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Ebony Breast Cancer Survivor Shakes Her Big Ass At Gaz Station
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Battered Lamp by mypenname3000 Chapter Thirty-Seven: Six Shall Be One Copyright 2015 Note: Thanks to b0b and Scotstigger for beta reading this. Cast of Characters Main Characters Kyle Unmei Jr.: Half-Japanese/Half-Kurdish owner of Aaliyah and wielder of Earthbones. Captured when he tried to rescue his mother from Rashid. Imprisoned with Christy in Sahabah. Aaliyah Unmei: A Jann sent to marry the prophesied savior of the Djinn. Kyle's First Wife. Reunited with Kyle.

Fatima Unmei : Kyle's younger sister and wife, wielder of Fireheart. Christy Unmei nee Leonardson: Kyle's long-time girlfriend turned third wife. A witch who follows Ishtar and wields Shadowedge. Captured with Kyle in Sahabah. Fumi Unmei nee Nakamura: Kyle's fourth wife.

A succubus-like Yuki-onna and wielder of Windfeather. She is blind. Britney Kingston: Kyle's best friend since elementary school. She is a Rakshasa and has sworn to defend Kyle. She is a hermaphrodite and has claimed Phillipa as her mate. Wielder of Waterclaw. Enemies Sultan Rashid ibn al-Marid: The despotic ruler of the Djinn and leader of the Marid clan.

Wants Aaliyah dead to thwart the prophecy. Forced to accept the marriage with Faiza to stop Kyle. Killed by his son and Hecate. Hecate: The Dark Goddess that both Ms. Franklin and Burke served. Sent a familiar to seize Faiza's soul when she died. Hecate has possessed Faiza and approached Rashid for an alliance. Manipulated Makerah to kill his own father when Hecate realized Rashid would not be controlled. Faiza Unmei: Kyle and Fatima's widowed mother. Killed by Burke. Her soul was stolen by a familiar of Hecate.

Resurrected by Hecate as an instrument of the Dark Goddess's vengeance against Kyle. Hecate has possessed Faiza. Married to Rashid as part of Hecate's plan. Makerah: An Unbound Marid, a Djinn that has violated the Laws of his people and escaped punishment through a dark ritual.

A servant of Sultan Rashid and his son. Hecate, through Faiza, has enhanced Makerah. He has killed his father and claimed the Sultanate. Sheikh Tariq ibn al-Ghul: Sheikh of the vile Ghul. Rashid has contacted Tariq, alerting the Ghul of Kyle's plan to free Kalila from Jabal al-Dhukan in Ghul territory.

Aljihm: An Unbound Ifrit and servant of Sultan Rashid.

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Killed by Kyle and Britney during the attack on Khoshilat Maqandeli. Aalizunah: An Unbound Si'lat and servant of Sultan Rashid. Ordered to hunt down Aaliyah and Zaritha and kill them. Slain by Britney. Jowdah: An Unbound Ghul and servant of Sultan Rashid. Killed by Zaritha. Khiana: An Unbound Jann. Once a bitter rival to Sultan Rashid but now a servant of the Sultan. Ordered to hunt down Aaliyah and Zaritha and kill them. Revealed to be Aaliyah's father.

Killed by Christy, Fumi, and Fatima during the attack on Khoshilat Maqandeli. Ms. Franklin: The deceased servant of Burke and leader of the coven. Also known as Celestite. Principal Burke: The identity assumed by Alphonse of Toulouse, a nine-hundred-year-old knight. A warlock serving Hecate. Killed by Kyle. Concubines Chyna Unmei nee Coel: Kyle's first concubine. Ms. Franklin cast a spell on Kyle and Chyna, forcing them into a slave/master relationship. Shannon Unmei nee Coel: Chyna's hot mom and Kyle's second concubine.

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Alexina Unmei nee Kendrick: Blonde concubine. Carla Unmei nee Tyler: Redhead concubine. Antoinette "Toni" Unmei nee Buckley: Cheerleader concubine. Daniella "Ms. Capello" Unmei nee Capello: Kyle's English teacher and concubine. Lois Unmei nee Smilingfox: A lesbian Domme that serves Kyle as a concubine.

Ann Unmei nee Weaver: Fatima's friend and strawberry-blonde hair. Kayleah Unmei nee Peterson: Fatima's bleached blonde concubine and former rival. Teleisia Unmei nee Otis: Aaliyah's African American concubine. Phillipa Kingston nee Stoddard: Former member of Ms.

Franklin's coven where she was known as Jade. Captured by Britney, Phillipa submitted to Britney and became her mate, discovering that she is a masochist. Mindy Unmei nee Stoneking: A nurse at the hospital where Fatima is sick and Kyle's newest concubine. Sable Unmei nee Purcell: Also known as Tourmaline, she was a member of Ms. Franklin's witch coven. While fighting with Christy, she was hit by a Love Elemental's attack and now completely loves Christy. Zaritha Unmei: An Ifrit serving the despotic ruler of the Djinn and sent to kill Aaliyah.

After saving Aaliyah, she now serves Kyle as a faithful concubine. Naila & Tarah Unmei: Twin sisters and daughters of Hawaa. These two Si'lat are hermaphrodites and submit to Fumi as her concubines, betraying their mother's plot to enslave Kyle. Hawaa Unmei nee binti al-Si'lat: Former ruler of the Si'lat Djinn. She tried to dominated Kyle, but he prevailed and made her his concubine.

Other Characters Sheikh Umar ibn al-Jann: Aaliyah's father. Believed dead, but really he became the Unbound Jann Khiana. Murder his son and heir to trap Kyle and kill his daughter Aaliyah.

Killed by Christy, Fumi, and Fatima during the attack on Khoshilat Maqandeli. Kalsom binti Abdullah: An old Jann woman that made the Kalsomid Prophecy, setting into motion Aaliyah's sleep in the lamp.

Ishtar: The Goddess of Magic Christy, Sable, and Phillipa now serve. Sarai: The daughter of Rashid. She is angry at her father and helps Kyle, pledging the Marid's support to his rule if he overthrows Rashid. Sayid: The Vizier to Sheikh Sihab ibn Jann.

Helped Khiana and Aljihm to attack Kyle. Now he is the regent for Sihab's son. Sheikh Haleem ibn al-Ifrit: Ruler of the Sheikh. Kyle returned his beloved wife Kalila to him, and Haleem has sworn the Ifrit to Kyle's service. Sheikha Kalila: Wife of Haleem and rescued by Kyle and returned to her husband. <div align="center">Six Shall be one, the Marid defeated. In the lands of the West shall be born our salvation, The Blood of Sultans and Warriors flows through his veins, Four wives and countless lovers shall he possess; the appetite of sultans.

If you wish freedom for the Djinn, send a daughter of Jann, slumbering in a brass lamp, to wife, She shall guide him to his champions and gird them for battle. Six shall be one, the Marid defeated. The Warrior of the Earthen Sword, whose youthful inexperience conceals the strength of a Sultan; The Consort of the Brass Lamp, whose meek obedience obfuscates the will of a Sultana; The Consort of the Fiery Spear, whose playful petulance hides the desires of depravity; The Consort of the Arcane Grimoire, whose innocent beauty obscures the powers of darkness; The Consort of the Airy Bow, whose calm demeanor cloaks the fury of storms; The Companion of the Watery Dagger, whose deep intellect masks the hunger of predators.

Six shall be one, the Marid defeated. In the Lands of the West shall our salvation arise, Their trials will be many, their conflicts fierce, Their enemies will beset them on all sides, hidden behind masks of authority, The darkness grows, hungering for power; guard well the daughter of Jann, freed from a brass lamp, Through blood and tears shall they be forged.

Six shall be one, the Marid defeated. In the lands of the West shall be born our salvation.</div> The Kalsomid Prophecy Saturday, January 29th Sahabah, The Hidden Realm Kyle had failed his mother, Christy, and all his wives. He stared up at the diamond ceiling of his jail cell. The diamonds prevented any teleportation in and out of this room. Beyond the diamond walls were sapphire ones, blocking any telepathy. He couldn't summon his sword if he wanted to, or even speak to Aaliyah.

Kyle and Christy were going to spend the rest of their lives in this cell. It may be richly appointed, decked out with all the luxuries of home, but that didn't change the fact it was still a prison.

Christy's head rested on his chest. He didn't understand why she wasn't furious with him. He had led her into this trap. He hadn't listened to Britney or her arguments against this plan. He had been so certain that he was better than Rashid. That he could pop in, grab his mother, and escape. But she hadn't really been his mother. Some spell still dominated Faiza, forcing her to aide Rashid. Muffled voices came through the diamond door of his cell.

They grew louder, shouting. Kyle tensed, sitting up. "What?" Christy asked, blinking her hazel eyes in surprise. "Have you thought of something?" Another muffled shout. Kyle did not like the sound of that. He quickly rose, standing before Christy and falling into an aikido stance. He wasn't completely defenseless without his sword.

He had been trained in hand-to-hand combat by his uncle. But any foe here is going to have powers that no human possesses. Christy pressed stood behind him, her breath warm on his neck. "What's going—" The door flew open. Makerah strode in, the Unbound Marid's eyes wild.

His right hand was dripping with blood, a mass of red flesh in his hand. A heart. Whose? Kyle's mother strode in behind him, naked, her breasts splattered with blood. "You cut me, mortal!" hissed Makerah. Kyle saw insane death in his eyes. "Rashid promised us safety!" Kyle shouted, ice pumping through his veins. Makerah brandished his bloody fist. "He had a change of heart," he cackled. The Unbound Marid surged at Kyle like the violent sea.

Kyle lashed out his arm, grasping Makerah's wrist. He pivoted, using the Marid's momentum to flip him over his hip. Makerah landed hard on the ground. "Ishtar, defend your servant in her desperate hour of need!" Christy chanted. "That pathetic whore cannot help you!" Kyle's mother shouted, striding at Christy. "You never should have betrayed me! I never forget those who break my oaths!" "Hecate?" Christy gasped. "You're possessing Faiza?" Kyle barely had time to process that.

Makerah lashed out with water, striking the young man in the chest. He was thrown off his feet, landing on the pillowed floor.

He struggled to get up, but the water clung to him, pinning him to the floor. Makerah rose, flexing his left hand. Kyle's heart beat faster as he struggled against the heavy water. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Khoshilat Maqandeli, The Hidden Realm Fumi adjusted Windfeather, pushing the green glasses up her face. She kept having to stir currents of air through the room to see. The sapphire war room was airtight.

No drafts squeezed in to stir the air for her. Her wives and the concubines were painted in green, their faces animated as they discussed plan after plan to save Kyle.

Every attack would first have to breach the defenses of Sahabah, and that would leave the Marid time to go through with their threat to execute Kyle and Christy. What was the point then? Fatima was the most passionate, standing up, slamming her fist on the sapphire table and demanding that they go now and fight their way in. "The Djinn are all slow to act! They are planners! They would never expect our attack to come so swiftly.

We could burst through their defenses and reach Kyle before they react!" "Yeah!" Chyna agreed. "It is too risky!" Aaliyah countered. "Rashid is a planner. He has to anticipate this as a possibility.

We need some way to bypass the defenses and land inside the prison itself." "I know where they are keeping him," Zaritha said. "But it is deep within the palace. Sure, we could assume the form of our essence and fly fast through the corridors, but the moment we are in the palace, the homunculi defenders will activate. They will slow us down." There has to be a way for us to move through the palace. These Djinn are masters at moving through the spaces between realities.

Aaliyah had riddled Kyle's school with that pocket dimension that could be accessed from. Fumi's eyes widened. ".anywhere." "What was that, Mistress?" Tarah, her Si'lat concubine asked. Tarah's twin, Naila, reached out and touched Fumi's arm.

"Aaliyah," Fumi said, hope beating in her heart. "At Kyle's school, you made it so [that] any door led to a pocket dimension that could be accessed with a special key." She nodded. "Then let's do it at Sahabah. I wish that there was a pocket room for Kyle to go and enjoy his harem, accessed through every door in Sahabah!" Aaliyah shook her head.

"I was able to do that at Kyle's school because it was part of his life. He went there every day. Sahabah is Rashid's palace." "But Sahabah is Kyle's prison," Fumi countered.

"That is a part of his life." "And he's the rightful Sultan!" Fatima declared. "Sahabah is his seat of power! Rashid has usurped it from him. How is that not Kyle's?" A smile crossed Aaliyah's lips. "Make the wish again." "And add that Khoshilat Maqandeli connects to it," Britney added.

"And the keys to open the doors," Toni added. "That's how me and Chyna figured out the school one." Fumi made the wish and Aaliyah proclaimed, "Done!" "Zaritha," Fatima snapped, "conjure a map of Sahabah and show us exactly where you believe Kyle is held." The Ifrit waved her hand, fire flowed from her, forming a three dimensional map of Rashid's massive palace. The image zoomed into the basement of the palace to a large room built of sapphire surrounding three smaller rooms.

Two were antechambers, the first also made of sapphire, the second of diamond which led into a larger diamond room. "This is where important political prisoners would be held," Zaritha said.

"The emissary claimed Kyle would be kept in comfort. This room is quite comfortable, for a prison. It is furnished like any guest room in the palace. Of course, it is guarded." "And designed to hold Djinn," Britney nodded.

"If only one door is opened at a time, there will never be a breach in the sapphire or diamond enclosure." "Those two diamond doors will not be accessible from the pocket dimension," Aaliyah added. "Diamond prevents such work. We could enter through the second sapphire door and then force our way through the two diamond doors." "Then what are we waiting for!" Fatima declared, holding Kyle's sword in one hand, her fiery yari in the other.

Chyna was already racing towards the door, her key in hand. She opened it up onto a new room. "Let's save Master!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sahabah, The Hidden Realm Fatima stepped out of the pocket universe into a short, diamond hallway. Chyna, Toni, and Alexina charged ahead of her, reaching the first diamond door. The concubines threw the door open, screaming with desire.

Two watery homunculi guarded the room. They activated, sweeping tides of water at the concubines. But they all had been enhanced by Christy, moving with grace and speed that no mortal woman could. Chyna ducked the water spray while Toni and Alexina leaped over them.

"We'll handle the homunculi! You save Master!" Toni shouted. The door to Kyle's cell was open. And her brother was in trouble. Makerah stood over him, prepared to finish off her brother. "Banzai!" Fatima shouted, dropping Earthbones and setting her spear.

She charged forward. She raced through the diamond antechamber, passing the concubines dueling the homunculi. Fire burned at the tip of her spear, bright and hot. She burst into Kyle's cell. Makerah looked up in surprise. Her spear plunged into his chest. Makerah became water. Fatima didn't hit any resistance like she expected, her spear sliding through the Marid's liquid body. She tripped on Kyle and fell through Makerah's watery form, falling to the floor on the other side drenched.

She didn't like that. The water pulled off of her as Makerah reformed his figure. She used her fire to warm her body. Steam flashed around her as she rolled to her feet. She fell into her stance, thrusting her spear with precision at Makerah. He flashed to water each time her weapon's point found his flesh. Britney leapt into the room, Waterclaw flashed, pulling the water off of Kyle. Her husband rose, freed from the Marid's watery grip.

"Summon Earthbones, big bro!" Fatima shouted as she worked through her katas, her spear forms, driving Makerah back towards the wall. Fumi shot a green arrow at Christy and Fatima's mother, pulling Christy away from the murderous rage in her mother's eyes. "She's possessed by Hecate!" Christy screamed. "Watch out!" Fumi screamed as an unspoken spell struck her, wracking her body.

She fell to the floor in convulsions. "This is getting meddlesome!" Hecate snarled. A great anger boiled inside Fatima. Her mother was possessed by that hate-filled Goddess. She stabbed harder at Makerah. "Kyle!" Aaliyah shouted, rushing into the room. "You need to get out of here!" Kyle called out. "It's dangerous." "No!" Fatima declared.

"We're finishing this today! You'll be the Sultan, big bro!" Fatima had Makerah backed into the corner, Ann and Kayleah—her two concubines—joining the attack.

Petite Ann danced, her strawberry-blonde hair flying as she kicked and punched, enhanced by Christy. "He is not the Sultan!" raged Makerah. "No insect can lead the Djinn! I am the Sultan!" Water exploded. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fatima was hit by a wave of water, throwing her and the two concubines back away from the Marid. Mad rage swam in Makerah's eyes. Water spouted from all around him. It was chaos in the room. Concubines were hit by the lashing water, sent sprawling as Makerah strode across the room.

Other concubines swarmed towards Faiza. But Kyle's mother was possessed by Hecate. The dark goddess cast her spells with ease, and Kyle's concubines were falling unconscious or were wracked by pain. "Ishtar, come to our aide against your dark foe!" chanted Phillipa as she and Sable strode into the room. Kyle reached out with his powers and commanded Earthbones to his hand as Makerah advanced on him. The sword flashed to life in his hand, shining with gold light. He fell into his stance, cutting the lashing water that the Marid threw at him.

"You will submit to my will!" Makerah cackled, driving back Toni and Alexina as they tried to leap on him from behind. "I should have killed you in the throne room," Kyle growled. "This time I'll make sure I finish the job." He advanced on Makerah, swinging his sword. He reached out to the diamond walls, commanding them. Unlike sapphire, diamond couldn't resist his telepathic command.


Shields appeared, ripped from the walls and floors, deflecting Makerah's watery attacks. Makerah hissed in frustration. Kyle closed with his foe, hacking with his sword. He knew the truth. His sword could hurt Makerah even in his watery form. He believed it and his sword shone with the strength of his conviction.

The Unbound Marid howled in pain as Kyle's sword found flesh. Blood streamed down the Marid's body. But the wounds did not slow him. He cackled, his watery attacks coming faster, battering into the diamond shields that whirled about Kyle. "I am so much more than any Marid!" Makerah cried out. "I have been transformed by Hecate! Perfected!" Kyle groaned. "She made you her familiar?" "Yes!" "So you're her slave?

I thought you said you were the Sultan?" "I am not her slave!" Another gout of water exploded from the Marid.

Kyle's shields barely held back the tide. Shannon screamed in pain as she was caught in the tidal explosion and was sent crashing into a wall.

Kyle hoped her enhancements would protect her. "All familiars are slaves!" Kyle laughed. "I know. I have a bunch of familiars!" "That's right!" gasped Shannon, forcing herself to rise.

"I'm Master's familiar! I'm his slave! Just like you are, Marid!" "I AM NO SLAVE!" Water slapped into one of Kyle's diamond shields, knocking the chunk of translucent wall out of the air. The angry Marid channeled his ferocity into his attacks on Kyle, slapping shield after shield out of the sky. Water billowed around him, lashing at him from every direction. Kyle didn't have the reflexes to stop all these attacks. Makerah left himself completely open, pouring all his energy into killing Kyle.

Chyna, Toni, and Shannon took the opportunity to attack the Unbound, landing powerful kicks and punches on the Marid.

But Makerah ignored them. All the Unbound cared about was Kyle's death. Pain cracked across Kyle's leg. A tendril of water slammed into him with the force of a semi-truck. His thighbone snapped, a jagged piece of bone splintering out the side of his thigh.

Kyle fell hard, screaming in pain. Water lashed down onto his chest. Ribs cracked. Pain erupted. Another tendril fell. And another. His body was broken. His ribs crushed. He coughed blood. It hurt to breath. His lungs felt heavy, filling up with his blood. Kyle's sword fell from his hand. "Master!" Shannon cried out in fear.

"Brother!" Fatima snarled. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christy was battered by Hecate's spells, reeling back before the Goddess's power. Phillipa and Sable's spells helped, but none of them were a match for the Goddess's awesome strength. Christy wasn't even sure how her wards were still standing.

She had been stripped of her amulet, the focus for her power. But Ishtar's power still rushed into her, building in her stomach. Growing. The memory of suckling at the goddess's breast, Ishtar's mother milk pouring down into her hungry stomach, consumed Christy. It had been so intimate to suckle from the Goddess. She had been adopted by the Goddess, made a part of Ishtar's flesh. I've been prepared for this moment.

Christy's hazel eyes widened. Ishtar and Hecate had long been rivals, each disagreeing on how magic should be used. Christy always assumed Ishtar rescued her that terrible day as part of the Goddesses ongoing feud. What if it was for this exact moment. To see Hecate defeated. I need to kill a Goddess to power the unity spell. And I need a Noble Djinn for the focus. All the pieces are here.

"Aaliyah, Zaritha!" Christy shouted, beckoning with her hand. "I need you." Aaliyah, crouched in the corner watching Kyle's duel with Makerah, whirled into dust, flowing across the battlefield, past all the wounded concubines.

She flashed back into the flesh, taking Christy's hand. Zaritha rose in a cloud of steam, her arm dangling, broken by Makerah's mad flailing. She zipped across the room, landing next to them.

"Feed me your power through Zaritha like you did at the school!" "What are you up to?" Hecate hissed through Faiza's mouth. She clawed through Sable and Phillipa's spell, her eyes dark with rage. "Britney! I need you to grab Hecate and hold her!" The Rakshasa stood next to Phillipa and channeled water at Hecate, swirling around the Goddess.

Energy poured into Christy, all the power of a Noble Jann. She reached her hand out and grabbed Hecate as the Goddess destroyed Britney's watery bonds. "Ishtar, send me into the mind of Faiza so I may free her from your enemies bondage." "No!" hissed Hecate, throwing up a counter spell. But the power brimming within Aaliyah was immense, seething with the energy of creation.

Ishtar's presence in Christy burned hot. It was more than Hecate could handle. Christy fell into Faiza's mind, pulling Zaritha and Aaliyah with her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fumi was wracked by pain.

Hecate's spell shot agony through her. She could barely follow the battle as the pain gripped her. Her heart beat wildly in her chest, aching under the strain.

Nothing she could do could shake the pain. And then it ended. Christy, Zaritha, Aaliyah, and Faiza all slumped to the ground, the evil Goddess no longer powering her spells. Fumi shuddered, gasping in relief as she sat up, her Windsight seeking out Kyle. Fear shot through her. Kyle was battered back by Makerah's attack. Fumi gasped in horror as the Unbound Marid's water crashed into Kyle's leg.

He fell and Makerah hammered his body, crushing his legs. "No!" Fumi shouted and summoned her wind, yanking Kyle back from the crushing blows to her. She cradled her husband's head on her lap. He coughed, his chest crumpled and beaten. "Please, no, Kyle!" "Fu.mi." he struggled to say, his voice thick with blood. "HE IS MINE!" roared the Marid.

"You have to be okay, Kyle!" sobbed Fumi. The Marid loomed over them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fatima burst between Kyle and the Marid, her yari burning bright. "You will not have him!" Fatima snarled, surging fire towards him, boiling off the tendrils of water he lashed out with. Kyle coughed weakly behind her. Fatima's fire surged hot, driving back Makerah. She lunged with her flaming yari, the Marid flinching before the intensity of her passion.

She had never been so angry, so fearful, and so full of love. Her husband was dying, and she would use up every last ounce of strength she had to see him defeated. Fireheart fed off her passion. Britney joined her side, knocking away Makerah's attacks with Waterclaw, fighting against the Marid for control of the water flinging through the air. She channeled it back at the Marid, whipping it towards his mad face.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" "You cannot have him!" Fatima shouted. "I AM THE SULTAN!" the Marid bellowed. "ALL WHO DEFY ME SHALL PERISH!" More water seemed to be generated, flowing out of the maddened Marid. Fatima had no idea where he pulled the liquid from. Maybe he was creating it with his Djinn power. It sloshed around in great, sweeping tentacles that slammed into concubines and surged at Fatima's fire.

Makerah's attacks grew more fierce, building like the relentless tide. Britney didn't make a sound as a tentacle cracked against her temple. She fell back, rolling across the ground, blood pouring from her split scalp.

"Britney!" screamed Phillipa. Sable and Phillipa began casting shield spells behind Fatima, protecting the wounded. Protecting Kyle. I have to beat Makerah! I have to protect Kyle! More water attacked her, driving back her flames, slowly dousing her passion. Fatima stepped back, Makerah swelling above her, laughing in triumph. Fatima had to be strong. She had to keep fighting.

But the tide was relentless. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The world grew dark around Kyle. The pain in his crushed body slowly fading away. Fumi's pleading cries grew soft, distant. Fatima's fire dimmed. His sister was being driven back. Makerah's water slammed around the room, throwing about the concubines caught in his tide.

The water crashed against Phillipa and Sable's spell, protecting them. For now. Fatima stepped back. She was losing the fight. Kyle didn't have the strength to watch any longer. His eyes closed.

Darkness fell. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christy looked around at the dark void of Faiza's mind. Faiza huddled in a far corner, wrapped in chains, sobbing and pleading. Hecate stood, pale-faced, dark-hair, her face ravished by age. She was a twisted crone, full of bile and hate. "Christy," she hissed, striding forward. "Free Faiza from Hecate," she hissed to Aaliyah and Zaritha.

"This is her mind!" "I am not the one that imprisoned her!" laughed Hecate. "She swore to be my vessel willingly!" "I was tricked!" sobbed Faiza. "You took my memory! I didn't know what I was agreeing to!

You kept the truth from me!" "She swore an oath, Christy," Hecate cackled. "You know all about swearing oaths." Christy shivered beneath Hecate's baleful gaze. But she held strong. Ishtar's blessing was with her. "I made a mistake, just like Faiza did!

I did not know what a loathsome, foul creature I was submitting to!" The Goddess's will crashed into Christy. She screamed, hunkering down beneath the immensity of Hecate. She tried to push against the fist of the Goddess's thoughts. She was like a bug straining against the crushing boot. The only thing keeping her mind from squishing was the warmth of Ishtar's milk. I was prepared for this moment. I need to believe that I can survive. That I can fulfill the prophecy. Kyle needs the power.

It is the only way to defeat the Unbound Marid. I just need to hold on! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aaliyah and Zaritha tore at the chains wrapping around Faiza. Christy screamed behind them, her pain knifing through Aaliyah's heart. The force of Hecate's will echoed through Faiza's mind, buffeting Aaliyah's senses. "She is so powerful!" groaned Zaritha, hunching down. "How can we defeat her?" "We can't," moaned Faiza. "She is too much.

I have fought her for days, but I couldn't stop her." "We can do it together!" Aaliyah insisted, forcing herself to be strong, to be the Sultana. She ripped more of the metaphysical bonds from Faiza.

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"Stand, Mother, and we shall defeat this foul Goddess!" Faiza shook her head. "I can't." "You can, Mother!" Aaliyah heaved Faiza up, forcing her to stand straight in the face of Hecate's will. Christy was hunched into a ball, barely keeping the Goddess from snuffing out their minds. Aaliyah pushed her will into Hecate, trying to force back the immense power. "Help me!" Aaliyah commanded, seizing Zaritha and Faiza's hand and striding towards Christy and the hag.

"We can beat her together. This is your mind, Faiza! Yours! Take it back! For your son and daughter!" Faiza's hand tightened in her grasp. "For Kyle and Fatima!" They slammed their will into the Goddess's. Christy's moans lessened, her wife sitting up, a determined expression on her face. Aaliyah kept on the pressure, forcing her will harder and harder at the goddess.

"I am the daughter of Sheikh Umar ibn al-Jann! I am the wife of Sultan Kyle Unmei! The strength of my ancestors fills me!" Hecate recoiled, fixing her eyes on Aaliyah. "Pesky Jann!" The crushing will of Hecate slammed into Aaliyah.

The Goddess focused every bit of her will upon the Jann. Aaliyah's knees wanted to buckle beneath the assault and her spine wanted to break. But she wouldn't bow her head. She wouldn't submit. "I am Sultana of the Hidden People!" Aaliyah spat, stepping towards Hecate, pushing back her will.

She had been raised to be meek, to submit to her father and husband. Her will had been bridled, hidden beneath her submissive demeanor. Aaliyah unleashed its full power. "Bow and pay homage to the rightful rulers of the Hidden Realm!" "No!" the crone hissed, her knees bending. "No!

How?" "Kill her, Faiza!" Christy shouted. "This is your mind. Shape a weapon and end Hecate's existence." "Please!" gasped the Goddess, forced down to her hands and knees. "I submit. I am your most humble and abject servant." Faiza strode forward, a sinuous dagger appearing in her hand. "You wanted to kill my son and all my daughters!" The dagger flashed. Hecate's blood spurted. "Ishtar!" Christy chanted, seizing Aaliyah's hand. "Channel the energy of Hecate into the Noble Djinn.

Let her be your focus and Hecate your fuel. Let the power of the five artifacts all rest in the hands of Kyle Unmei! Let the six of us unite in one spirit." Energy poured into Aaliyah's soul. The Darkness of Christy and her staff merged with her. Aaliyah became one with Christy, their souls merging. Fiery Fatima's soul flowed in next, adding her love and heart to the fire.

Fumi and her beguiling wind gusted in, bringing fresh delight to Aaliyah's soul. Deep water flooded in, carrying the deep intelligence of Britney. Then their united souls poured into Kyle. They met his stony strength, uniting with his strong love. Aaliyah was mixed with them all, merging together to form one happy soul brimming with such power. Aaliyah laughed for delight. Fatima, Britney, Christy, Kyle, and Fumi laughed with her.

Their six souls were one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Energy poured into Kyle. Aaliyah, Fatima, Fumi, Christy, and Britney merged into his soul. Kyle's eyes shot open. Makerah loomed over him, hammering at the shields Phillipa and Sable had conjured. "Where's did they go?" Sable gasped. "Where's Christy?" "Britney?" cried out Phillipa. They were inside Kyle, merged with him. "Everything will be okay," Kyle said, the sound of six voices issuing from his lips. "Britney?" Phillipa gasped.

"Are you in him?" "I am," Kyle answered as he rose. His body was no longer battered. "I AM THE SULTAN!" raged Makerah, crashing another wave into the shield. Kyle transformed Earthbones into Waterclaw with a thought. He guided the water away from the shield, striding out to face the Marid. Makerah's eyes widened as Waterclaw became Windfeather. A howl of wind slammed into Makerah, throwing the Marid across the room.

"What?" gasped Makerah, blinking in bewilderment. Windfeather became Fireheart. "You tried to hurt my family!" Kyle snarled, fire lashing out, boiling away Makerah's water. "Master?" his concubines called out, dragging themselves to the side. They were all soaked, their bodies battered by the violence of Makerah's waves.

It drove Kyle's passion. He channeled all of it into the heat roasting Makerah. "No!" screamed Makerah. Makerah became water, flowing through the damaged diamond wall and crashing through the sapphire door, shattering the gemstone. He flowed into the hallway of the palace, fleeing before the intensity of Kyle's fire, howling in terror. Kyle smiled. Fireheart became Shadowedge. Kyle folded darkness and appeared in the hallway behind the fleeing Marid.

Shadowedge flashed gold into Earthbones, and Kyle molded the blue stone of the hallway, cutting off Makerah's path. Makerah reformed into flesh, turning to face Kyle. "What are you?" "A man," Kyle answered. "Supported by those who love me." Water lashed from Makerah. The weapon in Kyle's hand shifted as he used all the elements. Water guided Makerah's attack from Kyle's flesh.

Earth blocked the attacks. Fire boiled them away. Wind disrupted the waves. Darkness transported Kyle to safety. He hurtled a piece of stone at Makerah, slamming into the Marid.

Makerah became water. Kyle sent a great gust down the hallway, carrying Makerah into the wall. Fire roared, boiling away Makerah's essence as he reformed into flesh. "Please!" howled the Marid. Kyle stood over the blubbering Marid. "Mercy! I surrender." Britney and Fatima urged Kyle to kill him. Aaliyah and Fumi were moved with pity.

Christy was twisted with indecision. Kyle.wanted to end the monster. But he was so pathetic, blubbering like a child that had lost its favorite toy. Makerah's attack caught Kyle in the stomach. The wind was knocked out of his chest as he fell back.

The blow would have killed Kyle if [he] wasn't swimming with the power and essence of five others. The pain was intense, burning through him. Makerah scrambled up, fleeing down the corridor as Kyle struggled to stand. Fatima berated Kyle. Kyle stood up and chased after Makerah, Windfeather summoning a great breeze that propelled him forward. But Makerah was swift, hurtling through the hallways as a whirling mist. Other Marid crowded the corridors, cowering as Kyle hurtled past. Britney believed Makerah was going for the throne room.

Fumi agreed. Windfeather became Shadowedge. Kyle folded space and appeared in the throne room. He stood on the very spot where he had failed to save his mother. Aaliyah and Christy proclaimed with joy that they had saved Faiza. The Marid gasped at the sight of him, recoiling as he stood in the center of the throne room waiting for Makerah to appear.

Power radiated from him. Shadowedge became Fireheart, the tip of the yari burning bright. Britney told Kyle when to strike.

He hurtled a great ball of fire towards the entrance to the throne room. Britney was sure Makerah was about to enter through the door. She had calculated Makerah's speed and the path. The sapphire floor cracked from the heat of the fireball as it streaked across the throne room.

Makerah stepped through the doorway. Water flashed into steam as he screamed in pain. The fire boiled the Unbound Makerah. Kyle held firm, ignoring his piteous screams. He had shown Makerah mercy. The Unbound had repaid him with treachery.

Even Aaliyah and Fumi agreed to kill him now. Kyle poured all his energy into the fire. Steam billowed, rolling along the ceiling of the throne room.

The fire ate through Makerah's flesh, reaching his heart. The chains of diamond wrapped around the Unbound's foul heart anchored him to the Hidden Realm. The links glowed cherry red. The diamond weakened beneath the heat, melting, running like iron heated cherry-red. Makerah was Unbound no longer. His soul was pulled into Haawiyah for the crimes he had committed. Kyle released the energy. Christy, Aaliyah, Fumi, Fatima, and Britney flashed into existence around him, each holding their artifact.

Fatima whooped, thrusting her spear up into the air. Fumi smiled at him, and Christy leaned on her staff, wiping her sweaty brow. Britney nodded at him. And Aaliyah took his hand. "Take your throne, Sultan," she whispered. "You earned it, big bro," beamed Fatima. Fumi slipped up and took his other hand. "Take what is yours." Kyle crossed the room, his back straight. He let Earthbones disappear in a flash of gold and sat upon the throne of the Djinn, gazing out at the quavering Marid.

They cast fearful glances at the half-molten spot where Makerah had been consumed. The first Marid stumbled forward, falling to his knees. "Sultan!" he cried out, falling prostrate before Kyle. "Sultan!" Another Marid. "Sultan!" A few more. And then the dam broke and the rest flooded into the throne room, bowing before the mortal that had claimed the Sultanate. "What is your command?" Kyle had no idea.

His wives joined him, standing around his throne. He stared out at the assembled Marid. What am I going to do as Sultan of the Djinn? Aaliyah whispered a suggestion into his ear. "Summon the Sheikhs to Sahabah to celebrate my coronation," Kyle declared.

"All should celebrate this happy day with feasts." "Yes, Sultan," a trembling Marid nobleman said. "But who shall lead the Marid? Who will be our Sheikh?" "Rashid's daughter," Kyle answered. "She shall be your Sheikha." The concubines limped in as the courtiers bustled off to ready the feast. His women were all bedraggled and battered, but they all had smiles on their faces.

He saw all their faces. None had been killed by Makerah's rampage. "Master, Mistresses," Shannon bowed before the throne. The rest of the concubines, even Hawaa, followed her in.

Kyle smiled at his harem. "We are ready to serve you." Kyle's breath caught as his mother stepped into the throne room, her arms hugging tight to her body. "Mom," Kyle said, rising up from the throne. Tears brimmed in his eyes. She was alive and free.

"Mom!" Fatima cried out, racing from Kyle's throne across the room and throwing her arms around Faiza.

"My baby girl." Tears ran down his mom's cheek as she clutched her daughter tight. Kyle stood up, striding towards them. He threw his arm around both of them, hugging them tight.

"Is it really you, Mom?" "Yes, dear," she smiled. "Mother!" Aaliyah cried out, joining the hug. "I'm so relieved," Christy said. "It's nice that you're back with us Faiza." Fumi walked up, hanging back. Kyle frowned. "What's wrong?" "I haven't been introduced yet." Kyle laughed.

"Right. Mom, this is Fumi." His mother broke away, looking at the trembling, Japanese woman. "So you're my son's fourth wife." "I am.Mother." Kyle's mother seized Fumi in a tight hug. "I'm so glad you make him happy." "Thank you," breathed Fumi, tears running out of her all-white eyes. "We make each other happy." "Perhaps we should retire to somewhere more private," Aaliyah suggested. "You have a lot to tell your mother about." "Like Kyle being a father," Chyna smiled, touching her stomach.

"What?" his mother gasped. "She's not the only one," Fatima added. "My period should have started two days ago. You're going to be a grandmother!" Epilogue: The Harem of Delights Wednesday, October 29th The Ruins of Alexandria, Egypt Britney studied the rippling wall of seawater. It was fascinating staring out into the Mediterranean from the submerged ruins of Alexandria.

Half-buried stone columns and walls peaked out of the silt deposited by the Nile. The seabed was covered in seaweed and sea creatures while fish flashed through the murky water.

Waterclaw glowed blue at her waist as she channeled back the water. She didn't have to concentrate anymore. After nine months with the katar, she had become so used to controlling water, she didn't even have to think about it any longer. "It's so fascinating to watch," Phillipa announced, slipping up behind her. "Have you discovered the scroll?" Phillipa pressed into Britney's back, her arms reaching around to stroke Britney's stomach.

Britney loved the feel of her mate pressing into her back and her warm breath on her neck. The Rakshasa's cock stirred in her silk pantaloons. "No," Phillipa sighed. "Christy and Sable are searching deeper into the complex." "And what are you doing?" Britney shuddered as Phillipa's hand slid higher up her body, brushing the bottom of her breasts beneath her silk vest.

Then her hand slipped beneath the garment to squeeze her heavy tit. "Taking a break." She had such a playful tone to her voice; Britney's cock hardened. "I brought some toys." "Such as?" "Ropes, a chain flogger, nipple weights." "A butt plug?" Phillipa's hand squeezed Britney's breast.

"I wouldn't want to be spanked without one." The lust burned through Britney. Her cock pressed against her pantaloons. She had to ravish her mate. She spun about, kissing Phillipa's lush lips, her hand stroking the pale-olive complexion of Phillipa's round face, Phillipa's slanted eyes squeezing shut as Britney seized her mouth. Her hand ripped open Phillipa's white, silk blouse, her breasts spilling out.

Britney seized her nipples, pinching them hard; Phillipa moaned in pain. Britney's cock throbbed harder. "Little slut," Britney hissed. "You just wanted to be fucked in your naughty cunt!" "So bad!" Britney twisted a nipple, pain swimming in Phillipa's dark eyes.

A tear leaked down her cheek. Britney licked up the salty drop, savoring her mate's pain. It made her harder, and the Rakshasa could smell how wet it made Phillipa.

"Take your clothes off," Britney commanded. "A slut doesn't need to wear anything." "Yes, Mistress." Britney's blood burned as her mate submitted to her lusts, discarding her ruined blouse and wiggling out of her pantaloons, throwing them on the silty floor. A hint of blood caught Britney's nose, inflaming her more. Phillipa's period had just ended. Phillipa was disappointed. She wanted to carry Britney's child. But it wasn't time. Rakshasas went into heat only once or twice in their lives.

Britney did not expect that to happen for a few more years. Then she would take Phillipa hard and plant a baby in her belly. Another Rakshasa. A daughter to serve Kyle's heir. "Where are your supplies?" Britney hissed, tearing off her own blouse and shoving her pantaloons down. She set Waterclaw on the floor, its blue light undulating around the room. "Ishtar, return to your servant the items she left in your care," Phillipa chanted, her jade amulet flashing green between her breasts.

A chest swirled into being at Britney's feet. "What a useful spell." Britney bent down and opened up the chest. The first item she grabbed was the hemp rope. The fibers were rough; they would irritate Phillipa's flesh—her mate wanted this to be as painful as possible. Britney loved her so much. The Rakshasa grabbed the thick butt-plug, tapered to a point, and shoved it up Phillipa's ass without any lube. Phillipa moaned in pain, her juices trickling out of her shaved pussy.

Britney couldn't resist taking a swipe with her tongue, savoring Phillipa's tart pussy. Then Britney grabbed the rope. Phillipa knew how to move so Britney could tie her up, wrapping her beautiful body with complicated loops of rope.

She had long been a fan of shibari, Japanese rope bondage. Phillipa's breasts were bound, forcing them into two bulging mound, then Britney wrapped another rope through Phillipa's groin, pulling it tight through the crack of her ass and across her pussy.

Her labia engulfed the rope, soaking the fibers. Her mate looked so beautiful tied up. Britney grabbed the nipple weights.

They were quite heavy. Phillipa was bound in a kneeling position, her hands tied to her knees, her squeezed tits hanging beneath her. She screamed as Britney attached the first weight, the clamp biting into her nipple, the weight stretching out her tit. "Remember the first time I clamped you," Britney whispered, attaching the second weight.

"You screamed so beautifully." "I do, Mistress," Phillipa smiled, tears brimming in her eyes. "That was such a magical night. I loved every second of it, even if I couldn't admit." Britney's cock thrust hard in front of her.

She grabbed Phillipa's face and thrust her cock deep into her mouth. She grabbed the flogger, the tails made of fine links of chain, and brought it down hard on her mate's pale ass. Phillipa's muffled screams vibrated around her cock as Britney brought the flogger down over and over, striping Phillipa's ass in red welts.

She thrust harder into her mate's mouth, her breasts bouncing and the flogger snapping. "Your ass is so beautiful welted red!" panted Britney, bringing the flogger down again. The clinking smack was so satisfying.

"My beautiful, submissive whore!" Phillipa's tongue worked on her cock, her tear-filled eyes looking up at Britney with such submission and beauty. Britney thrust harder, pleasure flooding through her body. Her pussy dripped juices down her thighs and her cock itched with her need. Crack! "What a perfect slut you are!" Crack! "My beautiful, wonderful mate!" Crack! Phillipa moaned, sucking harder. The vibrations hummed through Britney's cock. Crack! Britney's body tensed.

The moment neared. Crack! "I love you, cunt!" she moaned, cracking the chain flogger down. "You are perfect!" Crack! Britney shuddered and she tossed her head back, squeezing her green eyes. The flogger fell from her hand as her cock erupted, flooding her mate's mouth with squirt after squirt of her cum. Phillipa swallowed, loving every drop, swirling her tongue around. "Yes!" Britney hissed, digging her fingers into Phillipa's scalp. "You are perfect." She pulled her cock out.

Phillipa licked her salty lips. "I love you, Mistress." Britney smiled, leaning down, and kissed her mate's cum-stained lips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sahabah, The Hidden Realm Fumi lay on the bed on her side, a pillow beneath her pregnant belly. She was seven months along, Kyle's daughter kicking in her stomach.

She knew it was a daughter—Yuki-onna only bore daughters. Their daughter would have Fumi's curse, but she wouldn't suffer the same way Fumi had. "We'll find you a Si'lat bride with a cock," Fumi whispered, stroking her stomach. "You'll never have to experience the guilt of killing a man." Currents drifted through the palace harem, painting everything in the room green allowing Fumi to see with her Windsight. Her daughter wouldn't have to sacrifice her sight to be with the man she loved.

Fumi never regretted the cost, but she did miss seeing colors. No spell the witches had tried would fix her sight. The Kami of the hot spring is far more powerful than three mortal witches. The man she loved lounged on another bed. There were many beds scattered throughout the large room of his apartment. A very pregnant Chyna was pressed to his side, his mouth nursing from her ample tits. Kyle loved to drink breast milk from his concubines, and Fumi couldn't wait for the day she nursed her husband.

Alexina rode his cock. Her pregnancy was only starting to show, casting a graceful curve to her belly beneath her breasts. The blonde rode Kyle with enthusiasm, stirring Fumi's passion. The Yuki-onna's lily-scented pheromones filled her nose, flooding through the room. "Fuck her hard, Master," purred Toni, lounging on the other side of Kyle. She was one of the few human concubines that hadn't conceived a child. She was still on birth control.

The concubines were staggering their pregnancies. "Mistress," Naila purred, stretching behind Fumi, pressing her small breasts into Fumi's back. "I can smell your excitement." The Si'lat concubine's cock swelled, pressing into Fumi's butt and leaking wonderful precum that stirred her succubus hungers.

"Do you need to be fed?" "Kyle always gets me excited when he plays with his concubines." Fumi stirred. "Where's your sister?" "Playing with mother," giggled Naila. "Tarah does love to fuck our mother's cunt. It's so very wrong." Fumi's shuddered, picturing the young Si'lat atop Hawaa's mature beauty, pumping her hips and spurting her incestuous cum into the woman.

Fumi hoped Hawaa conceived a child. A Si'lat could only bear another Si'lat's child. Fumi pussy itched, and she sat up awkwardly, clutching her swollen belly.

Naila rolled onto her back, her cock jutting up. "I need your cum," Fumi moaned. "I need you to feed me and my growing daughter." "Yes, Mistress," Naila moaned, her voice liquid desire. Fumi straddled her concubine's waist, seizing her hard cock and guiding it between her thighs.

She brushed it against her pussy, her body tingling as Naila's precum touched her pussy. Fumi needed the cum, sliding down the Si'lat's cock. "Oh, yes! I love your cunt, Mistress!" Naila's hands roamed up her swollen belly to her breasts. Her nipples ached and Naila's massages relieved the soreness.

Her breasts had swelled since her pregnancy, no longer the small hills, but growing into round melons. She shifted her hips, sliding up and down on her concubine's delightful cock. "Cum in me, Master! Flood my cunt!" gasped Alexina.

Fumi smelled Kyle's release of cum, flooding his concubine's cunt. Fumi's pussy squeezed down on Naila's dick, eager for the same taste of passion. She rose her hips up, swirling and twisting, then sliding back down, her pussy clenching down on the shaft. "Oh, Master, that felt like a big load," sighed Alexina, rolling off Kyle. Toni wasted no time burying her face between Alexina's legs, licking and sucking his cum out. "Give me a big load, slut!" Fumi hissed, riding her concubine faster.

Her fingers found Naila's perky tits, squeezing up and pinching at her nipple. "Mistress, yes!" Her bed shifted, Kyle's naked, muscular form approaching her, his cock hard. He was so handsome. Fumi sent a breeze gusting, painting Kyle in perfect detail. His muscles were sculpted and rippling, a hungry grin crossing his face—a mix of Kurdish and Japanese features.

"I could smell you as I fucked Alexina," he growled. "My wife needs cum." "So much cum!" Fumi moaned, riding Naila faster.

Kyle squeezed her ass, spreading her cheeks apart. "You're such a cock-whore, Fumi." "The biggest!" she moaned, his finger teasing her asshole. "Fuck your wife's ass. Feed me cum! Our daughter needs it!" His muscular chest pressed against her back, his hand brushing aside her black hair to suck and nip at her neck. His cock, wet with Alexina's cunt, slid against her ass, guided to her other hole. She shuddered, arching her back as two cocks entered her. "You are so tight with a cock in your cunt!" moaned Kyle, his hands wrapping around her body, stroking her round stomach.

Their daughter kicked, eager for the energy that both mother and unborn child craved. Fumi worked her body between both cocks. Her head thrown back, working between them.

She was stuffed so full. They found a rhythm, Fumi and Kyle working together, giving each other pleasure. Her bowels burned and pussy itched. Two thick cocks worked in and out of her, the mix of sensations swirling in her core. "Fuck me!" she moaned. "I need your cum!" "My insatiable, cock-hungry slut!" Kyle hissed. "I love you so much!" "Me, too, Mistress!" gasped Naila, playing with Fumi's nipples. "I'm going to cum! Your pussy is so hot and tight!" "Cum in her, Si'lat whore!" gasped Kyle, pumping harder.

"Let's give my wife what she needs!" "Wonderful!" moaned Fumi, shuddering beneath Kyle's hard thrusts. Her pleasure swelled, growing within her. She squeezed her eyes shut, a small orgasm quaking through her. Her holes massaged both cocks, milking them, eager to drink their cum. "Mistress!" gasped Naila. Her cum erupted into Fumi's pussy. Every nerve exploded in the Yuki-onna's cunt as her sheath drank in the delicious juices. "Yes! Give it to me, cunt! Flood my pussy! I need your energy!" Fumi shuddered and writhed as she drank Naila's energy, her daughter kicking hard in the womb.

Kyle slammed his cock into her bowels. She squeezed down, eager to experience the gift of her husband's cum. "Fumi!" he grunted.

"Oh, fuck!" She shuddered, a third orgasm burning through her as the first squirt of Kyle's cum flooded her ass, giving her body a wonderful taste of pleasure. She loved it, savoring the delights her husband had to offer her. "I love you, Kyle," she moaned as he kissed at her neck. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fatima shuddered as she squatted over Kayleah's face, stroking her bleached-blonde locks.

The air was filled with the scent of blossoms, and the cool shade of a sweet cedar covered them. She knelt on the soft loam in the Harem garden, her concubine mouth sealed over Fatima's pussy. Kayleah drank the piss that poured out. Fatima had to piss all the time; Kyle's baby pressed on her bladder. Her belly was so swollen. She stroked it as Kayleah's mouth drank her piss, her pussy tingling as the pee flowed out of her.

It was such a relief. She was so happy to be pregnant and couldn't wait to give birth. It was any day now. At least I finally grew some tits. She had a nice pair now and Ann nursed hungrily. Her colostrum, or premilk, had come in, and Ann loved the rich flavor. Pleasure shuddered through Fatima as she stroked Ann's strawberry blonde locks as the eager concubine nursed at her perky tit. "You wonderful sluts," she shuddered, Kayleah's tongue licking through her pussy, cleaning up all the piss.

"Thank you for your gift," Kayleah moaned, her words muffled by Fatima's pussy. "Keep licking and you'll get another," promised Fatima. Kayleah licked harder, swirling her tongue through Fatima's drenched pussy. Fatima stroked her belly as the pleasure soared through her.

Kayleah knew how to please her mistress, her tongue flashing through all the wonderful places before Kayleah's lips sucked at her clit. "That's it, whore!" Fatima arched her back, her hips writhing, sliding her pussy about Kayleah's face. "Suck my twat! Oh, yes! You're my lesbian slut!" "We both are," purred Ann, kissing over to Fatima's other breast, sucking hard.

Fatima arched her back, the two lips of her concubines sending fireworks exploding through her. She held Ann to her breast, her nipple tingling as Ann suckled. Her orgasm shuddered through her, hot like a knife.

Pussy juices squirted out of her, flooding Kayleah's mouth. "You wonderful sluts," panted Fatima. "That hit the spot." She stood up, her body swimming with bliss. Kayleah smiled up at her, juices smeared across her lips and cheeks. "Thank you for that gift." Ann leaned over, kissing Kayleah on the lips, her hand reaching out to stroke Kayleah's belly. She wasn't showing yet, but Kayleah carried her brother's child as well. "I think it's time for you to be bred, Ann," Fatima declared.

"You are ovulating today, right?" "I am, Mistress," Ann smiled. Fatima seized her concubine's hand, hauling her up. "Let's go." Ann giggled as Fatima hauled her through the harem garden. She passed Lois fucking Ms. Capello hard with a strap-on. The pregnant, former teacher was on all fours, moaning for joy, her heavy breasts and swollen belly jiggling beneath her.

Fatima found her brother lounging with Fumi on one side of him and Mindy on the other side. He had the former nurse's tit in his mouth, drinking her breast milk. Fatima was sure Kyle wanted to live on a diet of breast milk. "Big bro," she declared, pushing Ann at the bed.

"It's time you knocked up my sweet Ann." Kyle pulled his lips away from Mindy's tit, licking drops of sweet milk up. His gaze fell on Ann's petite, youthful body, his cock hardening. "You know I can't resist you anything, Fatima." "And it's such a difficult request she's making," laughed Fumi, her hand sliding down to his hardening cock, stroking him as Ann crawled across the bed.

"But you have to make sacrifices for the ones you love," Kyle grinned. "You are such a pig, big bro," laughed Fatima, worming between him and Mindy, pressing her swollen belly against him.

She grasped his cock with Fumi, holding it up as her concubine lowered her tight slit down his cock, her pussy spreading wide open. "Fuck," groaned Kyle.

"She has a tight cunt." "Only the best for my husband," Fatima giggled, stroking his muscular stomach. Mindy pressed into Fatima's back, sliding her hands around to dip between Fatima's thighs.

Fatima shuddered as the concubine's fingers played in her pussy. Kyle grunted as Ann slid up his shaft, her nipples hard on her barely budding tits. "Knock her up, big bro," Fatima hissed as Mindy rubbed at her clit. It was so hot watching her husband fuck another woman. Her concubine. "Enjoy my gift." "Always!" he groaned, his face twisting with rapture as Ann worked faster up and down on his cock. "Fuck me, slut!" "Yes, Master!' she gasped.

"Cum in me! Put a baby in my belly!" "In nine months, you'll be nursing from her tit," Fatima purred, her own excitement building. She wanted to see Ann's budding breasts well up, her nipples growing darker and fatter, milk beading out.

"We'll nurse from her together." "That sounds wonderful!" Kyle grunted, leaning over to kiss Fatima on the lips. "I love you, Fatima." She smiled and shuddered, Mindy's massaging fingers sending small waves of rapture rippling through Fatima's body. Her unborn child kicked, excited as she was.

Fatima smiled, savoring the pleasure, and watched Ann's cunt slide up and down on her husband's cock. She rested her head on his muscular chest. He grunted, trembling beneath her, pumping cum into Ann's fertile cunt. Ann gasped, shuddering in orgasm, pussy cream and spunk flowing out of her cunt.

"On your back and put a pillow under your ass!" Fatima ordered. "And no licking her clean, Fumi. I want her bred!" "Fine," the Japanese woman pouted. "But his cum smells so delicious." Fatima took a deep breath, a mix of sweat, cum, and pussy juices tickled her nose. "Yes, it does." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Has there been any word yet?" Aaliyah asked as Zaritha knelt next to her.

"No, Mistress," the Ifrit smile. "Not yet. Christy will find it." Aaliyah was the only one of Kyle's wife not pregnant yet. Nine months of trying and she had not conceived. There was some incompatibility between their natures.

Aaliyah so wanted to bear her husband's heir. She was Kyle's first wife. It was her duty. "It'll work out," Teleisia said. Aaliyah stroked her concubine's thick, black hair as Teleisia laid her head on Aaliyah's lap. A gentle breeze blew through the garden, thick with jasmine and cool from the mist of the nearby waterfall, relieving some of the heat. "I think you need to have some of the worry taken away," Zaritha murmured, nuzzling at Aaliyah's neck.

"I brought a few toys." Aaliyah's body stirred. "Toys?" A wicked grin crossed Zaritha's hungry lips. "A few delights from the mortal world. They do come up with the best toys for women to play with." "Definitely," Teleisia smiled, rolling up, her naked, ebony breasts swaying. "Come on, my Sultana, let's have some fun. It's a pleasant way to past the time." Aaliyah took a deep breath. Playing with the Ifrit and her concubine did sound like fun. "Okay." Zaritha pushed Aaliyah back onto the soft grass, her silks melting away at a thought.

The grass blades tickled her back and buttocks, and a few even caressed her dripping pussy lips as she spread her thighs. Zaritha reached into a bag and pulled out a long collection of beads, starting out small and growing larger, all attached together to form a rod. "Anal beads," Aaliyah smiled. "Let me get you ready," purred Teleisia, kneeling between Aaliyah's thighs, spreading her farther apart.

Aaliyah conjured a pillow beneath her rear, her body rising up as it formed, letting Teleisia's hungry mouth delve between Aaliyah's butt-cheeks to lick and nuzzle at her asshole. Naughty pleasure tingled through the Djinn. "Umm, your tongue always knows how to please me." "Thank you, Sultana," beamed the Black concubine, then her tongue dipped back in, pressing into Aaliyah's bowels, swirling pleasure through her body.

"What else is in there?" Aaliyah smiled as Zaritha dipped in again. She pulled out a small vibrator, the device humming to life. It was shaped like an egg. Aaliyah smiled as Zaritha brought it to her dusky nipples. Aaliyah gasped as the vibration tingled through her nipple. Zaritha leaned over, engulfing Aaliyah's other nipple with her mouth, the Ifrit sucking hard as she slid the egg vibrator around Aaliyah's areola. The pleasure stirred through her, mixing with Teleisia's tongue.

Aaliyah's head lulled, her eyes closing as she let the gentle touch of the concubines roll through her. Teleisia worked two fingers into her pussy, coating them with the growing stickiness. "I love fingering you, Sultana," moaned Teleisia, pulling those fingers from her pussy and working them in and out of her ass, lubing her up. "You do it so well," moaned Aaliyah.

Twice more Teleisia dipped into Aaliyah's dripping snatch to get her juices. Then the Djinn's ass was ready. The first anal bead popped into her bowels, her sphincter closing around it. Then the second, slightly wider, spreading her out more. Her bowels clung to the orbs on their thin rod as they wormed deeper. A third bead popped in, pleasure tingling through her.

Then a fourth, a fifth. "Oh, yes!" Aaliyah moaned as the wide, sixth bead spread her sphincter open, and then it popped in, her bowels squeezing down. "You wonderful slut!" Teleisia's tongue nuzzled at Aaliyah's pussy, licking through her folds as the Djinn's asshole clung to the invading beads. Zaritha pulled her lips away from Aaliyah's breast, a mischievous twinkle on her eye, then the Ifrit drew the egg vibrator down Aaliyah's stomach towards her pussy.

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The Djinn shuddered as the egg vibrator shoved inside her dripping pussy. The vibrations rolled through her, rattling the anal beads inside her. Teleisia nibbled and sucked at Aaliyah's clit, the Ifrit's mouth returning to nip and suck at Aaliyah's nipples.

"You wonderful sluts!" gasped Aaliyah, her hips twitching, a small orgasm churning through her. "Oh, yes!" The pleasure grew, intensifying inside her. Aaliyah was lost to the bliss. Rapture sang in her mind.

She writhed on the grass and let the two concubines pleasure her. Teleisia's tongue batted her clit, sending another orgasm stirring through her. Then Teleisia ripped the anal beads out of her. Her asshole pulsed with passion, spasming open and close as bead after bead was pulled out.

The pleasure crashed into the bliss churned by the vibrator. Aaliyah's hips rose. She cried out loud, her body shuddering, a powerful orgasm rocking her body. "Yes, yes, yes! You wonderful, slutty whores! Thank you!" She collapsed on the grass, breathing heavily, struggling to think beneath the lethargy of her bliss. The vibrator stopped humming inside her. Her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep, the concubines cuddled up around her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Ruins of Alexandria, Egypt "Ishtar, breath new life into this ruined parchment." Christy's amber amulet flared to life as the scraps of parchment she found shimmered, the destroyed text restored by the spell.

She could read the ancient Demotic thanks to a translation spell she had cast earlier. Disappoint shot through her. It wasn't the scroll that held the key for Aaliyah to conceive Kyle's child. The scrying pointed to the answer being found in the lost Library of Alexandria. But after a day, Christy, Sable, and Phillipa hadn't found the right scroll.

Christy reached into the shell, brushing away the silt to find another scrap of parchment when her pantaloons were yanked off her hips and soft lips nuzzled at her ass.

"Sable," Christy said as her concubine's tongue nuzzled at her asshole. "Let's take a break and make love, Mistress," Sable moaned, her hand sliding between Christy's thighs to brush at her pussy.

Christy moaned, a shudder passing through her as the concubine's skilled touch sent pleasure through her. She wanted to relent, but she also wanted to find the key for Aaliyah to conceive. She deserves to experience this joy. Christy's hand stroked her belly. She wasn't showing yet, she was only two months pregnant, but soon she would start to swell and show.

Sable's tongue nuzzled at her pussy, insistent and demanding. She leaned against the shelf, letting the witch lick her pussy. Sable would always be devoted to her. The Love Elemental's attack insured that.

Christy tried to ignore her tongue probing up into her pussy, itching her flesh. Soft fingers found her budding clit, stroking them. Christy shuddered, trying to focus on the piece of parchment before her.

The pleasure swelled inside her. Sable knew just where to lick. She cast the spell anyways. The scroll grew in her hand. "Oh, wow," Christy moaned, trying to read the Demotic script.

It was an alphabet based of hieroglyphics, but the text was written in Koine Greek. Sable rolled her clit, shudders of bliss pouring through her as she concentrated on the dry text. It was a mystic scroll. The Mystery Religions were born in Egypt, spreading through Greece and the rest of the world.

Witchcraft had been born in this ancient land, and Alexandria was were all their knowledge had been kept. "You taste so delicious," purred Sable. "Cum for me, Mistress." Christy groaned, her concubine slurping with persistence, feasting on her pussy juices. Her stomach tensed, a shudder wracking through her. She concentrated on the scroll, reading the text, ignoring the pleasure spasming through her body.

Her eyes widened. "This is it, Sable!" A great shudder spasmed through her body. She leaned against the ancient, clay shelf, clutching the scroll as excitement and passion trembled through her, pouring out into Sable's hungry mouth. Christy stumbled back, clutching the scroll. "We found it, Sable!" Her concubine rose, a smile on her cute face. "Awesome!" She threw her arms around Christy, kissing her Mistress. Christy tasted her tangy musk, savoring the flavor.

"Master is going to be so happy!" Christy nodded, summoning Shadowedge. "Let's find Britney and Phillipa so we can go home." "I heard Phillipa moaning that way," Sable giggled. "I think they took a break as well." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sahabah, The Hidden Realm Kyle dozed between Fumi and Fatima, Ann curled in a ball at his feet. He hoped he planted a baby in her.

Fatima was so excited to breed her young concubine. Sleep was just luring him away, pulling him down into darkness, when a woman cried out. "I found it!" Kyle opened his eyes to see Christy jumping on to the bed, naked and flushed with excitement.

"What?" Kyle muttered, shaking off sleep. "Summon Aaliyah! It's time to make a baby!" Christy straddled Kyle, stroking his hard cock with one hand, the other clutching a scroll. Kyle sat up, his eyes widening. "You mean it?" She nodded her head. He wrapped his arms around her, kissing his wife hard. Her breasts pressed into his muscular chest, her nipples hard point. Her hand guided his swelling cock to her pussy.

She sank down on him, a shudder rolling through his body as her tight flesh engulfed him. "Shouldn't you be saving that for Aaliyah?" giggled Fatima.

Kyle groaned, leaning back into the pillows as Christy worked her hips up and down on him. Kyle loved it when a woman rode him, savoring the way her breasts bounced and jiggle, and the pleasure crossed her face as she worked his cock in and out of her pussy.

"I need to prepare him," Christy purred, swiveling his hips. "Besides, doesn't my pussy feel amazing on your cock?" "So amazing. I wish Aaliyah was here to see how amazing it is." *Done!* Aaliyah announced in his mind.

In swirl of dust she appeared on the other side of Fumi. "I have it, Aaliyah!" Christy moaned, working her pussy faster. "Oh, Kyle. Your cock is wonderful!" "You have it!" Tears brimmed in Aaliyah's eyes.

"Oh, that's wonderful," Fumi smiled, rolling over to Aaliyah. The women hugged, Aaliyah's hand stroking Fumi's pregnant belly. "I can't wait." "Good," Christy moaned, squeezing her pussy down on Kyle's cock. "Umm, don't you just want to flood my pregnant pussy with your cum?" "So bad," Kyle groaned.

"Keep working those hips like a slut, and I'll baste your cunt with so much cum." Christy's pussy shuddered around his cock, a small orgasm rolling through his wife. "Oh, yes!" She pumped faster. "Ishtar, bless this cock reaming my pussy. Share with him my fertility so his seed may take root in the stoniest of soil!" Christy's pendant flashed amber between her breasts.

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Heat boiled in her pussy. Kyle groaned, every muscle in his body tensing. He shuddered, her pussy slamming down on him. Christy gasped, her breasts thrusting forward as she came hard on him. "Cum in me, Kyle, and receive my blessing!" she screamed. He erupted. His cum pulsed out of him in powerful blasts. He thrust up in her, grunting loudly.

Her fire spread into his cock, down into his heavy balls.


Another shot of cum burst out and a third, the heat in his balls intensifying. "Yes, yes!" sighed Christy, slumping off of him, his cock popping out with a wet plop. White cum dripped out. Fumi didn't hesitate to bury her lips between Christy's thighs, eager for the feast.


Kyle looked at Aaliyah. Her dusky face contorted in anticipation. She bit her lower lip. She was so cute. Kyle crawled to her, stroking her face. His balls burned to unleash his cum. He lowered his lips to Aaliyah, kissing his first wife.

It had all started with her. That wonderful day when he had freed her from her battered lamp. She was the reason he had all this love in his life.

And now he could finally give her what she wanted. Her legs parted, her hands eager, guiding him to her hole. She was already dripping wet, flushed with excitement.

He buried into her, shuddering as her silky flesh engulfed him. He kissed her, moaning into her lips as her limbs wrapped around him. They writhed together, hips working to please each other.

His heavy balls slapped into her taint as they thrust and humped. Kyle's strong hands roamed her body, finding her round breast and fingering her hard nipples. "Kyle," she shuddered, her eyelids fluttering. "Oh, Kyle!" He nuzzled at her neck, savoring her silky skin on his. He pinched a nipple, her back arching and her pussy squeezing down on his cock. His wives moaned around them, pleasuring each other. The concubines joined in, falling into each other's embraces, filling the room with a symphony of moans and gasps.

His harem urged them on with their moans. "Put a baby in her, Master!" "Pour your seed into her!" "Knock her up, big bro!" "Give Sultana what she craves!" The bed creaked, his thrusts growing harder. Aaliyah shuddered beneath him, her passion spilling through her body. Her breasts rubbed against his chest as she writhed, her fingernails clawing his back with passion.

Her hips rose up, bucking into his thrusts. "Cum in me, my husband," she moaned. Kyle's burning balls erupted, dumping his molten cum into her. She shuddered, a powerful orgasm spasming through her. Kyle could almost see his magic-enhanced sperm wiggling through her pussy, heading for her egg. "I love you," Aaliyah whispered. "My strong Sultan." Kyle smiled, kissing her on the lips, sharing his love with her. "Um, big bro," Fatima suddenly said.

"Hmm?" Kyle sighed. He didn't want to move. He just wanted to lie on Aaliyah. "I think." She gasped. "Oh, wow." "What, Fatima?" "You should get mom. She's about to be a grandmother." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Faiza walked into Fatima's bedroom.

Her son sat on a chair next to Fatima's bed, a bundle held in his arm. Fatima lounged on the bed, her face flushed, a happy smile on her lips. The bundle in Kyle's arm shifted. Joy beat in Faiza's heart as she gazed at her grandchild. Kyle looked up at her, a proud smile on his face. "It's a boy." Faiza walked over, tears beading in her eyes. "May I?" She held out her hands. Kyle nodded, handing over her grandson.

She cradled the tiny baby, his skin dusky like his parents. A small hand clenched and unclenched, and Faiza reached out with her index finger, the infant grasping her digit. "He's beautiful." "We named him Kyle," Fatima answered, "Kyle Unmei III." "After your father?" The tears flowed down Faiza's cheeks.

Kyle nodded. Faiza kissed her grandson's forehead, sat down on her daughter's bed, and sang her grandson a lullaby. THE END