Bdsm asian teen facial smalltits and spanking

Bdsm asian teen facial smalltits and spanking
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As Tamara's breath began to return back to normal, she stepped away from he bathroom door and moved toward the shower.Turning on the air vent, slowly she peeled away the T-shirt shrugging out of it.


Moving the see-through shower curtain aside, Tamara leaned a hand forward and turned the water on. Waiting a few minutes as it ran, she would place her hand underneath the spout to test to the water.

Pushing in the lever, the shower head would turn on. Stepping into the shower, Tamara welcomed the warm shower spray invitingly.

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It felt so good to wash away the sticky hot feeling that had come over her body. Through the time in the shower, Tamara would wash and shampoo her hair and body before taking a seat in the bathtub.Stretching her legs out, and leaning her back against the back of the tub she let out a sigh.

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As she sat there, Tamara couldn't help but think about the way her father looked on the bed, his cock bulging, and straining against his pants trying to get out--wanting to be free of its confines. As these thoughts among others ran through her mind, she couldn't help but notice her nipples growing hard and now becomming erect.

Just like every other child in the world, Tamara had been taught that touching herself was wrong, and that you would burn in hell for it. Smiling to herself she rubbed her nipples anyway.

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It wasn't that she really cared, she was aethist after all. No one would tell her she couldn't enjoy the fullfillment of her own lush body. Biting her lower lip to supress her own moans, Tamara continued to tweak her own nipples and rub them.

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What she wouldn't give to have someone else doing this very thing to her, she thought as her hands slid down her smooth stomach. As Tamara's hand continued to travel southward down her body she found her fingers rubbing her red,swollen clit.Massaging herself and every so often dipping a finger inside her tightly velvety folds.


Almost instinctively this caused her hips to buck, for her to let out a moan and insert another finger. No matter how many times she masturbated, still she could never get enough of the feeling it gave her.

No matter what she used on herself, it would never be the same as having a real cock inside of her. Then again Tamara wouldn't know, she was still a virgin to her own dismay. After some hour or two of playing with herself, Tamara stood and turned off the shower.Stepping out, her face was now flushed and she found herself breathing heavily.Grabbing a towel and drying off, she noted how wet she still was between her legs and how wobbly her legs felt from her small exertions only moments before hand.

Picking up her clothing, Tamara padded past her fathers room, the door now open and went to her own room still wearing nothing more than the short towel that revealed her long slender legs and her cleavage. As she entered her room, she closed the door but not enough that it would click close. Removing the towel from her body she used it then to finish drying her hair that was soaked.


A shuffling sound could be heard close to Tamara's room as she dried herself. Not more than minutes later a knock came to her bedroom door. "Tamara?" A gruff voice sounded.

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Recognizing it none the less as her fathers Tamara drapped the towel around her front"Yes daddy?" Pushing open the door her father stepped inside her room closing the door behind him.Though definately odd in behaviour Tamara didn't question his actions"Everything alright?"He asked with a slight concerned look on his face.Tamara's face crumpled in a confused look"Yeah, why daddy?"He smiled and nodded his erection more evident than before"I thought you might have hurt yourself.I heard you groan"