Kinky chicks plow the biggest strapons and spray jizm everywhere monstercock and ejaculating

Kinky chicks plow the biggest strapons and spray jizm everywhere monstercock and ejaculating
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I am Amit Last year I was on work abroad and had a free weekend at the hotel. There was a spa and I went to take a look. The receptionist lady asked me to enter from the "mens" door and she came in from the other side and showed me the facilities. There were only men there, some practically nude.

I thought they had separate spa for men/women and I decided to go for the sauna. I changed and entered the sauna when I saw 2 women inside. I said sorry and was walking out when one of the women said, it was ok since it was a common sauna.

I walked in and sat down.Though I tried to avoid looking at them, I did observe them.


One was slimmish, very tall with a commanding look on her face. She had average sized boobs and was wearing the skimpiest bra and panty that was covering nothing practically. Most of her pubic hair could be seen, her pussy lips were easily noticed. The other was rather short, quite plump with huge breasts, a biggish tummy, big thighs and was wearing bra and panty that covered her quite well. As I observed the two didn't seem like friends but more like "husband/wife" with the slim tall women the husband from the way they behaved.

I guessed they were a lesbian couple. After a while the tall women spoke and asked me where I was from. She said she was Maria and her friend was Samantha. Maria was in charge, asking lots of questions and generally acting like the boss. I ignored that and answered her questions and answering confidentially.

She asked how come India had such a large population and I said with a laugh - what do you think the people do most of the time ?. They both laughed especially Maria and she asked, so are you also like the typical Indian, the kamasutra Indian?

I said, not really. Suddenly Maria looked at Samantha and said - Sammy, you ever fucked by a Indian ?. Sammy said no. Maria said, wanna try ?

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Sammy said sure if you are also with me. Before I could even realize what they were speaking, Maria asked - so how about it Vik, wanna fuck Sammy? And who knows if I am in the mood and you are a kamasutra Indian maybe fuck me too ? I was shocked but the moment thrilled me and said, maybe. Maria said, that's an yes and so in about 15 mins lets meet in our room 609 and they left.

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I was too much happy, but not it to them. This was the chance to try this white girls. What's their ability. I went to 609 and walked in to see Maria in Pajama/shirt and sammy in a nightie. I was hesitant but Maria came up, put her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek and said, dont be shy, Sammy's all yours. I walked up to Sammy, and as we looked at each other our arms went around each and soon I was kissing Sammy passionately and my hands were roaming all over her soft, warm and big body.

The sauna had made her body really warm and she smelled fresh and my hands cupped her big bottom and squeezed. Maria was sitting in a chair like a film director and watching.

I pulled her nightie up and soon we were both naked. I pushed sammy to the bed and as she sat at the edge and leaned back I kneel down and putting my face down to her pussy lips started kissing her. She was very clean shaven and her pussy was like velvet.

I kissed and sucked her cunt and my tongue found its way inside and soon my lips and tongue found her clit.


It was swollen and big and I held the clit between my lips and my tongue was teasing and licking its tip. My hands were fondling her breasts and squeezing her nipples and Sammy was soon moaning loudly aahhhh oohhhh.Her bottom was wiggling and she was thrusting her pussy up into my face and my face was getting crushed between her super soft big thighs.

It took all my effort to keep holding her clit and also breathe. Sammy in gasps said, Maria this is so good darling.I don't know what Maria was doing but suddenly I found her on the floor thrusting her head between my legs and moved up towards the bed to take my cock into her mouth. I gasped and lost my grip on Sammy's clit.

I lifted my head and adjusted myself so as to be sitting on Marias breasts so she could take my cock in her mouth. Sammy cried out saying, dont stop now.

Even as I pushed my face back into Sammy pussy searching for her clit, Maria was sucking my cock like a suction pump.

I realized that I couldn't hold on at all, my pleasure was overtaking me and in a daze still searching for Sammy's clit I allowed myself to experience the pleasure of a womans mouth. Marias mouth was like a very tight pussy which actually sucked while getting fucked. The pleasure was intense and I was actually fucking Maria in her mouth, thrusting myself deep into her mouth.

Maria didn't flinch one bit and gave as good as she got and for the first time I was fucking a white woman's mouth like it was a pussy. I was deep throating her but Maria took every bit easily.

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Within minutes I started cumming and lying with my face on Sammy pussy I moaned loudly, god thats great, dont stop, I am cumming and kept cumming. Sammy was caressing my hair and locked her fingers with mine holding me.


Maria took it easily and soon I was sucked dry and my cock losing its hardness. Maria slide out and even as she started wiping her lips with tissue, said, Ameet(typically pronounced), I did that so you can give Sammy pleasure for a longer time, so go for it, Sammy's waiting.

Completely spent I soon found Sammys clit and continued my sucking.Maria got on the bed and started kissing Sammy on her lips, fondling her breasts and sucking her breasts. Sammy was now going wild and screaming, gosh, fuck me, thats good, dont stop, Maria, Maria, this is good honey and moaning in between.

Soon Sammy started cumming in wave after wave, she thrust her pussy up to me and was literally banging her pussy against my face.

Maria was kissing her passionately and soon the moaning stopped and Sammy lay exhausted even as I collapsed on the floor.Maria got off the bed and said, not bad, I think I understand your population now but tell me, why cannot your women just get fucked without having to get preg? I said god knows as I lay exhausted on the floor. Maria said, we cannot let you sleep on the floor, come up into the bed and for having taken care of Sammy so well, you deserve a present.

You can fuck me.I crawled into the bed and as I slept, Sammy was kissing me all over my body and giving small tiny sucks. She knew how to give pleasure and she kissed and sucked almost every inch of my body even as her hands caressed and rubbed me at the right spots.

I just closed my eyes and allowed myself to feel the pleasure and ecstasy of a womans touch. Maria slept next to me and kissed me once in a while but it was Sammy who was doing all the work.

I tried to hold Maria's breasts and she came up and thrust it into my mouth so I could suck her. She said, go ahead Ameet, take her. I sucked and sucked but looking at Maria, could make out she wasn't exactly enjoying it. I stopped and said, its ok if you don't like it.

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Maria said, sorry if you feel it like that honey, but its ok, its your pleasure thats more important, so go ahead. I could have asked you to fuck Sammy now, but her pussy would be so juicy and wet that you wont enjoy her. You deserve a tighter pussy and I've got it. Let me be honest, I don't take men but like I said, you deserve it. Just dont you worry about me, just concentrate on yourself and fuck me.

Later when Sammy is less wet, you can fuck her. And I hope you will have your strength till you fuck Sammy because then you would be fucking a complete woman !!! All this talk excited me and Sammy had been sucking my cock into becoming hard again. I got up and Maria was sleeping below me and she spread her legs and I got between them.

She smiled and she guided me inbetween her legs into her pussy. Leke she said, it was real tight. It was wet, warm and nice but tight. I enjoyed the feeling. It was odd fucking a much taller woman. I found that I could control myself. I kissed Maria and asked, how come such a tight pussy ? She said, thats because I never shove a dildo inside, thats for Sammy. She's my wife and this is only the second time that I am letting a man fuck me. Sammy was lying next to Maria and playing with her breasts and said, you must be special.

I never seen Maria wanting a male to share our bed. She let you into our bed, gave you a blowjob and now letting you fuck her. This is a first and so you are real special. All this talk was real exciting and I went up on my hands and started thrusting and fucking Maria while Sammy was sucking her breasts. I dont know if it was Sammys sucking and kissing that gave Maria more pleasure but soon she was writhing and expressing her pleasure.

I found the kiss and love of the two women exciting and my thrusts and fucking Maria was increasing in tempo and soon I was madly thrusting and fucking Maria's pussy wildly.

Her pussy was nice and tight and held me well. Since Sammy was kissing and sucking Marias breast, I could kiss Sammys back and in between stroking Sammys breasts a bit. Soon I started cumming and Maria held me tightly between her thighs and held me as I emptied myself in her.Soon I slept on the side watching Sammy and Maria make love like a couple.

They gave me their mail address, and told to keep in touch. But unfortunately i lost it. Well.

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They were my first write womans.