Jill Kassidy play on cam with her pussy and then with thick dick

Jill Kassidy play on cam with her pussy and then with thick dick
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Mark woke up and reached out to stroke Josie's shoulder, the cozy warmth of sleep still in his eyes. She mumbled something and rolled back toward him. He let one hand slide down to her breast, massaging it lightly through her flimsy nightie. Her lips parted and she moved into the touch, still somewhere between sleep and waking. He slipped his hand under the silky negligee and touched her bare breast, tweaking the nipple slightly.

With that her eyes fluttered and she looked up into her husband's eyes. "That feels good. Horny this morning?" she asked. "Always," he said, "but." Just then he heard footsteps padding down the hall. There was a tap at the door, and their son Phillip's head appeared as the door swung inward. "Me and Julia are going swimming," he said, then Mark saw him staring at his hand on Josie's breast.

He started to remove it, but since Josie made no move to cover up, he decided to let it stay.

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Quickly Phillip backed out of the room and Mark heard his steps going down the stairs, then the door slamming. "So, as I was saying," he said, "now that we've got the house to ourselves, yes I'm horny and now we won't have any interruptions." "Did you see Phip staring at my tit?" she said.

I bet he'll have a hard-on when he goes to the beach. And Julia's tiny little bikini won't make it go down any either." "Oh, so you think he's horny for you, and maybe his sister too?" "I think he's just plain horny. After all, he is twenty, and his hormones are controlling his life." "And how about yours?" "Roll over and I'll show you about mine," she said.

Mark dutifully rolled onto his stomach. Josie liked to take control in their sex life, and he had to admit it added a lot of pleasure once he had gotten used to taking orders from her. She started rubbing his ass, running her finger up and down the crack, pausing at his asshole and spreading his cheeks.

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"Do you think you can take it up the ass today, baby?" "Mmmm. Whatever you want.


You're the boss." "Momma wants to fuck her little boy up the ass today. Let me see you spread it for me." Mark worked himself up onto his hands and knees, then reached behind him to spread his ass cheeks for his lustful wife.

She responded by slapping his cheeks, bringing a sting of pain, mixed with a sexual thrill, to him. She slapped him several times, watching the tender cheeks turn red, then she began licking the crack of his ass, while he still held the cheeks apart for her.

When her tongue reached his puckered little anus and darted inside, Mark let out a sigh of pleasure. Her tongue worked at his asshole, bringing his cock to a raging erection.

He felt it throbbing between his legs, yet knew he must keep his ass spread or get punishment. His dick bobbed up and down, spilling precum on the sheets. Josie removed her tongue and replaced it with a finger, jamming it in hard, up to the hilt. Mark jerked as the sensation hit him like a thunderbolt, his ass quivering with the assault.

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Then as his sphincter adjusted, he began to relax and soak in the warm lustful feelings of sex in the raw. He wriggled his ass back toward her hand, begging for more. "That's it, baby Take it all in. You love it up the ass don't you?" "Yeah. Fuck me in the ass," he groaned into the pillows, feeling the sensations taking hold in his gut.

"Just hold it now," she said, withdrawing her finger. "I want you to jack off now. Let me see you stroke it hard." Obediently Mark rolled onto his back and began jacking up and down on his swollen cock, his excitement building with every stroke. Josie threw off her nightgown and went to the dresser drawer for something. She came back with two dildoes, a strap on model with vibrator, and a long, double headed jelly that wriggled in her hand.

"We're going to have a real good session for you now. Your ass, all of you is mine to do with what I want. Say it back to me, now!" she commanded, her voice rising and her breath panting with lust. "I'm all yours baby. I'll do anything you want, anything." "Okay, that's the spirit.

Now say Julia's name while you jack off." "Julia," he said, feeling an added dimension to his cock as he continued to stroke it up and down. "What do you want to do to Julia." "I want to, uh, fuck Julia. Yeah, I want to fuck Julia," he said, his voice taking on an extra rawness at the thought of banging his own sexy daughter. "And Phip, what about him?" she shouted hoarsely.

"Phip, I, um, I want to see him fuck Julia too. We'll both fuck her." "And what about me, you selfish bastard. What's happening to me while everybody gets fucked?" "I'll fuck you. Phip can fuck you too.

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Hell, we'll all fuck together. The whole fucking family." "And what about your lovely little ass. Who's going to fuck your ass?" "You are baby.


I want you to fuck my ass." "Okay, you asked for it," she said, and flashed out the strap-on dildo, now attached and lubed, something she'd been doing while priming him.

She stroked her fake cock up and down as Mark continued to pull at his own. "How do I look with a cock?" she asked. "Good enough to eat?" "Ohh, you're delicious any way you slice it. I'll eat all of you, anyway you want it." "Well, suck on this," she said, straddling his face and shoving the strap-on close to his lips. Mark took the hard rubber into his mouth, tasting the scented lubricant oozing into his mouth.

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He felt the artificial cock stabbing into him as Josie worked it in and out of his mouth. He sucked to get all the juices off, feeling it fill his mouth with desire for a good fuck up the ass. She continued to work it in until it pounded at the opening to his throat, and he felt the gag reflex start to emerge, but she pulled it back, slathering more lubricant on it. "Open up those legs," she said, positioning herself as he raised his legs over his head, opening his asshole for her fucking.

She eased it in, taking it slow and easy, letting him adjust to the feel of it filling his insides, then she began to fuck him in a slow, expert rhythm, just like a man. She increased the rhythm, her own breath beginning to come in ragged gasps. "Take it baby," she cried. "Take it up the ass.

Jack it off for me. Let me see your cum fly." Mark jacked furiously at his dick as his wife fucked the dildo deep into his ass. He felt his orgasm approaching. "Fuck me with that big dick," he yelled. "Umm. Fuck me Josie, while I fuck Julia, and you suck Phip. God, fuck me, fuck me." She increased the pace of her drilling as Mark neared his explosion. Then as the first drops splattered onto his stomach he let out a grunt.

Spurt after spurt of his hot cum splashed across his chest and stomach. "Ohh, baby," he yelled, "I"m cumming. I'm cumming so fucking hard." "Yeah," she said, watching his cum splash across his chest and stomach, "and now I want you to lick it all up. Clean yourself up. Eat your own cum." She popped the dildo out of his ass and watched as he wiped his fingers across the scattered cum, bringing each patch to his lips and sucking the juice off them, until he had cleaned off all he could with his fingers.

Then Josie licked him all over, getting the last drops in her own mouth. She slid up his body, dragging her tits deliciously across his chest and kissed him deeply, swirling her tongue into his mouth. "Yum. That cum tastes good, doesn't it, lover?" "Yeah," he said dreamily, the warmth of his orgasm spreading over his whole body.

"You love the taste of cum, don't you?" "Delicious," he sighed. "And you're gonna eat Phip's cum for me, aren't you, and maybe Jamey's, too." "Mmmm." he mumbled, and Josie knew she had him right where she wanted him, and that the double family birthday party was going to be a red hot success. [email protected]$$$