Maintenance man ebony hood hoe sucks dick before I go to work

Maintenance man ebony hood hoe sucks dick before I go to work
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What happens in Vegas - Round 1 Now I have to admit, this didn't happen to me personally. This happened to my brother-in-law, who swore me to secrecy. I figure I can tell it now, because he passed away, and my sister informed me that she already knew about it from one of the other parties involved, so I figured it is safe to write about. Any which way, since I know virtually all of these people personally, and they are great people, I have changed their names, and the nature of their business which lead them to Vegas in the first place.

Vince was 39, a father of two, and a middle manager at a small computer based company on the west coast. He was Italian-American former NCAA line-man for a mid-west university, but actually a smart guy and good with people. He'd worked out to keep his physique about the same as in school, and had rugged Mediterranean good looks. Everyone liked him, probably because he treated people well and as fairly as he could. (Sorry, I usually write about my exploits, this 3rd person thing takes some getting used to.) Lorna, Vince's wife was a little disappointed that she was missing out on Vegas, but she had to stay with the kids.

She was happy that her best friend, recently divorced Kathy, would be one of the team going to Vegas with her hubby, and could keep an eye on him. She wasn't worried about the two others, two prettyish Indian ladies, who she knew from the office parties, but heard little from her husband about to know he had no interest in them sexually.

Besides, Vince was still as stallion in bed, and had been loyal to her since they married. He was also scheduled to get a vasectomy the week he got back from the conference, something they had agreed to keep their active sex life, and to get Lorna off the pill.

Vince actually dreaded going on this trip.

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He was going with two of the dullest employees he worked with. Veena was a 40 year old, Indian lady, who seemed really reserved. She had a slim build, and what could be impressive breasts had she not dressed so conservatively.

But she was a great worker. She'd been offered promotions, and turned them down because she liked what she was doing, and who she was working with. One of her underlings was a girl, Shreya. She had graduated from Berkely, and her parents shipped her home to get married. They moved back state-side because they wanted to start a family, and it would be more advantageous for the kid to be born with a US passport.

She was a citizen, so why not. Her husband was a ridiculously nice guy, but somewhat effeminate. He worked in fashion, wore great shoes, and had a nack for dressing his wife in the perfect clothes. And could she wear those clothes. Vince recalled that during one of Indian holidays, Sheya came to work in a sari. She looked like a bollywood actress - flat stomach, slightly exaggerated hips. The girl was hot. Good thing Lorna knew that Vince wasn't really a fan of South Asian women. Actually, Vince was a fan of all women, he just kept his likes secret.

After a three of days of conferencing, and gambling and show watching, Vince was finished with Vegas. Unfortunately, The conference was a full five days. When his collegues suggested that they all have dinner together on the company bill, and have an early night, he was all game. He'd already talked to his wife and kids, who were going to the grandparents for dinner and a sleepover, so he was looking forward to retiring to the hotel room after dinner, turning on the porn channel and having a good wank or two, something that married life takes away from you.

While waiting for their table, the group went into the lounge for a few drinks. Kathy was dressed up to the nines, she must have been expecting to hook up with someone tonight. Her curvy Chinese American frame was barely contained in the black cocktail dress she was wearing. She had about 15 pounds of extra weight, and it all went to her ass and tits. She looked good, like as short haired version of Mika Tan. Vince had fucked his wife many a time thinking of her best friend. He'd always hoped that somehow, his wife and her had a secret lesbian affair that would eventually include him.

He dreamt of sticking his cock deep in her round ass, doggy style while she lapped at his wife's pussy. "So, they haven't kicked you out of the industry yet?" came a deep sexy voice. Vince looked up to see Diane, his old boss. She was now in her 50s, but still sexy as anything. She always dressed in a pant suit that barley contained her double-d chest.

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The third butting on her blouse straining to release them. Vince, started in the company in her department, and she was a great mentor. She was married to a pro-bowl linebacker, who ran a variety of businesses of his own after the NFL. She was smart, beautiful, and Vince was happy to see her again. It was Kathy who invited her to join them for dinner when they learned she was at the conference alone. The dinner was good, the conservation interesting, but it seemed to Vince that he was the focus of most of the stories at the table.

Even Veena and Shreya has funny stories to tell about him. After dessert, Diane invited everyone up to her suite to have a drink and carry on the conversation. Surprisingly, everyone agreed so up they went. The view was amazing as was the suite. They sat and sipped on their drinks telling more stories. At one point, there was a lull in the conversation, and Diane suggested a game. She had found it in her daughter's things when she'd gone off for college. It was a drinking type game, a little riske, but nothing serious.

It sounded fun the way Diane explained. Kinda like truth or dare, but with a twist. The game was called, What Happens in Vegas. Round 1, Each card in the deck represents a challenge, which was written on the sheet that Diane had.


Once two aces were drawn, the round was over. Card 1 - Vince - Ace (this looked to be a short round.) Card 2 - Kathy - 7. Chose two people to have a drink - She chose herself, and Vince. Card 3 - Shreya - 10 - get up and dance - she got up and did a cool little Indian bollywood style dance.

She looked sexy, as her blouse was short and teased that she was wearing a bellybutton ring. Card 4 - Veena - Jack - Social Drink - everyone must toast - everyone did. Card 5 - Diane - the queen - The Secret - Everyone must confess a secret to the group. Diane started. "I've never cheated on my husband in the 23 years we've been married. However, I kissed a man under the mistletoe once a little too passionately." "What's so bad about that?" asked Kathy.

"He's sitting in this room." Vince blushed while his colleagues all "ooohed". "Details" demanded Veena of all people. "OK, at the company Christmas party, my hubby, Dan, drank too much and passed out.

The only one strong enough to move him my was my young protege, Vince. Though if I can digress, you have kept in shape," she said eyeing me up and down. "Once we got Dan into bed, I walked him downstairs to let him out to the awaiting limo. He didn't realize it, but he was standing under the mistletoe, so I kissed him. And he kissed me back. And I stuck my tongue down his throat. And he pulled me by my ass into him. I started tugging at his zipper.

Then he pulled away." "What?" interrupted Kathy. "Yup, and I knew he was into it, because his rock solid cock has been poking me through his trousers." "She was my boss. Her husband was a monster line-backer. I did the right thing. I apologized, walked out to the limo, and jerked off the whole way home." Vince concluded.

"That's not quite true, is it?" corrected Diane. "You know?" Vince said as Diane nodded. "OK, I found out that Diane's driver was a pretty little blonde.

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She pulled over, scooted into the back, and and we fucked until dawn. I must have cum 4 or 5 times." Vince looked at Diane. "I wish it had been you who I was fucking, but that driver was something. She loved cum." I looked around to see what kind of reaction I was getting from the ladies. With all the nipples poking through outfits, you'd have thought it was snowing in the room.

"She made me cum in her mouth, on her face, her breasts, and on her ass." "Just when did you get the energy to cum so much?" Diane joked, "We never did get the cum stain out of the ceiling." Again, everyone laughed. "Next," called Diane. "Who's next?" "I saw Vince's cock one," admitted Kathy. "I was at his house for a weekend lunch, everyone was in the pool before lunch, and Vince got out to get changed so he could cook." I went up to use the bathroom, and accidentally opened the adjoining door to the master suite instead of the hallway.

He was standing naked, drying his hair. His cock was hard and bobbing in the air. "I hated that house," said Vince laughing. "Who puts a house bathroom adjoining to the master bedroom, The next house had an en suite." "Kathy, you might have missed out. Vince is hung like an Italian stallion. I had to resist walking up to him, dropping to my knees and swallowing that monster up.

To this day, I sometimes fantasize about trying to deep throat him. I don't think he could, he's just to wide and too long. But fuck it would be fun trying. Too bad Lorna doesn't like to share." My thoughts echoed Kathy's words. I was starting to get hard at the thought. Everyone laughed. "I know," said Diane. "I used to fantasize about what could have happened. What did you do?" "I did what any woman would have done, I quietly closed the door, and fingered myself to orgasm." Vince was shocked about these two women's admissions, wondering where all this was going.

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Shreya broke the silence. "I'm married to a fag!" she began crying. "Really, he's gay. Our marriage was arranged by our families, and I'm stuck. He loves me. and I love him, but he has no interest in me. We had sex because we had to, but he couldn't keep hard long enough to cum. We want to get pregnant, but he can't cum for me. Finally, he came out and admitted it to me.

He cried, apologized. He even said, I should find a nice Indian guy and have an affair, so we can have a family.

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How can I live with the man? How can I go on? Is he sure? Even I experimented in college, but shouldn't he have figured things out before marrying me? I can't do anything because of the shame it would bring my family." The women all gave her hugs. I was expecting the strange confession to have killed the game, when Veena spoke up. "I have a similar secret too," she said.

"But it's not my husband who is gay.I love him very much, but not he, nor any man has been able to give me an orgasm like another woman can.


When he use to pump his cock into me, I would imagine the fingers or fist of another woman.Before I went to college, a maid was helping me bathe before a festival. She touched me in places and fireworks exploded. She and I had an affair that only ended after I married. My husband had impregnated me, and I was showing. She had stayed with me the whole time.

I loved her. She was my friend, She was my confidant. My mother-in-law was not pleased with our friendliness, because the maid was a lower caste. They arranged for a new maid to join my husband and I, and for my friend to return to her village to be married. She came in to my room, just after my husband had gone to work, while his mother still slept.

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She kissed every part of my body. My breasts were already sensitive, and she got me so aroused. How could she find my fattening body attractive? She began to finger my pussy and my ass. First it was two fingers, then three, and suddenly, with an explosion of pain and pleasure, she was up to her wrist, fisting my pussy. It was the most amazing orgasm I ever had. She made me repay her, licking her until she orgasmed, and fisting her ass, to preserve her virginity.

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She actually squirted to my amazement. I cried for days when she left, and never heard from her again. Our tragic love affair ended, but my feelings for her didn't. "Oh my god," said Shreya. "That's so beautiful and tragic." Shreya was a bit tipsy, and she rested her head on Veena's lap. Veena looked down at her with lust and love in her eyes. "With luck, you will have a beautiful child, and Viru will be a good father.

He is kind, and has a good heart. You must go on, and if you choose to find love elsewhere, you must be ultimately discreet, or you and the man, or woman you love (was there a bit of suggestion in her voice), will suffer a tragic end like mine." Card 6 - Vince drew another drinking card. He kept it for himself. Card - 7 - Kathy drew another Ace, end of Round 1.