Watch cfnm slut get a facial

Watch cfnm slut get a facial
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I opened my eyes. I looked around the room again to see if there was anyone there with me. But I was alone. I yawned and stretched my arms. The Majika pills must have been working because I felt great, like nothing had happened. I sat on the couch for what must have been a few minutes before there was a familiar green flash in the corner of the room and the nurse appeared.

We didn't bother greeting each other and she stepped up beside me.

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"I am here to prepare you for the client." she said, "Didn't you do that yesterday?" I asked, remembering the physical exam the previous day. "Well," she said, "today's first client is a bit different." I looked at her curiously. "You see, he." "He!?" I exclaimed' "Yes, he." she continued, ignoring my reaction. "but that is not the difficult part. The difficult part is that he is an alien." my mouth opened in shock, but I couldn't respond, so she continued.

"he is from a planet in another galaxy, it is called Xzioni. Which makes him a Xzionian. They are friendly aliens, and help to protect our planet, we are at peace with them. But the problem is that Xzionians are." she searched for the right words, "Larger than male humans." she said.

I understood what she meant. "Their laws make it illegal for Xzonian males to have intercourse with females until they are, what humans would call, married.

So they must use the male sex workers in the clinic." that answered my first question. "Umm." I started, "How big are Xzonians?" i asked. "Well, on average, something like seven feet tall, and their penis will normally be around nine inches long and four inches wide." I just stared.

"That's why I am here to break you in slowly." she said. I decided not to ask any questions, there was nothing I could do anyway. But then I felt a need to use the toilet which made me think of something. "Why don't I get any food?" I asked. "Oh." she looked at me, she was clearly surprised that my question had nothing to do with having to have gay sex with a huge alien.

"The room is enchanted," she said, "the magic sustains your food requirements." she said, "But i'm afraid we don't have an enchantment to dispose of the waste. Now we must prepare you before the client arrives." "Let me just use the toilet." I said.

I stood up and walked to the toilet. I wasn't sure if she would stay or leave while I relieved myself but I didn't care. I used the toilet while she prepared the examination table that we had used the previous day.

I washed my hands and walked over to the table. She signaled for me to lay on the table and I did. I didn't see any point in fighting. She secured my arms to the restraints at the top of the table and my ankles to the restraints that came out of the ceiling. Then she flicked her wrist and I felt my legs being pulled up into the familiar position that we had used before, with my legs pointing straight in the air. As my legs were pulled tight, she put on some surgical gloves and opened the metal cupboard and searched through it.

"Now," she said as she continued searching, "I am going to ease you into this, until you can take about five inches. But we can't go any larger that that because then it won't be as tight for the client, which will reduce pleasure. If you keep quiet I won't need to gag you." I was nervous, and watched her to see what size we would start with.

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She took out some lube and the small dildo from yesterday. I was relieved, it was only three or four inches long and an inch wide.

I watched her walk to the foot of the bed and crouch down at my ass. She reached around and started pumping my semi - erect cock with her other hand. Once I was fully erect, she placed the dildo against my ass hole and I tried to relax. Then she pushed it in. I felt it slide effortlessly into my tight hole and I cried out in pleasure. She slowly started pumping it in and out of me, it started feeling better and better.

It didn't take long before I needed to come, and I felt my whole body tighten up as I had my first orgasm of the day. I shot several jets of cum into the air. I don't know where they landed and I didn't care. She slowly pulled out the small dildo and walked to the cupboard. I watched her silently as she swapped to small dildo for a larger one. It was about an inch larger, and quite a bit thicker. My eyes widened as she walked to the foot of the bed and rubbed some lube onto it.

I wanted to say something, but at the same time I was afraid that she would gag me again, so I just lay back and stared at the roof. She noticed that my cock had started to get softer, since I had just came, so she gave me a few strokes to harden me up again.

I tried to relax my ass hole so that it hopefully wouldn't be too painful. I didn't even feel her prepare, when she slid the first inch into me. Hard.

I cried out, partially out of pain, but mostly out of surprise. Then the pain hit me, and my cry turned into a scream. It felt like my ass was being torn open. She kept sliding it further and further in, and my eyes watered as she forced it into me. After a minute she paused, I thought that she was waiting for me to calm down, but I realized that it was all the way in.


I clenched my teeth and tried to relax, while my ass was getting used to housing such a large object. Once the pain had gone, she started pulling it out of me. It wasn't sore any more, and started to become enjoyable again. Soon I was moaning and groaning, as she picked up speed. Soon I was ready to come, I cried out, and felt my body shake as I exploded into orgasm.

It was incredibly intense. I lost count how many times I shot my cum into the air. I felt a string of my own cum land on my cheek, but I was in to much pleasure to care about it. I lay there gasping for breath as the nurse withdrew the dildo from my sore ass. She packed everything up and cleaned me.

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Then she untied my restraints and I sat up. I felt a bit dizzy, but she gave me a couple of majika pills and some water, which made my head much clearer.

"Are you O.K?" she asked, looking at me with concern. I nodded silently. "Well the client will be here in an hour, so you can get some rest before he arrives." with that she walked to the corner of the room and vanished in a flash.

I sat still, thinking about what the client would be like. Then I walked over to the bed and jumped onto it. I closed my eyes and kept thinking about what a Xzonian would look like. Slowly, I drifted off into sleep.


I was woken once again by the green flash. I didn't want to look, but forced my head up so that I could see the Xzonian. He was incredible. He was tall, with red skin and a surprisingly handsome face. He had an unbelievably muscular body, that was standing there completely naked. Then I saw his cock. It was huge. At least nine and a half inches long and four wide, and it was red like the rest of his skin, surprisingly, he had no pubic hair.

He was fully erect. Just underneath were his ball, at least three times the size of mine, I wondered how much cum he could shoot out of those. I stood up, and looked back at his face, he was handsome, with brown eyes but without hair. They must be naturally bald. I thought to myself. I relized that I was actually attracted to him, which must make me bi-sexual.

I thought. He walked over to me and stood in front of me. And for the first time I saw how large his cock actually was. I also noticed that he was at least eight inches taller than me.

We looked at each other for a while, then he spoke. "You are to be my sex slave." he announced in a deep, growling voice. "You are my bitch boy for as long as I want, and so you shall do what I want you to. Here are my rules.

One, you shall obey all of my orders. Two, I am your master for the next several hours. And three, you will get your pleasure, while I get mine. Understand?" he asked, "Yes master." I replied obediently. He smiled, clearly enjoying me addressing him as master. "Good." he growled. "Now get on your knees!" he ordered. I stepped away from the bed and got down on my knees. I decided to do what he said, because he was very tall, and could probably pick me up and throw me across the room. He stepped in front of me and I knew immediately what he wanted.

I grabbed his cock with both hands and started pumping it. He groaned, and I tried to get as much of him as I could into my mouth but could only fit the tip. He groaned more rapidly. "Yes bitch boy, suck my huge cock!" he shouted.

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I couldn't really move my tongue much, so I just twisted my head. "Yes!

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Do you like that huge cock you slut!" he cried. I pulled him out of my mouth, "Yes master." I replied. And started licking the shaft of his cock. He started groaning more rapidly and shouted things like, "Yes!

Such that cock you filthy little bitch boy!" and "You like my huge dick, don't you?" Soon, he was tensing his muscles and his cock started to pulse and swell.

I could tell that he was nearly ready, and licked all over his cock. He pushed my head away and ordered me to Open my mouth. I was a little wary, but did it for fear of upsetting him. He stroked his cock with his huge hands and soon was ready. He groaned and came. The first thing I noticed was that his cum was a lime green color, then it hit me on the face, drenching me with it. He let out spurt after spurt all over my body and in my mouth. Soon my mouth was full and I was covered from head to toe in his cum.

It tasted different from mine, it was stronger and more bitter, but not unpleasant. For a moment he stood still. Then he looked up, "Do you want your pleasure now bitch boy?" he asked.

I nodded furiously. "Well then bend over the bed, you filthy slut!" he yelled. I did so immediately, because I desperately needed to cum.

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I lay there for a moment, with my ass in the air. The I felt something wet against my ass. It occurred to me that it was his tongue. He licked my ass hole fore a while until I was so desperate that I was grinding my ass into his face.

Then, without warning, he slid his tongue into my ass. I groaned and came immediately all over the bed. He pulled his tongue out of me. "try to last a bit longer now bitch boy." he said. He stood up and started rubbing his cock until he was up to his full nine and a half inches again.

I heard him walk to the cupboard and take out the lube and walk back over. I didn't turn round, but I heard him preparing his cock with the lube and felt him press the tip against my ass hole.

"You are so tight you little bitch boy." he growled in the most sexual way. "Can you even take the tip of my cock?" he asked, "I'll try master." I said humbly.

He laughed and pushed his way inside me. I cried out. He was so big! It felt like my ass was being ripped apart by this monster cock.

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I heard him groan, and knew that I still had quite a few more inches to go before he could use me properly. I gasped and my eyes were watering. I couldn't even scream. I was amazed that I was able to take something so thick. I felt him force inch after inch into me.

Until he was all the way in. "Well done bitch boy!" he yelled, "Now you are ready for the fucking of your life!" I gasped as he started to pull back out.

Then he pumped back into me, gradually getting faster as he fucked my tight hole. He got faster and faster until his balls were slapping against mine. It was starting to feel really good, and soon I was moving my ass in time with him. Soon he was groaning and shaking and I prepared for his orgasm. He roared and I felt his enormous cock pulse as it filled me with stream after stream of his thick, sticky cum.

The feeling brought me to my own climax and soon we were both groaning. I felt his cum pump into me and fill my stomach, while I sprayed my come all over the side of the bed. We lay like that panting, then he pulled out of me, and I felt his cum pour out of my now wide open and sore ass, as it trickled down my legs. "Now it's your turn." he said, turning around. I almost didn't believe him, but then he bent over the side of the bed and looked over at me.

I stepped up behind him and looked at his ass. It was small considering the size of the creature, so I knew that it would feel incredible. I picked up the sex lube from the floor and poured some onto my dripping cock. I rubbed it in until I was hard.

I lined my cock up with his hole and pressed the tip against the opening. "Fuck me!" he yelled, "Fuck me hard!" I didn't need a second invitation, and I rammed my cock into his tight hole as hard as I could. I gasped at how tight he was. And listened to his groans, which let me know that he was enjoying it too.

I kept pumping into him as hard as I could while he yelled dirty talk that I couldn't even hear. I was in heaven. He was so warm and tight that I was soon ready to cum.

I pumped harder and he forced his ass into me, which made me explode. I screamed and shot my cum deep into his ass. I was barely aware of him cuming at the same time, pouring cum all over the floor. I stood like that gasping before I pulled out of him, I watched as my cum trickled out of his ass.

"Clean me bitch boy!" he ordered, and I knelt down into the puddle of green cum that his orgasm had made and licked my cum straight out of his ass. I could feel his cum sloshing in my stomach and i finished cleaning his ass and collapsed onto the bed.


I felt the bed rock as he got up and walked to the corner of the room and i watched his muscular body, his knees dripping with his own cum from kneeling in the puddle and his cock still dripping.

Then he disappeared in a flash. A moment later, the nurse appeared and walked over to me. My ass must have been wide open on the bed because she managed to pour some kind of liquid into my open hole. "What's that?" I asked, feeling very tired.

"Its a potion." she replied, "It will clean out your anus and help it return to it's original size" I waited, and could feel the liquid disappearing in my ass. I felt her cleaning my body and made no effort to help her, then she cleaned up the room and packed everything away and put two majika pills by my bed with a glass of water.

I was vaguely aware of her leaving as I crawled onto the bed and took the majika pills, then I lay down and slowly fell asleep, enjoying the feeling of my belly full of cum.