First time anal to Guccipussy

First time anal to Guccipussy
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My name is Cassie. It was Christmas break and I was very happy. Happy that I was home from school, I missed my family and friends. I attend an out-of-town college-prep high school. Happy that I had a whole month without classes or homework. Happy that I had met a very cool guy the last couple of weeks of the semester and I was looking forward to next semester to see where that led.

I was also delirious that I didn't have to get up early. I did wake up early that morning, the first weekday morning of my break. Part of that was routine and part was that I knew the plumber was coming. My two brothers were not coming home until closer to Christmas. They were in college but they also had jobs. Yes, I was the baby. I had just turned 16 in September. I remember all this starting as I laid in my bed on that Monday morning.

It was a little before 8:00, I had no intention of getting up this early on my first week home but Daddy had asked me and I couldn't say no. I wasn't sure exactly what the plumbers were coming to fix other than it was in my parent's bathroom but my Daddy asked me to wait for them so here I am awake way too early and feeling a little frisky. I am a virgin, I almost lost that to the quarterback my second year of high school.

His name was Tim and I thought he was the one, we had been dating for a year and I found myself in his car on a lonely road and he was ready. I fought him off and he dumped me a month later. Lesson learned. I thought of my new cool boyfriend. He was very cute and he seems really sweet, we haven't had any type of sex yet.

He is a great kisser and his hands are warm and soft. I smiled as I thought of going back to school. I stretched my body out on my bed and yawned. It felt good to stretch. I ran my hands across my tight stomach. I love my body, I always have. I remember the first time I really looked at myself in the mirror. I was very young and I thought I was really cute. I remember thinking that was a little weird but I did like myself and I didn't see a problem with that.

My hair was blonde and shoulder length and my face was perfect. So many of the other kids had issues with their hair, their face, or other parts of their body. I didn't, I thought I was perfect. Not much has changed. My hair is still blonde but now hangs down to the middle of my chest. I normally wear it in a ponytail and I love wearing baseball caps.

It seems that is a very popular look with the guys. I was very skinny as a child but I started to fill out around my freshman year in high school and now I have beautiful boobs and a very pretty butt. My boobs are officially 36C but I am still a relatively small girl (5'4") so they look even bigger on my small frame.

My ass is tight and fills out my pants very nicely and my legs are smooth and tan. I catch the guys staring at my ass often and I have a bad habit of shaking it a little too much when I walk. Hey, why not, if you have it, flaunt it they say.

I have been a cheerleader since I was 8 and I actually got a cheer scholarship for my prep school. I was a little overwhelmed at first by the intensity but now I love it. I competed pretty well my first semester and I am in the starting rotation now. My small size allows me to get good height and I am a great tumbler in the air so I think I opened a few eyes. I am really looking forward to getting back to school for that as well as those warm hands.

Anyway, I can't stop my own hand from sliding into my panties and touching my clit. I shiver as the pleasure shoots through me. I love being touched and I have found in school that there are plenty of people that are willing to touch me.

I am proud of myself that I haven't fucked anyone yet, god knows there have been plenty of opportunities but I really haven't found the one and I didn't want to start off school that way. Sounds real honorable but now I am incredibly horny and home for a month. I can't imagine having sex with anyone from my way too small hometown so I rub my own pussy as I think about my new boyfriend.

I run my hand up my night-shirt and squeeze my boob. My nipples are rock hard and I pinch them. Another shiver runs through me. I was well on my way to a wonderful orgasm when the doorbell rang. Fuck, I jumped out of bed and grabbed a pair of sweatpants. I was very horny but still not stupid enough to answer the door in a tshirt and panties. I ran down the hall and down the stairs.

Another ring. Shit, hang on, I'm coming. I jumped off the last step and felt my boobs bounce. Shit, I forgot I was only wearing a white tshirt and no bra. I hate wearing a bra, I don't actually need one yet and they are fucking uncomfortable. I put my arm over my chest and opened the door. There were two of them and they were huge.

The one in the front looked Italian, he was dark and hairy. His arms had tattoos on them and they were humongous, the arms and the tattoos. I could feel my eyes lock onto his biceps and I reluctantly pulled them away. I couldn't see the one in the back except to see he was a little taller and black.

I was ripped out of my trance by a deep, smooth voice. "Good morning, sweetheart.

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We are here to fix your sink." He said and smiled. His teeth were perfect and white. He was really fucking cute but I was 16 and he had to be at least 40. I shook my head to clear it and smiled back. "Good morning, yes, come in, I will show you where it is. Follow me." I said and turned to walk up the stairs. "Anywhere." I heard behind me and I blushed. Walking up the stairs I could feel their eyes on my ass and my boobs bounced softly under my shirt.

My shirt wasn't overly tight but my boobs did push against it a little and my nipples were still hard and really obvious. I tried to will them down but the eyes I knew were locked on my ass kept them hard as rocks. I reached the top of the stairs and walked into my parent's bedroom and then into their bathroom.

I stepped aside and let them in, trying my best to cover my nipples with my arms crossed over my chest. They put their toolboxes down and the black one knelt down and opened the cabinet under my mom's sink.

He pulled out all her stuff and slid it over to the side. He crawled under and laid on his back. I could not help but stare at his legs, specifically his crotch. I could see an outline of something huge against his thigh. I heard a chuckle and looked over to see the Italian guy staring at me. He smiled and shook his head. I wanted to crawl into a hole as I squeezed my arms tight over my chest. I wondered if he could see how horny I was.

It felt like my orgasm was just hovering from before. "Tony, I think I need some pipe tape. Did we bring it in?" I heard the black guy say. "No, it is in the truck. I'll go get it. Do you need anything else?" The Italian guy said who I guess is named Tony. "Don't think so, but you better get another set of faucets, these look really bad under here." He said. "Ok, cool. You are loosening them, right?" Tony responded. "You bet." Was the answer from under the sink. "Baby girl, we need your help for a minute.

Do you mind?" Tony said to me and I turned my head to look at him. "What do you need?" I asked instinctively. "Well, Hank is loosening the faucets so we can tell if they are bad and someone needs to hold them down on the top or water will spray everywhere. I would do it but I need to run out to the truck real quick. We just need you to push down on the top for a couple of minutes until I get back." Tony says and walks over to the sink.

My mind was racing, this sounded like so much bullshit but I found myself walking towards him. I could hear my conscience screaming at me but my body wouldn't listen. I got close and he took my hand and put it on the cold water faucet. He took my other hand and pulled it towards the hot water faucet.

I had to step over Hank's legs and straddle them to get my other hand to reach. He put his hands over mine. "Now, just push down a little so Hank can get a grip down there. I will be right back." He said and left. I felt like an idiot standing there holding the faucets.

I could feel the pressure a little under my hands as Hank worked. My bare feet were on either side of his legs and I felt him rub against my shin as he wiggled around. I looked in the mirror and saw my hair was a mess. It was in a ponytail but there were a lot of strands hanging out all over. I felt a little embarrassed that they saw me like this. My face was fine, I didn't wear much makeup anyway and then I saw my shirt.

My tshirt was about three inches over my sweatpants so my tight tummy was visible and my nipples were sticking out like headlights. I panicked and started to let go of the faucet. "Hey, keep the pressure on up there or we are all going to get wet." Hank said from below. I pushed down harder and tried to focus on making my nipples shrink.

I tried to think of sad things but my mind kept coming back to the fact that I was straddling a black man in my parent's bathroom just moments after I had my hand in my pussy.

I looked around for something to help but I don't know what I was thinking I would find.

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I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I hung my head and took a deep breath. "Hank, I got the tape." Tony said from behind me. "Cool, I am almost done. I think we can save these." He said from below. I felt Tony behind me and looked in the mirror to see him right behind me.

I felt him push against me and his breath was in my ear. "That is quite a pretty picture, sweetheart." He whispered in my ear. I blushed bright red and then felt his crotch push against my ass. I felt something hard against my soft butt and knew exactly what it was. I took another deep breath and tried to think of something to say. "Did you set up this call just to get some attention, sweet cheeks?" He whispered again.

"No, my Daddy called it in. They have a leak." I stammered. "Really, where is Daddy?" he said. "He is out of town or he would be here." I said. "I see, Daddy's out of town and Mommy is at work so little girl needs some company." He whispered. I shook my head side to side and felt his hands on my hips. I tried to form words but I just gasped as my sweatpants were pulled down to my thighs.

I froze and felt his hands on my ass. I was screaming in my head to jump out of the way but I stood there frozen as he squeezed my ass. It did feel good and I closed my eyes.

"This is one fine little ass you have here, baby girl." He whispered in my ear. I could not move and my body was betraying me. I wanted to scream and run away but I loved the way his hands covered my ass. He squeezed and I grunted. I felt a hand leave my ass then felt it on my stomach. It inched slowly up my stomach and under my shirt. I flinched as his huge hand covered my boob.

He squeezed and I grunted again. He pinched my nipple and I let out a little squeal. "What the fuck is going on up there? Can you…holy fuck." I heard Hank and knew he had seen my pants down around my legs.

Tony ran his other hand up my shirt and was now kneading both of my boobs. He pinched both of my nipples and rolled them between his fingers.

My body was on fire now and I was out of control. I was trying very hard to focus and stop this but everything was blurry. "Baby girl, you are one sweet piece of meat and I think you are going to enjoy this as much as we will." He whispered in my ear and pulled back, I felt a shiver run through my whole body.

I saw his hand on the counter and he picked up a pair of small scissors. I didn't know what he was doing until I heard a snip and my panties got loose on the left side.

Another snip and he pulled them off of me. I was naked below the waist and my pussy was so wet it was almost dripping. His hands were on my ass again and then down to my thighs and around to my inner thighs. I was groaning as this man wreaked havoc with my young body.

"Hank, you about done down there for a while?" Tony said. "Yeah, I can take a break." I heard Hank and then felt hands on my knees. The hands on my knees ran up to my ass and then I felt warmth on my pussy. I whimpered as a warm tongue touched my clit and then slid down between my moist lips.

"Fuck, she tastes good." I heard Hank's voice. I whimpered again as his tongue split open my pussy and licked all over the most sensitive part of my body.

My legs were getting weak. I closed my eyes and let this magic tongue take me to paradise. I felt my shirt moving up my body and then down my arms. I was still holding the faucets but now I had them in a death grip as the magic tongue dominated my pussy. My shirt rested loosely over my hands and then I felt Tony's hands cover my boobs.

My poor nipples felt like they were going to explode and then he pinched them. I moaned deeply and my legs felt like they were going to give way. Hank's hands on my ass kept me from falling. "Sweet cheeks, you are something special.

These are some fine tits and that is a fucking great ass. I am suspecting from Hank's reaction that your little cunt is just as special. I can't wait to find out." Tony whispered in my ear and he twisted my nipples. I felt the surge of pleasure rip through me and I knew I was cumming soon. I lifted my head and opened my mouth. I heard a groan. "Baby girl, how do you feel about a big cock splitting open that little pussy? How do you feel about fucking a real man instead of those little school boys?

You must have been quite the treat there at school. Did you fuck the whole football team yet, baby girl?" He whispered. His words lit the final fire, or it felt more like an explosion. I screamed and my legs went numb. Hank held me up and dove deeper between my legs. His tongue felt like it was deep inside me as my body started convulsing.

Tony grabbed my breasts and held me up. I let go of the faucets as my arms felt numb too, my shirt fell off my arms and they hung limply by my sides as I came hard. Hank continued to lick inside my pussy and then he sucked my clit in his mouth and I felt his teeth. I screamed again and my orgasm cranked up.

I was flopping around as these two men controlled my young body. I felt like a rag doll as my orgasm subsided. I was breathing deep and trying to clear my head. Hank let go of my ass and Tony held onto me. I was limp in his arms.

He pulled me away and I felt my feet drag across the floor, my sweatpants falling around my ankles. "Hank, you finish up down there and meet me in the next room." I heard Tony say. Tony drug me into my parents bedroom and threw me on their bed. He grabbed my legs and pulled my pants off. I was completely naked in front of this huge man and I knew what was coming. I knew it but I didn't seem to be able to do anything about it. I wanted to run and scream but for some reason I stayed put with my legs spread and a huge older man pulling out his cock standing between them.

He pulled his cock out and it was already rock hard. It looked huge, it was way bigger than Tim's was. Tim was the douche-bag that almost took my cherry in the back seat of his car last year. I saw his cock two more times before he dumped me but it was way smaller than the beast I was staring at now. Tony took his huge cock and pumped it a couple of times. "Baby girl, take a good look.

This cock is about to punish your little cunt. From the looks of your pussy you will probably enjoy this as much as me." He said and placed his cock at the entrance of my wet virgin pussy. I felt his cock touch the inside of my pussy. I was really wet and I didn't understand why. Was I enjoying this? Did I secretly want this? I know I was horny before they got here but would I have fucked anyone who came to the door or did this guy have some sort of control over me?

My pussy started to open slowly as he pushed his cock into me. I watched his face and he looked like he actually had a little concern on his face. He was holding onto my thighs and carefully sliding his cock inside. I couldn't figure out if he liked the way it felt going slow or if he cared about making it easier for me.

He was big and I did feel like I was being stretched beyond anything I had felt before. Well, that wasn't hard since the only thing ever to go inside my pussy was my doctor's fingers. I felt him push deeper and I felt my cherry slowly break and I flinched. The pain was soft and deep, almost like a cramp. "Baby girl, this is one fine cunt. You are so nice and tight. Obviously these little boys haven't opened you up yet. That is good news for me, I feel like my cock is in a tight glove." He said and then groaned deep.

I felt his crotch touch mine and then our bodies mashed together. He was buried inside me, I had a huge man's cock inside my teenage pussy. I grabbed the bedspread as I felt a small surge of pleasure in my legs. They were tingling and especially my thighs where he was still holding them.

His touch was electric and I was losing control. I moaned as he pulled back and then squealed as he pounded back into me. I heard our skin slap as he rammed himself deep. "Ok, baby, hold on. I am going to fuck you silly." He said and I took a deep breath. He pulled back and then pushed back in.

He did it again and then he started to get into a rhythm. I closed my eyes and held on. His pace increased, I felt my legs starting to flail and my boobs bouncing on my chest. He was drilling into me with every stroke and my pussy was responding. I felt it trying to hold him in each time he entered. I heard the sound of skin slapping as he moved back and forth.

I was getting fucked hard and deep and I couldn't help it when I opened my mouth.

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"Oh fuck, oh shit. Harder, deeper." I heard a voice. "Whatever you say baby." He answered. He really started to hammer me. My body was his, I was a ragdoll under his cock.

I felt like he was pushing me through the bed. I heard the bed shaking as he pounded my little body. It was wild, animalistic and like nothing I had ever felt.

It was like my pussy was the only thing that mattered, second only to the cock that was ripping into it. I closed my eyes and it was like I could see him from above, his ass flexing as he drove down between my legs. My legs, they were spread wide open for this guy.

My young, firm, tan legs sticking out from under this huge hairy guy. I felt like I was looking down on this scene and it was incredibly hot.

He pumped me for another 3 or 4 minutes and then he slammed deep and froze. My legs were bent towards my head as he tried to push deeper. I felt him flinch and I knew cum was being dumped into my womb for the first time in my life. It felt warm as he emptied his balls into me. A thought crossed my mind and I started doing the math in my head. I should be ok, I redid the math as he flinched again. He pulled out and my pussy felt like it hung open before him. I felt his cum running down over my ass.

He dropped my legs and they fell over the side of the bed. I looked at him and he was smiling down at me. "Baby, that was one of the best fucks I have ever had. You are really special." He said. I didn't say anything but I didn't move either. I was naked and lying on my parent's bed, cum leaking out of my pussy. He stepped back into the bathroom and then I saw the black man walk in. He had a big smile and he was unbuckling his pants.

I watched him unzip himself and then pull a monstrous black cock out. It looked as big as the other man's if not bigger. It was very black and I could see the veins as it grew in front of my eyes. He stepped forward and put it on my belly. "Grab it bitch." He said in a terse voice. My hands moved quickly and I wrapped them around the monster cock. I could feel his heartbeat as I held it in my small hands. It looked even bigger as I held it.

It was bigger, I could feel it still growing as I held it. My fingers started to move over it, up to the head and around it. I noticed a small spot of moisture at the end and I ran my finger over it.

He grabbed my wrist and pushed my hand towards my face. My finger touched my lips and I opened my mouth. It tasted salty as my tongue cleaned my finger. He let go of my wrist and I moved my hand back to the cock. I ran my hands up and down it slowly. "Put it in." He said softly. I looked at him, unsure for a moment.

"Bitch, take the black cock and put it in your white pussy." He said. The instructions were clear. I opened my legs wider and pulled the cock towards my open pussy. I took a deep breath and slipped it between my lips.

It felt warm and big. I moved it up and down and I could feel it getting wet from my own juices mixed with the other man's cum that was still leaking out of me. I felt it lock into me and the head slipped in.

I gasped and he laughed. "Pull it in." He said. I wrapped my legs around his ass and tried to pull him closer. I felt the cock slide deeper and I gasped again. I was opening up again to another huge cock. I pulled harder and then I slid my hips closer to him. He went deeper still and I pulled really hard. I felt his crotch hit mine and he slid all the way in to my body. I felt myself breathe deep as I got used to the huge piece of meat between my legs. I looked at his body.

He still had on his shirt but the black skin on his hips and legs was a big contrast to my skin. I was not pasty white, I had a great tan but I looked like a ghost next to the deep black of his skin. My thoughts left my head quickly as I felt him grab my legs. He pushed them wide open and started to fuck me hard.

The sound of his skin hitting mine and then the wet sound as he hit the bottom of my pussy was incredible. I felt like a wild animal again and I just gave myself to this man. My young body was his to use, to do anything he wanted. The feeling was wonderful as he used me for his pleasure. My mind was clear and free of any worries or sadness.

I was simply a plaything for this wonderful man. He finished and I felt another load of cum bathe my insides. He held himself deep inside me as he flinched three more times. He pulled away and dropped my legs. I was unable to move, my lower body felt like one big bruise. He walked back into the bathroom and I heard metal sounds, like tools being thrown into a toolbox. I closed my eyes. Hands grabbed my legs and pulled me.

I slid off the bed and crumpled on the floor. My hair was grabbed and I was pulled up to my knees. "Open your mouth baby girl." Tony said. I looked up at him and he was smiling. He was holding my hair so I couldn't move my head. His cock touched my lips and I opened them on instinct. He pushed and the cock slid into my mouth. I tasted myself on it. I also tasted his cum, it was salty and slick. He hit the back of my throat and pulled back, leaving the head just inside my mouth.

"Use your tongue sweetheart. I have to fuck you again so use that pretty little mouth to get me hard." Tony said. I swirled my tongue around his head. I then sucked him into my mouth again. What was I doing? I started to panic a little as I realized I was just doing whatever this man asked. Did I have no control?

I felt the cock hit the back of my throat again and I moved my tongue under it. I slid back slowly, moving my tongue along the hard shaft. "Fuck, girl, you can suck cock!

That is some good stuff and you are still a baby." Tony said. I felt a little tinge of pride which seems silly now.

I was proud that he said I was a good cocksucker. Well, I guess you have to know your strengths. I slid off of the cock and sucked on the head. I tasted a little drop of cum as it left his head. I slurped it up. I felt him pulling up on my hair and I stood up.

He turned me around and I was facing the bed.


"Climb up there on all fours little girl." Tony said and I jumped on the bed on my hands and knees. "Good girl, now put your head down and lift that cute ass." He said and I felt his big hands on my ass. I lowered my head to the bed and pushed my ass up. He ran his hands over my tight butt and down my legs. He then ran them up my thighs and between my legs. His finger entered my sloppy pussy and I moaned. His finger moved up and touched my asshole. I flinched and he laughed.

"You ever took up the ass baby girl?" Tony asked. "No." I said softly. He laughed and pushed his finger a little ways into my ass. I groaned. He slid his finger out and in a couple of times and I was getting hot. I thought of what was happening, I was on all fours on my parents' bed having just lost my virginity and now and a strange man was running his finger into my virgin ass. I wiggled my ass a little.


I heard him laugh again. "Man, you are a hot little one, aren't you?" Tony said. I felt him touch my pussy and then his cock slid into me again. He went all the way in on one stroke and I felt his pubic hair against my smooth ass. He ran his finger in again and I moaned loud. His other hand moved around me and touched my clit. I would have jumped off the bed if not for a humongous cock buried deep in my young pussy. I squealed as he moved his finger over my clit and moved his other finger in and out of my ass.

My little body was totally in his control and he was playing it like a fine instrument. I tried to move but I couldn't, the pleasure was building and then he pulled his cock out of my pussy and pounded it back in. I raised my head and screamed as the orgasm hit me like a truck.

"Cum for me baby, that a girl." He said and ran his finger deep in my butt. I was wiggling as he let go of my clit and held my hip. He was fucking my pussy with his cock and my ass with his finger. I was in heaven and I lowered my head to scream into the bed. I was convulsing with a long orgasm. My whole body shook three or four times and my mind went blank.

My orgasm was all I could think about. He pulled his finger out of my ass and grabbed my other hip. He started fucking me really hard. I was grunting as he pummeled me. He went even faster and I heard his skin slapping against mine.

I grabbed two handfuls of bedspread to keep myself from flying off the bed. Tony fucked me for another 5 minutes at least until he groaned deep and rammed himself into me.

I squealed again as it felt like he was even deeper. I felt him flinch three times and knew I was getting another bath of cum. He pulled out slowly and my pussy felt empty. I felt his cum pour out of me again and it started running down my leg. I would have to change my parent's bedspread. My ass was still sticking up in the air and my head was on the bed. I couldn't move. I felt hands touch my ass and then another cock slid into my pussy. It was Hank, I knew it because there was no way Tony was ready again and my young pussy was stretching again.

He grunted and buried himself in one stroke.


I felt another little tinge of pride knowing I took this huge cock in my little body with ease. Hank grabbed my hips and started fucking me. I held onto the bedspread as I got the fucking of my young life.

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He drove deep with every stroke and he was moving fast. It felt like he hit bottom every time and I grunted on each downstroke. I have no idea how long he went but it felt like an hour. I know it wasn't but I was a little sad when he groaned really loud and emptied his black balls into me. He flinched at least four times. He held himself in me and took a few deep breaths. "Man, that is one fine pussy.

Girl, you are really special. I can't wait to get back into you." Hank said and slid himself slowly out of my ravaged pussy. I moaned as I felt the emptiness.

I did not move. I heard them zipping up their pants and I heard the toolbox as they picked it up. I was listening closely and then I felt the slap across my ass. I yelped and another slap on the other cheek. He pushed my ass over and I fell on my side.

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He rolled me on my back and opened my legs. My pussy opened again before Tony. "Little girl, you need to clean up that pussy, it is a little messed up. Oh yeah, shave it for me. I like my young cunts smooth." He said and pulled on my smooth blonde hair. I squealed a little with the pain and he laughed. They walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs. I heard the front door open and then I heard Tony's voice again. "See you bright and early tomorrow, sweet cheeks.

We have to come back and check on the leak again." He said with a chuckle and I heard the door close. I took a deep breath and slowly sat up. I looked down and saw that my pussy was indeed a little messed up. It was red and covered in cum. My hair was matted down and I saw cum pooling below me. I stood up and walked slowly into the bathroom.

I turned on the hot water and filled the tub. I went back and stripped my parent's bed and rolled the sheets up. I dropped them on the bathroom floor and then stepped into the tub. The hot water felt wonderful as my sore body slipped into it. I leaned back and enjoyed the heat. I closed my eyes for a minute and then reached for my razor. I started shaving my pussy for the first time in my life.