She Getting Her TS Pussy Smashed

She Getting Her TS Pussy Smashed
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Chapter 1 Disclaimer:Disney characters used in these stories are not mine but only used for enjoyment.All characters belong to Disney.

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If Roy silvan had known what would come from knowing the two princesses of Arendelle long before he met them then he would have kept clear just as a rat keeps clear of a snake I fear of being consumed.He would never have thought those two girls capable of being anything but sweet,shy,kind and honourable.He was wrong.

He never had any problems with Anna's hyperactive personality and thrill of adventures and freedom.He found it completely normal for the then young strawberry brown haired girl to want a bit of fun in her life and so he took it upon himself to always be her playmate when he was allowed to come to the castle to play.He had fun and that was what was important.

He never had conflict due to Elsa's powers.In fact,his bravery and support of her during the time was what helped Elsa control those icy powers instead of locking them up inside,just waiting to blow up and rage.He had fun seeing her happily making ice crystals and snowmen with but a twirl of hand.

Roy was there when their parents past away at sea and had given silent encouragement and comfort to the two grief stricken sisters in their moment of pain and sadness.He had taken charge of the royal funeral ceremony.By this time,many knew he was a friend of the royal family and would take their plight to him and he would act as a buffer to the soon to be Queen Elsa when he had time to visit.The platinum blonde beauty would listen patiently as possible when he spoke of village and Kingdom troubles and then try to rectify them as best she could.

As for Roy himself? He worked at the local library till he became 18,earning an honest salary and quietly going on with life.For some time he never went to the palace or visited the sisters.When he heard of the royal ball,he had thought of going and seeing Elsa get coronated but decided against it.He was no longer in contact with them and neither was he a noble or important.He would hear about it later anyway.


He heard the next morning that a prince from the southern Isles had tried to assassinate Elsa but had been stopped by the royal guards.He had sighed with relief.He didn't think he could take burying a friend let alone a Queen.Hans,the prince,was publicly executed for the attempt on Elsa's life and the southern Kingdom ordered to pay a large amount of money for their prince's crime.He had been a little shocked at the execution,not knowing if Elsa had the strength to order a man's death.But he didn't know the two sides to her at the time.

Then came the rumours that the royal council was pressuring Elsa and Anna to marry and settle down.Or a least bear a child from a man (ANY man.They didn't care who.Guys were desperate.) Elsa had said they would both think on it.He had laughed at this.They had thought on it for a whole year before the irritating council brought the matter up again.And so the game was on.

Many princes and nobles tried their luck.And got squat.Nadda,nope,zilch.Not one of them had even made it past one meeting with even one princess.If Elsa didn't like you so did Anna.And vice versa.Rinse and repeat.It was amusing for Roy to see royal carriages loaded with unopened gifts and an irritated and frustrated prince or noble ride away in defeat.He wondered who would get lucky.

"Please your majesties,we BEG of you.Choose someone."One old codger of a council member pleaded as the 54th prince to be turned down left Arendelle.They were at their wit's end now and didn't know what to do.They had tried everything.EVERYTHING.And still the girls refused.Poor council members.They had met their matches in their two monarchs.

Then came the day Roy would come to regret.The day he reacquainted himself with the palace and the girls.He was delivering a book to a guard customer when he had been spotted by a riding princess Anna on her way back into the castle.He swore he should have heard funeral sounds if he had paid attention.He was SURE of it. "Roy? Roy silven is that you?" ".Oh hello your majesty.An honour to see you aga.AHHHH!" A flying hug from the top of the horse was his response from the happy princess as they landed in the snow and he was bombarded by questions.

"Where have you been? Why haven't you visited? Don't you know how we needed you for the past two years? Are you working? Looking for a job?.Single?" He had laughed quietly at her million questions causing her to pout,making her look even more beautiful and cute.He never saw her blue eyes take on a slightly darker look for a second.Then it came.

SLAP!! His laughter had dissappear as her gloved hand had made contact with his face,making even the on looking guards wince in apparent pain on his behalf.Anna had kept a dainty gloved hand to her mouth in (though he did not yet know it and thought it true) fake shock.

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"Oh I'm sooo sorry Roy.I didn't mean to,I swear.Ohh,your bleeding.Let me help you with that." Indeed her (surprisingly powerful) slap had cut open the side of his lower lip and it was bleeding slightly.Before he could protest,she had gently used a silk covered finger to wipe a drop of blood from his lip.By now she was straddling his chest though he never noticed her move.She looked at the drop of blood on her silken finger through half open eyes before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it.

"Mmhm.mhm.Mmmmhmmmh.So good." The only thing Roy and the shocked (and aroused) guards could think was one word in their minds.

"The Princess must be a Masochist.Or a vampire.A very sexy vampire." Roy was still in shock as Anna,his childhood friend and Princess of Arendelle,was sucking his blood off her finger while softly moaning in pleasure.She finished and licked her soft red lips.Seeing his lower lip starting to swell slightly,she bent down and captured the swollen part in her soft,warm lips before sucking on it lightly which Roy (though he never said it aloud) found quite good and relieved the sting on his lip.He was then shocked to see her move from his lip to his mouth before kissing him passionately,her tongue fighting for entry into his mouth,which it soon got as their kiss deepened and they held each other close on the cold ground.

"Lucky son of a bitch."Many guards shouted in their minds as he and the strawberry brown haired beauty continued the kiss.Roy was a man though and the feel of Anna's warm body on top of him finally caused his cock to react and stand up,causing Anna to end the kiss and look at him with glee.

"Hmm.Maybe we should take this elsewhere.And I know just the place.Up you get,lover." He could feel the guards hate and envy even if he had been in another continent.He was so dead. ###################### The place was actually a wood shed not far from the stables.Her horse was taken away as she dragged him to the shed and locked the door behind them.Her eyes shone with lust as she looked at him.Her hair done in its usual two braided pigtails with its white streak just made her look more of a cock hungry slut.And it frightened him.What happened to the gentle and shy girl who even at her most passionate could only afford a chaste kiss on the lips and nothing more?

Who was this woman in her place? She pushed Roy to the ground where he landed on his butt while she gently got down in front of him.With unsupressed glee she moved her fingers to his trouser zipper and pulled it down as well as moving his boxers.

FLOP!! Out came his erect seven inch cock and grapefruit sized balls.Anna's blue eyes went wide with wonder and awe as she felt the heat and girth of roy's cock with her soft silk covered hands,making his cock head loose some pre-cum at her touch.Her lips trembled at the sight of his balls and he saw and heard her swallow hard from her mouth watering at the sight.

She just couldn't suck him off.Her sex addled brain seemed to shout at her.She.she must give a good reason. "My,my Roy.You've grown haven't you?

You certainly didn't have this when me,you and Elsa were 16 did you? And to think you've been hiding it from your two dear friends Anna and Elsa.How rude of you.Elsa is just going to LOVE you all over again with this piece of meat." Roy blushed at her words.God damn it!

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What happened to Anna the sweet and shy? This newly created woman in front of him was not sweet and shy that's for sure.The growing wet spot on her silk panties (though he couldn't see it) and the lust filled gaze at his cock was enough evidence of that.She suddenly got a slightly crazed look in her blue eyes.

"But I know your plan,Roy silvan."Plan?

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What plan? She moved her hands down to his large balls massaging them and bending down smell the thick and fertile cum just boiling inside them.She looked at him once more. "You came here to RAPE me Roy,didn't you?"WHAT?!?!His mind screamed denial as she continued."You came to make a grab for the throne by fucking and impregnating your old friend princess Anna,didn't you?

I can practically feel all that thick,fertile jizz just waiting in that ball sack of yours you pervert.You wanted to throw me down onto my bed and plunge your cock into my royal pussy.Pierce my royal womb with your cock,cum in me and make me grow fat with your child till I didn't know north from south,didn't you?

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Well it won't happen.yet." She removed a makeup box from her dress and quickly painted her pouty lips blood red.His cock throbbed and spewed precious pre-cum at the sight,something she noticed as she held it in her hand again. "I'm not letting even a drop of your jizz go anywhere near me or Elsa's pussy.Nowhere near our fertile and royal wombs.yet.For now I'm going to suck every last drop of your fertile and thick jizz down my belly.You won't stand a chance of breeding us like cows then." She looked down at the leaking head and began to suck fervently."All of that thick jizz,your cock and balls.Your children.Your very life now belongs to me and Elsa."she breathed out as she continued,"Your OURS NOW!!!" Her head and red lips collapsed onto his aching cock fully as he almost howled in disbelief and pleasure.He held onto her brown,strawberry hair as she began to suck the very life out of him.


After she was satisfied his cock was well lubed up, she lowered her face to his heavy,seed-filled testicles and lapped at them like a dog, running her fat tongue all over them in long, juicy swipes. Every time her blue eyes met his she gave a throaty groan and she posed for him,her tongue slathered on his balls,Roy's cock resting on her face like a dominant predator.

Then she slurped it back down, throat stretching around the thick, hard, veiny shaft,her tongue splattering his cock with thick saliva and then she tightened her lips in a death-grip.Moments later he felt his shaft begin to fire like a shotgun, blast after blast of sperm slamming into her throat, making her head quiver and fling backwards.He grabbed a fistful of her braided pigtail hair suddenly and slammed her head against the wall, fucking her face roughly, dumping my powerful load down her throat.

"AHHHH.Take my cum Anna.Fucking swallow my thick jizz.Taste that load." Anna had her eyes closed contently,swallowing the thick cum as if she were used to it.Her lips suctioned the base of his cock,making him unload even more cum in her willing and hungry belly.


He released her head and she came of his cock,her throat full of thick jizz we she swallowed and licked her lips."Perfect." She whispered,her eyes gazing at Roy with lust,want,love and need.There was also a hint of possessiveness.

She came and sucked his cock clean before putting it back in his pant and zipping him up.Brushing her hair back into place and redoing her pigtails,she grabbed him and rushed towards the palace. ############################# Elsa had almost acted the same as Anna on seeing him again except she did it with a more regal air and attitude.She did hug him possesively for a good long time though,mashing her breasts against his chest.

"Elsa.I think we've found the perfect husband,don't you think?"Wait.WHAT?! Elsa turned her crystal blue gaze onto him as her eyes took on a more sultry look filled with all that Anna's eyes had been filled with just moments before.Lust,Want,love and need.With a lot of possessiveness and maybe just a hint of.darkness. "Indeed,dear sister." Before he could protest,her lips claimed his own as an ice engagement ring appeared on each of their respective fingers.

(Note:Each princess story takes three chapters for their story to end before going to another.Though Anna and Elsa's story will be together,not separate.Rate and comment on who you'd like to see next.) To be continued.