Twink movie Conner Bradley turns up with a jiggly lollipop but Scott

Twink movie Conner Bradley turns up with a jiggly lollipop  but Scott
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Chapter 10 - Unexpected confession It was a typical Wednesday at work, my coworkers were buzzing about and my boss was in and out of the office, and on and off the phone. You might have guessed it was the torturous subtle high pitched buzz of the fluorescent lights, or the occasional hypnotic flicker of my monitor, of maybe it was just being cooped up inside sitting in a swivel chair for nearly 9 hours a day, but alI had managed to do all day was stare off into nothing and day dream.

Visions of my recent sexual exploits ran through my head like a reel on repeat. Was I Icarus? Had I flown too close to the sun? Was this the crash and burn of a man who flew too high and now being earth-bound would never satisfy? Every time I closed my eyes I saw the faces my beautiful teenage daughter and her friend Jessica as they took turns sucking my cock, until I came all over them.

It was the most amazing sexual experience in my life, and I had meant to go fuck them raw afterwards, but I was wiped out and passed out on the couch.

What the hell had I been thinking? I came so close to not just fucking my teenage daughter, but fucking my teenage daughter in a threesome with her other young friend. That was not normal, or moral activity. Even if my daughter wasn't in the picture, still, for a man my age, that was not something people would just be ok with. Why was I acting this way? Was this just a midlife crisis? Was I trying to prove to myself that I hadn't aged, hadn't been dumped by my now ex-wife, that I was still young and had "game", as they said these days?

Was I afraid of death, and doing these things with these young girls was my way of feeling young again, a way of lying to myself about how old I had gotten? Dammit, I wasn't some college kid, willing to fuck anything in a skirt. I was a middle aged man with a family, a daughter to be exact -- a daughter I was both dying to fuck and trying to keep from fucking me. I put my face into the my hands and just sat there like that for a while. Then my phone rang.

Dear god.Why? Couldn't I just have a day where I was left alone? It had rung 4 times and I still hadn't moved. Slowly, with my eyes still closed, I reached over, hoping that they would hang up or that my voice mail would pick up first. My hand rested on the receiver.

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I took a deep breath. It rang a fifth time. I picked it up. "Hello?" I said flatly. "Hey Tony. You ok? You don't sound good?" It was Shannon! I cleared my throat and put a little more color in my voice, "Hey Shannon! Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Sorry about that. Its just been a real grinder of a day here is all." "Oh, sorry to hear that. In that case I have good news for you." she was very chipper on the other end. I could picture her beautiful smile. I sat up straight in my chair in anticipation, "Oh really?" "Yeah, so we are having some technical issues.

You see we recently switched to a new software interface, but we're having a hard time getting your parts to do what they would do for the old software, so we were hoping someone from your company could take a day or two to come up here and help us out." The way she said "someone" I already knew what she was thinking. "Oh?" I inquired. "Yeah, and since that's your department, and since you already know most of us, I thought maybe you'd be up for another trip?" I could hear the hope in her voice.

"Hmm. " I was going to play hard to get, it was more fun. ".


well let's see my itinerary." I clicked a bunch of keys on the keyboard, to make it sound like I was actually doing something on the computer. "Hmm, ok, well, ah, yeah.

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I think I could probably make that work." I was spinning around in my chair in excitement. "OK great. How does tomorrow and Friday sound?" "Sure yeah." "Fantastic. And you know, maybe if you are having fun up here you could stay the weekend too?

Head back Sunday night? of course the weekend would be no work, just. recreation." Wow, I hadn't had more a normal business conversation with her, usually over e-mail, and only a few times, since I had last seen her and we ended up having crazy passionate sex. I thought that maybe she had only been interested in a one night thing, but she obviously was hoping for a marathon.

"I'll have to get back to you on that, I need to make sure things will be square at home first." "Ok. See you tomorrow then." "See you tomorrow." "Bye." she hung up and I did the golf fist pump in my office. Then I stood up to see if anyone had seen me. The coast was clear.


I let my boss know what was up and he ok'ed some travel expenses for me. Then he told me to get things in order so that I would prepared for tomorrow.

"Go home, prepare for tomorrow and get some rest. You've done some real good work this year and that bonus for lending this client should be coming in soon. What're you thinking? New flat screen tv?

Motorcycle? Nah, don't tell me! I can't wait to see how you spoil yourself Tony, you deserve it!" And like that I left work early on a Wednesday afternoon, knowing I'd be spending the next few nights making mad love to a hot redhead. When I got home Jackie was cleaning the oven. a bottle of Merlot was sitting on the table uncorked, and a glass, less than half full, was on the counter next to the oven. Julia was no where to be found. "I dropped her off at the mall with that little friend of hers.

You know, the one you like to watch horror movies with?" I couldn't tell if my sister was hinting to me that she knew something, maybe she had heard or seen more than I thought.

I mean the room was dark, but she had been drunk and I heard her snoring… I thought back to when I fingered both girls to near-screaming orgasm, a mere 6 feet away from my older sister, who I thought was asleep on the recliner.

"It was just that one night, and I'm really sorry we took the couch, I thought you'd be out longer." I must have came off as defensive. Great. Nothing makes you look guilty like getting defensive. "Relax little bro, I'm just teasing you. Julia must have told you too then?" My heart dropped into my feet. "Told me…?" "Oh I guess Jessica has a little crush on you. Isn't that cute?" My jaw dropped. My heart was racing. "What did Julia say exactly?" "Oh she was just being katty about how weird it was that her friend wouldn't shut up about you whenever they talked.

I think its cute, but apparently Julia is a little annoyed by it." "Oh…" I didn't really know how to react. "I think she's just upset because she wants you all for herself." I must have made a cartoon face, my eyebrows probably raised a foot off of my head and my eyes widened like an anime character. A terrifying paralysis gripped me. My older sister started laughing. "Relax, I'm busting your balls." I loosened up a bit.

"I mean, you know how girls are at that age? They all want to marry their fathers." I tilted my head like a confused puppy. "What-" "Oh come on now. You never heard that before? Its like the oedipal complex, but for girls." "I mean I think I've heard that, but you don't think…?" "Oh yeah, most likely. You're the only parent she's got. you're her rock. You have set a bar that no man is going to be able to meet if you ask me.

You have been so good to that girl." "Don't you think that that's just a silly saying though?" "No." She seemed so sure of herself. She reached for her glass of wine and downed the rest in one sip.

"But how can you be so sure? That its like this universal thing?" "Look, forget about it, ok. I'm sorry I brought it up." She was deflecting.

Something was up. She turned back to the over to start cleaning it again. She was wearing yoga pants, since she was on this workout kick lately, that perfectly reveals the contours of her ass.

It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad either. It was a bit on the flat side, but there was something there if she jiggled it. Her legs and her breasts were her best features for sure. She was wearing two tank tops and a sports bra, I could tell because the straps to all three were visible. Over that she was wearing an apron with some feel good domestic message on it. Her brown hair was pulled back into a bun, and the hair that couldn't reach into the bun was clipped to the side of her head.

She had bangs in the front.

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She looked magnificent. She was scrubbing the oven, making her butt jiggle. I walked up behind her. I got really close, to the point where I was almost up against her, and then I placed my hand on her shoulder. She jumped, and turned, but I was right there. Our eyes met.

we were so close. I could smell the wine on her breath, and her eyes were already a little bloodshot. "You're avoiding my question, and hiding something. What is it?" I probed. She tried to literally duck the question by stepping aside, but I put my hand out and grabbed her hip, well more of her love handle.

"Tell me." I said, though I think my eyes said it louder than my voice. She spoke, slowly, and softly. "If you must know… I kind of had a thing for dad when we were younger." I raised an eyebrow.

"Ok, that's it. Can I go?" She looked really uncomfortable, but it wasn't just because I had cornered her. "That's not all…" I suggested. "It started when I was a teen or so, and I didn't quite get over it until I was. a bit older…" "Hmm?" "I was probably like 25, ok." "Twenty five?! But you and Tom" her ex husband, "started going out when you were 22?" "Well… you know. These things take time." "So what do you mean by 'had a thing for' exactly?" She blushed.

The red wine must have made her cheeks even redder. "Well. um." she stammered. "Look, I won't judge you, that was a long time ago anyways. I just want to understand this thing you're talking about is all." "Well, so I used to, umm… I used to hear them at night." "Hear who what now?"I pressed. I could see her squirming, she was trying to figure out a way to not have to say what was about to come next.

"Mom and dad. You know, doing it." She stressed the word 'doing'. "But what does that have to do with all little girls wanting to marry their father?" I wasn't letting her get away with not saying more. "I used to hear the two of them going at it. It sounded amazing. It sounded like pure pleasure. I wanted that. So I used to listen to them, and…" she sort of nodded knowingly.

"Masturabte?" I asked/finished. She got even redder in the face.

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"Well, yeah." "Oh my. You used to want daddy to fuck you?" It was crass, a bold move, but we were standing there in the kitchen, just inches apart, my hand on her hip and she had had a glass of wine. She sucked in her lower lip and her eyes looked down and to the right. "Yes." She admitted. but then she turned around as if to get back to work. Clearly she had gone as far in this conversation as she wanted, hell further than she wanted. I just pressed up against her, my crotch into her ass, and brought my hands around the front of her hips.

I leaned in to her ear, really close and in a coarse whisper said, "Tell me more." I could sense the chill that went down her spine.

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The hair on the back of her neck stood up. She breathed a few heavy breaths and pushed her ass into me. "I remember one night i could hear mom moaning and the slapping of their skin. I was so intrigued by it. I had heard it many times, and I knew, at least in theory, what they were doing. But it was still such a mystery to me. I couldn't picture it. I didn't know exactly what they were doing." We began pressing into each other rhythmically. I think not looking at me was making it easier for her to speak these things out loud.

"I had been listening to them for a while, this was by no means my first time. I usually heard them if I happened to wake up in the middle of the night.

The first time I was both horrified and intrigued. I couldn't tell if mom was in pleasure or pain. But eventually I realized that it was pleasure, or pleasure spiked with pain." She was holding herself up by leaning on the counter, as she grinded into me harder and harder. There was no way she couldn't feel my raging hard throbbing cock against her ass.

I held her hips firmer as she continued, "I know I was late to the game, much later than any boy for sure, and even later than most girls I knew, but that night was the first time I played with myself. I heard the moaning and it was turning me on bad.

My pussy felt like it was on fire, and it got all wet, which freaked me out every time. Anyways, there I was, laying my bed listening to our dad fuck mom real good, when she started to say 'Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me.

Yeah, all of it, Oh my god its so big. Fuck me fuck me baby.' and I just reached my fingers down to my opening and plunged two fingers in. I imagined it was daddy, filling me with his big dick, pleasing me like he was for our mother." That was too much for me.

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I leaned in and ran my nose along my sister's neck and she trembled. When I reached it, I started to nibble on her ear. She became putty. After a few moments I stopped nibbling and whispered, "Finish the story." My hands began to move down, rubbing the border of her leg and her crotch.

I could feel her legs shaking under my hands. "Well he was fucking her real good, her moans had turned into words and then turned into just funny noises. Daddy was groaning quite a bit and the bed was shaking, the headboard hitting the wall again and again and again. That's when he said it. If I had never heard him say it I don't think I would have had as strong a feelings as I did, or for as long as I did." I brought my mouth down to her neck and started to suck. "He said, 'What's my name?' and I thought mom was going to say his first name, you know.

But instead she said 'daddy!' and I was shocked. My fingers were deep inside my little cunt by then, all sticky, and my panties were just soaked. But I paused, holding my breath. I didn't want to make a sound. I had to hear it again. I had to be sure thats what she said. It felt like forever. I became hyper-aware of my body and what I was doing with it, and what our parents were doing in the next room. But still I waited. Then he said, 'Are you daddy's little girl?' and she almost screamed back 'Yes daddy.

Yes daddy. I'm your little girl daddy.' Then he said "Good girl.' and mom said, 'Fuck your little girl daddy, fuck your good girl'." By now my engorged head was nearly popping out of my khakis, and my sister was heaving her breaths. "I took that to mean that daddy wanted to fuck me, that when he was fucking mommy she had to pretend to be me, because he wanted her to, because he wanted to be fucking me instead of her.

I continued fingering myself and with my other hand began to explore my clit.

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I listened to them go at it for a little while longer, but when their voices really started to escalate I lost it and I had my first orgasm. It was intense. It was full body for sure. I fell asleep that night with the sheets tossed aside and my panties around my ankles. Shit I probably still had a finger inside myself." Her confession over, she twisted her neck around to look at me. We just stared at each other, understanding.

Our bodies continued their dance. She spoke up, her throat a little dry at first. "You know, if you grew out some facial hair you'd look just like him now." She brought a hand up to my cheek. It was so warm. I felt like I could feel energy flowing from it to me. Her hand glided down my face, admiring the five o'clock shadow that had barely started to grow. Our lips met. I closed my eyes and just got lost in her mouth.

When we finally stopped kissing she looked at me and repeated softly, ". just like him." That was all the cue I needed.


I swung my thumbs into the waist of her pants and pulled them down as far as I could reach, along with the panties underneath. Then I lifted my leg and using my foot brought them down to her ankles. One hand went around to her front to start rubbing her clit, while the other from the rear, started to pry open her hole. She was moaning loud and heavy. When she was ready I pushed on her back and used my knees to spread her legs wider.

I reached down and grabbed my dick, which was stiff as a rod. I guided it to her aching vaginal lips, which were already slippery, and I brushed back and forth around her opening. Finally the tip of my cock found her hole, and pushed in, I forced my body into her, pushing as deep I could go in a single thrust.

She let out a shriek, "Daddy!" Holding herself against the counter as hard as she could, she slammed her ass against me I was balls deep in my sister's vagina. It hugged me tight, with a warm wet embrace, and I slipped back and forth, back and forth. She was now just panting in repeat "Daddy.

Daddy. Daddy.

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Daddy." I thought I was fucking her as hard as I could, but somehow I found it in me to go faster and harder. Her legs were spread as wide as they could go, because the panties around her ankles constricted her. I brought both of my hand sup to her tits, and just grabbed a hold, as if they were fuck handles. I continued to pound my sister standing up from behind in my kitchen, not caring who might come to the door, or who might walk by and see us in the window, since it was broad daylight outside.

All of a sudden she began to sort of whine, sort of whimper, "Fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy." I could feel my orgasm building, it wasn't far off. I allowed my hands to squeeze her nipples, as hard as I could. Jackie let out a noise I don't think she even knew she could make. Then a moment later I felt it. Her right leg jerked violently twice and then her whole body shook, and she yelled out "Daaaaaaaaadddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" I continued to pound her into submission until her orgasm subsided.

All I could think though was "Hurry up, or I'm going to cum inside of you!" My sister flailed, tapping me, motioning for me to pull out, she could undoubtedly feel that I was close.

I pulled out and she spun around and got on her knees. She took my dick in her hands and gave it a few thrusts and then all of a sudden I was cumming. She directed it all over the apron she was wearing. When I was all finished her apron was covered in my gooey white stuff.

"I always knew I'd end up with some kind of batter all over this, I just didn't think it would be this kind." She smirked.