Festival chicks fucking in foursome

Festival chicks fucking in foursome
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Chantelle: Sunday Morning Chapter One I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off at 6 AM, feeling refreshed, after a deep and dreamless sleep and ready for the day. I had decided to join my buddies for our regular Sunday morning round of golf after all.

Neither girl stirred from their sleep; they were obviously exhausted from all of our sexcapades from the day before. They looked so cute, lying cuddled up together in my bed. Chantelle was spooning Kaylee and had her arm draped over Kaylee's hip; I pulled the blanket back over them and went to the bathroom for the morning ritual. After I was finished, I left them a note on the bathroom mirror with my cellphone number and where I had gone so that they wouldn't worry.

I also reminded them to have some breakfast and to tidy up and stay out of trouble, and suggested that they could watch some porn or suntan on the deck.

After our usual 18 holes, I had breakfast with my foursome, and reminded them that they were coming to my house for the afternoon. Many questions were fired at me regarding my secrecy of what I had planned, but I refused to answer anything other than in the vaguest terms, leaving them still guessing as to what I had in store for them. On the way home I stopped at the mall; needing supplies from the grocery store, the lingerie store and the adult entertainment store, the mall was ideal as a one stop for all my needs.

I finished in the grocery store in record time, and loaded the food and liquor into my car before continuing on to the lingerie store. I felt overwhelmed, until a stunning young blonde decided that I desperately required assistance.

She guided me to where the overtly sexy stuff was displayed, and after I fed her a story about how my teeny tiny girlfriend had expressed interest in wearing some titillating night-time wear for me, she proceeded to ask me questions regarding the height, weight, cup size and hip size of my imaginary lover. After I had answered all the questions to her satisfaction, she selected several combinations and then suggested some long black latex thigh high boots to go along with some stiletto heeled shoes to compliment the outfits.

Once again, I paid for my items and then stashed them in the trunk of my car before proceeding to the next stop, the adult entertainment store. There were items on my shopping list, but I also knew that if I just wandered around other inspiration would strike.

Sure enough, several items not on my list presented themselves during some cursory inspection of the shelves. I purchased another dildo gag, several more restraints, two different types of anal lube, an egg vibrator with a remote, half a dozen more butt plugs in varied sizes, and the piece de resistance, a skin tight black latex jumpsuit, with a dual zippered panel that ran from the top at the back, down around the crotch and up to the navel, with a half bra that would serve to showcase the breasts.

The box label showed how it would fit, and the clerk suggested a size smaller than what I had selected, to, as he put it, show off the goods even better.With yet another purchase completed, I felt I had what I needed and decided to head back to the house.

I pulled the car up the front of the house and brought in the first load out of the trunk of the car. I didn't see the girls, so I assumed they were out back on the deck sunning themselves.I finished bringing everything in and went off in search of the girls. I stepped outside onto the deck, expecting to find the two of them suntanning, and not only did I find them, they had a huge surprise waiting for me.

Chapter Two There were now three naked and oiled teenagers suntanning themselves on my deck! I thought to myself that this can't be good; the situation was escalating, probably now beyond my control.

If I was found out, or one of the girls let slip about our adventures, I could end up in prison for the rest of my life. Between the guilt and the fear, I was getting stressed out. "What the fuck!?" I was shielding my eyes from the sun, and couldn't see too clearly who had joined our little harem.

Chantelle spoke up "Mike! This is our friend Bethany!" She sat up and pointed at the center lounger. "Hello, Bethany.

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Jesus, why didn't you call me?" I was a little miffed that this had been sprung on me. "We didn't think you'd mind." Kaylee piped up "Anyways, it's only for today, so it's not like it's some big deal." I didn't say anything in reply and moved around so that the sun was behind me. Bethany had also sat up, and I got my first good look at her. She was of mixed race, a gorgeous cafe au lait colour, with long dark curly hair.

I motioned to them all to stand up; affording me a much better view of Bethany. She was little, shorter than Chantelle, and had virtually no tits, and she was beautiful. She also possessed the world's most perfect ass; it was high and round and jutted out from the top of thick muscular thighs. She had the legs and body of a sprinter: a world class booty and nothing on top but two small areola with rock hard little nipples jutting up.

I turned to Kaylee and asked her "You didn't think I'd mind? What exactly were you thinking then? You had my phone number, which I left in the event of an emergency, but you didn't think this was worth calling about? Bethany, you can tell me your story shortly, but first I have to deal with these two bad girls." I looked at Chantelle, then Kaylee, and asked them if they had prepared themselves as we had discussed the day before.

They both nodded affirmatively, and Chantelle even spun around and spread her cheeks to show me her butt plug was indeed inserted into her rectum. "What do you think should happen now, girls" I asked the two miscreants.

With a catch in her voice, Chantelle answered, crestfallen "You're going to have to punish us now, aren't you, Mike?" I nodded. "I want the three of you to go inside the barn." I ordered them.

As the three naked teenagers walked to the barn, I went back into the house and found the paddle and strap, and selected several restraints and met the three girls back at the barn. They were standing in the barn looking around at the detritus left by my grandfather's farming endeavors. The barn was a good choice for what we were about to do, as there were hooks in the beams and studs, really, there were hooks and racks all over the place. There were a dozen stalls along the west side that had formerly housed cows and even a few horses back in the day.

I went to the end stall where the tack was still stored, and sure enough, found a riding crop. I threw the restraints at Bethany and told her while I was gagging Kaylee and Chantelle, that she was to tie their hands in front of them and pinion their ankles. Once she was done, I motioned her to step to the side, out of the way, and with out warning I picked up Kaylee and tried to hang her wrist restraints onto an overhead hook.

She slid right through my arms; she was slippery from the oil they used for tanning! I looked around and saw a stool, dragged it over and stepped up, and using just the restraints, lifted Kaylee up onto the hook.

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I repeated my actions, this time with Chantelle, until both girls were hanging from overhead hooks, gagged and twirling around. I turned my attention to Bethany, who had stood wide-eyed watching me while I strung up the girls. She hadn't said a word since we got into the barn, and I decided it was time to hear her story. She told me that her boyfriend got called into work, and she couldn't go home early, because she had told her mother she was staying with Kaylee, and she didn't want to get Kaylee in trouble.

She had phoned Chantelle, and that's when the plan was hatched to have her boyfriend deliver her out to my house. The girls had filled her in on what had transpired over the previous twenty-four hours, and she was quite eager to join in. I asked about her sexual experiences, and it was the same story I had heard from the other two; she had become sexually active by the age of twelve, and since losing her virginity at thirteen had experimented with girls, had had mulitple partners, and had even been in several house party orgies.

With her lack of breasts and her hairless pussy, she looked to be about eleven years old, but apparently had experienced quite a lot of sex. Apparently typical for this generation. "Did they tell you about this?" I asked, pointing at the two strung up girls. Bethany nodded, and offered "Yeah, they said it's like the hottest thing ever!" "If you're here with them, then you have to live by the same rules" I warned her. I picked up the paddle and lightly slapped Bethany's ass with it.

She squealed and jumped away. "Ow, that hurts!" "Wait 'til you see what I give Chantelle and Kaylee, then!" I slapped my hand with the paddle, while the two girls looked on in fear. I think at this point they were possibly regretting agreeing to my terms. I was unsure how to proceed; should I drag it out, toying with them, or just lay in on them? Should I alternate between them, or paddle each one individually?

I spied the crop, sitting on the stool, and suddenly another idea struck me. I told Bethany to stay put, and I went back to the house and got the ball gag and the last of the restraints and returned to the barn.

"Bethany, I think you need to be reminded of how to behave yourself" I told the dumbstruck girl as I tied first her wrists, then her ankles "What do you have to say about that?" "I dunno" she whimpered. I put the ball gag over her mouth, and repeating my previous actions with the other two, hung her up on an available hook.

My plan was to leave Bethany until last and let her watch what I did to the other two first, so that she would be terrified.

Picking up the riding crop, I moved over to Kaylee and stroked her with the tip. Fear had overcome her and tears were streaming down her face already. I showed her the paddle in one hand and the crop in the other, as if I was deciding which to use. When I showed her the crop again she shook her head violently, attempting to sway me into using the paddle.

I quickly struck her behind with ten swift strokes, raising welts immediately as she squirmed to avoid the crop. She was thrashed around and screamed into the dildo gag.

I turned to Chantelle, who had been watching in rapt attention, and hadn't yet shed a tear, but was obviously in terror of what I was going to do to her. Once again, with ten swift hard strokes I raised some nasty welts on Chantelle's ass. She too was thrashing about, trying to avoid the crop, to no avail. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, illustrating to Bethany just how painful it was.

She looked at me with a mixture of fear and lust, though, and I think she was more curious than scared. I dropped the riding crop and selected the paddle, and spanked her amazing muscular ass with several semi-hard strokes while she squirmed and tried to avoid the spanking.

I stopped, and let her hang for a few minutes before paddling her hard with ten more whacks. Now she was crying and moaning through the gag and I was now sporting the hardest cock I had ever had. "I'm going to ask you some questions, Bethany" I told the poor girl, "I want you to nod for yes, and shake your head if the answer is no. Do you understand?" She nodded her head to indicate she understood. "Did the girls tell you about our agreement?" she nodded emphatically.

"You know, then, that I only fuck their asses?" again she nodded. "Did you know that before you came over?" answered with a nod. "You decided to come anyway?" again she nodded. "Did you think you might get fucked in the ass?" she hesitated, then nodded slowly. "Did they tell you what was going to happen this afternoon?" she nodded. You know that all the guys coming over are going to want to fuck your ass too?" this time, she waited a few seconds, and then slowly nodded.

"And you'll let them?" she nodded. "Do you like.never mind, that's not important right now. Has your ass been fucked a lot?" once again she nodded. "By your boyfriend?" again, she nodded emphatically. "Other guys?" another nod. "You know that I have to fuck your ass now, right?" she nodded. I stopped and thought about my next step. I left the barn, leaving the three of them hanging for now, and went back to the house for some more items.

This time I picked up some lube and an anal plug, and tore the blanket from my bed. When I got back to the barn, the three of them watched me intently, Chantelle and Kaylee were still crying, but what I was interested in was Bethany, so I ignored the other two, deciding that I would leave them hanging for now.

I got up on the stool and removed Bethany from the hook, and undoing her ankle restraints, led her to the stool and pushed her down to her knees in front of it. Pressing on her shoulders, I bent her over the stool, and then pulled her legs apart. I opened the bottle of lubricant, and moistened my index finger with a large dollop, and then slowly inserted my finger into her asshole. She squirmed a little, but didn't try to retreat from the anal invader. I kept my finger in her asshole, and rotated it, and pushed it in as far as it would go, pushing the lube up her anal canal.

Withdrawing my finger, I picked up the butt plug and coated it with more lube. Going slowly, I inserted it into Bethany's sphincter, until the base was flush with her ass. I told her not to move, and I went to the corner of the barn and grabbed a bale of hay and brought it into the middle of the barn, and threw my blanket over top.

I grabbed Bethany by her hair, and pulled her up and dragged her over to the bale, and, pushing forward, forced her into kneeling against it. I dropped my pants and underwear, and knelt behind her. Her bootyhole was at just the perfect height. I popped the butt plug out, and lubed the head of my cock in preparation for the assault on her ass. I put the head of my cock against her anus, and slowly pushed into her rectum. She answered with a sharp intake of breath, but didn't attempt to evade my forced sodomy.

Oh, it was so snug; and I knew I wasn't going to last very long, so I just kept still and revelled in the warmth and tightness of Bethany's asshole. I started a slow easy fucking, wanting to delay my orgasm for as long as possible.

After several minutes of slow steady fucking, she started grinding back onto my cock, enjoying it herself. I whispered into her ear "I'm going to fuck your ass for as long as I can last. When I cum, do you want it in your ass?" She nodded. "Or do you want me to unload in your mouth?" She hesitated, and then nodded.

With her bound wrists, she motioned towards her mouth, which I understood as she wanted to tell me something else. I removed the gag, and she told me "I want you to shoot your load all over my face, okay?" That was the tipping point; I felt my scrotum start to churn, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I complied with her request.

I grabbed her hips and started a rapid fucking, shoving my cock all the way into her teenaged rectum with each stroke, and she took it like a champ. I felt my balls start to boil over, and pulling out of her ass, I quickly turned her over and began to stroke my cock over her face.

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue in anticipation of my cumming. "Come on, Mike, cum all over my face" she exhorted me. I doubled my endeavors, and suddenly she was rewarded with the first of a dozen giant spurts of man juice all over her. I shot them all onto her face, with a few spurts getting away and into her hair, and then I collapsed on the barn floor, drained. "Oh my god!" Bethany blurted out "That's a lot of cum!" Her face was coated with sperm.

She looked adorable. "Stay there, don't move" I warned her "Don't touch it, don't get up, just don't do anything for the next few minutes!" I pulled up my pants, and literally sprinted back to the house.

I was getting tired with all this running back and forth. I quickly found my digital camera and some calamine lotion and sunburn ointment and ran back to the barn. Bethany was still lying against the hay bale, not having moved at all. Her face was still coated with my cum, some dripping off of her hair and chin, so I snapped a couple of pictures of the facial I had just given her, and took several more pictures of the other two hanging from their hooks.

I told Bethany not to clean her face, to just leave the cum and to help me with the other two girls. I gave Bethany the calamine lotion and told her to apply it to Chantelle's welts, and I did the same to Kaylee with the sunburn lotion.

I gently applied it to her ass cheeks and massaged it in until it was all absorbed. I told Bethany to switch, and then we repeated the job, until both of their asses had been soothed. By this time both had been hanging from the hooks for close to an hour, and I realized that their arms and shoulders must be achingly sore.

I lifted Chantelle down from the hook and laid her down on the floor and asked Bethany to undo the restraints and remove the dildo gag, and while she was doing that I got Kaylee down and had Bethany remove the restraints and gag. "You okay, Chantelle?" I asked. "Yeah, Mike, fuck that hurts." She sobbed in reply. "What did I tell you yesterday?" I harshly responded "I'm so sorry, I just didn't think you'd mind." She said, choking back her tears. Kaylee interjected, still in tears, "Oh fuck, my butt really hurts, Mike!

Why did you have to use that thing?" "Have you learned your lesson?" I answered her question with one of my own. "Oh god, yes, please don't spank me with that ever again." Chantelle said, quietly, sounding like a little girl "I'll be a good girl, I promise." "Yeah, Mike, please don't do that again, I swear I'll be good." Kaylee pleaded.

"Funny, I heard that yesterday, too" I replied "I don't think any of you realize the trouble I'm in for if your parents discover what's been going on." "We'll never tell!" Chantelle protested "You saved me! And I want to stay here with you!" "Can I see the pictures you took?" Bethany finally broke her silence. "Why were you taking pictures?" Kaylee spoke, before I could answer. "Yeah, did you take pictures of us hanging?" Chantelle was excited with curiosity.

I showed them on the camera screen all of the images I had taken. "Look how red my ass is!" "That's so hot that we're hanging like that!" "Bethany, you look so pretty covered in jizz!" "You both got really nice butts!" The comments flew fast and furious.

They had all forgotten the pain, and were focused on the imagery. "Mike?" Kaylee got my attention "If you have to spank us, is this how you're going to do it now?" "I'm not sure, why?" I answered.

"Cuz it's sexy looking, and it kinda makes me wanna be bad, just so you hang us like that again, except my arms hurt a little now." "Yeah, but don't spank us with that thing again, okay, please?" Chantelle contributed her opinion.

"I won't, okay. I'll just use the paddle from now on, because I expect I'll be punishing you again, I'm sure." "Mike?" it was Bethany's turn with a question "did you like it when you jizzed on my face?" "Yes, sweetie, you're beautiful, and you look cute with cum all over your face." I responded "But I like your ass best if you want to know the truth." She giggled in response.

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"Alright, ladies, back to the house" I ordered "You can get in the hot tub and it'll make your sore asses feel better. I need to get the food ready for this afternoon, and get you prepared for the entertainment. Hop to it!" "That's not fair!" Chantelle blurted out "You did Bethany, now you gotta do us." "Yeah, Mike, that's not fair!" Kaylee sounded petulant.

"First of all, you know the rules. You're mine to use as I see fit. If I don't want to do anything, that's too bad for you, remember? And second of all, I just blew a load, and I need to recuperate." "Aw, come on Mike!" Chantelle was pressing her point "I bet there's something we can do. Isn't there something we can do?" "Just do as I say for now, okay. Listen to me when I give you an order; I don't want to have to punish you again already." I was getting impatient.

Admittedly, I was feeling the start of an erection, because following the three naked girls, each possessing a beautiful ass, was getting me excited again. I couldn't get enough of those wonderfully tight and hot teenaged assholes.

"I tell you what" I mused out loud, while staring at their collective behinds "I'll get the food ready in a jiffy, and then I'll help you three get prepared, and just maybe I'll get inspired, okay?" "Okay!" "Mike! We're going to tan for a little while first, okay?" "Alright" I said "but don't stay in the sun too long, and you should really sit in the hot tub for a soak." "A chorus of "Yes, Mike!" acompanied by giggles followed me into the house.

Chapter Three I set about readying the snacks and drinks. We had almost two hours before the guys were to arrive, so I needed to hurry, because I knew it would take a while to prepare the girls. I set out everything on the island counter in the kitchen, setting it up as a "help yourself" buffet and bar, then used the kitchen table to lay out the party supplies; lubes, wipes and towels were all arranged for convenient use. A quick tidying of the kitchen, and some extra towels in the bathroom, and we were ready for our fun.

I went outside and told my little harem that it was time to come inside to get prepared. After only a brief protest, cut short by my reminding them of what transpired in the brn earlier, I had my three lovelies assemble in the sunroom for some rules and instructions.

"Listen up, okay?" I started "There's eight guys coming over in less than two hours, and we've got to set the ground fules for this. First of all, nobody is to be refused anyting, is that clear?" "Waddya mean, Mike?" Chantelle piped up.

"I mean that if guys want to fuck you, you let them. If somebody wants your ass, they get it. If they ask you to lick their bunghole, you do it. Understood?" They all nodded, excited at what lay ahead. None of the three seemed to have any hesitation about what I was asking them to do, which was a good indication of the fun to come.

"But, I also won't let anybody do stuff you don't want to do beyond that, okay? Nobody has to get pooped on if you don't want to, and I won't let anybody hit you or abuse you either.

If it happens, you yell for me right away. Of course I'm going to give the guys the same set of rules, and I don't really expect any issues." They were all looking at the others and nodding to what I said, smirking and giggling the entire time. "I want you three to have a shower first. I'm coming in to make sure you hurry up. Then we'll do the enema routine, and then you can put on your make-up and get dressed. Any questions?" They all tried to ask me something, and it was a jumble of voices that could give a man a headache if it wasn't stopped in time.

"Slow down!" I yelled "One at a time! Chantelle, you first." "What are we supposed to wear?" she wanted to know. "I bought a selection of stuff at the lingerie store and the sex store, and I'll decide once you are ready to try it all on." "Kaylee, what do you want to know?" "What kind of make-up?" "Just like yesterday, only sluttier and sexier." "Bethany, what's your question?" "What's an enema?

What am I supposed to do? I don't know what that is?" a note of panic had crept into her voice. "Don't worry, the girls and I will give you a lesson, okay?" "What kind of stuff did you buy!?" Chantelle was almost giddy with excitement "Can we see it, can we!?" Simultaneously, Kaylee was trying explain what an enema was to Bethany.

"Quiet!" I had to yell again "In the shower, now!" The three naked vixens quickly scurried into the main bathroom and waited for me. I sent them to the ensuite bathroom instead and followed them in with a handful of fresh towels. I had installed a large shower stall, foregoing a tub; I never used the bathtub and much preferred to have a shower stall. It was comfortable enough for maybe three people, but four would have been too much, to my regret, because I would have enjoyed the experience with the three girls.

Sadly, I would have to wait my turn. Kaylee looked at me and suggested "I can wait and take my turn with you if you want." "No, it's okay, you go ahead." I lied. I thought that it would really be fun joining one of the girls, but I didn't want to play favorites. "I don't mind!" she said brightly. "Yeah, we'll just go two at a time! You don't mind showering with me, do you Bethany?" Chantelle looked immensely pleased at her idea. "Yeah, that's okay!" Bethany replied "Then there's even more room for two!" "Alright" I announced "It's settled.

We'll wait for you to finish, and while we're waiting, I'll help Kaylee with her enema. When you two are done, Chantelle I want you to teach Bethany the procedure, and then she can do you to show she's learned to do it properly." I didn't even wait for Chantelle and Bethany to get into the shower before dragging Kaylee into the main bathroom where I would administer the enema.

She immediately laid down on the shower mat and pulled out her butt plug, while looking at me the entire time. "Why don't you take your clothes off, too?" she asked in a sultry tone. In answer, I stripped down to my birthday suit, showing her that I had recovered somewhat from my fun with Bethany's ass.

"Ohhhh." was all that escaped from her mouth. "It can wait" I said sharply "We need to hurry." I immediately filled the bag with some warm slightly soapy water, and applied a coating of lube to the nozzle, then gently inserted it into her anus.

I released the clamp and watched as the solution flowed into her rectum, and as the last of it drained into her, I quickly pulled out the nozzle and inserted the plug.


It didn't take long before she was squirming, and I told her to empty her bowels. Kaylee sprung up, and in one almost fluid move, lifted the toilet seat and released the contents of her bowels. She stood up and looked in the toilet. "Oh look!" she exclaimed "It's like pretty much clean!" "Good girl!" I praised her "Now let's finish this up, okay?" "Okay!" she said, giddily.

With that she put down the toilet lid, bent over and held her cheeks open for me. I started to apply lube to the butt plug when a thought struck me.

"I'll be right back. Don't move!" I quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed a tube of warming gel from the supplies on the table and went back to the bathroom. Kaylee was exactly where I left her, bent over the toilet holding her ass cheeks wide open for the insertion of the butt plug.

Her little pink star looked so inviting, so ready for some sodomy, that I almost forgot what I was doing. "What are you doing, Mike" Kaylee snapped me out of my meanderings, reminding me of what I been intending. "I remembered the warming lube that I bought earlier" I told her "I'm going put it up your butt." "What if it burns?"she asked, with some trepidation.

"I'll give you another enema." I said. "Oh, okay!" she said brightly, as if it was the most natural response to my answer. I inserted the tip into her anus and squeezed a couple of ounces into her rectum.

Suddenly she shivered and squealed in what I thought was pain. "Oooooh! It tingles!" I squeezed some more onto the butt plug, but before I inserted it I pinched some in between my fingers to test it. It did feel tingly, and definitely warmed my skin. It was a pleasant, if a little odd, sensation. "Are you okay?" I asked my test subject. The answer presented itself. She had her hand on her pussy, vigorously flicking her clit.

"Oh.god.yes" she stammered her response. It took her all of sixty seconds to bring herself to orgasm. Test successful! I was now sporting an erection, courtesy of my little vixen's kinkiness. I had to fuck her ass, immediately.

I hesitated for a second wondering what the warming lube would do to my cock, but reasoned that if it burned, I could always wash it off and use a condom.

With that thought, I approached the still bent over slut and pressed my cock to her asshole. "Oh god yes, fuck me" she whispered hoarsely.

I pushed into her rectum until my cock was buried to the hilt. The warming lube created a not unpleasent tingling, certainly not anything like I had feared.

Kaylee was moaning her pleasure, even though I had not moved my cock from its resting position. Her tight little anus felt hotter and tighter than before; I didn't want to move, I was enjoying the feeling so much. Finally I started to slowly fuck in and out of Kaylee's asshole, rotating my cock a little; pulling out very slowly and pushing in faster.

I pushed hard enough to keep slapping my balls against her. A little warming lube had squeezed out and dripped onto my sack, but it felt good too.

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She had returned to rubbing her clit and was increasing the volume of her moaning; it wouldn't be very long until she was in the throes of another orgasm. I thought if I went to jail for what I was doing that it would be worth it, for the pleasure would be imprinted on my memory for the rest of my life. I wanted this fuck to last; to maximize the pleasure for both of us.

Kaylee had cum several more times. She was an anal whore, obviously, getting more pleasure out getting ass fucked than being pussy fucked, and I had never felt a tighter or warmer hole. I would happily fuck her ass for the rest of time.

Just then the door burst open, and in barged Chantelle and Bethany. "See, I told you! I knew they'd be having sex!" Chantelle shouted at Bethany. I stopped in mid stroke. Kaylee was panting from her multiple orgasms, and her legs were shaky. As far as I was concerned, she had had enough for now. I pulled my cock out of her anus, making a slight popping sound, and turned to face my accusers. Chantelle looked a little peeved; was jealousy now a factor, I wondered.

I knew what to do, however. I took a big handful of Chantelle's hair with each hand and yanked down, forcing her to her knees amid her murmurs of protest. My penis was covered with warming lube and ass juices, but I didn't care, I just pushed it into Chantelle's mouth, forcing her to perform fellatio on the cock that had just exited Kaylee's ass.

Bethany just stood, slack-jawed, watching as I fucked Chantelle's mouth, using her hair as handholds to push my cock into her mouth as far as I could. I didn't stop, ruthlessly fucking her mouth, barely giving her time to breathe. Kaylee had collapsed to the floor after I had pulled out of her ass; now I told her to get up and bend over the toilet again. I told Bethany to hold Kaylee's ass cheeks apart, and I rammed my cock back into her warm and juicy asshole and started to pound away in her rectum.

"Why did you stop, Mike?" Chantelle wanted to know. "You'll get your turn" I told her "Just shut-up and while you're waiting, give Bethany an enema." "Oooooh" she shivered in response. As I pounded into Kaylee's asshole, Bethany was instructed on giving an enema. She was intrigued by the procedure and asked if she was getting her own butt plug.

I answered in the affirmative, and she seemed pleased at the response. I told Chantelle to use the warming lube for Bethany's ass, and once the task was completed I pulled out of Kaylee's ass and told Chantelle to return to sucking my cock again. With no hesitation, she inhaled my cock, bobbing back and forth all the while trying to vacuum out the sperm inside. After several more minutes of this, I told Bethany to kneel down on the mat and spread her cheeks apart.

I pushed Chantelle away and knelt behind Bethany's perfect ass. "Chantelle, get down here and guide my cock!' I ordered the erstwhile blowjob queen. Chantelle took my cock in her hand, and holding the other girl's hip with her free hand, put my cock head against Bethany's sphincter ring.

As I pushed into the teen's asshole, Chantelle started kissing and fingering her. As my manhood plunged into the depths of her colon, Bethany started to push back on my cock, fucking herself while Chantelle fingered her. I didn't move, amazed at the tight seal and the heat her asshole was providing. I kept still while she rocked back and forth on my cock, until I took charge and punched in to the base of my cock, pistoning in and out for several more minutes.

I suddenly pulled out, and grabbed Chantelles head, forcing it back onto my cock. I shoved her head right down as far as it could go, and then held her still.

Chantelle was thrashing and trying to push me away with her hands, but I didn't relent, and then I returned to deep fucking her mouth, determined to coat her tongue with my cum. She wasn't being very cooperative, so I ordered Bethany to hold Chantelle's arms behind her, until I was finished.

Bethany complied quickly, pinioning Chantelle's arms, giving me unfettered access to her face. I pushed in and held my cock at the back of her throat until she started to gag, and then returned to the frenzied throat fucking.

I started alternating between trying to make her gag and hard, fast strokes. After several more minutes of animal like fucking, I felt the beginning of the end in my balls.

As much as Chantelle had fought me, she hadn't once let up on the suction of her mouth, and I knew she wanted my jizz as desperately as I wanted to give it to her. I felt my orgasm start, and I knew there was no way of stopping it. I buried my swollen cock into the back of Chantelle's throat and let loose a cannonade of jizz into her gullet. Without hesitation, she swallowed it down, keeping her tongue swirling continuously on the underside of my now deflating cock.

Finally I couldn't stand it any longer, and pulled her head off from my now flaccid penis, and stumbled to the edge of the bathtub. "Holy fuck!" she exclaimed "That was the hottest blowjob I ever did! Fuck! That was a lot of cum!" "Jesus, fuck, you girls are wearing me out." "Can we try on the clothes now?" I think it was Bethany, but I was still dizzy and not totally sure who asked the question.

"No. Give me a few minutes, okay? I need to rest." "Oh my bum is tingling!" This time I was certain it was Bethany. "So's my mouth!" Chantelle replied "That's kinda cool!" "Oh Mike, you could fuck my ass forever. I wish I could live here and we could do it all the time." Kaylee purred. "Yeah, you're way better at that. The guys I done it with don't last very long or they don't know how to do it good." complained Bethany. "Alright, Kaylee, we need to have a shower. Chantelle, you need your enema.

Let's get rolling, right now." Kaylee followed me back to my ensuite, and I started the shower and got in. Kaylee stepped in with me, and as I adjusted the temperature, she grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking me.

"Are you going to give it to me again?" she asked coyly. "Um, no. We need to shower, and I don't want to leave the other two idle. God knows what they'll get up to." I pulled away from her hand and stood in the water. Kaylee reached over again; I assumed she was reaching for me and I slapped her hand away.

She pulled back in surprise with a shocked look on her face, which quickly turned to resignation and she turned around and bent over, as if offering her ass to me again. "I'm sorry, Mike" she sobbed "I was only reaching for the soap, but I made you mad, so if you have to punish me, just do it here, okay?" I was going to apologise myself, then caught my words before I said them aloud.

I decided it was a perfect opportunity to enforce my will on her, and reinforce my dominance. I hauled off and spanked her ass with an open hand. She squealed in pain and moved away. "Don't fucking move! If you move again, I'm going to take you back out to the barn, understand?" "Ye.ye.yes" she stammered, and complied with my order. "You fucking hold onto your ankles and do not move an inch" I snarled at her "I mean it. I'll have you hanging in the barn so fast, your head will spin." I slapped her ass several times, while she sobbed and squirmed, but she didn't once pull away from the spanking.

Once I had decided enough punishment, unmerited as it was, had been administered, I told Kaylee that she'd had enough for now. I grabbed her and pulled her to me and held her in a hug for several minutes while she cried against me. I soaped her, and paid particular attention to her bright red ass, gently massaging the body wash into her cheeks, then told her to wash her hair while I soaped up. After we both rinsed off, we just stood under the water flowing off our bodies, enjoying the warmth.

Suddenly she turned to me, and in a very quiet tone, asked if she could live with me. "Oh, sweetie, I don't think so. Your parents would never allow it, and frankly, it's illegal, my having sex with you." and I kissed her. "But don't you like fucking my ass?" she asked. "Oh christ, yes!" I responded "But there's more than that." "I wish I could live here, and you would fuck me anytime you wanted, and whip me when I was bad, and I wouldn't ever have to leave." she said, bitterly "I don't want to have to go home." "Listen, in less than two years, I can legally have sex with you; in this state the age of consent is sixteen, and as soon as you're eighteen, you liver wherever you want so you'll just have to wait 'til then to live here." I told her "Listen, we'll talk about it later, I promise.

For the time being, you have a party to host!" "You promise?" she asked, sweetly. "Yes, I promise." I turned the shower off, and helped her out, grabbed a towel and rubbed her down. She had brightened up substantially at my promise, and appeared to have recovered her usual joyfulness.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to the main bathroom, where the other two were still waiting, not patiently of course. Chantelle was lying on the mat getting fucked in the ass with the butt plug by Bethany.

"Alright, that's enough." I told them. "Okay, Mike" Bethany purred "We were bored" "Ladies," I announced "let's everybody get their lube and butt plugs inserted, and then we'll go get dressed!" All three shouted in delight.

I was anticipating a sexy fashion show, although I already knew what outfit two of them would wear. I had decided to put the latex bodysuit on Kaylee, as it would accentuate her curves and leave her tits unfettered.

It also had the single long zipper that would be undone to provide quick access to her cunt and asshole. I was going to dress Bethany in nothing but a black hair bow and the black latex crotch high stilletto boots as they would showcase her luscious thighs and enhanceif that was even possible, the shape and position of her booty.

It was only Chantelle's outfit that had me perplexed. The choices were a red bustier that left the tits uncovered, with matching lacey split crotch panties and patterned black stockings with garters, or a filmy white jacket with a matching thong and white stockings, or a lace-up tight pink corset top that came with french style lacey boy shorts.

I had bought stilletto heels in matching colours to go with each outfit.I was praying that the sizes were all appropriate for the girls, or we would be retuning it all the next day. We returned to my bedroom, and I brought out the multitude of bags, and laid out everything on the bed. I gave thanks as Kaylee immediately pick up the bodysuit. The other two were picking up and quickly discarding the other choices, happily chattering amongst themselves.

I needed them to concentrate, so I announced what I had decided earlier, and told Kaylee and Bethany to get dressed.

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"This is it, Mike?" Bethany sounded disappointed. "Baby, just wait until you've put them on!" I told her "It's going to give you the most fabulous ass in the world!" "What about me, Mike?" Chantelle was desultorarily swinging a thong around on her finger "How come I don't get boots like that?" "Chantelle, why don't you try on the white outfit, which has matching stilletto shoes, by the way." They had missed the bag with the three pairs of shoes.

"Ooooh, look Bethany!" Chantelle was excited now "I'll put these red shoes on, and if you put your boots on, we'll be almost as tall as Kaylee!" Both Bethany and Kaylee were struggling with their task. I slapped my head! I had forgot about the baby powder! The clerk had warned me that the latex was most difficult to put on with out some assistance, and she had recommended baby powder to help the girls ease on the sticky latex. "Here, Bethany, Kaylee, coat yourself with this!" I explained, as I tossed the container of powder at Kaylee.

She sprinkled her lower half with the powder, and started to pull up the suit. Then she tossed the container to Bethany, and resumed pulling on the latex suit.

Bethany generously coated her legs and feet and began to get one leg into a boot. By this time Chantelle had her entire outfit on, and she looked fabulously sexy. We ooohed and aaaahed, as she sashayed around the room. The filmy white jacket did nothing to hide her smallish boobs, and her nipples were very clearly visible through the gauzy material. The high heels gave her legs a nice tightness, which was further enhanced by the stockings. I told her to try on the red outfit next, and she quickly undressed and started with the next choice.

By this time, Bethany had both boots pulled right up to her crotch, and when she stood up, you could have knocked me over with a feather, she was that stunning. The heels raised her beautiful jiggly ass, and gave her taut thighs the appearance of a track star.

With the bow in her hair, she looked like a vision of dark skinned booty. "Bethany!" Chantelle screamed "You should see your ass! Fuck, it looks fantastic!" I told Bethany to go into the bathroom and have a look, and when she came out she was strutting for all the world like the proudest peacock in existence.

"Oh my god!" as she paraded some more "It is awesome looking with these boots on!" Suddenly Kaylee's voice entered the fray "Is this right?" she asked, pirouetting to demonstrate the body suit. My jaw must have dropped, and I was momentarily speechless. The suit was so tight that her every muscle, and her cameltoe, was highlighted, and her tits were thrust up so that the nipples pointed to the ceiling.

With the addition of the black stillettos, her ass was high and firm, and I was starting to feel the return of an erection. "Come here, Kaylee," I ordered "Let me show you how the panel works" I pulled on one of the zipper tabs, but couldn't move it at first, the suit was so tight. Then I attempted to force it, to no avail. I found success by pulling the two tabs away from each other, and sliding them carefully to avoid getting her pussy lips caught, until they met at the ends of the zipper just below her navel.

I pulled it away, and there were her naked ass and cunt, ready for the taking. She just stood there, revelling in the approval from the other two girls, with all of her lady parts on display. By nowChantelle had the next outfit on in it's entirety, and I wasn't even going to have her try on the last combo. She looked perfect, with her red bustier forcing her boobs together to create some cleavage, and her pussy looked fantastic in the crotchless panties and stockings, and her thighs looked nothing short of delicious wrapped in the gauzy patterned nylon.

Her little round bubble butt was well displayed too, only partially visible though the lace, a very tantalising treat ready to be explored Fuck, I wanted them all, again. I restrained myslef, promising myself that I would fuck them all again later. I told them to put on their best sluttiest emo schoolgirl make-up and went out to the sunroom. If I didn't leave them alone, I was going to have to fuck them again. Almost twenty minutes later they joined me in the sunroom, and they looked stunning in their outfits and freshly applied make-up.

The contrast of their outfits and make-up with their young teenaged bodies was only enhanced by their giggling and chattering. I told them to just sit and wait. It wouldn't be long now before our guests started arriving. "Alright, girls, let's get ready for some fun!" I said, as I heard the first car pull into the yard. It was going to be an interesting afternoon.