A mi novia le encanta tocarse

A mi novia le encanta tocarse
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Flushing even more now Tamara nodded"Just fine daddy" Stepping toward her, Andrew couldn't help but feel the need of arousal"Hey sweety?"He said now only mere inches from her."Yeah daddy?"She asked now feeling the wetness grow even more between her cunt lips."How would you like a suprise?" Tamara smiled.She loved suprises and even more so when they came from her father.They tended to always be the best gifts"Sure" Reaching a hand forward, Andrew would caress his daughters face in his hand.


He had almost forgotten how much she had grown up over the years, and how she'd only be daddy's little girl for one more year.Moving his hand he gently pulled away the towel that covered her nude body. Suprisingly she let him do so, remaining completely silent. Tamara could feel goose-bumps forming all over her flesh.Stepping forward she took a hold of her fathers hand and moved it between her legs to allow him to see how wet she was.

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A soft chuckle would emit from his lips"mmm.my you've been a dirty little girl.I'm going to have to punish you."Smiling he began to remove his own clothing until he was left as naked as she was. Pulling Tamara forward gently, he would let her feel his hardened cock resting between her legs."You like that?"He asked.Her breathing beginning to catch in her throat she supressed a soft moan"mmm daddy."She moaned out.Gently Andrew would pick Tamara up and take her over, to the king-sized bed and lay her down."Tell me how much you want it.Beg for my cock"He told her as she teased her lips with his cock.

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Moaning and spreading her legs for him Tamara spoke"Oh god daddy!"She moaned"Please let me have your cock.I've been such a dirty little whore"She bucked her hips up eager to feel her father's cock inside of her.A devious smile formed over his features"Yes you have."Careful at first he slipped his cock inside her tight,wet folds.Feeling the resistance at first and then eventually the breaking of her hymen he would fill her with his length."You okay sweety?"He asked seeing that he was hurting her.

Trying to be brave, Tamara smiled and begged her father for more.Smiling he leaned up and suckled and licked at her hardened nipples"Thats my girl" Her breathing picked up she clung to her father begging for more and writing in pleasure beneath him.

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He forcefully spread her legs wide and began to plunge himself inside her over and over causing her to moan loudly.Of course he knew being her first time she would come long before him. Paying equal attention to the other, he licked and swirled his tongue over her ripe nipples.


Gripping her waist firmly, yet gently in his hands he began to slam his cock inside of her, feeling her walls loosen up at he continued.Eventually she began to moan his name over and over."Oh daddy! God yes, more daddy more!

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I'm such a filthy whore!"Already the tip of his cock began to ooze pre-come."Mmm yes you are.Tell daddy how much you like it, you dirty cunt. Tell daddy what you like" "Oh daddy fuck me!"Tamara cried out"Oh yes daddy.I love it.Yes!

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Fuck me!"she cried out as she soon came all his cock,her walls constricting him in an attmept to milk his cock of all it had to offer.Letting out a gruff moan, he would pull out of her.Laying on his back he spread his legs abit for her"Come here honey."He said"I want you to play with daddy and suck his cock real good.If you do a good job I'll give you your suprise" Crawling a top of him she began to lick and suck off the juices off from their exertion. Andrew's hands began to fist her sheets as he enjoyed the way her mouth felt on his hard pulsating cock.At first she did nothing more than lick and suckle the head of his cock, before swirling her tongue around the shaft"You like that daddy?"He smiled through his moan and nodded"Its wonderful baby"Taking him into her mouth fully she would begin to deep-throat his cock,sucking on him long and hard.Unable to take it anymore,Andrew would unleash his powerful load into her mouth causing her to choke on it at first.

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Eventually swallowing his come she came up and kissed his lips softly"Did I do good daddy?"She asked nuzzling him"You did great honey"HE smiled and pulled her down next to him, where they cuddled and fell asleep in one anothers arms.