List of pinoy hunk gay porn star xxx Sometimes this nasty teacher

List of pinoy hunk gay porn star xxx Sometimes this nasty teacher
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It all started at the end of my sophomore year of college. The summer had just started and I was at the airport waiting to board my plane for a summer abroad program. I had decided earlier in the year that I was going to spend this summer in Italy, so after months of begging my wealthy parents for the money, it was all set, I was going to Italy. There were tons of students from surrounding colleges waiting at various terminals waiting to leave for their own trips.

I made it through security and was greeted by my previous English professor, he is in charge of all abroad trips at my college. He gathered a few more students and ushered us all down to our terminal to begin boarding.


Life just wouldn't be life if a few bad things didn't happen, so as you might expect, the flight was delayed several hours because of bad weather. I didn't really speak to anyone, I just sat there and kept to myself, looking up ever so often. It wasn't ten minutes before they started boarding the plane that I looked up and received the shock of my life. There was T. I could not believe he was going on the same trip as me.

Now T is just short for his real name.which no one ever uses because he hates it. To tell you more about myself and T, I would have to start in high school. We both attended the same high school, and I was a year older. We were never really great friends, but we were definitely not enemies either. I had a lot of friends in high school, and we just never moved on from being casual acquaintances.

I came out as gay my senior year in high school, and T was one of the only football jocks who didn't make fun of me and call me names. I secretly always respected him for that. Not that he would have been very intimidating anyway. At about 5 foot 7, maybe 140 lbs, he wasn't much of a threat to me. We had weight training together, and I would often sneak looks at his body. He was built very well, and several times I had seen him naked while he was changing, so I knew he was pretty well endowed, probably around 7.5 inches.

Enough about T for now, I stand 5 foot 9 and I weigh 175. I've always been in good shape, and it was really hard to pick on me since I was bigger than a lot of people. I was the only openly gay guy at my high school, so all the sexual experience I got was from guys from other schools, or the occasional drunken party where I would get drunk and end up being fucked by some of my "straight" friends. Unfortunately, I was never lucky enough to get with T, although I had always thought about it.

Anyway, back to the story. As I was sitting in the terminal waiting to board the plane I just happened to see T sit down in a chair just down the row from me. I got my hopes, but I knew the chances of sitting next to each other on the plane were slim to none. I sat about another five minutes before they announced that we were boarding the plane. I forgot about T and started down the hall onto the plane.

Fortunately for me, this was a later flight, and there were a lot of empty seats. I hate flying on a crowded plane. I put my carry on bag in the overhead storage and was excited when I saw I had a window seat.

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I sat there staring out the window until I felt someone fall into the seat beside me. I turned, and couldn't believe that T was sitting right next to me on this flight. I was so excited. I guess he noticed that I was looking, cause he looked up, and I could tell he was surprised to see me sitting there. I guess he never noticed it was me. We exchanged an awkward hello followed by me asking him how he was enjoying college.

He answered very briefly and the conversation died. I guess this wasn't going to be as fun as I was hoping, but I didn't get discouraged, I knew we had two months to ourselves in a foreign country. I knew I was gonna try and take advantage of it. Little did I know, we would be spending plenty of time together very soon. It was close to midnight, after several hours of flying that the pilot came over the radio and said that we had lost engine one and he was having a hard time keeping the plane up.

T was beside me freaking out. All he could say is "we're gonna die". I kept reassuring him that we would be fine. I had seen several documentaries and I knew that a plane could fly a long ways with one engine gone.

I didn't start to panic until the pilot came back on the radio and said we had lost the second engine. Now I was thoroughly worried.

Sure enough, the plane started the drop out of the sky into a nose dive. Its odd that I should have been worried about dying, but all I could think about was T beside me. He tried to keep his distance during the flight, but now he was gripping my hand so hard I thought it might break. Minutes before the plane hit the water, I remembered a documentary I had watched explaining where the life jackets and inflatable rafts were located in the plane.

I made a last minute effort to get me and T a life jacket and I managed to get a raft, but I knew there was little chance of surviving the crash. Either way, I managed to calm T down enough to put the life jacket over his head and buckle it, and I put mine on. There was nothing left to do but wait.

Right before the plan struck the water, the pilot was able to pull up enough so that we didn't nose dive into the water. I managed to keep myself conscious as we made contact with the water, but T wasn't so lucky. He smashed his head hard against the seat in front of him and was out like a light.

Instead of sitting there and dying, my body kicked into survival mode, and I picked T up out of his seat and headed for the emergency door. The door had blown off when we hit the water, so it was easy enough to get out into the open ocean.

It was pitch black, but the life jackets kept us afloat long enough for me to pull the cord on the raft.

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After pulling myself into the raft, I pulled T out of the water and into the raft with me. It wasn't a few minutes later I must of passed out. I woke up lying on the beach, not wearing my life jacket and with the raft no where in sight.

My first though was to panic. I wondered what happened to the raft, but more importantly, what had happened to T. I managed to pick myself up off the ground and walk around a bit. After regaining my ability to walk, I headed off down the beach. All down the beach was luggage that I could only assume was from the plane.

Every time I came across a bag, I drug it up closer to the trees so I could look through them later. It wasn't long before I came across my own luggage, all of my clothes were soaked, so I laid them out over a tree so they could dry. I didn't really care about my clothes, but I was really hoping that I find my carry on bag. I have always been a little paranoid about losing luggage, so I always kept my important things, like my phone and a change of clothes and a flashlight in my carry on bag. I continued walking down the beach until I spotted something in the distance, I couldn't tell what it was so I started running until the blob came more into view.

It was the raft, and T was still unconscious lying inside. I managed to pull him out of the raft and up closer to the trees, I checked to make sure he was still breathing and not dead, I was very thankful when I could clearly see his chest rising and falling. He was really sun burnt, but at least he was alive.

I went back down to the raft to see if I could salvage any of it to help build a shelter, luckily it was mostly intact, although it was punctured in several places. I started to pull the raft up towards the shower when I felt it tug. It wasn't until I got to the other side that I saw it was pulling on my carry on bag. I couldn't believe my luck. I had managed to survive a plane crash, find all of my luggage, and from what I could tell, I was stuck on an island with just T.

Sure the whole plane crashed thing sucked ass, but if you have to be stranded, at least be stranded with the cute guy from high school. I worked all day gathering all the fallen wood I could find and bringing it back to the shore. It took two days to construct a decent looking shelter.

It ended up being plenty big enough for two people, with the raft making a nice roof to keep the rain out. T had slept for two days and I was starting to worry that something might seriously be wrong with him, but I decided there was nothing I could do but sit and hope he finally woke up. I managed to find several pillows and blankets that had washed up on shore, and before long I had a pretty nice sized bed in the shelter. It was much better than sleeping on the ground.

Although I had found my carry on bag, my iphone was completely soaked, so I had no hopes for it ever working again, but I sat it outside to see if it would dry.

It was another two days before T finally woke up. I wasn't at the shelter when he woke up, I found several trees containing fruit further in the island, so I was collecting some food. I walked back to the shelter in time to see him stumble out the makeshift door. T hadn't seen my walking up, and I stopped when I saw him drop to his knees and start crying.

I couldn't really blame him, it hadn't really hit me yet, I was still in survival mode. I ran over and tried to comfort him, but he pushed me away and tried to act like he was ok.

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"What the hell happened? The last thing I remember was the pilot screaming we had lost the second engine" he said. "You hit your head, you've been unconscious for four days. I put the life jacket on you and pulled you into the raft. I must have passed out, because when I woke up I was lying on this beach, and you were no where in sight" I said. "Y-you saved my life then.well thank you for that." T said as he started to cry again. "look, don't worry about it, and don't cry, things will be ok.i found some fruit, and I built that shelter, so at least we'll be safe until someone finds us", I said.

"don't think I'm not grateful for you saving my life, but I'm not gonna stay in the shelter with you, I'm not gay, and I know you are, I just think it would be weird", T said. It didn't really hit me until just then that I was gonna be stranded here on this island with someone who wouldn't stay in the same room as me because I'm gay. I didn't even realize I was crying until T started trying to apologize, I wasn't mad, but I was really hurt, and for some reason my defense mechanism was to act angry.

I yelled at him and told him that was fine he could sleep in the fucking rain.

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I could tell he was kinda hurt, but I ran up to the shelter crying and slammed the door. I didn't really leave the shelter for a few days, I was just really depressed about the whole situation.

I don't know why I thought I would have some great relationship with T. I figured he wasn't gay, but I never thought he would act like he did, especially after I saved his life.


I could hear him outside trying to build his own shelter, but knew he didn't have the skill I did, and I could hear him cussing when things wouldn't work out right. My dad and I had built a tropical style hut a few years before he died, so I took the same knowledge and used it to build my shelter. It looked like a small tiki hut. A few days passed and the weather was perfect, I had left the hut several times to go get fruit and some fresh water.

T had tried to apologize again, but I wouldn't listen. The only words I said to him were to tell him that some luggage had washed up and I had drug it near the trees. I told him he may want to see if anything belonged to him. He thanked me, but I had already started walking and I didn't really acknowledge his gratitude. It was close to five o clock ( I knew that because I still had my watch on) in the afternoon when I saw the first crack of lightening.

I knew that a storm was coming, and in a way I still felt bad for T. He had been working for days trying to build a shelter, and he failed miserably. If he hadn't of been such an asshole, he would be sharing my hut and all the food I had found, but no worries. I knew I'd be safe and dry. It was only a hour after the rain started that I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and T was standing there soaked from head to toe and coughing. At that moment all the anger I felt towards him simply vanished.

He tried to apologize again, this time I stopped him and told him that I had over reacted and he was welcome to stay with me until he built his on shelter, although this time I offered to help out. I sat him down and grabbed a towel that had washed up and I started to dry him off. He had found his carry on bag, which contained several pairs of shorts and a few t shirts, and I felt like such an ass for not offering him the shelter when the rain started.

All of his clothes were wet including what he had on. As much as I secretly wanted him to strip down and dry off, I knew there was no way he would lose all his clothes in front of me. He did take off his t shirt and shorts, but he kept on his black briefs. I knew I was enjoying the view a little to much, but he never noticed me looking so it all worked out fine.

I finally convinced him he needed some sleep. He had just put his head down on the pillow and he was gone. I woke up the next morning at my usual five a.m. Somehow my body was till on its usual schedule. T was fast asleep, so I figured I would head outside and see what was happening. The rain had stopped and the sun was out it was a beautiful day. I finally hit me that I still had my morning hard on and I knew it had been days since I had any relief. I stumbled just into the forest and found a tree to lean against so I could take care of my little problem.

I had decided early on that it was to hot to wear extra clothing, so I took to just wearing shorts all the time. I'm pretty nicely built. I have a modest six pack which I'm pretty proud of, but T's body was well sculpted. I knew that I had plenty of material from last nights strip show to easily get myself off. I sat back and started to picture T in just his briefs. It wasn't long before I had worked myself up good. I was slowing rubbing my hard cock.

Jacking myself off really hard. I opened my eyes and looked around as I continued pumping my cock. Out of the corner of my eye I saw T standing beside a tree partially hidden. He was watching me the entire time that I was jacking off. I could see him, but he had no clue that I could see him. I decided I was going to put on a good show for him. I managed to wet my finger enough to slide it into my ass.

All I could think about was having T's dick inside me. Between the excitement of knowing T was watching me and awesome job I was doing jacking off and fingering myself, I knew that I was about to blow. I start pumping my dick harder and harder until I blew the biggest load I think I've ever blown. Cum must have shot a good four feet.

I looked and noticed T was playing with his dick. He quickly regained himself and disappeared once he saw I was pulling my shorts back up. I walked back to camp to see T sitting on a fallen tree. I walked over very casually and asked him how long he'd been up. "Just a few minutes", he said.

"I've been sitting here since I woke up". He never looked up, but I could tell he was trying to hide a smirk. I knew he was lying, but he had no clue that I had seen him. I spent much of the rest of the day trying to figure out what this meant. I went to sleep pretty early, but I still heard the door to the hut open and I felt T lay down beside me on my makeshift bed.

I remember thinking how much I'd like to cuddle up next to him. I heard him lightly snoring, and it wasn't much longer before I was asleep myself.

The next morning I managed to sleep in and it was around 9 a.m before I finally woke up. I looked over and T was gone.

I was really hoping he was doing what I thought he was doing, but I didn't want to get to excited. I stepped out of the hut and looked around before realizing that T was no where in sight. I grabbed my shorts and put them on and started to sneak to the spot I saw him watching me, hoping he was jacking off.

I managed to find a slightly more hidden spot and started looking to see if he was there. Sure enough, he had his shorts around his ankles and was stroking his dick hard. I watched for what seemed like hours although it was really only a few minutes. He was rubbing his nipples and fondling his balls while the stroked his huge cock. He would stop every now and then and look around like he heard something.

I knew there was no way he could see or hear me, so I continued watching. I wasn't prepared for what he did next. I watched him slowly lick his finger and rub his asshole, exactly like I had done the day before. He was slowly rubbing his finger around his hole before he managed to slip it in up to the first knuckle.

He winced in pain, I figured he had never done this before. His curiosity must have gotten the best of him after watching my jack session the day before. After a while, he relaxed enough to slip the rest of his finger into his tight hole. He was moaning so hard as he fucked his hole with this finger. He was stroking his dick like he'd never get to again. He was moaning really loudly when all of a sudden he exploded all over his hand and the ground in front of him. He slipped his finger out of his ass and started to clean himself up.

I heard him mutter "Damn, that was intense; I can see why he likes that". I knew after this I might have a chance to get with him. I got up and ran back to the camp, I wanted to make sure I beat him back so he had no clue I had seen him. Once T made it back to camp, I couldn't help but poke a little fun at him.

"You look flustered, what have you been doing?" I asked with a smirk on my face. T looked down embarrassed and said, "nothing, I was just walking through the woods, I heard a noise so I ran most of the way back". "oh, alright then", was all I said, T just looked embarrassed and walked down to the water to swim. I knew that tonight was my night to try something. It had been a week since the crash, and I was in desperate need of some human contact. It rained again that night, T made it to the hut just as the rain started.

I welcomed him in and told him to sit down. It was already dark outside, so I lit a candle and we sat around and talked for a while. At first we just talked about old high school times, and how college was going. I was getting pretty bored of the conversation, and I knew I wanted to mention having seen him in the forest.

Finally I worked up the courage and I started into the most terrifying conversation of my life. "Y-you know, I saw you w-watching me in the forest the other day" I managed to stutter out. T looked like he was going to explode he was so red, "I'm sorry.i was just walking through the woods and I saw you, at first I couldn't tell what you were doing, once I got closer I realized you were jacking off" T looked really embarrassed, but he didn't leave or get defensive, so I decided to take it a little bit farther.

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"Well, I saw you this afternoon, in the woods I mean" I said slowly but confident. "oh my god, you saw that…" T said after a few minutes of silence. "yeh, I did, I don't want you to freak out or anything.i was just walking, and I heard you moaning, I thought you might have been hurt, but then I saw you jacking off" I said. "you don't have to be embarrassed or anything, I mean I finger myself all the time, it makes me come harder.

If you're gay, you can tell me, I wont judge you" I said, although I regretted it instantly. T jumped up and hit me in the face. "I'm not gay!" he screamed, and then he sat back down breathing hard.

All I could do was cry, I sat on the bed and cried until T got up and came over and told me to stop crying. He was still yelling, which only made me cry harder.

Finally, he pushed me over and leaned in really close to me. I thought he was going to yell at me more, but he looked me in the eyes, leaned in really close and kissed me. He kissed me for what felt like forever. It was the greatest kiss I've ever gotten.

In that moment I knew that I had feelings for him, and I really hoped he had feelings for me. After the kiss was over, I could tell that T was hard. He knew I was looking, but instead of being angry with me he just smiled and unbuttoned his shorts. I didn't need any more invitation, I reached out and brought his zipper down, then I slowly pulled his shorts off and tossed them across the hut. T laid back on the bed and I started kissing his neck. He never said a word, he just moaned as I continued kissing up and down his neck.

I managed to control myself enough to move on. I started licking his nipple slowly before I really went to sucking on it. I could feel his huge erection pressing against mine, all I could do was grind my hard on against his. I kissed my way down his stomach until I reached the band of his briefs. I started to pull them down when T stopped me.

"I don't think I can do this", he said, " I really don't think that I'm gay" I had come this far, there was no way I stopping now. "me sucking you off isn't gonna make you gay" I said as I slide his briefs down.

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T had pretty much given up trying to stop me and let me continue on my adventure. Once I had T's briefs down to his ankles, I realized I was face to face with his huge cock.

In one quick move I took as much as I could into my mouth. T moaned louder than I've ever heard anyone moan as I started sucking lightly on the head of his cock.


As I was sucking, I managed to undo my shorts and slide them off. Just to be prepared, I didn't wear any underwear after I saw T in the woods. I didn't want anything to slow us down and give him time to think. T's dick was salty but sweet and I sucked it like I hadn't seen a dick in years. He watched me with his beautiful eyes my head bobbed up and down on his pole. I knew that I had him right where I wanted him, and all he could do was moan as I gave him the best blowjob he had ever had.

I would stop ever so often to lick and suck his balls. This caused him to pant and moan. "don't stop" was all he would say as I continued sucking his huge cock. After ten solid minutes of me sucking his dick he started to moan harder, all he said was "I'm close". Right then I stopped and moved away so he wouldn't come.

He was mad and tried to jack himself off, but I'm a little stronger. I held his hands until he had calmed down. Once he was cooled off he was really angry, "why did you stop, I was so close?" he yelled at me. "Theres something else I want to do, I think you'll like it and I want to cum too!" I said.

T accepted this answer, but he still looked a little shocked that I stopped so quickly. I got up and sat down on T's crotch. I think in his mind he knew what was about to happen, but he was to shocked to move. I leaned down and kissed him, I was so happy when he kissed me back just as passionately. I got back down and sucked his dick a little more just to get it nice and wet.

After I was sure it was wet enough I positioned myself just over his dick. I took his dick in my hand and positioned it right at the entrance to my tight hole.

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"I haven't been fucked in a year, so I should nice and tight for you" was all I said to him. "I really don't think I can do this" T said, but it fell on deaf ears. I slowly started lowering myself onto his massive rod. The first two inches slipped in easily, but I was still really tight from not having sex in a while. After allowing myself to adjust, I managed to slide down another two inches. T was moaning and telling me how tight I was. After about five minutes I managed to slide all the way down his huge cock.

I started quickly bouncing up and down on his dick. His thick cock felt so good as it pounded in and out of my ass. After several minutes, T said "can we change positions". I let his cock slip out of me, and I moved to my knees with my ass up in the air. T got behind me and guided his cock back to my waiting hole. With one thrust he buried his cock as deep as he could into my tight ass.

T was holding my waist and fucking me doggy style on the bed. I couldn't believe this was happening. He was fucking me like I imagined he fucked all his girlfriends. It was hard and fast but passionate at the same time. All I could do was scream his name as he pounded me harder and harder. "oh fuck yeh, fuck yeh T. Fuck me! Yes! Harder!" I screamed as he pounded my ass.

I was jacking my dick while he fucked my tight ass. I screamed "I'm about to come", but T pulled out and grabbed my hands. "Paybacks a bitch!", he said laughing. I was so pissed. "why did you do that? I thought you were having fun?" I said.

"oh I'm having a great time, but you'll cum at the same time I do, and i wasn't ready for it to be over" he said as he kissed me again.

"you know we can do this everyday, if you want" I said to him. "oh I plan on doing this everyday from now on", he said smirking at me again. He laid me on my back and put my legs over his shoulders. Again, with one thrust, his dick was buried in my ass again.

He thrust in and out harder than he had before. I was screaming his name as he pounded me harder and harder. "Oh fuck yes T, fuck yes, please, fuck me harder!" I screamed. "I'll show you harder" he said as he pounded my ass even harder and faster. I was screaming his name "oh T, T fuck yes T, harder, faster, please don't stop, oh god I'm so close" " I am too", he said "I'm gonna pull out and come on you".

"oh fuck no", I said, "you're gonna come inside me" I yelled! T kept pumping and jerking me off at the same time. I was pleading for him to fuck me harder, but I knew he was close. I grabbed my dick and jerked myself as fast as I could. When I came, I tightened my ass as tight as I could, this sent T over the edge, and he exploded his seed deep inside me.

We were both so tired we just fell on to the bed and passed out. I woke up the next morning in T's arms.

I felt his morning wood pressing against my ass… I knew the next few months were going to be full adventure. End Part 1.