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Amateur teen babe webcam and teaching blowjob felony theft
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Familiar Feelings by Droid447 It was the middle of the night when Rachel woke up hearing whispering. She shared the room with her sister Aliana, who usually was quiet and respectful. It was not like her to be talking on the phone with someone this late at night. "What is going on? Who are you talking to at this hour?" Rachel turned over to scold her sister and ask her to hung up the phone, but she immediately realized that Aliana was not talking to anyone.

She was sitting upright, with her arms limp by her sides, staring into the wall in front of her and speaking to herself. It was very strange and a little creepy.

Oh my God! Is she talking in her sleep? Why is she sitting like that? She couldn't understand what her sister was saying but a couple of words were clear enough, "pussy" and "yours", which only increased Rachel's confusion.

Aliana's was breathing increasingly faster while she spoke, as if she was getting aroused by her own incomprehensible statements. "m. pussy ishh yours, m p.y ss yours, Ihh ser. my m.s." Rachel watched her sister for a moment, hesitant about what to do. She had heard that you are not supposed to wake a sleepwalker.

But then, Aliana's whispering stopped and turned into a long, soft moan. Rachel saw her sister's legs twitching while her eyes rolled back. Aliana was having an orgasm! What the hell?! After her climax subsided, the teenager slowly leaned back, almost robotically, until she was flat on her back. Then she fell asleep instantly. Rachel rested her head back on the pillow but her eyes were wide open.

It was hard to believe what just happened. The sound of Aliana's orgasmic moan was burned in her mind. So was the image of her shuddering legs and twitching hands. Rachel realized that she was getting wet! She had an orgasm without touching herself. I didn't know it was possible. *** The next morning, Rachel, her sister and her brother were watching TV. Apparently, Aliana had no recollection of what happened the night before and Rachel decided not to talk about it.

It was probably a one time thing. If it happens again, I'll tell Aliana to see a Doctor. She thought. Rachel hadn't noticed that her brother Brad and Aliana were staring at the TV almost without blinking and their mouths were slightly opened, as if they were in some kind of trance.

With the corner of her eye, Rachel saw unusual movement on the couch. When she turned her head, she gave a gasp of surprise. Aliana had unzipped Brad's pants and her hand was reaching inside.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Rachel asked loudly, almost screaming. Brad was still staring at the TV like nothing was happening. Rachel couldn't believe what she was seeing. Why was Aliana fondling her brother? Why wasn't he stopping her? After a moment, Brad finally acknowledged the situation but he just turned his head to look at her sister. They stared at each other without saying a word, yet Aliana's hand kept massaging Brad's growing phallus.

"Aliana! Stop doing that! Brad, stop her!" Rachel was expecting Brad to pulled his sister's hand away but that didn't happen. There was something odd about the way he looked at Aliana.

As if he was not looking at her but looking through her. Far from stopping, Brad stood up and pulled his pants down. He was not wearing underwear and his fully erect cock sprang upwards, demanding attention.

Aliana quickly knelt in front of her brother and grabbed his phallus. "Are you guys insane?!", Rachel exclaimed, "If mom sees you, you both will be grounded for life!" Rachel stood up and walked around the sofa with the intention of pulling Aliana away but when she saw Brad's cock in display, she stopped. Rachel found her brother's cock so alluring. She shook her head trying to push the dirty thoughts off her mind. Aliana was no expert on sucking cocks but she had seen plenty of adult videos and she was planing to work by example.

After sensually licking the tip for a moment, she engulfed the head of Brad's phallus and tightened her lips around its girth, then she started bobbing her head back and forth. "Aliana, you can't do this. This is not right!" To Rachel's eyes, Aliana was sucking her brother's cock like a pro and she was astonished. It was hard to believe that her younger sister was such a slut. Aliana shoved Brad's cock deeper into her mouth until it reached the back of her throat.

She gagged a little and quickly pulled back. Then she tried again and again. Soon she got used to it. The young woman was preparing herself to give her brother a deepthroat.

What is happening? They are acting like I am not even here. Rachel wondered, truly confused. After a couple of failed attempts, Aliana succeeded. She swallowed Brad's big cock all the way to his balls. Brad moaned from the delightful sensation of his sister's throat clutching his dick so tightly. Aliana pulled back for air, then engulfed the entire cock again. She did this several times while rubbing her pussy under her long top.

Wow! How can she do that? Rachel thought, baffled by Aliana's actions. For a brief moment, she forgot that it was her brother and sister who were performing this debauchery and she felt aroused. Then she shook her head again and came back to her senses. Brad couldn't resist this lovely treatment for long and soon his cock began to pulsate announcing his orgasm. Aliana pulled back and opened wide just in time to receive the hot streams of cum all over her face and inside of her mouth.

Before her brother was done, Aliana leaned forward and engulfed the tip of his cock between her lips, making sure not to waste the last drops of cum. Brad had finished but she was just getting started. Aliana was so horny that the juices from her pussy were dripping to the floor between her legs. The young woman quickly removed her top and threw it away. She walked around the sofa and laid in such a way that her hips were higher that her head and her pussy was in full display.

Brad was certainly eager to continue the sex session because in a matter of seconds he was on his knees with his head buried between his sister's thighs. "Now you? What the hell is the matter with you two? I swear I'm going to tell mom about this." Rachel was still complaining but she couldn't make herself walk away. She couldn't even look away. There was something about this naughty scene that pulled her in like a magnet. It was there, in the back of her mind and she couldn't get rid of it.

Brad and Aliana still ignored Rachel, as if they were in a different dimension where the only thing that mattered was sex; crude, unrestrained sex. Brad was licking his sister's clitoris with avidity. He often had oral sex with his girlfriend and he had acquired a lot of experience; now he was using all this knowledge on his younger sister, making her squeal with pleasure.

"Mhh.Brad. that feels so good," Aliana cried out. Aliana felt Brad's tongue twirling around her erect clitoris, then entering her pussy and back to her clitoris. The sensation was wonderful and she was so aroused to begin with, that it took her only a couple of minutes to reach a strong orgasm. The first blissful spasm made her loose control of her body. After that, she bucked wildly over the couch while Brad grabbed her hips trying to keep her in place.

Oh my God! Rachel saw her sister jolting like a fish out of water and realized that Aliana was climaxing. It was perversely erotic to see her sister convulsing in bliss like that. Suddenly, Rachel felt her pussy twitch within her denim shorts.

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Aliana's trembling thighs trapped her brother's head in between, urging him to keep licking her pussy, prolonged her orgasm. The teen acted as if she was possessed by a sexual demon, arching her back with her eyes completely rolled back and gushing all over her brother's face. I have never cum that hard. This is amazing. Rachel thought, watching everything up close without saying a word. She was too transfixed by her sister's sensual display.

When her orgasm faded, Aliana took a few seconds to recover and then she was ready for more. And so was Brad. His cock was fully erect again.

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Aliana turned around and bent over the couch as her brother aimed his cock at her vaginal entry. The imminent penetration of her sister brought Rachel back from her spellbound staring. She complained one more time, urging them to stop.

"Wait! Don't do it. Brad is not wearing any protection." And again, her brother and sister ignored her as if she wasn't there. Brad shoved his cock into his sister's pussy without holding anything back. Aliana was so tight that he almost cum on the first blow but he was able to control himself. Aliana was not a virgin but she had never had a phallus this long penetrating her so deeply.

She moaned out loud, not caring who could hear her around the house. When Brad started pumping his sister's pussy with all his might, Rachel decided that it was enough.

She couldn't allow this madness to continue any longer. She was going to tell her parents and let her brother and sister suffer the consequences. "Ok, you asked for it! I am telling mom and dad about this." When she started walking, she felt wetness in her pussy and this startled her. She was getting unconsciously excited and she hadn't realize it. She felt a bit guilty but this was not going to stop her from talking to her mother. The door of her parent's room was open and Rachel entered without knocking.

She was greeted by a scene not very different from the one downstairs. Rachel stopped on her tracks when she saw Marlene, her mother, bouncing up and down on her husband's lap. What the hell?! What is going on in this house? Why they didn't lock the door? Normally, Rachel would have bolted out of the room pretending she didn't see anything, but instead of that, she did nothing. Her mother could obviously see her standing by the door and she had no reaction whatsoever. She was ignoring her the same way Brad and Aliana did a moment ago.

Something very strange was going on and Rachel wanted to know what was it. Marlene moaned and grunted while she waved her hips sensually back and forth.

She hadn't felt so excited in years and she couldn't explain why she was so aroused. Not that she cared. When Tom intercepted her walking out of the shower with his huge erection, she jumped on top of him without giving it a second thought.

"You are fucking me so good," Marlene said between gasps. They had been fucking for a while and they were not planning to stop any time soon. The couple changed positions and still didn't acknowledge the presence of their daughter. Before bending over the chair, Marlene looked straight in Rachel's direction but their eyes never meet. Marlene appeared to be in some sort of sexual trance that prevented her from caring about anything around her except Tom's cock.

It is like I am invisible. Rachel thought. "Yes! Give it to me. Make me cum!" Marlene exclaimed, sounding like a different person. Rachel could see her mother's breasts swinging back and forth from the hard pounding. Suddenly, she remembered doing to same thing. Feeling the same pleasure. But it couldn't be. She had never fucked like that. Nonetheless, her pussy twitched again and now she was certain that her crotch was soaking wet. Tom and Marlene were usually a quiet couple.

They had sex once a week and nothing too kinky. But not today. Tom was banging his wife from behind, ramming his phallus with all his might. The sound of his pelvis smashing against her ass-cheeks mixed with grunts of pleasure and Marlene's unaccustomed dirty talk. "Yes! Fuck me harder! Make me cum with that big cock!" If Rachel was confused downstairs, now it was worse.

She started to think that she was in dream, or more accurately, in a nightmare. But she remembered waking up and getting out of bed. Or did she? The teen's head was spinning. The savage pounding went on for several minutes and the couple changed positions a few more times.

At last, Marlene reached her long awaited orgasm. Her pussy clutched down Tom's cock as blissful spasms spread across her entire body. And Rachel was still there, still watching mesmerized as her mother shivered in ecstasy.

She couldn't bring herself to look away, the same way it had happened downstairs. The sexual spectacle had an unavoidable attraction that she couldn't deny, as if this was helping relive the best experience of her life. An experience that she didn't remember having. Rachel wondered if she was going crazy.

Mom climaxed so hard, like Aliana did. Like I did. Wait. what am I saying?? "I want you to cum in my face." Tom was already in the verge of climax and it didn't take long before he ejaculated several spurts of white, sticky sperm all over his wife's face and mouth.

Marlene's ended up plastered with cum and she was delighted. Tom didn't usually ejaculated that much but nothing that had been happening this morning was routine. "Yes, baby. Lick my cock and swallow my cum," Tom said.

Rachel watched her mother lick the remnants of sperm from her father's cock as she felt a drop of her own juice sliding down her inner thigh. Rachel realized that she was feeling horny as hell. She needed to get out of the house at once. She finally walked out the room trying to understand that was happening around her. Her brother and sister were committing incest.

Her mother and father were having sex in front of her and didn't care about it. And her own behavior was not normal either. I can't believe I stayed in there and watched my parents have sex. What is wrong with me? Why is everyone in this house acting crazy?

Rachel wasn't too far from her parents room when she heard her mother saying, "Wanna go again? I am still horny." *** It was late at night when Rachel came back home and she went straight to bed.

Everything was quiet in the house and she didn't see anyone. The door of her parents bedroom was closed and she didn't want to imagine what was going on inside. But after a few hours on her bed, Rachel noticed that something was very wrong and she opened her eyes wide. She was still laying down but now she was naked.

She tried to sit up but she couldn't! Her entire body was paralyzed. What the hell is happening?! I can't move! Her heart jolted fiercely inside of her chest.

She could still move her head but barely. Rachel heard a soft suckling noise coming from Aliana's bed. She turned her head as best she could and saw her sister and mother together.

They were sitting in front of each other; her mother had her legs around Aliana's waist while Aliana was leaning forward on her mother's chest. Marlene was moaning and Rachel was almost certain that she could see a fat dildo connecting one pussy with the other. How could they do this?!

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This was even worse than Aliana having sex with Brad. Even so, Rachel's main concern at the moment was that she was paralyzed. "Mom. Aliana.


help me. I can't move." When Rachel looked more carefully, she realized what was the source of the noise. Aliana had her lips around her mother's nipple and she was eagerly suckling milk. It was impossible since her mother was not pregnant, yet there was a stream of white fluid dribbling along her mother's large breast.

In any case, nothing had made sense in the last 24 hours. Rachel started to wonder again if she was going crazy. And what happened next helped to sustain this idea. Rachel saw with horror as one monstrous tentacle emerged from below the bed and waved menacingly in the air. It had a fleshy skin that glistened with an oily substance that covered its entire surface. As usual, Aliana and her mother where oblivious to anything around them and paid no attention, but Rachel screamed her lungs out.

"Ahhg! What is that?!!" Rachel saw the long, flexible appendage hovering above her immobile body and she couldn't do anything about it.

As mush as she tried, her arms and legs wouldn't respond. She watched with desperation as the tentacle centered her attention at the spot between her legs and she thought about the possibility of that huge thing penetrating her body.

The terrified woman screamed again. "Mom! Help me! Take this monster away from me!" The tentacle approached her crotch and paused for a moment. Rachel felt as if the creature was teasing her on purpose. She felt the tender touch across her nether lips and her pussy twitched involuntarily. She wasn't expecting this. At that moment, a soft breeze made her realize that her crotch was dripping wet.

She was about to be ravished by a monster and her body was ready for it? Did she unconsciously want this to happen? Rachel was very confused but she talked to the creature anyway, pleading for mercy. "Please don't do this. It won't fit!" But Rachel was wrong.

The tentacle fit perfectly. As it pushed deeper and deeper, making her belly bulge, the confused woman felt disgust but also an incredible pleasure that she had only experienced once before. Rachel was angry at herself for feeling like this. A monster hiding under the bed was fucking her and she was enjoying it! This confirmed her suspicions, she was definitely going insane. But crazy or not, Rachel screamed again when she saw a second tentacle, just as big, emerging from the other side of the bed.

This was unbelievable! How come she didn't see this creature when she got into bed earlier that night? How come her mother and sister couldn't see them now? "Oh my God!! Another one!" After gliding above the length of her body, the new tentacle also focused its attention on the woman's crotch. Rachel thought with some relief that her pussy was already occupied by one huge appendage and this new one couldn't do anything to her.

She was mistaken, again. The tentacle aligned the tip with Rachel's anal entry and the woman jolted in fear when she felt it. She would not be able to take both huge penetrations without breaking apart. Then, deep in the back of her mind, a faint awareness arose telling her that she could do it.

In fact, she had done it before. Her pussy and anus twitched hard. Rachel couldn't understand how this was possible, yet her body was yearning to experience it again.

As the new tentacle pushed into her ass, matching the depth of the first one, Rachel moaned loudly from the overwhelming sensation. This felt exactly as she remembered, mind-blowing pleasure beyond belief.

She didn't remember when or where she had felt it, but at this moment she didn't care. Rachel was still unable to move her arms and legs but her body was now rocking at the pace of the tentacles. She swayed slightly back and forth, as the large appendages trashed delightfully inside of her. After a while of supernatural fucking, Rachel believe she was loosing her mind. She was fully aware of being at the complete mercy of the tentacles and this helplessness was actually increasing her arousal.

At this rate, she was going to reach an orgasm soon and she felt shame because of it. She was being ravished by a monster! Suddenly, Rachel heard a squishy sound coming from within her body and her belly started to swell. She realized that the tentacles were pumping something inside of her. Every sound preceded a little bump bulging on her skin. What is it doing inside of me?! The astounded woman could only imagine what was going on inside of her over-stimulated body.

She felt the bumps here and there and she saw herself saturated with these things. It could be anything but her subconscious immediately thought about eggs. She was being filled with the monster's eggs! Rachel could feel her vaginal cavity stretching to the limit as more and more of these rounded objects saturated the confined space, making her sensitive inner walls rub even tighter against the fat tentacles.

The appendage in her ass was doing something too. It projected forward so strongly that it lifted Rachel's frail body from the mattress.

She felt more of the lubricated surface of the tentacle passing through her anus and pushing so far inside of her guts that she couldn't tell how deep it was anymore. Rachel was going berserk by this rough, yet delightful manipulation.

She couldn't take so much pleasure at once. She was going to cum. Whatever happen next was irrelevant. She needed to cum! The last thing Rachel remembered before reaching a mind-blowing climax, was her neck stretching wide to allow passage for the tentacle.

It emerged from her mouth at the same time her body exploded in bliss. She shuddered uncontrollably while enduring the best orgasm ever. Deep inside her brain, she knew that nothing ever would possess her so utterly, nothing would satisfy her as much as this. She was becoming the monster's sex slave!! She was. Rachel woke up from her nightmare with a scream.

Her chest was heaving and her hands were shaking. Her panties were soaked. It took her a moment to realize that everything had been a bad dream. There was no monster under the bed. After all, monsters don't exist. What the fuck?! Was it just a dream?!!

Thank god! Rachel checked her sister's bed and she was not there. Nor was her mother. This was a good thing! Maybe everything that "happened" in the last 24 hours was only in her head; maybe it had been only a bad, very vivid dream.

It had to be. That's why everything was so crazy. That's why nothing made sense. Rachel couldn't be happier and more relieved. Of course everything was a dream! What else could it be? My brother and sister together?

That's ridiculous. They are always fighting. Then she heard a moan at the foot of the bed. When Rachel lifted her body to investigate what it was, her heart almost stopped. Her reasonable theories about the dream crumbled in an instant. Her entire family was right there, no more than two meters away, fucking each other. Rachel was speechless.

She just stared, unable to do or say anything. Much like in Rachel's dream, Aliana and her mother were facing each other and they were kissing passionately; tongues dueling and probing as far as they could.

They tried to keep their mouths together as Aliana's was riding two cocks at the same time and Marlene rubbed her pussy on Tom's tongue. Brad pumped her sister's ass as hard as he could. He didn't care if he was hurting her or not. It only mattered how good it felt. In fact, the tightness of Aliana's ass was too much for him to handle and his peak was approaching quickly.

For Tom, pushing his cock into her daughter's pussy without caring one bit about the consequences was a fantasy come true. Aliana never imagined having two cocks inside of her at the same time. It didn't matter that it was her brother and father fucking her. Her eyes rolled back every time Brad plunged his cock deep into her ass and she grunted softly into her mother's mouth. She still managed to bounce on top of her father's phallus, making the sensations ever more surreal.

She finally knew what sex was all about. The same way it had happened before, Rachel couldn't stop staring. Her panties were soaked since she woke from her incredibly erotic dream/nightmare and her pussy was tingling with arousal from watching this forbidden debauchery. But her mind was still trying to deny the reality of all this and she heard in disbelief how her mother and sister fought over Brad's cum when he announced that he was cuming.

"Cum in my ass!" Aliana exclaimed. "No! Cum in my mouth!" Marlene said. "Please stop. This is wrong," Rachel said, not sure if she really meant it. Like an obedient son, Brad pulled his cock out of Aliana and walked closer to her mother.

Marlene engulfed his phallus between her warm lips and this was enough to make him exploded in climax. His cock pulsated one, twice, six more times, ejaculating a large quantity of sperm into her mother's mouth. Rachel watched while her vaginal fluids dribbled down her inner thighs. Oh God! I can see his cock pulsating. "I wanted that cum inside of me," Aliana cried. With her mouth full of cum, Marlene stood up and leaned over her daughter's face.

Aliana opened her mouth wide, happily waiting for her mother to share. The white sperm dribble slowly until Aliana's mouth was almost full, then they both swallowed at the same time. Rachel was starting to feel a growing urgency to join her family. She was so horny. She wanted to feel those throbbing cocks inside of her pussy, her ass, her mouth. Her brain was telling her that she couldn't do that, her body was telling her that she had to.

"Turn around and bend over. We must have sex." Brad said to Rachel. Rachel realized with a start that her brother was standing beside her and he was talking to her. She responded quickly "What? No. I can't. I." When Brad touched her arm and asked her again to bend over, she knew that she needed to walk away right now or she wouldn't be able to resist this increasing desire. Rachel ran out of the room but as soon as she passed through the door, she was greeted by the most unimaginable thing.

A monster was tight there! A real monster! It was a greenish slimy humanoid staring back at her. "Hello Rachel," the alien said. The scared woman was baffled. This time she was definitely awake. How was this possible? When she heard the alien creature speak her name, she almost fainted. Rachel stepped back until she was against the wall. Despite the fact that this creature was an alien, it didn't look particularly menacing with its thin arms and frog-like features.

Nonetheless, Rachel was trembling from utter fear. "I can see that your family is ready for us. Bring them out here," the alien commanded. "W. What are you?! Leave me alone! Leave my family alone!" "Mmh. You don't remember anything, do you?" the creature said, "Did your ductile mind block me out?" "What are you talking about?! Who are you?" The alien kept talking to her and she managed to calm down enough to respond. While she did, she looked carefully at the creature to make sure it was not a man wearing a costume.

He wasn't! The alien extended his right arm towards the teen's head and his hand started emitting a bluish glow. Rachel was about to scream but when she stared at the light, the scream died in her throat. "Let me help you remember," the alien whispered. *** It was the day before yesterday. Rachel was exercising in the park like she did every day. She often looked for the most secluded spot, away from the annoying stares of the guys passing by. She was relaxed, happy, and completely unaware that she was being watched.

I think this is a good private spot. Rachel thought. The alien was hiding behind a large rock, looking at his prey. He had been observing Rachel for many days. He knew where she lived and who she lived with. Everything was ready and it was time to take action.

The creature jumped forward giving Rachel no time to react. The surprised woman just saw a greenish blur in front of her and then a blue light filling her visual field. She couldn't even scream before her brain was completely overwhelmed by this strange, mesmerizing energy. After a couple of seconds, Rachel's mind was completely numb and her will to resist was gone. She stood passively, staring forward, arms hanging by her sides.

"What is your name, female?" ".Rachel." she asked, dragging the sound of every letter. The alien was happy that the subject was so easily subdued. But he still needed to create a stronger bond.

He lift the woman's top, exposing her left breast. Rachel was vaguely aware what was happening and far from being ashamed, she felt aroused. Her nipples swelled and her pussy moistened inside of her pants. Even so, she remained stiff like a statue. "You will become a fine breeding subject, Rachel. Pull down your pants." ".down. pants." Rachel repeated. She obeyed the command without hesitation. The alien slid a fat finger across her slit and pushed it into her vaginal cavity. He sensed that her tightness could be a problem.

"I will have to inspect you more thoroughly. Follow me." He said and she followed. There was a nearby cave that the alien was using as a temporary base. If Rachel could have formed coherent thoughts, she would have remembered that she used to come here when she was a kid, since this place was perfect to play hide and seek. Now it was pretty much abandoned, which was perfect for the alien's needs.

Unfortunately for her, she couldn't think about anything except the incessant tingling in her pussy. *** The exact same tingling that she was feeling right now, standing in the hallway of her house, forced to remember these events. *** Rachel saw herself following the creature like a puppy. She couldn't tell if she found this really scary or terribly arousing.

Once inside, the alien gave further instructions, "Take off your shoes and remove your pants completely." Moments later, Rachel was standing still again. Her pants were gone and her top had been pulled up, exposing her firm tits. With the corner of her unfocused eyes, she saw the creature standing beside her and something moving around his crotch.

It was his phallus and it was huge! The idea of having that enormous cock penetrating her slim body was shocking enough to bring a bit of her consciousness back from the webs of her enthrallment. But not enough that she could move away or do anything to stop it. The alien gave her another instruction and she heard herself repeating it. "Bend over. I will confirm that our genitals fit." ".bend. over. " Despite the fact that the alien's mind-controlling influence was fading off, Rachel found it impossible to disobey.

She bent forward and waited. When she felt the tip of his phallus pressing at her pussy, she led out a loud gasp. Rachel felt anxious and incredibly aroused. "Your reproduction hole is so tiny." The alien shoved his cock inside of her, slowly and steadily, until it was so deep that it seemed physically impossible. He was satisfied by the female's adaptability. "Your body is flexible. You can take my reproduction organ without problems." As it entered her body, Rachel felt the large appendage stuffing her so utterly that her belly bulged to make room.

It was so overwhelming that the young woman thought she was going to die in that exact spot. The alien kept his cock buried to the hilt for a few seconds, then pulled back a little, and pushed back in. Rachel felt a spark of mind-blowing pleasure traveling back and forth across her body. At that moment she realized that if she was going to die, it was going to be in bliss. Once he confirmed that Rachel was a suitable breeder, the alien started pumping the teen's pussy with eagerness, relishing on the imminent success of his mission.

Many things needed to happen before this operation was over but it didn't mean that he couldn't have some fun right now. And considering the abundant lubrication of the female's cavity, she was more than willing to oblige.

Rachel consciousness was closer to the surface every passing second, but instead of being a good thing, it was making the situation worse. Rachel was becoming aware that she was enjoying this unwanted ravishing.

She was being fucked by a monster and she didn't want it to stop! It felt better than anything else in her entire life. Alien and woman moved in perfect synchronization, maximizing each others sensations with every motion.

Even though Rachel had little experience regarding sex, at this moment she felt like a true expert. There was some kind of connection between their minds that allowed her to know exactly how to please him The couple kept mating for a while and Rachel did her best to keep her mind clear of any thoughts that would interfere with the indescribable joy she was experiencing.

She could feel the creature's cock plunging so deep inside of her that it blew the air of her lungs with ever thrust. This cock embedded in her loins was becoming a part of her that she couldn't live without. The alien started making some grunting noises and this could only mean that he was enjoying it as much as she was. This was reason enough to increase Rachel's arousal even more. His pleasure was her pleasure. The alien's grunts started to get louder, announcing the impending arrival of his climax.

Rachel's heart started pounding faster inside of her chest. She was becoming a breeder! The moment he climaxed, so did she. The creature discharged his load of sperm inside of Rachel's body, filling her tight cavity to the brim. Rachel felt the warm seed of her lover expanding within her womb and the world around her disappeared.

Her eyes rolled back and her torso jolted in orgasmic convulsions as her twitching pussy extracted every drop of cum from the alien's cock. After a brief moment of elation, the alien was all business again. He dislodged his large phallus from Rachel's soaked pussy and stood up. Then he pointed at a land formation in the center of the cave and commanded Rachel to climb it. "Walk over than formation.

You will get a valuable gift." ".walk. gift." Rachel's head was still spinning from the overwhelming orgasm but she still repeated his words, confirming that she understood. This mound, resembling a giant ant-hill, hadn't formed naturally in the cave. It had been created by another creature as a temporary den.

Only a fleshy tube that protruded from the highest point of the formation was visible. The enthralled woman heard another command and this time a hint of fear rose within her chest. "Kneel on top of that tube. Spread your legs." The alien, keeping a safe distance from this mysterious creature, watched as Rachel reached the top and approached the menacing mouth.

He knew that being a male, the creature might ignore him completely but he wasn't taking any chances. Rachel did as instructed and spread her legs on top of the tube, which was about one meter in diameter with edges thick enough to rest her knees on either side. Then she waited. The first couple of minutes nothing happened. Rachel stared forward with unfocused eyes as the remnants of the alien's cum trickled from her pussy into the deeps of the hole.

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Her anxious breathing was the only sound in the cave. until loud squishy noises echoed from below. In a matter of seconds, two fat tentacles emerged from the opening and waved between her legs. Rachel remained serene and motionless, but that was only on the surface.

In the back of her mind, she was scared to death. Her eyes opened a bit wider and she started breathing faster. Detecting her pheromones, the creature immediately recognized Rachel as a female. She would be a suitable candidate to spread its offspring. There was no time to waste. Rachel saw one of the tentacles recoiling and aligning with her vaginal entrance. He was going to fuck her! This huge fat, tentacle was going to penetrate her slim body. Her heart was beating out of chest from utter fear.

But then she realized that her pussy was beating as well, from a very different reason. She was incredibly aroused! Whatever the alien had done to her outside the cave was still keeping her horny as hell. The tentacle caressed her pussy lips a few times, searching for the right spot and then, with one forceful motion, it penetrated deep into her body, stretching her pussy lips and reaching the bottom of her tight cavity.

Rachel moaned in pure bliss. After this, the woman's fears vanished instantly. Far from hurting her, the tentacle's motions were just as pleasurable as the alien's. The mesmerized woman moaned loudly, reckoning that she was going to cum again soon. *** Rachel, standing mesmerized in the hallway of her home, became aware of another certainty. Her dreams about being ravished by tentacles were not dreams at all.

They were memories carefully hidden in her subconscious. *** The second tentacle circled around Rachel's body and without any warning whatsoever, penetrated her ass as far as it would go. Rachel screamed by the sudden intrusion and for a moment the alien got worried. He remembered that he hadn't test the adaptability of her anal cavity.

The creature might hurt her and all his plans could be ruined. He held his breath and observed, but when Rachel thrust her hips backwards, seeking for a deeper penetration, he relaxed and enjoyed the show. She will be fine. She can take both tentacles at the same time.

Human females are amazing! he thought. And just as the alien expected, the creature started pushing eggs into Rachel's womb. He smiled wickedly when he saw the woman's belly bloating. Everything was going according to plan. The sensation of the tentacles churning wildly inside of her body and the eggs filling her womb was more than Rachel could handle. For a brief second right before her climax, her enthrallment diminished and she became fully aware of what was happening to her. She was being fucked by a monster and it felt awesome.

Then, her mind went blank. Rachel exploded in a powerful orgasm that made her body quiver violently on top of the mushy formation.

She was able to remain in place only by the support of the fat tentacles that keep pumping her holes regardless of her mind-blowing ordeal.

*** Rachel's memories jumped forward to later that same day. *** It was nighttime and she was laying on her bed, still in trance, eyes wide-open. She didn't know how she got from the cave to her room but it was not important. What mattered was the lovely sensation that spread across her body while she rubbed her pussy with robotic motions, unaware that she was still following detailed instructions. Trying to be as quiet as possible, Rachel reached three orgasms in a row and after each one, the spastic contractions pushed one egg out of her womb.

There were already three eggs on the mattress and one more was on the way out.

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After the forth climax, Rachel stood up and walked around Aliana's bed. She held one of the eggs on her hand while she watched her sister sleeping peacefully. She knew exactly what she had to do but she had no idea about what was going to happen.

Whatever was coming, made her pussy gush with arousal. She pictured her sister's naked body writhing in bliss. That image needed to become real. It was time. As soon as she moved her hand closer to her sister's head, the eggshell broke and a small wormy creature slid out.

Rachel watched it squirming on the palm of her hand until it got some sense of direction and started moving towards Aliana's ear. Normally, Rachel would have thrown the creature away in disgust, but today it was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. Little by little, the small worm penetrated Aliana's ear, burrowing into her skull. The teenager felt a hint of pain but not enough to wake her up. Soon, she started dreaming about herself. She was masturbating like she often did.

But then she was fucking faceless guys. Beneath the sheets, her pussy was getting wet. The teen's eyelids fluttered as her eyes rolled back intermittently. Rachel heard her sister moaning when she reached an orgasm. Her future had been sealed. Rachel did the same with her brother and then moved on to her parent's bedroom.

When the worms were in place, deep within their victim's skulls, Rachel turned on the ceiling lights to have a better view of the transformation. She stood by the bed and watched her mother's eyes rolled back in rapture. Her father was also waving his hips back and forth, as if he was fucking the mattress. Rachel rubbed her pussy, excited by bizarre display. Soon enough, Rachel's mother let out a loud moan while her entire body jolted in bliss. Behind those blank eyes, her old life was disappearing forever.

Whatever was important to her in the past was now irrelevant. The only thing that mattered was sex; reproduction, orgasms, more sex. It was not important when, where or with whom. Sex was everything. Marlene's moans were followed by Rachel's. She had performed her instructions with precision and she had succeeded. Her entire family had been subdued quietly and efficiently. There would be no screaming in terror. No running out of the house to call the police.

No danger. There would be only pleasure, like the one she was feeling right now. Rachel threw her head back and her pussy gushed. *** Back in the present, Rachel's face was mirroring the one in her memory. She remembered everything now, the savage ravishing, the huge tentacles, the incredibly irresistible pleasure.

Her legs trembled while her pussy twitched on empty. She was climaxing too! When her orgasm subsided, Rachel's limb body slipped to the floor. Her mind was spinning after learning the truth. "As you can see Rachel, you made this happen.

You were instructed to act normal after completing your mission but your mind must have gone too far and blocked everything out.

Nonetheless, you did a great job." The astounded woman stared at the swinging phallus of the alien in front of her.

How could she fit that huge thing in her body? How could it made her feel so good? Rachel was in a turmoil of mixed emotions. She had discovered true bliss but in the process, she had destroyed her family.

Rachel's eyes filled with tears knowing that she was to blame for everything. She had put a worm in the brain of each member of her family and now they were like zombies; they were slaves to sex. However, the lingering tingling in her pussy and the renewed memories of mind-blowing bliss, compelled her to reach out and touch that huge phallus.

Even though she didn't have a worm in her own brain, she knew that after the overwhelming and joyous experience in the cave, she had become a sex slave too. I remember now. I had this huge cock inside of me. "No more wasting time.


Introduce me to your family," the alien commanded. Inside the bedroom, oblivious to what was happening outside the door, Rachel's family was still entangled in a wild orgy. Brad was fucking his mother while she licked Aliana's pussy. Aliana was straddling her mother's face while she leaned to her side, licking her father's cock, getting ready to swallow it whole. Rachel and the alien stepped into the room and approached the others. The alien was nervous. The males, Brad and Tom, may react violently when acknowledging his presence.

The brain-worms increased their libido to irresistible limits but it didn't take full control of their actions. The alien was not strong enough to resist an attack from both of them at the same time.

This was the moment of truth. Rachel watched the debauchery developing in front of her and she considered the situation. Everyone was feeling pleasure. Nobody was suffering. Maybe what she had done wasn't so bad. Or maybe she was just making excuses to join the action. She was horny again. The first one to see the alien was Aliana. She looked at his weird face, his awkward body and then at his enormous cock.

She didn't need to see anything else. "Do you want me to fuck you, Aliana?" The alien asked, looking back at her. Aliana stood up and approached the alien without a second thought. She was confused about the presence of this strange creature in the room but the expectation of having that phallus inside of her was stronger than any fear or any doubt.

"Yes. please fuck me," she answered. "Good girl. I'm going to make you cum like never before." Marlene and Tom also acknowledged the presence of the alien and neither of them reacted. Tom was happy to have his cock handled by his wife and the fact that there was a monster in the room was irrelevant.

Marlene's body was bouncing back and forth on the mattress while her son pounded her pussy with enthusiasm, but she also became aware of the alien's cock size. It was huge! After she laid eyes on it, she couldn't look away. I want that cock inside of me. Rachel saw her sister bending over in front of the alien, enticing him to penetrate her.

She couldn't avoid feeling a little jealous. She was hoping to get fucked immediately but unfortunately she was going to have to wait.

He is going to fuck Aliana first. Aliana felt the cold phallus sliding along the crack of her ass and wondered if she would be able to fit that enormous thing inside of her. She certainly was going to try. The young woman screamed loudly when she felt the alien's cock stretching her pussy lips and piercing her body deeper than she thought possible.

Her belly bulged to make room as the tip of his cock breached her cervix and entered her womb. It was so overwhelming, yet she wanted more!

"You are tight like your sister, but she was able to take it and so will you," the alien said. Marlene dislodged her son's cock from her pussy and lifted her torso to have a better view of the alien fucking her daughter.

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She could see the creature's phallus through Aliana's skin and it was evident how deep she was being penetrated. It was amazing! Brad was trying to shove his cock back into his mother's pussy but she was not cooperating anymore. Instead, she got off the bed and walk closer to Aliana and the alien. While Marlene knelt of front of her daughter and caressed her bulging belly, Brad turned around to find Rachel standing beside him.

Without thinking about it, he grabbed her sister's breast. Rachel recoiled for a second but then looked down at her brother's cock. It was erect and ready. Maybe she wouldn't have to wait to get fucked after all. Rachel was fully aware that fucking her brother was very wrong but she was so aroused that she didn't care anymore.

She tenderly grabbed Brad's cock, still unaware that her father was approaching from behind. Rachel shuddered and moaned when she felt her father's hand slip beneath her panties and caress her soaked pussy lips. At the same time, Brad caressed her breasts and pinched her erect nipples. She gasped from the sudden rush of pleasure. Yesterday she was freaking out about her brother and sister having sex and now she wanted nothing more than to feel Brad's cock inside of her. Without exchanging a single word, the trio was ready to begin a family sex session free of inhibitions.

While her father lifted her slim body, Brad aligned his phallus at her vaginal entrance. Rachel's heart was beating fast. She stared at her brother's unfocused eyes. All this was so perverted and so exciting that she almost couldn't wait for it.

Brad pushed his cock into his sister's pussy, slowly and steadily. The young woman was so wet that the phallus slid without any resistance. Her brother's member didn't feel nearly as good as the alien's but Rachel moaned blissfully nonetheless. More so when she felt her father's penis poking at her anus.

A moment later, Rachel was being double penetrated for the first time in her life. Her brother fucking her pussy and her father fucking her ass was something beyond her wildest dreams, yet here she was, bouncing in bliss between the two.

Rachel pictured herself in this same situation but instead of normal cocks, she imagined having two alien cocks inside of her. Her pussy twitched hard and she almost climaxed at the thought. Meanwhile, Aliana's body was shivering wildly and her eyes were rolling back in bliss. The large cock of the alien had been too much for her and she reached an orgasm faster than expected.

Marlene looked at her daughter with envy while rubbing her pussy with uncontrollable need. She is so lucky to have that huge cock inside of her. Marlene thought, waiting for her turn. Aliana was almost unconscious but the alien kept pounding her pussy with the same urgency.

The air was pushed out of the teen's lungs after every forceful thrust while a stream of drool hung from her lower lip and swayed back and forth before falling to the floor. "Don't loose consciousness. We are not done yet," the alien commanded. Marlene's motherly instincts kicked in and she helped her daughter remain upright while saying words of encouragement. "You can do this, baby.

You can take more of this wonderful cock." But Aliana wasn't listening anymore. Her body was still shivering but her mind had shutdown from over-stimulation.

The alien decided to place the unresponsive teen face down on the bed and continue the ravaging. At that moment, a second alien entered the room… Both Marlene and the first alien turned their heads to look at him. For a moment, Marlene was startled.

The fact that there were green monsters invading her house was finally kicking in. But then she looked at the creature's cock, just as big as the other one, and her pussy twitched hard. This reminded her that those cocks were the only thing that mattered. "Where were you? You were supposed to be here hours ago. They are ready for transport," the first alien said, while pounding at the teen's pussy.

"I was busy transporting another family from sector 734. I can see this group is being subdued," said the arriving creature. "Yes, they all are in sexual overdrive induced by the parasites, except the pivot subject. She is very compliant though." Marlene ignored whatever the creatures were saying and she fell to her knees in front of the new arrival. She boldly grabbed his cock and started licking it, unable to resist one more second or to ask for permission.

"Wow! This female is very enthusiastic," the second alien exclaimed. "Yes, this one here was the same until she fell unconscious. The parasites make wonders in their libido." The new alien was happily surprised by this and decided that the transportation could wait.

Human females were one of his favorite species as sex partners. Marlene admired the size and length of the phallus while she licked the tip. She wanted to swallow it whole even though it appeared to be an impossible task. But the fact that the alien's phallus was spongy enough and her resolution was absolute, Marlene started swallowing and didn't stop until she managed to shove the entire cock down her throat! The alien fucked her mouth for a couple of minutes and that was enough to send her over the edge.

Marlene's muffled moans escaped through her stretched lips while her pussy gushed abundantly. She didn't know until today that it was possible to reach climax while giving a blowjob.

Marlene recovered quickly from her orgasm and laid back on the carpet with her legs spread wide. The alien looked down at her and wondered if this curvaceous human would be able to take his entire cock. Marlene had no doubts whatsoever. "You really want my cock, don't you?" the alien asked rhetorically.

The alien knelt between the woman's legs and aimed his phallus at her pussy. Deep within her mind, Marlene suspected that this otherworldly fuck was going to be the first one of many. She was going to enjoy hundreds more, maybe thousands, or hundreds of thousand, and this thought made her arousal spike even more.

"Are you ready, breeder?" "Yes! Please fuck me!" Her life as she knew it was coming to an end and she couldn't care less. All she wanted was that cock inside of her.

The alien shoved his cock as deep as possible. Then pulled back a few centimeters and pushed back in. Marlene screamed in bliss loud enough to be heard outside the house. As they began to get a rhythm, her moans mixed with the sexual sounds coming from around the room. The squelching sound of Aliana's pussy being pumped from behind; the slapping noises of Rachel's ass-cheeks and pelvis as her father and brother pumped her from both sides.

It was a surreal scene. After a while, the first alien made a grunting sound as he reached climax too. He ejaculated deep inside Aliana's body until it was full to the brim and the sperm squeezed between her stretched pussy lips. As if they had a mental connection, Tom and Brad reached climax at the same time. Rachel felt both cocks pulsating in her holes while hot fluid spread within her sensitive inner walls.

Influenced by the parasites, the two guys ejaculated more sperm than they had done ever before. Tired and satisfied, the first alien turned around just in time to see Marlene bucking wildly on the floor as her second orgasm exploded across her curvy body and subjugated mind.

The spastic contractions of her pussy felt so good around her mate's cock that he reached climax as well, filling her womb with his seed. A moment later, the room was quiet again except from the two aliens talking with each other. The first alien pulled Rachel close to him, confident that Tom and Brad were completely docile. "I'll take this one with me. You take the other females to the breeding ship." "What about the males?

I can't take them by force." "You don't have to. The females will follow your cock and the males will follow the females." The time for Rachel's family on Earth was over.

*** The next day, Rachel was standing beside her new lover, who laid in some sort of bed with his large, erect cock pointing upwards. The large panoramic window made it very clear that they were traveling through space, yet it was still very difficult for the young woman to believe that this wasn't just a dream. So much had changed in the course of a few hours. The effect of the alien's blue light had completely worn off and Rachel's mind was clear, which made the recent events even more confusing.

The only thing that Rachel knew for certain was her undeniable arousal and that she wanted the alien's huge greenish phallus inside of her one more time. "Come on darling, you know you want it." Rachel thought about it for a moment.

If all this was a dream, then it would be a delightfully strange wet dream. And if this was real; if this was really happening, then she had no choice. She had to let the alien fuck her whether she wanted it or not. At least she told herself that to feel better, because the truth was that Rachel's pussy was burning hot and she couldn't wait one more second to sit on that big, fat cock. His cock is so big.

It drives me insane. Rachel thought, staring at the waiting phallus. The excited woman straddled the alien, positioned the phallus at her vaginal entrance and slowly moved her hips down, letting it stretch her cavity to the limit, touching nerves that she didn't know she had. The last time that cock was inside of her, she had been deeply enthralled but now, with her mind crystal clear, it was a very different experience and even more enjoyable.

Rachel's knees touched the table when the huge cock reached bottom. The astounded woman stayed immobile for a moment, feeling stuffed beyond belief. After the initial shock, she started bouncing up and down, slowly at first, then faster. While she waved her hips sensually, it occurred to her that the alien was not doing anything to make this happen. It was all her. She impaled herself on his cock and she was the one fucking him, not the other way around.

When did I became such a slut? I don't care. I want to feel like this forever. The alien was happy and a little surprised about how the situation was developing. It was not the first time he had abducted a human female but it usually took more convincing to make them breeding partners. But not Rachel. It was like she had been waiting for this her entire life.

Rachel felt something poking at her ass. When she turned her head and saw another alien behind her, the woman's heart jolted hard and her pussy started twitching like crazy. She remembered picturing this the day before, when her father and brother double-penetrated her. Now it was coming true, as if this was her true destiny; being fucked in every hole at the same time for all eternity. Oh, God!

The second phallus was not even half way inside of her when Rachel reached an orgasm. Her pussy and ass clutched both cocks in spastic contractions while her body shivered violently.

Nonetheless, unlike her excitable sister, she did her best to remain conscious and enjoy this bliss for as long as possible. The alien below felt Rachel's pussy twitching and started pumping faster, trying to prolong her climax.

The alien penetrating her ass, regardless of her uncontrollable shuddering, kept pushing in until his cock couldn't go any further. A few minutes later, when her orgasm subsided, Rachel could already feel another one building within her loins.

This was becoming the best fuck of her life and it was just starting. A subtle smile formed on Rachel's lips when she visualized what the future had in store for her. The trio kept fucking for a long time, during which Rachel thought about her family.

Will she ever see them again? Was her mother and sister enjoying this change as much as she was? What about her father and Brad? She hadn't seen any female-aliens around.

What would become of them? She had hundreds of questions, but all them were forgotten the moment her next orgasm overwhelmed her body and mind. The end. Note from the author: There is a graphic (CGI) version of this story.