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Sex gay boys tv video tube xxx The stud loves to make a filth with
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It was all dark in the hallway down the stairs. Katy was standing on the top step unable to decide whether to go down further or not.


Finally she mustered up her courage and went down. The big master bedroom was at the back, where John and Martha, Katy's parents slept.

But she had doubts whether they slept at all in the night or not, because many a times she has heard them scream and weird sounds coming from their room back in the old house and here too. Hearing those strange sounds she went round to the kitchen drank a heart fill of water, and started climbing up the stairs. Suddenly she heard loud screams from her parents' room; her mother Martha was shouting something to her dad which she couldn't understand, but she heard her name being taken many a times.

She thought vice not to come in between them, went to her room took off her panties and tee, and cuddled inside the blanket, thinking what might her parents be doing. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Katy Murdoch is a 19 year old girl, with fair complexion, medium height, perfectly shaped tummy and ass, DD-sized tits, blonde hair, blue eyes and a perfect fantasy girl from all angles.

Her mother Martha Murdoch, 38 years old, about the height of Katy, Flat tummy and round ass, DD size tits with a bit larger nipples, Blonde hair, Brown eyes and not a sign of flab on her body even at this age. Martha's husband, John Murdoch, 42 years, 6'4 height, Athletic body, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, and a perfect fantasy guy look even at this age for all his neighboring ladies.

And the last member of the Murdoch family, Jason Murdoch, 22 years, and attributes as good as his father, a pinch better in the contrary. They lived in Washington a few days back, and then the business dried up there which forced the family come in LA, with the handsome money they have earned, buy a big mansion over here and plan to start a new venture.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… It was an early Sunday morning.

Jason was in NY, studying the sciences. Only Katy, John and Martha were at home. Katy came to the balcony where John and Martha were discussing the details of their next venture.

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Katy stood at the door, watching them intently. "What happened honey, you look a little disturbed?" Martha asked Katy. "N…no&hellip.nothing." Katy stammered.

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"Ohh, common hon, speak up. Remember what we have decided no secrets in the family!!" John joked. "Dad, only last night, you both were shouting at each other like you were goin to kill.

And now you two are discussing the business details so calmly!!!" Katy said. Martha glanced at John and Katy saw them smiling. "What happened dad??" Katy asked. "Nothing hon, go inside take your breakfast, and then we can decide what we can do for our new venture." Martha cut in.

"No mom, this ain't fair. You guys said no secrets in the family." "Ok, ok. I was fucking your mom last night." John spoke. "John, she's our daughter." Martha glared at him. "So what darling, someday or the other we they have to know these." John argued.

"But john not that." Martha raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, yeah not that." John smiled. "Not what dad??

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You gotta tell me." "Nothing honey it's a matter of we adults." "I am an adult now mom. Stop hiding and spill it out." Martha looked at John, then decided something and looking sternly at Katy said, "You are not mature enough to be told everything right now. Go and have your breakfast." Katy looked at them angrily and stomped back to the dining room banging the door behind her. . Katy went up to her room, all sad and angry and closed the door behind her.

She removed her clothes and climbed up the bed. As she was lying naked under the blanket, her mind started wandering to the thought of her mom and dad having wild sex in the night. The only confusion she had was that, why her name was being taken when they were having sex.

Thinking of the various possibilities her hands went to her pussy, which to her surprise were dripping wet. She slowly massaged around her clit.

It felt awesome. Although she had masturbated many times, and once her best friend had even licked on it, but today the feeling was quite different.

She was rubbing her clit, while thinking of her parents.She inserted a finger inside her wet pussy, and was slowly fingering herself. She was so engrossed in her act that she didn't hear the door open and her mother come in. Katy jerked open her eyes, and sat bolt upright as Martha came and sat beside her on the bed. Katy, turned her head and started looking out. "Lisen, Katy honey.

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I am sorry. I was rude to you this morning, but it wasn't my fault. You are not old enough to know these things baby." Martha said politely. "Not old enough mom??. I am 19. And I have seen every genre of porn available and We even had sex education in our schools.


And have even seen guys fuck my friends. So I am old enough or more than that." Martha looked point blank at Katy. She was unable to digest that her own little Katy had grown so much.

But the words which Katy has spoken just now were roaming inside her head.

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She was staring at Katy, admiring her figure form up to down. Then without saying a word she bent forward, held Katy's head in her hands and Put her whole tongue inside Katy's mouth. For a moment Katy was taken aback. But then slowly she gave away and kissed her back, letting her tongue also roam inside Martha's mouth.

The kiss lasted for quite a long time. "Now you might be knowing why your name was being shouted that night. You were my and your dad's fantasy for a long time. But we never thought of advancing to you as parents." Martha said as she broke the kiss.

"Where's dad?" Katy asked in a hush hush tone.

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"He's out to meet some locals." "That means we have plenty of time, before he comes back." "Yeah but why do you say that." Katy removed her blanket, exposing her perfectly shaven clit, and moved ahead. She brought her mouth close to her mother's and spoke in a seductive note, "I should have told you this earlier mom. I have a crush on dad. And I always my cherry to be hemmed by him." Before Martha could respond to this, Katy held her head, put her tongue in her mouth and fell back taking Martha in her arms as they kissed each other passionately for the very first time.

. Hey guys, this my very first sex story. I hope you like the starting. I know there's not much of fuck and suck in here. But I want comments and votes if you wish me to continue the story which i believe is more than horny. I hope to get good results. thnx!!!