Black pussy masturbation close up

Black pussy masturbation close up
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In my science class there are only 4 girls and 3 of them are really hot. I sit where at any given time I could see either their ass or their boobs. I think one of the girls, Natalie, knew that I stared at her boobs. She didn't have gigantic boobs but they were nice and round. One day I was helping her with a problem and I was standing over her. She had a really low cut shirt and I couldn't help myself I looked down and I took a good look. I had a hard time keeping my dick in my pants.

Her shirt was so low that I could just see her small nipples. While I was looking she moved and I knew there was no hiding it. She knew immediately what i was doing. Surprisingly she just looked back at her paper and continued to ask me about our homework. After I had answered her question I went back to my seat.


I couldn't believe she didn't say anything to me. Lucky for me that was the last class of the day. I was ready to explode right then and there. When I got home I went straight to my room to jack off.

I grabbed my cock in my hand and began to stroke really hard. I had the image of Natalie's boobs in my head. It took me about 2 minutes to cum. I shot an enormous load all over the place and I was panting.

The orgasm was amazing and I wanted another one. That night I dreamed of riding her to orgasm. The next day I was really looking forward to science class. The whole day I was getting really horny looking at all the girls in yoga pants and low cut shirts.

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I swear they were teasing me. When I got to science class everything was normal like usual. All the girls but Natalie were wearing yoga pants. I was getting a good show from one of the girls bending over when Natalie called me over. I was kinda annoyed that I was interrupted but I figured that I might be able to see her tits again. When I got over there she asked me some other boring homework question and I answered it. She didn't have a very low cut shirt today so I was disappointed.

Just as I was about to walk away she stopped me. She looked at me and said, "I noticed you were staring at my boobs the other day." I had known her for a long time and knew I made a lot of sex jokes so I just tried to play it off. I said "What can I say they were there and I couldn't resist." She laughed and said "Did you get a boner?" I didn't really care if she knew or not so I just told her yes.


She smiled and turned away. I started to walk away but again she stopped me. "You looking at my boobs made me really horny. I get wet just thinking about it." I was completely unprepared for that so I offered to look at them again. "I got a better idea" she said. "How bought we go to the back table and you can finger me. I am super horny and I don't want to wait till I get home." Our class room doesn't have desks so we have really high tables.

This was the perfect place for it. We were working in partners too so we wouldn't be noticed. I told her I would love to. We grabbed our books and papers and walked back to the corner table.

We sat on the side that no one could see us from. I could tell she really wanted it so I reached over and began to rub in between her legs. I could almost feel her wetness through her jeans. I went faster and faster until I stopped.

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"Unbutton you jeans so I can finger you." She looked a little uneasy and said "What if someone walks over here?" "I'm not going to take off your pants, I just need them undone enough so I can get my hand in there." She looked a little more confident and unbuttoned her jeans. I slid my hand into her jeans and felt her soaked panties. I rub her vagina slowly through her panties.

She tensed up as I slid my finger through her panties and touched her vagina. I slid my hand out of her jeans and was about to put my hand into her panties but she stopped me again.

"I am so horny right now I don't care." With that she pulled down her jeans and panties revealing her wet vagina. She had a little line of pubic hair on her pussy. I was so horny too and undid my jeans and pulled down my pants and boxers. My cock was so hard and pr cum was slowly coming out.

I reached over again and slid my hand down her vagina.

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I did it again but this time my finger slipped in. She was so wet and my finger moved in and out so fast. She was suppressing moans so that no one would notice our activities. Finally she gave a load moan and her hips began to buck as she road out her first orgasm.

Then a second one. I began to slow down so no one would notice. She was breathing heavily. Through her breaths she said "okay your turn." She reached over and grabbed my dick.

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Pre cum was all over my shaft and she began to pound my cock. It didn't take me long to feel an orgasm coming on. "Harder" I told her.

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She realized what was about to happen and didn't want to make a bigger mess. She dropped down to her knees and put her lips over my penis. That was it I shot the biggest load I have ever had into her mouth. I grabbed ahold of the table to steady myself. "That was amazing. Lets do it again sometime." She said. And with that she stood up, pulled up her pants, and walked back to her seat.


I would have encounters like that later on too. Part 2 coming soon.