Teen blondie carolina sweets gets her pussy punished

Teen blondie carolina sweets gets her pussy punished
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Today was the day! The drama classes were going on the district wide retreat up to the lodge. There would be workshops, performances, food. More importantly, we would all get to meet new people and hang out with the ones we already knew. The weather was stormy. As our little mob of misfits waited for the bus the sidewalk was pelted with droplets of rain. I wore only a thin grey cardigan over my white tanktop paired with leggings and black boots; the droplets of rain had really gotten my clothes soaked.

My dark red curls were damp and I really didn't want to be standing around out there anymore.

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"Hey! Asha!" before I had a chance to turn around, I was greeted by Kathlyn. She was a cool girl, a year younger than my 17 years and better dressed for a the weather than I was. Her green eyes flicked down my curvy body, a smirk forming on her pretty pink mouth although she said nothing. "Do you have a seatmate yet? We should sit together!" I hadn't spent that much time with her and had been planning on just listening to my ipod the entire 3 hour ride up to the lodge, but she was an attractive girl .And I couldnt help eyeing the blanket she had tucked under her arm.

That would certainly be helpful, instead of me having to dig through my luggage for something. I nodded my assent, and soon the bus pulled up. We all settled in as a big noisy mess. Me and Kathlyn snagged seats in the middle of the bus, with me on the window side.

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Everyone around us was busy chatting or yelling to the others around them, but from the moment we sat down Kathlyn was intent on only speaking to me. I licked my lips at one point because they were dry, and I saw her eyes follow the movement of my tongue. "Cold?" She offered, spreading her fleece throw-size blanket over the both of us. I smiled appreciatively, but gasped when her hand that was under the blanket was suddenly resting on my knee.

I gazed at her questioneningly for a moment before my eyes flew to look around us; everyone was preoccupied. But what was she doing?

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Her fingers danced across my legging covered knee, and Kathlyn moved closed for a moment, whispering huskily in my ear as if telling a secret. "The moment I saw you all wet out there in the rain.oh god, and your ass is just perfect in those fucking tight little pants, it's so hot.you have no idea.

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I've wanted to touch you since I've met you." Her lips brushed against the cartiledge of my ear for a moment and I felt the gush of wetness at my crotch. This was so risky, so wrong. I had experimented a little bit with other girls as a child, but this?


This was on a whole other level. I bit my lip, trying to find the words to say. Kathlyn just sat back, grinning, letting her hand rub up my thigh.

She moved in sensual movements until getting to the inner part of my leg, always stopping just short of my dripping wet pussy.

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"Kathlyn." I murmured, and it was like begging. Giggling, she rubbed her hand over my cloth covered mound. Slowly, so slowly.teasing me. Her soft little fingers danced up to the waistband of my leggings and soon her silky hands were caressing the skin just above my honeypot. I sighed, struggling to stay calm and appear normal. My inner muscles were convulsing already, tightening and moving so that my tight walls caressed each other and made the other girls touch all the better. Kathlyn continued like this for a long time before slowly slipping a finger down to tease my moist lips.

She tiptoed up one side and down the other, feeling my hairless skin. "So soft." she murmured in wonder. Her green eyes widened as she let a finger slip between my lips to feel the wetness there. I could tell from the way she swallowed at nothing that she wondered how my sugars would taste.

She slid her slick finger up to my clit, teasing the area around it. My hips bucked up ever so slightly, as I moved involuntarily with the movement of her hand.

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She finally flicked across my little button and I bit my lip hard to stop from screaming. She had gotten me so riled up and now it just felt soooo good. But that was all she gave me of that, instead moving down to my dripping little hole and putting two digits inside. Slowly and easily she moved them in and out,and my hips found the rhythm. She curled her finger and a tiny mewling sound burst from my mouth as she triggered my g spot.

I was in heaven, a thousand feet off the ground and I never wanted to come down.

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Kathlyn could see how hot I was, how ready. She didn't make me wait anymore. Moving her nectar covered fingers out of my tight little pussy she went back to my clit and rubbed it quickly.

I came instantly, my panties getting soaked and my eyes falling closed. It was a struggle to keep my mouth shut. If it hadn't felt so good, I would have been praying that no one noticed. "Okay class,we're here!" Mrs. Clementine suddenly annouced this, and the pair of us were shocked out of out reverie. Had we really passed the last half of the journey that way?

And what a journey it had been! I looked over at Kathlyn in wonder, but she just winked at me, and popped a finger in her mouth. I smiled, and our mutual look became more knowing. This wasn't the end, there would be more, definately.


After everyone had filed off the bus and I was pulling my luggage out of the outer compartment of the bus, a familiar body came up behind me, whispering in my ear. "I saw what was going on today, on the bus. Is that how you like it, darling?" I blushed, turning around abruptly. It was Oliver. I hadn't been expecting him to say that, and now I was embarassed. I couldn't look him the eye.


I had always thought he was cute, but what? Now he was probably just going to write me off as a lesbian.

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I shrugged slowly, grinning at him with all the flirtation I could muster. "Oh, I dunno. Maybe you'll find out sometime." The rest of the day passed in a blur. We had a few fun games and activities, but before I knew it, it was time for us all to go to bed and find our assigned rooms. I trudged upstairs. Yep, 4A. My name was written on a piece of paper under the room number, and.so was kathlyn's.

I hurried inside. It really looked like this trip was going to be a whole lot more fun all of a sudden.