Frau hat eine sexy Überraschung für ihren Geliebten

Frau hat eine sexy Überraschung für ihren Geliebten
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Sometimes I would get real horny at work and go into the bathroom and pull my pants down and stroke my cock till I came. Then I would lick it off my fingers and go back to work.

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My wife Amy would be very mad if she knew I did this because I am not suppose to cum without her permission. One time I got caught, I came home from work and Amy ask me to strip down and she took my underwear and inspected them very closely, they were signs of sperm inside my underwear. She ask me how these cum stains got in my under ware. I told her the truth; that I had masturbated earlier in the day. She made me go into detail about how it happened and what I was thinking about when I cum.

Then she got real mad and told me that since I couldn't control myself that she would have to see to it that I didn't jerk off any more without her permission.

She went into the closet and pulled out a package. She threw it on the bed and told me to wear what was in the package. She walked out of the room and I opened the package.

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At first I didn't know what it was then I realized it was a cock cage and a pair of silk lacy panties. As mad as she was I didn't complain I inserted my cock and balls into the harness, fastened the lock,and pulled the silk panties over it. The panties felt real good and my cock started to get hard till it pushed against the end of the harness, then it started to hurt and my cock died.

Amy came back into the room and called me her little cock loving cum whore and that I would wear that cock cage at all times.


She then made me hand her the keys, That way she would be sure that I didn't cum without permission. Then she told me that I looked good in women's panties and that I was to wear nothing but panties under my clothes from now on.

The next day, Amy asked "how the cock cage was doing", If I need a little more time to learn to control myself, and Her cock. She laughed when I explained the pain and humiliation I was feeling. Amy just walked away saying I would learn fast. A few days later, Amy said it was time for my next lesson, and that i better get naked and into our playroom.

She climbed up on the bed and spread her legs, she reached into a bag and pulled out a fake rubber cock about 10 inches long and started to insert it into her hungry cunt.

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She was moaning and talking dirty to me telling me what a wimp I was for eating my cum without her and that I would be lucky if she ever let me taste my cum again. She had the whole fake cock stuffed in her cunt when she reached back into the bag and pulled out another fake cock this one was bigger than the first one and she inserted it into her asshole. My cock would get hard and then it would hurt so it would die down.

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I kept getting hard and then soft. I was in sexual pain and there was nothing I could do about it.

She kept fucking both holes in and out then she pulled the one out of her pussy and stuck it in my mouth it was coated with pussy cum and pubic hairs.

She told me to lick all of the cum off of it, then she started fucking my mouth with it ramming it down my throat.


As she was telling me what a wonderful cock sucker I would be, saying for me to think about this being a real cock and how much cum a big cock like this could produce. She said that since I like the taste of cum that she might have me suck a real cock sometime.

Amy pulled the fake cock out of my mouth and made me say that I would love to suck the cum out of a real cock sometime. Of course I was lying but I didn't have a choice right then.

Amy then pulled the fake cock out of her asshole and told me to get her some Vaseline out of the medicine cabinet.


I returned with the Vaseline and she told be to pull my panties off and to get on the bed with my ass in the air. I did as I was told and she placed a towel under my ass. She then took the fake cock that was in her ass and told me to lick it clean, she said that she didn't want to fuck my asshole with a dirty rubber cock. She then started working her fingers in and out of my asshole, informing me that if i took the whole cock in my ass, she would let me cum.


this she said as she was dangling the keys in my face. I hadn't cum in about a week so I was more than willing to try. She started massaging the end of the big cock into my asshole before the head of it slipped past my anal ring I was hurting. But once it got past that it started to feel good, I even caught myself fucking back on it. she continued to work the rubber cock in my ass, making me beg to have her work it in and out faster and hard with each stroke.

Then all of a sudden I felt the urge to cum, and then cum started seeping out of my cock. Lots and lots of cum dripped out of the end of it, but it didn't feel like I had cum. She started laughing and said that she had milked the cum out of my cock again without me having the pleasure of feeling the orgasm.

Amy then said my next lesson would be much more exciting for her, and I would have to learn "She is always the master".