Busty amateur dickriding after foreplay

Busty amateur dickriding after foreplay
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In a barn behind a rundown old farmhouse, Jase and Jeremy, 11-year-old best friends just finishing fifth grade, accidentally discovered the brand new joy of loving each other one magical summer day neither of them would ever forget.

They were riding their bikes down a long country road, shirts off, cutoff jeans showing the long, small muscles of their hairless legs.joking, laughing, enjoying the sunshine and the warmth of the breeze as they pedaled slowly, zig-zagging between the small shoulders of the empty road, headed for nowhere in particular, just enjoying the day, enjoying each other, enjoying the sweet, lazy innocence of boyhood summer.

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"I gotta pee," Jeremy said, noticing the old abandoned farmhouse up ahead. "Let's ride up there behind that barn so the cars can't see us." Jase smiled. He didn't know why his friend was worried about cars. They'd been on the road all morning, pedaling around since right after breakfast, and the whole time, they'd only seen one vehicle.an old farmer headed toward town, going five miles and hour on a rusty old tractor.

He tipped his hat and waved at the boys as they passed him, going the other way. But Jase knew his friend was shy. He noticed how he covered himself after showers in gym class this year. It was the first year they had to take showers after gym, and most guys thought it was no big deal, strutting around, making jokes, wagging their dicks at each other and just basically goofing off -- but Jeremy always stayed in the corner of the shower until everybody was done -- then when all the other guys were all dressed up and not paying attention, he'd sneak back to his locker, covering his crotch with cupped hands, and he'd hurry to find a towel to cover himself.

He always dressed so quickly, nobody could see him. "I musta drank too much juice this morning," Jeremy grinned, as they pedaled up the driveway leading to the old, empty farmhouse and the big, red barn beyond.

The yard was full of weeds and overgrown grass. Windows were broken, where other kids had knocked them out with stones. The barn itself was creaky and sagging.a monster of a building.it's dark red paint chipping off everywhere, showing the light brown wood beneath, and the passing of the years of disrepair.

The boys ditched their bikes and ran up behind the barn, out of sight from anybody who might happen to drive by on the road.not that anyone would. They lived in a small town. Country roads were everywhere. Until five o'clock, when people who worked in town started coming home from work, the old county highways and twisty little shortcuts were practically deserted.


Jeremy unzipped his fly and fumbled in his pants. Jase tried not to stare, but lately he found himself thinking of his friend a lot.at night, at home, when he did the thing that made his wiener tingle. He didn't know why, but thinking about Jeremy when he did it.his skin.his tan.the soft, small muscles on his back and his stomach.whenever he pictured those things, it made the feeling come faster.

It made his wiener even harder. "Don't watch," Jeremy said quietly, embarrassed.


He turned to face away from Jase's puzzled face. "How come?" Jase asked innocently. "It's just your dick. What's the big deal?" "No big deal," Jeremy shrugged. "I'm just shy about people seeing it, that's all." "Why? Is it deformed or something?" Jeremy laughed. "No, you butt worm.

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It's regular, just like everybody's." "So, let's see it, then," Jase dared him, a glimmer of mischievousness in his eye. "No way," Jeremy giggled, starting to pee. Jase watched the back view as his stream arched up into a small semicircle, watering the weeds and dead grass near the side of the barn. They could use a little moisture, Jase thought. Maybe he'd hose them down too. He walked up and stood next to his friend, who hurriedly shook off the last few drops and tucked his penis back into his pants before Jase could get a good look.

"I don't know why you're so shy about it. I'm not." He pulled his own penis out of his pants, surprised to find it erect, and strained a little until his flow started.difficult, since his little four-incher was nearly pointing up in the air, aimed more toward his stomach, than the ground.

"Careful," Jeremy laughed. "You'll piss on your shirt." "Yeah, butt wad," Jase grinned. "And I'll make you wear it home." Jase finished his pee, with Jeremy watching intently the whole time.

The boys had been friends for years, but surprisingly, had not really watched each other pee before, except in the dark on camping trips, when they couldn't really see each other. "You got a nice one," Jeremy complimented him. "Same size as mine when it gets hard like that." "So, come on. Let's see it," Jase asked again, hoping this time his friend would loosen up a little. Jeremy looked around to see if anyone was watching -- funny really, since there were no people around for miles.

Satisfied that they were alone, he made a face, blushed a little, squeezed his eyes shut, and took out his wiener again. "There?" he said. "Happy?" "Much better," Jase grinned. "See. No reason to hide it. It's a good one." Jase looked down and studied his friends little tool. It looked tiny compared to his erection. Two inches. Soft and brown, with a pinkish helmet. "How big does it get when you rub it?" "I don't know," Jeremy answered honestly. "I didn't know I was supposed do that." "Really?" Jase asked, surprised.

"You never rubbed your wiener before?" "No," Jeremy replied simply. "Why? What's that do?" "Oh my God," Jase laughed. "I can't believe you've been missing this!" Jeremy looked puzzled. Jase was delighted he was about to give his best friend a lesson in a new activity he figured everybody knew about by now.

"Here," he said, all business. "Sit down here and lean up against the barn with me. I'll show you how to get it going. Then you're on your own." The two boys pulled their pants down around their ankles, did the same with their white cotton briefs, and sat down next to each other on the dead grass next to the barn. "Owch," Jeremy complained. "This stuff pokes my ass." "Trust me," Jase smiled, "in a few more seconds, you won't even notice." Jase sat down and spit on his hand, while Jeremy watched him carefully, not quite sure if he should be duplicating his friend's actions or just watching for the instructions first.

"Geez," Jase laughed. "You don't have to look so serious. I mean, there's no test afterwards." Jeremy laughed and relaxed a little. He spit on his own hand and stopped, waiting for more of the demonstration. Jase complied. He wrapped his hand around his penis and began stroking it up and down, very slowly, with his thumb and his forefinger making a tight circle that flipped against the mushroom head, making him feel really good. Jeremy got the idea fast and began following his friend's motions.

Jase watched in close curiosity as his friend's penis went from soft to straining. It only took about ten slippery strokes, and suddenly Jeremy's wiener was just as long and hard as his own was.

Four inches. Long and thin and beautiful. "Wow," Jeremy gasped. "I didn't know about this spit part." Jase nodded, proud he'd taught someone a valuable new skill. "I mean, I touched it a couple of times when it was dry.and it got all hard and stuff.but I never knew there was a point to any of it, so I always put it back in my pants." Jase laughed.

"Geez, you miss the best part if you do that." "What's the best part?" Jeremy asked innocently. "If you do it long enough, you get a tickly feeling," Jase told him. "What do you mean, tickly?" "Tickly," Jase repeated, rolling his eyes. Boy, he'd have to teach this kid everything. "Keep going. You'll see." Suddenly, without warning, Jeremy reached out and grabbed his friend's penis. "Hey!" Jase gasped. Jeremy's hand snapped back instantly. "Sorry," he said. "I just wanted to see if yours felt the same as mine." Jase lifted his hand up to allow his friend easier access.

"Oh," he said. "That's cool. I just didn't expect it, that's all. Go ahead." Jeremy did it again.spit on his hand for extra slipperiness, reached over, and began stroking his friend's wiener. "Wow," Jase moaned. "It feels even better when you do it." He spit on his own hand, and reached over for Jeremy's. The boys sat there for several minutes, eyes closed, listening to the soft summer breeze blowing through the fields, their breath coming in short, deep, tingly gasps as they continued to gently massage each other up and down.

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Jeremy looked over to his friend's eyes.soft and brown and glazed over with the nice things he was feeling. "I heard once that people can suck each other," he announced casually. Jase looked up.

"Yeah, it's called blowjobs." "Wanna do it?" Jeremy asked, no shyness in his voice now. "Okay," Jase said. "But we have to make a pact first." "What kind of pact?" Jeremy asked him. "That we'll never tell anybody about this. That we have to keep it secret." The boys nodded in agreement, serious looks on their faces. Neither one of them wanted word of this getting back to their school. Two guys being best friends was fine. But two guys sucking each other -- well, that was majorly secret.

"Repeat after me," Jase started.

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"I.Jeremy." "I.Jeremy." "Swear if I live to be really old.like sixty or something." "Swear if I live to be really old.like sixty or something." "I will never tell anybody." "I will never tell anybody." "I sucked things with Jase." "I sucked things with Jase." "Good," Jase announced with finality.

"It's a pact then." "And we can't break it," Jeremy added.


With everything legal, the two boys stretched out head to toe, in the most obvious position possible, and took each others' penises into their young, warm mouths. Jase gasped again in pleasure as he felt his friends slippery lips wrap around his sensitive tip. He felt Jeremy's stomach muscles tighten as he did the same, covering the boy's pink, tender head.his little mouth rounded into an "O," so he wouldn't scrape the sensitive area with his teeth.

"Nice," Jeremy whispered. "That feels really good." "You too," Jase whispered back, taking his mouth of his friend's penis only long enough to answer. Without saying another word, the boys began to suck each other eagerly. Jase enjoyed the taste and the smell. Salty, and a little like sweat from the bike riding and activity of the day. Not a bad sweat, though. A sweet-tasting, gentle sweat.

Slowly at first, then faster, the two friends began pushing their penises in and out of each other's mouths, their hips rocking slowly into each other's faces, pressing in farther, occasionally making the tiniest little slurping sounds, or gagging a little when one of them pushed too hard, too fast. "My feeling's coming," Jase whispered. "Do you want me to stop?" "Why?" asked Jeremy, still rocking, rubbing his slick penis against Jase's cheek so he could talk.

"Some stuff might come out," Jase explained. "Not pee, but sort of this white drop stuff." Jeremy considered this new information. Puzzled, but interested, he answered. "Fine with me. Just tell me when." Jase closed his eyes and pumped into Jeremy's mouth again.

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His tempo increased, his breathing came more rapidly, and clenching his butt cheeks together, he pushed into Jeremy's mouth with one final, large thrust, and felt himself shudder. "Now," he moaned. "Here it comes." Jeremy gagged in surprise as a small squirt of hot liquid shot into his mouth and hit the back of his tongue.

"Ackkk." he said, making a face, but quickly covering Jase's penis again as the rest of the fluid dribbled out. Swishing it in his mouth, he wasn't sure if he wanted to swallow it, so he slowly spit it on the ground next to his head, watching it drool out of his lips, making little white bubbles.

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"Cool!" he said, smiling at what was leaking out of his lips. "I never knew we had anything that color!" "Keep going," Jase smiled. "See if yours works, too." Jeremy closed his eyes and turned his concentration back to the job at hand. Soon, after a few deep pumps into his friend's willing mouth, he felt the most incredible, warm, flushing feeling all over his body. It felt like it started in his stomach, then rushed to his neck, then made his whole forehead feel warm.

It was a wonderful feeling. He moaned out loud, and felt his wiener jerk in Jase's mouth. He lay there panting for a minute, then said, "Did it work?" Jase sat up and grinned at him with a closed mouth.

He held his finger up, as if to say, "just watch." He leaned over slowly and began to spit slowly on the ground. Jeremy was amazed as a thin stream of the white stuff leaked down from between Jase's pursed lips and fell steadily to the ground, like a tiny waterfall. It collected itself into a small, white puddle in the grass. "Wow!" he said. "I did even more than you did!" "Very cool," Jase agreed.

"You must have more in your balls than I do. That's where it grows from." Jeremy nodded, completely impressed. The boys stood up, pulled up their underwear and pants, and walked lazily down to their bikes. "Remember our pact," Jase said warningly.

"Nobody ever finds out." "Swear." Jeremy nodded seriously, showing Jase his palm in agreement. The two friends lifted their bikes and pedaled down the driveway, another warm and adventurous afternoon stretching out joyously in front of them.

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No worries, no cares.and a beautiful pact between them that two best friends in the middle of a lazy summer could share forever. ___________________________________________________ END