Con la puta en un motel

Con la puta en un motel
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My Love Life Chapter 4 Jude and Eve After I broke up with Dottie, then Carrie, then Janice, I found a couple of great strippers Jude and Eve. I often went with the guys to a strip club to drown my sorrows and watch a great show. There were two gals that were strippers that worked at a club just a little bit down Main street.

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Jude was long and lanky, with beautiful mid-sized titties. She had beautiful dirty blonde hair. Eve was a slender and dark girl with dark hair. It looked like she grew up on an island in the pacific. These two ladies worked at a club called the Intimate Lounge as strippers or Go-Go dancers as they were called back then.

My two buddies at the time Rod and Robert and I would go to the lounge (or bar or pub as some of you know it as). We would drink our beer and watch the show. After a few months being there as regulars, we got to know some of the ladies that were giving us a show.

Eve and Jude would flirt with us, and even give us some special treatment. Jude would dance up to me and put her covered pussy in my face and rub her twat on my nose so I could bet a good smell. She smelled great. It smelled like candy. I got to know these two ladies quite well. One day while we were watching the show Jude came and sat on my lap, like she did on some nights.

She told me she had to move out of her apartment because she and Eve were evicted for making too much noise late at night. The lounge closed at 2 AM and after work, these ladies loved to party. She told me where she lived, and I recognized the apartment's name.

My father owned the building. I made a phone call to my father (he and my mom divorced and my mother re-married) and told him about the dilemma. I didn't want Jude and Eve to get evicted. My father wanted me to meet at the apartment so he could talk to the manager. I notified Jude and set the appointment.

While I was there the ladies dressed like the girl next door. The manager told my father that these ladies were having loud parties late into the night. Jude told my father that she was a waitress at a bar (not a stripper).

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She told him it wouldn't happen again. The manager let them stay in the apartment. A couple of days later Jude asked me if I could come over sometime, and I told her I could around lunch time on Saturday.

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When I got there, I discovered 4 strippers in the living room. Jude and Eve wanted to show their appreciation. The ladies invited me in. Eve went to the kitchen and came back with a beer. Meanwhile Jude and the other ladies were giggling and talking in one of the bedrooms. The two friends of Jude and Eve were very pretty. Three of the girls went into the bedroom and shut the door.

That left Eve and I in the living room. About 5 minutes later the 3 ladies came out of the bedroom wearing see through teddies. I don't even remember the other 2 girls names. I'll Just call them the blonde and the redhead. Hey that was 40 years ago, and I never saw these other 2 girls again after that night. They worked at a different club. Two ladies had thong underwear on, but Jude was completely naked under her see through gown. I could see her beautiful body right through the thin fabric.

She had her pussy completely shaved except a small strip over her pussy. She called it her landing strip. The 2 ladies came over to me and sat on each side of me. Eve started some music. Jude started to dance around and the girls that sat beside me started to rub me through my clothes. The one on my left side (The redhead) started to rub my now stiff pecker on the outside of my pants.

In just a few minutes the ladies pulled their thongs off. Now I could see two completely clean-shaven pussies. Their pussies glistened. I found out later they were wearing a special gel that had a taste and smell of candy.

The blonde on my right pulled the nightie up, stood in front of me and ground her twat into my face. I reached out and grabbed her by the hips and stuck out my tongue to lick her clit. She let out a moan. That gel smelled and tasted like Strawberry jam.


It made me lick and suck harder. The redhead on my left reached between the blonde and myself and unzipped my zipper. She pulled out my stiff rod and was giving me a hand job. Meanwhile Eve and Jude were dancing to the music. Eve lit up a joint and passed it around. I took a couple hits from it and allowed the other girls do whatever they wanted to me. Jude pushed the blonde out of the way, so she was in front of me.

The blonde huffed off for a minute and went to the kitchen to get more drinks.

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Jude took off my glasses and set them on the coffee table. She then pushed me back on the couch and jumped up and placing her feet on the couch. She then bent her knees to feed her pussy to my face. That was the smell that I was quite used to at the lounge.

It was the Cotton candy smell. For those of you that are in Europe, that is known as candy floss. It tasted sweet as I devoured Jude's twat. On my left side the redhead started to pull down my jeans and underwear. Now with that my dick was standing straight up. Jude lowered herself onto my firm dick, as the redhead aimed my dick to her heavenly hole. After a few minutes I told Jude, "I'm getting close to cumming". She slid down my dick and held it there for a minute. My sensation slowly went away.

Jude started to ride me again and she let out a loud squeaky moan. She was still riding me, and I shot out my gobs of semen into her twat. After shooting my load deep into Jude, she climbed down, and the redhead took hold of my now shrinking rod and started to lick off the cum still left on me.

She then lowered her mouth over my cock and sucked me dry. After a few minutes of the redhead giving me the best blowjob, I have ever had, I was hard again. By that time the blonde was sitting on my right and wanted to share my dick with the redhead. Both girls licked up each side of my now stiff manhood, and they kissed each other using their tongues.

The blonde stood up and leaned over the couch with her ass in the air. Jude said, "Rex fuck that blonde bitch good". With that the blonde gave Jude a dirty look and gave me a naughty smile and wiggled her finger as if to say come here. Between the weed, sex, and beer; when I got up, I was light headed. I staggered over to the blonde and shoved my cock into her very wet pussy.

She moaned, "Take me".


And that I did. She pushed back against my rod as I jack-hammered that pussy. The blonde was quite vocal. She almost screamed, "FUCK ME HARD" "MAKE ME CUM" and "I WANT YOU TO FILL ME UP".

Until then I never heard another woman be that vocal when I fucked her. Most of the time with other girls I fucked we were quiet because we were around other people. I was spent. I couldn't move for about an hour. Later Eve's black boyfriend came over and looked at the sight of Jude, the redhead, and the blonde (Still don't remember their names) and looked at me in just my boxers and asked, "Did you fuck all these girls"?

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I answered, "No only these three" pointing at the redhead, the blonde, and Jude. Eve interjected, "They wanted to reward him for letting us stay in our apartment". "His dad owns the building". About that time the ladies had to get ready to go to work at the lounge. I drove home with a smile on my face.

I parked my pick-up at home under the cotton wood tree and climbed into the back to take a nap. About an hour later my brother came out and woke me up for dinner. After dinner I received a phone call from Jude.

She asked me to come to her apartment. She told me, "Come on over and keep me company." Then in a whisper she said, "Eve has to work, but I have the night off." I got in my Pick-up truck and went to her apartment.

When I got there Jude was on the porch in her bikini having a cigarette. I sat with her and had a smoke with her. After about half an hour later she led me up to her apartment, and to her room. She had sheets on her bed that were the American Flag pattern.

Several different USA flags in history starting with the 13 stars and stripes. Jude pushed me down on the bed and we started making out.

When we kissed our tongues flickered in and out of each other's mouth. Both tongues were in my mouth in one second then both tongues were in her mouth.

My dick instantly got hard as a rock. She unzipped me and pulled out my stiff rod and started to jack me off. I undid the snap and pulled my pants down.

Jude took my cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head of my prick. She pulled my rod out and I let out a disagreeable grunt. She then took her top and bikini bottom off. She asked, "Can you spend the night with me?" I quickly made a phone call to my house.


My mom answered. I told her, "I am at Robert's house and we have had a little too much to drink." Then I exclaimed, "I will sleep on his couch and see you tomorrow morning." She asked, "Do you want me to pick you up?" I said no that I was still having fun.

With that we said goodnight and goodbye and hung up. Jude and I fucked 3 times that night. When I awoke, I noticed it was 8 o'clock in the morning. I was late for church. I quickly put on my clothes from the day before. I went home in enough time to change my clothes and get to church. My mom drove and I slept I the car on the way to church.

I was never invited back to the apartment again after that night. Jude found a guy and started dating him. She never told me who it was, but 30 years later I went to a topless bar in another town long after the Intimate lounge was closed, and the building was torn down.

I saw and met up with Doug that was the owner of the Intimate lounge so many years ago. I asked, "What happened to Jude?" He responded, "I married the bitch and divorced her around ten years ago." Now I know who the guy was.

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