Real amateur on top outdoor POV

Real amateur on top outdoor POV
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As the title says, this is just a PROLOGUE to this new series. This was originally supposed to be part 1 but as I started to write it, I realized it was focusing more about the build up to the actual story rather than the story itself. So I decided to release this as a separate story, and have the story kick off where I wanted it to in part 1. There isn't much to get you turned on here, so don't get mad, I warned you. I hope you give this series a chance though, because the next installments will have a lot more action.

If you've read my Nick and Allie stories, you'll know that I focus a lot on plot, and I want to make this series more of a turn-on series. Anyways, I'm rambling. Votes and comments are always appreciated. If you want to send me an email, I'm always more than happy to receive them: [email protected] Like they say, feedback is the only payment sex story writers get. If you want to check out some of my other stories, they can all be found on my profile. Thanks for reading! The New Life (Prologue) Chapter One Mikael, a 35 year old man, witnessed his wife lose her fight with cancer last week.

She had been battling it for the better half of a year. Those 8 months were the worst of Mikael's life. The worst part was having to explain to his 8 year old daughter that her mom was never going to be the same.

When she was first diagnosed the doctor said it would be a miracle if she lived past 3 months. Not much of a miracle. They had the funeral ceremony two days ago. All of her friends, family and coworkers were there. Mikael cried himself to sleep before the funeral, but he managed to keep calm during the event. Jamie, his daughter, bawled like a baby at the start of it, clinching onto Mikael for dear life. It was the worst day of Mikael's life, and he knew it was the worst day of Jamie's life too.

It didn't help that Michelle's family hated his guts. Mikael was never able to get along with any of them. He married Michelle when they were both 19, rebelling against Michelle's parents' wishes. Michelle didn't talk to her parents for about 3 years, and after they made up, their relationship was shaky.

When Jamie was born, her parents barely gave 2 shits. They visited her in the hospital and had them over for a few holidays over the years but as far as Mikael was concerned, Jamie had no grandparents. Mikael didn't know his parents either. His mom's first husband died in the war. She went into a depression for a little while and started using drugs heavily. It was the 70's, everyone partied. Her drugs led to orgies and that led to a pregnancy. She had no idea who the father was, the night she got pregnant, she took countless loads in all her holes, and it could have been anyone at the party.

It could have even been the 16 year old kid. Her first thought was to have an abortion but her friends talked her out of it. They told her giving the kid away to an orphanage was a much better idea. So that's what happened, Mikael was born and given away on the same night. The only reason Mikael knew all this was because when he was 25, Michelle convinced him to try and track down his parents.

He met up with his mom and after a few hours, knew the whole story. That was more or less, the only time he talked to her in person. Michelle was everything. She was the only person in the world that could make him happy any time anywhere, no matter what. Now she was gone. The only reminder he had of her was his daughter Jamie. Mikael was a police officer, and had been for the past 15 years. When he and Michelle got married, he was in the academy still in school.

Once he graduated, Michelle couldn't be happier. They moved into a bigger apartment and started their life. Michelle wanted to have a kid almost right away but Mikael wanted to travel a bit, experience more things in life than just settling down and having a kid. Michelle, being the supportive amazing wife she was, agreed that they were too young for that kind of responsibility anyways.

Michelle got her diploma in Chemical Engineering soon afterwards and with a nice amount of money in their bank account, the two started travelling a bit. They went to Australia, Europe, South America; it was some of the best times of Mikael's life.

Michelle knew everything about her husband and Mikael knew everything about his wife, or so at least it appeared that way. Mikael was hiding one thing from his wife, one very dark secret that he was sure to never let Michelle find out. He didn't like the word pedophile, but he fit the definition of it to a degree.

He was attracted to preteen girls. When they travelled to Brazil, Mikael did something he would come to regret a thousand times. He cheated on his wife. They were young, Mikael was only 21 and well shit happens. Michelle was asleep in their hotel and Mikael wanted to go out and walk around the streets of Brazil a bit, since he wasn't tired.

He ended up on a bad street, with hookers and prostitutes approaching him every step of the way. Being the nice guy he is, Mikael kindly turned them all down. It wasn't until he saw one girl that he stopped in his tracks.

She must've been 12 years old but had the greatest little ass he had ever seen. She was wearing a cute skirt that barely covered her crotch and a top that exposed her budding breasts. She was a bit chubby, but still really cute. Apparently she was with her sister because one of the girls that had asked Mikael if he was interested came up to him and told him. She told him the price and Mikael was very puzzled about what to do.

He wanted to say no, he wanted to run away back to his safe warm bed beside Michelle, but he couldn't. Seeing the girl had released a demon inside him and the only way to tame him was to give him what he wanted. Right now the demon wanted the little girl around his dick. The older prostitute told him the price and before Mikael could stop himself, he was walking behind the two sisters towards one of the motels Michelle and Mikael had seen when they first came.

When they got to the motel, Mikael paid the sister and she led them into one of the bedrooms. The little girl didn't speak English and her sister only knew a few words that were relevant to her profession. Mikael was so scared while getting stripped by the older girl, watching the 12 year old laying on the bed, teasing her pussy, guilt and nervousness going through him. She had her skirt hiked up, she wore no panties and Mikael couldn't take his eyes off her. She had dark black hair that only went to her shoulders, and that same black hair could be seen on her pubes.

Her dark skin made her look simply gorgeous but what made Mikael's dick leak pre cum into his boxers was when she turned onto her hands and knees and wiggled her Brazilian ass at him. If you were to just look at her ass, you would swear the girl was at least 17 or 18 but everything else about the girl had the features of a little girl.

When Mikael thought back on that night now, it was like a fog went over him. He remembered getting completely naked and walking over to the bed where the girl waited in the doggy style position.

He remembered penetrating her for the first time and fucking her for a few moments but after that, he drew a blank. Fleeting images of him cumming on the girls face, than walking back to his hotel in shame was all he remembered past that first penetration.

It was very late when he came back into his room. He decided to shower and then went laid down next to his wife, snuggling her till very late in the morning. That was all the cheating Mikael had ever done on his wife, but over the years, he hated himself for it. The demon inside him that woke up that night in Brazil didn't go away over the years. He never fucked or touched another girl but he did fantasize about it. When he turned 24, a new man joined his police force, Jack.

They clicked instantly, and Mikael took Michelle to Jack's barbeques quite a few times. Jack was a great guy, recently divorced, no kids. When they first met, what Mikael didn't know was that Jack had the same demon inside him too.

It was about 6 months after Jack started working with Mikael that Jack opened up to him. They were out for a drink in a bar and with the beers flowing, Mikael decided to ask about Jack's divorce.

Jack was only a few years older than Mikael, 27 to be exact, and Mikael was curious as to why his marriage failed. He could never see himself leaving Michelle. Jack opened up about how he had fights with his wife all the time but what ultimately broke them apart was that she wanted kids and he didn't. This scared Mikael, Michelle wanted kids but he didn't want any, at least not for a few more years.

Mikael asked why Jack didn't want kids and Jack started hesitating, trying to change the subject subtly by pretending to care about the football game on the TV. They had become close friends and after a few more beers, Mikael was able to get Jack to open up. Jack tried beating around the bush as long as possible, saying how he had this weird obsession with 18 year old girls, that slowly turned into high school girls, which then became 13 year old girls. Mikael was in utter shock. Jack then started to get scared, they were cops after all.

He begged Mikael not to tell anyone before taking off. Over the next few weeks, Mikael did his best to get more information out of Jack but Jack refused to talk about it. Mikael knew there was only one way to get Jack to open up to him. It was nice to know that there was someone that shared his sick obsession with him and Mikael decided it was time to come clean as well.

Mikael told Jack that he wasn't disgusted by Jack and that he didn't judge him for what he liked. Mikael didn't tell him about Brazil, that was something he was gonna take to the grave but he told him that he fantasized about the same stuff. Mikael told him that he jerked off to porn sometimes, not actual child porn since Mikael had never gone onto any of those sites, being a cop and all, but he did have a folder full of pictures of girls that looked clearly under 18.

He got the pictures from totally legit and legal sites, and wondered how they were even posted without getting taken down. Most did get taken down, but that 1 or 2 day period between getting posted and getting taken down was when Mikael saved them to his computer.

Jack was stunned but glad that someone finally understood him. Jack told him that was the reason he never wanted kids. He didn't trust himself enough not to act on his urges, especially when his daughter got older and started being more provocative. When he told his wife about his desires, she instantly filed for divorce, calling him a pedophile. Jack had his own personal collection on his laptop which he jerked off too late at night when his wife had gone to bed.

Just like Mikael, he had pictures of 13, 14, and 15 year old girls he had managed to find on the internet over the years.

Ever since their confessions, Mikael and Jack tried to stay away from the topic, it was like they were both ashamed and didn't feel comfortable discussing it. As the years went by, Jack and Mikael continued not to bring up the topic besides a conversation here or there while at the bar. Jack started to date and had a pretty serious relationship for a while but never got remarried. Meanwhile, Mikael finally felt ready to have kids and when he told Michelle she jumped on him hugging him like it was the first time she saw him.

When Mikael was 27, he and Michelle finally had a baby, Jamie. Unlike Jack, Mikael wasn't scared on acting on his urges; he wasn't attracted to girls that young, he liked the ones approaching their teen years.

Jamie grew older and Mikael started to jerk off less and less to his secret stash of porn. He was a father now, with more responsibilities, he couldn't act like a 21 year old anymore. Jack got transferred to another department shortly after and Mikael started seeing less of him. He would still get invited to his barbeques and parties, where they would catch up, but they weren't close friends. Jack and his girlfriend of 2 years broke up and Jack stayed single for a long time after that.

Even though he would never admit it, Mikael figured that he was planning to propose sometime soon. As Jamie started growing older, Mikael didn't like bringing Michelle and Jamie around Jack.

This was because of the company picnic one day in the summer, just months before Michelle got diagnosed. Mikael, Michelle and Jamie were at the picnic as well as Jack. The other cops that Mikael worked with were there too and most of them brought their families. Everything was fine, Mikael was talking to Jack while Michelle was standing far away not to hear her husband talking. She was having a conversation with one of the other wives.

Mikael and Jack were doing their usual thing, catching each other up on the other's life. At one point, Jamie ran up to her dad and asked him for some money to buy some random crap, and Mikael gave her a few dollars. She hugged him around the waist, her face on his stomach and then ran off. As she ran off, Mikael looked at Jack and noticed his eyes were wandering a bit too much. It was clear he was checking out her ass and even though Mikael didn't say anything about it, it really pissed him off.

After that incident, Mikael started paying more attention to Jack, and noticed that it wasn't just Jamie he looked at, but he stared a bit too long at every girl that walked past him.

Maybe Jack was right; he really shouldn't be trusted with having kids. If Mikael didn't want Michelle and Jamie around Jack anymore, his wish soon came true when Michelle got diagnosed with cancer. She was in very bad condition for most of her remaining months and Mikael didn't feel like going to stupid parties with his wife slowly dying in the hospital. At first, Jamie didn't understand what was happening to her mom but as the months went on, Jamie became more aware of the situation.

She had never thought of death before then and now she was watching her mother slowly dying. Weeks before Michelle passed away, Mikael didn't let Jamie into the hospital room to see her.

Michelle was no longer herself, she looked like a skeleton at this point and even though Mikael didn't want to admit it to himself, she scared even him now. He could only imagine what it would do to Jamie to see her mom like that. Near the end of her time, Mikael spent almost every night after work beside Michelle in her hospital bed. One of his coworkers agreed to take care of Jamie.


She was a nice lady and Mikael was very grateful for what she did. The day Michelle passed away came like a huge kick to the throat. After a while, Mikael thought he would be ready for it, but he was wrong.

It was around 2 am and Mikael was asleep in the chair beside Michelle's bed when he got woken by her voice. As soon as he woke up he knew something was wrong, Michelle had a tear going down her left cheek, her head turned towards him.

Mikael had to fight back his tears, which wasn't unusual nowadays. He reached out and took Michelle's hand. "You're an amazing husband and father, Mikael." Mikael weakly smiled and kissed his wife's hand. "Jamie is lucky to have you." "She has the best mother in the world.

You're the reason I'm a good father." Michelle smiled but it was barely noticeable. She looked gone. "I love you Mikael." Mikael couldn't take it, he felt his eyes burn, a tear fall down his cheek.

He held Michelle's hand to his lips for a long time. "You gave me an amazing life. You gave me Jamie." Michelle wasn't crying, she didn't even look sad. "I love you so much. You're my everything, you know that?" This made Michelle smile, once again barely recognizable. "No." Mikael looked at her. "Jamie's your everything.

Take care of her." "Of course I will. She loves you a lot you know? She thinks you are perfect, and she isn't wrong." Michelle smiled. They stayed in silence for a few moments, looking at each other the entire time. The room was completely dark besides the light coming off the machines beside the bed. The window behind Mikael had a great view of the moon. It was a full moon, Michelle's favorite sight. Mikael got up and kissed Michelle's forehead, burning tears rolling down his cheeks.

He sat back down, and felt his wife's hand tighten around his own. They both knew these were her last moments. Michelle seemed ready for it, Mikael didn't.

"I love you." "I love you too, I love you so much." Michelle took a deep breath, her eyes went from Mikael's and focused on the moon behind him. After a few moments, she looked back at her husband's tear filled eyes. Michelle's grip started to become weaker again, she took a deep breath again. Mikael was doing everything not to breakdown right there in front of her. His entire body was shaking, Michelle could feel it. Her grip was barely even a grip anymore, if Mikael wasn't holding her hand, it would hang off the bed.

She looked scared for a second and than happy. She closed her eyes, her hand now not holding onto Mikael's at all. Mikael knew the worst had happen. He looked up at the machines beside the bed. The monitor showing her heartbeat was now just a straight line. She was dead. Mikael's ears started to ring, he felt like he was gonna be sick, like he would faint. "Michelle." He whispered. He didn't hear himself but he felt his lips move. He kept looking at his wife, his vision doing weird things.

His heart was pounding against his chest, he felt fire on his face and realized it was his tears, which were now streaming down.

He kept looking at his wife, like how he used to watch her sleep. She was sleeping, that's all, she just passed out, Mikael tried convincing himself. "MICHELLE!" Mikael yelled now, he screamed, shook her by the arm, but of course, it was no use.

He screamed again and this time, he heard it. It didn't sound right though, it was like he heard it through a wall. The nurses had heard his screams and they ran into the room. They instantly stopped when they got inside, knowing it was over, knowing it was too late. Mikael was bawling, he was shaking from head to toe. "DO SOMETHING!" One of the nurses started to cry softly. The main nurse, just looked at Mikael, sadness painted across her face. Mikael looked back at her, he knew there was nothing they could do.

All this time he thought he would be ready for this moment, but he was far from it. Mikael didn't know when he let go of his wife's hand. He didn't know when the nurses took him out of the room. He had no idea when her parents arrived. His hand hurt and was covered in blood, he had no idea how that happened. At one point, he remembered just running. He remembered collapsing on the ground, sitting against a wall, crying. Eventually, someone came and took him to some waiting room with couches and a TV.

They gave him tissues and bandaged up his hand. He must've passed out because when he woke up, he could see the sun coming up. The sun Michelle would never see again. Feeling numb, he stood up and walked out into the hallway. He asked the nurse at the counter to take him to his wife's room. Once he got there, he saw his daughter, Jamie. She was sitting in Roberta lap, the middle aged black woman from work that had been babysitting her for the past two weeks.

Jamie was crying, her head buried in Roberta's chest. Roberta had tears running down her cheeks, hugging Jamie tightly, rocking her back and forth. Michelle's father, who hated Mikael, got up and hugged him. Michelle was still in her bed, and they were gonna move her in a few minutes. Michelle's father told him to go in and see her one more time.

Mikael went in and when he saw her, he collapsed into tears again. He sat beside her, crying until the nurse made him leave. Chapter Two Mikael woke up on the third day after burying his wife and the wound was still as fresh as the moment it happened. He laid in bed for a long time, not having the will to get up. When he turned over and looked at his wife's side, all he saw was an empty space.

He could feel the same empty space in his heart. Like the angel of death took a piece of it along with Michelle. The world seemed gloomy now. Mikael was sure he couldn't feel any worse than he did watching his wife slowly die. But he was wrong, this felt worse. Even though she was in pain, at least she was there. That might sound selfish, but Mikael didn't even care anymore. Now… she was gone forever. Mikael felt tears filling his eyes again and quickly wiped them away.

He didn't want to break down. He had Jamie with him, she didn't need to see him crying. After what felt like forever, Mikael got out of bed and went to the living room. To his surprise, Jamie was already there, watching SpongeBob with a bowl of cereal. She looked so cute, in her pink pajamas with her golden blonde hair still messy from sleeping.

She smiled at him when she saw him and Mikael smiled back. After making some coffee for himself, he went and sat down beside Jamie. They didn't talk, they barely even looked at each other.

Something about watching SpongeBob in peace was comforting. Mikael even managed to laugh once or twice. Before she got really sick, Michelle was usually the one making breakfast while Jamie and Mikael waited in the living room.

Today though, that wasn't going to happen. Mikael looked at the empty kitchen. He could almost see her ghost, walking around in her robe, cooking up some eggs or bacon. After fighting back tears, Mikael went and made some breakfast for him and Jamie. It wasn't nearly as good as when Michelle used to make it but Jamie didn't make a fuss, she knew her dad tried his best.

Even though she was only 8, Jamie knew a lot more than other 8 year olds. She knew how to be polite, respectful, and selfless which Mikael thought was amazing. Some kids don't learn until they are much older, in their teens. Mikael knew he was lucky to have such a great daughter, such a perfect reminder of Michelle. *** Weeks passed and Mikael started to adjust living without Michelle.

He had to take care of Jamie and that's what kept his mind off everything really. In the mornings he would wake her up, dress her, pack her lunch, take her to school and then head to work.

After work he would pick up his daughter, sometimes even stopping after school to talk to her teacher. When they got home, he would ask her all about her day, help her with homework, watch silly kid movies with her, prepare dinner, and every few days, bathe her. He would put her to bed, read her a story and then sit on the couch watching TV until he passed out.


Mikael couldn't sleep in his bed anymore. It felt too weird. He stopped after one night when he rolled over towards Michelle's side to put his arm around her and only found the pillow. He sat up that night and cried. Concerning his work, everyone was surprised he came back only after one week. Everyone expected him to be gone for a month or two.

Mikael couldn't do that. He couldn't sit at home alone with his thoughts, it drove him crazy. As weeks turned into months, it seemed like Mikael and Jamie were gonna be okay.

Mikael was almost happy. This changed though, one certain day at work. Since Michelle died, Mikael had to shorten his days to be able to take Jamie to and from school. With Michelle's insurance money paying off their house and putting $20 000 in Mikael's bank account, working less wasn't a problem. However some people didn't like it, especially Mikael's partner, Bob.

Every day, Mikael would work from 9 am to 1 pm, while Bob worked from 7 to 3. Every other partnership would drive somewhere and eat lunch around noon. This however wasn't the case for Bob and Mikael.

Instead of driving to lunch, they had to drive back to the station so that Mikael could end his shift. This would force Bob to eat his lunch either on the way back to the station or at the station. He would then have to go out on his own for another 2 to 3 hours, depending on when they got back to the station and when Bob finished his lunch.

Maybe it didn't sound like much, but it was quite time consuming for Bob. One day, Mikael had to pick up Jamie earlier from school for a dentist appointment. This meant he had to leave work half an hour earlier. When he got to work and told Bob that, Bob lost it. Or better put, Mikael lost it when Bob went too far. "Okay I know you just lost your wife and you have a daughter to take care of, but I can't take it anymore. I'm not trying to be selfish but this schedule we have is really screwing up my day." "Sorry Bob, what do you want me to do about it?" Bob sighed.

"Look man, I get it but… Can't you at least hire someone to pick up Jamie after school? You have that insurance money now and no mortgage to pay." "Hiring a nanny isn't cheap." "Yeah but it can't be that expensive. If I had that kind of money from the insurance company, phew I'd be so happy." This pissed Mikael off but he didn't say anything. He wouldn't be happy.

"Hell it's almost worth losing a wife to cancer when you get that kind of reward. I bet Jamie would have gotten you even more." Bob wasn't trying to be an asshole that was just how he talked. Sometimes he just didn't hear himself.

Mikael was used to how ignorant Bob was and didn't really react to the stupid shit he said now. But when he said that, it was like he set off a fuse to an emotional bomb inside Mikael. Mikael didn't even think about what he did next, he just did it.

He turned around, grabbed Bob by his uniform and slammed him against the lockers. Bob was taken off guard, he didn't even have time to fight back, he just kind of stood, fear on his face and waited for Mikael to explode. Mikael did just that, he pulled his arm back and punched Bob right in the nose.

Bob's head smacked against the lockers, blood instantly gushing from his nose. Mikael pulled his hand back again and struck Bob across the cheek this time. The other guys pulled Mikael off Bob before he could do anymore damage and Bob slid down the lockers onto his ass, clutching his face.

Mikael felt super human, he pushed forward against his coworkers. There were three grown men holding him, but it took all of their strength to keep him back. "YOU STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" Bob was getting helped up by the other people around and he shrugged them off and walked away. Mikael's Captain came out of his office and finally Mikael started to calm down. The Captain took him to his office and told Mikael that he had to give him a few weeks off.

Mikael complained, argued, saying he was fine and all that needed to happen was for him to work alone now, not with Bob anymore. The captain felt bad, Mikael could see it on his face, but he didn't change his mind. Mikael handed over his gun and badge and left the office slamming the door behind him. As Mikael collected his stuff to go home, everyone around acted like they were doing something but secretly, they were all watching him. Mikael hated it and got out of there as fast as possible.

He didn't tell Jamie anything that happened, but when he didn't get ready for work in the morning and drove her to school without a shower, she got curious. He told her he was taking some time off and Jamie nodded her head and dropped the subject. With so much free time, Mikael started looking for anything to do to pass his time. After a while on the computer, Mikael remembered his old porn stash. He hadn't looked at it in over a year, wasn't even sure if it was still there.

Maybe it had deleted itself. Of course, it was there, in the exact place Mikael had it hidden. He opened the folder and started looking through it. He decided to put on the slideshow function and watched as one picture at a time popped up and went away.

After a while, the slideshow of pictures of the half naked, sometimes naked 13 year old girls finished and a video popped up.

It was a video of a 14 year old girl in booty shorts, dancing to some rap music. She was shaking her ass at the camera and Mikael felt his dick starting to ooze pre cum. The video went on and eventually the girl got totally nude. Mikael started to jerk off soon after that. The next video that popped up was taken on a cellphone at a girl's sleepover.

The girls were playing truth or dare and when one of the girls dared her friend to make out with her, the third girl took out her phone to capture the moment. She introduced them by name and even said their ages. They were 14 and 15, making Mikael's dick jump just at the mention of their ages. They made out and after a while, the dares became more intense. At one point, the camera was set down and all three of them got naked. The dare was for them to strip down to nothing and dance around for five minutes.

The video went on and after about fifteen minutes of it, the girls started to lick each other's bodies. The cell phone camera was placed in the corner of the room, facing the bed. After a while It seemed like they forgot about the camera, or maybe just stopped paying attention to it because they stopped playing the game and went for a full out pussy licking session.

Mikael came soon after the older girl sat on the younger's face while the one that started filming went in between the younger's legs. It was an intense orgasm, Mikael's first orgasm since Michelle died. He had no tissues with him when he started to jerk off so there was now cum on his keyboard and computer desk. After pulling up his pants, he cleaned the cum up and took a shower.

It was almost time to pick Jamie up. Chapter Three A week passed since Mikael was sent home from his job. This free time was supposed to help Mikael recover but if anything it made everything worse. Jamie started to notice her dad was becoming more and more depressed and did her best not to disturb him. She asked him how to set the alarm and started waking up by herself. Instead of Mikael cooking her breakfast, she would pour herself some cereal and watch TV until it was time to get dressed in her school clothes.

Once she was dressed, she would wake Mikael up about 15 minutes before they had to leave and he would drive her to school, sometimes in his robe.

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After he got home, Mikael would go back to sleep for another few hours and than either jerk off to his porn stash or watch TV and drink beer. One day around lunch time, Mikael heard a knock on the door. Luckily, he wasn't jerking off and instead, enjoying his third beer.

He opened the door and there stood Jack. He had a smile on his face until he saw how dirty Mikael looked and the fact that he stunk like alcohol and body odor.

"Jesus Mikael." "What do you want Jack?" "Um… Can I come in?" Mikael sighed and stepped out of the way, stretching his arm out. "So… how have you been?" Mikael laughed and said he was good. He offered Jack a beer but Jack refused since he was on duty. "Oh right, you have a job! Tell Captain douche bag to suck my dick!" Jack brushed some crumbs off the nearby couch and sat down on the edge.

"He did the right think Mikael. You needed a break." "Oh yeah I agree, I haven't had this much fun in a long time." Jack figured Mikael was being sarcastic but he couldn't be sure.

"So… How's Jamie dealing with all of… this?" "She's fine. She's a kid. I actually envy her sometimes. The way she can just watch SpongeBob with no worries, it's beautiful." "She lost her mom just like you lost your wife Mikael. She isn't fine." Mikael sighed and chugged down his fourth beer. He was in his boxers and a white t-shirt covered with various stains from food. "I feel terrible. I'm not being a good father." "Don't say that. It's a rough time for both of you." Jack got up and started to clean up some of the mess off the coffee table.

He took the empty pizza box and threw it in the recycling, and then collected all the empty beer bottles. Earlier in the day, Mikael jerked off and afterwards left the porn open. As Jack walked by it, he noticed the pictures up on the computer screen. Mikael was sitting watching TV, drinking a fifth beer and Jack felt his dick come to life, curiosity led him to the computer.

"I see you've been looking at your old stash." Mikael didn't even bother to turn around or respond, he just gave out a long burp. Jack sat down on the chair and looked at the picture open. It was of a young girl, he wasn't sure about the exact age, but she was on her hands and knees with her head turned and looking back at the camera.

Her ass and pussy were on full display and her pussy looked all fresh and tasty. Jack felt his dick getting hard and looked through a few more pictures before deciding that he had to stop before getting a full hard on. They talked for a bit more before Jack said he had to make a call. Mikael once again didn't care and Jack stepped outside and dialed a number. "Hey Jack, tell me you have some good news." "Sorry Captain… he isn't doing too well." The Captain sighed.

"Damn. Well I guess you can go, no use sticking around." Mikael didn't know it but the reason Jack came was because the Captain asked him to. If Mikael was doing well, the Captain was going to call him to work. "Actually Captain, he's been drinking a lot, I think he's gonna need me to pick up his daughter." *** After a few hours passed, Mikael agreed that he was too drunk to safely drive and let Jack pick up Jamie.

As soon as he said yes though, Mikael remembered that company picnic all those months ago. Jack was right though; there was no way Mikael could pick up Jamie. He had no choice, he was gonna have to let a pedophile pick his daughter up. Jack drove to the school in his cop car and went to the classroom Mikael told him.

If looking at the porn earlier was a good idea then, it wasn't a good idea now. Girls in their school outfits were all over the place.

From 8 year olds to 14 year olds, Jack was in pervert heaven. When Jamie walked out of the classroom, Jack swore he felt his dick jump a little in his pants. Jamie was a really cute girl, she had the potential to be a heartbreaker in high school. Her long blonde hair went down to her back and shined like gold.

Her school outfit was perfect. She wore a white dress shirt with a black skirt and a pair of white knee high socks. Jack had to put his hands in front of his crotch to keep from having his pants bulge out like a tent. "Hey Jack." Jamie had seen Jack enough times to remember him. "Hey Jamie, your dad couldn't make it today so he asked me to bring you home." Jamie was smiling but now her smile faded.

She looked concerned. "Oh. Is my dad okay?" Jack chuckled and ruffled her hair, one hand still covering his crotch in a non obvious way. "Yeah sweetie, he's fine. He's just… He had a bit too much apple juice to drink." Jamie giggled and put her hand over her mouth.

"I know what beer is." Jack felt a little embarrassed for some reason. He took Jamie's hand and led her through the crowd, adjusting his pants along the way to hide his boner which thankfully was slowly becoming flaccid. When they got to the parking lot, Jamie gasped in excitement.

"Oh cool you drove the cruiser!" Jack laughed and Jamie threw her backpack at him, and ran as fast as she could towards the car. As she ran, her long skirt flew up and down, almost giving Jack a peak of her ass. After they got home, Jamie did her own thing in her room while Jack said his goodbye to Mikael and left. Mikael was a little drunk but he had to make sure that Jack didn't do anything to his daughter so he went into her room after knocking to find her playing with her barbies on the floor.

She looked fine but Mikael decided to question her a little and see if he could get anything out of her. Jack didn't touch her of course so Jamie acted perfectly normal. Mikael sighed in relief and then went back to the living room. After his ninth beer, Jamie walked into the living room looking a little nervous.

"What's up sweetie?" Jamie shuffled her feet and then walked in front of Mikael. "Um…" After a long pause Mikael started to get worried.

Did he miss something when he was questioning her earlier? "Come here and tell daddy what's bothering you." Mikael patted his leg and Jamie walked up and climbed on her dad's lap. Her ass was on his leg and her legs were across his crotch, hanging off the other side of the rocking chair.

"Well when Jack picked me up at school today… I noticed something funny." Mikael's heart started beating; he felt the warm anger slowly taking over. "What?" Mikael almost said that through gritted teeth but managed to pull back so that Jamie didn't notice. "Well… his pants looked funny…" "What do you mean? Like they were dirty?" He had a boner, Mikael already knew that's what it was. "No like… they were poking out in front of his middle area and… he kept trying to like fix them with his hand.

It was like he was trying to hide it or something but it was sooo obvious." Mikael sighed; he was too drunk for this conversation. The room was already spinning a little, besides the beer, Mikael drank a fifth of vodka as well. He tried to think what to say but didn't really know how. What he said next was probably not a good idea. "He was excited." Jamie made a face of confusion.

In his mind, Mikael was already regretting saying that. "He was excited?" Mikael cleared his throat and continued. "You know when a boy likes a girl?" Oh god, Mikael thought. Jamie nodded slowly. "Well the boy's… penis gets excited." Mikael felt a little awkward saying penis in front of his daughter but she had already gone through her first sex ed class.

She was in grade 3 and apparently that's what they teach in grade 3. Mikael signed the permission form when she got it right after her Christmas break, when Michelle was still alive. Jamie thought for a second. "But… There weren't any old women around. Did I get him excited? Because I think that's bad." Mikael felt even more nervous now. "Yeah you're right, it is bad.

But no sweetie, he was here before he came to pick you up and he was on Facebook talking to the girl he likes." "Oh… Well good because if I got him excited, it would be really awkward." Mikael laughed and agreed. "Yeah then daddy would have to kick his butt." Jamie giggled when Mikael unleashed a fury of tickles and tickled her ribcage. "Yeah, I'm your girl daddy; I don't want strangers getting excited over me." Mikael didn't really know how to respond to that.

"Yeah you're my girl." Jamie smiled and hugged her dad. As she hugged him, the heel of her foot pressed down on his dick a little. Not hard to hurt but enough pressure to feel good. Now Mikael was in danger of getting excited so he quickly got Jamie out of his lap and sent her to her room. Chapter Four Over the next few months, Jack started coming over a lot more.

At first, Mikael didn't really like having him around; it was like he was a woman, always asking him how he felt and if he needed help with anything.

The only good woman quality Jack possessed was the ability to prepare a delicious meal. At first, when Mikael still wasn't working, he only came around once or twice a week to check up on him and he never stayed longer than half an hour. But when the summer came, Jack started to come around three times a week almost every week.

At this time, Mikael had slowed down on the drinking and was showering everyday again. Jamie started to really warm up to Jack, which of course, bugged Mikael. He soon went from Jack to Uncle Jack, or sometimes, Uncle Awesome (It was a little joke they had).

About a month and a half after Mikael assaulted Bob, he went back to work. The first day back was weird, everyone looked scared of him almost, trying not to say the wrong thing and be the next one with a broken nose. The captain offered Mikael a new partner but Mikael refused, he said he would work better alone. There was no objection to that from the rest of the cops.

Besides, Mikael was never in danger, he saw no purpose for a partner when all he did was drive around and sometimes do routine checkups or break up fist fights once every six months. As the summer went on, Jack started to spend almost every night preparing dinner for Mikael and Jamie. They had a pool in the backyard and Jamie loved to swim so a tradition started.

After dinner, Jack and Mikael would sit in the backyard with some beers talking while Jamie swam in the pool. Mikael knew why Jack liked this tradition, because his daughter was on display in a small bikini for him but as far as Mikael could tell, Jack barely ever paid attention to Jamie, unless she called their names to make them watch her do a trick.

Even though he was back at work and out of his slump, Mikael didn't stop jerking off to his jailbait porn. He even started expanding his collection, saving new pictures and videos to his computer. He never talked to Jack about the secret perverted hobby they shared and Mikael liked it that way.

With Jack spending so much time around Jamie, it felt kind of weird to talk about naked girls just a few years older than his daughter. In August, Jamie turned 9. It was her first birthday without Michelle and Mikael wanted to do something really special for her. He made really nice invitations and bought the best looking cake he possibly could. He told Jamie to write the names of the people she wanted to invite on the cards and hand them out in school. As she was doing that one night, Jack stopped by with takeout and Mikael knew there would be trouble.

As soon as Jamie saw him, she gave him one of the invitations and begged him to come. He promised he would. Mikael didn't want Jack at the party though, so he took Jack into the other room and confronted him about it. "What's up?" "Look Jack… I don't think you should come to the party." Jack looked like he just got slapped across the face. "Why not?" "It's a pool party and well no offense but… I don't think it's a good idea to stick a pervert in the middle of a bunch of half naked preteen girls." Jack looked offended but he knew Mikael was right, he couldn't deny being a pervert after telling Mikael he was attracted to young girls.

"But Jamie will be crushed." "I'll make up an excuse for you… Okay?" Jack sighed and put his hand on Mikael's shoulder. "Yeah buddy, you're right. I won't come." And Jack didn't come. Jamie was sad but she soon forgot about the whole thing when Mikael revealed the bouncy castle he rented for the party. She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek about a hundred times before running into the castle and playing.

The party was tiring, kids screaming in your ear all day wasn't exactly relaxing. After the party, Mikael bathed his daughter and tucked her into bed before going to the computer for his nightly masturbation. Four months later, on New Year's Eve, Jack was over at Mikael's house again and they were drinking pretty heavily celebrating.

At this time last year, Michelle was still alive and Jack figured he would be a good friend and get his mind off it. Jamie was already asleep and Mikael and Jack were pretty wasted at this point. They were wasted enough to talk about jailbait porn like it was the most natural thing in the world. They talked and drank well past midnight and they were both getting turned on, which was a little awkward.

They quickly changed the subject and after a few more minutes, Mikael was snoring, completely asleep. Jack called him a pussy and kept on drinking, flipping through channels. His dick was still semi-hard though and it was bugging him.

Suddenly, he got an idea. Mikael had a nice collection of porn, and Jack was gonna rub one out, he would never know. He would never know, those words ran through his mind again. Mikael would never know. Jack could do anything right now and Mikael would never know. Jack's dick got rock hard within seconds. He got up out of the computer chair and felt his dick pushing against his jeans. He looked down the hall towards Jamie's room. Jack's heart was pumping so fast, his body shaking.

He had never crossed this line but this was about the best chance he would ever get. Jack wasted no time; he undid his pants and pulled his hard dick out, jerking it slowly up and down.

He looked back at Mikael and saw him completely out. Jack dropped his pants at his ankles and then stepped out of them and headed towards Jamie's room. He was so horny that as he walked he jerked his dick, pre cum leaking out. When he got to her room, he opened the door slowly so that he didn't wake her up. Her bed was right next to her door and so when Jack opened the door, light shone onto her feet.

Jack made sure she was asleep before stepping inside and closing the door. He was wasted and with no light, he started to stumble a little before sitting down beside Jamie. She was on her stomach, with the covers kicked off. Jack hoped she would wear something easily removable but instead she had a pair of long pajamas on with a shirt.

This didn't stop Jack though; he moved his hands until he touched her leg. It was pitch black and his eyes hadn't adjusted yet so he had to work on touch. He felt her legs and he slowly moved his hand up until he felt her plump little ass. As soon as he touched her ass, his dick jumped and more pre cum leaked out. He groped her ass for a bit, squeezing it lightly but when she stirred a little, Jack stopped. He wanted to have a bit more fun while he could so he let go of his dick and with both hands, put each thumb under the waistband of her pajamas.

With a slow and gentle tug, the top of Jamie's ass was now in sight. Too bad he couldn't see anything in the dark. Jack waited to see if she would wake up and when she didn't move, he gently lifted her a little and pulled her pajamas and panties down to about halfway to her knees. Now with her ass in the open, Jack started groping her again. He squeezed her butt cheeks first, and his dick was pretty much on the verge of exploding.

After a few moments, Jack lightly stuck his finger in between Jamie's legs, getting his first feel of her 9 year old pussy. He didn't dare push his finger inside; he just lightly dragged it up and down on her slit for a few minutes while jerking off. He was about to cum and had no idea where to aim it so he stood up and pointed his dick in the general direction of her ass.

He felt that rushing feeling start in his ball sack and then explode out the tip of his dick. The first shot hit his wrist so he lowered his dick and he assumed the next few shots hit Jamie's ass. It was hard not to moan but he managed to stay pretty quiet. After he came down from his orgasm, he stopped rubbing her pussy and felt around her ass.

He certainly hit his target because there was cum all over her ass cheeks. Now that his horniness wasn't controlling him, he got a little scared. Not knowing what to do, Jack used the bottom of his shirt and did a half decent job of wiping off his cum from her ass.

He then pulled up her pajamas but not all the way, scared of waking her up. He was sure that her ass crack showing in the morning wouldn't cause suspicion so he left her like that. He slowly walked over to the door, holding his arm out to not bump into anything until he felt the door. Once outside of Jamie's room, he headed down the hall to the computer where he left his pants. Mikael was snoring still and Jack got dressed and then passed out on the couch.

As the next few months went by, Jack did the same thing. It was only two more times over the next three months since it was hard to get Mikael that wasted. Jamie never said anything to Mikael and Jack was sure she didn't know a single thing about what her Uncle Jack did. In March, it was one year since Michelle passed away and Mikael took Jamie to her grave.

They brought some really nice flowers which Jamie placed down. They stayed at the grave for a couple of hours while Jamie told her mom all the things that happened to her that year. Mikael also said some things to Michelle and Jamie comforted him when he started to cry a little. When they were gonna leave, Mikael told Jamie that he needed a few more minutes and that she should wait for him by the entrance.

She did and Mikael waited until he was sure Jamie couldn't hear him and then confessed his biggest secret. "I should have told you this a long time ago… But I couldn't… You would have left me if I did, you would have hated me and honestly, without you I wouldn't have this life.

Anyways, I'm doing it now, because this way you can't leave me." Mikael then took a deep breath and confessed cheating on her in Brazil. He wasn't sure if he believed that she could even hear him, but it didn't matter, talking to her was more for him than anything else.

After he confessed, Mikael walked over to Jamie and they drove home. Chapter Five The summer came in a hurry and Jamie's 10th birthday was coming very soon. Jamie was especially excited for this birthday because to kids it was like a sweet 16.

Since March, Jack was unable to get any alone time with Jamie and he was starting to get impatient. Since he crossed the line, he couldn't stop cold turkey. In fact, Mikael was starting to get a little annoyed with Jack spending so much time at his house. Even though Jamie loved him and it appeared that Jack wasn't doing anything bad, he still suspected him. So since around April, Jack only stopped by the house every other weekend. Jamie didn't say anything about it. One night, when Jamie was at a sleepover (to Jack's disappointment) Mikael and Jack went to a bar and got full out wasted.

Their plan was to hook up with some women but that didn't work out too well. They took a cab back to Mikael's house (Jamie was getting dropped off early next morning) and rather than passing out, they continued their drinking.

It wasn't often that Mikael blacked out after a night of drinking but the extra drinks at home did it. The next thing he remembered was the doorbell at 8 in the morning. Jack wasn't there so Mikael figured he took a cab home. When Mikael finally got the door open, he saw Hailey, Jamie's friend's mom, standing there with Jamie beside her. "Well you certainly had a fun night." Hailey was an attractive woman, single too, and Mikael had flirted with her over the few months since they met.

"Yeah haha. I hope Jamie wasn't any trouble?" "Oh don't be silly, she's an absolute angel!" Jamie certainly looked like an angel, with her long blonde golden hair and perfect skin. Hailey and Mikael talked for a bit more before Hailey left. Mikael was hungover, his head was killing him and he had no idea what happened last night.

The last thing he remembered was being in a cab with Jack. He dropped back onto the couch while Jamie went to her room. She was gonna watch TV but didn't want to bother her dad. Just as soon as Mikael closed his eyes, he heard a scream that made him jump up and reach for his gun. Unfortunately his gun was in his bedroom. He thought the worst, that Jamie was hurt. He ran as fast as he could to her room but when he opened it, he got a completely different shock.

In the middle of the room stood Jamie, her face crunched up in disgust, holding up a pair of her panties. "What's the matter sweetie?" "I found these on my floor and they're icky!" Mikael walked over to Jamie and took the panties in his hand. As soon as he touched them, he felt how sticky and moist they were.

The smell coming off them was pretty distinguishable as well, semen. "I stepped on them and it was so nasty!" "I'll put them in the wash baby, you just go and play." Mikael was furious now. This was Jack. He got him so drunk so that he wouldn't remember it and then went and jerked off into her panties. Rage was flowing through his vanes as he walked back to the living room and sent Jack a text. He didn't respond so he called him and a groggy, hungover sounding Jack answered.

Mikael started to yell at him and told him to come over right away. It was about half an hour before Jack finally showed up. When the doorbell rang, Mikael opened the door.

"Mike listen we gotta talk—" Before Jack could even finish his sentence; Mikael grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him inside slamming the door shut. He then pinned him against the door and was ready to snap.

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"You sick motherfucker I'm gonna kill you!" "Hey relax, what are you talking about?!" "She fucking found the panties you asshole!" Mikael was being really loud and Jack looked towards Jamie's room, scared she could hear everything.

Mikael raised his hand and was about to punch Jack. "Wait, hold the fuck up! Let me explain! Let me explain!!" It was too late, Mikael's hand struck Jack across the cheek. Jack didn't give Mikael another shot though, he pushed him and hit him back. Mikael fell to the ground while Jack rubbed his cheek. Jamie was still in her room, "I'm gonna fucking kill you." "Let me fucking explain!" Mikael started to get up but the fight was over.

Mikael got up and rubbed his cheek while Jack took out his phone. He pulled up a picture and then gave the phone to Mikael. "See!" Mikael almost had a heart attack.

His mouth opened and he could barely stand. The picture showed Mikael sitting on Jamie's bed, his pants off, and his cock inside the very same pair of panties Jamie found on her floor. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was in a world of ecstasy. "It was me." Jack then pushed him lightly and took his phone back. "Yeah you jackass, it was you." "Do you remember what happened last night?" Jack shook his head.

"While I was on my way over here, I remembered we took a few pictures at the bar. Then I found this picture." Mikael went over to the couch and sat down. "I jerked off with my daughter's panties." Mikael was in shock. He had his face in his hands, elbows on his knees, hunched over. How could he do such a thing? He hated himself.

But even though he felt like a pig, he couldn't help but notice his dick twitch in his pants. "Holy shit… I remember now." Jack sat down opposite of Mikael, thinking hard. "You do?" "Yeah… We were sitting here and I don't know why but we started talking about younger girls. I don't exactly know what happened but I remember you ran out of the room at one point and into Jamie's. I followed you and then the next thing I remember is you asking me to take the picture." "I think I'm gonna be sick.

What do I tell her about her panties?" "You don't tell her anything Mikael. She'll forget about the whole thing." "Yeah, I hope so." *** The next few days were tense for Mikael. Whenever he would see Jamie, he would almost blush he was so embarrassed. Even though she had no idea, he didn't like the fact that he jerked off into his daughter's panties.

Jamie never mentioned anything about it, and she seemed to act normal around Mikael so after a week passed, Mikael kind of forgot about the whole incident.

About a month later, just a few days before Jamie's 10th birthday, when Mikael was bathing his daughter, she finally said something. Ever since that night, Mikael managed to not think about Jamie that way, and even though he was bathing her, he still managed to keep clean thoughts.

"Daddy?" "Yeah sweetie?" Jamie was standing in the tub while Mikael soaped her body with a bath glove. He was rubbing her chest when she spoke up. "Remember those panties I found in my room a while ago?" Mikael's heart started beating faster, his face started to turn a little red but Jamie didn't notice anything.

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"Um, yeah I remember." Jamie didn't say anything for a little while and then her face started to turn a little red too. "The stuff on them… Was it semen?" Mikael almost had a heart attack when he heard Jamie say that word.

He had absolutely no idea what to say. "Umm. Well… Where did you… How do you know that word?" Jamie giggled nervously, Mikael moved the bath glove down her stomach.

"My friend taught it to me. She knows a lot about that stuff… Sex." Mikael stopped washing his daughter and looked up at her. "And how does your friend know about sex?" "I don't know, she won't tell me.

But I'm guessing someone got excited around her and taught her." Mikael was in absolute shock. "You know, the way Jack gets excited around me." "What?!" Mikael sat up off the closed toilet seat, anger building inside him.

Jamie looked a little scared. "Jack gets excited around me… A lot." Jamie picked up the bath glove Mikael had thrown in the tub and started washing her legs and crotch area. Mikael was furious while Jamie seemed to be fine. "Does he touch you?!" Jamie was now bending forward washing her shins and looked up at Mikael and shrugged.

Mikael was furious, he lunged forward and grabbed Jamie by the shoulders and kind of shook her. "DOES HE TOUCH YOU?!" Jamie was now really scared, her dad had never yelled at her. "He touches my butt when I'm sleeping! Daddy calm down!" Mikael started to pace back and forth in the bathroom. All Mikael could think about was ripping Jack's head off. Jamie kept washing herself and then turned on the shower and closed the shower curtain to not spray water everywhere. "When did he touch you Jamie?" Jamie was rinsing herself behind the curtain and answered, "Um I don't know, he first touched me on New Years, and then like a few months after, a couple times." "He's touched you more than once?!

Does he hurt you?!" Mikael pulled back the curtain and water sprayed his shirt. Jamie was standing in the middle, running her hands all over her body, her ass clenching a little bit.

"No he doesn't hurt me daddy. He just gets excited. All guys get excited, I don't mind." "Jamie this is serious." Mikael was angry but as Jamie kept showering, turning around to show off her little ass and pussy from time to time, Mikael found himself starring at his daughter.

"Oh daddy." Jamie looked up at him nonchalant, turning off the water. "You think everything is serious." Jamie placed her hands on Mikael's stomach and pushed him back a little so she could step out of the tub. She was dripping wet from head to toe, and Mikael once again had to shake himself to reality to keep from starring. It didn't really make sense why suddenly he couldn't take his eyes off her. "This IS serious Jamie. Jack isn't supposed to touch you like that!" "It only happened like three times in six months dad.

That's nothing." "That's three times too many!" "Well I don't mind if he touches me, it's silly and sorta fun." Mikael kept getting surprised by Jamie today. "Fun?! Jamie, he could go to prison!" Suddenly Jamie got the most panicked look on her face Mikael had ever seen. She dropped the towel she was using to dry herself off and hugged Mikael. "Daddy no!

Don't make Uncle Jack go to jail!" "Jamie." "Dad NO! I would have never told you if I knew you would send him to jail! Please don't daddy, I'll tell him not to touch me anymore, just please daddy." Mikael hugged his daughter, rubbing up and down her back. He sighed, not knowing what to do. If Jamie was pleading for Jack NOT to go to jail and not get punished, maybe he really wasn't hurting her.

"I won't tell the authorities only if you are 100% sure he never hurt you. Can you tell me honestly that what he did didn't make you upset and it didn't hurt you physically?" Jamie moved her head from Mikael's chest and looked up, fear still in her eyes.

"I swear dad. I swear on mom's grave." Mikael had only ever heard Jamie swear on Michelle's grave once before, and that was when her teacher accused her of cheating on a test.

Mikael believed her then, and he believed her now. "Okay… Okay, I won't tell anyone.

But I'm gonna confront him about this. He's not gonna touch you again." Jamie hugged her dad again and then let go and started slipping on a pair of panties, her ass pointed at Mikael as she was bent over.

The bathroom was very tight and Jamie stumbled back a little, her ass rubbing against Mikael's dick. Mikael cleared his throat and left the bathroom, his dick growing slightly in his pants. Chapter Six It was about three days later that Mikael finally confronted Jack about the touching. He had promised Jamie that he would not get angry and it took all his effort. He sat opposite of Jack in the living room, and then looked at his feet while Jack sat on the couch, looking puzzled.

Mikael kept looking down at his feet, trying to keep his composure and then spoke, "I'm gonna ask you something Jack, and I want to know the truth." Jack's expression changed a little, but he tried to keep his puzzled look even though it seemed like he already knew.

"Yeah sure." Mikael looked up at Jack, his stupid face looked like it needed a black eye or two but Mikael kept his composure. "Have you ever touched Jamie?" Mikael stared at Jack. Jack laughed nervously, sweat already starting to form on his forehead. Mikael gave him a look, almost saying that he knew the answer with his eyes. Jack then sighed and told the truth. "Yes I have… I'm sorry Mikael." Mikael was a little surprised that Jack didn't deny it. "You're my best friend and I don't want to lie.

You and Jamie are everything I have and I would never hurt her. I hate myself for doing it." Mikael didn't really know what to say.

"Thank you for your honesty. That was very big of you." Mikael inhaled deeply. "But I can't let you do that. I'm not gonna call the FBI or anything, but I need you to stop coming around here. I know you love her like a daughter," Mikael swallowed, Jack loved her but not EXACTLY like a daughter, "but I can't just let you keep coming around here anymore. Maybe you haven't hurt her yet, but I can't take the risk." Jack nodded in agreement.

"I fucked up, I know." There was an awkward little silence for a bit. "How did you find out?" "Oh um, Jamie told me a few days ago." Jack suddenly looked shocked, more shocked then when Mikael asked him the question in the first place. "Oh my god. She knows? Oh god." Jack put his face in his hands. "Yeah she actually begged me not to kick your ass or call the cops." "Can I tell her I'm sorry?" Jack actually had tears in his eyes.

Mikael wasn't feeling sympathetic at the moment though. "Sorry Jack, I don't want you around her anymore. It's best if you don't talk to her for a while." Jack wiped his eyes and then got up.

He shook hands with Mikael, apologizing again and left the house. It almost looked like he wanted to thank Mikael for not calling the cops, but changed his mind.

Once he was gone, Mikael walked over to Jamie's room to check up on her. He opened the door and found his daughter laying in bed reading a book. "Hi daddy." She sat up and Mikael sat on the bed at her feet, grasping her little feet through the blanket.

"Hey sweetie, what are you reading?" "The Hunger Games. Where's Uncle Jack?" Mikael then explained to Jamie that Jack wasn't gonna be around anymore. Jamie got scared thinking he was in jail but Mikael reassured her that Jack was fine.

"I know you care about him sweetie but grown men are not allowed to touch little girls like you. He's a bad man." Jamie seemed puzzled at his words and then shook her head. "No daddy, Jack isn't a bad man.

I know what bad men do and he wasn't doing that. Bad men HURT little girls, Jack loves me." She started to cry a little and Mikael felt like an asshole, Jack managed not to hurt her, yet he hurt her. He hugged Jamie and held her for a bit until she calmed down. "It's probably best if you don't mention what he did to your friends or anyone, a parent might find out and call the cops on him." Jamie nodded, her head still on her dad's shoulder.

"He really didn't do anything bad though, just rubbed my butt a little." Mikael didn't say anything. "Here, let me show you." She let go of Mikael and got out of bed. It happened so fast that Mikael couldn't even say anything. She was wearing her pajamas and she turned around, her ass facing Mikael and pulled them to her knees, followed by her cute white panties. Mikael swallowed hard. "Jamie pull up your underwear." Mikael kept looking at his daughter's ass, his dick slightly growing larger.

She was holding her shirt up about halfway up her back and scooted backwards towards Mikael, her ass wiggling in the process. Even her back looked cute. "Give me your hand." Mikael looked up at his daughter's eyes and she gave him a demanding look. Finally he raised his hand and Jamie took it in hers, and pulled it towards her ass. She pushed the hand onto her left ass cheek and then put her much smaller hand over top of Mikael's. She then started to move both their hands around in a small circle.

"See, this isn't hurting me, that's exactly what Jack did." "Alright Jamie, still isn't okay." Mikael was so nervous, he wanted to pull his hand away but Jamie just kept rubbing it around her ass.

She then started to move it towards the middle, where her tiny little asshole was and Mikael shifted around on the bed. "Okay Jamie, I get it, now get dressed." Jamie shook her head.

"I want to show you exactly what happened." Soon, Mikael's finger was touching the asshole that he once used to wipe shit from when Jamie was a baby. Jamie wasn't pushing his finger hard against it, it was more just at the entrance, not moving. "Jamie we need to stop this." Mikael was getting really nervous now, this wasn't right.

His dick disagreed though. "He touched me in one more place." Mikael knew where that place was. Jamie wiggled her legs to make her pajamas drop to the ground and then spread her legs a little.

Mikael wanted to pull his hand away, he wanted to take control but couldn't. Jamie pulled his hand forward, underneath her ass towards her small pussy. Mikael just sat there as Jamie pulled his hand onto her pussy.

Her whole hand was pressing down on Mikael's middle finger and Mikael could feel Jamie's cunt like never before.

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She was actually pressing quite hard, making Mikael's finger dip in just the tiniest amount. This went on for about a minute, Jamie just kept pushing on her pussy with Mikael's finger, swirling it around in the smallest circle.

Mikael's dick was rock hard, and he was scared. He knew he couldn't let Jamie see his erection. Jamie didn't look back at him for the entire time, she just kept her head down. Mikael wondered for a moment or two, if Jamie was actually enjoying herself. She stood pretty still, but Mikael could swear he could feel her breathing get faster. "Okay enough." Mikael finally snapped out of it and pulled his hand free. His other hand was in his lap, pressing down hard on his cock, trying to cover up his erection.

Jamie just stood in front of her dad, her pajamas still down. There was a weird feeling in the air, it was silent, not awkward but different. It was like Mikael and Jamie weren't dad and daughter, but just two strangers.

Jamie finally turned around, a big smile on her face. She still didn't pull her pajamas up but instead just put her hands on her hips and tilted her head to the side a little. Mikael shook his head at her and ran his fingers through his hair.

"See daddy, Uncle Jack never hurt me. He even cleaned the semen off my butt every time." "Well it's wrong. Now pull up your pajamas, this discussion is over." It wasn't over though, Jamie was now looking at Mikael's hands in his lap. "I'll pull them up when you move your hands." Mikael was getting a little frustrated with his daughter now.

"Jamie, get dressed." "Not until you stop hiding your penis." "JAMIE!" "What?! I think you're excited." Jamie put both of her hands over her mouth and giggled. Mikael started to blush, which only got Jamie to giggle and tease more. After a while, Jamie managed to convince Mikael that the only way she was pulling up her pajamas was if Mikael did it for her.

She stood close to him, her pussy basically in his face when he bent forward. Mikael knew this was a bad idea but he reached down and grabbed the panties and pajamas and pulled them up Jamie's thin legs. As he did this, Jamie reached between his arms and touched his crotch with her hand.

"JAMIE!" Jamie started to laugh and then let the pajamas fall back down to the ground. She stepped out of them and started running around her room.

"Daddy's excited daddy's excited daddy's excited!" She was chanting it while hoping around, her ass bouncing freely. This went on for a few more moments while Mikael put his face in his hands, disgusted with himself that he let it get this far. Jamie finally settled down and sat on her floor, leaning on her arms behind her, her legs spread apart and her feet were touching Mikael's feet.

"Like I already told you, I don't mind getting people excited." "Well I mind Jamie, I'm your father, I'm supposed to protect you." "Just because you like touching me doesn't mean you aren't protecting me daddy. It doesn't hurt, it feels nice." Mikael still had his face in his hands and didn't see when Jamie's hand went from the floor to her pussy. She started to rub up and down her pussy, little tingles going through her body.

It was only after a long silence that Mikael realized something was happening. He raised his head and saw Jamie, now on her back, with both hands playing with her pussy. "Jamie stop that!" "Why?" "Because I told you to!

You're not supposed to do that!" "Why not? I like it. Mmm" That was the first time Mikael heard his daughter moan from sexual arousal and he loved it. Mikael's dick was bouncing in his pants now, his boxers already covered in pre cum. Jamie kept rubbing herself slowly for a few minutes while Mikael just kept watching, shifting around in the bed a million times.

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"Come on daddy, you can play with your penis, I won't mind." Mikael wasn't thinking clearly anymore. He was too horny and his dick just wouldn't shut up. Mikael quickly sat up, his pants bulging, and then undid them with shaky hands. Jamie kept rubbing herself, now looking at her dad taking his pants off, her blond hair spread all over the floor. She was rubbing her pussy so slowly, so seductively, it turned Mikael on even more. Her eyes widened as Mikael's 7 inch dick popped out, a clear liquid coming from the tip.

He started to jerk it up and down and watched the expression on his daughter's face. He still couldn't exactly believe that he was doing this, but it was too late to stop now. Besides, Mikael wasn't so sure he even wanted to stop anymore, that demon he met in Brazil was now taking over again. Jamie laid on her floor for a few more minutes, rubbing herself while watching her dad's hand wrapped around his cock.

Jamie had never had an orgasm and she had never masturbated before, but whenever Jack touched her, she secretly laid in bed loving every minute of it. "Daddy?" "Yeah baby?" "Can you touch me?" Mikael felt a throb go through his cock at that request from his own daughter. She said it in a voice that was filled with childhood wonder, but at the same time, Mikael could hear a tiny hint of sluttiness in it, a bit of lustfulness; it actually reminded Mikael of Michelle.

He didn't know how to react to that. "Come up here." Mikael patted the bed beside him and Jamie grinned and got up to her feet almost instantly. She crawled onto her pink sheets and laid down onto her stomach. This was the position Jamie always lay in when Jack touched her and she didn't even think about a different position. "Turn over onto your stomach baby." Jamie giggled and then spun around onto her back.

"I love you soo much daddy, you're the best!" Mikael wasn't so sure he was the best, but he smiled and with his right hand on his cock, he moved his left hand onto Jamie's pussy. His hand was shaking as he approached his own daughter's preteen pussy. He had touched it a thousand times when bathing her after Michelle died, but never with such messed up thoughts running through his mind, and his dick in his hand, hard as a rock.

Mikael slowly inched his hand closer to the young pussy in front of him, Jamie's eyes watching his hand with anticipation. After what seemed like an eternity, the tip of Mikael's middle finger made contact with Jamie's lips. She bit her lip a little, and spread her legs just a bit wider. Mikael could feel his pre cum leaking down the bottom of his dick and onto his hand, while he moved his finger up and down the length of Jamie's pussy. Her skin was so smooth compared to his aged, rough skin and it sent little shocks of pleasure through Jamie's middle.

"That feels really nice daddy." Mikael smiled and let go of his cock with his other hand. He then leaned up and kissed his daughter on the forehead. As he pulled away, he noticed her looking up at him, her lips apart just a tiny bit. Mikael's heart started to beat faster, his stomach feeling like it was gonna turn in on itself. Once again, Mikael was reminded of Michelle, and the first time he kissed her, how nervously excited he felt.

This was the same feeling. It was almost like Jamie was feeling the same thing, even though she had no experience with kissing boys. Maybe it was just that Jamie was a spitting image of Michelle and that tricked his mind into thinking Jamie felt what he felt. Mikael leaned down and placed his lips on Jamie's much smaller ones, giving her a kiss like this for the first time ever.

It wasn't much of a kiss, their lips didn't move, but it sent a new kind of warmth through Mikael's heart. His middle finger was still gently rubbing up and down Jamie's pussy, and Mikael could feel Jamie moving her hips along with him in a perfect rhythm.

Once the kiss was broken, Jamie just giggled and smiled at her dad, and Mikael's mind went back to lust as he looked down at his finger. He noticed his finger was now pushing in between her lips just slightly spreading her delicate virgin pussy.

Mikael knew that everything new he did would simply blow Jamie's mind, and he decided to go in for a taste. He moved his finger away and Jamie was a little confused at first, but as his head lowered in between her legs, and she felt his hot breath on her cunt, she got excited again. Mikael pushed his tongue out and licked his daughter's pussy with the tip. There wasn't much of a taste, other than the body wash that she had bathed in earlier, but Mikael loved it.

Jamie absolutely loved it, she actually arched her back just a little bit, brand new tingles rocking her pussy, feelings that Jack never gave her. Mikael pushed his face closer and his beard stubble tickled Jamie's smooth skin a little. Mikael pushed a few centimeters of his tongue inside her pussy and he heard the most beautiful sound, a moan much louder than Jamie's usual indoor voice. More flashbacks rushed into Mikael's mind, even their moans sounded similar.

Either that or Mikael's mind made them sound that way. A few minutes passed with Mikael licking his daughter's pussy in every way he could come up with, Jamie had a mini orgasm. Mikael wasn't sure if it was a real orgasm, but it was probably the closest thing to it for Jamie, since she had no experience with it before.

Mikael's dick must've made a puddle of pre cum on Jamie's sheets while he licked her pussy clean, and he felt like he was about to produce a bucket sized cum explosion with the next touch. It wasn't exactly the next touch but after about 20 seconds of the most intense jerking of Mikael's life, his orgasm reached its boiling point.

His balls tightened, the muscles in his dick pushing out a huge rocket of cum, which splattered all over his thighs and t-shirt. Jamie just lay on her side and watched in amazement as her dad's dick acted like a water fountain, only instead of water, it was shooting out big white gooey stuff.

Mikael was now on his back, the orgasm taking it all out of him, his t-shirt in need of a wash. Mikael almost forgot where he was but Jamie's voice brought him back to reality. "Do you want to wipe up your semen with my panties daddy?" To Be Continued.

(Eventually) Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it! I really want to continue this series but as some of you know, I have a few other stories to take care of first. So unless a lot of people demand the next installment, I won't start work on it until I finish the other stories. [email protected] Coming up in no specific order: Nick and Allie Finale Part 1