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Me Manda Video Pidiendome Los Mecos
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There I was sitting in my car a in a strip mall not too far from home, nervous, anxious, and excited all rolled into one. It has been a long time fantasy to give another man a blowjob and Bill was a willing and able participant, at least from my conversations with him over the Internet. It was not to long before Bill arrived and pulled in next to me recognizing my car from the description I had given him. One last deep breath and I opened the door to his car.

"Ken," he asked "Bill?" I replied. "Yes climb on in." I got into his car and although I'm not much of a car nut it seemed to be a very nice one, the smell of leather and wood adorned everywhere. "Now I have to be back to my car by 9:00 in order to be home before my wife gets back; that's the deal, right?" I said. "I don't think that will be any problem at all," Bill replied. I settled in and Bill headed off. I guessed Bill to be about my age mid forties and I noticed he was well groomed.

Even in casual clothes he looked like he was pretty well off. We drove for about half an hour making small talk when he finally turned onto the circular driveway of his beautiful and expensive home. Entering the house Bill says, "Why don't we go into the living room. I think it will do just fine for what we've planned." Turning the corner into the living room I see two other men seated there. "Ah. Bill this wasn't part of the bargain," I said turning to look at him. "Oh don't be a spoil sport.

When I told my neighbors of our little deal they just had to get into the action," Bill said with a smirk. I glared at Bill but knew that I had come this far and well anyway, in for a penny in for a pound. I nodded my head in agreement.

"Now that's what I wanted to see," Bill said with a big smile. The room was set up with a sofa holding the two other men, one I figured to be about our age, and the other I guessed to be in his mid thirties. Across from the sofa were two wing back chairs and it appeared that a coffee table had been removed from the middle leaving an open space between them.

"Why don't you just go stand in the middle there so we can get a good look at you." I moved to the center of the room as told and Bill took a seat in one of the wingbacks. "Well let's get those cloths off so we can get a real look at you." Facing directly at Bill with my back to the other men I again glared at Bill indicating that this also wasn't part of the deal but I kind of liked his forcefulness of the situation and began taking off my clothes.

I kicked my off shoes, unbuttoned my shirt and threw it to the ground. I could see a smile or smirk on Bills face as I undid my belt, unbuttoned them and dropped my pants to the floor I stepped out of them, bent down, and placed them in a pile with my shirt and shoes.

Struggling to balance on one foot my socks were next. "Now let's get those tightie whiteties off," Bill commanded. Still focused on Bill I bent over and removed my shorts placing them as well with the rest of my clothes. I could feel my cock begin to grow as I stood there naked before these men. "Go on turn around and show off to my friends," Bill said making a pirouetting gesture with his hand. As I turned around I could see the smiles on their faces too.

One of the men said, "Oh yeah this is going to be a good night Bill. Do you think he's a good cocksucker?" Bill replied, "Well I think by the time this night is over he'll be quite the experienced one. Okay that's enough small talk, turnaround a face me." Bill had stood up in front of his chair.

I could see he had taken his shoes off. As I started to walk towards him one of the other men came up from behind and snatched my clothes. "You won't be needing these any time soon," he said as the other man laughed. That sounded odd to me but I just figured they wanted to make sure they got their share.

"Come on get over here it's time to suck your first cock," Bill said demandingly point towards the floor in front of him. I approached him and he kept motioning me closer until I was standing inches from his chest. "Look up at me cocksucker," Bill barked, which I did squarely into his eyes, "Now I expect a great blowjob so don't disappoint me. Now kneel down," Bill said pushing down on my shoulders. As I did I found my head was right at his crotch, perfect height to get his cock in my mouth.

"Now feel that cock through my pants." I reached up and pressed my hand to his pants. "Feel that, that's a cock you're going to become quite accustomed too." What?

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I thought; and before I could ask the question Bill grabbed my head with both hands and pushed it hard into his crotch. At that moment I felt the two other men behind me and in about a second I found my legs being bound by some sort of rope. I tried to jump up but Bill held me tight. When they finished Bill released my head from his crotch. "What the hell is going on here Bill?" I said getting very anxious. "Just relax, they just want to make sure they get their share.

Trust me, it will be all right, especially if you do a good job sucking our cocks." Well, I rationalized my position as maybe this was part of Bill's fantasy. "Now what say we get started? Go on feel my cock again." I could tell he was enjoying all of this because his cock was really beginning to grow as I felt it again through his pants.

I must admit I was kind of enjoying the whole ordeal and a little bondage has always been in the corner of my mind. Bill looked down at me, "well lookie here boys I think our little cock sucker must be enjoying this too, he's got a raging hard-on." I could hear laughter from behind me. "Well don't get too excited Ken there is no relief for you tonight.

Now get going on my zipper." I took both hands and unzipped his pants as slowly and gently as I could. "Go on reach in there and grab a handful." I reached into his pants and felt his cock through his boxers. He was hard and stiff. I rubbed his cock with the palm of my hand slowly up and down. "Oh man that feels good. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm your first cock or not. Alright it's time to get my pants off and get serious." I withdrew my hand and reached for his belt.

It unfastened quickly. I unbuttoned his pants and because the zipper was already open his pants dropped easily to the floor. I reached for his boxers, pulled them towards me as to not catch on his fully erect cock, and pulled them to the floor onto pants.

Bill stepped out of his pants and boxers and tossed them aside. Taking a slightly wider stance Bill smiled down at me, "Now we're getting somewhere. Okay cock sucker time to get sucking that cock!" So this was what I have fantasized about all this time and now it was time to pay up.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock. It felt warm and soft yet hard as a rock. I moved my mouth to him, lifted his cock slightly to get a good angle, and ran my tongue from base of his cock to the very tip.

I lingered at the underside of his cock head and swirled my tongue around it several times. I went back to the base and again started up trying to harden the tip of my tongue as much as I could.

I pushed in to force any precum up that might be starting to emerge. I came back up the tip of his cock and was rewarded by a copious amount of precum. I gently lapped up the clear somewhat salty liquid, opening my mouth I gently drew his cock head in.

It felt wonderful, warm, soft, yet firm. I have felt nothing like this before. I took my hand and wrapped it round the base of Bills cock and drew it up to my mouth. It was like feeling my cock but without the sensation. It felt very different but so enjoyable. I was rewarded with even more precum and it made me excited to really get started. "Well let's get this show on the road," Bill commanded. I began rolling my tongue around the cock head I had in my mouth and began a slow gentle pumping action with my hand as I let his cock head slide in and out of my mouth.

I took my other hand and ran it gently under his balls. They had already gone up and his sack was firm and hard. I traced my fingers back under his balls and massaged his prostate.

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"Oh man that feels real good you fucking cocker sucker now let's start getting a little more of that cock in your mouth." I began sucking more of his cock into my mouth all the while keeping two fingers and my thumb around the base and pumping too. "Jesus Christ boys I think we have a keeper here." I began taking more and more of his cock into my mouth and swirling my tongue around his tip on the backstroke.

I found I could only get about half of his cock into my mouth and any more would certainly invoke my gag reflex.

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"You're half way there cocksucker but it's not a real blow job until it's all in your mouth, that's what you're here for to give me good blow job right?" I indicated to Bill that it was all I could manage and about that time he grabbed the back of my head like before and pushed his cock all the way in and down my throat holding it there.

"Now that's a blow job boy; man that feels incredible," I could hear Bill exclaim. With the pressure Bill's was exerting on the back of my head his cock was well down my throat now and I could not move, breathe, or let alone gag.

I was afraid I would pass out if he didn't pull out soon.

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Nearly turning blue Bill pulled out of my throat leaving only the head of his cock in my mouth. I breathed feverously through my nostrils to bring me back to life. "Suck and lick it now like a good little cock sucker. That's it, right there. Daddy likes." After several moments of licking and swirling my tongue over his head he plunged once again into my throat again holding it there till I thought I would pass out again only to pull it out and have me lick his head.

This went on several more times and then he began to pick up his pace pulling out of my throat only to plunge back in again with a now steady rhythm. I found my gag reflex subsiding and was beginning to enjoy his cock in my mouth and throat, after all this was what I'm here for.

"Oh shit this boy is good! You ready for your first taste of cum cocksucker? Because it won't be long now." He pulled out of my throat one last time resting the head of his cock just inside my mouth. "Now grab that cock and start stroking and my helmet better not slip from your mouth once or I'll shoot my load right down your throat!" I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock, applied some sucking and tongue action to his cock to ensure he was pleasured, and began a rhythmic stroking.

Bill still kept his hands on the back my head. I suspected to ensure I did a good job. "Oh yeah baby!

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That's it keep doing it just like that! Oh man! Oh Man that's it right there don't stop. don't you dare stop till I say so you got it!?" I managed to shake my head yes. "I'm going to make sure you suck me dry you little cocksucker." I could tell Bill was getting close, his breathing was getting labored and I could smell the muskiness of his sweat building up around my face. I picked up the pace of my hand wrapped around his cock.

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I quickly took my other hand and cupped his balls in the palm of my hand. I let my fingers move over his prostate area began to massage the area again.

"Oh shit! Shit! Goddamn I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum in your mouth cock sucker! Don't you dare stop until I say so! Oh yeah, Oh yeah baby, Here it comes!" I could feel Bill's cock stiffen and I began to pick up the pace with a bit more pressure while continuing to cup his balls and rub his prostate. I felt the first load coming up through my hand and explode in my mouth. Before I could even begin to think of swallowing this load the second load came in a very big glob which now filled my mouth completely.

I swallowed the first and second load of his sperm quickly. His cum was warm, slippery, and salty, with a slight metallic taste. His third load was just as big as the last and I gulped it down before the next load hit my mouth. Still stroking as he demanded he continued a fourth and fifth shot, with each load becoming less.

I continued stroking and sucking his cock for thirty to forty seconds until he finally stepped back pulling his cock out from my mouth and collapsed in the chair behind him.

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I sat back on my tied legs well spent continuing to enjoy the taste of the remainder of his cum that was left in my mouth. I had done it, I had fulfilled my fantasy; I had finally sucked a cock.

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"Boy's we have a real keeper here," Bill said exhausted, "You are one cock sucking son of a bitch! Yep a definite keeper." Keeper? What does he mean Keeper? I'm sucking two more cocks and hopefully get home before my wife does. "All right Bitch," I heard from one of the gentlemen behind me, "Crawl your cock sucking ass over here I'm tired of stroking I need that sweet little mouth wrapped around my cock now!"