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Dahlia Sky is loving every minute
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For most people, life generally plods along at a fairly mundane and unexciting pace. For another breed of person, life is altogether more exciting, with the continually travelled highway producing many a twist and turn along the way. Kate Howard, if asked would place herself in the first category. For the most part this was how it had always been for Kate. She neither asked nor expected of much and in may ways was as happy as she could be with her life. All in all a few ups and downs, yes, but usually fairly uneventful.

She had certainly never believed one day something she'd done in the past would come back to haunt her, yet a few weeks ago that's exactly what happened. It had been a Friday evening and Kate was at home with her hubby enjoying a relaxing evening drink, looking forward to the weekend ahead when her daughter Shelly suddenly put in an unexpected appearance. As was he usual way, she had let herself into the house and suddenly appeared at the entrance to the lounge before announcing she had someone to introduce to them.


Unknown to her at the time, it was an evening Kate was going to remember well for a few moments later this guy stepped past her daughter into the room where Kate's heart had immediately skipped several beats.

As her daughter began to make the introductions Kate's mind was already elsewhere.reeling with a mix of shock and emotion. The simply fact was, she hadn't needed to be introduced. She already knew who he was and like her, Kate could see the recognition written all over his face.

Even now she could remember her daughters words ringing in her ears as she said. "This is Rob Mum!" Through shock, Kate had almost blurted out how she knew who he was, but fortunately she'd managed to get a grip of herself in time.

She smiled as she took his hand and shook it, though even then her mind was still spinning as a fuzzy haze of thoughts ran through her head. She needed another drink and quick and excusing herself by asking if they too would like a drink.

With her daughter and Rob saying they would both like a coffee, Kate made her way from the room. She went through to the kitchen and tried to compose herself as her mind replayed almost in an instant just how it was she had come to know Rob. A year or so earlier Kate had worked part time, three evenings a week in a fast food take-away.

It wasn't much of a job and didn't pay too well but it was one she enjoyed for it got her out of the house as well as allowing her to meet people. One such being Rob. Most Fridays he would call in for something to eat after the pubs had turned out. He and his friends were always quite boisterous and therefore eye catching but it had been Rob who Kate had really noticed.

He was a little quieter than his friends and for reasons she wasn't able to explain she found herself attracted to him, helped in no small part by the fact he would chat to her on his own while his friends continued to laugh and joke with the rest of the staff.

Over the weeks she got to know him a little better and surprised herself by finding she would always look forward to working a Friday and would have half an eye on the clock wondering if he would come in.and when he did her heart would always miss a beat, for apart from his good looks she also found his somewhat rugged nature attractive.

Of course nothing was ever going to come of it. One reason being she was more than twice his age, while a second, more important reason was, she was a married woman. Even so, each Friday she acted and felt the same and though she might not have cared to admit it.Friday nights became quite a highlight for her.

Then one Friday she'd been looking at the clock as usual but the hands had moved on and on and so far that evening he hadn't turned up. She'd been more than a little disappointed for in some ways she had hoped like her, he too had looked forward to their chats. The clock continued to tick on and her boss was almost ready to close up when he'd suddenly appeared, this time unusually, without any of his friends in tow.

He'd approached and had asked if there was any chance of anything to eat and she had smiled and said yes. There had been a few items left that they would usually have thrown out. Nothing too exciting but she had wrapped them for him and had told him there was nothing to pay. He'd thanked her and left leaving Kate to clear up the few remaining items before wishing her boss a goodnight.

When she'd got outside she found Rob leaning up against the wall a few shops down, eating his take-away. She hadn't known it then but he'd been waiting for her. For a few minutes they had chatted and when Kate began making her way to where she had parked her car, he had politely followed.

Their chat had been about nothing in particular, just pleasantries, nevertheless Kate always found his conversation relaxed, his manner always putting her at ease. It had been as she stood by her car, as she'd looked for her keys in her bag, that he'd taken her completely by surprise by asking her out for a drink.

The reality was, she should have said no! She should have reminded herself it would be foolish for she was happily married. Instead she'd accepted. She wasn't completely sure why, she guessed a combination of things, not least of all because she felt flattered that someone so much younger showed an interest in her. She had driven home that night, butterflies in her tummy at having arranged to meet him for a drink in the middle of the next week.wondering what it was she was going to tell her hubby.

In the end she found it altogether easier to lie. She told her hubby she was going out with a friend.and convinced herself it was as much the truth as not. Rob, as pre-arranged, had picked her up at the bottom of her road and they'd driven out a little way to a country pub. The evening had gone well and relaxed in his company, Kate had almost regretted it when he'd said it was time to get her home. By then of course she had found out so much more about him and, him her.

One such being he now knew she was married. It had pleased her to know this fact hadn't bothered him. There was only the one route back to where she lived, so when a few minutes into the journey Rob had pulled off the main road down one of the many country lanes that abounded, Kate had already guessed he'd had ulterior motives.

Again, she might have used that moment to have asked what he was doing and to have informed him she needed to get home but she'd had a fair bit to drink that evening, which in turn had made her feel quite aroused in his company and in truth, she found the idea of a detour more than a little exciting as she contemplated just what he had in mind.

They'd parked up, well off the beaten track, in a quiet lay-by where, despite Kate's semi unease, they had chatted for a good five minutes about all things in general. Then, as is usual with many conversations, there then followed a quiet lull. It had been during this lull, he had leaned over and kissed her. In part, it had been unexpected, yet at the same time Kate knew his reason for taking her there was not so they could chat and when she'd felt him move towards her, when she felt his lips on hers, she'd melted.


If it was the situation. the fact he was so young.the intimacy of the location. or if it were all of those reasons, in truth she didn't know All she did know was, he had a kissing manner about him that was so so erotic and though every part of her mind knew she should have objected, she did nothing to stop him, even when his hand moved over her breasts and started to fondle and pet her.

When Kate next looked at the clock on the dashboard, it was to remind her just how long ago they had left the pub and just how long they had been parked up.

They had been there over half an hour. Half an hour spent kissing.snogging like a pair of teenagers on their first date. Half an hour of exploring one another's bodies with their hands.

It had gone no further than just that when Kate reminded him he had to get her back home.Then later when he'd pulled up outside her cottage, while she was still sitting in his car, she'd told herself it could never happen again. but when he'd turned to ask if he could see her again, she had said yes. They'd met the following week.he'd picked her up again.the same guilt ridden lies to her hubby and this time Kate had known full well what Rob had had in mind when, once more they'd turned off the road on the way home.

This second time though was different.No small talk. When he'd switched off the engine he had immediately leaned over to kiss her.and she'd been more than happy to welcome the feel of his lips against hers. Their lips had met.gently at first.gossamer like, light pecks.each of them wanting to savour the illicit encounter for as long as they could, yet such was their desire for one another it hadn't lasted.

Within moments Kate had opened her lips to accept his probing, darting tongue where her quiet moans of pleasure heightened as their lips and tongues clashed together with a frenzy Kate had not experienced before. Their lips locked in passion, their mouth's opened as each greedily accepted one another's tongues and as Kate's hands held onto the back of Rob's neck, Rob's were roaming over and over her body getting her far more aroused than in truth she'd wanted too.but despite this.despite her misgivings she let him continue .

and though it went against all her principles, though she'd kept telling herself 'No! No! No!'.such was their passion that she allowed him to lead her outside.she let him ease her back over the bonnet. The guilt.the fears.resurfaced tenfold but, flattered that someone so young was attracted to her.She had given in and had let him HAVE her.

That night returning home, such was her guilt, Kate was sure her hubby would take one look at her and know instantly everything that she'd done.

She'd felt guilt like never before. As luck would have it, her hubby was already in bed asleep when she got in.

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She'd sat alone in the kitchen, drinking a strong black coffee, vowing to herself she would never allow it to happen again.but it did.over and over week in week out him driving to "their" spot where he'd kiss her.seduce her.and finally just as he'd always do.where he'd Fuck her before taking her back home to her hubby.

Now here she was, stood in her kitchen.Her body trembling.Her worse nightmare come true.Her ex lover dating her daughter for Christ sakes!!!! Kate moved towards the sink, her intention to splash cold water over her face in an attempt to bring herself out of this dream. As she did so she almost "sensed" someone behind her. Kate slowly turned to see Rob stood there and all at once her body shook with a mix of excitement and fear.

She stepped past him and pushed the kitchen door closed, not wanting anyone else to hear what she had to say. "How could you Rob?" Her voice filled with venom. "What?? How could I what?" "You know damn well what! Date Shelly! MY DAUGHTER!" she said, her voice rising with the anger she felt.

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"And you think I knew that did you?" "Well didn't you?" she hissed. He smiled. "Yes! OK! I guess I had an idea, but I wasn't certain." "Well you're going to have to put a stop to it!" Kate retorted. "Why should I do that Kate? You and me are over with aren't we? You ended it all?" He said stepping closer. "So what does it matter that I'm now seeing your daughter?" His words suddenly hurt. All at once she felt an inexplicable rush of jealousy. "End it Rob! I mean it!" She urged him. "What and hurt Shelly?

Is that what you really want Kate? Besides! What does it matter if it's all over between us?" He stepped closer still and eased his hands onto her waist, his fingers making small circular movements against the soft fabric of her pink cardigan. "Or isn't it Kate? Is that what you're afraid of? That you will give in to me again? Hmmmm! I must admit Kate. I quite like that idea. Having both Mother and daughter!!!" he teased. "You Bastard Rob!" She hissed at him as she tried to pull away but his hands held her waist firm.

"Admit it Kate! You and I should never have ended! The two of us were meant for one another. So what's it to be? Do I simply carry on seeing your daughter? In which case of course, you will have to live with the fact I am screwing her? Or do you want some of the same?" Kate again tried to pull away but this time his left arm slid around her back, the other over her breasts. As he started to fondle so Kate began to moan. "Stop it Rob!" she told him.

At the sound of her words, Rob eased back "Why Kate? When you and I both know you want this as much as I do?" Suddenly, before Kate could move Rob quickly leaned in towards her and pressed his lips firmly on hers.

"UMMMmmmmmmph!" Kate protested, her hands coming up against his chest in an attempt to push him away. Rob held his ground continuing to kiss her, his hands holding her waist tightly.

Finally he pulled back, breaking off the kiss as he stared into her eyes. "Just let me go!" Kate hissed at him.

Again Rob made no move to ease away. Kate could feel his eyes on hers as thoughts of the lay by came flooding into her mind. He started to lean towards her once more, her eyes now darting continuously from his eyes to his lips.

"Rob Stop! Pleaseeee!" Kate pleaded, trying to move her head back as his face drew closer. Closer still until their lips were touching.lightly, before sealing together in a firm passionate embrace. "Mmmmmm!" Rob moaned, enjoying the feel of her lips once more. "Uhhhmmmmmph!" Kate mewled, as she tried to use her hands on his chest to push him away, but it was half hearted.even so, with her pushing against his chest again Rob leaned back, breaking the embrace of their lips as he looked into her eyes.

Kate stared back. Rob leaned close once more, bringing his lips close to hers. "Please Rob No!" she whispered, as she moved her head back, but not far enough to avoid his lips as they homed in on hers.

Kate moaned and just as their lips touched, hers parted. They stood there, in her kitchen, Rob moving his lips greedily against hers, Kate moaning softly, her daughter and hubby no more than yards away in the lounge.

The risk either could walk in at any moment more than a possibility. The kiss grew in passion as Rob pressed his lips against hers, receiving nothing by way of a protest.

"Ummmmmmmm!" Kate moaned, her eyes closing, her body relaxing as she melted into his arms. With her initial tension eased, Rob finally moved back, breaking the kiss for a moment, allowing his eyes to look her up and down, as if to remind himself just how good it had once been for them.

Slowly he moved back in and began brushing his lips against hers before backing off. He looked into her eyes where he could see the re-ignited lust. Steadily he moved close once more. Through partly closed eyes, Kate watched as Rob's lips came closer and closer.

Then, when no more than an inch apart Kate leaned in, meeting him half way in a steamy kiss! "Mmmmmm!" Kate moaned as Rob pressed his lips firmly against hers, her hands now upon his waist as she returned his kiss.

They gradually pulled back, their lips slipping away from one another, each choosing this moment to catch their breath as they gazed into one another's eyes. Kate's hands snaked their way up along Rob's muscular arms and shoulders until they came to rest at the back of his neck, while his fingers caressed the soft fabric of her top up and down her back.

They stood there staring at one another, their breath ragged. "Ohhhh, Rob&hellip.we.can't!" Kate whispered. Rob didn't answer, instead leaned in again. Kate responded, meeting his body halfway, her arms wrapping around his neck as their lips parted, ready for another hoot steamy snog.

Their lips meshed, their heads twisting in unison, too and fro as their mouths opened and closed. Kate's mind tried to resist, tried to fight her emotions, aware this was all so wrong but as soon as his tongue swept into her mouth she was lost. Their bodies fused together, their open mouths feeding on one another's tongues as their embrace continued.

Kate's arms tightened around Rob's neck as his muscular arms snugly squeezed around her waist, drawing her smaller frame to his. The kiss continued forever, as if neither one wanted to be the first to stop. The kitchen was filled with the sounds of moans, of passion and the sloppy, smacking sounds of open, wet kisses.

Moments later, with guilt rushing headlong through her mind, Kate pulled her lips free of his. "Ohhh God! Rob.This has to stop.We can't do this!" she hissed, yet even before her words had escaped her lips Kate knew she was never going to be able to stop. Her words were already contradicted by the movement of her hands up and down his strong back.

Just then Rob leaned close and started to lick and suck upon the soft skin of her neck. "Ohhh God! Nooooo!" Kate mewled, but again her body refused to heed her own words as she tilted her head back in order to expose more of her neck to the pleasures of his lips and tongue.

Rob ran the tip of his tongue up along the underside of her neck, to just below her chin. It was all Kate could do was stand there and moan softly, the light touch of his tongue pure heaven to her bodily desires. He slid his tongue onto her chin then with a little smile, closed his lips and started to lick and suck. Kate's hands scrambled up the length of his back as her body grew more and more aroused.

He slid his mouth higher still, until she could feel the heat of his breath upon her own, fleshy, needful lips. She reached up and grabbed him around the back of his head.her lips meeting his.returning his kisses with interest.a passion she had only ever experienced with him.

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She lunged.pulled back.lunged again.forcing her tongue deep into his mouth, loving the way he sucked hard upon it, just as she would a cock. She pulled back then lunged again, this time her head twisting one way then the other as the two of them appeared to fight for supremacy.

Again they broke from the embrace. Both of them gasping, each of them having to draw in lungfuls of air. Again Rob looked deep into her eyes. He could see the lust. He groaned out loud as it suddenly struck him he had missed her more than he cared to remember. He reached out then pressing his hands against her shoulders, pushed her firmly back against the wall. Kate groaned, aware their lust fuelled desire had reached fever pitch yet at the same time, more than aware her hubby and daughter were still only a matter of feet away, that either or both could walk in on them at any given moment.

If Rob were sharing the same thoughts as Kate he didn't show it. Using his hands to pin her wrists above her head, keeping her pinned against the wall he kissed at her tongue.her mouth.her lips.her neck.all the while her whimpering belying the true depth of her pleasure. Whimpers that steadily increased as Rob's lips moved down her neck and on down to her tits.tits that were heaving up and down now through pure excitement.pure unadulterated lust and arousal.moving in and out with each gasping breath, pushing firmly against the soft fabric of her sexy top.bringing her swollen nipples into play as each strived to outdo the other in how far they could penetrate the soft fabric.

Kate too could sense it.could feel her nipples filling with blood, swelling with desire.in urgent need of attention.attention only Rob's lips could give. No longer able to fight him. Unable to resist the urgent need her body had for his attentions, Kate raised her voice. "Ohh God! Yeeeessss! Suck them Rob!

Suck my tits you Fucking Bastard!!!" she cried. the filth coming from her lips a sure sign she was no longer in control of her own desires. Rob didn't need to be told twice. He responded immediately, dropping a hand from her wrists, he pushed it onto her left breast, massaging his fingers deep and hard into the soft fabric of her top, hard enough that he left indentations in the material where his fingers had strayed He leant forward, still massaging her tit and closed his lips around the ever swelling nipple that protruded through her top.

He sucked.and nibbled and kissed.teasing first one, then the other nipple to attention. Held against the wall it was all Kate could do was stand there and suffer the pleasure of his hands, mouth and lips upon her tits and nipples. Finally, breathless and gasping for air he broke free, letting go of her wrists, her body.

For a moment Kate looked into his eyes as she wondered where this was all going to end. She was all too aware that at some point it would.but for so long without him she was determined it wasn't going to be now. As his body moved against hers once more her lips parted in readiness to accept his long, snake like tongue. Again her groans were turned to muffled whimpers as she swallowed his tongue whole, this time raising her leg and wrapping her foot around his outer thigh before started to grind her body hard into his, loving the sensation of dry Fucking him here in her own kitchen.

Again and again Kate's mind willed her to stop. Willed her to think of her hubby.her daughter.and of the disaster that would befall them all should either walk in.but try as she might she wasn't able to overcome the feelings her pussy was generating up and down her body. She was on fire.and all because of Rob. She couldn't help herself.for she now knew all along, these past months she'd been kidding herself.

Fooling herself into thinking she didn't need him. But she did! She needed those lips of his.his tongue. She needed the feel, the closeness, the warmth of his body.and most of all she now realised.Yes!She needed his cock!!! Again she responded, fighting back his slippery tongue to force hers deep into his mouth. Like her, he licked.sucked.lapped.as if searching for a long lost need.

It was too much. it pushed Kate over the edge. Gasping, groaning. grunting her desires deep into his mouth her hand slipped to his crotch where her fingers sought for and found his manhood. "Ohhhhh FUCK!" she moaned into his mouth, not that he'd have understood what she was saying for the words were quickly lost down his throat. She started to stroke him.hard, firm, intense, passion filled strokes. He pulled away from her lips and looked down at her hand.

Like her, he was more than aware of the risk the two of them were taking but for his part, more than prepared to continue. "That's it Katie! Stroke it!" he demanded, then wanting to fuel her desire added. "Go on! Stroke the cock that's been Fucking your daughter!!! Is that what you want Katie? Or would you rather it was you that I Fucked?" With her right hand still attending his cock she used her left hand to draw him in close where, opening her mouth she sucked greedily on his eager tongue once more.not wanting to respond to his question for she knew he already had the answer.

Outside beyond the kitchen, past the dining room, inside the lounge, hubby and daughter were still chatting. With him working away from home most of the time, they had not seen one another in a while and had much to catch up on. Neither of course had any idea what was taking place inside the kitchen. Inside the kitchen the two of them parted.

Rob again appearing mesmerised by the rise and fall of her breasts beneath her close fitting top. He witnessed too the quick sly glance towards the utility room door. He didn't need to hear the words. He eased back, took a hold of her hand and lead her inside. Once there, he turned and both closed and locked the door behind them. As he turned back he smiled for HIS Katie, as he'd come to regard her, had already dropped down on her knees.

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He groaned as she leant forward and started to kiss at his crotch over his trousers. He closed his eyes as she leant back a little while slipping open the button on his trousers before starting to undo his zip. His mind whirled. He smiled as he pictured a Rosie future ahead for himself.after all.how many guys could boast of the chance of Fucking both Mother and daughter.

Unaware of Rob's thoughts, Kate slid open his zip, eased open his trousers and eagerly slipped her hand inside to run her fingers up and down a pair of sexy, well fitted briefs. Just feeling his cock like this caused her mind to fill with memories of their affair all those months ago. For now though, it felt just like yesterday for it seemed as if they were picking up so so easily from where they had left off.

Kate pulled his trousers down past his hips and looked up towards his face just as she used to do all those months ago remembering how much he liked to watch her sucking on his, as she remembered then, giant cock.

Her memories hadn't failed her. He was every bit as well endowed as she remembered. Kate continued to kiss upwards. Her lips moving sensuously over the smooth cotton, along the outline of his shaft, teasing, pleasuring until her lips alighted against his knob, a knob so well defined she could see it's shape clearly beneath his briefs. She heard him moan.just as he always used to, as she teased her tongue back and forth and around and around his plum like helmet, wetting the cotton briefs with her own saliva.

"Ohh baby! That's it Katie! Shit! I have missed this from you. That's just one of the things I always loved about you Katie. You were always such a good little cocksucker! Come on baby get it out! Get it out and let me feed you my cock!!!" Kate groaned at the way he was talking to her. It was just as he always used to.pure filth.talking to her as if she were some wanton, little tart.but she already knew, when it came to his cock, that's just what she was.a dirty little tart who just couldn't get enough.either then, all those months ago, or now.for even now, even though here he was going out with her daughter she felt this cock belonged to her.

Still looking up into his eyes she pulled down his briefs allowing his massive erection to leap free and, for the first time in months there is was, his magnificent beast in all its glory. "OHHH Shit!" she whimpered quietly as she wondered how it had ever been she could have given this monster up?

Kate looked straight at it as her right hand peeled down his foreskin, groaning as she witnessed his juicy, purple coloured, plum shaped knob ease into view, shivering with pure excitement as she saw it was already coated in a thick clear precum. She leant forward, opened her lips and closed her mouth around his massive cock head sucking as she did, sucking his sweet tasting precum into her mouth.teasing the tip of his knob as she did, with her tongue.

This, together with the knowledge his girlfriend and her hubby were not far away had Rob feeling more aroused than ever. "Ohhh that's it baby.just as I remember. Gobble you dirty Fucking whore! Gobble me off! I want to cum in your mouth you dirty Fucking tart!!" Kate groaned, with her mouth filled with meat she couldn't reply.

Instead, with his words of encouragement egging her on she started to slide her lips up and down, her head bobbing as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth with each downward movement. Above her Rob almost snarled then started to rock from his hips, his movements in rhythm with hers until he was forcing the whole of his length deep down her sweet throat.

He reached down with both hands and combing his fingers through her hair he twisted and pulled, pulling her head back and forth onto his cock. He was Fucking her now.Fucking her sweet little mouth. He groaned out loud as he realised his cock was finally back where it belonged.in HIS Katie's sweet mouth. More aroused than ever Rob tilted her head back so she had little choice but to look up at him. Kate knew what she must look like.a whore.a dirty, filthy, cocksucking whore but she didn't care for she knew this was where she belonged.on the end of his magnificent cock.

Oh yes she didn't need to be told she was married, nor that he was seeing her daughter! 'Fuck them!' she thought. She needed this far more than she needed them. She eased his cock from her mouth, drawing a mix of precum and saliva which attached itself to both her lips and his helmet like an umbilical chord. She smiled, then looking up at him, used her right hand to smear the mix lasciviously back down the length of his shaft. She glanced briefly at the locked utility room door, more than aware of how much time had passed since she'd left her hubby and daughter in the lounge.

She didn't need to be told the risk they were both taking.especially so given how long they had been gone but as much as she knew it was wrong, her mind was now being controlled by the sensations her pussy was sending out.

"Remember this Rob?" she grinned. "Remember how you used to love Katie sucking on your lovely big balls?" Kate didn't wait for an answer, she ducked her head between his thighs and closed her lips around one of his balls rolling her tongue around and around as she gently sucked.

She released it only to do the same to his other. She sucked and licked and teased, his moans and groans informing her they were steadily filling with spunk.rich creamy spunk. She pulled back and looked up into his eyes, happy in the knowledge she'd maintained her ability at getting him so so turned on.

She started to massage his balls using the tips of her fingers as she teased her tongue along the underside of his shaft. "Ohh baby yes!" she murmured, licking her way up his shaft.

"Come on baby fill these big balls for me. You know how much Katie loves your spunk. Rob groaned, the sound of her words adding to his arousal. God how he loved her talking so dirty. "Come on baby spunk for me!" she continued. "Give Katie a spunk bath just like you used to.Cum over my face you Fucker!" Kate continued sliding her tongue up and down his shaft as her fingertips manipulated his balls.

"Ohhh Rob! I have so missed the way you can spunk.!" she moaned. Rob's groans increased and down below he could feel his cock start to twitch. He couldn't help but reach for it causing Kate to squeal with delight as she saw him close his thick fingers around the even thicker girth of his cock His mind now switched off, his actions run solely by the cock throbbing between the grip of his fingers.

He started to wank. "Ohhh yes!.That's it honey! WANK IT! Ohhh Shit I so love watching you wank! Go on big boy! Toss yourself off for me! I want your cum. I want it all over my dirty, cocksucking lips.Now Rob! Come on.WANK IT!" she cried. Kate watched as Rob's eyes rolled back, his lids closing. Her own eyes fluttered then opened wide, enjoying the thrill of watching his strong fingers wrapped around his cock as his hand jerked up and down. He groaned and Kate got ready for what she knew was about to happen.

Her fingertips felt his balls tighten.his cock started to twitch and suddenly, just as it used to be all those months ago a thick stream of spunk arced across the short divide between them splashing across her face.

A second.a third. a fourth.Kate reached for his cock brushing his hand aside and opening her mouth she pointed his cock at it. "COME ON BABY!

FEED ME! FEED ME YOUR CUM YOU DIRTY LITTLE FUCK!" As Rob fired his spunk into her mouth so she leaned forward and closed her lips around his knob wanting to feel his pulsing dick and wet creamy spunk shooting down her throat. Kate started to suck, her head bobbing up and down as she milked the last of his spunk from his huge mushroomed shaped knob.

Her eyes glanced sideways, towards the mirror than ran almost from floor to head height. She mewled as she saw her own reflection looking back at herself and now like Rob she could see just what a cocksucking whore she truly looked. She slid her lips up and down his shaft, watching herself, watching his cock disappearing then re-appearing into her mouth. She was watching a slut, a real dirty little cocksucking slut, but she didn't care.

All that mattered was her ability in still being able to please him. Again her mind reeled. 'Christ!' she thought to herself! 'What in God's name had possessed her to finish with him? Why on earth had she allowed a cock like this to slip from her grasp'. Kate didn't know.all she knew was she was being given this second chance.


A chance to redeem herself and it was one she had no intention of wasting. Her eyes averted from the mirror, now entirely centred on Rob she got to her feet and as she looked him in the eye she felt that oh so familiar tingle. The one she always got when he'd look at her with that "I'm going to Fuck you look" Her lips were inches from his. She slipped a hand to the back of his neck pulling him close, aware her face still showed the tell tale signs of his explosion.

"Kiss me Rob!" she purred. He slid his hand to his neck and pulled hers away. He gripped her other hand then forcefully pushed her back against the wall pinning her there. "I was right wasn't I Katie? You've regretted finishing it? You've missed this cock haven't you? You've missed the feel of it being shoved hard in and out of your cunt?" he demanded to know as he held her there, firmly against the wall.

"Ohhh God yes!" she replied He pushed his lips hard onto hers and for a full thirty seconds she was transported back to all those months ago.to a time when that's just how they snogged.

with passion.lust.a real animal like lust. He licked.kissed.snogged.lunged.their heads in unison with one another's, their mouths opening and closing as each gave and received a sloppy, wet, French kiss and all the while he just pinned her there against the wall, the feeling of helplessness compounding her arousal. Finally he pulled free and pressed his lips close to her ear. She could hear his breath coming in short sharp gasps, echoing her own and she groaned at the sound of his whispered words.

"Tell me Kate? So how does it feel? How does it feel knowing I have been using this cock on your daughter? That she's been spreading those sweet sexy legs of hers and letting me Fuck this big hard cock right up her cunt?" He pressed a hand firmly over her left breast, ,mauling it roughly as if wanting to let her know he was in charge. "I Fucked her today Kate." he continued.

"I Fucked your daughter just before we came round. She was screaming for me to stop Kate. She was begging me, but I wasn't having any of it. I knew we were coming round to see you and I wanted to be able to tell you I had just screwed her." "You Bastard Rob! You Fucking Bastard!" Kate hissed back at him. "You can't do this.you have to stop seeing her.!" Rob's smile broadened into a huge grin.

"Oh but I can Katie.and I will. I'm going to make you suffer Kate for finishing us off. Every time I Fuck your bitch of a daughter I am going to tell you all about how good she was.how eager she was to please.and believe me Kate she's as eager for this cock of mine as you are. Yes Kate! She's just like her Mum.a dirty little cockloving tart!!!" "You Shit Rob!" "Ohhh Kate!

I'm really going to enjoy this. I'm really going to enjoy Fucking you both.cos that's what you deserve, isn't it bitch???" "Yes.No.oh God I don't know." Kate whined. "Well how about remind you Kate.

Turn around and bend over. Go on! I want to show you how, less than an hour ago I was Fucking your horny bitch of a daughter!" Kate groaned as she looked towards the locked door. Time had moved on since the had both left the lounge. She could barely understand how one or the other had not come out to check on what was taking them so long, even so, she could no more resist him than stop breathing.

She did as she was told, turned and found herself leaning over the sink. Behind her she felt his hand on her skirt.felt him tugging it high up over her arse. She waited.pensive.aware of his recovery powers, aware of what she was about to receive. Rob pushed into her body, his outline moulding perfectly to hers and again whispered into her ear. "That's it you bitch.spread them just like Shelly does for me.

I want to remind myself just who is the better Fuck!!!!" "Ohhh Fuck you!" she hissed as she opened her legs wide for him.

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"Just do me you Bastard!!! Just Fuck that great big prick of yours hard up my cunt! I'll show you who's better!" Kate bent forward, the whites of her knuckles showing as her hands gripped tight on the edge of the sink, waiting in anticipation, yet deep down knowing just what to expect.

That she was about to be taken to heaven and back. She groaned as Rob began rubbing his huge knob over her open cunt lips. She spread wider and gasped out loud as he began pushing it into her willing cunt. She adjusted position, spreading even wider in an attempt to accommodate his cock and as he pushed deeper, it was yet another reminder of just how big he was and what it was he used to do to her.

She closed her eyes.and started to rock back and forth. God how she'd missed this cock and she was going to show him just how much. She was going to prove to him beyond doubt that she was his once again.and if it were possible.that he would no longer feel the need to Fuck her daughter though somewhere deep inside her mind, as much as Kate didn't want to accept it, she sensed that Rob planned to continue with her daughter for as long as he could.

She was mature and experienced enough to know the idea of Fucking both Mother and daughter was never likely to lose its appeal. Behind her Rob had hold of her waist as he slowly eased more and more of his cock into Kate's horny wet snatch. He eased out, until just the head of his knob was held between her cunt lips, then patiently fed it back in.deeper this time, her juices helping his entry.

Kate tipped forward, her pussy gripping hard on his shaft, her cunt walls able to feel every nuance, every throb of his veiny, rock hard cock and though he had barely started, already she could sense the onsetting climax. "Ohhh Shit Yes! Do me Rob! Fuck me good and hard!" Kate gasped. As he eased back once more she tipped further forward, her hands gripping tight on the sink in expectation of what was to come.

He pressed forward, sinking his shaft deeper and despite the risk, Rob was in no hurry to finish this off for his cock was sending signals to his brain that he'd found the garden of eden, and he had no wish to leave in any hurry.

Kate began to emit a low guttural type mewl as he pulled back and sank deep again. Beneath him her pussy pulsed and he felt her body tremor, a sure sign she'd already climaxed. Kate bit down hard on her lip, the only real way she had of stopping herself from screaming out at full volume. When he pushed home again her pussy erupted in a flood of juices which she could feel spurt from deep within her cunt, her juices spilling violently all over his cock and on down her legs. It was the sign he'd been waiting for.

He withdrew, leant forward, then pushing both hands onto her shoulders, used them to pull her back onto the root of his cock. Unseen by Rob, Kate's eyes opened wide in a kind of stupefied terror as the full size and force of his cock sank home. Her lips too parted, turning her earlier low guttural mewl into a growl of appreciation. "Ohhh Fuck! Ohhhh Fuck yes!" she growled. Rob withdrew and pushed again, forcing her body to tip even further over the sink.then again.and again.

and again until he had achieved his rhythm, their two bodies slapping together with each forward thrust. Kate was not in the least bit surprised at how hard he felt inside her, given he'd not long shot his cum for her. She had long admired his quick recovery powers and in a strange way took pride, knowing it was her, the reason he was ready to Fuck again so soon. Behind her Kate heard Rob starting to grunt as his body rocked faster, his prick driving deeper. harder now into her ever willing cunt.

She could sense he was close, just as she was too. but where it was only his second climax, this would be at least her third. She egged him on, aware any second he was going to flood her cunt with his spunk. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she grunted through gritted teeth. "I'm Cumming! Ohhh Fuck I'm Cumming again you dirty Bastard!" Her words caused Rob to increase the pace and depths of his thrusts. He knew he was close but he wanted to feel her juices spill once more before finally unleashing his own.

Lin's body shook.her pussy spasmed. she knew it was a matter of seconds before he'd bring her off again. "Oh God! Cum for me Rob! Pleaseeeee! Cum in my cunt you little Fuck!" Just then Kate seemed to lose all control of her body. it froze.stiffened then all at once started to convulse as an earth shattering climax ripped through every nerve ending her body possessed.

She tipped forward, using the sink to maintain her position just as Rob let out a low anguished sound of pure pleasure as his balls began to empty deep into her womb. For Kate, time seemed to stand still.

Her body no longer seemed her own. it had a will and mind of its own as it rutted back and forth against his, her pussy lips tightening around his thick shaft, wanting to bleed every drop of cum from his cock. Rob let out one last, long gasp of pleasure before slumping forward, using Kate's body as support. The two of them panting, gasping, their breaths ragged. .their bodies, at least for now, sated by their illicit copulation.

Rob rose behind her then helped Kate up into a standing position. He turned her to face him and leaning forward, planted his lips once more over hers.

The kiss was brief, perfunctory even. He pulled back and she saw his grin widen to a smile. "We'd better get back to the others." he told her, then slipping his hands on her waist added, "but before we do I want you to know, this is just the start Kate! From now on I want you to know you are all mine!"