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Busty Hot Redhead Teen Masturbating for Tips
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The time had finally arrived to make a decision. When we were all going to school together, and all younger, it seemed like the nights of sharing and cheerleader parties were going to be endless. But, sooner or later, time passes by, and it becomes time for change. It was time to move away from home, become a true adult, and figure out who I really needed in my life. The only problem was, every time I thought about the people closest to me, I couldn't narrow it down.

Danielle had become my best friend. I enjoyed every minute that we hung out, and we shared a lot of things in common. And, of course, she was the only one I knew worked with me in a relationship. She was sexy, and the type of girl any guy would kill for. Hailey had become so much more than Danielle's hyper little sister. She was probably the sexiest girl I'd ever met, but she was also intelligent, crafty, and extremely fun. The few times I spent alone with her had proven to be fantastic, and she seemed like she could be just as much wifey material as Danielle.

Melanie had gone on and off the radar, mostly because I felt guilty bringing in a third girl.

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But, every time she was around, our chemistry was unquestionable. Every time we touched was pure passion. She had a way of moving between chill and sexy very quickly. She also loved watching sports with me, and I felt like I could spend so much time with her without getting bored. There had been many times over the years that I had jokingly said we should all move to Utah and live happily ever after.

Most of the time, it had just been for the joke, and never really seriously entered my brain. But, the more I struggled to make a choice, the more I started to toy with the idea in my head. Could I possibly get all three girls to move with me? It didn't even have to be Utah - there was no law against living with three women. I spent more than a few nights thinking about it. Would they go for it? Danielle would obviously be the hardest sell, but did Hailey and Melanie even want to share me indefinitely, and possibly forever?

Did they want to live around other girls? Did either Hailey or Danielle want to live with a sister, and possibly be continuously intimate together? This wasn't going to be easy, but I hadn't ever stopped myself from being greedy before in this situation.

I decided to broach the subject with one at a time, starting with the one I thought would take least convincing. . "I haven't seen you in a bit" Melanie smiled from her seat next to me on the couch.

"I thought you were about to go off with Danielle or Hailey forever." I had asked Melanie to hang out, and she didn't hesitate to accept. That's how it usually went with her. "I decided I'm not really ready to do that" I replied. I touched the couch on either side of my thighs, and shifted a bit uncomfortably.

"Really?" Melanie asked, and I noticed her whole attitude had perked up pretty instantly. "Are you.done with one? Both?" "No" I chuckled lightly.

"I'm sure both of them think I'm coming back with my final decision shortly or something. I kind of had other ideas though." Melanie looked at me with a mixture of true curiosity, and held back excitement. "I want you to listen to what I'm about to suggest, and I need you to really think about this seriously" I started. My heart was pounding, and Melanie was already leaning more and more forward by the second.

"You're the first person I'm asking, so even if you're cool with my idea, there's no guarantee it will happen. But, I would like to move away from this city and get a fresh start on life." Melanie had to hold herself back from asking questions each time I finished a sentence or thought.

I could see the wheels turning in her brain as I explained. "I want you, Hailey and Danielle to come with me and live with me" I finally got to the point. As I finished the sentence, Melanie was already latched on tightly to me. She embraced me in a long, excited hug. "Think about this seriously though Melanie" I continued. "You won't have me to yourself. I'm prepared to do this forever, if it works out. You'll be around Hailey and Danielle a lot. I'm sure we'll all be together a lot.

This is a really unconventional thing I'm suggesting here." "You're right" she responded, seeming to sober up just slightly at my careful reminders. "But, until tonight, I was dealing with the thought of never being with you again. Possibly never even seeing you again. I'm crazy about you. Sexually and otherwise. I think it would be a blast! I love Hailey and Danielle is cool. I'm sure you and me will go watch football games when they're busy doing something else. I also wasn't even sure what I was going to do now that I've graduated.

This seems as good as any plan I had. I'll go look for a job wherever we go." I took a deep breath and hugged her strongly. One out of three, albeit the easiest to convince, was out of the way.

Danielle and Hailey's reactions separated me from my dream scenario. "We're still a long way from reality" I said. "Hailey might go along with it, possibly.

Danielle is going to be really tough." "Go to Hailey" Melanie said. "We all work well together. If she's game, let's meet back here and figure out how we'll go after Danielle's approval." For the first time that I could remember, Melanie and I hung out and didn't fuck.

There were much more important things at stake, and if successful, there would be plenty of time for that in the near future. "Good luck" Melanie said as I gave her a kiss goodbye. It sounded like she meant it as much for her sake as for mine. . "Have you come to tell me it's Danielle?" Hailey asked skeptically. She was dressed in a tank top and cheer shorts, legs together and pulled in on her bed.

"Why do you think that was my decision?" I asked. I had texted Hailey not long after leaving Melanie's that we should get together and talk. She told me Danielle was out, so that I could come over without worrying. "Because I've gotten to know you over the years" she responded, a sad smile on her face.

"You're nice.

Maybe too nice sometimes. You're the kind of person who will choose to do the least harm. You don't want to destroy my sister." She grabbed Larry, the huge stuffed dog that I won her at the school carnival a while back, and held him. I don't know if she had a plan in place in case I really was telling her this was it.

"It's not that simple" I told her. "i've grown to care so much about you. And Danielle. And Melanie. All this time, I've been trying to make a decision that I don't know if I can even make." "So.what? Utah?" she asked, in a tone that seemed sarcastic, if not a bit hopeful. "Well, kind of" I responded. Hailey raised an eyebrow and sic'ed her hypnotic eyes on me. "I want to move out of this town. But, I want you all to come with me.

I want you and Danielle and Melanie to all live with me." Hailey looked at me for a few seconds, then looked every which way, trying to process things. I knew I didn't have to explain all of the complexities I tossed out to Melanie. Hailey was sharp with this sort of thing, and was processing everything as we sat there.

"So, you want to live with us.forever?" she finally asked, working through things. "If it all works out, definitely" I responded. "You're my favorite three people in the world.

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And you're all so different. You all bring fun and excitement to my life. I know you probably want me to yourself, but I'm sure we'll get those moments. Everyone is going to find work and there will be plenty of time for normal.

I just don't want to lose any of you. I really can't imagine my life without Hailey." That brought a smile to her face. Just as she seemed to be coming around fully, she stopped. "You haven't asked Danielle yet, have you?" she asked suddenly. "No" I said, and the soberness brought my mood down. As I had accurately predicted so far, Melanie was all too willing, and Hailey was going to come around and go for it.

But, I always knew it would come down to one person. "I'm not sure she's going to do it" Hailey said. "And then what?" I paused. It was a good question.

At that point, I could either stay with just Danielle, or go off with Hailey and Melanie. Danielle also might make the decision super easy by dumping me after hearing the question. "Melanie said we should plan at her place if you were okay with the idea" I finally responded.

"We should go now then" Hailey said, in a serious tone by her standards. "We're going to need time to plan." . That night, Melanie, Hailey and I set up camp in Melanie's room.

We bought food and drinks, but this was no party. On a normal night, we'd already be naked. But, this was about making the future come together. "So the way I see it" I started, finishing up a drink of Gatorade. "The only way this is going to work is if Danielle feels like she's the most important part of this equation." Hailey and Melanie munched on some chips as I stood at a small whiteboard that Melanie had found in her closet. "She has to feel like she's the favorite, and that you two are there because you bring important things to the table" I continued.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to go into this with half truths?" Hailey asked. "We've been skirting around being straight up for a while now. If we're going to go live together, shouldn't it be with the full truth out there?" "You bring up a good point" Melanie interjected.


"But he's right, too. Danielle is never going to go along with this as a third or fourth wheel. I'm all for being honest, but it needs to be delicate honesty." "For sure" I followed up.

"Danielle needs to feel special. She probably needs to hear that me and her will have our alone time. If we're going to get her to go along, that's our only route." We were all pretty much in agreement.

After some silence, I picked back up. "You guys know that if she says yes, we're going to be looking for a place soon?" I threw out with some excitement and anxiousness.


"It's very grown up. But, with four people, how affordable would that be? It could really be a fun situation." "It would be amazing, but let's not go there yet" Hailey said.

She was clearly the most skeptical that we could convince Danielle. After all, it was her sister, and she knew her well. "I can't wait any longer" Melanie said, grabbing my hand. "I love the both of you. I want you in my life, always. If she says no." Melanie was about to cry. She had also just said she loved us. It wasn't really something any of us had thrown out there directly yet. Hailey and I came to her comfort, and the three of us group hugged.

"I love you both too" Hailey said. She was trembling slightly in the embrace. She was scared of it not coming together. These relationships had been cultivating for years now, and the prospects of it all being done wasn't something they wanted to face. I didn't either. "I." I finally said after a pause. "I love you girls.

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You mean the world to me." My shirt had been soaked through from the tears of both girls as they cried on either of my shoulders. This really did feel like the all or nothing moment. Years of sexual passion, but also getting to know each other, had brought us here.

And, one bad response from Danielle would set the whole situation on fire. Hailey was right - I didn't know if I had it in me to destroy Danielle if she put an "it's me or nothing" ultimatum out there.

. The three of us decided it was best to all go together. Danielle was going to need some reassuring, and that could only really come from every party being present. I told Danielle that we needed to discuss something important, and we arranged the next night for it to take place. The four of us sat around Danielle and Hailey's family's living room. There was a lot of awkward silence, and the exchanging of little pleasantries, as Danielle awaited what she figured to be a life changing conversation.

"So, what's on your mind?" Danielle finally asked. I looked down and noticed her hands were shaking slightly. Everybody in the room seemed to exchange deep breaths. Then, I had to get into it. "Danielle, you're the most important person in my life" I started.

Hailey and Melanie nodded - we had already agreed this was the right way to start. "I'm sorry that I've put you through these awkward situations over the years. You've really been incredible in sticking by me, and accepting the oddities.

I.I have one more to ask of you." Danielle studied me. It was almost like she was trying to guess the words before they came out, and then measured whatever she heard. This was one of the few times she was holding a lot of the power.

It was her desire to stick with me that led her to accepting my behaviors. But, she held the cards to throw a major wrench in the future here. "I'm ready to get out of here" I continued. "I'm ready to move on, get my own place, and find my future. The only problem is I'm not ready to lose any of you. I want you all to come move with me, and live with me. We can all start a fun life in our new city." I couldn't get a read on Danielle's face. Sometimes, it looked like she was about to get angry.

Others, it looked like she was contemplating my words. Finally, she started. "Where, Utah?" she asked. It looked like she might start yelling, but then she calmed down. "All this time, I thought this was eventually going to stop. I thought it would just be us." "I know" I said sympathetically. I knew this was my one shot at an explanation to win her over. "When we were all younger, I thought this all might be a phase, too. But, I really do genuinely care about all of you.

Each of you brings happiness to my life. It's not like we'd never get time to ourselves. But, I have feelings for all of you, and I don't want to hide that." I didn't really like the look on Danielle's face. It seemed like she was holding in emotions.

It felt like she was leaning towards no. "Think about it sis" Hailey suddenly chimed in. "We really do get along so well most of the time. We could spend so much more time together. Plus - you hate cooking, right? Leave it to me. Fantastic meals every night. Healthy ones!" "Plus, I know he bores you with those college football games" Melanie spoke up too now. "That's my wheelhouse. No use being forced to do something you hate." Danielle seemed a bit more intrigued by Hailey's offerings to cook than Melanie's offerings to take me to herself to watch something I liked.

Danielle had accepted her sister much more than Melanie over the years, and that connection was my biggest fear. "Also I have money" Melanie blurted out from nowhere.

Everybody paused and looked at each other, and then towards her. We had all talked about getting jobs in the new place, but none of us were working now.

We had all recently finished school. Everybody was getting their life in order. The thoughts of major loans was scary, when none of us had guaranteed work.

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"I used to work summers with my dad" she explained. "He paid me well, and I never spent any of it. It could give us a buffer until we got consistent work." "That's so nice of you" Hailey said, hugging her friend.

I looked over at Melanie with a gracious smile. Danielle watched, and seemed to get a sense of how much we all really did mean to each other. That this wasn't all about keeping two sex dolls around the house with her, but to actually have a life with people who meant everything to me. Danielle got up, went into the kitchen, and got some water. The three of us looked around with darting eyes as we waited for her to say something.

"Can I think about it?" she said after a lengthy silence. "All these years, I always had it pictured that it would just be the two of us. This is hard to wrap my head around. I'm not saying no, but I'd really like to make sure I give it fair thought." "Of course" I said, getting up and going over to Danielle to give her a kiss.

"I know this isn't exactly what you had in mind. But I think it would be an amazing time for all of us. I don't picture my future without you in it." "Think about it sis" Hailey said, embracing her sister next. "We'd have a lot of fun away from the parents." "I'd enjoy becoming closer to you" Melanie offered last. The tension between her and Danielle had softened since the money gesture.

Danielle said goodnight to us all and went into her room. . That night, Hailey, Melanie and I stayed in Melanie's bed. There were no sexual advances. I laid on my back, and held each of them in an arm. We were nervous, and we didn't sleep much. We talked, nodded off for a little bit, and talked again. The next morning, we awoke with a jolt from the vibration of a phone.

There was a text message from Danielle. "I'm open to this arrangement. But, I'm curious what the details will be. Why don't you guys decide on a location and find a place? If Melanie is fronting most of the money, it should mostly be up to her, with regards to the house. If you find something tempting, let me know, and we can discuss it." There were shrieks of excitement from the girls as they finished reading the message.

"Let's get dressed and go!" Melanie squealed. "Let's find something today!" "Where are we even going?" Hailey asked with a giggle. It was all smiles now. "We will figure that out" I said, before embracing the two of them. "The only thing that matters is we get to stay together.

I'm so excited." We all embraced for a while, before finally breaking it. "This is the first time it feels like we're all approved for everything we do" Melanie said. "Technically, we're together too now" she teased Hailey. Before I knew what was happening, Hailey and Melanie were kissing.

The two held each other, and kissed deeply as their chests rubbed together. It was Hailey who dropped her hand into Melanie's bottoms first, rubbing at her clit and forcing some moans from her mouth. The passion boiled over quickly, and soon they were naked. "Ah ah" Hailey said teasingly and held up her hand as I started to approach.

"You'll have to get used to this. You can't always just break up our lesbian habits right away" she continued with a sly grin. Then, the two turned back towards each other, moved their lower halves into position, and started to trib in front of me. They held onto each other as they grinded their pussies together, clit finding clit, and moans starting to pick up. My erection was ready to break out of my shorts, but I decided to let them continue to go at it. "Whoever doesn't cum gets to fuck" I tossed out, and that changed the girls approach.

They focused on trying to shift more pressure on the other's clit, while minimizing it on their own. They wrestled for power, and whoever got on top grinded down sensually into the other. "Just cum already so I can fuck that cock" Melanie said, with the upper hand at the moment. Hailey was beneath her, writhing a bit, but doing everything to keep her composure. She reached up and teased Melanie's breasts, and that was enough to distract her and change the balance.

Hailey rolled on top of Melanie and rubbed her pussy back and forth on Melanie's clit. "Cum bitch" she said teasingly, and then kissed Melanie again. Then she put her hand on her neck playfully, but enough to prove her point, and held her against the mattress. "It doesn't matter if you're getting dominated by him or me, it always makes you cum doesn't it? You can't hold it, so just let it go. Cum so I can get that cock." "No" Melanie shrieked and squealed from beneath her. Her nipples were rock hard and her neck was getting red.

"No no no no FUCK" she cried out as she came violently, her hips bucked and her legs shook against Hailey. Hailey got off and gave her clit a quick kiss, looking down triumphantly.

"Now your prize" I said, jumping onto the bed and tackling Hailey onto her stomach. Instantly, I stuffed my cock into her pussy from behind and started to pump her deep. "Oh fucking fuck" Hailey moaned and half screamed. I gripped Hailey's hair and pulled it back as I started to pound her from behind, creaming her g-spot again and again.

"Only one person truly dominates here" I grinned as I tugged Hailey's hair more. Her back arched and I slapped her ass. "Holy fucking shit" Hailey screamed and came. She had already been built up from her play with Melanie, and her pussy squirted on my cock from the constant g-spot hits and from how wet she was.

Melanie came over and started to lick her clit, eagerly eating Hailey as I drilled in and out as deep as ever. My hands reached around and played with her breasts, cupping them back against her body as I grinded myself inside her. Melanie moved from licking Hailey's clit to sucking on my balls, giving each one tender little pops in her mouth while I fucked Hailey's tight opening.

"Oh fuck" I moaned from the combination of Hailey's tight pussy and Melanie's mouth work. "Yeah that's it, he can't resist us" Hailey said. "Keep sucking those balls. Make him nut deep in this pussy." Melanie nodded and moaned, her mouth full of my balls, as I felt her tongue wrap lightly around each one.

The sensations were insane. I grabbed a hold of Hailey's body, trying to keep in control of things even as these two worked me as well as I'd ever been touched. I curled my toes to try to hold back, but my cock was quickly stiffening inside Hailey and there was no holding back. "Yes, here it comes" Hailey said excitedly. "Here he cums. Do it, baby. Shoot that load so deep in my pussy. Unload it all. I want every drop." She reached back and rubbed my arm as I built inside her. I felt Melanie switch from one ball to the other, tongue flicking ever so gently against the underside, and I exploded.

I grunted as I shot hot cum in incredible waves deep into Hailey's depths. Melanie giggled and held onto my legs as my balls moved in her mouth, each contraction equaling another thick load of cum in Hailey's pussy. I emptied everything I had inside her, and then pulled from her depths. Melanie took a few licks at her freshly pounded opening, and then kissed Hailey in front of me. I was never more sure I had made the right call. . There were a few cities I had been looking at while I thought about leaving.

Most were at least a few hours away, and in different states. The three of us agreed on an area, and called a real estate agent while we were in the car. Finally, we got a hold of a really nice agent who agreed to show us around that afternoon.

The first place we saw was an apartment. The area was nice, but it felt small for four people. Not only that, but having attached neighbors scared me. This whole process was meant so we could get wild. I didn't want any noise complaints. We had all dealt with the limitations of living with family for far too long.

"This is the best you're going to find in your range for an actual stand alone house" the real estate agent told us as we pulled up to a decent sized place in a small community. We were told the place was affordable because it wasn't around any schools and it was somewhat far away from most things to do. In my mind, those were fine drawbacks. I'd rather have a good place, and be forced to spend time in the house. "How many are looking to move in?" the agent asked.

"Because there's only two bedrooms, and I see three of you." "Oh, uh" I started. "Well, those two are dating, so we probably only need two bedrooms." Hailey and Melanie nodded and held hands. The agent chuckled, and proceeded to show us the place. It looked pretty cozy.

There was a nice kitchen that overlooked the living room. The two bedrooms were down a hall from the living room. Importantly, the master bedroom was big, and the master bathroom had a nice tub and shower. It seemed like it had everything we needed. The more things became real, the less any of us wanted to wait.

We sent Danielle pictures of everything, and told her the details. We drove home later that night, and had already made an offer. . "You got it?" I asked, as Melanie and I brought in one of the tables from her old room. A few weeks had passed, and our offer had been accepted.

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Each of us had bid farewell to our families, with limited details on what exactly our specific arrangement was going to be. It was move in day, and I had never been more excited.

"Television and internet up and running!" Hailey said from the new couch in the living room. "Everything really does look great" Danielle said, looking around the newly assembled kitchen. 'Anybody else starving?" "Leave it to me!" Hailey said, jumping up from the couch. "I promised meals for everybody. Let's stock this place up!" The four of us went to the local grocery store, and spent a good hour buying all our favorite items.

Melanie made sure she had her favorite cereal on hand. Hailey was already working on her new chocolate stash. Danielle found a few of her favorite pastas. There was something fun about stocking up a new home with food, and it was liberating without parents being around for once. "To our new lives" I said, proposing a toast when we had made it back home.

Glasses clung together and wide smiles prevailed on everyone's face.

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"It's a little overwhelming, isn't it?" Melanie said. "We can really do whatever the heck we want. Come and go whenever. Wear whatever." "Wear whatever.WOO" Hailey said, tossing off her shirt, cooking in just her bra. Everybody laughed, even Danielle. It seemed she had come to terms with this, and that was good for everybody's sake. After dinner, all of us went over to the couch, and put on whatever sitcoms we could find. It had been such a great day, and all we wanted to do was laugh.

I laid down across the middle and Danielle quickly took her place laying on me. Hailey went around to the right side and had me lay on her. Just eager to be part of the group, Melanie laid on the floor in front of me, and I put one arm over her shoulder. It wasn't the most conventional position, but it was something we were going to have to get used to. .

After an hour or so of snuggling, I yawned and stirred a bit. "Okay, it's been a long day, and I need to clean up." "Look how big it is!" Danielle said as we all went into the master bathroom, and for once, it wasn't in reference to me. Everybody was awestruck by the bath tub. It was nearly a jacuzzi, with a huge sitting space, and whirlpool settings. "We have to try this out" I said, making sure the water was the right temperature before starting to fill it up. Within minutes, clothes littered the floor.

Bras were all over the place, and I took my seat surrounded by three of the sexiest girls I knew. There were a lot of hungry eyes, all of a sudden. "You two do the honors" Melanie said, pointing to me and Danielle.

"Even though you made this possible?" Danielle clarified. "Hey, I've got Hailey" Melanie giggled and pulled Hailey in for a kiss. Danielle smiled and then looked at me with a smile that I hadn't seen in a while. It was almost as if she was saying, this is actually going to work out just fine. Danielle and I hadn't been together in a while.

She quickly climbed into my lap, and sat herself right down on my cock. My thickness stretched her walls apart as she let herself sink down until it disappeared. Then, she quickly went to work riding me, head thrown back and moans quickly filling the room. It seemed the situation had brought her passion back. She reached under the water to rub her clit as water threatened to splash out around the tub.

Hailey and Melanie were going at it, themselves. Hailey had Melanie's back rested against her chest, as Melanie spread her legs across a strong jet. With the water current taking aim at her clit, it was less than a minute before Melanie came hard, squealing and writhing against Hailey. Hailey pinched Melanie's nipples, moving her body back and forth against the jet, making her friend and new lover fuck the water. Satisfied for now, Melanie broke off to start to help Danielle and I.

She started to suck on Danielle's nipples, as she bounced heavily on my cock. Hailey hadn't had her turn yet, but quickly spread her legs across her sister's mouth. Danielle moaned into Hailey's pussy, and then started to suck on her clit, tongue fucking her sister, while my hands reached out to spank Hailey's ass. "Fuck" - I could barely tell who was cumming until I felt it, as Danielle's pussy spasmed and contracted violently on my cock. She had been brought over the edge with my cock buried inside her, with Melanie's tongue on her nipples, and Hailey's pussy in her face.

The powerful orgasm took a lot out of her, and she now held onto the tub wall behind her to try to stay upright. "Let's all take the first load" Danielle said, a bit glazed over from her orgasm. But, she got off me, and the three girls eagerly crowded around me as I sat on the side of the tub.

Hailey rubbed my balls, Melanie rubbed the sensitive frenulum area, and Danielle pumped my shaft strongly. Each of them sent their free hands over my body, from my legs to my chest to my face. "Give it to us!" Melanie called out as she felt my tip tensing.

They all moved their beautiful faces towards my cock, and soon three different hands were pumping my shaft together. "Fuck" I grunted as I started to unload. Huge ropes of cum shot out, and each girl took shots on her face before the next moved in for more. Watching each of their gorgeous faces get painted by my cock caused one of the more intense orgasms of my life.

Soon, each girl was covered, and using their fingers and tongues to lick it off. . Fortunately, the master bedroom had a king sized mattress. But, even at its size, it wasn't enough to fit the four of us, especially if any of us wanted sleep. "You guys take it" Melanie offered.

"No, we should at least go two and two" Hailey said. "This one is so much bigger" Melanie continued. "If I get lonely, I'll come in." "We should all at least be in this room" I said.

"Let's bring in the air mattress, and we'll figure out something better tomorrow." And like that, I went to bed with Danielle on one side, and Hailey on the other. Melanie happily slept next to us on the air mattress we brought in case there wasn't enough room. . A few hours later, I awoke, trying to get ahold of who was where. I was turned towards Hailey, spooned up against her. Danielle was spooning towards me, and her arm was wrapped tightly around my chest. It was actually pretty cozy.

Just as my eyes shut again, and I started to feel sleepy, I felt a slight movement of the mattress. A hand reached out and touched my cock, but I didn't know whose it was. The cover was slightly raised on Hailey's side, so I figured it was her, until I felt a mouth plunge down my cock.

My eyes widened, and I looked under the covers to try to see what was going on. As if expecting my intrigue, Melanie briefly touched her phone to provide a little light. She had crawled under the covers, between Hailey's legs, and was sucking my cock.

She winked and then let her phone go black again. She was taking me deeper than usual, and her fingers consistently rubbed my balls. I had to do everything to keep my breathing even, but my hands, which were already on Hailey, moved to her breasts.

I swear I could see her facial muscles move into a smile when I touched her, and I wondered if she had voluntarily moved her legs for Melanie in the first place. Melanie was really going to town, determined to get a load for herself tonight.

She moved back and forth quickly, but as lightly as possible, trying not to move the bed. Her tongue circled my head and flicked up and down the sensitive underside of the head. Her fingers continued to gently touch and fondle my balls as her tongue dragged every which way. I grab Hailey's breasts more desperately, and she slowly reached back to touch my face. Seconds later, my load was rocketing down Melanie's throat, as her hand rubbed my thigh appreciatively.

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She swallowed every drop, made her way back between Hailey's legs, and blew me a kiss before returning to her air mattress. What a first day and night in my new life.