Tearing up your ass with my big strapon

Tearing up your ass with my big strapon
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This is my first ever attempt at erotica so constructive comments are encouraged and appreciated. Please let me know what you think! "Don't do it Julia." After a second, Julia pried her eyes away from the door and looked back at me where I sat on the couch next to her.

"Don't do what?" she asked innocently averting her eyes again. "Don't go throwing yourself at Jackson!" I said. To her credit, Julia didn't bother playing ignorant again.

It was obvious that she was into Jackson from how she always talked about him. She just stared back at the door through which Jackson had just left and sighed. "I know." "Know what?" I scoffed. "Know that it's a violation of university housing contract to bang your roomie or that doing so is just an overall horrendous idea whether it's against the rules or not?" "He's not my roommate," she argued. "He's my suitemate. We have different rooms and bathrooms and everything." "It's still living with him.

You share a living space and see him with bedhead and no shirt often enough that it would still be a disaster if things ended badly between you two." "You don't know what it's like!" She wined with a dramatic throw of her arms.

"You couldn't sleep with anyone you lived with if you tried!" I didn't try to argue. She was right. My roommate, Heather, and I were both straight, so she and I wouldn't even be on each other's radar, but the boys I shared a kitchen and living room with were no more accessible to me. Vincent was so enamored with his long-time girlfriend that he drove across the country at least once a month just to see her, so he was a no go even if he was my type.

Eric on the other hand was totally my type and hot to boot. When I first met the boys on move-in day, I thought it would be hard not to get hung up on my new neighbor. Eric's tussled black hair, blue eyes, and tall, toned body wrapped in fitted jeans and a black t-shirt had made me hyper-aware of my unflattering clothing and the smell of car and sweat that clung to me after my 7 hour drive between my home town and the college.

After I was finally done moving all of my stuff up to my new room, I had made quick work of showering and changing from my basketball shorts and baggy t-shirt and put on a nice summer dress in the hopes of making a better second impression. The four of us had opted to grab pizza to get to know each other and I learned quickly that Eric was more than just a pretty face and a hot body.

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He was also smart, passionate, talented, and successful. For God's sake he was already the owner of his own successful small business at just 22! Who WOULDN'T find this guy totally doable?

His boyfriend Gavin seemed to agree with me. On the up side, I wouldn't be tempted to break my housing contract. Right? On the downside, I still couldn't help but drool over Eric even if, though he was totally my type, I didn't even have the right parts to be his. I groaned to myself remembering all the times Eric didn't bother to put a shirt on before wandering into the living area.

All those chiseled ridges and edges that made up his hard abdomen and defined pecs made me want to lick him all over.


I had to remind myself constantly that he's not only taken, but gay. Julia laughed bringing me back to the present. "Poor Lanie and her busted up gaydar.

Remind me again how you COULDN'T tell Eric was gay? That man might as well wear a rainbow flag around.

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It's so obvious he's into men though he's a little less… struts and glitter than Gavin." "Shut it Julia. You know I've never been good at noticing these things." "That's true. Remember when you accidentally went on a date with that one girl and didn't realize it until you had her tongue down your throat?" Julia's words were becoming harder and harder to understand through her uncontrollable giggles, but I understood well enough to start getting annoyed.

"I'm leaving," I said standing to go. "You said you could have sworn that Eric was checking you out that first week too. Remember?" At that point, Julia was almost literally rolling on the couch howling in laughter. "And then you met Gavin and-" I let the door to her room slam shut between us before she could finish.

I stalked down the hall and let myself into my own dorm, still brooding in embarrassment, until I crashed into something hard right in the doorway. "Woah there," A deep voice crooned. "Careful now." I looked up to see Eric's bright blue eyes staring down at me with mirth. I could feel my cheeks heating up, so I quickly looked down again.

"Don't do that," he said, grabbing my chin and lifting my face until I looked up at him again. "Watching your feet is how you got yourself into this situation." It wasn't until that moment that I realized my "situation" of the moment was me pressed right up against the most infuriatingly unattainable guy on the planet.

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Awareness of where exactly his body touched mine raced to mind and I could feel my face, and a far more intimate part of me, burn even hotter. I was about to say something when a flamboyant cry came from behind Eric. "Oh Eric! Babe, did you find another little birdy for us to adopt?" I looked over Eric's shoulder to see Gavin lounging on the couch, a video game controller in his hands.

He quickly sat up when he saw me. Eric looked over his shoulder too, "Even better" he called. Then he looked back at me "it's a birthday birdy." "It's your birthday?" Gavin cried. "Why didn't you tell us?" Then he jumped off the couch and sauntered over to where Eric and I stood in the doorway. Thankfully, it was then that Eric dropped my chin and stepped back a few feet to let his boyfriend get to me, and my body relaxed a bit from the stiff position stress, shock, and arousal had left me in.

Gavin pushed past Eric in the tiny entry way and gave me a hug "Happy birthday Lanie. We simply must celebrate." "That's why I didn't tell you, Gav.

I didn't tell anyone. I didn't want to celebrate." Gavin leaned back to look at me, arms still wrapped around me "Why ever not dear? You and the day you came into this world certainly sound like reason enough to celebrate!" "Yeah," Eric chimed in. "How old are you turning anyway?" I thought about lying, knowing that telling the truth would result in Gavin, and maybe even Eric, making an even bigger deal out of the day than they already were.

Then I thought better of it. Even though Eric and I had only known each other for a few months at this point, we were already really close friends and he knew me well. He'd know I was lying, so really, what's the point? "21" I grumble under my breath. "21!" Gavin exclaims. "And here I thought you were only 19. That's probably for the best.

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20 is really only the hand job of birthdays anyway." Then Gavin turned to Eric "You know what we need to do then. Don't you?" Eric smiled sympathetically at me when he saw my look of exhaustion, but he let Gavin prattle on about his elaborate plan anyway. He could tell that I was dreading the idea of getting all dressed up and going clubbing or bar hopping, and I'm sure I looked almost murderous when talk of a birthday tiara was brought up.

It wasn't until Gavin mentioned a male strip club that Eric finally stepped in. "Gav, maybe it would be better if we just stayed in tonight. We can present Delanie a selection of different ways to get drunk off her ass, and she can get wasted in the privacy and safety of her own home. Yeah?" It was a compromise we could all agree on and a few hours later we were all drunk. Apparently Gavin was more drunk than Eric or I because when he finally passed out on the couch and started snoring, we could tell that he wasn't going anywhere for the rest of the night.

"Hey," Eric said coming down to sit on the floor next to me after cleaning up most of the empty cups and food wrappers. "You wanna just watch a movie now or something?" I looked over at Gavin before looking back to Eric with a smile.

"I would. Lord knows I'm not tired, but I'd rather not sit on the floor, and it doesn't look like Gavin is going to me giving us any space." "We can go in my room" Eric suggested.

"Vince is out of town until Sunday night, and I've got Netflix on my laptop anyway." I thought for a minute, my fuzzy, alcohol-addled brain taking longer than usual to think things through, then agreed. We both stood, me a little less steady than Eric, and went into his room.

I'd been in there plenty of times before. My roommates and I had an open-door policy for the most part, but it felt different being in there with the lights off and the door closed so the movie didn't bother Heather or Gavin. Eric and I sat next to each other, our legs tangled together, as was usual for when we watched movies together. Maybe it was the warm feeling left over from the fireball shots I did earlier, but the whole thing felt more intimate than it was supposed to, and even with the movie playing I felt the need to talk, so I asked him something we often asked each other when we were talking just the two of us.

"Will you tell me a secret?" He thought for a minute before answering "only if you tell me a secret first." I laughed, but as him making me go first was also common practice, I agreed. "What kind of secret?" I asked. "Tell me a secret secret, something you need to be drunk to tell me." I laughed again. "All my secrets are 'secret secrets'" I argued. "What's the difference?" "The difference is that I want you to tell me a secret you didn't even consider telling me until now and would only ever tell me because you're either too drunk to talk yourself out of saying it, or you've been drinking enough to blame it on the alcohol tomorrow and every day after." His eyes never left mine throughout his entire explanation and they seemed to bore into me like they could find the exact secret he was referring to just by looking.

"I think you're amazingly hot and I've dreamt about you fucking me since the day I met you," I blurted before I slapped my hand over my mouth. Eric didn't look horrified like I thought he would.

At first he looked mildly shocked, but even that went away after a second leaving only… heat in his eyes. Heat? The look confused me, but I tore my eyes away anyway more glad than ever than my tan skin and the darkness of the room were concealing the blush that was probably consuming my whole body. After a few awkward seconds of silent, I looked back at him.

"Now tell me your secret," I demanded in an attempt to change the topic and distract from my humiliating admission.

He still didn't say anything though, and I was about to hurry his thought process when his hands were suddenly holding my head and his lips were pressed harshly to mine.

I gasped in shock and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue between my parted lips. Confusion, shock, and lust wared in me as my tongue wared with his, my body seemingly oblivious to the battle raging in my mind.

It reacted automatically driven by my desire for him or the alcohol. Probably both.


My fingers tangled in his hair as I let him slowly lean me down onto my back with him on top of me. Our kiss was all fierce, booze-fueled passion and no finesse or actual skill, but neither of us seemed to care. In fact, there seemed to be little thinking at all going on between the two of us.

His hands traveled down from my head to grab at my breasts which elicited a moan from me, though the sound was swallowed by another of his kisses. Then they moved again directly to the hem of my shirt. I lifted so he could tug the soft cotton up my body and relinquished my hold on him so he could pull it off and over my head. I didn't see where he tossed it. I was too distracted by the blazing heat that lit his usually soft blue eyes as he took in my exposed skin.

It only lasted a few seconds though before we reached for each other again. Him to grab my boobs again and me to pull up the hem of his shirt to run my hands over the hard abs I knew it covered. Getting the idea, he pulled his shirt off the rest of the way and let it join my shirt in location unknown. When he didn't immediately lean back down to press our body's together the way I craved, I reached for the only thing on him I could really grab onto, the hem of his pj pants.

Though it wasn't what I intended by the move, I didn't complain when he removed them and his boxers instead. I realized only then that Eric was not only well endowed, but he looked as ready for what we were about to do as I was. Part of my brain was yelling that this was wrong, that we shouldn't have been doing this. It reminded me that Eric shouldn't even want to be doing this, but I couldn't concentrate long enough to figure out why either was the case. In all honesty, in that moment, I didn't even want to know.

All I wanted was exactly what I was looking at. Eric and his long, hard dick. Having made up my mind, I quickly finished stripping and had barely finished when Eric's big body came over my and I felt the delicious sensation of his hard cock pressing into my pussy. Though there was little foreplay or pretense involved, I was still soaking wet and he slid right in with one hard thrust until he was buried to the hilt inside me.

I felt the head hit somewhere deep inside of me that had never been touched before and though the new feeling hurt a bit, my eyes still rolled back in ecstasy. We both let out a groan of pleasure just sitting there a minute to feel each other, him inside me and me enveloping him.

Then he pulled back until he was almost all the way out before slamming back in. Like our kiss, there was little finesse or skill involved in our coupling. It wasn't sweet or slow.

There were no fancy tricks or extra this or that. We didn't even talk. It was just simple, raw, dirty, rough, animalistic fucking. And I loved it.

It wasn't long until I felt my orgasm begin to build. I tried to hold it back, if only so nothing would pull me away from that moment and the incredible way Eric felt ramming into me, but I couldn't stop it. My back bowed, my eyes squeezed shut, my pussy clenched, and my nails clawed into the sheets beneath me looking for something to hold onto as I cried out in orgasm. My scream wasn't very loud, but Eric still clamped his hand over my mouth to muffle the sound further in his mostly quite bedroom.

When I finally came down from my spectacular orgasm, I opened my eyes to find Eric propped up and leaning over me.

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I couldn't figure out why he was looking at me that way before he pulled out of me. I would have protested if he hadn't immediately flipped me over, hauled my ass into the air and shoved back into me. He was just as rough with me as he had been the first time, though now he moved at a much more leisurely pace. Despite his milder tactic this time, I was still sensitive from my orgasm and it felt like no time at all until I was primed and ready to come again, but this time I wanted him to come with me.

It was time to amp it up a bit. I began to match his rhythm, pushing my body with my arms and meeting him thrust for thrust. When I managed to keep that up pretty consistently, I started to add a little swivel to my hips on every back stroke. It must have done the trick because what little restraint he had managed to collect earlier had shattered and he was once again slamming into me at a delectably punishing rate.

He must have known I was close again because he reached down and pulled me up by my hair until I was sitting up kneeling in front of him, his front pressed to my back before he once again covered my mouth with his hand.

With his other hand he gave my nipple a rough tweak and that was it. I came again, harder this time and my scream louder, but as I hoped, I wasn't alone.

Eric came too, his hips giving one last thrust before I felt his cock pulse and his warm cum filling me in long spurts. He let out the beginnings of a shout before he bit down on my shoulder to muffle his sounds of release as he had muffled mine. I smiled when he a bit harder when I flexed my pussy muscles to make sure I got every last drop. Exhausted, we both collapsed to the bed and I was passed out seconds later. Fuck, my head hurt. And it was too damn hot.

I pried my eyes open to find out why it felt like I was getting cozy with an electric blanket and almost screamed in shock at what I found instead.

So it wasn't a dream. It must not have been, because only actually drunkenly sleeping with my gay and taken suitemate would result in me waking up in his bed, naked, and cuddled up next to him with his DICK STILL INSIDE ME! Panic washed over me as I fought to stay quite. I could not wake him up. Waking him up and finding out just how much he too regretted last night would only make this whole thing at least ten times worse.

Twenty times worse if he was as disgusted as I feared he might be by the idea of sleeping with a girl at all regardless of relationship status and living situation. I'll just leave, and if he even remembered last night, we could just pretend it never happened. Plan set, I did my best to move him as little as possible as I slipped from his arms and his bed.


I tried not to notice how cold and empty I felt without him around and inside of me. It had felt so right waking up next to him.

I just couldn't get over how wrong it was at the same time. I knelt on the floor feeling around until I found my clothes and my phone, the only things I had when I went into his room the night before.

Thankfully none of them were particularly hard to find even in the dark. Then I dressed quickly and slipped out of his room, through the living area, and into my own room, more thankful than I had ever been for anything to find both Gavin and Heather both sound asleep for every second of my walk of utter shame. Chapter 2 coming soon