusing on Faoril. A smile crossed my lips. My mage was always thinking.

We had to neutralize the faith magic on the knights somehow. And there were ways to do that. Thyrna's nipple ring was one, but the gnome bounty hunter who attacked us at Mount Peritito used some sort of alchemical dust that neutralized magic, too. "Answer her," I growled. We would find a way to defeat the knights and the priestesses. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight Kevin Hargone The Nixie's Cream rocked in the harbor. The ship would not sail until morning, giving Angela more time to reach Grahata ahead of us.

Her ship, according to the dockmaster, had slipped out of the harbor an hour before we arrived. I stared at the wide River Elba, waters dark as the sun sank, pondering my thoughts. I had to restore Angela's memories. If she remembered her love, then I could convince her to see reason. She could survive this. Not as a knight, but she would still be alive. Then I would marry her like I had planned. Like I had asked her once before. Esmeralda pressed into me from behind.

I had removed my armor, wearing only a linen robe. Hers was equally thin. I felt her nipples hard through the cloth as she rubbed her cheek into my shoulders. She sighed. "Helena and Mary are waiting for you," she purred. An ache shot down to my cock. The priestesses Esmeralda and Helena along with Mary, my fellow Knight Deute, were bound with me, our senses shared, united.

We were spiritual siblings now, reborn in Slata's metaphysical womb. It was what let us fight so effectively against Angela. If it wasn't for the mage carrying them away, we would have prevailed.

"Do you know anyway to restore memories taken by an oracle as payment." "No," she purred. "Save true love's kiss." She laughed. "That's how it goes in the stories, right?" "I guess so." "Talk to a priest or priestess of Luben. Love is their domain." I nodded my head.

"So, why do you want to know?" Her hands slid down to my crotch, rubbing my hardening cock. "Angela?" I ignored her, turning. Love's true kiss. I did love her. And she loved me. "You said they're waiting for us?" She smiled and gave me a hot kiss. I needed to relax after today's setback. And Mary, Helena, and Esmeralda could be very relaxing. I would have another chance in Grahata to save Angela. To be continued.