Teeny Lovers Innocence and passion Sofy Soul teen porn

Teeny Lovers Innocence and passion Sofy Soul teen porn
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I started fucking Leah in her sleep a month ago the same way every time, and then I got bored. I knew I was going to have to change it up a bit. So the night I was packing for our sleepover, I packed my secret dildo into my bag. I knew me and her sleeping body would have fun with this.


I couldn't wait to watch her cunt stretch with my dildo that I started getting wet thinking about it. Then when I finally got to sneak her the pill I was already planning things in my mind. She was out cold in fifteen minutes and I got to work on her unconscious body.

I undressed her tight body and spread her legs wide.

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I wasn't going to fuck her pussy right away, I wanted it nice and wet first. I rubbed her clit with my finger then my tongue.

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I lapped at her pussy and could smell her juices flowing out. I tasted her once then reached up and massaged her titties. I licked at her nipples till they were hard. I loved pinching them and playing with her sexy body. I licked down her body when I finally couldn't stand being away from her pussy any longer.

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"Oh, yes" I said to myself as I nuzzled my nose and mouth into her pussy just to take in her sent and taste. My pussy munching side took over and I dug in greedily.

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I even bit her pussy skin a bit too hard, but it's not like she'd wake up. I was so horny I couldn't care less if I had hurt her. "Oh, this cunt wants this big dick," I whispered to her unconscious body as I reached behind me to get the dildo I had brought along.

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I moaned to myself as I dragged the head of the fake cock up and down her wet pussy. I slowly sunk the dildo into her gaping pussy. I almost had my orgasm just watching it stretch. Once all eight inches were into her tight pussy I began slowly pulling it in and out. I continued to fuck her while I moved to her side so I could play with her titties while I fucked her amazing cunt.

Then I got an idea.

I knew my pussy was going to need something done to it soon, so I turned myself to my pussy hovered over her head. I knew that since she was passed out she couldn't lick my pussy, so I just rubbed my pussy over her face.

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I moaned quietly as I moved my clit over her nose again and again while I reached down and fucked her with the rhythm of my grinding hips.

After teasing my clit with her face for about ten minutes I felt my orgasm coming. I slammed the dildo into her cunt one last time before I grabbed her nipples and got read to cum on her face.


I pinched her nipple hard while I moaned to myself and pressed my pussy onto her face harder. I panted as my cum ran down her nose into her mouth and on her cheeks. I got off her face and smiled at the site of her covered in my sweet juiced. I kissed her lips before I went to her titties. I was so turned on now that I think I left hickeys on her titties. I licked and could feel my juices still flowing while I teased her nipples.

I went back to her pussy with the giant end of the fake dick sticking out of it. I wanted to fuck this cunt nice and hard, so I got on my knees in between her legs. She was still wet to I was able to pull it in and out easily. I started soft and slow.


My speed increased and I rammed the cock into her harder. Her whole body moved as the dildo slammed into her amazing cunt. Good thing those sleeping pills worked, because I think this brutal of a fucking would wake her up.

I loved watching her amazing tits smack around her chest while I slammed her tight shaved cunt. My arm hurt from slamming this dildo into such a small pussy so after about fifteen minutes of a nice hard cunt fuck, I stopped and slid the dildo out.

I wanted to clean her pussy, not the dildo, so I moved up to her mouth. I pulled her mouth open and slid the cock in. I rolled it around in her limp mouth until it was clean. I thought I'd scream if I didn't get to munch her pussy right now, so I left the cock in her mouth, and would mouth fuck this sexy piece of ass when I was done eating her pussy. I hurried to her pussy and spread her pussy lips wide for my tongue.

I dragged my tongue flat through her pussy five times, cleaning the outside well. I sucked the inside of her pussy lips in my mouth for minutes at a time before I let go of them. I then slid my tongue in as far as I could into her pussy. She was so wet! I slurped the juices and then tongue fucked her tight cunt.

I hadn't stretched her pussy too much, which was good.

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I like her pussy just how it is. I took her clit between my teeth and teased it. She got drenched again easily while my tongue and teeth worked on her clit for about ten minutes. Then I slid back down to her pussy and lapped everything up again.

I took a glance at the clock and figured that I'd had my fun for the night. It had lasted about and hour and a half. Before I pulled her clothes back on I smacked her titties once and watched them jiggle.

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I pulled her shirt down, then her shorts up to her pussy. I reached up her shorts and stuck my finger in her pussy. I moved it around in her juices before pulling it out and sucking on my finger while I fell asleep beside her, after hiding the dildo in my own cunt, of course.

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