This cam show is my favorite full drug cum dumping hobby

This cam show is my favorite full drug cum dumping hobby
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Before the Shoot "Hey, Bill! Did you set up the lighting yet? Did anyone clean the set? Do we have condoms and water for the stars?" Two disgruntled no's and one slightly annoyed yes was thrown at the producer. "Dave, Dave, Dave.

You gotta calm down, I know you just came from bigshot Hollywood, but you gotta face the truth. You're producing a porno," remarked the big donged man. "I know, but I'll be damned if I don't try to keep some dignity of mine," Dave replied. "You and I both know we are way deep in this hole, and frankly, there is no such thing as dignity down here. At least go talk to the girls while you can. I need someone to clean my dick before we start." He said, while scoping the place for an attractive intern, "What time do we start, anyway?" Dave and the big donged man look around the set and see the crew drinking beers, laughing, and not doing an ounce of work.

"You probably have a couple hours of leisure," said Dave.

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In the meantime, Dave wandered the back of the building where the stars' dress rooms were located. "I guess I will get to know the girls. I mean, I do work with them," Dave thought. "Deandra's room! I know her." He knocked on the door that had a stereotypical star on it labeling the actress' name. "Hello, uh Deandra?" Dave asked with pseudo-confidence. "Yes?" she called from behind the closed door.

"Hi, its Dave, the producer." She opens the door revealing the robe-covered body behind the beautiful voice. Her hair, like coffee with a spoonful of cream mixed in, bounced with each word.

"Hi, Dave, what can I do you for?" Her voice is raspy and sexy, like a young Tara Reid. She has a spotless and wrinkle-less face, most likely from the makeup, but nonetheless, she has perfect skin. She has large blue eyes and a slightly pointed nose with soft pink lips that could cause her to be mistaken for an angel.

"For? I'll give you everything I got." Dave responded with quick-wit. She laughed, "You're funny. Come in, please." "Wow that's all it takes?" thought Dave. Dave follows the beautiful angel in to the room.

The robe she was wearing ends pretty early, right below the scoop of butt cheek. Dave tracked up and down Deandra's streamline legs. Just the sight of her beautiful toned legs got his cock stirring. "No, Dave jr. Down boy, down." Dave closed the door after him and Deandra turned around to face Dave. "So, Dave, What do you need." "Well, I just came to let you know that the set won't be ready for an hour or two." "Okay, that's good.

A couple hours of leisure is good for you. What else?" "That's it!" "Oh, that's good. Leisure time. Yay." "Yay." Deandra walks over to a lounge chair, sits down and picks up a magazine that she begins to read. "Mind if I sit?" asked Dave. "Sure." Deandra replied. Dave sat down across from her and grabbed a magazine as well. He opened the magazine and started to read, but something else caught his eye. Deandra's pussy. That short robe of hers is really impractical.

She had her feet up on the coffee table, so the robe scrunched up under her ass. Man that is a nice pussy. Perfect lips. Perfectly shaved. Talk about a photogenic pussy. Dave's cock started to gain substance. "Goddamnit." Dave thought to himself. He shifted, making so his cock is parallel to his leg. "Okay don't look at the pussy. Don't look at th-" He looked. Her pussy, perfectly smooth and well groomed, peaked out from her tightly closed legs.

The cup of her ass dipped inward, forming a little crack right below that sweet pussy of hers. "I wish I could stick my cock in that ass crack of hers," Dave thought to himself. He started getting harder. "Leisure time, heh." Said Dave awkwardly. "Yeah." Deandra causally replied. Deandra shifted causing her nipple to slip out from her robe.

The nipple was light pink. Quite tender looking. It had about a half an inch of areola surrounding the monumental nip. Dave caught notice instantly. He's watering from the mouth. His cock throbs, trying to break the barrier that is his pants. Dave looked at Deandra's face. She wasn't reading. She was staring directly at his cock. Deandra and Dave made eye contact. Dave's lip quivered as if he were to say something to break the awkwardness.

Deandra chimed in, "Why is your cock so hard, Dave?" Dave cleared his throat, "Well, you see, some specific regions of yours are a little exposed and-" Deandra interrupts, "Oh, you mean my pussy?" she says as she spreads her knees apart.

Dave is stunned. All he can do is let out a sigh of aesthetic ecstasy. She drops her magazine off to the side and gently glides her fingertips around her flat stomach as she wiggles her legs open and closed. "Since my pussy is completely exposed, why don't you make it fair?" she says, looking expectantly at Dave. Dave stands up, his rock hard cock throbs visibly, and starts undoing his pants. Deandra slides her hand down to her succulent pussy and very lightly rubs her outer lips as she watches Dave unzip and slowly pull his pants down.

Dave's raging hard six-inch cock springs out gasping for air. He throws his pants to the side and removes his shirt. "Look at that cock of yours!

You're definitely no pornstar." "I know its small." Dave said disheartened. "Small for a pornstar. Are you a pornstar?" "No." "You are normal in the real world." Said Deandra comfortingly. Deandra closes her legs and stands up. She puts on a sexy look and makes her way over to Dave.

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With each step she takes towards Dave, her hips sway from side to side. She kneels in front of Dave's cock and takes her time inspecting it. She slides her hands up Dave's thighs and up to his hard cock. She grabs it firmly and slowly strokes the head of his dick.

"I haven't seen a cock like this since college," she reminisced. "Is that a goo-" Dave interrupts himself with a lengthy moan. Deandra started sucking on his balls. Each one individually, making sure to coat it completely with saliva.

She tickles the shaft with the tip of her nose. She smells his penis, and proceeds to lick up his shaft to the tip of his dick. "I really like the size of your cock, look at this." Deandra proceeds to lay his cock flat on her face. "It ends a little past my forehead." She says with a giggle. Using her current position to her advantage, she licks her way up to the tip of Dave's cock.

Using her very agile tongue, she flicks the lips of his penis, causing Dave to jerk in pleasure. She sticks the tip of her tounge into the hole and removes it in a circular motion. Dave gasps. Deandra slowly strokes Dave's cock, and looks up to see how he feels.

Dave has his head back and eyes closed waiting for Deandra to perform. After a moment, she slides Dave's penis into her mouth encompassing the head of his cock. She sucks on it like a popscicle, making popping sounds each time she pulls off. She tickles the bottom of Dave's balls sending chills through his body causing him to moan. She then grips his balls and shoves his cock down her throat. With her tongue sticking out, she throat fucks him without gagging or choking.

Dave is in such utter bliss that he almost looses his balance. "Is it okay if I ask you to do things that I normally wouldn't ask other girls to do?" inquired Dave. As Deandra rubs Dave's cock against her lips, "I guess. What did you have in mind?" "Could you—I mean, I have never had anyone do this to me, ever—play with my ass?" Deandra thinks for a moment.


"I can do that." She gives Dave a mischievous smile while she strokes his cock with her right hand. She takes her left hand to the bottom of his ballsack, where the scrotum and skin meet.

Using her pointer finger, she slides her finger in and out his ass cheeks. With each stroke they share a moan. Deandra becomes increasingly hornier, and tugs on his cock harder and faster. Every time she passes by his asshole she gives him a little tickle. "How do you like that?" she asks, still pumping his cock. "If I new any better, I'd say I was dreaming," He moaned. Without a moments notice, she shoves the tip of her finger into his asshole. He lets out a huge moan and Deandra begins pumping and sucking his dick as if she were hydro-powered.

"If you keep on going I think I'm going to cum!" exclaims Dave. He pulls her hand out from his ass cheeks and rips her hand off his dick. "My turn." He stated almost menacingly. He walks behind her. Deandra has a little smirk on her face. Dave grabs a handful of hair and pulls her to her feet.

He mushes his cock into the crack of her cloth-covered ass. It fit in very snug, like a pocket. The inward portion of her ass cheeks clamped on to his dick leaving no room for air, only ass and cloth. This cloth feels extraordinary and knowing that his cock is in the crack of her ass turns him on even more. "What is this robe made out of?" he asks. "Its like moisturized silk or something. Why, does it feel good on your cock?" she asks as she begins bouncing her ass on the man's cock.

"Oh, dear god yes." He says faintly. "I have to see that ass of yours." With a single swift motion he pulls, from the shoulders down, the robe off of her. She stands completely exposed. He looks at her full, ripe ass. It looks too perfectly structured. Two perfect parabolic mounds, which push out and come back, making a beautiful cup at the bottom of her ass cheeks.

He reaches and grabs a big handful. It felt like a marshmallow, surprisingly not the rubbery consistency of silicon. He whispers in her ear, "God you have a nice ass." She smiles. He reaches his arms around and starts groping her pristine breasts. "Your breasts are the best size," Her flicks her nipples and licks her neck while slowly pumping his cock between her bare ass cheeks.

"That feels so good." Dave shivers. He puts his cock in between her legs. It snaps up against her pussy.

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Her warm cleanly shaved pussy lips wrap around his cock almost as if it were moving itself. "How wet is my pussy?" asks Deandra. "Its very wet." He replies confidently. "See, I don't need a big ol' cock to get turned on." She says with excitement. "I'm going to fuck you now," He says assertively, "Goddamn, You turn me on. Bend the fuck over." He pushes her onto the chair in front of them.

"No, get on the floor. Ass up." She moves over and lays her chest on the ground making her ass as high as possible. Dave, using both hands, spreads her soft ass cheeks apart exposing her perfectly round brown eye. He mashes his face into her ass. He licks around the asshole, feeling every ridge, every elevation and depression with the tip of his tongue. He moves on to her pussy. He spreads her pussy open takes a big lick from the clitoris all the way to her smooth butthole. Dave could feel her shiver as his tongue dragged along.

He sticks his tongue deep into her pussy and twirls it as he strokes her clit with his freehand. He licks her lips and then brings his off hand to her asshole and rubs it in a circular motion. He then takes his offhand and shoves his middle finger into Deandra's pussy. She moans. He brings his middle finger back to her asshole and shoves it in. He gives her pussy a few more licks and then sticks his tongue as deep as he can go as he rubs her clit.

With an ecstatic moan, Deandra pulls Dave's hair. He stops, cold turkey, and leans over and bites Deandra's back. "You're dirtier than most people I've ever worked with." She moaned.

"You are the only person to have ever let me do this." He responded. He grabs hold of his cock. He leans up and looks down at the beauty that awaits penetration.

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His nerves get the best of him. "I feel like I won't last long." He said nervously.


"Don't worry, the last guy I fucked lasted like 20 minutes. Can you believe it?" She laughed. "Oh… 20 minutes? Yeah, uh, no pressure." He hesitantly brought his dick up to her pussy.

"Seriously, don't worry." She said comfortingly. He started rubbing the head of his dick in between the the lips of her pussy. He felt the emanating warmth from her pussy.

"Mmmm that feels good." Moaned Deandra. Dave is reminded of his previous vigor and pounds his dick into her warm and wet pussy. She lets out a hushed yelp. He pulls his dick all the way out and thrusts it in as deep as he can possibly go. He lets out a long moan and hunches over her. "Im assuming you like the way my pussy feels?" "Yes. Very much so." Dave pants.

"Fuck me hard." She says under her breath, but loud enough so that Dave would hear. Without any warning, Dave starts pounding away, thrusting deep into Deandra, moaning riotously into her ear. She moans back. Dave leans up as is he continues gyrating his hips. Not even 30 seconds in, he could feel sensation of cumming. With each pump in and out of her warm, wet pussy, he could feel cum making its way up to the tip of his dick. Precum. Precum dripped out from the tip of his dick--a lot of it, too—and every drip came out with orgasmic presence.

He began pounding her harder and harder. "Let me get on top." Deandra told Dave. "Perfect timing I almost came." Dave said, mindlessly as he pulled out of her. "You almost came? Already?" Deandra sounded a little disappointed. "Oh, no, that came out wrong. I meant it as your pussy feels really good I wasn't going to cum." He said, saving his ass. "Okay good. Lay on your back." Dave lays on his back and Deandra stands up over him.

She casually lowers her self and makes it so that her pussy is lightly touching the shaft of his cock.

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She leans over and starts sucking on his nipple, slowly twirling her tongue around it. She rubs her pussy on his dick, slowly back and forth, swaying her hips methodically. She begins to moan and starts grinding harder causing Dave to moan under his breath. Deandra reaches down with her right hand and grabs the tip of his cock.

She strokes it with her thumb as she grinds on the lower shaft. "Oh my goodness. That warm pussy of yours!" he exclaims. Deandra smiles as she lifts Dave's cock upright and sticks it into the opening of her yearning pussy. Just the head. She moans, "I really love your dick. Sometimes I can't stand those 9 and 12 inchers I face everyday." She moves her hand and completely sits on Dave's hard cock penetrating deep inside of her. Dave could feel every ridge and fold of her vaginal wall in this position and his cock is completely coated with her wetness.

Every little movement caused an intense surge of orgasm through his body. "Deandra, damn. Damn you have a nice fucking pussy. Fuck me harder." He grabs Deandra's hips and slams her down on his cock. She belts out a long and hearty moan. The instant Dave did that he regretted it.

He wanted to savor this moment and make it last. But her pussy made it too hard to surmount his urge to cum. The cum in his balls starts a boiling, once again not even 30 seconds in. He grabs her tits and pinches her nipples as she fucks him like a rodeo bull. He was about to erupt like a volcano, their was no way to control his inevitable cum. He reaches out and forces her hips down on his cock, shouting, "I'm gonna come!" He lets his full load go deep inside of her, another load came directly after that, and one more to finish off the deal.

He twitched with pleasure as Deandra looked very upset, still sitting on his now softening penis. "Wow, that was climactic. Good job lasting 50 seconds." She said with heavy sarcasm. "What did you expect? I'm no pornstar. You fuck me like a pornstar, I'm still going to cum like a normal person." He said defending his pride.

He pushes Deandra off his cock and she falls on her side. Cum oozes out of her, and pools on her inner thigh. Dave stands up putting his pants and shirt back on. "So, we'll probably start filming in 30. Clean yourself up." "You asshole." She says and continues lying down. Feeling the cum oozing out of her pussy. "You came inside of me." She whispered in a panicky tone.

"I'm your producer, not your friend. Okay! Let's get ready for showtime. Chop Chop. Clean up get dressed let's go." He makes his way out the door yelling, "Goddamnit, Bill, You still haven't set up the damn lights!" THE END