Tiffany Nunez Sucking Her Students Cock

Tiffany Nunez Sucking Her Students Cock
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My name is Lisa. I am 18 years old. I need to get something off my chest. I will start from the beginning. I am 5 foot 10, and am one of the tallest girls in my group of friends. I am naturally blonde, and have blue eyes. My teacher once said I had "smiley eyes" she said they smiled when I did. My body? Well, I think of it as an average body for a teenager who does not exercise or diet. But, what teenager thinks they have a great body? People have said that my body is nice; it is slim, with a good butt.

I have B cup boobs. That is me. So, to the story. There was a spa hotel place that opened in my hometown 3 months before my 18th birthday.

I really wanted to go, but my mum said no because "it is too expensive". I really wanted to go. If you got the all exclusive booking then you could get unlimited spa treatments! I begged my mum every day, and then on my 18th birthday she got me a booking for me and a friend to go there! It was, of course, unlimited spa treatments.

So, after a week of wondering who to take along with me to the spa hotel, I decided to take one of my best friends, Gabbi. Gabbi and I went way back, and it seemed right to share such an awesome experience with her.

3 weeks later and we had a school holiday and Gabbi and I went to the spa hotel break, as that was when my mum had booked it for. As soon as we walked in I knew the break was going to be amazing; the marble floor, the perfect receptionist, the golden statues, the faultless lift and the calming atmosphere.

Gabbi and I were awe-struck. We got our room keys straight away and our twin room was the most beautiful room you could ever sleep in! I craved for night to come round so I could sleep in the beds that looked like they would wrap you up for a comfy, great night's sleep.

After dumping our bags, we headed down to the spa area to check out what was there and that too, looked like a sort of heaven on Earth. We went and had a massage, then a mud bath, and then we were in a special type of Jacuzzi that was good for the skin and helped burn pounds while you were just sat there. Then, night came round.

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I was so excited to sleep in the beds that angels would be jealous of! Let me tell you, the beds were as heavenly as they looked. I had the best night's sleep I have ever had! The next day Gabbi and I just spent our day in the spa, getting all pampered and relaxed. During our pedicure session Gabbi met a nice guy called James. They arranged to go on a date that night at the hotel's restaurant, Gabbi asked me if I was going to be okay by myself, and I waved her off and stated that there was a CSI: NY marathon on TV tonight and I missed that show, so, I had to watch it!

She giggled and when her pedicure was finished she kissed me good bye and went to go and get ready for her date. I treated myself to a manicure as well, and when that was done it was gone 9, so Gabbi was definitely on her date.

I went back to the room and slipped out of my clothes and underwear and just put a silky dressing gown on that went to just below my butt. I loved this dressing gown, as I was all covered, but I was not clothed. It is weird, but true. I settled down to watch CSI: NY and halfway through there was a knock on the door.

"Room service!" "What? I didn't order room service" "It is a gift from us here, to thank you for staying with us!" I opened the door to a pudgy, 5 foot 3 man with grey hair and dark eyes. "Sorry, my friend is out on a date, I am the only one here, and I can't eat 2 meals, however much I wish I could!" I laughed "Ha!

Well, that is fine. If I could just bring this in?" The man said, nervously. "Of course! Sorry! C'mon in!" I said stepping back into the room. "Thanks" said the man wheeling his room service trolley into the room. He shut the door behind him and came into the middle of my room with his trolley. He scanned the room and glanced at me.

"Umm. So, your friend?" "Hm? She is out, and if she gets lucky won't be back until morning" I laughed "So, you are alone?" "Uh.

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Yeah, but I have CSI to keep me happy" The little man scanned the room again and wiped his hands on his trousers. He seemed very nervous for somebody who has a job of just delivering food, and then I remembered what I was wearing. "Oh my! I am so sorry! I totally forgot I was in this! Do forgive me!" I said looking for something to cover myself with.

I saw a blanket on the other side of my bed to where I was now, and bent to get it when I felt him come up behind me. "It is more than fine" He mumbled I looked back and he grabbed me. I froze in fear.

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"Now you are mine." He whispered in my ear. "Don't scream. Do as I say. Now get on all fours on the bed" "Wh.?" He shoved me onto the bed and shouted for me to get on all fours.


I did. He stroked my back and untied my dressing gown rope around my waist. He pushed the bottom of my dressing gown to m shoulders and got on the bed behind me, fiddling with his trousers. "Please, don't." I pleaded. "Keep quiet and you will enjoy it, my love" "Please, don't" I repeated He smacked my ass and repeated what he said before, "keep quiet and you will enjoy it". He ran his hands up and down my back, and then massaged my ass cheeks.

He took his shirt off, so his big, fat belly was out. He rubbed his hard dick on my ass and stroked my thighs. He then rammed his dick into my pussy and grabbed my waist. "I like it rough" he laughed He attacked my pussy with his dick.

I could feel his belly rubbing on my back; feel his balls hitting my ass cheeks. He suddenly slowed down and he bent down even more, so that he was onto of me and he grabbed my tits. He started playing with those, while still pumping his dick in and out of me. He did that for 5 minutes. He noticed that I was awful quiet and stopped, he ordered me to stand up.

Then he shoved my against the desk in the room, I cried out. "That is more like it!" He snarled He bent me over the desk and mercilessly fucked me, hard.


My hips were banging against the table, my head was pushed to the wall so my cheek was against it, and my legs were being stretched because he had bent me over at literally a 90 degree angle. Then, with one hand he grabbed and squeezed one of my ass cheeks and with the other he pulled my hair. "Please! Stop! Help" I shouted This seemed to give him more energy, as he smacked my ass harder than before and fucked me harder.

Then, he started slowing down and I could feel him letting his load go in my pussy, he moaned in delight. "I knew you would be a good fuck" he whispered Then there was a knock on the door, "help!" I shouted, but my attacker casually walked towards the door and opened it.

When he walked back there was another man with him. "This is the manager of the hotel, honey. He wants to see if you are as good as I say you are." Of course he knew who was at the door! He was now naked! I stood up, with tears in my eyes. "Oh! I love it when they cry" the manager smirked; he came up to me and shoved me onto the bed. "Stay on your back, my love.

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I know Hughie likes you from behind, but I like you where I can see your face" I lay there, pathetically. Knowing I couldn't stop this. A tear rolled from my eye and the manager just laughed.

He took his clothes off and told me to take my dressing gown off, as it was still on my back. I did as he said. I lay back down and adjusted me to his liking.

He opened my legs and got in between them. His whole body was on mine, I could feel his heart beating, I could see the greedy look on his face. He slid his dick in my pussy and told me to wrap my legs round him, when I didn't, 'Hughie' did. The manager started slowly humping me with long, slow strokes, he sucked and nibbled my nipples and rubbed my clit. Then he gradually went faster, and faster and broke out into a sweat. I just stared at the ceiling, praying that someone would help me.

Then the manager pulled out and told me to lie on my side, where he go behind me and lifted my leg up, then fucked me. He went in short and fast strokes and was banging his balls against my leg, then he ejaculated and let out a moan.

He pulled out of me and looked me in the eye.


"Thanks for the fuck, hun" and he walked out. Hughie looked down at me on the bed, broken and beat. He laughed, groped my tit one last time and also left, taking his trolley and closing the door behind him. I looked at the TV and saw CSI was still one.

I wish Mac would have saved me.