Slut turns into a rouge in sofa

Slut turns into a rouge in sofa
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Valentines Day Dear readers, I am writing to tell everyone about the Valentines day I had with my girlfriend Erin. The night before Valentines, she had called me and asked me to come stay with her. We had made plans for Valentines, so this would make it easier, plus we would get to spend some time together.

When I got to the apartment, Erin let me in, kissing me passionately, pulling me in and telling me she was happy to see me. I told her I was happy to see her as well. She looked so good, dressed in short cotton shorts, a tight shirt showing her perky tits, no bra, her hair in a pony tail, she just looked good.

I told her how hot she looked, kissing her again, I pulled her close, squeezing her ass cheek, mm, feeling her sweet ass in my hands as our tongues played.

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Erin moaned into my mouth a little as I squeezed her ass harder. She liked it and I knew if we kept going, her and I both would be turned on so much we would end up fucking right there on the kitchen counter. It would have been fine, but suddenly I heard Sonya clear her throat, she was out of sight, but right in the living room.

I decided to go say hello, and when I walked into the living room, Sonya was sitting with her legs pulled up to her as she sat on the couch. Her shorts were short cotton shorts as well, but I never thought in that position, I could see her pussy mound so clearly and puffed out. I tried not to stare, clearing my throat and saying hello to her. Sonya is hot, tall brunette, gorgeous, tight body, sexy like Erin, just a little taller. I had secretly fantasized about fucking them together, wishing I could fuck Sonya while she devoured Erin.

I know she would like Erin's pussy, she is so sweet tasting and so smooth. I wondered if Sonya was just as smooth, wondering how her pussy looked, if she was wet, horny, etc. Sonya giggled, asking me how I was doing. She busted me looking, and shook her head. She giggled again, standing up, walking toward me to go to the kitchen. As she walked by me, she ran her fingers over the head of my cock in my shorts. I couldn't believe it, of course I was getting hard, but I hadn't realized she could see it.

Naughty girl, fuck her hand grazing my cock felt so good, got me rock solid. She purred, looking at me while she rubbed the hardening head to my cock. Sonya walked into the kitchen where Erin was. I took the chance to sneak to the doorway, telling Erin I was heading up stairs and would meet her up their.

I was so hard, I didn't want her to see it, making her find out what Sonya had just done. I told Sonya to enjoy her movie, smiling and heading up. When I got up to Erin's room, I noticed Sonya's room was open as well. I got an idea, since they both were down stairs, I thought I would sneak into Sonya's room, see what I could find. Maybe a pair of her panties, mm, would love to know how her pussy smells.

Or maybe a toy, something I could see her cum on.

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Her bed was in clear view of the stairway and from Erin's bedroom door, so I was trying to be very careful in case they walked up stairs and busted me. As I looked her room over, mostly finding college books, papers etc, I noticed her lap top was on.

I touched it and when it turned on, I was shocked. It was a porno on pause. I guess she had been watching it earlier and was going to finish it later. It was what looked to be a girl, very sexy body, doggie style with a guy, who had what looked to be a long thick cock.

The spot she paused on you could see how slick wet his cock was from her pussy juice. There was to the right of the couple, another woman, legs spread, her fingers playing over her pussy, one spreading it while the other played with her clit. She was naked as well, very wet and very sexy. I couldn't believe Sonya liked threesome videos, what a naughty girl. I thought, fuck she was right here playing, I bet not long ago. Mm, I smelled her bed where she would have been sitting and I could feel it was still wet a little.

I smelled it, oh my, her cum. I guess she made her self squirt, getting the bed so wet. Fuck, it smelled so good smelling her juices. I buried my face in it, hearing the girls talking louder, I thought they were coming up. As I was walking out of Sonya's room, I noticed a pair of her panties in her closet, on top of her dirty laundry.

Fuck it, I grabbed them and got out of there. When I got back into Erin's room, I closed the door lightly, putting the panties to my face, mm, fuck they smelled so good, and they were wet. She had worn them that day, maybe even when she played.

I reached down, stroking my cock in my shorts, smelling Sonya's dirty panties, the material pressed against my nose. Her pussy juice smelled so good as my breath heated the material. I heard the door, it was Erin. Fuck, I stashed the panties in my pocket quickly, but I couldn't hide my hard on. Erin looked at me, she could see I had my hand in my pants and she smiled, closing her door, then walked to me.

Erin asked me what I was up to in here, and asked if I needed any help. Saying please, she reached down, slipping her hand in my shorts, Erin's soft hand squeezed my cock, she told me how good it felt in her hand. I leaned in to kiss her, when she told me I smelled like pussy.

Erin pulled away for a second, then asked me what the hell. Her hand pulled from my shorts, Erin asked me why I smelled like pussy, and obviously not hers. I couldn't believe it, fuck I was busted. I wasn't sure what to say, so I told her the truth. I told Erin I had walked by Sonya's room, noticed the video on, walked in, seeing if I could turn it off, or whatever, saving power spew.

Ha ha, which didn't work, so I told her when I saw what video it was, then I found her wet panties, I couldn't help myself. Erin couldn't believe I had taken Sonya's panties and asked me for them, putting her hand out, I sadly gave them to her. Erin asked me what I was doing with them, then asked me if I was smelling them and playing with my cock when she walked in on me.

She told me what an asshole I am, then told me how fucking turned on she was. I couldn't believe it, I looked at her in disbelief, asking her what?

Erin put the panties to her nose, smelling them, closing her eyes as she smelled those wet dirty panties. Now I was confused, but also fucking turned on like no other. Erin walked up to me, telling me to never do that again, but for now, I was forgiven, since she got to finally smell Sonya's pretty pussy.

Erin loved this, smelling those wet panties as she pulled my cock out of my shorts. Erin took the panties, rubbing them over my cock, telling me to imagine Sonya's mouth sucking my dick. She told me she had wanted to fuck Sonya as well, so she understood how I felt. Erin took my cock in to her mouth, sucking deep and fast, gagging over and over.

Fuck she was horny, pulling from my cock, taking Sonya's panties and putting them to her nose again, smelling them. Seeing this, I picked her up and took her to the bed. I peeled her shorts down, seeing her panties, white, sheer, and so so wet.

I took them off of her, seeing her pretty pink shaved pussy, shiny wet. I kissed my way down, then licking over her clit slowly, Erin told me how good it felt. I could see her smelling the wet panties I had stole from Sonya's room, rubbing the crotch against her lips. Erin told me how good my mouth felt, and she wondered how it would feel having Sonya's mouth on her. All the dirty talk sure had me hard, my cock was rock solid. Erin's pussy was so wet, her asshole was even wet.

As I was licking Erin's clit, driving her wild when my fingers filled her pussy, one, then another, I could heard Sonya walk by to her room. I knew she would end up watching her porn some more, maybe even hear Erin and I fucking. Dirty girl, in her room playing with her pussy. Fuck I wanted to see her play, my mind wandered as I devoured Erin. I could feel Erin's hands pulling my head into her wet pussy.

She was so turned on, feeling my mouth on her pussy, my fingers inside her as she thought about Sonya, how her wet dirty panties smelled. Erin told me she was cumming, she said it louder, fuck I'm cumming. I knew at some point Sonya could hear us, since the apartment has thin walls. Erin shook, cumming so hard. So when her orgasm subsided, she pulled me up for a kiss, sharing her cum, plus the panty juice from Sonya's panties. Mm, Erin was so turned on from what had happened, she asked me what the video was that Sonya was watching.

When I told her it was a threesome vid, with one girl watching while the other girl and the guy fucked. Erin liked this, pulling my cock to her. Pushing her pussy to my cock, Erin took me easily, her pussy so fucking wet it was silky smooth. Felt so good being inside her, Erin was so tight, so so wet. She kept telling me how much she would love to see me fuck Sonya, to watch me pound her, making her pussy hole creamy wet.

Erin grunted deep as my cock pounded her, filling her with every thick inch of my cockmy balls slapping against her asshole. By this point, Erin was telling me to fucking fuck her, fuck me fuck me fuck me she kept saying loud so Sonya could hear her.

So I did, I drilled her fucking pussy, making her squirt so hard, soaking my cock and balls, her pussy, her asshole, all of it just soaked and silky smooth. Feeling her squirt, I slowed my pace, but kept working her g spot.

Erin was shaking, squirting so hard on me it was incredible. As I pounded her harder and deeper, harder and deeper, Erin shook, cumming and cumming, her pussy so wet and so stretched from my cock pounding her. Erin took Sonya's panties and as she smelled them, I moved down, smelling them with her as I filled her pussy with hot cum, load after hot load of my cum pumped from my cock deep inside of Erin. She loved this, telling me she could feel my cock pulse and my hot cum filling her hole.

With a few more kisses, we laid together, relaxing. Erin told me I need to put the panties back when I could, so Sonya wouldn't notice. Then I told her, or leave her a pair of yours, like the wet white ones I pulled off of you a little while ago.

Erin suggested we leave them where she would find them in the living room, where she watches tv.


Agreeing, we kissed some more and cuddled. We were laying in Erin's bed when we could hear moans from Sonya's room. Erin looked at me and told me Sonya is playing, can you hear that she asked me.

As I said yes, so did my cock. The thought of Sonya, sexy Sonya in the next room playing with her tight pussy. Fuck, my cock got hard so quick, which Erin noticed and told me what a naughty fucker I am. Ha ha, Erin grabbed my cock and squeezed it tight. She told me to follow her and pulled me from the bed. Leading us out of the room slowly, easing her door open, she said she wanted to see if we could take a peak at what she was doing. My cock was so hard at this point, Erin was loving it, pulling me along, but I also knew if Sonya would have busted us, there would have been no way to hide my cock.

Then again, fuck hiding it, she wanted it anyway. So as we moved closer to her door, we could see it was open some. There was a mirror on her wall, perfectly to where once we were closer, we could see in her entire room. Peaking through the slightly opened door, Erin told me, there she is, oh my, how hot. Erin purred at the sight she could see, her hand moving over her breasts. Erin told me to look, pulling me closer by my cock. When I looked in, I could see Sonya, her legs spread, her pussy being filled with a hugs black dildo.

It was long and thick, and so creamy wet with her pussy juice. Erin was stroking my cock at this point, eyes locked on Sonya playing with her pretty pussy. Sonya looked so hot, her long legs spread, her left hand playing with her clit, pulling her pussy open as she pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy, sometimes with long slow strokes, other times with long deep, hard, then short hard and very deep strokes, just fucking her pussy so good. We could hear how wet Sonya was when she would really fill her pussy deep, working the dildo in short deep strokes.

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The toy was so wet, fuck she looked so sexy playing. Erin was stroking my cock so good at this point, working the head and shaft, then stroking my balls. I couldn't stop watching Sonya and when Erin got down, taking my cock into her mouth, I almost came in her mouth immediately.

Fuck it felt so good, her hot mouth swallowing my cock. Erin's pretty face looking up at me with my cock stretching her pretty lips. I looked to see what Sonya was doing, then I would tell Erin quietly as she sucked. Dirty slut was trying to get us busted I think, because she kept gagging my cock, choking herself on all that dick, then sucking hard and deep, her spit running down on to her breasts.

I told Erin that Sonya was doggie, fucking her pussy with her dildo, but also slipping a smaller vibrator in her ass.

I couldn't believe I was seeing Sonya double fuck her sexy and very tight holes. Her moans grew louder as her toys filled deeper, her moans working into deeper groans as she filled her asshole and then stuffing her dildo as deep into her pussy as she could, Sonya shook, cumming. I told Erin she was cumming and she started sucking my cock so hard, stroking, sucking, devouring my cock. I started to cum, pumping load after load of hot cum into Erin's mouth, down on her chin and onto her breasts, cumming so good as I watched Sonya cum hard, her body shaking, her moans so soft at this point as her orgasm subsided.

Mine as well as Erin proceeded to suck every drop from me possible, her mouth working up and down my shaft so smoothly. Suddenly, I told her, Sonya is getting up. Erin and I moved back into her room quickly, closing the door behind us quietly.

As we sat on the bed, there was a knock on the door. Sonya asked if we were still up and Erin looked at me, giggling, she said, yeah. We laid on the bed, looking like we were hanging out, Sonya walked in and told us she was going to go take a bath, so if we needed her, we would know where she is. Erin told her to enjoy, smiling at Sonya, she closed the door as she walked out. Erin and I told each other about what we had each watched as Sonya played.

Erin was so turned on, as she told me what she got to see, I moved down, slowly, kissing my way down her tummy to her shaved pink pussy. My mouth taking her soft pussy lips between my lips, my tongue flicking lightly over her swollen clit. Mm, her cum dripping pussy was so good, she always tastes so yummy. Erin moaned, telling me more about Sonya playing. Erin shook hard, cumming so hard on my tongue, her body convulsing, I could barely hold on to her.

Erin was cumming so hard it was incredible. Her pussy was flooding my mouth with sweet cum, her pussy mm, was delicious. Erin pulled me up for a kiss, telling me how fucking good that felt. As we kissed, I looked over for a second and noticed Sonya's panties. We still had them. I grabbed them, smothering Erin with them some, telling her to get a good whiff, I was going to go take them back before she got out of the tub. Erin smelled them with a deep inhale, then told me no, she will take them back in there.

Agreeing, so I could chill, Erin leaped from the bed, putting on a t shirt only, then sneaking into Sonya's room. I decided to flip on the tv for a few min. Not realizing time, I didn't think much of it when Erin came back into her room, about thirty minutes later.

Erin told me she had put the panties back, then she took her white panties she had been wearing, put them to her pussy, soaking them with her cum. She put them on the arm of the couch, near the remote. If Sonya doesn't take them, we will act innocent and play it off as forgetting them there after having sex on the couch.

Erin told me she also did one more thing. Smirking she told me, her toy was still out. It was still covered and she meant covered in white creamy pussy juice. She said it was so wet, she couldn't resist. I was shocked, asking her, resist what? Erin told me she sucked it, cleaning Sonya's delicious cum from it. Then she wanted to feel it, so she slipped it over her pussy, rubbing it over her clit, then down her slit.

Erin said it was so hot to have Sonya's toy on her pussy. When she slipped it inside her, she just started fucking herself. Pumping the cock in and out of her pussy, feeding every inch inside her. She told me when she looked down, the toy was again covered with creamy white pussy juice.

Hers. Erin told me she played with her clit, cumming hard on the toy.

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When she realized she was close to getting busted, she put the toy back, plus the panties near her bed. I was so horny, I almost missed the part of where she put the panties. Erin asked me where they should have been and I told her, in her dirty laundry. Erin laughed, saying oh shit, well she will know someone was in there now. Erin said she was going to go to the bathroom real quick, see if Sonya was out of the tub and back in her room yet. My cock was so hard again, knowing Erin had played with Sonya's toy.

Especially that she sucked Sonya's cum off of it. What a dirty girl. I loved it. I couldn't help but stroke my cock, hoping Erin would come back soon.

Which she did, telling me Sonya was already in her room, lights out. Erin joked, she must have worn her self out, that is a big toy and she was fucking her ass too with a smaller dildo. Erin noticed my cock was solid, smiling, telling me as she stroked my cock, that she wants to lick Sonya's pussy and ass while I watch and stroke my cock. She spit on her hand, lubing my cock as she pumped it, her soft hand firmly holding my cock as she worked the fuck out of it, telling me she wanted to 69 with Sonya as I fucked Sonya in the ass.

She wanted to see my cock filling her tight pink asshole as she sucked her pretty pussy, nibbling her clit as she fingered her pussy. Erin was talking so dirty, had me going so good, I started to cum, when Erin said to me, imagine filling Sonya's asshole, her tight silky asshole taking all of your cock. Squeezing tight, milking my cock of so much cum. Fuck her hand felt so good, mixed with listening to her dirty talk, I came so much on her.

Spent and ready to just relax, sleep some, Erin and I cleaned up, then went to bed. Holding her close to me, her firm breasts and firm body, her sweet smell, mm, felt so good. I kissed her back, which she loved, made her purr some. As I held her close, we both fell fast asleep. About three hours into the night, I awoke with a huge hard on, needing to pee.

So I got up, Erin completely crashed out, she was sleeping so heavy. I kissed her cheek then went to restroom. When I closed our bedroom door behind me, I could see the bathroom light was on. Shit, Sonya was in there. I needed to pee so bad, plus I was fucking hard as a rock. So when the bathroom door opened, the light hit me like a deer in headlights. No hiding the hard on in the sheer material of my boxers. Sonya stopped for a second, unsure of what she was seeing or what to say, since it was late and here I am with some serious wood.

I thought to myself, maybe she wouldn't notice, or thought she was dreaming. Then I thought, or maybe. Next thing I know, she tells me damn, yummy, that is a big hard on.

Is that for me, or are you needing the bathroom? Her eyes gazed on my hard cock about to rip through my boxers. I told Sonya I needed to pee. She moved aside, telling me to please go, and as I walked past her, her hand reached down, grasping my cock.

Sonya looked at me, feeling the thickness in her hand. "Fuck" she said, so long and thick. Mm, yummy. No wonder Erin screams so loud when your fucking her with this. When she let go, she spanked my ass and told me to go pee. Giggling, she closed the door, not behind her as she went out though, but behind us as I went in, her following me in.

I laughed some, and asked what she was doing. Sonya told me she wanted to see me pee, giggling and looking on with interest as to how I would pee, especially with such a hard cock. So as I stood there, positioning so I could pee without peeing all over the bathroom, Sonya watched. When I was done, she told me that was entertaining. She then told me she loves looking at my cock, it is so long and hard.

She was fixated on my cock as I walked closer, now stroking it lightly for her. At that point, is when I noticed, Sonya was only in a t shirt, no panties on. She sat on the edge of the tub, spreading her legs, Sonya told me I was making her wet, see she showed me as she opened her legs enough for me to see her pussy, her fingers spread her swollen, well played with pink pussy lips.

I could see them glistening with her pussy juice. Before I could say anything, Sonya pulled me closer, looking up at me, she took my cock into her mouth.

Her sucking was so deep and hot, she was hungry for that dick, moaning on it as she swallowed it, licked it and swirled her tongue over the head. I couldn't believe Sonya was sucking my cock, her moans deepening as her fingers filled her pussy. I told her I had fantasized about her, fucking her mouth. I told her I could hear her playing sometimes.

Naughty girl I said. Sonya moaned on my cock, pulling away only to lick around the head and to spit on the shaft. Fuck she sucked cock good. Her mouth worked up and down my shaft, sucking hard, the sounds echoed throughout the bathroom.

Slurping and smacking sounds, her hands working her pussy so good and my shaft with tight wet strokes. Sonya moaned deep, gagging my cock into her throat as she fingered her pussy to an intense orgasm. She shook a little, but kept her mouth deep on my cock as she groaned deep on it. It felt wicked feeling her groan on It like that as she came. Her hand moved from her pussy, still wet with her cum, she wrapped it around my shaft with her other hand, making it wetter as she stroked it with both hands wrapped around the length.

Her mouth sucking as her hands pumped up and down. Fuck she was getting me close to cumming. When she pulled my cock from her mouth for a second to lick the tip, she looked up at me, talking dirty. She told me how good my cock tasted, with Erin's cum on it. Smiling at me, she went back for more. Fuck, she could taste Erin's sweet pussy on my cock, that was hot. I started to cum and Sonya sucked the head into her mouth, stroking me slow and long, pumping all my cum from my cock into her mouth.

She looked so sexy with my cock in her mouth, her ass showing from below her t shirt, mm. I had wanted to see her like this for so long.

So many times stroking my cock wishing I could see her tight ass pushed out like that while she devoured my dick. When I was done cumming, she stood up and kissed me. Sonya told me I better get back to bed or I would be missed if Erin was awake.

She squeezed my cock again, then pulled in close for another kiss, putting one leg up for me to hold. Sonya rubbed my cock over her pussy. Slipping me back and forth over her clit, her wet juicy slit. She was making me so wet with her juices. Sonya purred, telling me it felt good just feeling my cock against her pussy, such a hard thick cock she said. Sonya pulled away, kissing me one last time, telling me my pussy juice covered cock was for when Erin sucks it later, she can taste me.

With that, Sonya walked out lifting her shirt so I could see her ass. Teasing me with her sweet ass. I stood there for a minute, in shock of the intense head she had just given me, the feeling of her wet smooth shaved pussy on my cock. I shut off the light and went back to bed. Erin was still crashed out, sleeping sound as could be.

My cock was still rock hard, throbbing it was so hard. So I laid in bed, stroking it lightly, wishing I could slip it deep inside Sonya's sweet pussy. She was so wet when she was playing, I knew it would feel so good being inside her.

Just being against her pussy was intense, hot, so slick and smooth. Fuck it, I got up, went to Sonya's door and listened. I couldn't hear anything, but I could see light under the door, flickering, so she had on a movie or something. My cock was so hard, I decided to just walk in.

When I did, Sonya was on her bed, on her tummy, watching a show on tv. I couldn't see what the show was. At first she didn't see me come in.

Her ass peaking out from the back of her shirt. Sonya looked back and smiled when she saw me. She asked if she could help me with something. I said yes and moved over her, kissing the back of her neck, down her back some, slipping my cock over her bare ass. Sonya purred, telling me how good that felt, but if we get busted, we may be in trouble. With that, I moved so my cock was at her wet pussy and I slipped the head inside her.

Sonya moaned softly, telling me how good it felt having me so close, so deep as my cock slowly filled her pussy, inch by thick inch I slipped my cock inside her. Her pussy felt amazing, so tight, her body shook lightly as I slid my cock in and out of her slowly, feeling her tightness, the feeling of her squeezing around my shaft was intense, she was so tight.

Sonya told me how fucking good my cock felt inside her, it's so hard she moaned. I leaned in, kissed her neck some more, teasing her. Then whispering in her ear, that today, I had taken her panties and smelled them while jerking off. She loved this, pushing her ass up to me for more cock. She told me I was a dirty fuck and I should have come and fucked her instead. She has been waiting she told me. As I fucked her deeper and harder, her moans growing louder as I fucked her, I told her more, I told her about Erin busting me, then her smelling her dirty panties while we fucked.

Sonya was getting wetter and wetter hearing this, she loved it, begging me for more. She asked if I liked the smell of her dirty panties, the smell of my pussy and asshole, fucker. Dirty fucker she told me, fuck me fuck me fuck me dirty fucker she said over and over, now being fucked deep and hard, her pussy so so wet and creamy. I drilled her tight hole so fucking good, her juices dripping down on to the bed.

I moved so that I was kneeling above her with my back straight, still deep inside her. I worked my hips, keeping my cock deep, working her g spot, Sonya started squirting. My cock hitting her g spot perfectly felt so good against the tip of my head. Sonya was shaking, groaning deep groans, unable to say anything as she squirted, cumming and cumming. Her holes were soaking wet. As I was grinding my cock deep inside her soaking wet pussy, I slowed down, teasing her.

I leaned in, telling her Erin had come into her room yesterday, while putting her panties back that we had been smelling, she found her cum dripping dildo. Sonya begged to hear more, asking me please dirty fucker, tell me more.

So when I told her Erin had sucked it clean, she fucking lost it, she came so hard, she shook, cumming so good again, her pussy pulsing around my shaft. I stayed deep inside her, feeling her pussy cum around my shaft. Sonya felt so good, she looked so hot cumming, being fucker, her pussy was yummy and looked so good full of thick cock.

I fucked her so deep and slow, then harder, deep strokes, making her pussy just flood cum. She then told me she wanted to fuck Erin and wanted to fuck her now. I held her down, fucking her harder with long deep strokes.

Sonya loved being dominated, so I told her when I was done with her, maybe I would let her fuck Erin, if she was a good girl. Sonya's response was, yes Sir dirty fucker Sir. I grabbed her hair, going balls deep inside her.

Sonya loved this, my hand in her hair, pulling it lightly as I fucked her hard and deep. Mm, felt so good seeing her taking my cock. The feeling of her pussy around my cock, getting tighter the harder I fucked her.

I loved it and so did she. I almost came, so I pulled her with me to our sides. I kissed her back as I stayed deep inside her pussy, enjoying her smooth soft body against mine. Sonya asked me if we were going to go wake up Erin and fuck her.

Not yet I said. I let her in on the plan Erin and I had. I told her Erin had been playing and had been fucked in a white g string today and had left it out for her down stairs on the couch where she sits. In an attempt to see what she would do when finding the panties.

Sonya loved this, wanting to hurry down stairs to get the panties left for her, I told her to hold on, lets make a plan. So we decided to play it like she fell for the bate, taking Erin's dirty panties, then Sonya would be home playing, smelling Erin's panties when Sonya and I get home from dinner. Busting her playing in the living room, which would hopefully turn into a threesome. Sonya thought that sounded like a good plan, and Erin wouldn't know anything about Sonya knowing, she would just think we actually busted her and we all ended up playing.

With the plans made, Sonya quietly went down stairs, then came back with Erin's panties. She came in with a huge smile, laid back down with me, smelling Erin's pussy juices, then putting them to her mouth, she said she could taste her, that the panties were still wet. Sonya told me how hot that made her, pushing back against my still hard cock. Sonya put Erin's panties to her nose, inhaling her sweet well fucked pussy smell.

Sonya looked back, and told me to, please dirty fucker Sir, "fuck me in the ass". She moved her hand down her thigh, spreading her ass some for me. Such a pretty pink tight asshole. I slipped my cock into her pussy, getting it all wet with her cum.

She moaned as she smelled Erin's dirty panties, feeling my cock at the same time as I filled her so deep. I fucked her hard for a few minutes, nice and deep. Her pussy creaming my cock. I slowly pulled my cock from her pussy. So wet, I slipped my cock over her asshole. Rubbing the head over her hole a few times, making sure she was wet, then slowly, I slipped the head in.

Sonya loved this, she told me to give her some more and pushed back, taking more of my cock in her ass. Sonya clawed the bed, pushing back against me, fucking my cock. I couldn't believe it, she was loving this, taking my entire cock deep into her ass. I held her hips, pulling her to me, then pushing Erin's panties into her face, making her smell that sweet smell, I pumped deep, hard, long strokes into her asshole. Sonya grunted loud into the panties, taking my cock balls deep. Fuck it was so good, her asshole was so tight, so silky smooth, taking my cock and squeezing my long shaft so tight.

I kissed Sonya's back as I started to cum. Sonya loved this, telling me to cum deep in her ass, cum in me she said as I pumped load after load of hot cum into her. Sonya pushed back, milking my cock for more, making sure she got all of my cum inside her. Such a naughty girl. Fuck.I pulled my cock from her ass slowly, just enjoying being inside her. She kept smelling Erin's panties. Mm, yummy she kept saying. I told her soon, soon she could have her.

With that, we kissed, said good night, cleaned up some, and I went to bed. Valentines day morning. I was up early, cleaned up the house some, worked on breakfast so when Erin came down, I could surprise her with a Valentines breakfast. Funny thing is, first person to come down was Sonya. She walked into the kitchen, told me how good it smelled. I told her there was plenty if she wanted some.

Sonya smiled and said she would love some. As she said this, she looked back and made sure she was clear, as she slipped her hand into my shorts, squeezing my cock, kissing me so passionately, stroking my cock so hard. Dirty girl, I told her, breakfast I meant silly. Ha ha, she loved it, such a good sense of humor. We laughed a little as she took some breakfast to her room.

Mm, her ass, fuck looked so good. Sonya looked back, smiling and shaking her head. She knew she was teasing me and I was thinking about how good fucking her holes was last night. My cock was hard again by now. Erin came down shortly after, surprised, breakfast, flowers, some little notes I hade made for her, just sweet things. She came up to me and kissed me, then telling me how good she slept.

Asking how I had slept, eyeing my hard on, she asked why I was so horny. I told her I was up off and on through out the night, but woke up horny thinking about her and Sonya's panties. I was having one of those moments where one says to self, I was up off and on all night fucking Sonya's wet tight holes.

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I told her over all though, I slept good, just horny. But we had a big day ahead I told her. Erin came up to me, kissed me and reached down, stroking my cock. She told me she would make sure that is well taken care of later. She pulled it from my shorts, leaned down and sucked me right there in the kitchen. Short powerful sucks, she worked my cock. Then she stood up, kissed me and told me there would be more later.

As we ate, I wondered if she could taste Sonya's creamy cum on my cock. Smiling, loving this. After awhile, we got ready to go and as I took my shower, Erin came in. She pulled the curtain open a little, smiling. I asked her what was up and she said she took them! Excited, she said she took my panties. I loved it. Dirty girls. I told Erin, maybe she is playing with her pussy right now, smelling your yummy pussy on your dirty panties.

She was speechless, then I told her to close the curtain, the breeze was cold. Knowing she would be curious as a cat. Erin walked out of the bathroom. I knew she was turned on by the thought of Sonya playing, smelling her panties, but was she going to see if Sonya was doing anything, or keep toying with the idea. I sure was curious to find out.

I took my shower, a little longer one then normal, giving Erin time to act or not. After I got out, then got ready.I looked for the girls. No sign of Sonya or Erin in the up stairs, so I went down to find Sonya watching tv in the living room and Erin in the kitchen.

All seemed normal, when suddenly Sonya asked us to come into the living room real quick. She turned off the tv and asked us to sit down. She then asked us if we had been in her room.

She was confronting us and I loved it, I couldn't believe she was playing this hand this early in the morning. Dirty girl I thought to myself, she is ready for more. So I went along with it, Erin unsure of what to say, I told Sonya we had to put her dirty clothes in there, not to worry.

Just trying to pick up the house. Then Sonya asked, who had moved her dildo. I told her I had bumped her night stand and didn't see it, so when it feel, I put it back. Sonya said, it wasn't on there, so wrong answer.

I played dumb. Erin said fuck it, I moved it. Sonya looked at Erin and asked her why she had moved it. Erin looked at me, then told Sonya she had to move it. She moved it to get it to her mouth. She noticed it had Sonya's pussy juice on it and wanted to taste her. Sonya's jaw dropped to the floor, she was stunned at Erin's boldness. Erin told Sonya she had also fucked herself with it, cumming on it, leaving it with her cum on it since she had cleaned all the other yummy cum from it.

Sonya told her, umm, okay then. She told her to ask next time. Sonya then moved to sitting with us, looking at Erin and kissed her. They pulled each other closer, kissing passionately. I loved seeing them kissing, so sexy, so overdue. I figured at that moment, we were not going anywhere for a little while, so I sat down, watching Erin and Sonya kiss. Erin's hands moving over Sonya's body, both of them breathing heavily. Suddenly Sonya pulled Erin's hair some, asking her if she liked how her pussy tasted on her dildo.

Erin said she loved it, and wanted more. Sonya took total control, pushing her soft shorts down, then pushing her pussy into Erin's mouth as Erin knelt in front of her. Sonya told her to lick her pussy, lick it good and make me cum. I pulled my hard cock out at this point, stroking it, watching Sonya fuck Erin's mouth. Sonya was dirty, telling Erin what she was going to do to her with her dildos, her strap on, that her and I would be double fucking her in awhile, making her our sex toy.

I loved it, my cock was so hard. Sonya was so wet, I could see her juices on Erin's face. When Sonya looked at me, she smiled, pulling Erin's mouth into her pussy. She told Erin how good my cock looked over there, being stroked. She told me to work that cock good, it would be needed real soon. Erin moaned, wanting to see me, but Sonya was making her eat her pussy so good.

Sonya told Erin not to stop, she would get what she deserved shortly. Then Sonya demanded I come over and let her suck my cock. As I moved closer, Sonya's hand reaching out for my thick shaft, she pulled me closer, swallowing me deep.

He moans we intense as Erin sucked her clit hard. I could tell Sonya was loving having Erin devour her wet pussy. Sonya kept looking up at me, sucking my cock so deep, gagging herself, trying to take more and more.

Felt so good, her spit now running down my balls. I could see Erin looking up at us, watching Sonya suck my cock deep. Looking down and seeing Erin sucking Sonya's pretty pussy was hot.

Sonya was grinding her clit into Erin's mouth. I am sure Erin's tongue was licking and tongue fucking her pussy so good. Erin can work her tongue good over a cock, so I can imagine how good she was working Sonya. Sonya was moaning on my cock as she sucked, my hands pulling her into me, fucking her mouth. Sonya was gagging, my cock filling her throat as I force fed her all that meat.

Sonya had tears in her eyes some as I gag fucked her throat. Erin looked up, breaking free of Sonya's grip while I fucked that mouth and throat. Erin cheered me on, fuck that sluts mouth babe, give it to her deep. Suck it bitch, you wanted that dick, now fucking eat that meat slut.

Erin told Sonya what a dirty fuck she is and fingered her pussy. Sonya was loving being so well used and pleased. Sonya was now gagging her self, her spit running down her chin, her eyes rolling back some as Erin finger fucked her so deep. Erin had at least four fingers inside Sonya.

Knowing from fucking her tight pussy, she was super tight.


I knew Erin finger fucking her like that had to feel amazing. Suddenly, Sonya shook, sucking me deeper, swallowing me, taking me balls deep, groaning so fucking deep it was amazing.

I couldn't believe it, Erin was fist fucking Sonya. Erin had her hand wrist deep inside of Sonya's stretched hole. I told Sonya that her and Erin were both going to get so fucked tonight, holding her nose as I filled her throat with cock. Not allowing her to breath for a minute, then releasing her nose and pulling my cock from her mouth.

Rubbing my spit covered cock over her face as she came hard, shaking and convulsing as the orgasm rocked her body. Erin pumped her hand in and out, making Sonya squirt. I wanted to see more, so I pulled my cock from Sonya's mouth, moved around so I was behind Erin.

Sonya was telling Erin how fucking good that felt, having her fist fuck her wet hole. Erin told her to take it bitch, take it, I have been wanting to fuck you for so long. Erin was hammering Sonya, making her squirt so good. I stood above them, stroking my cock watching Erin's ass sway back and forth. Yummy. I reached down, running my finger tips over her pussy. The thin material of her shorts was soft, shaped over her pussy mound.

She moaned some, but I could barely hear her over Sonya's wet pussy being fist and finger fucked. I pulled Erin's shorts and panties down. Her pussy was so wet. I knew Sonya was getting fucked good, so it was time for Erin to get some.

I placed my cock at her pussy, slipping inside slowly. Fuck she was so tight. Her pussy juice making my cock so wet with each stroke. Erin moaned, slowing her finger fucking on Sonya as I went deeper and deeper. Erin moaned so loud as I packed her hole deep. Sonya told me to fuck her hard. Give her the same treatment she got last night. Erin looked puzzled, then asked what the fuck she was talking about. I held on to Erin's hips, going balls deep inside her, fucking her so hard as Sonya told her about me going to the bathroom, and Sonya sucked my cock, then she told Erin I came back, and fucked her pussy and her ass, until he filled my ass with cum.

Sonya kissed Erin, there tongues playing. Erin worked back against me, wanting my cock deeper and deeper. Dirty fuck liked it that I had fucked Sonya. When Sonya pulled away from there kiss, Erin shook in orgasm. Her pussy taking my cock and squeezing it so tight. Her juices creaming every inch of my dick. She looked so sexy.

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Sonya pulled my cock from Erin's pussy and sucked it, cleaning off all of Erin's creamy cum. When I told Sonya I was getting close, she stroked my cock, telling me hold off, I want to see you cum in Erin's ass.

As much as I tried, I couldn't hold back and both girls devoured my cock as my cum pumped load after load of thick white cum. Sonya and Erin kissed, sharing my cum from tongue to tongue, it was so sexy seeing them kiss and share. My cock head was still throbbing as they each licked it, sucked it, stroked it with there soft hands.

As I looked down at them, they both giggled and said, Happy Valentines Day. NOTE: If you don't like it due to paragraphs or other grammar issues, keep your comments to yourself, the stories are all in fun and your OCD issues are not.