New comer masseuse railed by her client

New comer masseuse railed by her client
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Part 1, As Greg Mathews watched his little girl, Madison, as she lapped up the last remnants of her ice-cream, he was sure she had no idea that the reason she thought it tasted different from usual this time was because her daddy had shot his cum into her ice-cream dish before making hers.

Her daddy had been wanting to feed his little girl some of his cum directly from his cock for as long as he could remember, but he also didn't want to traumatize his beautiful daughter. So he had decided that the best way to get what he wanted and still not have his little girl need therapy was to sneak his cum into her food. And he promised himself that it would be just this one time.

"Daddy, I don't know what you did different this time, but that was delicious! You need to make it that way every time from now on!" Now there was no getting out of it for Greg.

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If he couldn't reproduce the ice-cream the same way next time she wanted it, and every time after that, she or her mother would want to know exactly what the cream he added was!

"It's just my secret cream sauce. Glad you liked it Madison." Then little Madison, whom hated to be called by any of the usual nick-names for a girl with her name, jumped up from the table, put her dish in the washer, and headed for the door.

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"I'm going over to Becky's house. I'll be back by dinner time." She hated being called any variation of Mad.

She felt it was like being called insane. She was a freckle faced, 5' 5" young girl, with flame-red hair and the energy of a Tasmanian devil. She kind of looked like Lindsay Lohan back when she was still young and innocent. She knew what she liked, and what she didn't like, and now that she had said she liked the new way her daddy served her ice-cream, he knew she would never settle for any other way, at least not when he makes it.

But at least Greg wouldn't need to worry about her mother finding out. They had been divorced since Madison was only 4 years old, and she almost never cared what happened when Madison spent her weekends and half her summer vacation at Greg's, as long as Madison was happy, and didn't have any complaints. .

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. .

. Madison couldn't believe it. When she had been watching her favorite morning program, she had heard her daddy rummaging around in the kitchen. Curious, she had gone to see what he was doing, and when she poked her head around the corner, her daddy was standing at the table with his eyes closed, rubbing his penis, while he aimed it into one of two ice-cream dishes he had on the table. She had quickly decided to stay hidden and watch what he was doing, as she had never seen anyone doing what her daddy was doing right then, but she was sure it was naughty.

And after he stroked his penis, which had gotten stiff in his hand, for a few minutes he suddenly said "Oh, Madison.


That's a good girl. Swallow all of daddy's cream, like a good little girl." Just as his 6 inch cock began to twitch and spit this white creamy liquid into the dish. She realized that he would probably be opening his eyes at any moment, and so quickly decided to hurriedly sneak back to the living room before she was seen. Her mind was doing cartwheels as she wondered what her daddy had been doing to himself in the kitchen.

Why was his penis so hard?

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What the white stuff that shot out of it was? Why he shot it into the ice-cream dish? And, why her cunny felt funny when she saw it. As these thoughts raced through her mind she could hear her daddy open and close the fridge, and it sounded like he was prepping a snack. Then Madison suddenly remembered what her daddy had said just before he shot his white stuff into the dish. He wanted her to swallow the 'cream' that had come from his penis, and if she did, that would make her his 'good little girl'.

He must be getting a snack for her ready, and adding his cream to it. Well, she was always daddy's little girl, and wanted her daddy to always see her as a good little girl. So as strange as it was, she decided then and there that she would do her best to swallow all of daddy's cream. And so, when daddy had called her to the kitchen for a snack, she jumped right up and ran to the kitchen.

As she sat in front of her dish and raised her spoon, she only hesitated for a moment before saying "Thank you daddy. I'm gonna be a good girl and eat all my ice-cream." and then diving into the treat. It actually tasted pretty good.

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It was French Vanilla ice-cream, which was her favorite, and her daddy's cream actually helped enhance the flavor. By the end of the treat, she couldn't understand why her daddy hadn't been giving her his cream before this. She even made sure to lick the dish clean of all the melted cream, as well as her daddy's cream. She decided right then that she would ask her best friend, Becky, if she was a good little girl for her daddy, like Madison was, and swallowed her daddy's cream.

She had already been planning to spend the day at Becky's house, and was ready to go even before breakfast and her morning shows had started.


So after finishing her daddy's creamy treat, she thanked her daddy, took care of the dish, and quickly excused herself. As Madison walked to Becky's front door, she couldn't believe that she had never had her daddy's delicious cream before this morning. End Part 1 Part 2 Becky was in the middle of her morning routine. She did the same thing every morning for as long as she could remember. First, she would dart out of her bed, still naked as a jay bird, and make a bee line for the bathroom to empty her bladder.

Then she would tip toe to her parent's door, and see if her parents were still asleep. They almost always were.


She knew they slept nude too, and it wasn't odd in her home for her to see them both naked, or for them to see her naked for that matter. First she noted with a smile that her daddy once again had 'morning wood', and she could see it tenting the bed sheet. Her mommy had told her once that most men would wake up to find they were all stiff, and that a lucky female could try to get there before he awoke to try to have some fun with it.

When she was younger, she would go to mommy's side of the bed and wake her first, and ask if she could join them in bed. Her mommy always smiled and said she could. Then would notice her husband's condition and say "Well I'm not going to let this go to waste. Want to watch mommy wake up daddy?" and Becky would always giggle and nod her head. Then she would watch her mommy pull the sheet down and start to suck on daddy's 'morning wood'. Inevitably her daddy would wake up with a big smile on his face and hold her mommy's hair to control her speed as she bobbed up and down on his shaft.

When he eventually opened his eyes, and would see Becky sitting there watching, he would almost automatically shoot his creamy goo into mommy's mouth. When Becky got a little older, her mommy asked her if she wanted to help her wake up daddy for the first time. With eager enthusiasm, she had fallowed her mommy's instructions and licked all along the shaft for her while she used her tongue to tickle the head.

That day was the first time she got to see the creamy goo fly right out of her daddy's 'morning wood' and cover both her and her mommy's faces and tongues.

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It was her favorite treat after that. Now though, she would often find herself racing to get to her daddy's 'morning wood' before her mommy.

She recently learned she could get her daddy's shaft all the way to her tonsils before needing to stop, but her daddy's shaft would only be a little way into her mouth before she had to use her hand to rub the rest and get her daddy's cream.

Then her mommy taught her to try to shove her daddy's cock, as her mommy had started calling it, past her tonsils and into her throat. But even now, she couldn't take it very deep unless she lay on her back and let her daddy pump his hips to drive it into her. But she always made her daddy promise that when he did that, he would pull back so the head rested at her lips before he shot his cream, because she wanted to taste every drop.

Today, Becky had just gotten a mouth full of her daddy's cream and had thanked him with a peck on the cheek. Then as she darted out of the room she said, "Madison is supposed to come over this morning so I better get ready.", and grabbed a towel before heading to the bathroom for a shower.

Her daddy then turned to mommy who had been masturbating while she watched her husband throat fuck their little girl, and said, "I'm the luckiest man on the planet. I have a beautiful wife, and an equally beautiful daughter, and they both love to wake me up by sucking my cock till I fill their mouths with my cum. How did I get so lucky as to have a wife that was turned on by the idea of teaching our daughter to want her daddy's cum?" "Well, it helps that you decided to marry me even after you found out that I enjoyed sucking my daddy's cum from his cock every chance I got.

And I'm not going to deny my daughter something I enjoyed so much as a young girl." Richard then moved his cock into position and gave his wife Marie a thorough fucking, before they both got up and ready for their daughter's friend to come over for her visit.

End Part 2