Blonde Babe Sucks Many Black Inches

Blonde Babe Sucks Many Black Inches
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The Princess And The Pirates Part 1 off the Seychelles, 2002 For most people the pleasure of being on a luxury yacht off the Seychelles would be something from their dreams. But for the tanned blond basking on the bow it may as well have been a prison cell. The party-mad Princess Madeline was a long way from the world she loved, stranded in the middle of a boring ocean, going out of her mind from dullness.

This was really no holiday for the scandal-plagued beauty; like something out of a fairytale she was a princess banished to an idyllic exile for her sins. Those sins were indeed many. She was barely past her twentieth birthday but had already developed a sordid reputation. Being the youngest of the royal children she had been both devoid of responsibility and utterly spoilt. Consequently she had grown up bratty, demanding and entitled.

With golden hair, a luscious figure and deep gray eyes, 'Madde' more than fulfilled the fantasy of a Nordic princess and she had known it from an early age. Altogether, the mix of beauty and arrogance made for a potent combination that obsessed the paparazzi. The princess, of course, took all this for granted. She saw it as only right that she could blaze a slutty trail through the elite clubs of Europe, given her looks and power. Getting everything she wanted was one thing, but having the body to back it up was even better.

She lived for the thrill of being one of the most sought-after young royals with numerous admirers. Life was like a fantastic party were she was always the center of attention. She had been precocious enough sexually ever since she seduced her groom then had him fired for it, purely because she rebelled in the power.

An ability to bring any man she liked to his knees came naturally to the prick teasing princess. Bodyguards, tutors, grooms she loved to fuck the lot, not to mention the occasional rock star or fellow blue blood.

Her exasperated parents and publicity machine were kept ever-busy covering up her slutty indirections. There was a passion Madeleine had that extended beyond the bedroom, although it was no less carnal. She was a highly skilled show jumper and competed at a serious level. It was somewhat expected of a girl in her position, but she had loved horses her whole life and especially since she had learned to orgasm so powerfully when astride one.

The rough physicality of it all toned her tight body and turned her on. It wasn't just the many chiseled hunks she met who got her wet whenever she thought about riding.

Something in the princess tired of total control and dreamed of a man who would take instead of asking, using her like the beasts she rode, broken and sweaty. She had started to take her crop to bed, to be used by select lovers on her round ass while she squealed in delight. Moving to London at 18 to study, she had quickly abandoned academia for her two favorite pastimes : cocaine and cock. As a stunning blond with a bottomless bank account she had no shortage of either.


The next two years passed in a blaze of parties with no time for class of any kind. Madeleine merrily danced, snorted and sucked her way through the exclusive club scene and became infamous for it. She only had three rules: no guys over 30, never in the ass, and no blacks Madde was profoundly racist. Her discretion was protected by bodyguards who kept her secrets in exchange for infrequent indulgences with the princess.

She traded her body for their silence. The Royal Family back in Stockholm were kept in the dark as to the excesses of their youngest. It could stayed that way for a while, until her 20th birthday party became public. Holding it at an elite strip club was outrageous enough, but the fact Madde had joined them on stage for a while horrified her prudish and proper parents.

She was recalled quickly and ignominiously sent home, nominally for the holidays but really to receive a stern scolding from the King. The family were outraged, not that she actually cared. What did irritate her was the conditions of her punishment : a few weeks in the Seychelles far from paparazzi cameras. Isolated on a yacht with a handpicked crew of her parent's choosing, there would be little chance to disgrace herself. None of her personal staff were allowed in favor of a less corrupted entourage.

The infuriated princess fumed at the fact she was not even allowed a maid. This whole business, she felt, was totally unfair. So here she was a few weeks later, basking and bronzed in the Indian Ocean. The ordeal had become bearable enough, although the lack of partying on the island itself had bored her immensely. Even the vast stillness of the sea was to be preferred to that dump. She had sourced some local weed in a brief moment away from her minders, and enjoyed a few stealthy smokes to kill the boredom.

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Laid out on the bow of the luxury yacht, Madde soaked in more than the rays of the sun. For days now the crew had watched their royal passenger display her body with avid interest. She knew they had been chosen by her parents specifically because they would resist her wiles. The fact they had picked so many ugly and married specimens almost amused her. But the precocious prick tease enjoyed the attention anyway, even if some of the creepier ones ogled a little too long.

The evening was now drawing in on her second day at sea. She he spent the sun-soaked afternoon bronzing herself on the prow, her 34C bust amplified by a revealing white bikini. Daydreaming with her Ipod she dozed off to the gentle rocking of the ocean. At their stations on the bridge the two officers of the watch were totally focused on her. Smoking and discussing among themselves what they would do to the princess on any other occasion, the bridge crew were unaware of the boat coming alongside them in the growing gloom.

For this royal cruise had not been kept a total secret. Among the dock crews in the Seychelles were eyes of the Somali pirates, looking for the 'one big score' that would make them. Madeleine's identity and location had been sent to waiting crews in Mogadishu, and the consortium of captains chose a picked team to grab her.

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The possibilities of ransoming a real European princess seemed a dream come true. Bearing just enough fuel to get there and back, the pirates had taken a low-profile fishing boat direct to the yacht, guided by a planted GPS.

They knew they had to be back by dawn, with the princess or not. Stalking it in the last hours of the day, they slowly approached like a shark just as darkness fell. All the while the royal yacht was obvious to the approaching danger.

Fixated on drooling over their passenger, the watchmen on the bridge were only aware of the threat when it was too late. Both were swiftly and silently stabbed as the pirates sabotaged the controls.

While some went below decks to execute the rest of the crew, the leader of the posse stared down on the dozing Madeleine with a dull glower in his single good eye. Aljad's other one was just an empty socket, the legacy of many brutal years of militia warfare and preying on fishermen. Wiping his bloodied knife on the dead watchman he walked down onto the deck.

Madeleine awoke to the sound of footsteps, groggy and languid. With a feline stretch she drawled sleepily, "Why didn't you idiots wake me up?

I'm hungry now. Call up the chef, and refill my bottle." The clatter of Swedish was alien to Aljad. But he recognized the haughty entitlement. He licked his salty, cracked lips at the profile of the princess, laid out almost like a trophy in the orange sunset. The cynical killer had never been a religious man, despite the efforts of his despairing mother. But he found a moment to praise the generosity of Allah as he approached his prey. "Hey, did you hear me, asshole?" Madeleine spat in pouty irritation.

She pushed her shades back onto her immaculately groomed blond hair and sat up sharply. It was a bit too quick for her pot- and sun-addled senses and she swooned for a moment, trying to see the approaching man through the gloom than now came down fast. "I said, get your sorry ass to the galley now, or I'll-" When she finally focused on Aljad her gasp of shock caught in her throat.

The princess was literally stunned at the sight of this vicious thug, his cold eye boring through her. Fumbling awkwardly she got up and jumped off the raised bow, landing on the deck before him.

Clutching a towel to hide her half-naked body Madde felt fear rise in her like nausea. But her instinctive sense of propriety her royal upbringing suddenly burst through her shock. With a mix of anger and outrage she spat, in English "Who the fuck are you, you black asshole!

Why are you here? Stop fucking looking at me!" She wondered where the crew were. "Hey you guys!" She shouted up at the bridge. "There's some.psycho on board!" The report of shouts and muffled gunshots below deck rang out.

A real sense of her situation started to break through Madde's arrogant denial. Her luminous eyes swelling in fear, she slowly backed away from the approaching Aljad.

"Get the fuck back, asshole!" In a moment of blind bratty rage she threw her cellphone at him. The leering pirate batted it away with a chuckle and it landed with a slop plop in the sea.

The sudden voice of his voice a perfectly accented English almost trumped Madde's disbelief. "Good evening, Princess", he said with an evil chuckle. "I'd like to invite you back to my palace in Harardhere. You are going to make me a very rich man." Madde was so bewildered that it seemed like some horrible lucid nightmare. She could see other pirates moving around on the ship now, several of them wearing the bloodstained uniforms of the crew.

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This couldn't possibly be happening, she thought in an instinctive moment of pure entitled anger. "Fuck you, asshole! Do you know who I am? My people will fuck you up so bad-" Suddenly a rough cord drew a tight noose around her neck. She feverishly clawed at the rope as she inhaled the foul presence of the pirate now come up behind her. His rigid cock pressed up hard through his jeans against her ass. The more Madde struggled, the tighter the noose grew.

All royal presumption was gone now as she knew she was fighting for her life.


Her vision began to turn into a field of stars as Aljad approached. He gave his crewman a curt nod and the rope was released. But before Madde could gasp more than a few desperate breaths, Aljad punched her firmly once, twice, then three times in succession as she convulsed in choked agony.

Blind from the shock, all she could hear was the roars of laughter from the other watching pirates. Then he delivered a swift, cunt-crushing kick directly between her long brown legs and she suddenly found the voice to scream.

"OHGDDDD PLZ-PLZZ! PLZGD I-I-" she was blathering in panic now. 'I-I-I'm rich! Incredibly rich! You can have the lot! You can be millionaires please ohgodOHGODNONONO-" As the pirate behind her bound her wrists and a cackling Aljad grabbed her bikini she wailed in Swedish "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME YOU CAN'T YOU-Y-YOU FUCKING NIGGERS!" She writhed and shrieked like a wild animal as Aljad tore off the bikini top with a loud snap.

Groaning in horror she shut her eyes as he began to claw and bite at her tits when they bounced free.

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"Oh g-god please, listen, please don't do this I'm begging please, no, no, no." The pirate behind her ripped off her bikini bottoms with a firm tug, groping and slapping her ass while she sobbed helplessly.

Watching avidly, the rest of the crew drank in the sight of the royal hottie's tanned, toned body naked and glowing with sweat in the early moonlight. None had ever seen a white woman before, let alone such a fine specimen screaming at their mercy. Madde was pushed roughly to her knees as Aljad dropped his pants and exposed his fully erect cock. It was twice the size of anything she had ever seen. Hot tears streamed down her ruddy cheeks as she realised what was coming. She clenched her eyes shut tight as Aljad grabbed a fistful of her soft blond hair and flashed a knife before her.

"You give the best blowjob of your life now Princess, or I'll cut off your nose. Look at me. You understand? LOOK AT ME!" He drank in the sight of her fear-filled gray eyes as they sprang open and stared up at him. His throbbing cock swung before her and she drew her mouth tight. But Aljad pressed his knife to her nose and she opened her glossed lips just wide enough for him to thrust his raperod through.

Groaning loudly he pushed deep into her cool mouth while Madde gagged violently. The stench and nausea rendered her almost delirious even before he began to vigorously facefuck her. All she could do was make wet choking noises and pray for the nightmare to end. She struggled to see through her tear-stained eyes but she could clearly make out her rapist's face as it glared evilly down at her.

This isn't a nightmare, thought Madde with a surreal insight, this is hell. She had always known she ran the risk of being kidnapped. But this ordeal was beyond her worst imaginings. Her only hope was that they were going to ransom her, in which case they would let her live. For now she was the prisoner of a dozen Somali pirates, and with a dull certainly she realised she could expect nothing but a night of a gang-rape.

Aljad came with a satisfied grunt, his load firing like a shotgun in Madde's mouth. She retched but that just sent it further down her throat and she convulsed with disgust.

Staring at her shiny face, glistening from tears, spit and cum, he pulled out with a soft plop then slapped her face hard. She yelped like a whipped dog, her pleas for mercy now incoherent gurgling babble. "Throw the white bitch over that bar," the pirate chief bellowed, as an eager group leaped forward and threw Madde like a ragdoll over a long bar on the bow. Jackknifed awkwardly and painfully, she could do nothing but shudder in terror as two queues formed in front of and behind her.

Whooping gleefully the pirates then took her firmly and furiously in an endless double-fuck. Some choked her over and over with their huge fetid cocks while using her ears as handgrips and nearly tearing them off in the process. She was forced to employ every trick she knew about pleasuring a man with her mouth, hoping that the sooner she made they cum the sooner her suffering was over. With her legs lashed in a 'v' position the pink lips of Madde's pussy were clearly exposed to her rapists.

As the first of a dozen penetrated her tight snatch she howled like an animal, but it was soon choked off by the cock in her mouth. She had never had a dick like this in her; it hurt so much and was so big that she felt the piston-like pounding crush her box with the most exquisite agony. Sweat soaked her in the steamy night, running off her body as it was jerked about cruelly.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as every pirate on the boat reamed her like she was the only woman left on earth. Each time she was taken she felt that much more worse; every thrust broke her a little bit intimately. Closing her eyes Madde tried to take herself somewhere else in her mind.

With a naïve, helpless desperation she tried to take herself out of the suffering. But then the pain began again the burning between her legs, the aching in her throat.

Dear Christ, she thought dully, this is just the start. For all her bragging she realised it would be a long time if at all before she was rescued, and she didn't think she could last that long. Her tight and trained horsewoman's body had been pushed beyond its limits, and Madde soon found herself feverishly praying for unconsciousness.or even death.

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But the pain just got worse, and the brutal reality was nearly driving her mad. For a few delirious moments everything seemed to stop. She heard laughing and cruel voices howling around her.

Aljad grabbed a fistful of her blond hair and jerked her head back violently to bring them face-to face. "In the villages", he hissed, "it is said the cure for AIDS is to fuck the ass of a white woman." A wicked smile played on his scarred face as he saw the terror fill her dark gray eyes.

"One of my boys is going to test that theory." Madde barely had a moment to scream before she felt the steel hands clamp onto her sides and the battering against her asshole. There had only ever been one major law in her immorality no anal sex, especially with a black man. She had resolved to never be fucked in the ass now an AIDS-ridden sadistic pirate was ripping it in half.

Her throat, already raw from her constant cries, shredded as she shrieked in a primal agony. Her blazing eyes stared ahead into nothing as she felt her ass pounded deep, hard and rhythmically.

Every thrust drove a little more into her and so hurt that much more. She tried to relax, to lessen the suffering as much as she could.

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But this rapist knew exactly how to make her scream, to the delighted cheers of his crewmates. He came deep and long inside her, slapping her cheeks hard from behind and taunting the degraded girl. The shattered Madde's mind was so unhinged she barely noticed when he finally pulled out.

She painfully lifted her head up and stared out at the black endless sea. In that moment the princess found herself wondering if she wasn't better off dead. She groaned as she was untied, four pirates each grabbing a limb and holding her spreadeagled above the deck. Too weak to struggle, beg for mercy or even pray, Madde tried to prepare herself for whatever came next. Aljad came up again, a cold light glinting in his eyes. He held up a razorblade and spoke calmly to his dazed victim.

"You enjoyed that punishment too much, you rotten whore. Moaning and squealing like you did. Before you enter my house you must be made clean." He acted so swiftly, and in such a practiced move, that Madde barely realised what happened. He took her bruised and swollen clit between his fingers then sliced it off with the chipped razor blade.

The pink bud fell away and he flicked it into the sea. Despite the stinking heat of the night Madde suddenly felt incredibly cold, just before the wave of shocking anguish suddenly surged through her body. "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKKK-" Her fractured mind could barely conceive of the brutal mutilation she had just suffered, let alone the pain that now wracked her.

She was barely aware as Aljad's mate quickly cauterized her severed pussy with a hand-held blowtorch, burning it in the process.

After all the brutalizations visited upon her she had finally found her limit, and passed whimpering into a deep black unconsciousness. Chuckling with satisfaction, the pirates looked at their prey. "Get her in the boat, now." bellowed Aljad. He turned back to his mate. "The charges set?" A curt nod in reply told him yes. "Then we go now. Three hours back to shore, and we're millionaires, boys!" He watched as his crew, singing with joy, loaded the bound and bloodied body of the princess in the boat.

Once ashore, he thought to himself, they would make the ransom video, then move her up to the fortress in the mountains. He wanted to breed this one, to have the golden-haired Northern whore produce more blond daughters for this pleasure. As he, his crew and Madde headed off into night, Aljad reflected his future was as bright as the explosions that ripped the royal yacht to pieces.

end of part 1