Keni Styles Sierra Skye Chubby Sierra meeting her latest chaser

Keni Styles Sierra Skye Chubby Sierra meeting her latest chaser
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You wouldn't know it to look at me but I'm an extremely naughty boy.


i always do what I'm supposed to do. I do well in school, I have a good amount of friends. But I haven't had sex yet and so I have to do some crazy things to keep my horniness levels down.

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So whenever I happened to have the house to myself I let out all the stops. I lock all the doors first. Make sure all the blinds are closed. Then I go into the bathroom and shave every single strand of hair off my body from my belly to my knees.


I personally always loved the way my creamy white thighs look like with no hair on them. Then I go into the garage where there are some little girls clothes in a bag that someone in my family used to wear.

I found this bag full of girls clothes only recently and I'm so glad I did.

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Wearing them makes me feel so bad and naughty. Most of the clothes in the bag happen to be full on dresses that a would be worn to church or something, so I don't paticularly like those.

My two best finds in the bag was an old ballet dress that has the skirt that comes out far, and it was made for a 12 year old girl or something so the fit on me is nice and tight and the bottom of the skirt only covers half of my cute round butt. The other great find and my personal favorite is this matching pink skirt and button up blouse.

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It too was made for a preteen girl the fit is nice and tight. And my ass once again looks amazing popping out from the tight skirt.


However I prefer this outfit because its so much cuter. So once I have that I go back into the house and put them on. Then I go into the bathroom and brush my hair the sexiest I can get it make up is just optional, but usually I pass because my play time will make me just sweat it off.

So once I have everything on I start to strutt throughout the house looking for toys to play with. Most of the time I come up ended handed and when that happens I just go to the refrigerator and pull out a nice ginormous cucumber, then I go back to my room and put it on the bed then I position a mirror to face my bed so I can see myself being the naughtiest I can be.

Then I say to myself, now for the most important and most slippery factor in the naughty equation.

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I go to my safe, put in the combination and I reach in and pull out my precious Vaseline. My body shudders with the excitement of just holding and seeing the jar. I pull off the top and set the jar of viscous ecstasy right next to my magnificent, ginormous cucumber toy. Then I say to myself, "it's time for this naughty boy to play with his toys" so with that I unbotton my blouse and yank up my skirt and plunge my fingers into Vaseline then I plunge those same fingers into my tight unsuspecting asshole to properly prep and lube the area for futher extreme anal satisfaction.

Once every square inch of my greedy asshole is sufficiently lubed up I snatch the cucumber off the bed, cover it's tip in lube and then I shove it mercilessly into my anus.

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It hurts tremendously at first, but I know full well that it won't be long before my asshole will stretch to accomadate the fucknormous and much needed addition to my rectum. It's been a few minutes and my asshole has finally stretched to the appropriate size to futher recieve pleasure from my fiendish organic dildo. Knowing this I start to push it futher and futher into my tight round ass.

The ridiculous amount of pleasure I'm recieving is almost too much my legs are twitching and im groaning like a wounded animal. The cucumber is just the right shape too. Big, thick and round at the end and thinner as it gets to the stem making for the perfect anal plunger action when push and pull my great big green dildo in out of my ass.

I finally reach a point where I can take no more and I pull the cucumber out and my asshole makes the loudest SQEULETCH when the dildo does come out. I decide i really need something to bite down on so i put it on the bed and I got a belt from out of my drawer and I tighten it around my head putting a part of it in my mouth.

I get the cucumber from off the bed and I walk over to my directors chair I pull the back off of it and the armrests fall now it's just a stool. I put on my thick hiking boots for what I'm about to do next. So at this point all I'm wearing is the pulled up pink skirt and the hiking boots. With great difficulty I get my legs through the armrests and I pull them up to their former position my legs being on them at that point is enough to keep the armrests upward without the back.

Once I've secured the cucumber back into my ass I sit on it and it goes in about 10 inches and a let out a primal scream.

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I then put my hiking boot clad feet in between the two wooden crisscross legs of the chair for support, then I grab the tops of the armrests with both hands and I then I begin to hop myself up and down on the cucumber pulling up on the wooden legs as hard as I can with my boots I'm bouncing up and down sohard and so fast that I start to travel in the direction I'm facing which is towards my bed.

Eventually I run into it.

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It took a clever bit of maneuvering to get my chair facing in another direction but I finally point myself to the door to my room and I begin hopping again even more fiercely than last time. I take note of how my erect cock slaps the thin cloth seat of the directors chair my asshole getting largely violated by a cucumber thats almost too big for me, while I'm sweating profusely and my mouth has a belt restraining it so I can't close it making me drool uncontrolably over myself while a groan like a wounded animal while every muscle in my body twitches with unbelievable ectstasy.

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I felt I could handle no more. I got my chair facing away from the bed and I backed up really close to it and on one last bounce off my great big beaufiful hard as rock cucumber I flew back first onto my bed my cucumber shot out of my tight asshole making one last SQEULETCH sound and I landed onto my bed spraying precious creamy clear cum all over my chest and face. I lay their for what seemed like hours twitching and sweaty letting the cum glide down my face from my forehead around my eyes down my nose and off my chin and dripping onto my chest.

I was such a mess! All the while i am marveling at the most tremendous orgasm I just gave myself, and how naughty I was for loving every single second of it.