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Drivas had almost withdrawn feeling the strength of Sam. She was at the highest level that could be obtained and he was still far ahead of her. Best not anger him she thought. [Anger?] She heard Sam's thought interject. [No it's more like piss me off to the extreme. You really don't want to do that, not now.] [All I want is to end hostilities with you Sam.

I.] Drivas started. [You, I have no qualms with Drivas. Neither do I, with you Thellus, though I will defend myself. As I am sure the both of you have felt I am far beyond the both of you. Though I have to admit you are closer to talking with your minds as I do. So they want me to stop? Not going to happen] [What do we have to do? What can Thellus and I do to stop this,] Drivas asked. [As I said, have them back off THAT is the only thing that is going to save lives this day.] Sam replied to Drivas.

Behind her Drivas heard Sub-Commander Triot scoff. "Tell him that up to now he hasn't broken the law. Though if any die there he will be held accountable!" [I was just told.] Drivas started. [Yeah, I heard him. know this Triot if I move forward and they attack me then it is on your head not mine. As before I will not start this but I will damn sure finish it.

The sad thing? I actually offered to help. The commanding officer that met with an accident decided that I was a threat. Not a wise decision.] Sam told all three of them. Thantas had to smile as she 'heard' everything that was being thought. There was something about this Cliveastone she couldn't put a finger on.

The immunity, the rapid growing abilities. Then there was the fact that he'd only been emerged what two, three weeks? No, there was something definitely different about him, something warmly familiar.

Suddenly Thantas was 'hearing' the thoughts of the Cliveastone man Sam. [I don't know who you are, I know that you are much like I and Raydy. Though she needs to learn more I feel she will grow strong enough soon.] [I.] Thantas started.

[No, don't I know that anything you think they will 'hear' just listen. I'm not sure if you know but there is a triad once again.] Thantas gasp again as Sam continued. [I am in the midst of building another though I am missing the last planet.

I do not wish to though I will destroy the fleet before me. I know they are using you as I feel that what they made you do freed you a bit.] Again Thantas gasped, this Cliveastone man had already passed much of where she'd been at the start of this centuries ago.

Was it possible? He was a full blooded Cliveastone as she'd felt before. It was impossible after all this time yet there he was, plus the fact that he was half again more powerful than she was. Though powering her body up for those few seconds had slightly upped her power.

Then there was the fact that he felt like family. [I would tell you to let them know I am coming though I feel it would fall on deaf ears.

I am letting YOU know I am coming to free you soon. I still have to find Mellos Thymp. She holds a few answers I need. Don't worry I hope to free you soon.] Sam told Thantas.

A sigh went through her thoughts as she felt the energy from this male. As powerful as she was he was more. The gas was the only weapon they had against him, that as she had seen was of no consequence. For the first time in almost five centuries she felt that there was hope.

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Just the fact that there was a triad again would seriously hamper the IP now. She was sure it set them back at least fifty years! Sam broke contact with the powerful mind concentrating on Triot, Drivas, and Thellus.


[Well Triot? I am waiting, though I am about to move forward. Know this if you declare war on me? I guarantee it will be a conflict that even if you defeat me? I will win in the long run.] Sighing Sub-Commander Triot nodded as he started to issue orders. Sam was about to start moving forward when the entire fleet turned each ship slipping into hyper-space. [Perhaps you aren't as stupid as I first thought you were.] Sam said as he accelerated toward the last of the worlds before the triad corner world.

Landing lightly he saw that the IP had been here also. Looking around he could see that all the grey people here were absolutely terrified. Sighing Sam tried to keep his anger under control. It wouldn't do to kill a few thousand when he had just arrived. Might as well as get started he thought. Moving toward the largest city that he'd seen from orbit he was soon met by a huge contingent of gray people. The throng stopped before Sam with an older looking gray stepping forward.

"We were told that a Cliveastone was coming to our world. At first we were frightened that you were here to finish our people off. Queen Triada plus several from our sister worlds have also explained what you are trying to do. Is it true you have already freed two of the triad corner worlds?" Sam bowed to the leader drawing a huge gasp from all those that were present.

"I have, as I intend to do to the last of the corner worlds. I was told that this is the last world in line with that world. I am here to try and free this world, through any means possible." The gray leader nodded as he listened to all Sam had to say.

"You are as the legends said the Cliveastones were. I never thought to meet one so powerful that wishes only to use that power to help. We will do all we can to help you, the mere fact that the IP is gone from our planet for the first time in many years speaks volumes." Sam's eyes got wide as he stated, "Elder I only did what I thought was right." Again the gray leader was nodding to everything that Sam was saying.

Sam was about to turn when the gray leader reached out grabbing Sam's arm. "Young Cliveastone, the last corner world of the triad has had an IP force on it for a long time.

I fear it will not be as easy to free." The gray leader told Sam. Again Sam was nodding, "I will do all I can elder." Again as Sam was about the turn the leader spoke.

"We also know that you do not like to kill though with this enemy you have no little chance not to. Please try to not kill unless you have no choice. Queen Triada has expressed that there is a greatness in you; one that hasn't been seen in a very long time." Sam was quiet a moment before he spoke. "I will do all I can Elder though as you said with this enemy there may be no choice." The leader was nodding as he watched Sam leave the ground disappearing as he got higher.

[I told what you advised me, Queen Triada.] The Elder's thoughts said. [Good I hope that these two triads are able to aid him in what he is trying to do. I haven't seen two triads since I was young. Especially next to each other.] The Queen replied.

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[You really think he can do this?] The Elder asked. [I cannot predict the future Elder, though I hope so. The mere fact we are this close to the freedom of the triads is promising.] The Queen told the Elder.

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Sam was entering hyper-space as soon as he was a good distance from the planet. I hope I don't have to put up with a bunch of gun happy military types this time he thought.

Sub-Commander Triot already had both Drivas and Thellus on the fastest ship they could find. They had withdrawn the one thousandth to the dark side of the next planet in line. There was no way they could allow this planet to fall. Shaking his head an evil smile lit up his face.

They'd just have to exterminate all life if that piece of trash Cliveastone refused to comply. Looking down he saw the progress of the sleek little ship as it made its way to where the fleet was. Those two worthless pieces of shit daughters of his had stopped that piece of garbage before, they should again. Finally they were being of use. Too bad after all of this, they'd have no further use for them.


Even with their advanced levels Thantas would make short work of them. Triot smiled at the thought of hearing their screams as they died when Thantas melted their brains. Both Drivas and Thellus were surprised when they were hustled aboard one of the fastest ships of the IP.

Looking at the controls Drivas saw that they were heading to one of the gray corner triad worlds. [Drivas.] Echoed in her head. Thellus stared at Drivas when Drivas's eyes opened wide.

"What's wrong?" Thellus asked. "It's Thantas," Drivas whispered. "It's like she is right here in my head." Drivas turned toward Thellus an almost blank look in her eyes.

"I feel like there are two people here now." Drivas said tapping her head. "I." Thellus started then stopped her eyes also opening wide. [It will be alright Thellus.] Thellus heard Nodding Thellus listened for a few moments then was quiet. [I know that you two are on your way to where Sam is going. I believe I have a plan for the both of you to help him.

It should also make you indispensable to the IP. I will be working on both of you in the mean time. Now then I want you to.] Thantas began as both Drivas and Thellus's eyes went wide. Sam had been in hyper-space maybe an hour when he exited near another grayish world.

Pulling up short Sam stared at the world. Looking harder he saw no sign of the IP. Shaking his head he thought something wasn't right.

A mere five minutes later the sleek ship with Drivas and Thellus exited the worm hole they'd been traversing. Approaching the gray world they were surprised to see that Sam had already arrived. [Is that you Drivas?] She heard when the ship slowed.

[Hello Sam it is good to 'hear' you again, Sam?] Drivas Said, [Where are you?] [I just got here a few minutes ago.] Sam told her. [Minutes?] Drivas asked. [Ah! Sorry it is a time unit from the planet I was on. It's the one where I first met the both of you.] Sam informed her. [So that idiot Triot sent the both of you to try and stop me huh? Like I told you and him before, it's not going to happen.] [There has to be something that we can do to end this peacefully Sam.] Drivas said a bit of hope in her thoughts.

[Hmmmm, only thing I can think of is the IP to leave not much else will do. Otherwise they are going to start coming up extremely short on personnel and ships. Though as I can see there are none here.

That strikes me as odd. I was told that the IP had a presence here for a long time. I'm not seeing any though I am feeling a strong concentration of IP ships.] Sam told Drivas. [I.] Drivas started. [Look you piece of filth,] Sam heard Triot's thoughts. [You make a single move toward that planet?

Then you seal the fate of all there.

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The whole planet has several planet destroyer charges. Even if you are fast enough to get all of them. You'll never stop the planet wide bombardment from the fleet. Get the fleet and the charges go off. I think it's time for you to leave, NOW!] Triot's thoughts almost screamed at Sam.

Then the IP sub-commander started to laugh.

Sam stayed stock still thinking over all that the IP sub-commander had just relayed. Rage played across his face they'd rather kill these people than allow them to be free? He thought they were insane now he knew it. Sam was about to chance going after everything pushing himself as fast as he could, when he stopped. Cocking his head to one side, a slight smile played across his lips as he started to nod. Sam could still hear the ass sub-commander's laughter when he thought.

[I think I'll take the third option.] Sam thought as he heard the sub-commander start to laugh harder. [There is no third option. Leave or they are all dead! I hope that.] Triot started. [No I suggest you leave before they are all dead.] Sam replied. [Ha! To use your own words, not going to happen!] Triot thought back. Sam just sighed, [ok, their deaths are on your head.] With that Sam vanished Triot's eyes went wide as he started to press several buttons.

To his disbelief several explosions shook then destroyed more than half the fleet. "Open fire! Kill all of those ungrateful louts on the planet!" He shouted. Just as suddenly most of the ships in the front of what was left started to explode. Triot's eyes narrowed as not a single shot even made the atmosphere.

Sam appeared in front of the last one fourth of what was a vast fleet. [Your move you maniacal piece of garbage. You wanted me as an enemy? You've got it! I won't hold back any longer. This was your doing according to the laws that the IP themselves have set down? You are now in violation of a great many. I'm coming for you and the IP. It appears that you are the criminals that you accused my kind of being. By your own rules you are now a wanted man.] Triot smiled as he looked at several displays.

[You are going to have a very hard time enforcing that. Especially after you are dead!] [I doubt seriously that you can make that happen though you are still welcome to try!] Sam thought back. "Retreat now! Form up at these coordinates." Triot ordered.

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[This isn't over you piece of garbage.] Triot thought to Sam. [No, it has just begun. Know this you idiot; I'm damn sure going to finish it one way or the other.] Sam told Triot. Triot growled as he disconnected the thought link Thantas had established for him. "I want you to find any weakness he has Thantas. Find it quickly or the next dose of pain will make those before pale to this set!" Thantas could only feel a great sense of pride for what her fellow Cliveastone had done.

She'd never seen the sub-commander this frustrated before. Not even all the chaos that Mellos Thymp had caused had upset him this much. Maybe this would distract him enough for her to finally end him. Sam was about to finish off the rest of the ships when they all turned many limping off. Sam's eyes narrowed what was Triot's game now?

The male was an unflinching maniac why save them now? Shaking his head he made his way to the last gray triad corner world. Drivas was about to follow the rest of what was left of the fleet when she received an order. "Drivas! I want you to stay as close to that piece of garbage as you can.

Keep him calm as you did today. We got a lot of good intel that should help us toward the next battle with him." Drivas and Thellus both snapped to attention when they heard sub-commander Triot's voice then his image appeared on their view screen. "Yes sir," they both responded. "Should we stay in contact with him?" "No! Just keep an eye on him.

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With all that we have lost we need an eye out there watching him. Since it appears he bears either of you no ill will you will have to take the job. Can the IP depend upon the both of you?" Triot asked.

"Yes sir!" The both of them said as they again snapped to attention for the image of Triot. "We will do everything that we can sir!" Triot's eyes narrowed as he stared hard at both of the females before him. This wasn't the first time he'd seen or heard them both respond like this. Drivas was driven far more than he was comfortable with. There were many in the past who had been the same way and fallen to the way side. Looking harder he looked for the tale tell signs of betrayal that people like Drivas displayed right before they turned.

"This is far too important for your drive to advance special agent Drivas. If you can't do this then I am afraid I'll have to pull the both of you with reassignment." Triot hadn't seen anything but it was a little early he'd have to keep an eye on the both of them.

"We will do all we can to keep an eye on him sir." Drivas said. "With these new levels it shouldn't be too hard to follow him. We will also notify you and command if he comes into contact with Mellos Thymp. According to what he said he is also searching for her. I believe he said she angered him greatly." Triot's eyes widened at this, "So he is hunting her?

One of his own kind? Interesting, very interesting; alright stay in contact I want." Triot went quiet as several alarms were going off.

"Stay in contact. When did she break containment?" Then the line went dead. Drivas and Thellus looked at each other, SHE broke containment? They both nodded as they both whispered, "Thantas." On board the command station every alarm was now going as Thantas's consciousness slipped into her body.

A smile crossed her mouth as she tried to integrate into it as fast as she could. Moving an arm she managed to grasp a line leading to her head. Snapping it loose a new set of alarms went off. "Contain her!" Triot was screaming at the techs.

Triot and half of those there had already donned special head gear. Though at the moment it appeared that she was finding a way around that. Releasing the cable she grasp another trying to yank it loose. She almost had it when she felt the pull back into the machine. Damn, damn, damn! She almost had it! Triot breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she was again contained. How in the hell had she escaped again?

Racking his brain a sudden thought flashed across his mind. Almost five hundred years ago she had managed to escape like this. Something about family? His eyes wide he flew to the computer as he started to pull up all the scans they had made on Sam. A few moments later his mouth dropped open. It wasn't possible! They were all dead! His family had been there when the entire planet of the Cliveastones cracked open then exploded.

Part of his family had died that day, along with almost the entire Cliveastone race. It was all recorded; they all had to be dead except for Thantas. There was no way that this Sam shared almost the same Geno as Thantas! Thantas could feel the slight elevation of her power it wasn't much though any more was a help. She reached out feeling for Sam.

[I can feel what you did, I wish to thank you.] She thought to Sam. Sam had just landed when he felt Thantas's thoughts. [It wasn't much but I feel you can hide more now.

If I get a chance i will do more. For now I have to complete what I am doing. At least this part of the galaxy will be free.] Sam suddenly cut off talking to Thantas as he felt the approach of a huge multitude of beings. Damn it, this doesn't feel all that good he thought.

Suddenly he felt Thantas thoughts try to interject again. [I really don't have time to talk.] Sam thought to Thantas. [Try to not kill too many.

If there aren't enough then the triad will fail also.] Thantas told him. A smirk appeared on Sam's face ha! He thought. Easy for you to say, considering you aren't even here.