Pantie pervert bekommt glücklich

Pantie pervert bekommt glücklich
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"Looks like we both can have a lot of kinky fun with this cunt Pops, i cant believe she gave up so fucking easy, i think Mrs Michelle Rielly has been waiting to try out these ideas for quite some time, she is very eager don't you think, and fuck me Pops, she can certainly suck some cock cant she, did you see the way the greedy bitch sucked in your whole length, 7 1/2 inches of rock hard Pops cock disappeared into her mouth, balls deep without any gagging or anything, and she knows how to work her tongue on a girls pussy too, i wanted to cum as soon as she started to lick my slit, she knows how to get a horny bitch like me off" Louise said as we made.our way into a pile of traffic.

"Yea babe she is quite a good cock sucker, she didn't have any trouble with my cock anyway, and to be honest with you i cant wait to see how far we both can push her, i think we should use her together and not separately, i think we could give Mrs Rielly a good work out if we work on her as a team and anyway if we work on her that way then at least i can get to enjoy you and you sexy body a little more in the process too" I laughed. "Your a dirty old fucker Pops, enjoy my body my ass, all you want to do is enjoy my arse and pussy hole with your mouth, oh yea and not to forget eating your own cum from my holes, that's all your thinking about, enjoy my body my hole" Louise said while trying to work her way through the back log of traffic and laughing at the same time.

"Joking aside sweety, i think we should manage Mrs Rielly ourselves, i think we should do that, work as a team on her, it will be fun and we could encourage each other to try things out, kind of dare each other to push Mrs Rielly's limits, and besides it would give us more time together as i said, time we don't really get unless its in the office or in my bed, we don't spend much time together these days sweety, not unless its at work or fucking at my place, i just think it would be cool to work together as a team, a partnership and see how we develope each other as we go about using that cunt" I replied.

"Its a deal" she said as the traffic started to move at long last, "ive got to agree with you Pops, we only get to spend time together these days at the office, at meetings or in bed, and i think your right,having a play thing like Mrs Rielly will not only give us more time together but will also give us something that we can share instead of working on our own or with someone else, it will be something that we can share together without anybody else being involved, a father and daughter thing would be nice, hey Pops" she giggled.

"That's a deal then princess, you and me will take over Mrs Rielly's care, just the two of us, we will have a fucking ball with her, she will think that all her dreams have come at once when she discovers the fact that she is getting the two of us at once, we will work that fucking posh bitch as hard as we can and then some more, i don't know how she will react when she realizes that we both are going to team up on her but who gives a fuck, she will enjoy it anyway" I said as i pointed to a carpark beside the pub.

"Park here and we will walk over to meet the new one" I said as Louise put on her indicator and moved into a parking space. We got out of the car and went to the boot, opening it as we checked around to make sure the coast was clear, the cunt Michelle was laying on her side, her clothes and hair still damp from the piss and spit she was given earlier on, she looked at both of us with squinting eyes as they tried to a just to the brightness of day light.

Louise slapped her across the face as she told her to stay where she was and keep quiet, she told her we would be back soon that we had another meeting and that she wasn't to make a sound, "yes Miss Louise, i understand" came her reply as Louise spat into her face again, i gave her a few hard slaps on her arse and finished with a huge spit into her mouth before i closed the boot lid.

Sitting at the back of the cafe drinking coffee myself and Louise where going over Ms Mary Dolan information, the waitress came back and was pouring more coffee into our cups, she was looking at the paper work sitting on the table and trying to read what it was about, Louise seen her as i did also, Louise smiled up at her and asked her about the stud she had pierced into her nostril, the girl told her she had it done a few years ago when she left her boyfriend, that she wanted to live her own life, that she ws a free spirit and that she wasn't in a relationship with a guy since.

Louise moved some papers from the table and bunched then together, she asked the girl to sit for a while if she wasn't to busy, the waitress slid her pert young arse into the booth and continued to talk, I studied her from the other side of the table, she was about twenty, dyed black hair, very pale skin, blue eyes, thin frame, no tits to speak of but from what i had seen she had a cute pert bottom. "No miss, i don't have a boyfriend since the last guy i lived with, he was a pig, he just wouldn't let me live my life the way i wanted too, he was very controlling, but not controlling in the way i wanted him to be, ever since then i have been on my own, oh don't get me wrong Miss, i have had a few partners since him, but not male partners, i was always a little bisexual even when was younger but since i left him i have turned my attention more towards other women, i just enjoy female company".

she said as i read some of the papers that where left on the table, trying to ignore this girl that was only to happy to discuss her life story with other people, I kind of felt sorry for her, she seemed lonely, lonely enough to chat to complete strangers about her life.

"So your a fully pledged lesbian now are you?" Louise asked her with a laugh in her tone. "yes miss i am" she replied shyly as she looked over at me. "Are you top or bottom" Louise asked.

"Bottom miss, I am very submissive" she answered now knowing that Louise had an interest in her and also directing her gaze at the paper work on the table.

"So it looks like you have seen some of our papers and headings on the papers, but to be honest with you dear i don't think you could afford to use our services, not working as a waitress anyway, is this the only job you have" Louise asked.

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"Yes Miss, this is the only job i have and it doesn't pay to much either" she replied as the man behind the counter called her back to work. I put up my hand and told him she will be right there when we are finished with her,he looked over at me and went to open his mouth,but the stare gave him changed his mind. I wanted to see where this was going with Louise and this young lady.

"I hate this job and this place, but its the only work i could get here, there isn't much out there since the bankers and government made a mess of this country" she said lowering her head a little. "Do you live at home" Louise asked. "No Miss i live in a bedsit over this place, its small but it is very nice and cosey, it comes with the job, so if i loose this job then i am homeless too" she replied.

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"Well what if i told you i have a new job for you, a better job, with better pay and better work condition's, would you be interested in that" louse asked as she looked into her pale face.

"Well i don't know about that Miss, where would i live, what is the job, what qualifications do i need" came her reply. "OK its like this" Louise began and explained to her what our business is all about and explained how it works,she told her she was looking for a personal assistant and someone to look after and clean her apartment, she said she would pay her a minimum wage of 400 euros a week and that all her clothing and food, toiletries and so on would be paid for via the company, that she would have no expenditures what so ever and even a company mobile phone and car if she needed it would be provided.

"This job offer only stands as long as we are here, once we leave this place the offer is gone, so you need to make your mind up young lady, do you want this or not" Louise said sternly. "I am interested in it Miss, but i need to know if i will be expected to sleep with anybody, your clients for example and is that all i have to do is be your personal assistant and cleaner" she asked in an excited tone at the thought of getting a better paid job with all the extras as well.

"Look its like this, you will be expected to work for me, me alone, you will be treated the way you should be, being a submissive you should know what that entails, you will clean for me, help me out in the office and with appointments and making sure everything runs smoothly" Louise answered. "So i don't have to fuck anybody" she cut in, then realized she said the f word.

"Oh im sorry Miss" she then said showing little embarrassment. "The only people you will be expected to fuck with, as you put it, are myself and him" Louise said pointing over at me. "He wont be using you very often as he has plenty to fuck each week, but you will be expected to pleasure me everyday, a few times a day at least, you see young lady i am bisexual, and i am always horny and very randy, i enjoy having someones head between my legs licking my pussy and fingering my clit, isn't that right Pops" She said looking over at me with a very excited look on her face.

I had known Louise was looking for some help for quite a while but she had always been to busy to try and find someone, and just her luck she may have found that person today while out seeing to a new client, killing two bird's with one stone. The girl looked at me, studying me then turned to Louise and asked what did she mean when she said Pops.

Louise explained to her that i was her stepfather and waited for her reply. "Oh i see and do you both, erm you know, kind of share each other too, er, do you kind of you know ermsleep with each other, Miss". She asked nervously. "Yes my dear, we do sleep together as you put it,I would say we fuck each other regular, you see there is no blood ties so there isn't a problem, he has his own place and i stay with him a few times aweek, so yes, sweety we do fuck each other" Louise said in a quiet voice that sounded so sweet.

The door opened and in walked a very slender young woman, neatly dressed and carrying a Leather case, I looked over at Louise who turned and looked, she then waved to the stylish woman and she began to walk to our table. "You think about what we have just said young lady and don't forget the limited time on this offer" Louise said as she dismissed the waitress from our table. "You must be Mary Dolan, I am Louise" Louise said as she stood to shake her hand, I just stayed in my seat and watched as they greeted each other.

"Yes i am Mary" the fresh faced woman said "and you are ?" she asked looking for a name from me. "I am daddy, now just sit down like a good little girl and behave yourself." I replied checking her out as she slid into her seat. Louise began with the usual formalities of getting further details from the new client and explaining in more detail of the way the company works and what we do, Mary listened carefuly to every word, then Louise allowed her to have her say and detailed what it was she needed, it was understood by us all that Mary would never be able to accommodate at her house, not because she was married or anything like that, it was solely because she needed a complete escape from her life and lifestyle, she was pleased to have this meeting to iron out a few questions that she had and also sort out and make sure that the details where correct and so on.

"Sounds like i have nothing to worry about then, you seem to have it all under control and completely worked out for me, i just wish everything in life could be as simple as this" she said relaxing into her seat more. "Well its like this" said Louise, "you are paying us good money to provide you with a service, we try our hardest to full fill your desires and fantasies, our dream is to help you enjoy your dream, we take care of everything for you so you don't have to worry about anything just sit back, or lay back and enjoy what you are paying for" Louise reassured her.

I waved the waitress over to fill our cups again, she asked if Mary wanted another latte like the one she had brought over to her after Mary put her arse on the seat, beside Louise when she first entered and ordered her drink.

"You know i think i will, i think i will have another one please" she replied then told myself and Louise that she was delighted with our meeting and felt a lot more at ease now, then her phone rang and she removed it from her case, she had to take the call she said, it was from the courts.

Her latte arrived and the waitress went back about her chores. She hung up the phone and said she would have to go, that there where devolvements in a case she was on and had to return to court. "Before you go" I said "open your coat", she did as ordered, unbuttoning it and opening it I leaned forward and groped her tiny tits through her blouse.

"Tell me about your body young lady" I said to her, giving her a feeling of helplessness. "As you can feel daddy, my breast are very small but firm, I have a very slender waist, my bottom is small firm and tight and i have my pubic area waxed every week along with my legs and armpits, ohand i am 29 years old" she said but not in the normal tone she had used when speaking to Louise.

She sounded more girlish when speaking to me directly, I knew that she was then getting into her role as a younger person.she was trying to live the life of, a younger person than she actually was, having all her body hair removed every week so she felt younger.

I squeezed her little tits hard before i removed my hands and told her to run along like a good girl, she drank some off her latte, buttoned up her coat said good bye to Louise, leaned over and gave me a kiss on my cheek and said "good bye daddy, i will be in contact with you soon, i love you daddy".

I watched as she walked to the door and exited it. "Looks like daddy is going to get his little girl soon" Louise laughed. "Fuck off will you" I said, "She is just another client that's all". "Just another client my ass, you know you have always wanted someone like her, someone who will dress and behave like a little school girl, we both know you have a thing for school girls in uniforms, remember when i used to dress like a schoolie for you Pops, you fucking loved it, and anyway she only wants you, she will be your little girl for you, she doesn't want anybody else in on her fantasy on her Pops" Louise laughed as i nodded in agreement with her.

"Your fucking jealous" I said laughing with her, "your not happy because ive got a younger play thing than you that's all" I said holding back a roar of laughter.

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"That's what you fucking think old man" she replied as she looked over to the waitress who was now standing there grinning after over hearing some of what we had said. Louise waved her over and said to get us the bill, she returned and left the bill on the table, may i please sit she asked. "Do" said Louise. She took a deep breath in and said, "Yes Miss, I would love to work for you and your Pops, I will do anything you ask or demand of me, I will please you both, I have thought about it and I would love to join you both, I have dreamed of something like this all my life and now I am a free agent, I can move on with my dreams, that's if you still want me to work for yous.

"Yes" shouted Louise waving her arms in the air like she had just scored a goal, "I got one younger than you Pops, and she is sweet and fit too, and a lesbian, looks like your not the only one who got lucky today Pops, just look at her she is so cute.

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Welcome aboard young lady, im delighted you have decided to join us, you can start later on today, pack your bags, we will be back in a couple of hours for you, we just have to drop something off first then we will collect you and your stuff. I threw a twenty on the table and stood up, I congratulated her on her new job and had a sly feel of her tits and arse, both where tight and firm.

Louise got up and walked behind me as i headed to the shop counter, I told the girl to get her boss which she did straight away. when she returned Louise asked her her name, in her excitement she had forgotten to ask her.

Emily she replied. Her boss standing beside her he asked what he could do for us. "You can do fuckall for us you fat cunt" I said, "Emily here is handing in her notice, she is leaving, she is coming to work for us, she will be better off away from a fat useless cunt like you, I will be back for her in a few hours, she will be packed up, her wages will be sorted out including any holiday money due to her, her deposit on her bed sit will be returned to her in full and you will give her a bonus for putting up with the shit she has put up with from you and your customers, you better make sure it is all sorted out by the time i get back here or ill beat the living shite out of you, you fat fucking prick, do you understand" I said, looking at the slimy bastard.

"Yea i got that" he said as i gave Emily a kiss on her forehead and turned heading out the door with Louise smiling behind me. Outside Louise laughed and thanked me for dealing with the fat man, she said she was worried about how Emily was going to quit and how it would workout for her.

"No problem babe, i enjoyed it, the look on that fat fucks face was a picture, at least you now have a personal assistant, and to be honest she looks like a nice piece of pussy, I can wait to get my old cock into her t:tight hole, I bet she is going to be a great fuck".I said as we made our way back to the carpark.

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We got into the car and i drove, "Lets get rid of the cunt in the boot first and then we can go and collect Emily" Louise said opening her legs and lifting her skirt again. "You wont have to do that for much longer now you have Emily to look after your pussy Louise" I said as i watched out of the corner of my eye as she slid her fingers under her thong and began to play with her pussy. The sight of my stepdaughter fingering herself again made me quite frisky, I could smell her pussy as i drove the car heading towards Mrs Michelle Railly' s house, the scent of cunt and the sound of Louise playing with her sloppy pussy was getting me real horny again.

I stopped the car and asked Louise to get the cunt out of the boot so i could drop her of home, Louise huffed and puffed about having not cum yet as she got out of her seat and went to release Michelle from the boot, I watched as Louise had pulled her out by her hair and made her crawl into the car, slamming the door after her, Louise got back into her seat and continued with her masturbation, Michelle was sitting in the back and was asked to direct me to her house so we could drop her home.

As we got to her house the gates at the entrance where locked, I ordered Michelle out of the car and switched off the engine, myself and Louise then got out, Michelle didn't know what she should do next so she was told to get on her knees with her hands open and palms facing upwards on her thighs, she was pushed back until she had her arse resting on her heels.

"I need a shit" Louise said as she lifted her skirt and squatted over Michelle's right hand, Michelle's eyes light up as she watched Louise's arse hole open a little, I was standing behind the cunt keeling on the floor with my cock out and wanking myself hard when i heard a poppy little fart leaving Louise, I smiled to myself as i knew what was coming next.

"Here we go bitch" Louise announced as she squatted further and pushed a little harder, I could see Michelle move her head more to look at what was being delivered into her hand as Louise's arse exploded in a splutter of squelches and farts as she emptied her bowls into the cunts hand, Louise moaned as her shit left her hole, she groaned as she pushed out another turd, filling Michelle's hand, Louise stood up and turned to look at what she had parted with.

"Oh what a nice present i have given you, cunt, do you like it." "Yes Miss Louise, I love it, its so big and heavy, thank you for your kindness" she replied with happiness in her voice.


I continued wanking behind Michelle's head, rubbing my cock onto the back of her head and through her hair. "Now my shit hole needs cleaning, and i want it spotless, do you hear me" Louise said as she produced her arse to the cunts face.

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"Yes Miss, I will clean you up right away" Michelle said before opening her mouth and proceeding to lick around the brown shit hole that was staring at her, watching this made my balls tighten up as i wanked my cock, Louise was moaning again and told Michelle to open her mouth up and get ready for a real treat, this she did and Louise laughed as she stood up and then bent down again, I pushed my groin into Michelle's head so her face was stuck up louises shitty crack, Louise moaned again and pushed out a turd, right into the cunts mouth, then she stood up again, this time facing michele.

I walked around to where Louise stood and watched as she ordered her to chew. "Eat my shit bitch, chew it all, I want to see you enjoying my waste" she shouted at her. Michelle started to chew on the shit in her mouth, slowly at first then as she got the full flavor she ate it faster, poking out her brown covered tongue now and again as she devoured the stinking food she had been given. Her hand still held the big pile of shite that was given to her as a present, she opened her mouth to show us that she had eaten her fresh warm food, there was still traces of brown on her lips and tongue as Louise turned and bent over, shoving her large arse into Michelle's face again.

"Clean me up good, you dirty shit eating cunt and don't mis anything"she ordered.


I returned back to behind michelle's head and again pushed my groin into the back of her, rubbing my busting balls al over her head while watching the cunt clean my stepdaughters arse hole with her mouth. It didn't take to long before i was groaning and spraying my huge load all over Michelle's hair, I must of pumped at least sixteen times as i emptied my cum all over her nicely kept hair, my spunk dribbled down her head, onto her face, down the side of her face on both sides as well as running down her neck, i wiped my cock onto her hair and then pulled the last few drops from my cock and wiped myself on the back of her clothes.

Standing there watching this cum covered bitch licking louises shitty crack made me feel good. I knew this is what she wanted and was going to pay good money for her sick fucking fetishes.

Michelle stopped licking Louise and looked at her butt hole then gave it a final lick before saying that she had finished her clean up task, Louise confidant that the cunt had done a good job bent down and pulled up her thong and lowered her skirt. I rejoined Louise looking at, the messy sight that knelt before us, my cock still hanging out of my pants. "Smear your hair and face with that lovely present i have given you, cuntyou don't want to waste it do you, you nasty shit eating cunt".

Louise said while pointing at Michelle's head. Michelle lifted her hand carefully and rubbed the big load of shit onto the top of her head, massaging it into her scalp as though washing her hair with both hands then rubbing her hands over her face, covering her make up with a sticky brown mess, rubbing it into her hair, face, nose, lips and neck, covering her ears and the back of her neck ,rubbing it in and mixing the smelly shite with my spunk.

"Clean your finger cunt" Louise then ordered as i stood facing michelle with my cock in my hand, I sent a hot stream of piss onto her head as she started to suck her brown fingers, my piss trickling down her face and entering her mouth as she gobbled on her shit covered hands,shooting a steady stream into her mouth as she washed her face with her shit,spunk and piss covered hands,we both watched as this wretched cunt swallowed my golden show, Louise letting her have the odd mouthful of spittle as she watched me empty my bladder on the disgusting cunt kneeling before us.

Her hand licked clean of louises body filth, she was ordered to stand. "Take off your shoes, cunt." Louise ordered again.

After giving her shoes to her she watched as Louise lifted her own skirt again, puled her thong to one side and pissed into one shoe and then the other before handing them back.

Louise fixed her clothes again and told michelle to put the shoes on the ground and not to spill a drop, this she did as expected.

"Now put your feet into them, get your coat and bag and open the gates and get the fuck out of my sight you filthy cunt" she shouted at her. Michelle did as she was told, her feet squelching into her piss filled shoes, got her bag coat and pressed the keypad that opened the gates, walked past the gates and stood looking at us both as the gates closed. "Thank you both very much for a very interesting afternoon, I totally enjoyed myself and I hope you both did too, special thanks to Miss Louise for being so kind in feeding me and giving me such a beautiful present, it was something I have been looking for for so long and you both have given me what I need, thank you both very much again" she said.

We both stood there laughing, to further her humiliation as we watched the tears run down her face as she smiled.Humiliated and covered in shit. She looked a fucking mess as she turned and walked down her drive way, who would of thought that this nice looking woman would end up looking like that at the end of day, covered in piss, stinking and covered in shit, and drenched in cum. She turned around and shouted a thank you again from half way down the gravel driveway.

I put my cock away and watched as she reached her front door, she turned and waved at us as she removed her house key from her bag and opened the door, stepping inside she turned and waved again then blew each of us a kiss before closing the door. "Job well done Pops" Louise said as we walked back to the car and got in.

"perfect job, she enjoyed it very much, just what she needed and wants, well done on treating that bitch how she needed to be treated, Louise, now lets get the fuck out of here and go pick up your new plaything Emily" I said as I started the car and turned round and headed back onto the road.

Back at the cafe, the shop window had a sign on it saying closed, sitting inside the window on a seat was Emily, her ex boss seen us coming and got up from his seat facing her and unlocked the door to let us in then returned to his seat. Emily looked very happy as she got up from her seat and stood before me and Louise.

"Is everything okay" I asked her as I stared at the fat guy. "Yes it is, thankyou, thank you both so much for giving me this opportunity, i wont let you down" replied Emily. Louise moved forward and asked did she have everything sorted out and her stuff ready to go, Emily nodded a yes back at her. Louise put her arms around Emily and kissed her full on the mouth, her tongue probing the inside of her youthful mouth, I watch her ex boss as he went to say something but then decided not too.

Louise pulled her mouth from Emily and said lets go, Emily only had two small bags with her which she and Louise carried out of the shop and headed to the car with.

On my way out i told the owner of the cafe that it wasn't a pleasure to meet him, and if i ever hear back that he has said a bad word about Emily or said anything at all about any of us then he would be getting a not so nice visit from me in the future.

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I bid the fat fuck a good day and left. Once in the car, Emily in the back seat, Louise in the passenger side and me driving again, we both welcomed Emily to her new life. We filed her in on how the company works and how it all is done over the internet and by phone, how the money gets deposited and the wages gets paid, she needed to know this as she will be helping Louise do these things from now on. She was very grateful and extremely humble to both of us, Louise was getting herself excited again and i could see her fidgeting with the hem of her skirt, I told her to leave it alone, knowing that she wanted to Jill off again, she had to wait until we got back to the office and settle Emily into her new job.

Emily knew or had an idea of what we where talking about and said that she didn't mind what ever it was that Louise wanted to do in the front of the car because at the end of the day she was now working for us and felt as though she was owned by Louise anyway. "Music to my fucking ears" Louise said as she hoisted up her skirt and spread her legs,she was pulling her thong to one side when Emily asked if she could do anything to help.

Louise looked at me and I answered her, telling her that she will have plenty of chances to help both me and Louise out in the near future and just to sit back and relax and enjoy the sights and sounds coming from Louise, I told her she will get well used to it in time as i have done over the years and that it is just a habit Louise has had for years, fingering herself when ever she gets the chance, we all laughed together and enjoyed our trip back to Cavan, to the office as Louise played with herself the whole way back.