Sister anal fuck by bro

Sister anal fuck by bro
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When my alarm went off I grabbed my cell phone and called Uncle to check in. Uncle told me that there would be someone by my apartment in three hours to pick me up and take me to a club that Daddy wanted to show me off at.

I went back to sleep after the phone call for another hour and a half. I got up with my alarm and showered and shaved and got out my one piece dress that had a high skirt and low cut neck. I choose not to wear the thigh high boots that look so good with it and just got some stringy high heels. The cell phone rang fifteen minutes before the expected time and the driver said he was down stairs and to get my stupid white ass downstairs.

I immediately went down stairs and got in the back seat. The driver drove for a few blocks and then pulled into an alleyway. He got out of the car and got in the back seat with me and told me to suck his dick and hurry because we needed to be at the club in thirty minutes. He pulled his limp cock out of his pants and waved it from side to side.

I didn't know if I should, not knowing if Daddy would want to be the first to take me for the day. The driver grabbed my neck and pulled me down to his cock. I took his limp cock into my mouth and began sucking his cock. He had a good sized cock and I loved the feel of it in my mouth as I sucked tight on it and massaged his balls.

A fire was burning in my body as I tried to remember this guy from the night before when the twenty six gang member's gang fucked me, but I couldn't. The idea that this cock was in my ass, pussy and/or mouth the night before and I had no idea who he was now got that desire to be a black cock slut burning heavy in me.

The driver began fingering my pussy as I continued to suck his dick. As he got harder I would lick his cock head and then suck his head into my mouth. I would bob my mouth just on his head making sure to gently graze my teeth over the ridges of his head. Then I began sucking him to the opening of my throat and sucked him tight as I bobbed furiously on his head.

As soon as he was completely hard I started taking him down my throat. I gagged and choked on his cock as I would hold it deep in my throat. Then I would pull his cock from my throat and get my breathe and then start from his head then take him to my throat. The driver grabbed the back of my head then started fucking my mouth and throat as he called me a stupid white hoe.

He would ask me if I liked getting fucked by all his brothas the night before. He told me how he loved fucking little white bitches and was gonna enjoy fucking me when he wanted to. He continued to fuck my mouth and I continued to moan each time he asked me a question. Within minutes he was bucking into my mouth and exploded in my mouth and on my face.

After I licked him clean he put his cock back in his pants and then got back into the driver's seat and started driving us to the club. I pulled some wet wipes out of a small bag that I brought with me and cleaned myself. My pussy was wet and stimulated so I finished off what the fingers in my pussy started as we continued to the club. I didn't get to climax because we pulled up to the club so I was so fucking horny and wanted to just ride a black dick so I could cum on it.

There were about four black gangsters standing outside the door of the club. The driver got out of the car and opened the door for me and I got out. The four bangers at the door cat called as I got out of the car, I purposefully had my mini high so that my bare pussy was shown to the four at the door as I swung my legs out of the car. The driver walked me into the club and to a table where Uncle and Daddy were at. Uncle stood and I slid into the booth next to Daddy.

Uncle got back in and slid up next to me. Daddy is so big and dominant it was sending electricity thru me just sitting next to him. "Yeah that's a good outfit slut, you gonna make some dicks hard in that shit" Daddy said as he looked at me and then put his arm around me and placed his hand on my breast. "Thank you Daddy" I replied as I placed a hand on Daddys and Uncles knees and began caressing their legs.

"Uncle said you did a good job for me last night slut, you have fun getting fucked by six brothas?" Daddy asked as he continued to grip my breast in his hand. "Umhm, I loved it Daddy, thank you for setting it up for me" I responded as I continued to stroke his thigh. "Hell yeah Mama, you gonna make me lots of money, brothas love paying for a white slut like you that really likes getting fucked by black dick" Daddy said as he took a drink from his glass.

"Lots of white bitches say they like it then just half ass it. You keep doing like you're doing and you'll be my best slut. Have them fuckers standing in a line a mile long to get in your shit." "Daddy I love being used by black men it gets my pussy so wet. I was born to serve black men and now that you own me I will do everything you demand of me" I replied slowly and quietly as I reached my hand to his crotch and caressed his cock thru his pants.

"Just please give me lots of this." "So you want some of Daddy's dick do ya?" Daddy said as he looked me over. "UmHm, I sure do Daddy." I said moaning and smiling up at him as he scanned me.

"Damn girl you are fine as shit. Daddy gonna give you some in a bit. I got some brothas coming to this club just to check you out. Fuckers thinking about joining up so I want them to see why they should join me and my boys. Let them see the fine ass white sluts I got" Daddy said as he smiled at me. "Then we gonna get out this mother fucker and go to a business meeting. You gonna service all us brothas in that meeting. Get us some drinks and keep our glasses filled and make sure you don't fuck that up.

I got a reputation to keep and you fuck it up even a little I'll put your ass on the street for the bums to use.

You hear me white slut?" Daddy asked as he released my breast and grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. "Yes Daddy I promise not to fuck up!" I said as Daddy held my head back.

"Aight then, for now just get you a drink and let me and Uncle talk for a bit. I need to talk to the brotha that drove you over here to, fucker dumped his load in your mouth coming over here didn't he?" Daddy asked as he pulled on my hair again. "Yes I sucked his cock like I thought you wanted me too Daddy." I responded in a strained voice. "Bitch you just fuckin stupid. Anytime you meeting me nobody sticks a cock in you until I say its ok. You hear me slut?" Daddy asked again as he pulled harder on my hair.

"Yes Sir, Daddy. I won't do it again unless you say so" I responded, this time a little fear in my voice. "That's right bitch, you better respect my ass or you know where you'll be. Now go wash your mouth out, if I smell cum on your breath when you come back your ass is going on the street right now. See how you like trying to make Daddy a thousand dollars a night by sucking dick at twenty dollars a cock" Daddy said as he released my hair and waved his hand for me to leave him.

Uncle stood and pointed toward a bathroom. I walked to the bath room all the men's eyes were on me as I made my way to the bathroom.

I got in and immediately washed out my mouth and took some mouth wash out of my little bag. It was a small bottle so I used the entire bottle to wash my mouth out and freshen my breath. I came out of the bathroom and walked back to the table. Five new men were there at the table.

They were young probably only eighteen or maybe younger. Uncle stood up and let me in to the booth and I slid next to Daddy and sat quietly. "See niggas', this here is another reason you want to roll with us. This little white bitch is mine, I own her, but sometimes I let my boys get up in her shit.

Just last night we fucked this bitch out, we tied her ass to a desk and fucked every hole she has, and we fucked this slut all night long. Every brother in my posse dumped a load into my slut here. And if she aint making money for me or riding my dick I let you fools call on her and she takes care of you.

All you gotta do is ask and I let you have some of her shit" Daddy said as he placed his arm around me and grabbed my tit again, this time pulling my shirt down to show the five men my tit. "Tell em Hoe, how you fucked and sucked all my boys last night." "Umhm Daddy, I loved all of it MmMMm I loved how all you big dicked studs used me like a cum slut last night, can we do it again please?" I replied as I looked at Daddy with a sexy smile and then to the five new men at the table.

"God damn, see what the fuck I am tellin you? This little bitch is good too, she got a tight fucking ass and pussy, we aint fucked that shit out yet. And damn niggas, you aint had your cock sucked til this little bitch locks her lips on your shit. Why don't you show them bitch how you like sucking black dick" Daddy said as he moved his hand behind my neck and pulled me to his crotch. I immediately worked on freeing his cock from his trousers.

I unzipped his pants and eagerly went after his cock. I sucked his cock head into my mouth and licked and sucked on his fat hood. I sucked his half limp cock in and out of my mouth as I leaned over his crotch. "Damn ya'll brothas cant see her in action.


Take my dick out of my mouth bitch" Daddy said as he pulled my head off his cock by my hair. Daddy then pulled himself up so that he was sitting on the ledge above the back of the booth seat. He was well above the top of the table so these five would be gangsters could watch me sucking his cock.

He pulled me up to him and so I pulled my knees onto the seat of the booth and got on my knees and then I took his cock back in my mouth. His cock was getting hard and so it was starting to stand up. I locked my lips on his head and began running my tongue over his cock head, licking it in tight circles. I made sure that all five men could see my face and mouth as I started sliding my mouth down his cock.

I pushed my mouth slowly down his huge black shaft. My pussy was getting moist at what was happening. Here I was sucking my pimp's huge black cock in front of five men to try and get them to join his gang. The passion and desire flooded my body but I still slowly pressed his cock deeper into my mouth.

When his cock head pressed against my throat I stopped briefly and took a large gulp of air in to my lungs through my nostrils.


I pressed his cock deep into my throat slowly and began gagging and choking as soon as his head popped into my throat.

I continued to take his cock deeper into me. I wanted to get all of his cock to show these new gangsters I could take a twelve inch black cock that was bigger around than a fist.

I held his cock in my throat as I violently gagged and choked on his shaft. My eyes were watering and I started seeing spots from lack of oxygen in my lungs so I pulled off his cock quickly and gasped for air. Spit from my mouth covered my pimps dick and strings of spit hung from my open mouth. After I had my breath I took his cock back into my mouth, I began sucking him in a tight vacuum as I pushed and pulled his cock in and out of my mouth and throat.

I sucked his cock like this for about five minutes as the men sat there and watched and talked about how good I looked with black dick in my mouth. Daddy then grabbed my head and began fucking my throat and mouth just forcefully and continuously stroking his cock into me.

My throat was making that squishing sound as he filled it with his cock. Uncle ordered me to get on top of the table and show the men my tight pussy as I sucked my pimp. I did as I was told and climbed onto the table and got on my hands and knees as Daddy stood and began fucking my mouth and throat again.

Uncle pulled my skirt over my hips and started rubbing his finger up and down my labia. I was completely consumed, Daddy fucking my mouth and these five black gangster looking at my pink pussy and Uncle rubbing my clit. I was already wet and Uncle slid his finger into my pussy and stroked it in a few times then pulled it out and stuck it on his mouth and sucked my juices off his finger. "Damn that's some sweet fucking pussy, this white bitch is the shit fools" Uncle said as he slapped my ass hard.

"Go ahead stick a finger in that shit and take a taste." Each of the five men took turns fingering my pussy and then taking a taste of me. As each man would slide his fingers into my pussy I would start rolling my hips making my pussy slide up and down their fingers. "Damn this slut sucks good dick and is ready for some brotha to slide up in her shit" Daddy said as he continued to fuck my mouth.

I was moaning into my pimps cock in my mouth and throat from the sensations the fingers in my pussy were providing me. I was desperate to feel a big black cock in my cunt so I took Daddy's dick from my mouth and begged for him to let one of them fuck my pussy good. "See, what did I tell you? This little bitch begs to be used by black dick and she aint no fucking skank either.

Just a natural born fine ass black cock slut" Daddy said as I continued sucking his cock vigorously. "But these fools don't get no pussy off of you till they get jumped in. But, I will let you suck their cocks as I fuck your pussy. You want that slut?" I pulled my mouth off his cock and begged, "umHm please Daddy, let me suck all their cocks while you take me from behind." "Aight then bitch turn your slut ass around slide down this dick" Daddy commanded.

I span around quickly and one of the five wannabe gangsters was already standing and struggling to free his cock from his pants. Daddy placed his hands on my hips and pulled me back to him and I scooted up close.

My Pimp began pulling and pushing his cock head up and down my pussy lips. I begged for my pimp to fill my pussy with his cock and got a hard slap on my ass cheek for my trouble. As Daddy began pressing his cock into my pussy the pressure of his huge black head straining against my slippery wet pussy lips made me squeal. As his head popped into my pussy and he began pressing his cock into me I stopped breathing and closed my eyes and held my mouth open in pure shock from the sensation of his huge black cock filling my cunt.

The young black man at my face filled my mouth with his black cock and began fucking my face quickly. He was fucking hard as a rock and as Daddy got me balls deep I was taking the young black dick all the way down my throat. Daddy began slowly pulling and pushing his huge cock into me and my body went rigid as the sensations of his cock pressing against the walls of my pussy flooded over me.

My new pimps cock was by far the biggest and best feeling black cock I had ever had. I was in heaven as it stroked in and out of me. I began sucking the cock in my mouth so tight and so forcefully that in a minute he was blowing his load into my mouth. I swallowed his salty slime immediately and begged Daddy to fuck me harder. The other four young black wannabe's had their trousers down and were jerking their cocks. They all had impressive dicks and within a few seconds of their friend blasting his load into my mouth the next cock was deep in my mouth.

My pimps cock was pressing all the right spots and as he fucked my pussy with fast deep strokes I tensed and screamed into the cock in my mouth and my pussy erupted into spasms as I cam all over my pimps huge black dick. Daddy began slow stroking his cock into me as my pussy was still cumming on him; I was going fucking crazy, panting and moaning and screaming. The second young black man that was fucking my mouth had some staying power so I sucked his cock or he fucked my mouth and throat for about five minutes as Daddy continued to fuck me doggy style.

Soon the second young man shoved his cock down my throat and filled my stomach full of his cum. Daddy pulled out of my pussy and pressed his cock into my asshole. After a few seconds his big dick forced its way passed my tight sphincter.

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I screamed in pain and pleasure as he pushed deeper and deeper into me. He slowly pressed into my ass as the third youth mounted my face and soon came on my face and in my mouth as Daddy continued to fuck my ass. The fourth guy never even got his cock in my mouth before he blasted his load all over my face. The men at the table laughed at him but I told him to let me suck him clean and so I did. Daddy had been continuously fucking my ass faster and faster and by the time the fifth guy was getting ready to fill my mouth with his cock my pimp pulled out of my ass and shot his load all over my tight ass cheeks and my back.

I ran my fingers thru the cum on my ass and back and then pulled my hands to my mouth and licked all the cum from my fingers.

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The fifth young man placed his cock in my mouth and I eagerly sucked on his cock. Taking him from head to the back of my throat and sucking his cock as good as I knew how.

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I wanted Daddy to get his new bangers so there would be thirty one black gangsters fucking me every weekend. I was so involved with the cock in my mouth that I didn't even notice Uncle getting behind me. All I felt was a big black cock pressing into my pussy and I moaned and squealed at the pleasure that was coming from my cunt. Uncle then grabbed my hips and just began fucking me as fast and as hard as he could. I was squealing, screaming and moaning and begging him to fuck me harder.

The fifth young cock that was in my mouth was bigger than any of the others and I loved how it felt in my mouth. He soon told me that he was about to cum in my mouth so I opened my mouth and licked his head in circles with my tongue. When I knew he was about to cum I held my mouth open and tongue out waiting for his jizz to squirt into my mouth. He shot a long thick stream of cum straight into my mouth and into my throat and I choked hard on it.

The rest of his cum shots were in my eyes or my cheeks or on my lips. Daddy pushed the young man out of the way and took a picture of me with his phone then ordered two of the young gangsters to hold their cocks beside my face. They did as instructed and Daddy took a pic of my cum covered face with two big black cocks to each side of me.

Uncle all the time continued to fuck my pussy hard and fast. After I had sucked the five young black wannabe's they all sat and watched me scream and beg to be fucked by Uncles black cock. Daddy used his phone to record a video the last few minutes of Uncle fucking me and as Uncle pumped his blast of seed into my pussy I came again on his cock. As Uncle pulled out of my pussy Daddy showed me the video of me on my hands and knees on the table top with my cum covered face towards the camera.

My heart shaped ass was well defined above my head in the scene and my short shoulder length straight raven hair would swing in my face as Uncle pounded his cock into me. I was so turned on seeing a video of myself getting fucked like that.

"Oh fuck Daddy that's hot Umm," I moaned as I licked my lips of cum and used my fingers to pull the cum on my face and eyes and then sucked my fingers clean.

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"Fuck yeah bitch, you fuck black dick damn good. And you giving me an idea too. I tell you what fools" Daddy said turning to the five young men that he was trying to get in his gang.

"If you fuckers want in with us then be at our crib Wednesday ready to be jumped in. But bring a brand new top of the line digital camera with you. Those of you that survive will get to fuck this black cock slut here all next Saturday night and we'll record that shit. How's that sound to you brothas?" Daddy said as he watched me clean myself with a towel Uncle had thrown at me.

The thought of getting videoed as all these black gangsters fucked me sent a shock of electricity up my spine. The five men all agreed and then were shown out of the club. I was back sitting in the seat and had cleaned all the cum off of me.

Daddy told me to go back home and get cleaned up and changed since there were large cum stains on my dress. He said I needed to be back at the club in two hours and that then we would leave and go to his meeting. I did as was told and a new driver drove me. I did not invite him up because I was not about to let anyone into my home.

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But before I got out of the car I told him to pull over into an alley and I would suck his cock if he wanted. He agreed and I did just that but he wanted more so I mounted him and fucked him for about thirty minutes before he came deep in my cunt. He then dropped me off and I went in and showered and changed and douched all the cum out of my pussy.

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I got dressed again and called Uncle and told him I was ready. He told me a car was on its way and to meet them down stairs. I did and then we proceeded back to the club. I did not suck this driver as he was the one that brought me home earlier and my pimp would not want me to have cum breath at his important meeting.