Blonde Teen Emma Hix Sucking Cock POV

Blonde Teen Emma Hix Sucking Cock POV
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book 5: The Vault's Treasure Chapter Three: The Redheaded Elf By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Knight-Errant Angela Lesh-Ke Mountains, The Kingdom Of Haz <p>I seized Sophia's hand and led my lover across the strewn boulders and fallen rocks which had crashed across the road and nearly killed my companions and me. Anger burned through me as my armor clinked with every step. I had almost been killed by the avalanche those two bitches had started.

The sweet, creamy flavor of Sophia's enchanted breast milk lingered on my lips. It had healed my wounds. The avalanche left my legs pinned between two boulders, crushed and mangled. Agony gripped me. I laid helpless as Incessae, one of the three Erinyes, had stood over me, fiery spear in hand, ready to deliver her mother's vengeance upon me.

And Sophia had saved me, facing down the Erinyes with nothing more than an enchanted dagger. I hated the Erinyes. Slata, their goddess mother, did not want my ancestor's sword reforged. Slata had always hated High King Peter. She cursed him to only have female descendants and ensured the death of his sons.

When Peter died, his grand empire fell into discord and strife, birthing the modern nations. I had already defeated one of the three Erinyes, Injuriae, and driven off Incessae once before. But today she brought her sister Ultionae to cause an avalanche as we headed north through Miliiath Pass. Thrak, Sophia, and Faoril drove off Incessae while Chaun bewitched Ultionae into sucking his cock.

Erinyes were demigoddesses. Immortals. The only way to stop an Erinyes from hunting you was to receive sexual pleasure from one. As much as they were embodiment of Slata's divine punishment against those who wronged her and women, they were also daughters of Las, God of Lust.

And Ultionae would pleasure me hard. My anger and lusts burned through me. Juices trickled down my thighs as Sophia and I crossed the devastated road. The Erinyes almost killed me and my stallion Midnight. My lover had to put herself in danger to save me. It was bad enough I had the nearly impossible task of slaying the dragon Dominari, I shouldn't have to have enemies impeding me.

Chaun shuddered as he played his lyre, strumming a song of magic as his midnight-black face twisted with pleasure. The Erinyes's black-feathered wings flapped as she drank down a load of cum from the beautiful changeling. "Sophia, your strap-on." Sophia giggled. "Pound her cunt, Mistress. The bitch deserves it." "Yes, she does," I agreed, my pussy clenching. "And I want you to grab her red hair and fuck your juicy cunt against her mouth." "You are so wicked, Mistress." Sophia's hips undulated.

Her white robes were left open, her nipples still beading with her breast milk. "It does sound like it," Xera nodded. Her naked body was dusty and her thighs stained with her juices.

"Do you need healing?" Sophia asked, hefting her small breasts. She squeezed them and milk squirted through the air. "No, no. I suffered no injuries. Merely fucked by a rock enchanted by Ultionae." "Oh," Sophia said.

"I guess that's their father coming out in them." Sophia shook her head at Ultionae as her wings flapped again. She sucked loudly and noisily, bewitched by Chaun's song. "All the children of Las are obsessed with sex." "And children of Slata," groaned Chaun. "I know a certain acolyte that will lick any pussy she can get her greedy mouth upon." Sophia blushed.

The pair were getting along better now. Sophia had been suspicious of Chaun when we first met, but he had proven himself in the mines. And now his presence had benefited us once again. His bardic music proved very useful. "Get the strap-on, or do I have to spank you?" I gave Sophia a firm stare. "Sorry, Mistress," she squeaked. I still had to spank her for disobedience. I told her to run and save her life, but she would not let me die. I had once questioned my feelings for the young, flighty girl, but no longer.

I loved her. From out of her large satchel hanging from her loose belt, Sophia pulled out her marble dildo and the leather harness that let me strap it on like it were my own cock. Magics enchanted the dildo, allowing it to vibrate on command.

I loved fucking Sophia with it. Sophia moved to me and unstrapped my armor. She worked with deft fingers, unbuckling the leather straps holding on my pauldrons, breastplate, and backplate.

She set the steel armor down, my large breasts exposed to the day. My nipples were hard—Sophia couldn't resist tweaking them. My mischievous lover knelt to unfasten my sword belt. My chainmail loincloth hung from it. "You are excited, Mistress. Is that from spanking my pretty bottom or anticipating fucking the Erinyes?" "Both," I admitted. Sophia smiled as she strapped her dildo to my crotch. She adjusted it so the base pressed on my clit then gave the dildo a long, slow lick like it were a real cock.

She popped her lips around it and sucked, her green eyes staring up at me. I stroked her brown hair and groaned. "Mmm, I wish I could feel your lips," I moaned. "But then you would have a real cock," Sophia gasped, her eyes wide with fear. As an acolyte to Saphique, she had sworn to let no cock touch her.

She had lost her powers when a spirit possessed me and created a spectral cock. The spirit made me fuck her and it severed the connection to her goddess. Luckily, the priestesses in Allenoth restored her powers.

"Chaun, you can take a break," I purred as I walked over to the Erinyes. "And you, bitch, raise that ass so I can fuck it." "Ooh, yes, fuck her ass, Mistress," Sophia moaned as she moved around Chaun.

The bard pulled his dick out of Ultionae's mouth. The fiery-haired Erinyes panted as she raised up her rear. Cum trickled down her chin. Sophia grimaced and glanced at Chaun. He set aside his lyre and wiped up his mess with a handkerchief he produced from his pocket. "Thank you," Sophia smiled before seizing the Erinyes's red hair. "Now eat my cunt, slut." Sophia pulled the Erinyes's mouth forward.

My lover's back arched and her small tits jiggled as she ground on Ultionae's licking mouth. The Erinyes's wings flapped and her pale ass shook as she devoured my lover's cunt. I grabbed her ass. "That's it, slut." I spread her butt-cheeks apart, revealing her puckered sphincter. "You thought you could attack us and not get fucked?" Ultionae moaned. Chaun grinned. "The song has her so horny, she'll take days to calm down. Fuck her hard. She'll love it." "So long as I love it," I purred.

I stroked Ultionae's ass as I placed the dildo's tip at her puckered sphincter. "And I know you want to please me." "Yes," moaned the Erinyes, her words muffled by Sophia's cunt. I glanced at Chaun. His black cock still thrust hard before him despite dumping at least one load down Ultionae's throat. The changeling was a race of beings born from Las's masturbation.

Many single-sex races were birthed by the God of Las spraying his seed across the world. I thrust my dildo into Ultionae's asshole.

The puckered sphincter spread wide, engulfing the black marble shaft. The base pressed on my clit, shooting pleasure through my pussy. Her ass was tight, the resistance great, increasing the pressure on my clit. "Yes," I hissed. "Take my cock, whore." "Use your slutty ass to pleasure my Mistress." Sophia undulated her hips while gripping the Erinyes's fiery hair.

"You were so bad. You tried to kill us. Now you'll make us all cum, slut." I drew back the dildo and slammed it in again. I groaned at the spark of pleasure. I glanced over at Chaun again. His hard dick, wet with Ultionae's spit, beckoned.

My pussy clenched. I was hot and juicy. I needed something in me. How hot would it be to fuck the Erinyes while being fucked? "Chaun, come fuck me," I moaned. "I need that cock in me. Pound me while I pound the slut." "Mistress," Sophia groaned.

"Just enjoy her mouth and let me have my fun." "Yes, Mistress," Sophia closed her eyes as Chaun moved to me. "You think I'm capable of fucking you after Ultionae sucked four loads of cum from my balls?" Chaun asked as he moved behind me. His hard dick brushed the cheeks of my ass when I drew the dildo back. "You're a changeling," I moaned. "You could fuck all night long. Don't pretend to be tired. Your dick is hard. Ram it into me." He slid his dick down through my butt-cheeks and rubbed it along my pussy.

I ground on his girth as I pumped my hips. His dick's tip slid through my folds. He teased me as I fucked the Erinyes. My clit throbbed every time I thrust forward while my pussy lips shuddered as they caressed his dick.

"Stick it in me." "Such a wanton knight," Chaun said, his voice honey tenor. His free hand pulled my red hair aside. His lips nibbled on my neck as I fucked the Erinyes's bowels.

My pussy clenched as the tip of his dick almost entered me. He licked up to my ear, sending a shudder through me. "I love a woman who begs for my dick." "We all beg for your dick," I groaned. "Not all," Sophia panted. "Ooh, yes, you fucking slut. Work that tongue into my cunt." "Beg." "Please, Chaun," I gasped, my pussy on fire. "Fuck me with your cock.

I love it when you do." With Sophia, I could be so dominating, but when Chaun rubbed his dick against my cunt, I wanted to melt and do whatever he said. His dark hand slid around my side and up to cup my large breast.

He rolled my pink nipple between black fingers as his dick continued rubbing at my pussy. "Please, Chaun, fuck me." Chaun nipped my ear. Then he thrust his dick into my cunt, shoving my hips forward and burying the dildo into the Erinyes's asshole.

The base rubbed on my clit, shooting sparks of bliss to my cunt. My sheath clenched on Chaun's thrusting cock as it filled me.

I moaned and bucked back against him, clenching and relaxing my pussy on him. "Yes, yes, yes," I sang out as I bucked between Chaun and Ultionae. "Fuck me. Oh, damn, this is so hot." "Yes, it is, "Chaun whispered in my ear.

Both his hands grasped my breasts, squeezing and kneading them as he fucked me hard. His flesh slapped into my flesh, then my flesh slapped into Ultionae. Over and over. My hips fucked back and forth as we found a rhythm, working together to fuck everyone. I gripped Ultionae's butt-cheeks. My fingers dug into her flesh as I fucked her ass faster and harder.

I shoved the Erinyes forward. Her mouth pressed into Sophia's pussy. The acolyte's breasts jiggled. Her breast milk leaked down her stomach to her pussy. Ultionae moaned when she tasted the sweet milk. The Erinyes's wings flapped hard. Her body trembled as she screamed her passion into Sophia's cunt. My lover's eyes widened and she ground harder. "You came, slut," moaned Sophia. "Oh, yes, you're cumming so hard. You love my Mistress's dildo fucking your ass." "I do," gasped Ultionae.

"Keep fucking me. I love cumming on your dildo. Yes, yes, yes." "Suck my clit," gasped Sophia. "Do it, slut. Suck it and make me cum." "Yes, yes, make her cum." My pussy clenched down on Chaun's thrusting cock. "Make us both cum, slut." I smacked my hand down hard on the Erinyes's pale butt-cheek. The crack echoed through the pass and left a bright-red handprint on her ass.

She bucked back into me, pressing my dildo hard against my clit. The pleasure mixed with the burning friction Chaun's dick churned in my pussy. Chaun's hands squeezed down on my tits. His excitement mounted as he fucked me harder and harder.

My eyes rolled back into my head. My orgasm swelled through me. My clit burned. Every thrust sent more and more sparks shooting through me. "Angela, I can feel it," Chaun whispered in my ear.

"Your passion nears its crest. Let it froth through you. Let me feel that cunt massage my cock. It's greedy for my seed." "So greedy," I gasped as I fucked my hips, working the dildo in and out of Ultionae's bowels and Chaun's dick in and out of my cunt.

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My pussy clenched down on him. "Yes, yes, yes," screamed Sophia. Her body trembled. Milk beading on her nipples flicked through the air and splattered on my face. Her head threw back as she came hard. I licked my lips, savoring the creamy flavor. My pussy clenched down hard on Chaun's churning dick. My body trembled. My fingers dug into Ultionae's butt-cheeks. I slammed my dildo into her depths, my clit sparking. My orgasm burst through me. "Yes," I gasped as my cunt spasmed about Chaun's dick.

The pleasure washed through me. It crashed through my mind and left me shuddering with the beauty of my release. I leaned forward. Sophia's arms seized me, pulling me to her nipples. I latched on and suckled. Chaun kept fucking me. His dick slammed into my hot, spasming depths as I drank deeply of Sophia's delicious breast milk.

The sweet, creamy treat flooded my mind as Chaun's hands tightened on my own tits. Hot cum spurted into my pussy. I shuddered and moaned about Sophia's nipple as the pleasure soared to new peaks inside of me. Sophia held me, kissing my forehead as I nursed from her small breast and milked Chaun's thick cock. "Mmm," panted the Erinyes. "You and your companions are so stimulating, Angela. I'm glad you fucked me. I haven't cum so hard in centuries." Her rage towards me had vanished.

She made me cum. Now I only had one last Erinyes hunting me. Incessae. I couldn't wait to make her lick my pussy. I hoped it was full of Chaun or Thrak's cum. Or maybe the silent thief. We needed to get into the Great Vault located in the Saltspray Palace, heart of the Free City of Raratha. The thief should be our next companion according to the Lesbius Oracle's prophecy.

Sophia hoped for a sexy woman while I yearned for a roguish, dashing man. Our group could use another cock in the party. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Journeyman Mage Faoril <p>Sophia, Angela, Chaun, and the Erinyes's moans echoed through the pass as I used my magic to cleanse the blood from Thrak's arm. A boulder had broken it, but he drank one of Sophia's healing potions. While the wound mended, the blood remained.

"Thanks," Thrak said, glancing at his arm. "It is a pity Sophia's magic leaves no scars behind." "You have enough of them," I said, reaching out to trace the puckered scars across his swarthy chest.


"Trust me, you don't need any more. You are plenty sexy." I kissed one while he laughed, a deep roar. My orc's arms engulfed me and pulled me onto his lap. He sat on one of the boulders. My naked breasts pressed into his side. I had not bothered to close my robe after the molesting rocks, animated by Ultionae, had fucked me. "This is such a mess," I sighed as I rested my head on his broad chest.

I smiled as Thrak's hands stroked my light-brown hair. "I'll need lots of cum to clear the highway." "That's good of you to do." "Well, it's partly our fault. If we didn't have demigoddesses trying to kill us, the highway wouldn't need clearing." Thrak kissed my forehead. The orc was nothing but contradictions. A barbarian and a scholar. A brutal warrior and a gentle lover. Rage and love warred inside of him.

He could unleash his rage and let it consume him, destroying all in his path. And other times his love moved him.

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Serisia, his dead wife, had been lucky to share her life with his. And so was I. I missed Serisia's spirit. Fireeyes's final act of cruelty had transformed Serisia into a murderous spirit, forcing Angela to exorcise her and send her soul to the Astral Realm.

I knew she waited for Thrak and I there. It didn't seem like a bad way to spend my afterlife. Serisia and I had grown close as we crossed the northern steppes. I turned my head and looked at the devastation. "When I agreed to this quest, I only thought we had a dangerous dragon to face. Rogue warlocks, vengeful demigoddesses, marauding spirits. What more dangers will we face?" I swallowed and fear trembled through me.

"Do you want to quit?" "No," I quickly said. "Of course not. I want Angela to succeed." I joined in hopes that reforging the High King's sword with my magic would prove me worthy of being tested to be a master mage again. But now I wanted Angela to succeed. It didn't matter if I gained that title. She was my friend and companion. But fear still dwelled in me. "It's just." "What?" I looked up at his face. His swarthy, red-brown skin and multiple bone piercings adorning his broad face made him seem fierce and dangerous, but his dark-red eyes were soft, loving.

I had judged him as an unlettered barbarian when I first met him. He was anything but that. "What if you die, Thrak? We keep being attacked. Without my magic and Sophia's healing, we would all be dead. You and Angela take the worst of the danger.

And." Tears beaded my eyes. "I don't want to lose you." His rough, calloused finger stroked my cheek, wiping away my tear. "Nor I you. But what makes you think it is any safer if we weren't journeying with Angela." "What? Of course it would be safer." "And no one trips down stairs and breaks their necks? Do people not accidentally cut themselves and have the wound fester? Does sicknesses not stalk through a town and steal people's life?

Nothing in life is certain. I have known a healthy warrior who went to sleep hale and did not wake up. We are a mighty group. As you said, your magic and Sophia's healing accomplish miracles." I smiled up at him. "I guess it's all a matter of perspective." "You are safer with me than apart.

And we are safer with Angela, Sophia, Xera, and Chaun." Thrak slid his hand down the back of my red robe and gripped my ass, pulling me closer. His girth hardened beneath the kilt he wore. "Where would you rather be? Back in Esh-Esh miserable or traveling on this quest and living. "I know I had not lived since Serisia's death. But then you and Angela came and." Thrak smiled as his hands tightened on my ass. "Well, I will take all the danger for the exhilaration of your sweet company and sharing my all with you." His cock swelled harder beneath me, my pussy forming a wet itch.

"How did you turn this to sex?" I asked him. "Haven't we had this conversation before?" he asked. "Sex is a very important drive in people. It's not hard to turn any conversation into sex.

Especially when you have a beautiful, half-naked woman on your lap who's rubbing her tits against your chest." My nipples hardened and tingled. I became aware of them rubbing on his skin. My right nipple brushed a puckered scar. The pleasure tingled down to my pussy. As my excitement grew, my fear faded. Thrak was right. I would rather be here than back in Esh-Esh working as a prostitute because I failed to perform the simplest of spells.

Thrak's lips lowered down and caught mine in a kiss. His lips were thick and strong. His tongue thrust into my mouth. I moaned into the kiss. My hands slipped up and wrapped about his neck. I clung to him and ground my pussy against his girth, the rough fabric of his kilt exciting my labia and clit.

A shudder of heat ran through me. I ground harder, staining the front of his kilt with my juices. A simple spell would clean it up, not that Thrak would even care. But when you were a female mage and relied on cum to power your magic, you quickly learned how to remove stains.

My clit throbbed every time I slid across his rough kilt. Thrak groaned as I massaged his thick shaft through the fabric. His hands squeezed harder at my ass, digging into my flesh through my robes. I released his neck long enough to shrug out of my robe and set it down on the ground with care—the pockets were full of all manner of important things. Thrak's calloused hands grabbed my naked ass.

His hands were large enough to completely cup my rear. He squeezed hard. His fingers dug into my flesh and parted my asscheeks. They were naughty and went exploring. I moaned into the kiss as a thick finger tickled my sphincter. I ground harder on his dick, wishing his kilt wasn't in the way. His finger circled my sphincter, teasing the puckered opening and sending wicked flutters to my wet cunt.

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"Thrak," I gasped, breaking our kiss when he thrust his thick finger into my tight bowels. "Oh, you naughty orc. You should ask a woman's permission before fingering her ass." "Orcs take," he grinned. "We don't ask." I shuddered. I loved it when he took. His finger reamed deeper into my bowels. My nipples tingled against his muscular chest.

I pulled away and slid my hands down his muscular chest. I let my fingers caress down his side. "Let's get this kilt out of the way," I groaned, rising on my knees and pulling up the fabric of the cloth. His finger shoved deeper into my bowels.

He groaned and his eyes squeezed shut. I smiled as the rough fabric caressed the top of his dick. I drew it up slower, teasing him, letting him enjoy the rough sensation. And then his dick popped out. Thick, swarthy, hard, and pierced by a bone ring.

My fingers tugged on the ring, bringing another moan from his lips. Precum beaded out the slit. My thumb swiped across it, gathering the salty treat. "Yum," I purred after licking my thumb clean. "Mmm, I love that flavor." I pressed my cunt against his girth, sliding up and down his shaft. My clit ached and my pussy lips engulfed his shaft as I ground on him. Thrak fingered my bowels faster as he groaned.

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I rubbed my nipples into his chest as my pussy ached. It was hot sliding my pussy along his shaft. My clit throbbed the entire time. I savored the warmth of his dick and the thickness of his shaft spreading apart my vulva. My labia dragged along his shaft, drinking in the pleasure while my ass savored the warmth. "Ooh, Thrak, I love this cock," I moaned.

"Then why don't you slide your hot pussy down it and stop teasing me?" he growled. "Because I love teasing you." I stared up at him. "Mmm, your face is twisting with pleasure while I ground on your big, thick cock." I rubbed harder. Sparks burst from my clit. My pussy clenched and relaxed. Thrak shoved a second finger into my asshole. I gasped and pressed down on his dick as his fingers invaded my bowels.

My fingers tightened on his shoulders. "Thrak," I gasped, the burning pleasure of my stretched-out asshole shooting to my clit. "Oh, now you've added a second finger without asking." "I take," he growled. "If you don't slam your cunt on my cock, I'll take you even harder." I shuddered, humping faster along his girth. "But my cunt is on your cock." "Sophistry?" He arched an eyebrow. "You know what I meant." "Did I?" My bowels clenched on his fingers.

"If you use imprecise language, how can I know?" His two fingers dug in deep. Every time they thrust, my pussy slid up his cock. My clit ached. My pussy clenched. I rubbed my nipples into his chest and nuzzled at his neck as my pleasure swelled through my cunt.

"You need to be clear," I moaned. "I want your cunt to engulf every inch of my cock," he growled. "But this is more fun," I gasped as my orgasm burst through me. "Thrak, yes." My pussy clenched and my juices flooded onto his cock.

I trembled on his lap, grinding against him as the pleasure fluttered through me. I buried my face into his neck, savoring his orcish musk. The pleasure rocketed through my body.

"So good," I groaned, drinking it in as my juices coated his cock. "Mmm, yes." "You little slut," Thrak growled. I only smiled as my orgasm crested through my body.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak <p>Faoril's hot juices flooded around my cock. They coated my dick with her wet juiciness. I groaned and thrust my fingers deep into her bowels. I savored her cunt rubbing on my cock. It excited me, but paled to the enjoyment of my dick buried into her depths. Faoril quivered as her orgasm burst through her body.

Her round breasts rubbed on my chest as she moaned into my neck. "You little slut," I growled. "I warned you." "I guess you'll just have to take me," she panted, her voice eager. Faoril enjoyed it hard and rough. The first time we fucked, I had been gripped by my berserker rage. Only death, exhaustion, or sex could break an orc out of a rage. She had used her hot cunt to satiate me while I pounded her hard and mercilessly.

And she had loved it. I ripped my fingers out of her bowels, held her tight, and flipped her over onto the rock. She let out a grunt as I pinned her against the boulder. Her body shuddered beneath me, her thighs wrapping about my thighs. My dick slammed into her cunt.

"Thrak," she shuddered, her orgasm still gripping her. Faoril's hot cunt spasmed about my dick as I buried into her depths. "Yes, yes, take me." My hands slid up and seized her breasts. I squeezed her flesh hard as I pounded her hot cunt. My dick ached with every thrust through her hot, tight depths. She gasped and quivered on me, eager to bring me to my explosive orgasm.

"This is what happens to teasing sluts," I growled, my passions burning hot. "You should have used precise language," she moaned and bucked beneath me. "Fuck my cunt. I was so naughty to tease you." What a woman. The mage shuddered and gasped beneath me. Her hips pumped, meeting my thrusts. Our flesh slapped loudly together, echoing through the canyon.

Her moans rose high, mixing with Xera as she enjoyed the Erinyes now. Faoril's fingernails clawed at my chest, leaving burning lines behind. I savored her passion. I inspired it. I reveled in it. Her cunt clenched and relaxed on my thrusting cock. So tight, so hot. My balls ached every time they smacked into her flesh. Her pale body heaved and undulated while her mouth opened wide to moan her pleasure.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, Thrak.

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Pound me. Gods, I love this cock in me. Keep pounding me. Make me cum again." "Little human slut." I leaned over her, planting my hands on the ground beside her. Her breasts jiggled with my every thrust. Her small body seemed so fragile beneath me, but it was an illusion. Like Serisia, Faoril could take my cock. She clawed my chest again. I savored the burning rakes.

My balls ached. My thrusts grew harder and faster. When she ground on me, she nearly brought me to my orgasm. I would not take much stimulation to explode into her sweet depths. "I'm going to give you the cum you need, mage-slut." "Yes." Ecstasy washed across her face.

"Yes, yes, yes. Give it to me!" Her pussy spasmed hard about my dick. Massaging me, eager for my cum. Her body needed it, and I loved providing it to her. I thrust harder, her cumming pussy bringing me closer and closer to my own release while her fingers dug into my pectoral muscles.

"Cum in me, Thrak!" "Mage-slut." I buried into her, my balls exploding. "Cum-slut." "I am such a cum-slut. The biggest in the world. Yes, yes, give it to me." I growled through clenched teeth as the jizz burst into her depths. I collapsed on her as the pleasure hammered my mind. I sucked in deep breaths through my mouth. Her lips nuzzled at my neck as the last of my cum boiled into her. "Gods, what a woman," I panted. "My woman." "Uh-huh," she moaned. Beside us, a rock lifted from the road and floated through the air as Faoril used my sexual energy to manipulate her magic.

"My big, strong orc." I held her as she worked her magic and cleared the road. My woman. My love. I would protect her against anything. My ax would cleave through a thousand enemies if they tried to attack us. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun Ultionae soared into the air, her fiery hair billowing behind her. I sat astride Maiden, my gray mare as she dwindled into a speck. Faoril's magic had cleared the debris to the side of the road, leaving it piled in the ditches.

What would have taken thirty men a week to clear with teams of horses, she did in an hour, only pausing twice to suck Thrak's cock for energy. Angela rode at the front of the party, Sophia at her side. The elf padded along behind them. Faoril rode beside me with Thrak marching at the rear, his wicked ax slung over his shoulder.

Thanks to Faoril's magic, even the dust had been cleansed from our clothing. You would never know an avalanche had almost killed us. I strummed a tune, a marching song that lightened steps and eased sore muscles. Lady Delilah had assured me there would be dangers by helping Angela, but the rewards would be worth it. I would be a master bard again and play at court. I hadn't believed her about the dangers, and I did not understand why Lady Delilah swore me to secrecy. I had heard her name spoken of a few times.

Angela knew the fiery-haired woman. I wanted to inquire more, but Lady Delilah pledged me to silence. Why didn't she want Angela to know she had an ally? The party was beset by enemies. I put it aside and concentrated on my singing.

We had a long road ahead of us. First we would descend out of the Lesh-Ke Mountains and re-enter the Magery. At Lor-Khev, where I joined her quest, we would strike out west, following the Ichir river to where it intersects the south flowing Royton River at the city of Yevix. There we would charter a boat to sail us south down the river, through the Kingdom of Valya, and finally reaching the grand city of Raratha where the Royton emptied into the Nimborgoth.

Raratha was a city of culture. A free city, part of the League of Seven, the merchant republics that controlled the trade across the Nimborgoth. It was an alliance between a mix of human, halfling, and a single nixie cities, banded by treaties of mutual defense to stave off the more powerful kingdoms of Valya, Haz, and Thlin. The journey would take over two weeks to reach Raratha, half of that on horseback.

My songs would keep us in spirit as summer's heat sweltered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lady Delilah The Free City of Raratha <p>The city of Raratha sparkled on the southern coast of the Kingdom of Valya. The mighty Royton River flowed out of the green blur to the north. The Ten-It Forest was only a blur on the horizon even to my keen vision as I soared over the land.

I had preparations to make. As much as I wanted to babysit King Edward and ensure he hired no more dark warlords or other unsavory characters to interfere with Angela's quest, I had business here. He should trust the plan I gave him. I descended to the ground outside the city as night sank. I landed in a field and decided on my form. As a human, I was known in Raratha. My knightly duties had taken me across the Kingdoms. Kings, Princes, and even the Doge of Raratha had met me. I needed a different disguise.

I settled on one of my favorites. My skin flowed as I changed. Once done, I opened a small bag, the insides enchanted by a twinborn witch to hold far more space. I fished out a pair of tight, linen britches that hugged my curves and a sleeveless blouse cut low to display my ample bosom. Last, I slipped on stockings and a good pair of shoes then set out for the city. Angela would need more help to get into the vault. The Doge prized his collection and would not easily part from any piece of it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx <p>I had managed to keep away from the Saltspray Palace for nine days. I tried my best to ignore it, but the itch always remained. It was Fox's dream to strike big, and what was bigger than breaking into the Great Vault. I would be the most famous thief of all times. Halfling girls would tell stories of the nimble thief Minx. They would all want to grow up to be just as swift and cunning as I was. When they played games, they would fight over who got to be me.

But it was only a silly dream. I let my eyes gaze up the cliff to the palace perched at the bluff's top. The palace guards were keen-eyed. They didn't allow anyone who dressed like a street urchin anywhere near the Doge's abode. It would be utterly useless. But it was fun to dream instead of spending my days wandering through the crowds with my fellow halflings, pickpocketing to make Spray happy. I should want to obey her. I basically married her.

All the halflings in her crew let the hermaphroditic nixie make love to us. She loved us and cared for us. That was why she never wanted to do anything daring. Not like Fox. My older sister was fearless. But she had been too daring. She had been caught in one of her bold robberies. Watching her hang had broken my heart. She was so small compared to the other criminals around her, all humans. Halflings only had the stature of a human child. I wept and wept. Spray did her best to comfort me.

If I tried to break into the palace, I would end up just like my sister. But if I pulled off the heist, I would have the wealth to return home to Baraconia and live like a halfling queen. I would find me a proper husband, a halfling, and not let him marry any other women. Just me. Otherwise he wouldn't get any of my treasure. I did like Spray. I didn't love the nixie, but rutting with her was always pleasant. But I wanted away from this city. It was full of humans. Everything was too big.

And I hated living poor. My sister and I left Baraconia to find adventure and wealth. It was our dream. And every day I let it slip away. "That would be quite the climb," a woman said. I did not allow myself to jump. Betraying surprise only showed weakness. And that was a dangerous thing to show on the streets. I turned and examined the woman. She was tall and not human.

She had a graceful face, her cheekbones delicate, and dark eyes. Her skin had a greenish tinge to it that set off the fire of her hair. Long, slim, pointed ears twitched as she smiled at me. "An elf?" I asked. "Here? I thought your kind did not leave the forests." "Oh, we sometimes do," she answered, her voice melodic. "If we're bored. The forests are all the same.

Deorc Forest, Ten-It Forest, Uth Jungle. They are all much alike. A wanderlust seized me." I nodded my head. "So, a challenging climb," she continued. "And a difficult robbery." "Robbery?" I made my eyes go wide with innocence. "I just like looking at the pretty walls. The stones look like sea foam. Beautiful." "Uh-huh. Do humans mistake you for one of their children, halfling?" "Usually," I shrugged. "They don't see well." "No, they don't." The elf moved to me, her hips swaying with grace.

"Are you bursting with curiosity for what's in there?" "Maybe." I shrugged and licked my lips. This elf made me nervous. I didn't like how close she came. I slipped a dagger casually from my wrist sheath, keeping my arm turned to hide the movement from her.

"The dagger's not necessary," she said, her hands reaching out to grasp my shoulders. She turned me to face her as she knelt. "I'm not here to hurt you." "Uh-huh," I said, licking my lips. "That's what people always say before they hurt you." She laughed. It was a musical tinkle. "I'm in need of a thief," she said, stating it boldly, no beating around the bush. "One with big vision. So many in your city care too much about grubbing in the muck.

None of them have any ambition." "To do?" "Why, rob the Saltspray Palace." "And why would an elf want to rob it?" "Why do you?" Her dark eyes fixed on me while her ears twitched. "To see if I can." I don't know why I spoke the truth, but she was bold and honest, so I guess I decided to try it. "Excellent. It's good to see a young woman with ambition of spirit. I knew you were the right halfling, Minx." My blood chilled. "How do you know that name?" "Oh, I've known you for a long time." Her hands moved across my shoulders to my neck.

They were warm and soft. My heart quickened as they moved up to my cheeks. She cupped them. Her thumbs stroked me, almost like she was brushing away tears. "Do you want to break into the Saltspray Palace?" "Yes." My heart quickened. "Who are you?" "Adeliatholaria, but you can call me Adel. It's easier for non-elves to pronounce." "Adel." I swallowed. "How long have you planned this robbery?" "Elves live a long time." She arched her eyebrows.

"Are you in, or must my search for a thief continue?" This was insane. I didn't know anything about this elf. She just walked up to me on the streets. She had spied on me, studied my life, and I had never even known it. But I wanted it so badly. Fox had been careless, but this Adel clearly wasn't. Not if she had spied on me without me even realizing it. "What's the catch?" What was her angle? There had to be more than this. "To recruit a thief with an ambitions spirit," she answered.

"Breaking into the Saltspray Palace will only be the start. This plan is ambitious." My eyes widened. "The start?" My head spun. Her dark eyes anchored me. "I.I.yes." My body shuddered as I said the word. I quivered in her grip. Something profound passed between us. Her fingers warmed on my cheeks. Her hair almost burned like fire as the sunlight fell upon her, lighting her from behind.

"Good." I swallowed, my hips shifting. She was beautiful. "Elves are like nixies. Hermaphroditic." "Not all the time," she admitted. "The different hermaphroditic races differ when they have both. Why poor sylphs never even sprout dicks, but have to rely on other hermaphroditic races to impregnate them. Nixies are blessed to always have their cocks and pussies at all times. Elves only grow a dick when they get into heat." My eyes glanced down at her tight britches clinging to her body's curves.

She had no cock right now. The fabric molded to the lips of her pussy. It was a shame. I did love Spray's cock. "Is that why you stay with Spray's crew instead of finding a halfling husband and joining his thieving harem?" I nodded my head. "It's exciting. When do you go into heat?" "Mmm, I could go into heat for you. Maybe we should consummate our agreement?" I licked my lips and glanced at the market bustling beyond her.

It was built almost against the bluff. We were in an alley behind it. "Where?" "Why not here," she purred. "People might be suspicious of what we're doing back here anyways. But if we fuck, well, one of us is the prostitute." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a silver coin then pressed it into my hand. "Ooh, you are wicked," I groaned as she stood up. "If you want to get me in heat, you better worship my pussy," Adel smiled. "It takes a succulent mouth to awaken an elf into heat when its not her time of the month.

Let's see if you can do it." "Oh, I can do it," I boasted. "Little Minx," she laughed. My small fingers went to the lacings of her britches.


I undid them and peeled them off her hips. Her pussy was shaved and a scent of flowers, perhaps roses, washed over my nose. A red flush spread across her vulva. I spread her open and giggled. "You have three labia like Spray." "Well, we're both hermaphrodites," Adel smiled.

"Now, you boasted you could inspire my heat. Staring at my pretty cunt's not going to do it." I seized her hips and pulled my face into her pussy. My face smothered into her rose-scented cunt. Her juices poured out of her as I tongued through her slit. The elf moaned and humped against me. My tongue licked and curled through her folds. My pussy clenched as my small tongue worked nimbly through her cracks and crevasses.

She let out soft sighs as I pleasured her. Her juices coated my cheeks and ran down my mouth. The bustle of people talking on the other side of the stalls excited me.

I hoped someone came back and spotted us. I hoped Adel had her cock by them. "Oh, you are well named," groaned Adel. "Naughty Minx, lick my pussy. Halfling girls always know how to eat pussy." "Well," I panted, "with seven girls born for every boy, we have to or we'll never get laid." Adel laughed as I dived back into her pussy. I loved her moans and watching her large breasts heave in her sleeveless, low-cut blouse. Her ears twitched as she ground against me. He pussy was at the perfect height.

Human women were short enough that it was awkward. If I stood, I had to bend over a bit, but if I knelt, I couldn't reach. With Adel, I just had to press my face into her cunt and devour her. More and more rose-flavored juices poured into my mouth. I savored them. My small fingers squeezed at her ass. I could barely reach around her to grasp her cheeks.

I dug my fingers into her firm mounds as my tongue licked up to her clit. I bet her dick would sprout here. Spray's cock thrust from her pussy where her clit should be. "Oh, yes, do you think you know the secret?" moaned Adel.

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"Do you think that's where my dick will form?" "Yes," I moaned around her clit. I licked it with my small tongue then sucked the fat nub between my teeth. I nibbled on it between sucks. She gasped and humped harder against me as I loved it. I sealed my lips around her nub. It felt bigger. Was it sprouting? I sent a pray to Cernere, goddess of crime, to let it be true. I kept sucking and she kept moaning.

The clit throbbed in my mouth. My tongue swirled around it. The nub seemed bigger. It reached deeper into my mouth. It grew. My fingers dug into Adel's ass as I sucked as hard as possible. "Yes, yes, yes," groaned Adel.


"You are inspiring my heat. Keep sucking on my clit, you naughty Minx. Oh, yes." The clit grew faster and faster. I had unleashed it. The girth swelled my lips apart while her tip pressed towards the back of my throat. I slid my mouth down the shaft. I was a halfling. I couldn't swallow Spray's dick and Adel's seemed to be growing just as big.

I struggled not to let my teeth scrape on the dick as I reached the tip. I gasped in relief as I kissed and tongued the tip. My jaw ached from stretching it so wide, but it was worth it to play with this big cock. I grasped it with both my hands, struggling to hold the girth between them as I stroked her and tongued her tip.

"Ooh, yes, your mouth is nice, but I want that cute ass. Kneel on the ground and let me fuck your ass, Minx." My butt clenched.

"Ooh, you are wicked to want that hole." "I am," laughed Adel. I fell to the ground on the alley and pulled up my smock. I was naked beneath. I wiggled my small ass at her. She fell to her knees and loomed over me. She was so much taller than me.

Her dick pressed between the cheeks of my asshole. "You're going to tear me apart," I moaned. "And Spray doesn't?" she asked as she rubbed her dick against my sphincter. "She does, but it's wonderful when it happens," I panted. "Tear my ass apart." Adel pressed the tip of her dick against my sphincter. I groaned and shuddered on the alleyway. Her dick was so huge, far bigger than a halfling's cock.

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But Spray had fucked my asshole before. I knew I stretched. "Cernere's black cunt," I gasped as her dick popped into my sphincter. My eyes widened as my burning asshole stretched about her shaft.

"So tight," gasped Adel. "Ooh, I made the right choice. You're going to make me cum so hard." "Yes," I gasped. Her dick slid inch-by-inch into my depths. My back arched and I pushed my ass back. I savored the burning bliss shooting down to my clit. More and more of her dick speared into my bowels. She leaned over me, her heavy tits dangling before my face.

They shook in her blouse as the final inch of her dick buried into me. "Matar's cock," the elf gasped. "What a tight hole." "Yes," I moaned, my bowels stuffed so full. My little pussy clenched. Juices ran down my thighs.

"Fuck me. Pound me. Make me scream." "Yes," moaned the elf. Her cock drew back. Such wonderful heat burst out of me. I shuddered beneath her. My asshole clenched down hard on her dick.

And then she slammed back in. I was so tight she couldn't fuck me fast. The slow friction burned between our flesh, bringing gasps and groans from both our lips.

My hips swiveled, stirring her dick through my bowels. I loved every moment of it. My body trembled beneath her. My pussy clenched and relaxed as the pleasure built inside of me. This was such a strange day. "Fuck my ass, elf," I groaned. "Tear it up and cum in me. Seal our partnership." "Yes," she moaned. "You're going to accomplish so much, Minx. You will be famous. Every one will know of the halfling Minx." "Yes, yes, yes." I clenched my bowels down on her dick, increasing the friction and sending another wave of pleasure rippling through me.

I groaned through clenched teeth as the elf fucked me faster and faster, lubed by her precum. Our flesh smacked together. I rocked beneath her. Every stab of her dick brought me closer and closer to erupting. "Cernere's gaping cunt," I gasped as my orgasm burst through me. "Adel, yes, yes. Keep fucking me. I love big, thick cocks fucking me." Adel didn't answer. The elf's face, dangling down, twisted in pleasure. Her ears twitched while her red hair fell in a fall of flames to the paving stones.

Her hips fucked me faster as my bowels writhed about her, keeping the pleasure alive and crashing into my mind. "So good," I moaned. "Oh, yes. Keep reaming me. Your cock is so good. I love it. Oh, yes, Adel." "My naughty Minx." Her hips thrust hard. "You shall accomplish so much greatness with my help." Her dick buried into my asshole.

As her cum erupted, I pictured us stealing through the Saltspray Palace and entering the vault. We would take our choice of the greatest treasures in the entire world then sneak out without the doge ever knowing. We would be famous. "Yes, yes, yes," I screamed, eager for my fame and fortune. To be continued.